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Geo. Fleet, age 58; private. Co G, 26th Mass.

Michael Kelly, age 45; private, Co A, 7th Mass.

Patrick S. Farrou, tlremau, U S. Navy.

Thos. Fitzgibbons, age 71; private, Co C, 3d Mass.

Benj. Greene, age 65; private, Co. E, 12th R.I.

Alonzo L. Messer, age 51 ; private, Co. C, 50th Mass.

Moses W Downes, age 62; private, Co. I, 35th Mass.

Chas. S. Wheeler, age 55; private, Co. F, 17th Mass.

John Burke, age 60; private, Co .V, 17th Mass.

Isaac Swan, age 56; private, Co. A, 8th Mass.

Nathan Massay, age 57; private, Co. B, 40th N.Y.

Wm. D. Butts, age 44; engineer, U S Navy.

II. C. Balch, age 44; private, Co. G, 6th Vt.

Daniel D. Stran, private, Co. A, 6th N H.

Edward H Hartshorn, age 43; private, Co. I, 5th Mass.

Warren I. Stetson, age 43; sergeant, Co. I, 13th Mass.

Chas McGlone, age 56; private, Co. A, 9th Mass.

Jos Brahm, age 50; private, Co F. 41st Mass.

John R. Darling, age 57; private, Co F, 17th Mass.

John Vigneron, age 63; private, Co. D, 74th N.Y.

James Ford, age 53; private, Co. I, 19th Mass

Benj L. Cady, age 63; private, Co. H, 35th Mass.

Patrick Ward, age 59; private, Co F, 3d Mass. H A

W. H. SaAvyer, age 45; corporal, Co. K, 53d Mass.

Chas. W. Gill, age 61 ; private, Co C, 34th Mass.

R. Washburn, age 48 ; private, Co. I, 39th Mass.

Turner Whiting, age 49; private, Co. I, 2d Mass.

Wra A. Cutler, age 53; colonel, 37th U.S.C T

Geo. H. Patch, age 42; private, Co. I, 19th Mass.

Edward Baker, age 46; ordinary seaman, U.S. Navy, ship

Luther S. Bryant, age 62; corporal. Co. I, 12th Mass.
John Dooley, age 51 ; private, Co. K, 9th Mass.
L. D. Foster, age 58; private, Co. G, 43d Mass.
A J. Dow, age 50; private, 13th Mass.
Daniel Dunham, age 52; private, Co. C, 18th Mass.
T Harvey Bartlett, age 53; private, Co. H, 58th Mass.
W. B Burnes, age 60; engineer, U.S. Navy, ship Minnesota.
Edward F Freeman, age 54; ordinary seaman, US. Navy,

ship Vermont
S. M Thompson, age 52; corporal, 20th Unattached.
Nathaniel P Doliber, age 59 ; private, Co C. 8th Mass.
Henry A. Walton, age 45; private, Co. G, 3d Mass. H.A.
Geo. Mason, age 05; private, Co. E. 100th N.Y
Mathew C Clair, age 48; private, Co A, 27th Mass.
Geo. W. Collier, age 60; private, Co. D, 39th Mass.
John A. Pratt, age 57; lieutenant, Co. K, 18th Mass.
Chas. E French, age 56; wagoner, Co E, 7th Mass.
John Parks, age 79; private, Co A. 4th Mass.
Dexter B. Fogg, age 59; private, Co. G, 12th N.H.
John M Bumpus. a<re 54; private, Co I. 23d Maine.
Wm. (iamage, age 70; private, Co. C, 19th Mass.
Jas. A. Martin, age 47; corporal, Co. F, 1st Mass.
Geo. C. Phillips, age 45; corporal, Co. C, 10th Mass.
Chas P. White, age 50; private, Co. A, 1st Batt. H.A.



Post 120. Francis Lacroix, age 70; private, Co. D, Ist Vt. H.A.

Post 121. Geo. C. Tinliliam, age 44; U.S. Navy.

Post 121. Sylvanus Cobb, Jr., age 63; captain, U.S. Marines

Post 121. Andrew J. Ross, age 51 ; private, Co. C, 5th U.S. Inf.

Post 121. Oliver Colburn, age 69; acting master, U.S. Navy, ship

Sampero .

Post 122. Hazen Davis, age 47; private, Co. B, 1st Mass. H.A.

Post 124. Frank D White, age 46; private, Co. A, 20th Unattached.

Post 124. B F. Ellis, age 77; private, Co. B, 3d Mass.

Post 125. Wm. H. Davfs, age 46 ; private, Co H, 186th N Y.

Post 125. Terrance Simmons, age 41 ; private, Co. B, 7th N Y.

Post 125. Henry S. Briggs, age 63; brigadier-general, artillery.

Post 127. E G. Fnller,Xae 66; private^ Co A^ 3d Mass.

Post 128. Walter F. Tarleton, age 50; private, Co. I, 6th Mass.

Post 131. Wm B. Howe, age 67; private, Co. F, 25th Mass.

Post 135. Jonah C. Sawyer, age 74; private, Co B, 57tli Mass.

Post 139. John A. Cummings, age 49; major, Co E, 6th NH.

Post 139 Samnel McJunkin, age 42; private, Co. E, 39th Mass.

Post 139. J E. Abbott, age 45; private, Co F, 1st Mass.

Post 139 W. F. Foster, age 64; private, Co F, 3d Mass Cav.

Post 140. Thos. Bnrns, age 61 ; private, Co. E, 53d Mass.

Post 140. S. D. Porter, age 48; private, Co. A, 36th Mass.

Post 147 Watson W. Cowles, age 52; private, Co G, 52d Mass.

Post 149. John McCoren, age 53; corporal, Co A, 30th Mass.

Post 151. Ben. Perley Poore, age 68: major, 8th Mass.

Post 157. S. E Stone, age 48; 1st lieutenant. 23d Mass.

Post 157. C. C Green, age 48; private, Co. K, 1st R.I

Post 165. M. C. Keene, age 59; private, Co. I, 4th Mass.

Post 165 S. B. Beaman, age 56; captain, Co. K, 53d Mass.

Post 168. Wm Bnchanan, age 45; private, Co. K, 1st Vt. H.A.

Post 169. Lew is P. Baker, age 51 ; private, Co E, 3d U.S Artillery.

Post 169. Edwin L. Bird, age 72; captain, Co. I, 47th Mass.

Post 170. Harrison Doty, age 72; private, Co. G, 45th Mass.

Post 179. Benj. F Bacon, age 42; private, Co K, 42d Mass.

Post 180. Richard Bassett, age 68; captain, Co G, 47th Mass.

Post 180. Silas II. Blake, age 64; private, Co G. 47th Mass

Post 180. Donald McFee, age 50; fireman, US Navy, ship Kennebec.

Post 184. J. A. Spalding, age 56; private, Co F, 25th Mass.


General Orders.

Series of 1887-88.

Hkadquarters Department of Massachusetts, )

Grand Army of the Republic, [■

1 Pemberton Sq., Room 11. )

General Orders, ) Boston, Feb. 14, 1887.

No. 1. I

I. Having been elected Commander of the Department of Massa-
chusetts, Grand Army of the Republic, at the Twenty-first Annual
Encampment, held at Tremont Temple, Boston, Jan. 27 and 28, 1887, I
hereby assume command.

II. For the unanimous expression of confidence in thus electing me
to the highest ofHce within their gift, I desire to assure my comrades of
my appreciation of the honor they have conferred upon me, and to extend
to them my grateful thanks. It will be my purpose to keep our Order
up to its present high standing to Avhich it has been brought by the
efforts of my predecessors, and to do all in my power to advance its
interests at all times. 1 earnestly call upon all comrades to lend tlieir
aid in moving the line steadily forward until we shall have gathered
within our ranks, to aid and assist us in our noble work, every worthy
veteran of that grand old Army and Navy of the Union now living within
our jurisdiction.

Ill The following named comrades have been appointed members
of my Official Staff They will be obeyed and respected accordingly : —

Assistant Adjutant-General , Alfred C. Monroe of Post 13, Brockton.

Assistant Quartermaster-General, Augustus H. Wright of Post 73,

Departinent Inspector, B Read Wales of Post G8, Dorchester.

Judge Advocate, John A Keefe of Post 1.5, Boston.

Chief Mustering Officer, T. Spencer Jeuks of Post 10, Worcester.

Additional appointments will appear in future orders.

IV". All official correspondence and invitations for the Department
Commander should be addressed to the Assistant Adjutant-General.

By command of

Official : Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-General.



Headquarters Department of Massachusetts, j
Graxo Army of the Repurlic, -
1 Pemberton Sq., Room 11. )
General Orders, ) Boston, March 19, 1887.

No. 2. /

I. The followins: comrades are appointed on the Staff of the Depart-
ment Commander, and they will be obeyed and respected accordingly : —


Wm. H. Gurney . .
A. S. Atherton . . .
Thos VV. Cook . . .
Thos. H. Haskell . .
Wm. H. Brown . .
H. M. Mevens . . .
A. B. Pierce ....
F. C. Hills ....
Wm. L. Hicks • . .
J. Walter Bradlee
F. B. French . . .
Thos. F. Kllsworth .
Harlow Chapin • . .
A. P. Chambeilaine .
A. J. Lowtl ....
Chas. A. Gross . . .
Lysanrter Wood . .
Geo. O. Moves . . .
F. M. Balctim . . .
Wm. B. Sears . . .
Frank B. I'eabody
S. A. Valentine . .
A. L. Shattuck . . .
L. B. Simons . . .
Leroy C. Western . .
J. EverPtt I'ierce . .
Geo. A. Woodbury, '2d
J. Fred Leslie . " . .
Aldrich Cook . . .
IiaG VVilkins . . .
J. Linfield ....
James Frey ....
Isaac Hoiikins . . .
C. R. Kaplinger . .
Albert C. Andrews .



New Hedlord.


Marble head.






East Templeton.


Moil son.






East Cambridge.

Brook line.





Newburyport. .











Geo. R. Dyer . . .
.lohn Hest ....
Joseph W.Thompson
E. F. Phinney . . .
E. W. Smith ....
Lewis B. Hodges . .
Jeremiah Stewart
H N. Harriman . .
Jason Mann ....
Dexter F. Hager . .
T. K. Parker ....
Geo. N. Munsell . .
Marcus G. B. Swift .
A. S. Byrnes ....
James Holmes . . .
Cephas N. Walker
E. E. Barnard . . .
Jas. K. Odell . . .
L. A. Lamson . . .
Francis Drake . . .
L. F. Wheelock . .
M. I). .Tones . , . .
Peter N. Sprague . .
J. u arren Berry . .
Charles H. Deyo . .
Wm. Provin . . . .
AVilbur F. Lane . .
Jame^ P. Litch . .
James A. Horton . .
John F. Lambie . .
Charles Q. Pierce . .
Wm. H. Sherwin . .
Seth L. French .
Henry W. Weeks . .
Myron S. Barton . .

E. Bridgewater.



So. Framingham.






So. DeerfieUI.



Fall River.




Turners Falls.








No. Brookflelil.











II. A list of officers elected at the Annual Encampment of this
Department, held at Boston Jannary 27 and 28, will appear in the Roster.
Two Rosters will be forwarded to each Post, one to be filed with G.O.,
the other for the nse of the Post Commander.

III. Adjutants' and Quartermasters' reports for first quarter will be
due April 1, and I trust they will be forwarded promptly. Adjutants
and Quartermasters are reminded that they should confer not only
regarding the number reported last quarter, but account for gains and
losses, and give tlie names as called for in the Recapitulation of Muster
Roll and notes 1,2,3 and 4. Care should be exercised that the number
remaining in good standing in form A, and the number paid for on form
B, shall agree. I would call attention of Post Commanders to the neces-
sity of carefully examining the reports, seeing that all requirements are
complied with, and, after signing both reports, forward the same,
together with the per capita tax, eight cents per member in good stand-
ing, to these headquarters Bear in mind the fact that the per capita tax
has been increased from six to eight cents per quarter

IV A year's supply of blank Obituary Reports have been sent to
each Post, and I w^ould call the attention of the Post Commander to the
necessity of the Adjutant filling out this blank when there has been any
loss by death during the quarter, in order that the memorial page may be


V. It will be imposssible to assure Posts the attendance of Depart-
ment officers at camp-fires, fairs, etc , unless they first confer witli these
headquarters before making their arrangements, as engagements are often
made several weeks in advance

VI. Comrades are warned against giving assistance to the follow-
ing named comrades, as they have been reported at these headquarters as
un'vvorthy: E I) Harlshorn. a dropped raemi)er of Post ;?!» ; Geo. Miller,
a dropped member of Post 79; Miller sometimes goes by the name of
Perkins; John H. Foster of Post U7 ; and Isaac St. John of Post 128.

VII. The address of the following named persons is wanted at these
headquarters: Capt. Lorimi S. Richardson, Co. 1), 3d Mass H A.; some
member of Co A, 24th Mass. Inf., who remembers Lieut. Frank H.
Shepard of said company; Geo. Desmond and John Hnrley, Co. G, 2d
Mass. Cav. ; any soldier who was on Belle Isle, Va., December. 1S63;
Lieut. Joseph Libbv, Co K, 19th Mass. Inf.; Edwin Turner, Cyrus B.
Rowe, Geo. \V. Barnes, Daniel Hallahan, Edwin A. Hubbard, all Co B,
otli Mass. Inf , from '62-'ri3; Samuel Anderson, James Robinson, U.S.S.
Port Rotinl. from '62 to '64; Capt Frederick Marsh, 11th Mass Indepen-
dent Battery; Captain Hardy, 2d Rhode Island Cav. ; any member of Co.
E 20th Maine, who remembers Walter Sheehau of said company: Cap-
tain Parsons, Co. D, ot\\ Mass Cav. ; 2d Lieut T. L Mnrtz, Co. H, 24th
U.S. Colored Regt. ; some member of Co. 1), 5th Mass. Cav., colored,
who remembers Joseph W. Williams of said company.

VIII. Comrade Thomas Keefe of the Committee on Naval Records
having resigned, Comrade John A. Keefe has been appointed to fill the
vacancy. .

IX. General Orders, No. 9, from National Head<iuarters is herewith


By command of

Official: Department Commander.


Assistant Adjntant-General.

Headquartkhs Department ok Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic,

1 Pemuertox Sq.. Room 11.

General Orders, 1 Boston, May 6. 1887.

No 3. )

In accordance with Rules and Regulations, and in compliance with
General Orders, No 11, from National Headquarters, Monday. !\Lay 30,
will be observed bv the Posts of this Department as Memorial Day

Nineteen years have passed since the first General Order was issued
that inaugurated the beautiful custom of strewing with flowers or other
testimonials of love and respect, the graves of comrades Avho died in
defence of their country. For the great heart that prompted that order
the taps have sounded, and the liirht of his life has <ronc out ; brave,
generous friend, with hearts of gratitude we will remember him, and his
resting place will be strewn with flowers of allection. in accordance with
the sentiment of his General Orders, No II.

Upon this day the veterans livinsr will call to mind the heroic,
unselfish spirit of "their comrades with whom in the old days they shared
the fortunes of tlie camp, the march the battle; they will gather about
the resting places of the Grand Army of the dead, and in sweet com-
munion Avith the memories of the past, will renew their devotion to the
principles of the Grand Army of the living, and humanity Avill be bene-
fitted. The loval citizens as they gather a])out the graves of patriotic


men, will recall how they, by their devotion to duty while living, sus-
tained the liberties of the people and preserved the unity of the Republic.

In grateful recognition of the inestimable services of these men, may
the good people of the Commonwealth, as they gather to do honor to
their memory, receive the inspiration of their example, that the standard
of American citizenship may never lower, and to the end that this gov-
ernment " of the people, by the people and for the people, may not perish
from the face of the earth "

It is left with you, comrades, to make such arrangements for the
observance of the day as in your judgment may seem most appropriate.
As the safety of a nation depends upon the loyalty of its people, dis-
chai'ge your duties upon this occasion in a manner that will remind the
elders and impress firmly upon the young the lessons of patriotism and
devotion to the dear old flag, so truly exemplified in the lives of the men
whose memory we hold in grateful remembrance.

Discountenance the tendency that prevails to make the day one of
pleasure alone ; call upon the good people of your respective localities to
join with you in the tender and beautiful ceremonies of the day ; let
every loyal soul pay its tribute of respect to the memory of the men who
sacrificed all for one country and one flag, to the end that the ideal of
American valor and patriotism may be kept at the same high standard at
which they placed it.

The custom of Posts attending divine service in a body on the Sun-
day preceding Memorial Day is a good one, and its continuance is ear-
nestly recommended.

Post Chaplains are requested to forward to these headquarters reports
of the exercises of their respective Posts, including the number of officers
and men present for duty.

By command of

Official : Department Commander.

AC. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant- General.

Headquaiiters Department of Massachusetts, i
Grand Army of the Republic, [-
1 Pemberton Sq., Room 11. )
General Orders, "I Boston, June 24, 1887.

No. 4. )

I. The Department Commander takes pleasure in announcing to the
comrades throughout this Department that from reports received from
Posts, Memorial Day was observed more generally and with more impres-
siveness than ever before. This is due in a great measure to the interest
of the members of our Order, and it is hoped it will continue as long as
there remains a comrade to perform the sad, yet sweet ceremony.

II In accordance with Circular No. o from National Head(iuarters,
the Posts of this Department will comply with the request therein made.
Post Commanders will give ample notice and cause the required vote of
their respective Posts to be taken, on or before July 31, and forwarded
to these headciuarters by Aug. 1, 1887.

III. I wish to call the special attention of Post Commanders to the
necessity for promptness in forwarding reports for the present quarter.

The Commander-in-Chief desires to make a full and complete report
of each Department to the National Encampment at St. Louis. The
Department of Massachusetts has always been prompt and commended
for the completeness of its reports to National Headquarters. Do not
let this quarter be an exception.


I trust Tost Conimanders will attend to this matter, and see that
their reports are forwarded to these headquarters not later than July 10

IV. Aides-de-Canjp T. K Parker and Ira G. Wilkins having tendered
their resignations, they are herel)y accepted.

V. Comrades Henry T. Holmes of Post 35, and .James R Hamilton
of Post 19, are hereby appointed as Aides-de-Camp on my personal Staff;
they will be obeyed and respected accordingly.

YI The following new Posts have been organized : —
Hancock Post 187 of Dalton, Geo E. Hagar, Commander.
Preston Post 188 of Beverly Farms, John L Eaton, Commander.

VII. The address is wanted at this office of A. P. Sargent, Co. A,
17th Mass Inf.; some officer of Co. C, 28th Mass., Avho was on Gallops
Island Aug. 1, 1864; Lieut D. B. Abrahams, Co. G. 6th Regt , U.S C.
Cav ; Leverett C Felch, Co B, 28th Mass. ; Marcus Hawes, Q M., 2d
Mass. Inf ; any officer or comrades of Co. H, 9th Mass. Inf., who remem-
ber Corporal Patrick McGullen of said company ; Capt. Chas. H Union,
Co D. 22d Maine Inf ; any members of Co. E, 17lh Mass. Inf., who
remember Joshua Tucker of said company ; any officer or member of Co.
C, 33d Mass , who remember W. S. Allen of said company; any comrade
of Go's B or C, 17th Mass., Avho remembers Edward Ring of said com-
panies in 1864 ; any comrade of Co I. 6th Regt , V.R.C, who was at John-
son's Island, Lake Erie, in 1864 and 1865, who remembers Samuel Furbush
of said company; anycommissionedornon-commissionedofficerof the 15th
Mass. Batty, at New Orleans, La., from June 1, 1863, to Jan. 1, 1864;
Serat Wm. L White, Co K, 2d Mass. Inf ; Lieut. Frank Bradbury, Co.
E. 6th Vt. Inf.; Lieut. Wm. A Burrage, or any members of Co. H, 33d
Mass. Inf.. who remember Martin Tookey of said company; Lieut.
Richard A. Eliot, Co. C, 30th Mass. Inf. ; Annie M. Hill, Nurse in Armory
Square Hospital, in fall of 1863 and spring of 1864; Capt. Walter A.
Sampson, Co. A, 22d Mass Inf.

VIII. Comrades are cautioned against giving assistance to Comrade
John E. Baldwin of Post 16, as he is unworthy.

IX. The proceedings, findings and sentence of the court-martial in
the trial of Comrade Gilman J. Clough of Post 63, G.A R., Natick, are
hereby approved, and he is dishonorably discharged and dismissed from
the Grand Army of the Republic.

X Circular No. 5, from National Headquarters, is hercAvith pro-

Bv command of

Official: Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

TS, ^
,10, [
11. J

Hi:AD(iU.\l!TKRS Depaktmknt OF Massachitsetts,
Grand .\rmy ok the Republic
1 Pemberton Sq., Room

General Orders, \ Boston, July 27, 1887.

No. 5. r

Comrades: For the third time we are called to mourn the death of a
former Department Commander.

Comrade George H. Patch of Post 63, Natick, and Commander of
this Department 1882,'dicd at his residence in South Framingham, Mass.,
Tuesday morning, July 26, at 11 o'clock.

HeWas a brave, generous hearted soldier, a good citizen, a kind and
loving friend, and a comrade who never grew weary in Grand Army
workT At the completion of his term of service as Department Com-
mander, he fell gracefully back into the ranks as a worker, and was


always ready to do all in his power for the organization be loved so well.
Perhaps no member of the Order Avas better known than he, not only in
our Department, bnt in all the others, and he will be widely and sincerely
mourned by his comrades.

As a mark of respect and esteem for our departed comrade, all
Department and Tost Officers will, for thirty days from the date of this
order, wear the usual badge of mourning on the left arm and sword hilt,
when on duty, and the charter of each Post will be draped in mourning.

By command of

Official : Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts, \

Grand Army of the Republic, \

1 Pemberton Sq , Room 11. )

General Orders,) Boston, Sept. 21, 1887.

No. 6. /

1. The National Encampment, G.A.R., will convene at St. Louis,
Mo., the 28th inst. The Department Commander, .Junior Vice-Com-
mander, Assistant Adjutant-General, and delegates will leave Boston,
Saturday. September 24r, at 3 p.m., via Fitchburg Railroad.

n. During the absence of the Assistant Adjutant-General these
headquarters will be under the charge of Department Inspector B. Read
Wales, whose office hours will be from 4.15 to 5.30 p.m., except Saturday,
when the office will be closed. As most of the business and correspond-
ence, pertaining to the Department will have to lay over until the return
of the Assistant Adjutant-General, I hope comrades will make no requests
of these headquarters, except what is absolutely necessary, until his
return, October 6.

III. The Headquarters of the Department at St Louis will be at the
Lindell Hotel, and all comrades from Massachusetts are requested to
report there September 27

IV At a special meeting of the Council of Administration, held
September 21, Comrades Samuel M. Weale and H. P Oakman were
elected delegates to the National Encampment to till vacancies in the
delesration. and Comrades Wm S. Hixon, Geo E. Woodbury, 2d, B F.
Whittemore, A. L. Norris, J S. Pine, G. L. Gage, and Chas. S. Gierke,

V. Commanders of Posts who have not yet reported in regard to
the Geo. H Patch Memorial Fund are re(|uested to do so at an early

VI. The address is.Avanted at this office of some comrade of Co K,
19th Mass. Inf., who remembers Wm. A. McKenny of said Co. ; of Lieut.
Burrage and James Griffin, Co. H. 3od Mass. Inf.; of Corporal James
Brightman, Co I, 2d Mass. H.A.; any member of Co H. 2d Mass. HA ;
any member of Co. F, 2d Mass. H A who knew H. E. Eiileston in 1864;
Edward O'Beirne. Sergt. of Unassigued Vet. Invalid Corps, Cai)t Thos.
Graham; of Arthur R. Curtis. 20th Mass. Inf.; of Wm H Knowlton,
Co. E, 16tli Mass Inf.; of James A Littletield. U S Navy, 1863, shipped
from Salem, Mass.; of any shipmate on board U.S. steamer Wyandcuik


who remembers Charles S Sissou of same ship, when stationed on the
Potomac; of Dr. Wadsworth, Camp Barry, Washin<;ton, DC, in Fall
of 1864

VII. The proceedings, tindin<i:s and sentence of the court-martial in
the trial of Comrade W. H Ball of Post IGO, West Brookfield, are hereby
approved, and he is dishonorably discharo;ed and dismissed from the
Grand Army of the Kepublic

By command of


Official : Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Headquarters Department oi


ND Army of the Republic, >
1 Pemberton Sq , Room 11 j

General Orders, 1 Boston, Oct. 12, 1887.

No. 7. /

I. The Department Inspector has completed his arrangements for
the Fall Inspections. Commanders of Posts -will render the Inspecting
Officers all the assistance possible in the discharge of their duties. It

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