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The register of admissions to Gray's inn, 1521-1889, together with the register of marriages in Gray's inn chapel, 1695-1754 online

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Jamls Willington, only son of John W., of Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, gent.

6rap'£J $nn atimisisiion Megi'sftfr : 152 1-1889. 423

24. Barclay Farquharson Watson, second son of Joseph W., " ducis machince
Bellicse." [deceased.

,, Charles Cambie, only son of David C, of Brookfield, co. Tipperary, Esq.,

,, WiLLLAM Rogers, only son of Thomas R., of Timsbury, Southants, gent.,
27. Joseph O'Leary, eldest son of Jeremiah O., of Cork, Esq. [deceased.

„ George Brown, second son of George B., of Bethnal Green, Middlesex, gent.
31. WiLLLAM N. Roche, eldest son of John R., of Dublin, Esq.

„ John Holloway, only son of Richard H., of St. Pancras, Middlesex, gent.

I. THo^LAS Littleton Holt, eldest son of the Rev. Ludlow H., D.D., late
[Rector of North Repps, Norfolk, deceased.

„ Thomas Blood, third son of Edmund B., Barrister-at-Law, of Dublin.

3. Thomas F. Kelly, eldest son of William K., of Dublin, Esq. [Esq., deceased.
,, Gideon Acland, eldest son of Gideon A., late of Camberwell, Surrey,

4. John Chesney, only son of John C, of Kendal, Westmoreland, gent.

10. John Warren Paget, second son of Thomas Bradley P., late of Comberford
Hall, Staffordshire, Esq., deceased. [land, gent., deceased.

Mar. 4. Osmotherley Lightfoot, fourth son of Isaac L., late of Wigton, Cumber-
April 26. Francis Romilly, fourth son of Thomas Peter R., of Dulwich, Kent, Esq.
,, 27. George Corlett, third son of George C, of Cork, Esq. [Esq., deceased.
„ 28. Edward John Shepherd, only son of Francis S., late of Beverley, Yoiks,
„ „ Charles Ellison, fourth son of the Rev. William E., late of Lintz Green,
CO. Durham, deceased. [Yorks, Esq.

May I. John Ralph Milbanke, only son of John Peniston M., of Halnaby Hall,
„ 2. Robert Duke, eldest son of Robert D., of New Park, co. Sligo, Esq.
„ 4. John Alexander Hamilton, eldest son of the Rev. George H., of Hampton,
Balbriggan, Dublin. [deceased.

James Bradby, only son of Blake B., late of Snow Hill, London, Esq.,
George Seymour Martin, eldest son of Nicholas M., of the city of Cork,
William Cooley, second son of William C, of Dublin, Esq. [Esq.

Joseph Hayes Lyon, eldest son of Joseph L., late of Bloomsbury Square,

[Middlesex, Esq., deceased.
William Greenfield, eldest son of William G., late of Romsey, Southants,

[gent., deceased.
Robert William Jackson, eldest son of Robert J., of Armagh, Esq.
,, John Middleton Meggison, second son of Thomas M., of Whatton,

[Northumberland, Esq.

11. John Vicars Collins, second son of James C, late of Dublin, Esq., deceased.

12. John Anster, only son of John A., of Charleville, co. Limerick, Esq.
24. Francis Dixon Iohnson, only son of Francis L, of Aykley Heads, co.

[Durham, Esq.

1. Thomas Colling, third son of Robert C, of Hurworth, co. Durham, Esq.

2. Tho.mas Disney, second son of Thomas D., of Dublin, Esq.

13. Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, second son of Joseph le F., of Dublin.

14. John Blake Kikby, eldest son of John K., of Bicester, Oxon, Esq.


























424 <Bvn}]'^ Mix gtmisision l\f gistfr : 1 521-1889.

John Lewls, only son of William L., M.D., of Ross, co. Hereford.
Michael Eaton Wilkinson, second son of John Henry W., of Well Hall,
George Conolly, third son of John C., of Galway, Esq. [Kent, Esq.

Thomas Sherlock, third son of John S., late of Wimpole Street, Cavendish

Square, London, Esq., deceased. [deceased.

Joseph Bateman, only son of Joseph B., late of Tattenhall, Cheshire, gent.,
George William Tireman, third son of Thomas T., late of York, gent.,

John A. Greene, eldest son of John G., of Court Hill, co. Meath, gent.
William West, second son of Charles W., late of the city of Norwich,

merchant, deceased. [Hampstead, Middlesex, Esq.

Thomas William Carr, second son of Thomas William C, of Frognal,
William Ogle Carr, third son of Thomas William C, of Frognal, Hamp-

[stead, Middlesex, Esq.
James Brooke, second son of John B., of Wincanton, Somerset, gent.
John Jennings, third son of William J., late of Dublin, Esq., deceased.
Robert H. Kelly, second son of Charles K., of Charleville, co. Westmeath,

gent. [Esq.

Charles Devon, third son of George D., of Clarendon Square, Middlesex,
Richard Wood, eldest son of Michael W., late of Cork, Esq., deceased.
Hugh R. Graves, third son of Rev. John G., late of Fort William, co.

Limerick, deceased. [Justice of the King's Bench.

James John Holroyd, fifth son of (Hon.) George Sowley H., Knight, a
George Walford, only son of Foy W., late of Conduit Street, Middlesex,

Esq., deceased. [Esq., deceased.

John Browne, second son of John B., late of Leixlip Castle, co. Kildare,
Edward Singleton, third son of Edward S., late of Quinville, co. Clare, Esq ,









Dec. 4. George Evans, fourth son of Rev. John E., of Islington, Middlesex, D.D.
1820 (sir).

James Hammond, fourth son of James H., of Blandford, Dorset, gent.

Henry Houghton, only son of Henry H., of Dublin, Esq. [Esq.

H.\Ns Henry Hamilton, fourth son of Henry H., of Ballymacott, co. Meath,
Charles Martin Teed, fourth son of John T., of Plympton, Devon, Esq.
,, „ William Vince Barnard, only son of William B., late of Beccles, Suffolk,
gent., deceased. [Cork, Esq.

Feb. 6. Michael O'Shaughnessy, eldest son of Patrick O., of Charleville, co.
„ „ John Bill, second son of John B., of Farley Hall, co. Stafford, Esq.
„ 8. Henry Cobham, eldest son of Elijah C, of Liverpool, Esq., deceased.
„ 9. James Lockhart, eldest son of James L., of Haarlem, Holland, Esq.

,, Andrew V. Kirwan, eldest son of Thomas K., of Well Park, co. Dublin, Esq.

„ 13. James Stark, eldest son of William S., of the city of Edinburgh, architect.

Mar 19. James Robinson, third son of Richard R., of Portsmouth, " custodes

Gurgustii." [deceased.

.'\pril I 2. James Rowland, eldest son of Rev. James R., of Moreton Hampstead, Devon,

(irap'si hm aiimtsf^ion aaeffistn- : 152 1-1889. 425


May 5. John Evans, eldest son of Rev. John E., of Islington, Doctor of Laws.
„ 8. Samuel Martin, second son of Samuel M., of Culmore, co. Londonderry, Esq.
,, 10. James Richard Cooke, second son of James C, of Dublin, Esq.
„ 14. William Henry Rose, eldest son of John R., of Gray's Inn, Esq. [sex, gent.
,, 16. Charles George Thorpe, third son of James T., of Edgeware Road, Middle-
„ „ Walter Hindes, eldest son of Walter H., of Bruce Hall, co. Cavan, Esq.
,, ,, Ebenezer Hore Hatchell, second son of Nicholas Christopher Hore H.,
of the town of Wexford, Esq. [Esq., deceased.

„ 18. George Bruce, eldest son of Saul B., late of Castle Connell, co. Limerick,
„ 26. George Beresford Poer, eldest son of Samuel P., of Belleville Park, co.
„ 29. Thomas Forsaveth, eldest son of Rev. J. F., of Cork. [Waterford, Esq.

„ 30. Richard O'Grady, fourth son of Hon. Standish D. O., Chief Baron, Ireland.
„ 31. James Peebles, second son of Robert P., of Dublin, Esq.
„ „ Robert Casement, sixth son of Roger C, of the city of Dublin, Esq.
,, „ Henry Selwood, eldest son of Richard S., late of Beche Manor, Berks, Esq.
Nov. 6. John Wilson, eldest son of John Taylor W., of Lancaster, solicitor.
,, g. William Henry Bodkin, only son of Peter B., of Northampton Square,
Middlesex, Esq. [Esq.

,, 15. Stewart Derbishire, fourth son of Philip D., of Berners Street, Middlesex,
„ „ Francis Pearson Wales by, eldest son of Francis W., of Louth, co. Lincoln,
gent. [Wilts, Esq.

„ 16. Edmund Kibelewhite, second son of William K., of Lydiard Millicent,
„ 19. Edward Grubb, second son of Edward G., late of Great Queen Street,
Lincoln's Inn Fields, Middlese.x, Esq. [deceased.

„ „ John Willson Jenings, third son of George J., late of Tuam, Ireland, Esq.,
„ „ Francis William Russell, eldest son of John Norris R., of Limerick, Esq.
„ 21. David Davis, only son of Edward Davies, late of Langattock, Crickhowell,
CO. Brecknock, gent., deceased. [gent., deceased.

„ 23. Henry Parker, seventh son of Henry P., late of Horningsea, co. Cambridge,
„ 24. George D. Orr, second son of Alexander O., of Landmore, co. London-
derry, Esq. [Esq., deceased.
,, 26. Robert Lyons, eldest son of Charles L., late of Lyonstown, co. Roscommon,
„ ,, Dalkeith Holmes, only son of John H., late of Dublin, Esq., deceased.
Dec. 5. Thomas Bujler, second son of William B., of Ireleth, co. Lancaster, gent.

1822. [Middlesex, Esq.

Jan. 17. John L. P. Trapaud, second son of Francis Plaistow T., of Potters Bar,
,, „ John Smith, only son of Richard S., of St. Albans, Herts, gent., deceased.
„ „ Edward B. Lewin, third son of Richard L , late of Hollies, near Eltham,
Kent, Esq., deceased. [Esq,

„ 23. William McCarthy, eldest son of Rodolph M., of Sunday Wells, Cork
,, 28. Henry Foley, second son of Herbert F., late of Ridgeway House, co,

[Pembroke, Esq., deceased
„ „ Thomas Bushe, third son of Charles Kendal B., of Dublin, Esq.
Feb. I. Thomas Parker, eldest son of Thomas P., of Henrietta Street, Brunsw

[Square, Middlesex, Esq

426 (grap'si 5mt Sltimisfsd'on Jxrgi'gtn-: 1521

1822. [lateris."

Mar. 14. Henry Brown, eldest son of John B., of Skiers Hall, Yorks, " fabricatoris

April 4. James Bacon, eldest son of James B., of Exmouth Street, Clerkenwell,

Middlesex, Esq. [Africa, Esq., deceased.

„ 13. James Mould, eldest son of James M., late Governor of Cape Coast Castle,

May 2. Andrew Bourne, fifth son of Walter B., of Dublin, Esq.

4. William Henderson, second son of William H., of Strabane, co. Tyrone, Esq.
„ 6. William Massy Green, second son of John G., of Green Mount, co.
„ II. Standish O'Grady, eldest son of Edward O., of Dublin, Esq. [Limerick.

13. Arthur Bushe, fourth son of Charles Kendal B., Chief Justice, Ireland.

„ Robert Harman, second son of William M. H., of Dublin, Esq. [deceased.

14. " Jeronymus " Daly, only son of Denis D., late of Rathmines, Dublin, Esq.,
17. George Hely Hutchinson, fourth son of Hon. Francis Hely H., of Dublin.

„ ,, James McAuley, only son of James M., of Dublin, Esq.
„ 18. John Hunter, eldest son of Walter H., of Letterkenny, co. Donegal, Esq.
June 22. Thomas Costello, second son of Edmund C, late of Russell Street,

[Dublin, Esq., deceased.
„ „ Thomas Baily Rose, second son of John R., of Gray's Inn.
„ 24. John O'Donnogue, only son of Cornelius O., late of Cork, Esq., deceased.
„ „ Daniel McDermott, third son of Patrick M., of co. Cork, Esq.
„ 26. Anthony Goodeve, third son of Thomas G., late of Museum Street,

[Bloomsbury, gent., deceased.
„ ,, Septimus Hodges, second son of Richard H., of Paddington, Middlesex, Esq.
Nov. 5. Alexander Donovan, eldest son of James D., late of Clonakilty, co. Cork,
,, „ John L. Brien, only son of John B., of Dublin, Esq. [M.D., deceased.

„ ig. John George, eldest son of John G., of Dublin, Esq. [Limerick, Esq.

„ 20. William Scanlan, eldest son of Michael S., of Ballyknockanes, co.
„ 23. William Taprell, eldest son of William T., of Bristol, Esq. [deceased.

,, „ Daniel R. Kane, only son of Richard K., late of the city of Limerick, Esq.,
„ „ Jonathan Wood, only son of Jonathan W., late of Pitsford, Northants, gent.,

„ 25. Roger Therry, third son of John T., of Dublin, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.
„ ,, Feli.k Fitzpatrick, third son of Nicholas F., late of Kilkenny, Esq., deceased.
Dec. 14. Charles Pitt, second son of Roger P., of Tiverton, Devon, gent.
„ „ John Malleson, eldest of John Kennedy M., late of Exeter, Esq., deceased.
„ 18. James Warren, second son of Thomas W., late of Hursley, Southants, gent.,

Ambrose Charles, eldest son of Thomas C, late of Merton, Surrey, Esq.,
Edmund Barker Ray, second son of Robert R., Barrister-at-Law, of Gray's
Robert Andrews, sixth son of James A., of Comber, co. Down. [Inn.

William Hamilton Ash, eldest son of William Hamilton A., late of Ashbrook,
city of Londonderry, Esq., deceased. [deceased.

George Condy, eldest son of Richard C, late of Plymouth, Devon, Esq.,
Malachi Fallon, eldest son of Patrick K. F.,lale of Cloona, co. Roscommon,

[Esq., deceased.


Jan. 17.




(gray's $im aiimisgion lUgistn* : 1521-1S89. 427

1823 [Middlesex, gent.

Feb. 12. Alfred Skptimus Dowling, fourth son of Vincent D., of Kentish Town,

„ 15. James George Arthur, second son of A., of Glasgow, gent.

April 15. Thomas Peake, second son of Thomas P., Serjeant-at-Law, of Bernard Street,

Russell Square. [Herts.

„ 18. Samuel Grove Price, only son of Rev. Morgan P., Rector of Knebworth,

„ 19. WiLLL\M Pike Bays, third and only surviving son of Thomas B., late of

Wisbech St. Peter, co. Cambridge, " nautici," deceased, [common, Esq.

„ 26. John Plunkett, second son of George P., of Mount Plunkett, co. Ros-

„ 28. James Henry Blake, eldest son of Andrew B., of Galway, Esq. [Meath, Esq.

„ ,, Patrick Matthew Murphy, third son of Patrick M., of Boyneavilla, co.

„ 29. Harry Edgell, eldest son of Harry E., Barrister-at-Law, of Gray's Inn.

„ „ Robert Nathaniel Mathieson, eldest son of Robert M., of Lambeth, gent.,

deceased. [Garden, Middlesex, gent.

May 3. Thomas Salomon, eldest son of William S., of Charles Street, Hatton

„ 7. AuGUSTiN Thwaites, eldest son of John Smyth T., of Limerick, Esq.

,, „ William Reynolds, eldest son of William R., late of lUogan, Cornwall,

[Esq., deceased.
„ 8. Martin T. Lynch, eldest son of Antony L., of Lavally, co. Galway, Esq.

,, ,, Thomas Gisborne Burke, only son of Edmond B., of Greenfield, co.

Galway, Esq. [deceased.

„ 16. John Manley Wood, only son of John W., late of Goodneston, Kent, gent.,

„ 23. Henry Gore Chandless, third son of Thomas C, late of Dorset Square,

Middlesex, Esq., deceased. [city of Dublin.

June 3. George John Gwynne, eldest son of Rev. William G., of Castle Knock,

„ 5. Arthur French, eldest son of George F., of Dublin, King's Counsel.

„ ,, John Henry Barrow, third son of Charles B., of Douglas, Isle of Man, Esq.

„ 7. Walter Berwick, second son of Rev. Edward B., late of Esher, Surrey,

deceased. [Middlesex, gent.

„ 9. Arthur Handley, second surviving son of Thomas H., of Pentonville,

„ II. Walter Glascock, eldest son of William G., late of Dublin, gent., deceased.

,, 12. Daniel M.-^ude, third son of Francis M., of Hatfield Hall, Yorkshire,

James Dwyer, fourth son of Jeremiah D., late of Dublin, Esq., deceased.
Frederick Barry, second son of Robert B., late of the Middle Temp'e,

[Barrister-at-Law, deceased.
John Cooke, eldest son of James C, of Liverpool, gent.
Henry Holroyd, 9th but 6th surviving son of George Sowley H., Knight,
a Justice of the King's Bench. [deceased.

Joseph Henry Lyster, second son of John Henry L., late of Dublin, Esq.,
Redmond Carroll, eldest son of John C, late of Turlough, co. Galway, Esq.,
deceased. [Staftbrd, Esq., deceased.

John Bishton, eldest son of William Roger B., late of Shackerley House, co.
John Gethin, eldest son of John G., of Sligo, Esq. [deceased.

Samuel Dales, second son of Philip D., late of Cottingham, Yorks, gent.,
Michael Ellison, eldest son of Matthew E., of Glossop, co. Derby, gent.












428 (Srap'sf finn airmisfsion Ixtffi'sstn-: 1 521- 1889.


Nov. 15. John Hodgson, only son of John H., of Craven Street, City Road, Middlesex,

„ r 7. Robert Haymes, eldest son of Robert H., of Great Glenn, co. Leicester, gent.
„ 21. George Richard Leake, only son of Richard L., of Rathkeale, co. Limerick,
gent. [co. pal. Chester.

„ 26. John Cattlow, only son of Rev. John Stevenson C, Rector of Coppenhall,
,, 14. EcHLiN Molyneux, only son of James M., of Dublin, gent.
Jan. 14. Henry Griffin Alsop, only son of Thomas A., of Calcutta, Esq.
,, „ George Browne, fourth son of John B., late of Mount Prospect, co. Ros-
common, Esq., deceased. [London, Esq.
„ 21. Philip Charles Moore, only son of William M., of Doctor's Commons,
„ 24. James de Gymingham Burn, eldest son of John Ilderton B., of Bloomsbury,

[Middlesex, gent.
,, „ Patrick Brady Lee, second son of Laurence L., of Shadow, co. Cavan, Esq.
Francis Whitmarsh, eldest son of Francis W., Barrister-at-Law, of Gray's Inn.
Maurice Daniel O'Connell, eldest son of Daniel O., of Dublin, Esq.
Edward Clements, second son of Hill C, of Dublin, Esq.
Philip Phillips, eldest son of Richard P., late of Wilston House, co. Mon-

[mouth, Esq., deceased.
Albert Frederick Maxwell, only son of x\lbert M., of Dublin, Esq.
„ 9. John Rowland Ottiwell, second son of Henry O., late of Belcanip House,

[co. Dublin, Esq.
„ 12. \\'illia.m Muskett, eldest son of David M., of Coleford, co. Gloucester, Esq.
„ 18. John Hignett (formerly Litherland), only son of Nathaniel Litherland, late

[of Rowton, Cheshire, Esq., deceased.

,, 28. James Griffith, second son of John G., of Durham, gent. [Malzeard, York.

April 27. Tomyns Scott Dickins, only son of Tomyns D., of Mowbray House, Kirkby

May 5. Ashley Cowper Croft, fourth son of James C, of Greenham Lodge, Berks,


6. Peter Blake Morgan, fourth son of Charles M., of Monksfield, co. Galway,

7. John Smith, eldest son of John S., of Great Hatfield, Yorks, Esq. [Esq.
ti. George Vesey, only son of George V., of Farmhill, co. Mayo, Esq.

„ Jonathan Moore, third son of James M., of Blackheath, Kent, Esq.
„ Joseph Kidd, fifth son of Benjamin K., of Armagh, Ireland, Esq.
19. Patrick Smyth, second son of John S., of Strabane, co. Tyrone, Esq.
„ William Drennen, eldest son of Doctor D., late of Belfast.
„ Robert William Nutt, eldest son of Robert William N., late of Greenwich,
Kent, gent., deceased. [deceased.

22. Henry Baldwin, only son of Henry B., late of Queen's County, Esq.,
„ Adolphus Frederick Barras, second son of Samuel B., of co. Kildare, Esq.
24. Thomas Grove Grady, eldest son of Henry Grove G., of Dublin, Esq.
„ Henry Grattan Curran, second son of the Hon. John Philpot C, late of
[Rathfarnham at Prior, Master of the Rolls, Ireland, deceased.
„ Boyle Keller, only son of Jeremy K., late of Dublin, Barristerat-Law,


<grap'ei Jim aitfmissicin iieffi'gtfr : 1 521-1889. 429

1824. [deceased.

May 25. John Cressy Hall, eldest son of Philip H., late of Alfreton, co. Derby, gent.,
„ „ Edward Richard Colles, eldest son of Richard C, late of Dublin, Barrister-
„ „ Robert Bell, second son of Thomas B., of Dublin, Esq. [at- Law, deceased.
„ 27. Langford Rowley Symes, second son of Richard H. S., of Ballybegg, co.
„ 28. Richard Garde, eldest son of William G., of Dublin, Esq. [Wicklow, Esq.
June 8. Stephen Gaselee, eldest son of Stephen G., a Master of the Bench.
„ 22. John Duffy, eldest son of John D., of Balls Bridge, co. Dublin, Esq.
„ „ Richard Daly, only son of Daniel D., of Athlone, co. Roscommon, Esq.
,, 29. John Williamson, only son of John W., a Master of the Bench.
July 5. ^VILLIAM George Dunbar, second son of Major D., of Fermanagh.
„ 6. Robert Bakewell, second son of Robert B., late of Nottingham, Esq.,
deceased. [deceased.

„ II. William Higgon, eldest son of John H., of Tredavy, co. Pembroke, gent.,
Aug. 5. James Commin, second son of John C., of Exeter, salt and cheese merchant.
Oct. 18. Edward Tucker, second son of Edward T., late of the parish of Kenton,
Devon, " Ducis nautici," deceased. [Tyne, gent.

Nov. 6. Henry Stradforth Morton, second son of Joseph M., of Newcastle-upon-
„ „ Alexander McCarthy, first son of Alexander M., of Cork, Esq.
„ 8. Matthew J. Conolly, third son of Matthew C, late of Shannon Hill, co.

[Galway, Esq., deceased.
,, II. John Kellett, third son of William K., of Gt. Clonard, co. Wexford, Esq.
,, I 2. Joseph Lentaigne, second son of Benjamin L., late of Dublin, M.D., deceased.
„ 18. John Fitzgerald, fourth son of Robert F., late of New Hall, co. Clare, Esq.,
„ „ Charles Crofton, fourth son of Hugh C, Baronet, of Dublin. [deceased.
„ 20. Ebenezer Warren Lewis, eldest son of Rev. John L., of Dublin.
„ 24. John Harvey (Rev.), LL.B., eldest son of Rev. Edward H., late Rector of

[Finningley, Notts, deceased.
,, ,, Jonathan David Clarke, eldest son of John David C, of Dublin, Esq.
,, „ John Mahon, second son of John M., of Dublin, Esq.
„ 26. John Moss, only son of John M., late of Nottingham, Esq., deceased.
, „ Pierce Somerset Butler, eldest son of Col. the Hon. Pierce B., of Kilkenny.
„ 27. John Henry Wright, second son of Francis Bowcher W., of Hinton

[Blewett, Somerset, Esq.
., „ Mervyn Hamilton, second son of Robert H., of Dublin, Esq.
Dec. 3. Thomas Fitzgerald, eldest son of Gerald F., late of Bally Donoghue, co.
jg^c [Limerick, Esq., deceased.

Jan. 8. John Welch, third son of George W., late of Leek House, co. Lancaster, Esq.

24. John Caillard Erck, second son of John E., late of Dublin, Esq., deceased.

„ „ John M. Murton, only son of George j\L, of Drummond Street, Euston

[Square, Middlesex, Esq.
„ „ George Frederick Bell, third son of George B., late of Killinan, co. Cavan,

[Esq., deceased.
„ 25. Francis Knipe, eldest son of Rev. Francis K., Rector of Sandon, Essex.
,, ,, John Daly, only son of John D., of London, Esq.

4 50 (Bray's inn sninusieion iUsiStfr : 1 521 1889.


Jan. 26. Robert Stewart Kennedy, second son of Hugh K., of Cultra, co. Down, Esq.

„ 31. Henry Griffith, only son of John G., of the city of Durham, gent.
Feb. I. JoHNTYRELL,thirdsonofPeterT., ofClonbrook Cottage, Queen's County, Esq.
3. John Radcliff, eldest son of Hon. John R., of Dublin.
„ 5. Richard Dunn, youngest son of John D., of Drumsna, co. Leitrim, Esq.
,, ,, James Macaul.\y Hyndman, fourth son of Robert H., of Dublin, Esq.

[Esq., deceased.
7. George Augustus Jack, only son of Alexander J., late of the city of Cork,
„ 8. Henry Ball, only son of Henry B., of Clifton, co. Gloucester, Esq.
,, „ Frederick Thomas Pratt, third son of John P., of Kennington, Surrey, Esq.
„ 10. William Leland, eldest son of John L., of Dublin, Esq.
„ 14. James Arthur Wall, eldest son of James VV., of Knockrigg, co. Wicklow, Esq.
,, 22. William Henry White, eldest son of William W., of Artillery Place, Middle-
sex, Esq., deceased. [deceased.
Mar. 19. James Barnes, eldest son of Jarnes B., late of Shoreditch, Middlesex, gent.,
April 22. Edmund Hayes, fourth son of William H., of Millmount, Banbridge, co. Down,
„ 25. Richard Bird, second son of Richard B., of Birmingham, solicitor. [Esq.
„ 30. William Peppercorn, eldest son of William Alexander P., of St. Neot's,
May 3. Henry Hassard, second son of George H., of Dublin, Esq. [Hunts, Esq.
,, „ Randall Harvey Pr.\tt, fifth son of James Butler P., of Mullintra, co. Cavan.
4. Samuel William Barton, eldest son of Dunbar B., of Rochestown, co.
Tipperary, Esq. [deceased.
7. Robert Michael Baxter, eldest son of Robert B., late of Gray's Inn, gent.
„ ,, Daniel Heming, fourth son of Joseph H., of Banbury, Oxon, gent.
„ 9. Edward Galway, eldest son of William G., of Dublin, Esq.
„ II. John T.\ylor, third son of William T., of Dublin, Esq. [co. Waterford, Esq.
John Congrefe Alcock, eldest son of ^Villiam Congreve A., of Landscape,
,, 12. Robert Armitage, second son of Whaley A., of Moriston, co. Hereford, Esq.
„ 13. Tho.mas Ayscough, eldest son of William A., late of London, Esq., deceased.
June 2. William Witham, second son of William W., late of this Inn, Esq., deceased.
„ 7. John O'Donoghue, third son of John O., late of Ennis, co. Clare, Esq.,
deceased. [Westnieath, Esq., deceased.
„ 9. Peter Fitzgerald Nugent, second son of Thomas N., late of Donore, co.
„ 10. MouNTiFORT LoNGFiELD, second son of Rev. Mountifort L., of Desart, co. Cork.
„ „ Frank Thorpe Porter, fourth son of William. P., of Wilmount, co. Dublin,
Esq. [deceased.
,, 14. Thomas Griffith, eldest son of Henry G., late of Greenhill, Flints, gent.,
17. Arthur Moore, second son of Hon. Arthur M., a Justice of the Common
Pleas, Ireland. [Thomas B., late of Poulton, co. Lane, gent.
,, 18. Joseph Briggs, of the Inner Temple (admitted June 24, 1808), third son of
,, 20. James O'Gorm.^n Mahon, eldest son of Patrick M., late of New Park, co.
Clare, Esq. [deceased.
„ 25. Willi.\m Illingworth, third son of William I., late of Nottingham, Esq.,
„ 28. Geokge Shepherd (Rev.), I). D., eldest son of John .S., of Feversham, Kent,

(grap'si Jim atimigsion ^tsi^ttv 1 521-1889. 431

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