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The register of admissions to Gray's inn, 1521-1889, together with the register of marriages in Gray's inn chapel, 1695-1754 online

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Online LibraryGray's Inn. cnThe register of admissions to Gray's inn, 1521-1889, together with the register of marriages in Gray's inn chapel, 1695-1754 → online text (page 5 of 84)
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„ „ William Clerke, of Markshall, co. Essex.

„ 30. William Quadring, of co. Lincoln.

„ „ Thomas Dove, of London, and of Barnard's Inn.

Feb. 5. John Penning, of Kettleborough, Suffolk.

„ „ Anthony Fox, of the City of London.

„ „ Edward Snellynge, of Barnard's Inn (erased).

„ 8. Damyon Pecke, of Calcott, co. Cambridge, late of Staple Inn.
folio 14.

„ ,, Thomas Fervent, late of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ Robert Tirwhitt, of Rothorne, co. Lincoln.

„ „ Tristram Tirwhitt, of Rothorne, co. Lincoln.

„ „ William Slingsby, of Barnard's Inn, and of Scriven Hall, Yorks.

„ „ Richard Tankerd, of Barnard's Inn, and of Arden, Yorks.

„ „ Edmund Richardson, late of Barnard's Inn (born in co. York).

„ „ Richard Williamson, of Barnard's Inn, and of Gainsborough co. Lincoln.

„ „ Edward Rolte, of Bonest, Beds.

0. B., folio 373.

Jan. 4. George Sayer.

„ „ George Cary.

„ „ Patrick Lowe.

„ „ Henry Billingsley.

„ „ Thomas Croke (S.T.D.), specially admitted.

Feb. 2. Robert Constantine.

„ „ Thomas Darcy.

„ „ George Hornsey.

„ „ John J.\ckson.

„ „ Barnard Dewhurst.

0. B., folio 387.

John Lete.
Edward Alceny.

No entry of having paid admission dues.
Query if specially admitted.

trap's Inn aiimigsion Kf gisftrr : 1521-18S7. 61

1581 2. 0. B. folio 373.

Feb. 8. John White, of Tuxford, Notts.

„ „ Henry Poyne (or Poynter), of Staple Inn.

„ „ James Rither.

,, „ Rich.\rd Bettenson, of I'.arnard's Inn.

„ ,, Francis Wandesford.

„ „ John Handforp.

„ „ Henry Topham, of Barnard's Inn.

1582. folio 19.

May 9. John Zouche, son and heir of John, of Codnor Castle, co. Derby, Knight.

[of the Barons of the Exchequer, and of this Society.

„ „ Christopher SoTHERTON, son and heir apparent of John Sotherton, Esq., one

„ Richard Verney, of Compton, co. Warwick, Esq. [Northampton.

„ „ Edward Knightley, second son of Richard Knightley, of Favvsley, co.

„ „ Walter Chetwynd, of Barnard's Inn (born at Ingestre, co. Stafford).

„ „ Thomas Turner, of Shiffenhall, Salop, late of Staple Inn.

„ ,, John Repington, of Atnington, co. Warwick.

„ „ Edmond Mountstevvne, of Paston, co. Northampton. [Staple Inn.

„ 25. Anthony Gosnold, son of Robert Gosnold, of Otley, Suffolk, Esq., late of
„ „ Richard Stapleton, son of Brian Stapleton, Esq., of Carleton, co. York.
June 2 1. Edward Phillpott, of Aspeden, Herts.
,, ,, Christopher Irton, of Irton, Cumberland, late of Barnard's Inn.
„ 27. Nicholas Bestney (born at Northall, Herts). [Society.

„ „ Thomas Snagg, eldest son of Thomas Snagg, Serjeant-at-Iaw, late of this
„ ,, Robert Day, of Clavering, Esse.x.

[Stonham, Suffolk, folio 20.
July 2. Robert Blomfvi.d, late of Furnival's Inn, son of Nicholas Blomfyld, of

folio 22. [readers of this House.

May 9. Robert Kemp, son and heir apparent of Richard Kemp, F2sq., one of the

„ „ Edmond Barker, of Barnard's Inn, gent.

„ „ Charles Assheton, of Rochdale, co. Lancaster, late of Staple Inn.

„ „ John Conyers, of Laughton, co. York, and of Staple Inn.

,, „ Hastings Aston, son of Walter Aston, Knight.

„ „ Richard Connie, of Basingthorpe, CO. Lincoln.

„ 25. Thomas Hall, of Higham, near Norwich, Norfolk.

folio 23.

,, ,, Richard Vincent, of Conisborough, co. York, late of Staple Inn.

„ „ William Hamond, of Kent, son of Ralph Hamond.

„ „ Leonard Holme, of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ John Walter, of , and of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ Robert Sheppard, of Staple Inn (born at Tenterden, Kent). [Society.

„ „ Richard Forcet, son of Richard Forcet, formerly one of the readers of this

62 (grays Jim aiimisfgion Kegister : 1 521-1887.

1582. folio 2Z— (continued).

May 25. Henry Day, of Oxborough, Norfolk ("ex relatione" Christopher Yelverton,

„ „ George Barton, of Covvton, York, and of Staple Inn. [reader).

„ „ Thomas Hyrne, of city of Norwich, gent.

June 20. Christopher Estwike, of Milton, Beds.

„ 27. Robert Hatley, of Goldington, Beds.

„ „ Henry Darnall, of Middlesex, late of Barnard's Inn, gent.

„ „ Hugh Hill, gent., of Barnard's Inn (erased, turned out, 1583).

July 2. David Hughes, of Barnard's Inn (born at Talalyn, co. Merioneth).

folio 24.

„ „ Richard Hodgson, of Cherry Burton, co. York.
„ 3. William Colman, of Barnard's Inn.
„ „ William Squyer, of Hinxworth, Herts.

1582-3. folio 29.

Jan. 24. John Jaye (written Daye in O.B.), late of Barnard's Inn.
„ Henry Blencow, late of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ Thomas Monson, ofCarleton, co. Line, son of John Monson, of same, Esq.

„ „ Justinian Champneys, sonandheirof Justinian Champneys, of Bexley, Kent, Esq.

„ 28. John Marshall, of Deeping, co. Line.

„ „ David Hewes (Hughes), of Magdalen College, Oxford.
Feb. 2. Edward Parker, Lord Morley. [Knightley, Knight.

„ „ Valentine Knightley, of Fawsley, co. Northampton, son and heir of Richard

„ 0. Ambrose Bagenall, third son of Nicholas Bagenall, Knight.

„ „ Edward Florens, of King's Norton, co. Worcester (vacat, quia admissus et
[postea in suo loco, April 24, 1583) (erased).

folio 32.

Jan. 28. William Wyke, of Staple Inn.

„ „ Thomas Burton, of Deeping, co. Lincoln, gent, late of Staple Inn.

Feb. 6. Barkeley Gardiner, son of Thomas Gardiner, of Coxford Abbey, Norfolk.

„ Thomas Scambler, son of the Bishop of Peterburgh (entry erased).

,, „ George Bingham, of Staple Inn.

„ John Jermyn, of Debden, Suffolk (see April 24, 1583) (entry erased).

1583- folio 37.

April 24. Bampton Gurdon, son and heir of John Gurdon, of Asheton, Suffolk, Esq.

„ „ John Jermyn, of Debden, Suffolk.

„ Edward, son and heir of Edward Clere, Knight, of Blicking, Norfolk.

„ John Crofts, son and heir of John Crofts, of Saxham, Suffolk, Esq.

„ „ William Cade, son and heir of John Cade, of Aldenham, Herts. [Florence.

„ „ Edward Florence, of King's Norton, co. Wore, son and heir of Edward

„ 30. Robert Ratcliffe, of Stunner, Esse.x.

„ „ Ralph Okeram, of London.

„ Martin Newcomf., son of William Ncwcome, Es(i., of Haddam, Herts.

trap's hm SHimiefsiion l^effieter : 1 521-1887. 63

1583. folio Zl^icontinued).

April 30. Richard Finche, of London, gent.

May 10. Robert Castell, son and heir of William Castell, of Glatton, Hunts.

June 5. Abkaha.m Fraunce, of Shrewsbury.

„ „ John Perot, of Harvye, co. Pembroke, third son of John Perot, Knight.

„ „ John Crowther, son of George Crowther, of London.

„ „ Edward Newport, of Sandon, Herts.

„ „ Christopher Farfurth, of Lincoln, folio 38.

folio 39.

.April 24. Robert Lacv, son and heir of William Lacy, of Stamford, co. Lincoln.

,, „ John Hynd, of Tedford Hall, co. Lincoln.

„ „ Thomas Crimes, of Antingham, Norfolk.

„ ,, Francis Clarke, of Stevenage, Herts.

„ 30. Thomas Bryerton, of town of Norwich," late of Staple Inn.

,, „ Robert Hanslop, of Solihull, co. Warwick, son of John Hanslop, Esq.

„ „ Hugh More, of Barnard's Inn, and of Grantham, co. Line.

May 10. William Cateline, of Barnard's Inn, and of Gamlingay, co. Cambridge.

„ „ Guy Foster, son and heir of Edmund Foster, of Handslopp, Bucks.

„ „ Thomas Kirkeham, youngest son of Robert Kirkeham, of Fineshead, co.

June 4. Edward Norres, of Speke, co. Lane, late of Staple Inn. [Northampton.

folio 44.

Oct. 15. Thomas Sherburne, son and heir of Robert Sherburne, Esq. (absque fine,

[as the said Robert Sherburne was a reader).

„ 30. Thomas Meade, son and heir apparent of Thomas Meade, one of the Judges

[of the Common Bench ; of \Vendon Loftes, Essex.

Nov. 8. William Ascoughe, of Wisam, co. Line.

„ ,, John Hollis (Hales in O.B.), of Houghton, Notts.
„ „ Michael Wentworth, of Leeds, CO. York.

„ „ Thomas Dawney, son and heir of John Dawney, Knight. [Notts.

„ „ Richard Whalley (written also Whale), of Barnard's Inn, and of Screton,
„ „ John Ai.cock, son of William Alcock.

,, „ John Michell, son and heir of Thomas Michell, of Anstey, Sussex, Esq.
„ Thomas Scambler, one of the sons of Edmund, Bishop of Peterborough.
„ 13. Thomas Chaliner, of Claydon Steeple, Bucks, son and heir of Thomas

[Chaliner, Knight.
„ 20. Thom.vs Percy, second son of the Earl of Northumberland.
Feb. 2. Henry Wentworth (Lord Wentworth).

folio 45.

„ „ Francis Clifford, Esq.

„ ,, Tho.mas Coningsby, of Hampton Court, co. Hereford.

„ „ Edmund Tilney, Esq.

„ ,, William Goldingham, one of the Doctors of Civil Law.


(grap'si hm atimisssiion l^e gi's^tn- : 1521-1887.


Feb. 5-

ov. 8.

Jan. 3


folio 45 — (continued).
Robert Symonds, of Wytheford, co. Cambridge.
Isaac Jermy, eldest son of John Jermy, Esq.
John Sankey, of Sankey, co. Lane.

Roger Wood, son of Robert Wood, of Islington, Middlesex.
Francis Dunscombe, of Brickhill, Bucks., gent., son of Thomas Dunscombe.
William Snede, of Bradwall, co. Stafford.
Francis Trentham, of Rosciter, in said county (co. Stafford).
Symon Muskett, late of Barnard's Inn (erased, but restored at pension,
George Stapleton, of Carlton, co. York. [8 Feb., 27 Elizabeth).

Francis Manby, son and heir of [Francis] Manby, of Elsham, co. Line.
[(erased, because elsewhere " in mensa clericorum ").
William Thorold, son of Edmund Thorold, of Hough, co. Line, (erased).
Charles Wren, of Binchester, co. Durham, gent.
Jo. Cardwell (O.B., folio 368).

John Leigh, late of Barnard's Inn (born at Caldwell, Beds).
Richard Hose (? illegible) of Lydney, co. Glouc, late of Barnard's Inn.

folio 46.

John Claxton (written also Caxton), of Barnard's Inn. [Inn.

Roger R.^wlins son of John Rawlins, of London, gent., late of Barnard's

John Tuck, of Staple Inn.

William Pretiman, son of William Pretiman, of Bacton, Suffolk.

Henry Ballard, of Southwell, Notts.

Tho.mas Lamplugh, of Dovenby, Cumb., and of Barnard's Inn.

Thomas Greene, of Grimsby, co. Line.

Robert Barneweli. (Robert inserted in lieu of " John " erased).

Edward Ryvett, of co. Derby.

Thomas Coxe, of Cleve, co. Glouc, late of Staple Inn.

Nicholas Blundeston, gent., son and heir of Lawrence Blundeston, Esq.,

folio 47.
John Edjionds, of Barnard's Inn (born at Cambridge).
Zachary Sheparde, son of William Sheparde, of Littlecott, Bucks.
William Thorold, son of Edmund Thorold, of Hough, co. Lincoln.
John Skinner, of Wiltshire.
William Bennet, of Berkshire.

Francis Manby, son and heir of Francis Manby, of Elsham, co. Lincoln.
William Willoughuy, second son of William Willoughby, of Nuneaton, co.
George Jackson. [Warwick, gent.

William Lvtster, son of Thomas Lytster, of Long Kyrkeby, co. Line.

folio 52.
Richard Knightley, of Fawsley, co. Northampton, Knight.
Humphrey D.wenport, of Weston, co. Warwick.

6rap'g {mi 9limi£i£(itin Jxcgt'sitfr: 1521

1583-4. folio 52 — {continued).

Mar. II. Henry Hawkins, of St. Peter's College, Cambridge.

„ 16. George Scotte, Esq., of , Kent.

„ 19. Thom.\s Lenton, Knight, Governor of Island of Guernsey.

„ „ George Belgrave, of Belgrave, Esq.

May 13. ^^'II.I.IAM Hake, son of Thomas Hake, of Peterborough, Northants, gent.

„ ,, Henry Cholmley, of Old Windsor, Berks., gent., and of Barnard's Inn.

„ 26. Thomas Heigham, of Barrow, Suffolk, son of John Heigham, Knight.

„ „ Richard May, of London.

folio 53.

„ 29. Paul Hunt, of Hylderston, Norfolk.

„ „ Richard Cooke, of Bury St. Edmund's.

„ „ Syllowe (St Loe) Kniveton, of Mercaston, co. Derby.

July I. Thomas Shereburne, of Stonyhurst, CO. Lane.

Nov. 23. CiCEL Hawlle, son of Arthur Hawlle.

,, „ John Bourchier, second son of Ralph Bourchier, of Bcningborongh, co.

„ „ John Cave, of Pickwell, co. Leicester. [York, Knight.

May 29. John Fernley, son of Thomas Fernley, of Cretyng, Suffolk.

folio 55.

„ „ Thomas Colwel, late of Barnard's Inn.

July I. Michael Stanley, of Sutton Bonington, Notts.

„ ,, William Stagge, of Assheton, Dorset.

„ ,, Edmond Halman, of Swaffham, Norfolk.

„ „ Humphrey Leigh, of Eggington, co. Derby.

„ „ W. Sherrington {O.B., folio 36S).

„ „ Robert Blackwall, of Barnard's Inn.

„ 5. John Edmonds, late of Clement's Inn.

„ „ William Butler, of Barnard's Inn, Esq. folio 56.

folio 61.

Aug. 8. Henry Howard, Viscount Howard, of Bindon.

Oct. 21. William Borlace, of Little Marlow, Bucks.

„ „ Peter Garton, of London, gent.

„ 28. William Twyssenden, of East Peckham, Kent.

„ ,, John Wildgose, of Iredge, Sussex.

Nov. 1. Edward Leigh, of Lyme, co. Chester.

Oct. 28. Thomas Leigh, of Lyme, co. Chester.

Nov. 6. Edmund Bellingham, son and heir of John Bellingham, of Hongleton, Sussex.

„ ,, Henry Cheke, Esq., Secretary to the Privy Council in the North.

„ „ John Gwevarra, son of Gwevarra, of Stamford, co. Line.

„ 23. Jasper Horsey, of Digwell, Herts, late of Barnard's Inn.

., „ CiCEL Hawlle, son of Arthur Hawlle.

66 (trap's Jim ^Irim'sisfion ivefft'Stn*: 1521-1887.

1584. folio 61 — {continued).

Nov. 23. John Cave, of Pickwell, co. Leic.

„ „ John Bourchier, second son of Ralph Bourchier, of Benyngborough, co. York.
1583-4 (26 Elizabeth). folio 62. [Beds.

Jan. 27. Edward Duncomb, son and heir apparent of William Dunconib, of Battlesden,

„ „ William Horden, of London.
Feb. 2. Philip Gerrard (absque fine).

„ ,. Henry, Lord Wentworth (see ante).

1584. folio 64.

Oct. 21. Edmund Blomer, of London.

„ „ Marmion Hasilwoop, of Kirklington, Notts, and of Barnard's Inn.

„ 28. John Cheney (of Barnard's Inn) (erased).

„ „ Christopher Cheney (of Barnard's Inn) (erased).

„ „ Thomas Walwyn, of Arundel, Sussex, late of Staple Inn, gent.

„ 6. Robert Bishop, of Mere, Wilts, gent.

Nov. 23. Thomas Worlyche, son of Charles Worlyche, of Cowling, Suffolk.

„ John Alway, of Stretley, Beds, late of Staple Inn, gent, (fuit de consortio

„ „ James Spurling, of Barnard's Inn. [illo per duos annos et ultra).

15S7-S. folio 64b.

Ffb. 29. Henry, Earl of Southampton (per William Cecil, Lord Burleigh).

,, „ Thomas Holcroft (Esq.) (per William Cecil, Lord Burleigh).

Mar. II. Henry, Earl of Kildare (per Henry, Earl of Southampton).

„ „ Christopher, Baron of Delvin (per William Cecil, Lord Burleigh).

„ „ Robert Sydney, Knight (per William Cecil, Lord Burleigh). [Burleigh.

„ „ Henry Brooke, son and heir of Lord Cobham (per William Cecil, Lord

„ „ Anthony Cooke, of Giddy Hall, Essex (per William Cecil, Lord Burghley).

„ „ Fulke Grevill, Esq. (per William Cecil, Lord Burghley).

„ „ Posthumous Hobby (per William Cecil, Lord Burghley).

„ „ Edward Fitton (per William Cecil, Lord Burghley).

„ „ Simon Killigrew, Esq. (per William Cecil, Lord Burghley).

„ „ Robert Oglethorpe, of Birdsay, co. York (per William Cecil, Lord Burghley).
1584- folio 65.

Nov. 25. William Fulbeck, of Staple Inn.

,, 26. John C^radock, of co. Glamorgan, late of Barnard's Inn (erased).

„ Baptist Bassano, of London, gent., and of Staple Inn.


Feb. S. Edward Gascoyne, of Barnham, Suffolk.

„ William Plummer, of Radmere, Herts, and of Barnard's Inn.

„ John Bryckett, of Morton, co. Northampton.

„ William Sowthack, of Hardredgc, Cumberland, late of Barnard's Inn,
[and for two years a Fellow of that Inn.
„ 10. James Thukbarne, of New Romsey, Kent, gent., late of Barnard's Inn.
„ ,, Peter Dolman, of city of York, gent.

(admitted by W. Burleigh, Lord Treasurer

of England).

#rap'<J hu\ atimiS£(iou liegisitn-: 1 521-1887. 67

1584-5. folio 70.

Feb. 28. Thom.^s Morison, arm.

Mar. 15. William, Lord Evers

„ „ George Heneage, Knight

„ „ Edward Boughton, arm.

„ „ Nicholas Luke, arm.

„ „ Charles Howard, son of Thomas Viscount Bindon (admitted by W.
[Cecil, Lord Burleigh, Lord Treasurer of England).

„ „ Richard Spencer, gent. ) (admitted by W. Cecil, Lord Burleigh, Lord

„ „ Reginald Smyth, gent. I Treasurer of England).

folio 71.

„ 17. Lewes Pigott.

„ „ Richard Bankes.


May 21. Thomas MiLDMAV, of Ipswich, Suffolk.

„ „ Dudley Fitzgarret.

„ „ Henry Lindlev, of Leathley, co. York.

„ „ Alexander Covert, of Slaugham (Slaplam), Suffolk, and of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ Richard Arderne, of Hawarden, co. Chester (? Flints).

„ „ Thomas Crewe, of Namptwich, co. Chester.

„ „ Samuel Virgo, of Chichester, Sussex.


Feb. 9. Alexander Cave, son and heir of Thomas Cave, of Baggrave, co. Leic. (erased).

1585. folio 73.

May 21. Richard Amherst, of Pembury, Kent, and of Staple Inn.

„ „ Thomas Crewe, of Namptwich, co. Chester.

June 24. Thomas Doughty, of Houghton, co. Nottingham.

folio 80.

July 31. Henry Smyth, of London.

Oct. 15. Christopher Woodroefe, of London. [Line.

„ „ William Beresford, son and heir of Beresford, of Lednam, co.

„ „ Thomas Malby, of London, gent.

„ „ William Cooper (Covvper), of Thurgarton, Notts.

„ „ Edward Rounsell, of city of Dublin.

„ „ John Turner, of Thaxfield, Herts.

„ „ Richard Tylney, son of Robert Tylney, of East Tuddenhara, Norfolk, Esq.

,, „ Thomas Roo, of Clopton, Suffolk, late of Barnard's Inn.

Nov. 5. Thomas Wiseman, son and heir apparent of Edmond Wiseman, Esq.

„ „ Roger Heigham, of Cowling, Suffolk.
folio 81.

„ „ Edward Onley, of Catesby, co. Northampton, Esq. [co. Line).

„ „ Daniel Thorold, son and heir of Richard Thorold, of Marston (Muirton).

68 (§iap's( 5nn aUmissiou Jvrgigtcr: 1521-1887.

1585. folio 81 — {continued).
Nov. 5. Edmund Burnston, of Molten, co. Line.

15. Henry Nevill, son and heir of John Nevill, Esq., of Burton, Notts.

,, Thom.\s Mountford, of Gainsborough, late of Staple Inn.

„ \ViLLi.\M Newton, of Lewes, Sussex.

„ B.\RTHOLOMEW Leighton, of Hinckley, co. Leicester. [Society).

,, Edward Clough, of East Rugton, co. York (late one of the butlers of this

24. Edward Onley, of , co. Northampton, son and htir of Thomas

„ James Mayne, of Hemel Hempstead, Herts. [Onley, Esq.

26. William Jennison, of Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Jan. 31. Robert Salusburv, of Denbigh.

1585. folio 82.

Oct. 15. ASLACK.E Lanve, of Crat field, Suffolk, late of Barnard's Inn.

„ 18. William Polev, of Boxsted, Suffolk.

„ ,, Hugh Davenport, of Blackhurst, co. Chester, gent., and of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ Shakerly, of Ditton, Surrey, gent., and of Staple Inn.

Nov. I. William Aenet, of Audley, CO. Stafford.

„ „ Richard Bolde, of Lancashire.

„ „ Robert Shawe, of Barnard's Inn.

„ 22. Charles Wingfield, of Stamford Barron, co. Northampton.

folio 83.

„ 5. Thomas Baker, of Battle, Sussex, and of Staple Inn.

„ THO.MAS Gravelev, of Graveley, Herts.

„ „ Richard Aldwvcke, of Shaftholrae, co. York, late of Barnard's Inn.

,, 15. William Harris, of Elsworth, co. Cambridge, gent., and of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ Alexander Davenport, of Bromhall, co. Chester, late of Barnard's Inn, son

[of William Davenport, Esq.

„ „ Humphrey Davenport, of Bromhall, co. Chester, late of Barnard's Inn, son

[of William Davenport, Esq.

„ „ Henry Nevell, son and heir of John Nevell, of Burton, Notts (erased).

,, 24. Geoffrey Edmondson, of Sawley, co. Derby.

„ „ George Gervis, of Peatling, co. Leicester, gent, late of Barnard's Inn.

„ 36. Francis PIatton, late of Staple Inn (two years and more), and of Shrewsbury,

[Salop, gent.
1585-6. folio 85.

Feb. 2. Thomas, Lord Burghe.

„ „ John Rotherham.

„ „ Henry Cheeke (Esq.), the Queen's Secretary in the North.

„ 9. Robert Awdley, of Houghton, Beds, {sic) and of Barnard's Inn.

„ ,, Alexander Cave, son and heir of Thomas Cave, of Baggrave, co. Leic, Esq.

1586. folio 91.

Ai>ril 27. John Dabridglcourt, of Ossington, Notts, and of Staple Inn.

trap's h\n aiimis!5iou l^tgistrr : 1 521-1887.


1586. folio 91 — {continued).

April 27. George Pve, of Colchester.

„ „ Clemext Tokev, of South Luffenhani.

,, „ Robert Faldoe, of Marledon, Beds. [Es(].

„ ,, Griffin Markham, son and heir of Thomas Markhani, of Ollerton, Notts,

„ „ Robert Markham, son of said Thomas Markham.

„ ,, Adam Cleypole, of Northborough, co. Northampton.

,, „ Robert Pilkington, of Rivington, co. Lane, and of Staple Inn, gent.

„ „ Thomas Campion, of London, gent.

May 5. Thomas ToKFELD (Mr.), of Baldock, Master of Arts.

„ „ Marmaduke M.\tthe\v, of Clement's Inn.

„ 9. Henry Archer, son and heir of Archer, of London.

„ „ Alban Wakelin, of Eydon (Eden), co. Northants, and of Staple Inn.

„ 13. Thomas Smithe, of London.

folio 92.
Richard Thacker, of Repton, CO. Derby. [of the Earl of Ormond).

June 20. RoKERT Shethe, of Kilkenny, Ireland, and of Barnard's Inn (at the request


„ „ Andrew Ashley, of London (at the request of Sir Francis Walsingham,

folio 94.

April 27. Edward (Edmund in ledger) Henden, of Biddenden, Kent, and of Staple Inn.

May 12. Thomas Driver, of Barnard's Inn (born at Fulborne, co. Cambridge).
folio 103.

2. Robert Barker, son of Christopher Barker, of London, stationer to the

, Jervys Gibbon. [Queen.

, George Philipps.

, Thomas Gooding, of London. [Gilbert Gerard, Knight, Master of the Rolls.

, Richard Hoghton, of Hoghton, co. Lane, gent. At the instance of Sir

9. Roger Yelverton, second son of Henry Yelverton, of Sculthorpe, Norfolk, Esfj.

, Thomas Estcourte, son of Thomas Estcourte, one of this Society.

I. Alexander Standish, of Duxbury, co. Lane.

, Anthony Butler.

4. Nicholas Stringer, of Derby. [Lincoln, E.scp

, William H.attecliff, son and heir of Thomas Hattecliff, of Hattecliff, co.

, Henry Bolde, son of John Bolde, of Preston, co. Lancaster, arm.

, John Le.wes (written also Lewis), of Molton, co. Lincoln.
folio 103.

, Richard Banaster, of Staple Inn. [Knight.

4. Edmund Bacon, son and heir of Nicholas Bacon, of Redgrave, Suffolk,

,, James B.acon, son and heir of James Bacon, of London, Alderman.

,, George Cope, son of George Cope, of Cannons Ashby, co. Northampton.

,, William Hale, of London.

„ Robert Kenricke, of Preston, co. Lancaster.

yo trap's {iin ailrmissiion Ia? si'strr : 1521-1887.

1586. folio 103— {continued).

Nov. 16. John Johnson, of Staple Inn.

,, „ John Russell, of Cottingham, co. Cambridge. [Barnard's Inn.

„ „ William Pytchere (Pychard ?), of Trumpington, co. Cambridge, and of

„ „ Francis Thorndyke, of co. Lincoln, late of Staple Inn.

„ „ Thomas Welcome, of city of Lincoln (born there), gent., late of Staple Inn.

„ „ Marmaduke Dawnev, of Sessay, co. York, gent.

„ 22. William Dethick, of London, gent.
1586-7. [in the city of London).

Feb. 2. Robert Beale, Esq., Secretary to the Queen's Council in the North (bom

1586. folio 104.

Nov. 4. Samuel Bussheye, of Leverton, co. Lincoln, late of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ James Necton, of Monks Hadley, Middlesex.

„ „ Thomas Esson, of Ripe (alias Ockington ?), Sussex, late of Staple Inn.

,, 7. James DowsoN, of city of Chester.

„ „ Nicholas Hornsev, of Bonby, co. Lincoln.

„ 21. Thomas Sandforthe, of Howgill, Westmoreland, gent.

„ „ Thomas Whalley, of Screton, Notts.

„ „ John Stanford, of Leicester, gent.

„ „ Thom.\s Burton, of Branston, co. Rutland, gent., late of Staple Inn.

folio 105. [of Thimblethorpe.

„ 22. Robert Thimblethorpe, of Barnard's Inn, gent., son of George Thimblethorpe,

Feb. 6. John Myddellton, late of Staple Inn. [late of this Inn.

„ „ Anthony Thorold, of Hough (Haghe), co. Line, son of Robert Thorold,

folio 106.

„ „ Michael Weighman (or Wightman), late of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ William Horspole, of Staple Inn, gent.

8. Edmund Boothe, son of Sir William Boothe, Knight, of co. Chester.

„ „ William Brereton, son and heir apparent of William Brereton, of Brereton,

„ „ Thomas Hog.\n, son of Thomas Hogan, of London. [co. Chester.


May II. Robert Fisher.

„ „ Godfrey Rhodes, fourth son of Francis Rhodes, one of the Judges of the
[Common Bench, " absque fine," as his father was of this Inn.

folio 112.

„ 19. Robert Smythe, fifth son of Robert Smythe, of London, arm.

„ „ Robert Leake, of Wymeswold, co. Leic.

„ „ Henry Leyghe, son and heir of Edward Leyghe, of Rushill, co. Stafford.

„ 26. Thomas Southworth, of Queen's College, Cambridge.

„ „ Thomas Cotton, son of Bartholomew Cotton. [Bromley, Kent.

July 3. Samuel Thornhill (Thornell), son and heir apparent of Richard Thornhill of

„ „ Thomas Drywood, of Essex.

(gray's! Jim Sllimi^siou Jxcgisftfr : 1 521-1887. 71

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