Gray's Inn. cn.

The register of admissions to Gray's inn, 1521-1889, together with the register of marriages in Gray's inn chapel, 1695-1754 online

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Nov. ID. Matthew Price, second son of Vaughan P., of Newtown, co. Montgomery,

„ II. Edward Collingwood, son of Edward C, of Byker, Northumberland, Esq.

folio 1,412.

,, 12. Brownlow Sherard, son and heir of Brownlow S., of Whitehall, in the
1719-20. [liberty of Westminster, Esq.

Jan. 15. Francis Bishop, third son of William B., of Frencham, Surrey, Esq.

„ „ Benjamin Purchase, son and heir of Francis B., of Norton, co. Durham, Esq.






















364 (grap'g Jim ^limisgion i^egisitn- : 1 521-1887.

folio 1,412 — {continued).

Daniel Dolins, of Lincoln's Inn (admitted there Oct. 21, 1713, by certificate

[of Sir William Thompson, Knight, Treasurer).

John Clarke, son and heir of John C, of Melles, Suffolk, Esq. [Esq.

Leonard Dykes, son and heir of Fretchville D., of Warthall, Cumberland,

[Cambridge, Esq.
Edward Nightingale, gent., second son of Edward N., of Kneesworth, co.

folio 1,413.

May 3. James Burkin, son and heir of John B., of Burlingham, Norfolk, Esq.

„ ,, Luke Robinson, third son of Charles R., of Kingston-on-Hull, co. York, Esq.

„ 14. ThomasNicholson, son and heir of John N., of Hawkesdale, Cumberland, Esq.

„ „ Edward Roome, son and heir of Stephen R., of Fleet Street, London, gent.

„ 16. William HiNTON, of St. Margarets, Westminster, gent. [Esq., deceased.

,, „ Richard Bendyshe, second son of Thomas B., of Barrington, co. Cambridge,

June 3. Thomas Ward, son and heir of Robert W., of Lakenham, Norfolk, gent.

„ 18. John Williams, son of John W., of Ty-fry, CO. Anglesea, Esq.

July 5. Roger Holland, son and heir of H., of Chippenham, Wilts, Esq.

folio 1,414.

Aug. 10. Peter Elwin, second son of Fountaine E., of Thurning, Norfolk, gent.

„ 22. Ignatius Kelly, son and heir of Edmund K., of Castle Ruby, co. Ros-

[common, Esq.
Sept. 6. Samuel Haynes, son and heir of Hopton H., of the city of Westminster, gent.

,, 21. Egerton Darby, son of Thomas D., of the city of York, gent., deceased.
Oct. 21. Joseph Ball, of Rappahannock, Virginia, gent.

,, 25. Barnaby Backwell, second son of Richard B., of the city of London, Esq.

„ 31. Henry Cranmer. gent., of Furnival's Inn.
Nov. 1 1. John Owen, son of Robert O., of Penrhos, co. Anglesey, Esq.

folio 1,415.

„ 14. Joseph Clowes, fourth son of Samuel C, of Manchester, merchant. [clerk.

„ 18. William Smith, gent., eldest son of Thomas S., late of Brignall, co. York,
Dec. 5. Samuel Welles, son and heir of Samuel W., of Chipping-Wycombe, Bucks,

[gent., deceased.
1 7 20- 1. [tificate of G. Dolben, Treasurer).

Jan. 25. Thomas Denison (of the Inner Temple, admitted Feb. 12, 1718, by cer-
Feb. 8. William Clifton, second son of Gervase C, of Notts, Baronet.

„ 10. Henry Dodsworth, second son of John D., of Thornton Watlass, co. York,

„ 13. William Speidell, of the city of London, gent. [Esq., deceased _

>Lar. I. James Grimston, son and heir of John G., of Bridlington, co. York, gent.

folio 1,416.

,, 14. John Frederick, son and heir of John F., of Bampton, Oxon, Esq.
1 721.
May 8. John Blois, fourth son of Charles B., of Cockfield Hall, in Yoxford, Suffolk,
„ 10. Philip H ar land, of Sutton in Gaiters, co. York, Esq. [Baronet.

(trap's Jim ^timissfion iKegisftrr: 152 1 1887.



May 27.
June 2 I.

.> 29.
July ..

Sept. 4

Oct. 5

Nov. 15

., 17


Feb. 22.
,. 23-

April 16.

May 2.

Inne 6.









folio 1,416 — {continued).

Robert Thoroton, only son of Thomas T., of the city of Lincoln, Esq.

Luke Thompson, Esq. (of the Inner Temple, admitted Nov. 17, 1701, by

certificate of George Wheeler, Vice-Treasurer). [Norfolk, Esq.

Robert Clough, junior, son and heir of Robert C, of Hockwold-cum-Wilton,

Edward Price, eldest son of Edward P.. of Aberkanithon, co. Brecon, gent.

John Metcalfe, second son of John M., Esq., one of the Masters of the

Bench (admitted to the Middle Temple, Nov. 21, 1711, by certificate

[of Isaac Jacksone, Vice-Treasurer).

folio 1,417.
Edmund Je.nkins, son and heir of John J., of the Isle of Barbados, Esq.
George Middleton, son and heir -di George M., of South Shields, Durham,
gent., deceased. [Waterford, Esq.

Richard FitzGerald, son and heir of Nicholas F., of King's Meadow, co.
John Stafford Howard (Hon.), of Stafford, Esq.
Edward Edgworth, Esq. (had his standing as from Feb. 2, 17 16).
William Vaughan, of Bronhilog, co. Denbigh, gent.
William Hayton, junior, of Ivinghoe, Bucks, gent.
Neale Sheldon, of Thavies Inn, gent.
Henry Morgan, of Henbloas, co. Anglesey, gent.
John Hill, son and heir of Thomas H., of Tarriers, Bucks, Esq.

folio 1,418.

Edward Taylor (of the Middle Temple, admitted there July 18, 1715, by
[certificate of Philip Yorke, Knight, Treasurer).
Morgan Owen, Esq. (of the Middle Temple, admitted there June 24, 1698,
[by certificate of R. May, Esq., Treasurer).
Walter Lindley, second son of Francis L., of Gray's Inn, Esq.
Michael Macnamara, gent., of Annapolis, Maryland, America, son and heir

[of Thomas M., Esq., deceased.

Samuel Stuart, second son of George S., of Omagh, co. Tyrone, Esq.

Ralph Feltham, Esq. (admitted to Middle Temple, Nov. 21, 1710, by

[certificate of Isaac Jackson, Under-Treasurer).

Thomas Jett, Esq. (admitted to Middle Temple, April 13, 1705, by

[certificate of Thomas Mulso, Treasurer).

Henry Bendish, son and heir of Henry B., of Middle Temple, Esq., nephew

[ (nepos) of Thomas B., formerly of this Inn, deceased.

Freston Rant, son and heir of James R., of Mendham, Suffolk, Esq.

folio 1,419.

John Dawson, of Longwood, parish of Huddersfield, co. York, gent.
William Byam, of Christ College, Cambridge, gent., son and heir of Wm. B.,

[of Antigua, America, Esq.
William Corrv, son and heir of Hugh C, of Lincoln's Inn Fields, Esq.
William Cornwallis, of Newark, Notts, Esq.
Essex Mevrick, son and heir of John M., of Bush, co. Pembroke, Esq.

366 (grap's Jim Slimission JlegisJtn- : 1 521-1887.

1722. folio 1,419 — (continued).

Nov. 10. Thomas Fawkes, gent., son and heir of Francis F., of Farnley, co. York, Esq.,

„ 17. Richardson Pack, of St. Edmundsbury, Sufifolk, Esq. [deceased.

,. 29. Anthony Anderson, son and heir of Anthony A., of Gray's Inn, Esq.,

Dec. 3. Edward Bell, of the city of York, LL.B. [deceased.

„ 4. BusHELL Anxingson, son and heir of Joseph A., of Whitby, co. York, gent.,
folio 1,420.

,, 12. John Tempest Borrow, son and heir of Isaac B., of Castlefield, near Derby,

1722-3. [Esq.

Feb. 12. William Solev, senior, third son of George S., of the city of Worcester, Esq.,

„ „ William Soley, eldest son of William S., of Gray's Inn, Esq. [deceased.


May [5. Thomas Robinson, eldest son of John R., of Appleby, Westmoreland, Esq.

June I. Bertram Craster, third son of John C, of Craster, Northumberland, Esq.,

July 2. John Fuller, son and heir of David F., of Dover, Kent, gent. [deceased.
folio 1,421. [gent.

,, II. Christopher Goulton, son and heir of Thomas G., of Bessonby, co. York,

„ 20. Thomas Spencer, son of Thomas S., of Gisborough, co. York, gent.

„ 25. Gilbert Dawson, second son of William D., of Azerley, co. York, Knight,
[deceased (admitted to Middle Temple, August 24, 1698).

Aug. 24. Thomas Warren, son and heir of John W., of Corduffe, co. Dublin, Esq.

Oct. 14. Wvrriott Owen, of Nash, co. Pembroke, Esq. [land, Esq.

„ 23. Andrew Hudleston, son and heir of Wilfrid H., of Hutton John, Cumber-

Nov. 12. Simon Butterwick, son and heir of Matthew B., of Thirsk, co. York, gent.

„ 16. Benjamin Muchall, of Muchall, CO. Stafford, gent.

„ 20. Ayscough Fawkes, second son of Francis F., of Farnley, co. York, Esq.
folio 1,422.

Dec. 13. James Burgh, son and heir of John B., of Gray's Inn, Esq.

Jan. 2 1. Edward Bertie, second son of Hon. James B., of St. Margarets, Westminster.

„ „ William Kirshaw, son and heir of Richard K., of Ripley, co. York, Theol.

Feb. 8. Henry Hawlev, son and heir of James H., of Islevvorth, Middlesex, Esq.

,, II. Robert Gallaway. son and heir of William G., of Lindridge, co. Worcester,

[clerk, deceased.
Mar. 14. Bonfoy, son and heir of Nicholas B., of Abbotts Ripton, Hunts,

„ 18. Hawley Bishop, son and heir of Humphrey B., of London, gent. [Esq.

April 21. Samuel Th.ayer, son of Samuel T., of London, skinner, deceased.

folio 1,423.

„ 30. Robert Willis, of the city of London, gent.
June 5. John Huson, gent, (admitted to Lincoln's Inn, December 3, 17 19, by cer-

[tificate of Robert Holford, Treasurer).
„ 30. Charles Gray, of Colchester, Essex, gent.

(grap'sj $mt aijmi'sJsiion J^rffisttrr : 1521-1887. 367









folio \,A2Z—{co>itiniiecf).
Trevor Llovd, son and heir of Medhop L., of Toma, King's Co., Ireland,
Henry Jaco.mb, of St. Andrews, Holborn, gent. [Esq.

Justinian Isham, son and heir of John I., of Ormond Street, Middlesex, Esq.
Thomas Gardner, second son of William G., of the city of London, distiller.

folio 1,424.

Nov. 7. Richard Girlington, of London, Esq.

10. Drue Deane, son and heir of Thomas D., of Gray's Inn, Esq.

„ 26. William Churchill, of St. Annes, Westminster, Esq.

Dec-. 4. Joseph Storr, eldest son of Joseph S., of Hilston, co. York, Esq.

Jan. II. Charles Robinson, brother of Robert R., of Gray's Inn, Esq.

„ 20. William Thompson, son and heir of \\'illiam T., of Bedford Row, parish of

[St. Andrews, Holborn, Esq.
„ 21. Chamberlain Beck, of Old Fish Street, London, gent.
Feb. I. James Alexander, of New York, America, Esq. [Esq.

„ 12. Edmund Laycon, son and heir of Edmund L., of Ottley, West Riding of York,

folio 1,425. [Westminster, Esq.

„ 25. Richard Morlev, son and heir of Thomas M., of Pall Mall, in the liberty of
April 17. Philip Prime, son and heir of Philip P., of Ringsfield, Suffolk, clerk.

May 7. Robert Bulman, son and heir of George B., of Newcastle-on-Tyne, gent,
folio 1,426.

,, 31. John H.^.mmet, gent, (admitted to Lincoln's Inn, June 24, 1720, by certificate

[of Philip Yorke, Knight, Treasurer).

June 2. Edmund Herbert, of St. Margarets, Westminster, gent.

,, II. Robert Gale, eldest son of Robert G., of Abbotts Langley, Herts, Esq.

„ 25. Thomas Speidell, eldest son of William S., of Gray's Inn, Esq.

Oct. 28. Thomas Fanshawe, son and heir of Edward F., of Dronfield, co. Derby, gent.

Nov. 8. Charles Stourton, eldest son of Hon. Charles S., of Stourton, Wilts.

Dec. 16. George Storv, nephew (nepos) of George S., of Bishop Wearmouth, co.
1725-6. [Durham.

Jan. I. Lucius Henry Hibbins, of Holbeach, co. Lincoln, Esq.

Feb. 26. Rowland Hughes, only son of Lambroke H., of Brecon, gent., deceased.

1726. folio 1,427.

April 2 1 . Thornhagh Gurdon, son and heir of Thornhagh G., of Letton, Norfolk, Esq.

„ 28. Charles Parry, of St. Andrews, Holborn, gent.

May 2. James Boulton, only son of James B., of Moulton, co. Lincoln, Esq.

„ 3. John Ryan, son and heir of Thady R., of Cullen, co. Tipperary, Esq.

,, 13. Randyll Peck, second son of William P., of Little Sampford, Essex, Esq.

„ 14. Matthew Duane, second son of Thady D., of Clonmell, co. Tipperary, Esq.

Tune 25. Richard Assheton, third son of Richard A., of Gleadow, co. York, Esq.

Cornelius Burton, third son of Andrew B., of Gray's Inn, Esq., deceased.

Sept. 10. Raines Harris, second son of Philip H., of the city of Bristol, Esq.

368 (grap'g Jim SUnmssion Mrgistrr : 15:

























folio 1,4^21 —(continued). [gent.

Thoma.s Houghton, third son of Thomas H., of Killmannock, co. We.\ford,
Thom.^s Sotherton, only son of Thomas S., of Taverham, Norfolk, Esq.,


f'^lio l.*28. ^land, Esq.

Humphrey Senhouse, eldest son of Humphrey S., of Nether Hall, Cumber-

[Fishe {sic), of Gray's Inn, Esq.
Henry Fyshe-Palmer (Fish in the original), second son of Humphrey
Thomas Potter, only son of Thomas P., of Fenchurch Street, London, gent.
William Pepperell, son of William P., of Kentisbeare, Devon, gent.

[certificate of Henry Martyn, Esq., Treasurer).
Richard Leptdn, gent, (admitted to Lincoln's Inn, Feb. 23, 1721, by
Samuel Clarke, eldest son of Robert C, of Snailwell, Cambridge, Bart.
William Smith, of New York, America, A.3f.

John Taylor, eldest son of Walter T., of co. Gahvay, Esq.
Richard Lamplugh, only son of Robert L., of Dovenby, Cumberland, Esq.
„ 28. Robert ,\tki.\son, son of William A., of Greystoke, Cumberland, gent.

folio 1,429.
May 5. Oliver Marton, of Warwick Court, parish of St. Andrews, Holborn, Esq.
„ 8. John Maire, third son of Thomas M., of Lartington, co. York, Esq. [Esq.
,, „ ZachariusHarnage More, eldest son of Zacharius M.,of Lofthouse, co. York,
„ 13. Thomas Holdip, gent, (admitted to Middle Temple, June 2, 17 12, by
[certificate of Benjamin Wilcock, Under-treasurer).
„ 15. Martin Blake, third son of Patrick B., of co. Galway, Esq.
„ 27. Reimerd Watkins, of St. Andrews, Holborn, gent.
June 9. Charles Hamilton (admitted to Middle Temple, Nov. i, 1717, by certifi-
cate of John Raphson, Treasurer), [tificate of Henry Martyn, Treasurer).
„ 17. William Sutton, gent, (admitted to Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 22, 1723, by cer-
,, 19. Thomas Borrow, third son of Isaac B., of Castlefield, co. Derby, Esq.
„ ,, John Borrow, third son of Isaac B., of Castlefield, co. Derby, Esq.

folio 1,430.
July 31. Metcalf Procter, only son of Francis P., of Thorpe, co. York, Esq., deceased.
Oct. 20. Thomas Clarke, gent., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Nov. 8. Hugh Clough, of Plasclough, co. Denbigh, Esq.

„ 28. Edward Ridsdale, eldest son of Edward R., of Ripon, co. York, gent.
Dec. 2. Robert Thompson, second son of \Yilliam T., of Gray's Inn, Esq.

Jan. 9. John Hutchinson, of Ui^per Holloway, Middlesex, Esq.
„ 20. James Ord, of Newcastle, Northumberland, Esq.

„ „ Matthew Ridley, son of Richard R., of Newcastle, Northumberland, Esq.
Gavvin Aynsley, son of Gawin A., of Little Harle, Northumberland, Esq.
Feb. 7. Henry Vander Esch, of the city of London, Esq.
William Theed, of the citv of London, gent.

trap's Jim airmissiion l\fg:is!tfr: 1521-1887. 369

1727-8. folio 1,431.

Feb. 10. Samuel Stephens, of St. Andrews, Holborn, gent.

William Brage, second son of William, of Hatfield Peverill, Essex, Esq.
Mar. 20 Wind William Vander Esch, son of Henry Vander E., of Gray's Inn, Esq.

June 22. Michael Ernle, gent., son and heir of Edward E., of Brinslade, Wilts.,
Esq. (admitted to Middle Temple, March 20, 1724-5, by certificate of R.
July I. Kenneth Mackenzie, of Portsea, CO Southampton, Esq. [Agar, Treasurer).
Aug. 2. William Potter, son of Wm. P., of Hawkwell, Northumberland, Esq.
,, 3. Edward Marton, son and heir of Oliver M., of Gray's Inn, Esq.
„ 9. Thomas Reynolds, Esq.,oneoftheyoungersonsof Richard, Bishop of Lincoln.
„ 12. Ullick Lynch, of Bellwell, CO. Gahvay, Esq.

folio 1432. [co. York, Esq.

Sept. 7. Aurungzebe Hatfeild, son and heir of John H., of Laughton-en-le-Morthen,
„ 8. Joseph Butler, eldest son of Edward B., of Cappoquin, co. Waterford, Esq.

[("colonus"), husbandman.

Oct. 26. Jonathan Mercer, eldest son of Samuel AL, of Allerton, near Liverpool

Nov. 16. Henry Barker, brother of Edmund B., of Gray's Inn, Esq. [Esq.

„ 18. Thomas Ravenscroft, son and heir of Thomas B., of the city of Chester,

[Andrews, Holborn, gent.
„ 25. John Osb.ildeston, eldest son of Roger O., of .Southampton Buildings, St.
„ 27. Christopher Fawcett, son and heir of John F., of the city of Durham, Esq.
Jan. 4. Edward Byam, eldest son of William B., of the Isle of Antigua, Esq.
„ 14. Richard Matthews, youngest son of Isaac M., of Taplow, Bucks ("Hospi-
„ 29. Gilbert HoLKER, of Merton College, Oxford, gent. [tiarii "), innkeepeer.

Feb. 10. Peter Hinde, eldest son of Richard H., of Hatton Garden, St. Andrews,

[Holborn, Esq., deceased.
folio 1,433.
\VilliaiM Horton, eldest of Thomas H., of Chadderton, co. Lane, Esq.
Thomas Harris, of St. Andrews, Holborn, gent.
James Edward Oglethorpe, of St. James, Westminster, Esq.
Robert Grimston, of Bridlington, co. York, gent.
Peirce Griffith, eldest son of Peirce G., of St. Albans, Herts, Esq.
,, 20. Nicholas Clinton, only son of John C, of Gragues, CO. Kildare, Esq.
Oct. 20. John Hodgson, eldest son of James H., of the parish of Christ Church, city

[of London, gent.
1729-30. [Esq.

Jan. 22. Joseph Growdon, second son of Joseph G., of Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania,
„ 23. Thomas Walker, eldest son of John W., of near Grinstead, Kent, Esq.
Owen Gethin, eldest son of Owen G., of Winsford, co. Chester, gent.
folio 1,434.
„ 31. Richard Pate, eldest son of Robert P., of Longnewtown, Cumberland, gent.
I'eb. 10. SiLPHEN Brown, gent, (admitted to Middle Temple, Dec. 20, 1716, by cer-

rtificate of Edward Jaunrey. Treahurcr.)











(grap'si $nn ^limigsion iKegidter : 1 521- 1887.



















folio l,4:3i—(conf/fiuetf).
Richard Backwell, junior, of St. James, Westminster, gent.

Griffith Boynton, eldest son of Francis B., of Beverley, co. York, Esq.
John Metcalfe, eldest son of John M., of Gray's Inn, gent.
John Lowe, only son of Francis L., of Gray's Inn, Esq.
Thomas Weddell, of Earswick, co. York, Esq.

David Woolfe, second son of Henry W., of Bridlington, co. York, gent.
Gilbert Bryan, only son of Thomas B., of Carrickon-Suir, co Tipperary,

William Strahan, eldest son of William S., of Doctors Commons, LL.D.
Christopher Carleton, of Warwick-court, St. Andrews, Holborn, gent.

folio. 1,435.

CuLPEPEU Tanner, of Oakham, Rutland, gent. [Esq.

George Spearman, son of Gilbert S., of Bishop Midleham, co. Durham,

[land, Esq.
Lancelot Allgood, only son of Isaac A., of Brandon White, Northumber-
Thomas Wollascott, third son of Martin W., of Wollampton, Berks, Esq.
Thomas King, third son of William K., of Bentworth, Southampton, gent.
Richard Macdowall, of Navestock, Essex, Esq.

William Goostrv, of Shear Lane, St. Dunstans-in-the-West, Middlesex, gent.
Edward Bacon, eldest son of Waller B., one of the Masters of the Bench,

Esq. [Esq

Nathaniel Bacon, second son of Waller B., one of the Masters of the Bench,
Henry Ludlow Coker, eldest son of Thomas C, of Hill Deverell, Wilts

Esq. [Esq

Edward Twells, only son of Robert T., of Wisbech, Ely, co. Cambridge,

Peter Campbell, of St. James, Westminster, Esq.

folio 1,436. [Baronet.

Robert Clarke, second son of Robert C, of Snailwell, co. Cambridge,

William Dixon, gent., second son of Thomas D., late of Hackney, Middle-
sex, Esq. (admitted to Middle Temple, Nov. i8, 1724, by certificate of

[John Raphson, Treasurer).

Robert Brent Lytcott, only son of John L., Knight, of Stoke, co. Gloucester.

Thomas Watson, only son of William W., of Helmsley, co. York, gent.

Thomas Greene, only son of Thomas G., of St. James, Westminster, gent.

Richard Everard, eldest son of Richard E., of Broomfield Green, Essex,

Thomas Floyer, of Pelhani, Herts, gent. [Baronet.

James Cockerill, of Scarborough, co. York. gent.

Thomas Fitz Gerald, of Clownings, co. Kildare, gent.

John Waple, gent., second son of George W., late of Towcester, co. North-
ampton, gent, (admitted to Inner Temple, July 21, 1730, by certificate of
[Edward Barker, Treasurer).

II 21'

„ 27-


Jan. 6.

Feb. 2.



,1 23-

I. 24-


April g.

,, 17-
May 7.

July ,
Aug. 14

#rai)'sf hxn ^itimisiEinin SKc gisitei* : 1521-1887. 371

1 73 1. folio 1,437. [co. Worcester, Esq.

Nov. 27. William Bund, eldest son of Thomas B., late of St. John in Bedwardine,
Dec. 1 . Joseph Wilson, eldest son of William W., of Stififkey, Norfolk, clerk.


May 6. John B.\lls, son and heir of James B., of the city of Norwich, Esq.

„ 10. Paggen H.A.LE, second son of William H., of Kings Walden, Herts, Esq.

„ ,, Kingsmill Evans, third son of Thomas E., of Llangattock Vibonavel, co.

[Monmouth, Esq.

„ 12. William Chapman, of Sunderland-near-the-Sea, co. Durham, gent.

June T2. Richard Marton, son and heir of Edward M., of Longleat, Wilts, gent.

„ 13. Andrew Coltee Ducarel, student of Trinity College, Oxford, gent.

Osmund Macdowall, brother of Richard M., of Gray's Inn, Esq. [Esq.

Charles Lymbrey, third son of John L , of Hoddington, co. Southampton,
Thomas Holt, second son of Thomas H., late of St. James, Westminster,

[gent., deceased.
John Deane, of Bedford-row, parish of St. Andrews, Holborn, Esq.

folio 1,438.
Lewis Deane, of Bedford-row, parish of St. Andrews, Holborn, gent.
Thomas Burrowes, gent., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
John Lister, only son of Thomas L., of Bawtry, co. York, Esq.
Edmund Tyrell, eldest son of Charles T., of Gray's Inn, Esq.
William Ginger, of Hemel Hempstead, Herts, gent., only son of William G.,

[of Edlesborough, Bucks, gent.
William Glanvile, son and heir of William G., of the Isle of Antigua, Esq.
Stephen Comyn, fourth son of Robert C, late Archdeacon of Salop.
John Cholmley, eldest son of Hugh C, of Whitby, co. York, Esq.
John Smyth, Esq., eldest son of Richard S., of Wakefield, co. York, Esq.
Edward Rookes, Esq., eldest son of William R., of Royds Hall, West Riding

[of York, Esq., deceased.
folio 1,439.
Thomas Lloyd, of Hatton Garden, Middlese.x, gent, son of Dr. William L.,
[late Chancellor of the Diocese of Worcester, deceased.
James Innes, of Symonds Inn, gent.

John King, Esq., Coroner of the city of London and County of Middlesex.
John Foote, son of John F., of Harwood, co. Cornwall, Esq.

Gery Packwood, only son of Rev. Master P., of Coventry, co. Warwick.
. Christopher Fawcett, only son of William F , of Boldon, co. Durham, Esq.
. Roeert Wensley, eldest son of Peter W., of Walsoken, Norfolk, Esq. [Esq.

James Mainwaring, eldest son of James M., of Bromborough, co. Chester,

William Cotton, eldest son of William C, of Crake Marsh, parish of

[Uttoxeter, co. Stafford, Esq.

Henry Stebbing, eldest son of Henry S., Pre.icher of this Inn, S.T.P.
, Richard Comvns, second son of Richard C, of Dagenham, Essex, Esq.


Jan. 20.

Feb. 3.

,. 5-


April 14.

May I.
„ 24.
„ 28.

June 5.

„ 12.

„ 13-

„ 15-

„ 29.

July 6.





















372 trap's! hm aiimisieiioii Bf ffistrr : 1521-1887.

1734. folio 1,440.

May 27. John Lyon, eldest son of Abraham L, of Leeshall, co. Lancaster, Esq.

28. Samuel Blanford, son and heir of Nathaniel B., of London, Attorney.
Tune 14. Charles King, of St. Mary Hall, Oxford, M.A., only son of William K.,


,, 25. Ephraim Chambers, of Milton, parish of Heversham, Westmoreland, gent.

29. Tho.mas Preston, of Kirkland, Westmoreland, gent.

July II. John Reed, of St. Andrews, Holborn, Esq. [gomery, Esq.

,, 12. George Robinson, nephew (nepos) of George R., of Brithdir, co. Mont-

„ 23. Hutchinson Turck, only son of Samuel Richards T., of Maplesden, Sussex,


Oct. 26. Thomas Norton, gent., son of Gervase N., late of Kettlethorpe, co. York,
1734-5. [Andrews, gent., deceased.

Feb. 12. Thomas Barnes, a cursitor clerk (clerico de cursu), of the parish of St.

1735. [Holborn, Esq.
April I. Hedd Vaughan, second son of John V., of Caergai, co. Merioneth, Esq.

folio 1,441,

„ 17. Thomas Warner, son and heir of Ashton W. Esq., Attorney-general of the
King's Island of Antigua, America. [Riding of Yorks, Baronet.

21. Francis Boynton, Esq., second son of Francis B., of Burton Agnes, East
May g. John Filmer, Esq., son of Edward F., of East Sutton, Kent, Baronet.
„ II. Henry Roberts, of Rhydonnen, co. Denbigh, North Wales, gent.

23. Hugh Bosvile, eldest son of Henry B., of Llanellen, co. Monmouth, Esq.
July 4. Robert Cony, son and heir of Edwin C, of Walpole, Norfolk, Esq.
Oct. 25. James Forster, second son of John F., of Enfield, Middlesex, Esq.
,, 26. George Spiltimber, only son of Isaac S., of Covent Garden, gent.
> 735-6-
Jan. 28. Peter Wyche, only son of Bernard W., of Surat, East Indies, Esq., deceased.