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The register of admissions to Gray's inn, 1521-1889, together with the register of marriages in Gray's inn chapel, 1695-1754 online

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2lC(^iskx of ^bmission


@rap/s 3n% 1521-1889,


CHAPEL, 1695— 1754.









(Vg Preface

I Memorandum
List of Subscribers


rayes Inne i-viii

List of Benchers
List of Judges .

^^ Admissions, 1521-1889 1-498

Preachers, Gray's Inn Chapel 499-502

Index S°3-58o

Supplement— Register of Marriages, Gray's Inn Chapel . . . . ix-cxii


AMONG those records of national interest which remain unpubHshed and com-
paratively unknown, the Registers of our Inns of Court hold a pre-eminent
position. As early as the days of Henry VI , we are reminded by Sir John
Fortescue " that knights, barons, and the greatest nobility of the Kingdom often
" place their children in these Inns of Court, not so much to make the laws
" their study, much less to live by their profession, having large patrimonies
" of their own, but to form their manners." In the Registers of these Inns we
consequently find information which elsewhere we seek in vain, relating to families
and individuals in every portion of the realm ; the fact, moreover, that this in-
formation is contained in a legal register, invests it with an authority superior
to that of the treasured Heralds' Visitations, while it enjoys with them the advantage
of dealing with the aristocratic classes. For, to quote from Feme's Glory of Generosity
(London, 1586): — "Nobleness of blood, joyned with virtue, compteth the person as
" most meet to the enterprizing of any publick service ; and for that cause it was, not
" for nought, that our antient Governors in this land, did with a special foresight and
"Wisdom, provide, that none should be admitted into the Houses of Court, being
" Seminaries, sending forth men apt to the Government of Justice, except he were a
" gentleman of blood." This being so, it may appear surprising that records covering
so extensive a period and of such unrivalled interest, should have remained virtually
inaccessible, and consequently little consulted, since Sir William Dugdale drew so
largely upon them for the compilation of " Origines Juridiciales," more than two
centuries ago. But in this instance, as in some others, the explanation is doubtless
to be found in the magnitude of such an undertaking as their transcription and

Impressed, however, by the importance of the work, I have myself accomplished
the transcription of the whole of these unique Registers, having received special
permission from the Benchers for the purpose ; but, though it is my hope to see them
eventually in print, it should be clearly understood that the permission I have received
to transcribe the original records does not carry with it, on the part of the authorities,
any responsibility, editorial or otherwise.


Of these " Noblest nurseries of humanity and liberty in the Kingdom," as Ben
Jonson styled them, Gray's Inn was at the period in which he wrote by far the
most important and most numerously frequented. Its Register is, therefore, of special
value for that brilliant Elizabethan epoch, in which the Inn may be said indeed to
have played a direct part by its famous Masques and Revels. But there is an even
more distinctive feature about the Register of Gray's. It was the practice of the
Inn that each Treasurer, Bencher, or Reader, introducing a student or honorary
member, should enter the admission himself in the Register. The result of this plan
was unfortunately the introduction of an endless variety of handwriting, which, however
interesting to a lover of autographs, is enough to puzzle a transcriber to distraction.
The difficulty of deciphering these scrawling entries of three, or even two, centuries
ago, is at times almost insuperable.

This leads me to the origin of the transcript from which the present volume is
printed. The Register was originally transcribed by G. E. Cokayne, Esq. (now Norroy
King-of-Arms), who permitted the late Col. Chester to make a copy of his transcript.
This copy has been the basis of my work, but was collated throughout by myself
with the original record some years ago, and is now completed to the present time,
by permission granted only a few weeks ago. Although, from the nature of the
original admission book, it is almost impossible to avoid an occasional misreading, yet,
I have been enabled, I trust, with the skilled assistance of Mr. J. A. C. Vincent, to
reduce them to a minimum ; but even so, it will be easy to examine doubtful names,
as I give the reference to each folio in the original register, a point of primary
importance for the student. I have incorporated with the text some variants from the
Society's Order Books (o.b.) and Ledger, together with a few additional names. The
entries prior to 1580 are chronologically arranged from Harleian MS. 1912, compiled
by Simon Segar (see page 274). A full account of this MS. will be found in the
valuable work on " Gray's Inn, its History and Associations," by Mr. W. R. Douthwaite
(1886), the respected librarian of this Inn, to whom I may here express my thanks for
the interest he has taken in this work, and for the very cordial assistance he has at all
times afforded me.

It is not possible within the limits of a Preface to enumerate the many distinguished
individuals whose presence has adorned Gray's Inn. The immortal Bacon, the wise
Burleigh, the learned FitzHerbert, the celebrated Gascoigne, Judge Jenkins the
Welsh Loyalist, Hall the Chronicler, Camden the Antiquary, Dugdale, Walker, St. George,
Dethick, and Wriothesley the Heralds, Rymer of the Fcedera, and in our own time
the poet Barry Waller Proctor (Barry Cornwall), Edward Gibbon Wakefield, the chief
founder of the Colonies of New Zealand and South Australia, together with many
others, are among those who have contributed to render this Inn illustrious in no
ordinary degree. Further familiar names will be recognized on a scrutiny of these pages
which invite the delightful task of annotation on a liberal scale.

I had at one time hoped to pubHsh the Register in alphabetical form like
my other works, and to annotate it myself, but I find myself compelled to abandon
the project in default of adequate support. I have yielded, however, to the desire
of my subscribers to " Collectanea Genealogica," and printed for them and my later

genealogical friends a strictly limited edition of i6o copies, all of which are signed and
numbered. I have, however, endeavoured to minimize the disadvantages of the
plan I have been compelled to adopt by compiling an elaborate Index to the 16,000
students, of no less than 80 pages, for I feel that a commonplace Index of names to
a book of reference such as this would be of little use to the student, who generally
desires to bring down his man on the very first reference, I have, therefore, added
to each name, beside the reference page, the year of admission, and by so simple
an arrangement, that I believe it will be universally appreciated. In the arrangement
of the 1 6th and 17th century names, I have generally included the variants of each
under its ordinary or best known form. To render the series of Gray's Inn Registers
complete, I have included the Chapel Register of Marriages, arranged in alphabetical

It only remains that I should express my earnest hope that the publication of
this Register, which enables me to add yet another volume to my " works of reference "
series, should lead eventually to that of the other Registers, so that the whole of this
magnificent series may at length see the light of day.


21, Boundary Road, London, N.W.


This vohinie is iiuvibe!' -,'*//■ ~ of the entire Edition of one
hundred and sixty copies printed for the subscribers to " Collectanea

The Hansard Publishing Union, Lim., Printers.


^/ r/ ^7 / ^^<- L Editor.




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(drapes 3innc.


,* As the writer of this MS., Simon Segar, (see his admission) grandson of Sir William Segar,
er king of arms, manifestly intended to quote the exact words of the several records noticed by
, his extracts have been carefully examined with the originals, and any inaccuracies so found are

duly corrected. All additions placed between [ ] are reproduced in the actual text of the document,

but with the contracted forms extended.

This Colledge or Inne of Courte is fituate w'^'iii the Manno' of Purtpole 1294.
alias Portepole neere Holbounie in the County of Midd. w*''' said Manno'
of Purtpole alias Portpole & the land thereunto belonginge hath remained
hereditary in that honorable familie of y' Grayes the absolute owners thereof
from a° 22 Ed. l" vntill y^ raigne of K. Hen. 7" as by seu'all inquifitions in
that behalfe taken remaineth of record.

Inquifitio capta coram Efcaetore domini R' die lune in craftino claufi MiDo.Escat.
Pafche a" [regni] R' Edwardi filij R' Edwardi primo apud Purtepole de numb. 54^
terris et Tenementis de quibus Reginaldus Le Grey fuit feifitus die quo obiit '^'' '3°s.
in Dominico suo ut de feodo suo in Comit. Midd. p Sacramentum Thome
de Meldeburne &c. qui dicunt fup facramentum suum quod dictus Regi-
naldus Le Grey fuit feifitus apud Purtepole die quo obijt de quodam
mefuagio cum Gardinis et cum vno Columbario que valent p ann. vltra
reprifam decem solidos. Item dicunt quod funt ibd triginta acre terr.
arrabil. que valent p ann. viginti solidos pretium acre viij''. Item dicunt
quod eft ibidem de redditu Afsise xxij' solvend ad duos terminos anni
Videlicet ad feftum Sancti Micha[e]lis xj" et ad feftum Annunciationis beate
Marie xj'. Item dicunt quod eft ibidem quoddam Molendinum ventri-
ticum quod valet p an. xx^

[Dicunt eciam quod dictus Reginaldus le Grey tenuit omnes predictas
terras et tenementa de Decano [et] Capitulo Sancti Pauli Londoniarum
in capite per servicium quatraginta duorum solidorum et duorum denari-
orum solvendorum ad duos anni terminos, videlicet, ad festum sancti
Michaelis et ad festum Annunciacionis beate Marie, et sectam curie a
tribus septimanis in tres septimanas. Dicunt eciam quod Johannes le

(drapes 3Inne.

Grey propinquior heres est, et est de etate xxx annorum et amplius. In
cuius Rei testimonium predict! Jurati sigilla sua apposuerunt.]

Inquifitio Indentata capta coram Efcaetore Dni R' apud Crucem lapi-
deam in p'ochia beate Marie atte Stronde die Jovis px'' post feihim Sancti
Dunftani Epifcopi a° R. Edwardi filij R" Edwardi octavo virtute brevis
D'ni R' Ad quod dampnum p sacramentum &c. Oui dicunt quod non
eft ad dampnum nee prejudicium D'ni Rg. nee aliorum Si Rex concedat
dilecto et fideli suo Johanni filio Reginaldi de Grey Quod ipfe triginta
acras terre duas acras prati et x' redditus cum ptinentijs in Kentishton
iuxta London, et in p'ochia Sancti Andree de Holebourne extra Barram
veteris Templi London, dare poffit et affignare dilectis fibi in Chrifto, Priori
et Conventui Sancti Bartolomei in Smythefelde, London Habendum et
tenendum eifdem Priori et Conventui et Succeflbribus suis ad inveniendum
quendam capellanum Divina fingulis diebus in Capella Manerij ipfius Joh'is
in Pourtepol extra Barram predictam |i anima ipfius Joh'is et animabus
Antecefibrum fuorum et omnium fidehum defunctorum celebraturum

Dicunt etiam Quod predicte xxx acre ter. et due acre prati et decern
folid. redditus tenentur de Roberto de Chiggewelle p servitium reddendi
eidem Roberto annuatim vnam Rosam.

[Et idem Rober^us tenet difta tenementa simul cum ahis tenementis de
Decano et Capitulo Sancti Pauli London Et predicti Decanus et Capi-
tukmi ea tenent de Domino Rege in puram et perpetuam elemosinam
Dicunt eciam quod predicta terra pratum et redditus valent per annum in
omnibus exitibus xxxjj-. iiijc/. iuxta verum valorem.]

Dicunt etiam Quod predictus Johannes filius Reginaldi de Grey tenet
vltra donationem et alTignacionem predictas in Kentischeton et in p'ochia
Sancti Andree de Holebourne terras et tenementa que valent p an. x"
et que fufRciunt ad confuetudines et fervitia tarn de predictis terris pratj
et redditu fie datis, quam de alijs terris et tenementis fibi retentis, debita
facienda et ad omnia alia onera, que dictus Joh'es de Grey fi^iftinuit et
suftinere confueuit. In cujus rei teftimonium Juratores predicti figilla fi.i:'.
huic Inquifitioni appofi-ierunt. Dat die anno et loco supradictis.

Rot. Pat. de Rex Omnlbus ad quos &c. Salutem. Licet de Communi Confilio Regni

l""s2 ^' ^' noftri [Anglie] ftatutum fit quod non liceat viris Religiofis feu alijs ingredi

Memb. lo. feodum alicujus Ita quod ad manum mortuam deveniat fine licentia

noftra et capitalis d'ni de quo res ilia immediate tenetur, per finem tame.i

quem Dilectus nobis in Chrifto . . Prior Sancti Bartholomei in Smethefelde^

(drapes 3lnne.

London fecit nobifcum concefsimus et licentiam dedimus p nobis et here-
i dibus noftris (quantum in nobis eft) dilecto et fideli noftro Johanni filio
, Reeinaldi de Grey quod ipfe triginta acras terre, duas acras prati et x^
I redditus cum ptinentijs in Le Kentisheton iuxta London et p ochia bci.

Andree de Holebourne extra Barram vetens Templi, dare polsit et
: alsignare eifdem Priori et Conventui eiufdem loci, Habendum et tenen-
i dum eifdem Priori et Conventui et succefsoribus fuis ad inveniendum
! quendam Capellanum Divina fingulis diebus in Capella Manerii ipfius
' Joh'is de Pourtepole extra Barram predictam pro anima ipfius Joh 's. et
' animabus antecefsor. fuorum et omnium fidelium defunctorum celebra-
: turum imperpetuum Et eifdem Priori et Conventui quod ipfi predicta

terram pratumet Redditum cum ptinentijs a prefato Joh'e recipere poffint
' et tenere fibi et succeflbribus suis ^c. Nolentes quod predictus Joh es
, vel heredes sui, aut prefati Prior et Conventus feu succefsores fui ratione

statuti predicti p nos vel heredes nostros inde occafionentur in aliquo
■ {eu graventur Salvis tamen capitalibus Dominis feodi ilhus fervitijs inde
'. debitis & confuetis. In cujus &c. T. R. apud Westmon. 27 die Maij &c.

MiDD. Efcat
dea°i7E. 2,
num. 74,

Inquifitio capta coram Efcaetore Domini Regis apud Pourtepole die
Sabbati prox. poft feftum sancti Hillarij a° regni Regis Edw. filij Regis
Fdw. 17° p sacramentum Galfridi Penninges &c. Qui dicunt &c. Quod Pourtepole.
Johannes Le Grey defunctus tenuit die quo obiit in dominico suo ut de
feodo quoddam Messuagium cum Gardino et duodecim Shopis annexis Mesuagium
&c. in Pourtepole extra Barram London &c.

Dicunt etiam Quod Henricus de Grey eft heres ejus propinquior et
statis 40=" annorum et amplius. In cujus rei &c.

Touching any office found after the death of y' said Henry y' next
heire of John Le Grey I find none ; but afterwards, y' is to say, divers
yeares after the deceafe of y' said John Le Grey and y' office found there-
upon, it is recorded that another Reynold de Grey was owner of
Pourtepole Manno"- in fee simple, And of y' eftate about a° 44° of
Edward 3 died feifed. And left an heire behind him, to inherite his
pofsefsions, whose name was Henry as by y'^ record itfelfe may appeare.

Inquifitio capta apud Holborne in Comit. Midd. coram Efcaet. D'ni Rg. M/dd'.
vicefimo quarto die Junij a° Rg. Edw. 3. 44° post mortem Reginaldi de deanno
Gray. Juratores dicunt Quod idem Reginaldus de Gray de Wilton fuper 44^ ^ •
Wee tenuit die quo obijt in comit. predicto quoddam Hospitium in Porte- ^^^^.^
pole juxta Holborne &c. in dominico suo ut de feodo. Et quod predicta
Hospitium, Gardinum &c. valent p ann. in omnibus exitibus vltra reprifas
et redditum resolutum centum solidos. Et fie dimittitur ad firmam &e.

num. 30.

<©rapes ^nne.

Et dicunt vlterius Quod idem Reginaldus obijt vicefimo octavo die Maij
vltimo preterito.

Et quod Henricus Grey filius predicti Reginaldi elt filius et heres ipfius
Reginaldi propiuquior et eft astatis triginta annor. et amplius. In cujus
rei testimonium &c.

Inquifitio capta apud Westmonafterium in Comit. Midd. die veneris prox.
poft feftum sancti Leonardi a° regni Regis Henrici sexti vicesimo prime
&c. p facramentum &c. qui dicunt Quod Ricardus Grey de Wilton
miles &c. obijt feifitus in dominico suo ut de feodo de Manerio de
Portpole in Holbourne, Vocat. Greys ynne cum ptinentijs [in Comitatu
predicto quod valet per annum ultra reprisas quinque marcas et tenetur
de Decano et Capitulo ecclesie Sancti Pauli London, set per que servicia
Juratores predci penitus ignorant &'c.

Et dicunt quod idem Ricardus obijt die lune proximo ante festum
assumpcionis beate Marie ultimo preterito Et quod Reginaldus Grey
est filius et heres eius propinquior et fuit etatis viginti et unius annorum
et amplius vicesimo secundo die Maij ultimo preterito. In cuius &'c.']

By all w"'' feuerall offices it appeares that the faid Manno" of Portepole
now Grayes-Inne or w"'in y' w"*" a parte of Grayes Inne is now fituate
was anciently the Inheritance of the Grayes. But I doe not find in any
of y^ faid former recited inquifitions, that any Gray, Lord or owner of
y*" said Manno' and MeiTuage did at any time refide there, but were the
reputed owners thereof before or about y" time y"= same became an Osiel
for Students and ProfefTors of y"" Common Lawes, And at what certaine
time y" same premifles came to bee demised by Reginald de Grey in y''
44"' yeere of y" reigne of Kinge Edw. 3. for y"' yearely rent of C' as is
menconed in y" Office then found after his deceafe. And in y^ w* office
(the same beinge in form'' Inquifitions named Mesuagium') is thereby
found to be Hospitium and on lease, whereby is manifefted y' y' house then
& yet knowne by y'^ name of Grayes-Inne was demifed to some perfons of
fpeciall regard & rancke and not to meane ones or perfons of meane or
privat behavio"", but to such as were vnited into a Society pfeffinge y"
lawes that in thofe dayes begunn to congregat and fetle themfelves w'^'in
y'= fame, as an aflbciated Company entertayning hofpitalitie together. And
then this houfe grew to bee off an -higher Title in denominacon and became
to bee totally termed by y" Intitulacon of Hospitium, and foo thereupon
found by inquifition to bee quoddnm Hospitium in Portepole. And it
alfo appeareth That y*^ faid Reginald De Grey demifed y^ same meffuage
as aforefaid in y' reigne of King Edw. 3. w'''in his lifetime and at his

arapes 31nne.

death was held for Hospitium. And by the jury before whom y" said
Inquifition was taken in y^ faid 44'*^ yeare of Ed. 3. was found to bee
Hospitium and not Mesuagium. Immediatly whereupon y' faid Hospitium
is called Greys-Inne or Hospitium Graiorum for that, that Ostell had
been soe longe and by soe many feuerall defcents in y' name. As by y"
faid former Inquifition is apparantly feene, taken in y' 1 9th yeare of K. R.
1^ after y^ deceafe of Henry fonne and heire of Reginald de Grey w*
name and title it hath not only regained but from time to time retained
as well before as unto this day enterteyning w'^'in y" same an honorable
Society by y'= name of Treas"', Readers, and Students.

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