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[son of Michael J., late of Goodman's Fields, co. Middlesex, gent., deceased.

(Brap'sJ 5nn aiimi£(s!ion i^tsistn-: 1521-1889.










1 6.





















„ 26.

Dec. 7.

Patrick Macabe, aged 27, third son of Matthias M., late of Ushers Quay,

[city of Dublin, Esq., deceased.

Nash Crosier Hilliard, aged 22, third son of Edward H., of Cowley House,

[near U.xbridge, co. Middlesex, Esq.

James Espinasse, eldest son of Isaac E., one of the Masters of the Bench, and

Treasurer of this Society. [Essex, Esq., deceased.

Edward Wright, aged 29, third son of John W., late of Kelvedon Hall,
Henry Pilkington, aged 24, eldest son of William P., of Whitehall, city of

Westminster, architect. [Esq., deceased.

Samuel Turner, aged 22, second son of John T., late of Brill, co. Bucks,
Robert Morgan, aged 23, third son of Robert M., late of Dublin, Esq.,
deceased. [Hall, Wickhambrook, Suffolk, a Member of this Society.

William Bromley, aged 24, second son of Nathaniel Warner B., of Baresfield
Jacob Gogerly, aged 39, second son of John G., late of Ulverstone, co.

Lancaster, Esq., deceased. [Surrey, Esq., deceased.

Rowland Yallop, aged 22, second son of Rowland Y., late of Reigate, co.
William Meddowcroft, aged 16, third son of William M., of Liscard, co.

Chester, gent. [son of William M., of Little Glemham, Suffolk, gent.

William Nathan Markin, aged 26, of Aston, near Birmingham, second
John Scott Vandeleur, aged 21, eldest son of Boyle V., of Rahine, co.

Clare, Esq. [of the Island of Barbados, Esq., deceased.

John Davrell Martin, aged 46, of Furnival's Inn, only son of John M., late
Richard Eraser Lewis, second son of Michael L., of Dublin, Esq.
Jesse Berridge, aged 40, fourth son of William B., of Syston, co. Leicester,

gent. [Ivibworth, co. Leicester, deceased.

Henry Edward Baseley, aged 40, second son of Rev. Henry B., late of
William Hicks, aged 40, second son of Thomas H., late of Bodenham, co.

Hereford, deceased. [late of Kimbolton, Hunts, deceased.

John Lawrence, aged 40, of Upwell, Isle of Ely, eldest son of Thomas L.,

John Upton, aged 38, of Stamford, co. Lincoln, fourth son of William U.,

[late of Petworth, Sussex, gent., deceased.

George Baker Ballachey, aged 30, son and heir of George B., late of

Oxford " Colisitor," deceased. [Middlesex, gent., and of this Society.

Hugh Parkin, aged 20, only son of Anthony P., of Great Ormond Street,
Maurice Levne, aged 21, second son of Maurice L., of Tralee, co. Kerry,

M.D. [Willingham, co. Lincoln, deceased.

Dymoke Wells, aged 38, eldest son of the Rev. Robert W., D.D., late of
Uriah Butcher, aged 35, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge, second son
[of Joseph B., of Cambridge, Esq.
John Geogheg.\n, aged 20, second son of Edward G., of Dublin, surgeon.
John Macan, aged 21, of Trinity College, Dublin, second son of Francis M.,

of Sligo, gent. [Market Harborough, co. Leicester, Esq.

William Colman Adams, aged 17, eldest son of Poyntz Owsley A., of
Edward Holroyd, third son of George Sowley H., Esq., Treasurer, of Gray's

Inn. [Middlese.x, Esq.

John Fisher, eldest son of John Woodcock F., of Upper Thornhaugh Street,

4i6 (§rap'g finn atimigsiion i^egistn-: 1521-1889.

18 1 2. [deceased.
}">ec. 30. Edward Morgan, second son of Samuel M., late of Worcester, " Hordear,"

„ 10. Richard Poole, third son of Thomas P., late of Nettlecombe, Somerset,

1813. [deceased.
Feb. 27. Charles Woodcock, fifth son of John ^\'., late of Plalesworth, Suffolk, Esq.,

deceased. [deceased.

Mar. 4. Henry Pocock, eldest son of John P., late of Chatham Place, Blackfriars,
May 3. CuTHBERT Singleton, eldest son of John S., of Bolton juxta Bolland, Yorks.
„ 4. John Barber, only son of John B., of Dublin, notary. [Middlesex, Esq.

„ 5. Gustavus Araein, second son of William John A., of West Drayton,
„ „ William King, second son of Thomas K., late of Maize Hill, Blackheath,
Kent, deceased. [House, Yorks.

„ „ George Esicourt Harrison, second son of Charles H., of Aldburgh
„ 8. Edmund Harvey (Rev.), fourth son of James H., of Old Warden, Essex.
„ „ Thomas Ireland, only son of Thomas I., late of Hutton-in-the-Forest,
Cumberland, deceased. [deceased.

„ 18. Edward Wright, second son of Edward W., late of Burton-upon-Trent,
„ '25. Thomas Williams, eldest son of Thomas W., late of Cheshire, Esq.
June 9. Benjamin Austen, third son of Nathaniel A., of Ramsgate, Kent, Esq.
„ 14. Henry Martin, second son of John M., late of Sligo, Ireland, deceased.
,, „ John Carroll, only son of Ephraim C, of Rockfield, co. Wicklow, and of

[the city of Dublin.

„ 19. Tho.mas Forster, eldest son of Thomas Furley F., of Clapton, Middlesex, Esq.

July 28. Richard Charnock, second son of James C, of Islington, Middlesex,

" gemmarii." [deceased.

Richard Ashhurst, second son of John A., late of Skelmersdale, co. Lane,

John Tebbutt, second son of Thomas T., of Pentonville, Middlesex, gent.

Edward Giddon Wakefield, eldest son of Edward W., of Tottenham,

[Middlesex, Esq.
Frederick Thesiger, third son of Charles T., of the Island of St. Vincent.
Charles Goring Lewis, eldest son of Thomas L., of Gray's Inn, gent.
Walter Coulson, third son of Thomas C, of Plymouth Dock, Devon.
„ 17. Thomas Purvis, of Trinity College, Cambridge, B.A., eldest son of Charles
[Dalston, P. of Earsdon, Northumberland, Esq.
Dec. 2. Caleb Cox, eldest son of Samuel C, of Exeter. [deceased.

„ 18. Alexander Forbes Gaskell, third son of Peter G., late of Bath, Esq.,
„ 24. John Worthin, only son of William W., late of Llansaintfread, Radnor,
'■^14- [deceased.

Jan. 17. John Pascoe, eldest son of John P., of Ludgvan, Cornwall, gent.
Feb. 3. Richard Percy Wilson, only son of Richard W., of Gray's Inn, Esq.

5. Robert Cotterell, third son of Edward C, late of Campden, co. Gloucester,

[gent., deceased.
Mar. 16. William Barnard, second son of Daniel B., of \Vindhani, Norfolk, gent.
„ 24. Edmund Ward, second son of Robert W., late of Walsoken,Norfolk, deceased.
„ 28. Edmund Henry Lyon, fifth son of Joseph L., Esq., deceased, late a Barrister

[of Gray's Inn.











<@ra|)'s $nn giimigsiion Megi'^ter: 1 521-1889. 417


Mar. 2 1. James Bernard Bernard, of Lincoln's Inn (admitted Feb. 13, 1807), eldest

[son of the Rev. James B., of Combe Flory, Somerset.

April 1 6. William Campbell, eldest son of Robert C, late of Turnham Green, Mid-

[dlesex, gent., deceased.
„ 27. Charles Theobald Maud, second son of John M., of the City of London

[and of Hillingdon, Middlesex, Esq.
May II. Edmund Meddowcroft, fourth son of William ^L, of Liscard, Cheshire, gent.

,, 13. Matthew O'Conor, third son of Denis O., late of Belanogare, co. Ros-

[common, Esq., deceased.
,, 20. Thomas Archer, second son of James A., late of Booking, Essex, gent.

„ ,, WiLLiA.M Kerrill Amherst, Only son of William A., late of Moydapore,

[East Indies, Esq., deceased.

June 3. John Bu?he, eldest son of Charles B., Solicitor-General, Ireland. [Esq.

„ 22. Ch.\rles Hodgson, son of Charles Carpenter H., of Moditonham, Cornwall,

Nov. I. James Johnston, eldest son of Alexander J., of Green Mount, near Dublin,

gent. [Kingston-upon-Thames, deceased.

„ 2. John Spelman Munnings, fourth son of Rev. Christopher M., late of

„ 4. M.4TTHEW Pearson, seventh son of John P., late of Svvanmoors, Yorks, gent.,

„ 5. William Preston Leech, only son of George L., of Kilkenny, gent.
„ 9. Richard Meadowcroft Whitlow, late Richard Meadowcroft Duxbury, son
of John D., of Manchester, " opifex." [Gray's Inn.

„ 12. Philip Dauncey, eldest son of Philip D., King's Counsel and a Bencher of
„ 15. Charles Mayo, of St. John's College, eldest son of Charles M., late of

[Milman Street, gent., deceased.
„ 16. Kenyon Stevens Parker, eldest son of Adamson P., of Longley, Yorks, gent.
„ 24. George Nall, third son of John N., late of Warwick, gent., deceased.
,, ,, James Lankesheer, youngest son of James L., of Bath, "ajdificator."

„ 26. Christopher Hamlyn, eldest son of H., of Paschoe, Devon, Esq.

Dec. 3. Henry Blatchford Shillibeer, eldest son of William S., of Walkhampton,
Devon, gent. [broke, gent.

,, 9. Daniel D.wies, third son of Joseph D., of Martlebury House, co. Pem-
„ ,, Joseph Boardman Orme, eldest son of Thomas O., late of Withington, co.
,, 22. George Carr, eldest son of George C, of St. Petersburgh. [Lane, gent.

1815. [Salop, gent., deceased.

Jan. 4. Francis Wilson Arkinstall, eldest son of Francis A., late of Bridgnorth,
,, 13. Boteler Chernocke Smith, third son of Rev. Edward Orlebar S., of Aspley

[House, Beds.
„ 16. George Claridge, second son of John Fellowes C, of Sevenoaks, Kent,
Esq. [deceased.

„ 20. George Giles, third son of George G., late of Jump, near Plymouth,
„ 26. Hercules Henry Graves, second son of Rev. Richard G., of Dublin, D.D.
„ 28. George Thackrah Lambert, only son of James L., of Bedford Row, Mid-
dlesex, gent. [land, gent., deceased.
„ 30. William Chisholme, eldest son of William C, late of Hexham, Northumber-

4i8 trap's inn '^mi^&ion d^t^i^ttv . 1521- 1889.


Feb. 4. Thomas Massingberd, eldest son of Thomas M., of Candlesby House, co.
Lincoln, Esq. [son of John D., of Manchester Square, Middlese.x, Esq.
„ „ Robert Dalrymple, of the Middle Temple (admitted July 31, 1784), eldest
„ „ Thomas Harrison, second son of George H., of Northampton, Esq.
„ II. William Henry Bracken, only son of John B., of Webbsborough, co.
Kilkenny, Esq. [deceased.

April 1 2. John Cuffe, only son of Joseph C, late of Charlestown, co. Kilkenny, Esq.,
„ „ Bingham Walker Hamilton, second son of Rev. William H., late of Trinity
College, Dublin, D.D., and of Fanet, co. Donegal, deceased. [gent.

„ 15. Thomas McCleland, eldest son of Frederick M., of Longford, Ireland,
„ „ Edmund Gibson, of the Middle Temple (admitted June 26, 1802), eldest son
of Robert G., of Barfield, Cumberland, Esq. [ter in Chancery, Ireland.
„ 29. Edward King, eldest son of Stewart K., of Rutland Square, Dublin, and a Mas-
May 4. John Coltsman, only son of John C, of London, Esq.

9. John Housman, only son of James H., late of Catterick, Yorks, gent., deceased.
„ 22. John Pierson, eldest son of Thomas P., late of Bedford, gent., deceased.
„ „ George Stacy, eldest son of William S., late of Chatteris, co. Cambridge,
gent., deceased. [Northants, gent., deceased.

„ 23. William Bowker, eldest son of Samuel Harris B., late of Peterborough,
„ „ John Athavves, fourth son of Samuel A., of Maidstone, Kent, " sacrista."
,, 24. Charles Wade, fourth son of Robert W., of Dublin, Esq.
,, 30. John Deyns, eldest son of John D., of the city of Norwich, gent.

William Jope, only son of the Rev. John J., Vicar of St. Clear, Carmarthen,

and Rector of St. Ive, Cornwall. [Middlesex.

William Charles Lever Keene, eldest son of Samuel K., of Grafton Street,

["villici," deceased.
Thomas Pursell, eldest son of Thomas P., late of Impington, co. Cambridge,
Robert Fleury, fourth son of George F., of the city of Waterford, gent.
John Thoma.s Justice, eldest son of Francis J., of Abingdon, Berks, Esq.

[Armagh, Esq.

„ 22. Henry Coote Bond, only son of Thomas B., of Bondville Tynan, co.

Dec. 2. Thomas Turner, eldest son of Thomas T., late of London, gent., deceased.

„ „ John Tamlyn, eldest son of John T., late of Barnstaple, Devon, gent.,
1 816. [gent.

Jan. 25. Pierce Nagle, eldest son of Pierce N., of Anakissy, near Mallow, co. Cork,
Feb. 28. Edward Allen, second son of Henry A., of Lodge, co. Brecon, Esq.
Mar. 30. John Bone, second son of James B., of Walworth, Surrey, [chequer, Dublin.
April 26. Waller O'Grady, second son of Standish O., Knight, Chief Baron of the Ex-
„ 25. James O'Hara, eldest son of James O., of Galway, Esq. [Esq.

„ 26. William Chambers, eldest son of Joseph Franklin C, of the city of Dublin,
„ „ Walter Reilly, eldest son of Hugh R., late of Cavan, Ireland, deceased.
May 5. James Cuddon, fourth son of John C, of Beccles, Suffolk, gent.

[Gloucester, deceased.
„ 13. Joseph Page, second son of William P., late of Wotton-under-Edge, co.










trap's Jmt atrmission iKfSisfter: 1 521-1889. 419


May 13. John Brooke, second son of Hugh B., ot Donegal, gent.
„ „ George Digges Latouche, third son of Peter Digges L., of Dublin, gent.
„ 15. John Parry Best, second son of John B., late of the Island of Barbados,
„ Arthur Palmer, only son of John Jordan P., of Bristol, gent. [deceased.
„ 22. Robert Henry Wood, eldest son of Robert W., of Richmond, Surrey.
„ „ John Sankey, second son of John S., of the city of Dublin. [Ireland, Esq.
,, 24. Michael He.\d Drought, second son of John Armstrong D., of Lettybrook,
,, 27. Thomas Horncastle Marshall, third son of Rev. Thomas Horncastle M.,
Vicar of Pontefract, Yorks. [burgh, farmer, deceased.

,, 30. William Dickson, second son of William D., late of Smallholme, co. Rox-
June 14. John Peed, eldest son of John P., of Upwell, Norfolk. [co. Stafford, Esq.
„ 29. William Herrick, eldest son of Thomas Bainbrigge H., of Merridale House,
July 5. Richard Vyse, eldest son of Andrew V., late of London, gent., deceased.

„ 24. John Browne, only son of John B., late of St. Mary Major, Exeter, gent.,
Sept. 7. Thom.\s Marchant, second son of John M., of Deptford, Kent, gent.

Nov. 3. William Cardale, only son of William C, late of Bedford Row, gent.,
„ „ John Frederick FixsEN, eldest son of Fedde F., of London, gent. [Esq.
,, 6. John Eykyn HovENDEN, eldest son of Walter H., of Hemingford Grey, Hants,
,, 7. George Suttell Wilson, third son of Thomas W., of York, Esq.
„ 8. John Good, fourth son of Thomas G., late of Market Weston, Suffolk, deceased.
„ 19. John Rawling, second son of Joseph R., of Ide, near Exeter, late of Brad-

[ford, Wilts, deceased.

„ 21. Sneyd Sankey, only son of Henry Gore S., of Dublin. [deceased.

„ 25. George Blake Hickson, eldest son of Robert H., late of Tralee, Ireland,

Dec. 24. Andrew Morton C.arr, eldest son of Thomas William C, of Bloomsbury

1817. [Square, Middlesex, Esq.

Jan. 13. Richard Gude, eldest son of Joseph G., late of Egham, Surrey, deceased.

„ 18. Edward Geach, third son of George G., of St. Austell, Cornwall, gent.

„ 29. William Handley, eldest son of Thomas H., of Pentonville, Middlesex, Esq.

Thomas Handley, second son of Thomas H., of Pentonville, Middlesex, Esq.

Mar. 25. William Gale Thresher, only son of John T., late of Poole, "Naupegus,"

Henry Southwell, second son of James S., of Winchester, farmer.
April 2. James Pulteney B.\rstow, eldest son of Nathaniel B., late of Wetherby,
Yorks, now of St. Lucia, West Indies. [Council of Quebec.

,, 23. Gilbert Ainslie Young, second son of John Y., a Member of the Executive
„ 25. Nicholas Mill, eldest son of Rev. Nicholas M., of Littleham, Devon.
29. John Gibson, only son of Lewis G., of Cloyne, Ireland, Esq.
„ George Knox, eldest son of John K., of Summerhill, Dublin, Esq.
„ „ Lionel Nash, third son of William N., of Cork, Esq. [deceased.

May 2. Robert Atkins, third son of Robert A., late of Ninehead, Somerset, gent.,
Morgan William Donovan, eldest son of Morgan D., of the city of Cork, clerk.


trap's Jim girmigsion d^tv^i^ttv . 1 521-1889.


May 5.

me 3.



Aug. 15.
Oct. 30.

„ 24.
Oct. 28.

Dec. 9.
„ '5-
„ '9-

Gkorge Sergeant, third son of Rev. John S., of Callington, Cornwall.
Abraham Brewster, eldest son of William Bagnell B., late of Ballyraghine,

[go. Wicklow, Esq., deceased.
William Rous, second son of Thomas R., of Sunninghill, Berks.
William Romilly, eldest son of Samuel R., Knight, King's Counsel, and a
Bencher of Gray's Inn. [Henry R., of Bovingdon, Herts, Esq., deceased.
Robert Ray, of the Inner Temple (admitted Feb. 9, 1797), only son of
Francis Dickins, only son of James D., of Rochester, Kent, gent.
Charles Benjamin King, only son of John K., late of Fitzroy Square,
[Middlesex, now of Belvedere, Ireland.
John Muskett, third son of John M., late of Thelveton, Norfolk, gent.
Thomas Chandless, eldest son of Thomas C, of York Place, Portman Square,

[Middlesex, Esq.
Peter Hebbert, fourth son of John Grant H., late of Birmingham, co. Warwick.
Richard Hore, third son of Jeremiah H., of Cork, Esq. [co. Cork, Esq.
Henry Chinney Justice, eldest son of Thomas Henry J., of Annville,
John George Locket, only son of George L., late of Southampton Place,

[Middlesex, Esq., deceased.
Adam Fitz Adam, third son of James A., of Brymbo Hall, co. Denbigh, Esq.
John Strangeways Donaldson, only son of Thomas D., late of Alnwick,

Northumberland, Esq., deceased. [g<?nt., deceased.

Percival Wilkinson, fifth son of William W., late of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
Joseph Almond Cropper, only son of Henry C, late of Loughborough, co.

[Leicester, Esq., deceased.
William Wild, only son of John W., late of Liverpool, Esq., deceased.
\\'illiam Armstrong, only son of Robert A., of Dublin, merchant.
JoH.N' Evsaw Scafe, only surviving son of John S., late of Greenwich, Kent,

Esq., deceased. [Essex, D.D.

Moreton John Edward Frewen, only son of Edward F., of Prating,
Matthew Donelan, third son of Malachi D., of Bally Donelan, co. Galway,

Roger Mallock, eldest son of Roger M., of Cockington, Devon, Esq.
Algernon Montagu, second son of Basil M., of Lincoln's Inn, Esq.
John George Smvlv, eldest son of John S., of Dublin and Ballintyre, co.

[Dublin, Esq.
James Cole, only son of James C, late of Thetford, Norfolk, gent., deceased.
William Gorman, only son of William G., of Dublin, Esq.
Edward Amos Chaplin, eldest son of Rev. Edward C, of this Inn.
George Game Day, eldest son of Jonah D., of London.
Henry John William Collingwood, eldest son of Henry C, of Lilburn

Tower, Northumberland, Esq. [Tower, Northumberland, Esq.

Frederick John Woodley Collingwood, second son of Henry C, of Lilburn
George Whitehead, second son of Richard W., of Great St. Helens, London.
John Ellis Clowes, fourth son of Charles C, of Iver, Bucks, Esq.
Joseph Dunn, only son of Anthony D., of Somers Town, Middlesex, gent.
















6rai)'g 5im ^timi^sfion Jxrcjistrr: 1521-1889. 421

D.wiD Harrison, third son of George H., of Brill Terrace, Somers Town,

Middlesex, gent. [Edgware Road, London, Esq.

James Henry Mann, only son of James M., of Windsor, Berks, and of

John Carr, second son of Robert C, late of Horbury, Yorks, architect,
Thomas James Kenny, third son of William K., of Dublin. [deceased.

John Romillv, second son of Samuel R., Knight, King's Counsel and a

Master of the Bench.
James Bracey, only son of Richard B., late of Winterbourne, co. Gloucester,
deceased. [Square, and of Edmonton, Middlesex.

Henry Belward Ray, eldest son of Robert R., of Montagu Place, Russell
„ „ Thom.\s Abbott, eldest son of Thomas A., of Dublin, Esq.
„ „ John Colhoun, eldest son of Thomas C., of Strabane, co. Tyrone, [deceased.

„ „ Francis Ball, second son of B., Serjeant-at-Law, late of Dublin,

„ 9. Robert Charles Atkinson, eldest son of Edward A., of Armagh, M.D.
,, 13. Arthur Gore Winter, second son of John Pratt W., of Agher, co. Meath, Esq.
„ „ Thomas Warren White, eldest son of John W., of Dublin, Esq.
„ „ John Billing, eldest son of Augustin B., of Leicester.
,, 14. Frederick Fox, eldest son of William F., of Hackney, Middlesex, Esq.
„ 20. Nathaniel Cartwright, only son of Nathaniel C, late of Leighton Buzzard,

[Beds, deceased.
,, 27. Robert Pentland, eldest son of George P., of Dublin, Esq. [meath, Esq.
„ 29. Michael O'Reilly, second son of Charles O., of Beneson Lodge, West-
May I. Samuel Jacob, third son of , of Ireland, M.D.

„ II. Samuel Butt, only son of Samuel B., formerly of Cirencester, "Lanarius,"
[late of Woodchester, near Stroudwater, " Pannifex."
Aug. 10. Henry Barrow, eldest son of John B., late of Bishop's Taunton, Devon.

,, 15. James Griffiths, eldest son of Roger G., late of Hereford, deceased.
Oct. 31. Benjamin Langhorne, seventh son of Thomas L., of Appleby, Westmore-
Nov. 5. Thomas R.-^wlins, eldest son of Joseph R., of Dublin, Esq. [land, deceased.
,, „ William Grant Allison, eldest son of William A., junior, of Louth, co.
„ „ Dominick Sarsfield, third son of Dominick S., of Ireland, Esq. [Line, Esq.
,, „ Andrew Carteret Armstrong, eldest son of Thomas St. George A., of

[Langcastle House, Banagher, Ireland.
„ „ James Dunn, second son of Patrick D., of Killarney, co. Kerry.

6. Robert Fleetwood Rynd, eldest son (by second wife) of James R., of Rynd-

„ 14. CHARLEsOGiLVY,'of Adam Street, Adelphi. [ville, co. Meath, Esq., deceased.

1 81 9. [deceased.

Jan. 4. James Whitefield, eldest of John W., late of Bodmin, Cornwall, gent.,

„ 12. James Hamilton Story, fourth son of the Rev. Joseph S., late of Bingfield

and Ballyconnell House, co. Cavan. [deceased.

May 29. Algernon, Lord Prudhoe, second son of [Hugh] Duke of Northumberland,

Feb. I. Thomas Cronin, third son of John C, of Brandon, co. Cork, gent.

„ 6. George Fletcher Moore, second son of Joseph M., of Bond's Glen, Ireland,

Esq. [Middlesex, gent.

„ „ John Fielder, eldest son of John F., of Duke Street, Grosvenor Square,


(Brap'si 5mt atimisfsicin ^fffister: 1521


Feb. 6.

Mar. 15.
April 28.

May 3.

May 15.
Oct. II.

Nov. 4.
„ 6.

„ 25-

William John Knox, eldest son of Samuel K., of Dublin, gent.

Thomas VViglesworth, third son of James W., late of Town Head, near
Settle, Yorkshire, Esq., deceased. [Clerkenwell, Middx., deceased.

William Marmaduke Sellon, eldest son of the Rev. William S., late of

Peter William Baker John Sellon, eldest son of William Marmaduke S.,

[of Willesden, Middlesex, Esq.

John Blake, eldest son of Charles B., of Galway, Ireland, Esq. [Middx, gent.

John Stable, third son of Lorenzo S., of Hanover Street, Hanover Square,

James Williamson, only son of James W., of Bedale, Yorkshire, gent.

William Turton, eldest son of John T., of Clapham, Surrey, Esq.

Roger Hayes, eldest son of William H., of Waterford.

Theobald McKenna, eldest son of Theobald M., of Dublin.

James Croke, second son of \Villiam C, of Mallow, co. Cork.

Thomas James Denkin, second son of John D., late of Kilburn, Middlesex,
deceased. [Esq.

William Legg, eldest son of William L., of Rolls Buildings, Middlesex,

Patrick Francis Gahan, fourth son of Patrick G., of Queen's County,

John Cuming, eldest son of John C, late of Belfast, Antrim, Esq. [Ireland.

George Wailes, second son of George W., of Potter Newton, Yorks, Barrister-
at-Law, of Gray's Inn. [deceased.

Thomas Hewitt, eldest son of Rev. Francis H., late Rector in co. Cork,

John Radcliff, third son of Rev. J. T. R., late Rector in co. Meath, deceased.

William Thomas Barton, eldest son of William B., of Dublin.

Charles Osborne, eldest son of Thomas O., of Ballymagary, Ireland.

William Fennell Harvey, eldest son of Richard H., of Cork.

Alexander Kirkpatrick, eldest son of Alexander K., late of Coolemore,

[co. Dublin, Esq., deceased.

William Keating, eldest son of Rev. William Amboor K., of Madras.

Jeffrey Francis Prendergast, eldest son of Francis P., of Dublin, Esq.

Joshua Free, only son of William F., of Dublin, Esq., deceased.

William Shaw, eldest son of John S., late of Calcutta, Esq., deceased.

James Bryan, sixth son of Robert B., of Dublin, Esq. [Limerick, Esq.

Nicholas Henry Mahon, eldest son of Nicholas M., of Castlefield, co.

William Jenkins, eldest son of William J., late of Pentonville, Middlesex,
gent., deceased. [common, Esq.

[Fitzstephen] French, fifth son of Arthur F., of French Park, co. Ros-

JoHN Jenkins, third son of George J., of the parish of St. Mary, Haverford-
west, CO. Pembroke, gent., deceased. [House, co. Dublin, Esq.

Michael Keogh, eldest son of Michael K., Barrister-at-Law, of Crumlin

William Hemming, eldest son of Richard H., late of Birmingham,

[co. Warwick, gent., deceased.

Anthony Singleton Atcheson, second son of Nathaniel A., of Westminster,
Esq. [South Pembridge, near Pontefract, Yorks, deceased.

James Farrer Steadman, eldest son of the Rev. Miles S., late Rector of

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