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The register of admissions to Gray's inn, 1521-1889, together with the register of marriages in Gray's inn chapel, 1695-1754 online

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„ 20. William Grist H.awtin, aged 26, eldest son of William H., of London,

[wholesale stationer.

Mar. 28. Charles Edward Bretherton, formerly a solicitor, Member of the Bar,

Supreme Court, U.S., aged 43, eldest son of Edward B., of Birkenhead,

[solicitor, deceased.
April 3. Arthur Edmund Gill, Scholar of Magdalen College, Cambridge, aged 19,
[third surviving son of Charles G., of Ashford, Middlesex, merchant.
„ 17. William Mackenzie, aged 22, fourth son of Robert M., of Langley House,
''°- ^^^^"- [of Miltown Malbay, co. Clare, solicitor.

„ 18. Matthew Joseph Kenny, M.P., aged 22, third surviving son of Michael K.,
„ 23. Frederick Tindal Robertson, Fellow of Royal College of Physicians and
M.D. (Edinburgh), aged 24, eldest son of William Tindal R., of Brighton.
„ 27. Gerald Cairns Webb, B..'\., Trinity College, Dublin, aged 22, eldest sur-
viving son of Thomas W., of Dublin, Barrister-at-Law, Regius Professor
[of Law in the University of Dublin.
May 29. Robert Vaughan Wynne, of London University, aged 30, sixth surviving son
Lof John W. (M.R.C.S., Lond.), of Oswestry, Salop.

(irap'fif Jim abmi'sisfi'on ilfgisttr: 1 521-1889. 493


May 30. Thomas Crosslf.y Eastwood, aged 23, eldest son of Wright E., of Man

[Chester, farm agent, deceased.
June 2. Frederick Henry Houston, of Trinity College, Dublin, aged 34, second son

[of Thomas H., late of Belfast, deceased
,, 4. James Eldon McCombie Salmon, aged 21, eldest son of John Thomas S.,

[of St. Lucia, planter
Oct. 29. Thomas Buncombe Mann, of the University of London, aged 26, eldest son of

[Thomas M., of Northampton, deceased

Nov. 2. James Charles Gordon, aged 24, eldest son of the late Thomas Robert G.,

of New Amsterdam, co. Berbice, British Guiana, some time Comptroller

[of Customs.
„ 3. John Henry Anderson, "army tutor," aged 26, eldest son of John Mills A.,

[of Warwick, and of the Civil Service
5. George Portis Price, clerk in the Trinity House, aged 25, only son ol
[George Hamilton P., of Weymouth, Collector of Customs
„ 7. William Conlan, of Trinity College, Dublin, and of King's Inns, Dublin,
aged 20, only son of William C, late of Ellerslie, co. Lane, deceased
[Secretary to Pacific Steam Navigation Company,
„ 10. Michael Moane, clerk in Dublin Castle, aged 29, second son of James M.,
[late of Crumlin, co. Monaghan, deceased
,, „ Donald William Garden Cowie, of Balliol College, Oxford, and a selected
candidate for Indian Civil Service, aged 18, second son of Hugh C,
[Q.C., and a Master of the Bench
„ 14. James William Brady Murray, of Trinity College, Dublin, and of King'i
Inns, aged 23, eldest son of Patrick Brady M., of Ballyshannon, co
[Donegal, Solicitor, deceased
„ 16. Arthur Patton, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin, aged 30, eldest son of Rev
[George Augustus Frederick P., of Rathmines, deceased
„ 17. David Wilson, aged 19, of Glasgow University, selected candidate for Indian
[Civil Service, only son of David W., of Glasgow, cabinet-maker.
„ „ Arthur Edwin Preston, aged 31 , Assistant Overseer of Abingdon, Graduate
of the University of London, second surviving son of John P., of Abingdon,
[Berks, deceased, Assistant Overseer of the Poor.
„ „ Thomas Moffitt Stevens, of Christ Church, Oxford, tutor at St. John's
School, Leatherhead, aged 23, only son of Thomas Warner S., late of
[Greenwich, artist, deceased.
„ „ Henry Bruce Patman, aged 24, only son of Henry P., late of Mecklenburgh
1884. [Square, builder, deceased.

Jan. 10. John William McCarthy, under-graduate of Dublin University, late Secre-
tary to the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, aged 30, eldest son of
[Jeremiah M., of Cork, merchant.
„ 12. Frederick Arthur Greer, of Aberdeen University, aged 20, second son of

[Arthur G., of Liverpool, metaller.
„ 19. Arthur Beaumont Wells, aged 20, second son of William W., of Grenada,

[M.D., Aberdeen.

„ 23. Charles Ridger, M.A. Oxon, B.A. London University, Head Master of Roan

[Schools, Greenwich, aged 37, only son of Joseph R., of London, clerk.

„ 24. Joseph McGr.«'h, B.A. London, and a Student of King's Inns, aged 25, eldest

[surviving son of Pierce M., of Bagnalstown, co. Carlow, merchant.

494 (grap'g Jim ^mi'sfsficin Ergi'stfr : 1521

Jan. 25. Patrick James Nolan, of Trinity College, Dublin, and a Student of King's

[Inns, aged 22, third son of James N., of Limerick, merchant

„ 28. Horace Bertram Nelson, B.A., Worcester College, Oxford, aged 23

younger son of Sir Thomas James N., of Hampton Wick, Middlesex,

[Solicitor to the Corporation of the city of London.

Feb. 27. William Naylor Vallance, aged 17^, only surviving son of William V., of

St. John's, CO. Kent, Clerk of the Whitechapel Union and Superintendent


April22. Samuel Greenidge, of St. John's College, Cambridge, aged 21, eldest son of

[the Rev. Nathaniel Heath G., of Barbados.

May 12. James O'Donnell McLaughlin, of Queen's University, Ireland, aged 32,

[fourth surviving son of William M., of Drimfries, co. Donegal.

June 16. Charles Henry Glascodine, formerly a Solicitor, aged 42, second and only

[surviving son of Richard G., of Swansea, secretary.

„ iS. Jonathan Christian, aged 22, second son of the Rt. Hon. Jonathan C, of

Ravenswell Bray, co. Dublin, Privy Councillor and late Lord Justice of

Nov. 3. Francis McCarthy, aged 22, fourth son of Jeremiah M., of Cork, merchant.


Jan. 23. James Emerson Scott, of King's Inns, Ireland, and B.A., Trinity College,

[Dublin, aged 28, eldest son of James Anderson S., of Dublin, journalist.

April 14. Robert Stewart Johnstone, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin, aged 29, second

[son of William John J., of Dunesk, Belfast, co. Antrim, J. P.

„ „ Charles Herbert Smith, sometime a Solicitor, aged 22, fifth son of Thomas

[S., of York city, merchant.

,, 16. William Scott Thompson, B.A., Queen's College, Oxon, aged 23, eldest son

[of Robert Thompson, of Mere Oaks, Wigan, co. Lancaster, J. P.

„ „ Michael Murphy, Undergraduate of the Royal University, Ireland, Cork,

[aged 20, third son of Michael M., of Cork, wine merchant.

June 3. James William Ross Brown, journalist, aged 28, second son of James B.,

[deceased, of Douglas, Isle of Man, newspaper proprietor.

,, „ George Leslie Bannerman, journalist, aged 28, fifth son of Alexander B., of

[Carnoustie, co. Forfar, gent.

„ 20. Samuel Joseph Goldston, journalist, aged 23, third surviving son of

[George G., of Clapham Road, Surrey, commercial traveller.

„ 18. James Knott, shipowner, aged 30, eldest son of Matthew K., of North Shields,

[wine merchant.

Aug 25. Neville Skottowe Parker, undergraduate, St. John's College, Cambridge,

aged 20, elder son of John George Newsome P., of Passage West, co.

Moses Jones, aged 28, seventh son of James J., of Bridgend, co. Glamorgan,

[inland revenue officer.

William Henry Eldridge, B.A., London University, aged 27 (schoolmaster),

[eldest son of John E., of Cheltenham, coachbuilder.

William Henry Dumsday, Clerk in the Local Government Board Office,

[aged 30, eldest son of Robert D., of Hammersmith, deceased.

Henry Charles Hughes, B.A., Royal University of Ireland, aged 24I,

[third son of Nicholas H., of Coleraine, co. Londonderrv.







trap's! 5nn Stimisston Urgieitfr: 1 521-1889. 495


Nov. 7. Wilfred King Porter, undergraduate of Balliol College, O.xford, aged 20,

[ninth son of Robert Tindal P., late of Madras Civil Service, deceased.

,, 16. George Varden Fittock, journalist, aged 26, second son of William Henry

1 886. [F., deceased, late Her Britannic Majesty's Consul in China.

Jan. 23. John Kvrle Frederick Cleave, B.A., Hertford College, Oxon, aged 24,

[eldest son of John James Cleave, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

Feb. 24. Francis Ernest Bradley, of London University, and Undergraduate of

Victoria University (Manchester), aged 23, second son of Nathaniel B.,

of Hulme, co. Lane, gent., Fellow of the Chemical Society of England.

May 4. Frederick Redmond, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin, and of King's Lins,

aged 24, fourth surviving son of Philip R., of Kilmore Cottage, co.

„ 7. Henry Winch, aged 22, only son of Henry W., of 6 King's Bench Walk,

[Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

„ 12. William James Byrne, graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, aged 23, eldest

[son of William Louis B., of Loughrea, co. Gahvay, retired magistrate.

,, 22. Edmund Francis Vesey Knox, of Keble College, Oxford, aged 21, eldest son

of Vesey Edmond K., of Shimnah, Newcastle, co. Down, late 52nd

[Light Infantry.
July 5. James Davis, aged 33, late a Solicitor, son of Hyman, of London, Artist.
Oct. 14. Cools Theodore Lartigue, aged 19, eldest son of Ranald, of Castries,

[St. Lucia, Notary Public.
Nov. 3. Ivor Bowen, aged 24, eldest son of Rev. John Bowen Jones, B. A., dropped the

[name of Jones, Sept., 1883.

„ „ Montagu Sharpe, aged 30, of the Civil Service and J. P., co. Middlesex, only

[son of Benjamin, of Hanwell Park, Middlesex, J. P., Commander R.N.

„ 5. Cyrus Prudhomme David, aged 19, eldest son of Ernest, of Trinidad, Planter,

„ „ Ernest Brown Bowen-Rowlands, aged 20, eldest son of William, M.P.,

[Q.C., and a Bencher.

„ 6. Arthur Edward Hughes, B.A. Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, Senior

Mathematical Master, County School, Bedford, aged 29, third son of

[Robert, of Tronwell Corris, co. Merioneth, gent.

„ II. Edward William Cox, aged 21, Associate in Arts, University of Oxford,

[eldest son of Edward, of Kentish Town, London, Esq.

„ 13. Charles Edward MacDermot, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin, aged 23, eldest

son of The MacDermot, Q.C., of Coolnavin, co. Sligo, D.L., and a

[Bencher of King's Inns, Dublin.

„ 15. James Shanks, aged 27, eldest son of Peter Martin, of London, letter

„ Charles William Sewell, of Oxford University, aged 28, only son of William,

[of Bideford, Devon, gent.

„ 19. William Clarke Hall, Scholar of Christ Church, Oxford, aged 20, eldest son

[of William H., of Folkestone, Kent, clerk.

Jan. 12. Alfred James S.awyerr, aged 2C, eldest son of Thomas John, of Sierra Leone,

„ 21. John Ernest Bagram, aged 19, second son of George, of Calcutta, Esq.

496 (grap'^ $im 9Umi£f£!ion <Kf gfettr : 1 521-1889.


Aprili6. Charles Edward Ernest Damian, aged 21, of London University, eldest

[surviving son of Francis, of Trinidad, W.I.
„ 27. Edgar Macdonald Robertson, aged 17, fifth son of Henry Finch R., of

[London, Esq.

May II. John Anderson, aged 29, of Aberdeen University, a Clerk in the Colonial

[Office, only son of John A., of Aberdeen, N.B., Presbyterian missionary.

June 8. Herbert Parker Reed, Barrister-at-Law, of the Inner Temple, aged 36, only

[son of Herbert Adolphus, of London, Solicitor (ad eundem).

,, 9. Francis Stanhope H.anson, of Trinity College, Cambridge, aged 18, second son

[of Rt. Hon. Sir Reginald Hanson, Baronet, the Lord Mayor, 1886-7.

„ 14. Harold Cox, aged 27, second son of Homersham C, of Marlfield House,

[Tonbridge, a Judge of County Courts.

„ 18. Mark Helmore, aged 34, eldest son of William H., of Forest Gate, Essex, Esq.

„ „ Lance Bentley, aged 40, Secretary Conservative Registration Association

(Knutsford division), only surviving son of William B., of Eccles, co.


Oct. 28. John Henry Burton, Civil Engineer, aged 25, eldest son of John Power B.,

[late of Monkstown, Land Agent, co. Dublin.

Nov. 3. Bern.ard O'Connor, B.A., D. Med., M.R.C.P., London, aged 38, third

[surviving son of William O., of London, D. Med.

„ 4. Llewellyn Evans Olding, aged 21, fourth son of William O., late of Brighton,

[schoolmaster, deceased.

„ 8. WiLLi.\M Abr.\m Woolley, aged 39, late of Consular service, Japan, retired,

[eldest son of William W., of Bournemouth, Hants, Esq.

„ 14. Willl\m Joseph Kenny, of Consular Service, Japan, aged 28, eldest son

[of Patrick Joseph K., of Waterford, Ireland, gent.

„ 17. WiLLL'^M Madden, aged 34, sometime of Liverpool, solicitor, eldest surviving

[son of William M. (by second marriage), of Liverpool.

„ 19. James Richard Atkix, demy of Magdalen College, Oxford, aged ig, eldest

[son of Robert Travers A., of Brisbane, journalist.

Dec. 20. Alfred Isaac Tillyard, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge, aged 35, eldest

[son of Isaac T., late of Norwich, gent., deceased.


Jan, 14. William Blache Wilson, aged 20, eldest surviving son of Thomas Bell W., of

[St. Andrews, Grenada, West Indies, planter.

„ „ Daniel Thomas-Tudor, aged 21, third son of Timothy (Thomas), of Lampeter,

CO. Cardigan, merchant, deceased (assumed additional surname of Tudor

[by deed poll 26 July, 1887).

„ „ Owen Cook, of H.M. Civil Service, Hereford, aged 29, youngest son of

[John C, of Chesham, Bucks, gent.

,, 19. William Durie, aged 40, an Undergraduate of London University, and of

UM. Customs, Londonderry, Ireland, only surviving son of ^\"illiam

[Shand D., of Arbroath, co. Fife, N.B., merchant.

„ 20. William Kendall, aged 19, only son of Thomas Mitchelson, late of Pickering,

[Yorks, J. P., deceased.
„ 21. Roger Charnock Richards, aged 47, fourth son of John R., of Preston,

[co. Lane.
„ „ William John Gordon, aged 37, eldest son of Thomas G., of Diamond

[Londonderry, Ireland, mercliant.

trap's 5im Strmission 2^fgt6tfr: 1521-1889. 497

April 4. William Henry Cromie, aged 34, a lieutenant in the army, eldest surviving

[son of Robert C, of Clough, co. Down.

„ 12. Alexander Macdonald Thomson, aged 24, M.A. Aberdeen, and a Hong

Kong Cadet, attached to H.M. Colonial Office, second son of John T.,

[of Tarriff, co. Aberdeen, schoolmaster.

„ 28. John Alfred AVvllie, aged 33, Captain Madras Staff Corps, eldest son of

[James Shaw W., Examiner of Postal Accounts, Edinburgh.

,, 30. William Richard Vale, aged 20, of the University of Melbourne, second

surviving son of William Mountford Kinsey V., of Melbourne, Australia,

[Barrister-at-Law of this Inn.

May 2. Frederick William Langston, aged 28, of H.M. Civil Service, eldest son

[of Frederick William L., of London, engraver.

„ „ Sydney Gower Woods, aged 28, Chief'Clerk of the Treasury, Belize, British

Honduras, eldest son of Sydney Christie Nicholson W., also of Belize,


June g. Tho.mas Edward Mansfield, aged 34, lately a Solicitor of Barrow-in-Furness,

[eldest son of James M., of Donington, co. Line, farmer.

Oct. 2^. Thomas Bailey Clegg, of Victoria, Australia, journalist, aged 30, eldest son

[of Thomas C, of Ballarat, merchant.

,, 26. George Eugene Yarrow, D. Med., aged 52, eldest surviving son of George

[Y., late of Shoreditch, London, deceased.

Nov. 3. Sasi Bhushan Sarbadhicary, aged 22, only son of Ras Govinda S., of

[Bengal, India.

„ 5. Harold Hardy, B.A. Oxford, aged 24, only son of John Brathwaite H., of

Bickley, Kent, Lieut.-Col. R.A. (retired), and Secretary of English

[Church Union.
,, 6. .Anthony Gordon Damian, of London University, aged 18, third son of

[Francis D., of Trinidad, Solicitor.
„ 8. Tom Cutter, aged 36, fifth son of John Barclay C, of Knutsford,

[Cheshire, Clerk to the Guardians.

„ 9. James Richard Seanor, of London University, and LL.B. Victoria

University, Manchester, aged 23, second son of Matthias S., of Man-

[chester. Architect.

„ 13. Fui.LARTON James, B.A. Cantab., aged 24, fifth son of Francis Edward J., late

of Kerelaw, Stevenston, Ayrshire, N.B., West India Merchant, deceased.

„ 14. William Hugh Stevenson, aged 34, some time an Attorney of the Court of

Queen's Bench and a Solicitor of Supreme Court of Judicature in England,

[son of Rev. 'William Ramson S., o( Carrington, Nottingham.

„ „ Ganp.\t Rai, aged 25, late of the Law School, Lahore, India, eldest son of

[Dial Mai, Government servant, a reader.

„ 17. William Muir, aged 35, M.A. Queen's University, Ireland, and of Balliol

[College, Oxford, eldest son of AVilliam M., of Glasgow, manufacturer.

„ 22. Claudius Ernest \\'right, aged 25, B.A. Durham University, eldest son of

[Joseph George W., of Sierra Leone, West Coast, Africa.

„ 23. John Stewart Baird, aged 34, of Queen's College, Oxford, eldest son of

[Hugh B., of Erdington, co. Warwick.
Jan. II. Charles Ernest Branch, aged 23, B.A. Durham University, eldest son of
[Rev. (Samuel Fitt) B., Hon. Canon, St. Vincent.

(grap'sJ film SlDmiggion Ivesi'sitn- : 1 521-1889.

April 25. William Hibbert Marshall, aged 22, of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, eldest

[son of Walter James M., of Patterdale Hall, Westmoreland.

„ „ William Jones, aged 22, only son of Hugh J., of Cardiff.

May I. John Bruce Caldwell Stephen, aged 19, an Undergraduate of London

[University, only son of John S., late of Glasgow, N.B., deceased.

„ 4. Frederick John Amos Arch, aged 23, second son of late Joseph A, of

[Sydenham, Kent.
„ 17. Arthur Sigfrid May, aged 23, B.A. St. John's College, 0.\ford, second son

[of (Frederick Schiller) M., D.D.

„ 22. WiNFORD Blache Fraser, aged 20, only son of Francis Blache F., of H.M.

[Customs, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies.

June 27. James Anstev Wild, Reg,istrar of the City of London Court, aged 36, eldest

[son of James Anstey W., of London, Solicitor.

^rtad)fr0, #raj)'si 5im: 1 574-1883. 499



Bv Archdeacon Hessey.

Mr. WILLIAM CHERKE, or CHARKE, circa April, 1574.

Sizar of Peterhouse, Cambridge, 1560. Fellow, 1566. Preacher of Gray's Inn, 1574.

Preacher of Lincoln's Inn, 15S0-1. Fellow of Eton, 1599. Died, 1617. [B.A.

1562-3. M.A. 1566.]

Dr. THOMAS CROOKE, Janu.^ry 30, 15S0-1.
Sizar of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1560. Fellow, 1563. College Lecturer in Latin,
1565. Rector of Great Waldingfield, Suffolk, from 1571 to 1582. Preacher of
Gray's Jnn,\ s^o-i. Died 1598. [B.A. 1562-3. M.. A.. 1566. B.D. 1573. D.D.,
being then a Member of Pembroke Hall, 1578.]

Dr. ROGER FENTON, February 7, 1598-9.
Sizar of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, 1585. Scholar on Dr. Wattes' Foundation ....
Fellow, 1590. Preacher of Gray's Inn, 159S-9. Rector of St. Stephen's, Walbrook,

1601. Rector of St. Benet's, Sherehog, 1603, which he resigned on becoming
Vicar of Chigwell, Essex, 1606. Prebendary of St. Paul's, 1609. One of the
Translators of the Bible. Died, 1615-6. [B.A. 1588-9. M..\. 1592. B.D.

1602. D.D. 1613.]

Dr. RICHARD SIBBES, Fedruary 5, 16 16-7.
Subsizar of St. John's College, Cambridge, circa 1595. Fellow, 1601. Taxor of the
University, 1608. Lecturer of Trinity Church, Cambridge, 1610. Preacher of
Gray's Inn, 1616-7. Master of Catherine Hall, Cambridge (having declined the
Provostship of Trinity College, Dublin), 1626-7. Vicar of Trinity Church, Cam-
bridge, 1633. Died, 1635. [B.A. 1598-9. M.A. 1602. B.D. 1610. D.D. 1627.]

Dr. HANNIBAL POTTER, November, 13, 1635.
Scholar of Trinity College, Oxford, 1609. Probationary Fellow, 1613. Fellow, 1614.
Rector ofWootton, in Diocese of Peterborough, 1625. Preacher of Gray's Inn,
1635. President of Trinity College, Oxford, 1643. Ejected by the Parliamentary
Delegates, 1648. Restored, 1660. Died, 1664. [B.A. 1613. M.A. 161 . . B.D.
before December 10, 1625. D.D. 1630.]

Mr. JOHN JACKSON, February 7, 1641-2.
Sizar of Christ's College, Cambridge, 16 13. Master of Richmond School, Yorkshire,
from 1618 to 1620. Rector ofMarske, in Richmondshire, Yorkshire, 1623. Preacher
of Gray's Inn, 1641-2. Member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, 1643,
Died 1661. [B.A., 1616-7. M.A. 1620.]

Dr. THOMAS HORTON, M.ay 28, 1647.
Pensioner of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1624. Fellow, 1631. University Preacher
1637. Minister of St. Mary Colechurch, in the City of London, 1638. Professor
of Divinity at Gresham College, 1641. Preacher of Gray's Inn, 1647. President
of Queen's College, Cambridge, 1647. Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge, from
November, 1649, to November, 1650. Ejected from the Presidentship of Queen's
(to which he had been appointed by the Parliament on the death of Herbert Palmer, to

500 ^reacftersi, trap's; 5im: 1 574-1 883.

make room for Edward Martin whom Palmer had dispossessed), 1660. He had a
dispensation to hold the Gresham Professorship, i65o (Aug. i.), but it was revoked
1661 (May 26). He was silenced in 1662, but afterwards conformed, and was
admitted to the Vicarage of Great St. Helen's, London, 1666. Died, 1673. [B.A.
1626-7. M.A. 1630. B.D. 1637. D.D. 1649. D.D. of Oxford, 1652.]

Pensioner of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1617. Dean of Kilmore, 1627. Rector
of St. Peter's, Drogheda, 162 7-8. Chaplain to Abp. Ussher .... Dean of
Ardagh, June 22, 1637. Prebendary of Dromore, July 12, 1637. Chaplain to
Oliver Cromwell, and one of his Almoners .... Pfeacher of Gray's Inn, 1651.
Rector of Whitchurch-cum-Marbury, cos. Salop and Chester, July 16, 1660. Died
October 15th, 1 66 1. [B.A. 1620-1. M.A. 1622. M.A. of Oxford, 1628. D.D. of
Dublin, 16 . . D.D. of Cambridge, 1650. D.D. of Oxford, 1657.]

BISHOP JOHN WILKINS, January 28, 1660-1.
Commoner of New Inn Hall, 1627, and afterwards of Magdalen Hall, O.xford. Chaplain
to Lord Say. Chaplain to the Count Palatine of the Rhine, .... Vicar of
Fawsley, Northamptonshire, 1637. Took the "Solemn League and Covenant," at
the breaking out of the Civil Wars .... Appointed Warden of Wadham College,
Oxford, by "a Committee for reforming the University," 164S. Appointed Master
of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1659, by Richard Cromwell, whose aunt — the sister
of Oliver Cromwell— he had married. Ejected from the Mastership of Trinity at
the Restoration. Prebendary of York, 1660 (Aug. 11). Dean of Ripon, 1660
(August 31). (He retained this dignity to his death). Preacher of Gray's Inn,
1 660- 1. Rector of Cranford, Middlesex, 1661. Rector of St. Lawrence, Jewry,
1662. One of the Founders of the Royal Society, 1662. Rector of Polebrook,
Northamptonshire, 1666. Prebendary of St. Paul's, 1667. Bishop of Chester,
1668. Died, 1672. [B.A. 1631. M.A. 1634. B.D. 1648. D.D. 1649.

Mr. ABRAHAM CALEY, June 13, 1662.
Sizar of St. John's College, Cambridge, 1622. Fellow 1629-30. Rector of Rayleigh,
Essex, 1643-4. Preacher of Gray's Inn, 1662. Ejected from his Rectory in August
of that year, and probably ceased at the same time to preach at Gray's Inn, for his
successor was elected in November. Died, some time before March 13, 1678-9.
[B.A. 1625-6. M.A. 1629. B.D. 1637.]

Dr. ZACHARY CRADOCK, November 12, 1662.
Pensioner of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1647. Fellow of Queen's, Cambridge, 1654,
and re-admitted (as having been appointed during the Commonwealth) at the Restora-
tion in 1660. Preacher of Gray's Inn, 1662. Chaplain in Ordinary to the King,
. . . Prebendary of Chichester, and immediately afterwards Canon Residentiary,
by Royal Letters Mandatory, 1669-70. Chaplain to the British Residents at
Lisbon, 1669-70. Fellow of Eton, 1671. Provost of Eton, 1680-1. Died, 1695.
[B.A. 1650-1. M.A. 1654. B.D. 1661. D.D. 1666.]

Dr. WILLIAM CLAGETT, February 7, 1678-9.
Pensioner of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1660. Lecturer of St. Mary's, Bury St.
Edmund's, 1672. Preacher of Gray's Inn, 1678-9. Chaplain in ordinary to the
King, 1677. Lecturer of St. Michael Bassinghaugh (Basinghall) . . . Rector
of Farnham Royal, Bucks, 1683. Died, i688. [B.A. 1663-4. M.A. 1667. D.D.

Student of Christchurch, Oxford, 1672. Preacher of Gray's Inn, 1688. Deputy Clerk
of the Closet to the King, 1688. Canon of Christchurch, 1689. Rector of St.
James, Westminster, 1693. Dean of Exeter, 1701. Bishop of Lincoln, 1705.

^reacfitrss, (trap's $im: 1574-1883. 501

Archbishop of Canterbury, 1715-6. Died 1736-7. [B.A. 1676. M.A. 1679.
B. andD.D. 16S9.]

Dr. THOMAS RICHARDSON, February 11, 1694-5.
Sizar of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, 1674-5. Fellow of Eton, 16S4. Preacher oj
Grafs Inn, 1694-5. Prebendary of Ely, 1697-S. Master of Peterhouse, Cam-
bridge, 1699. Chaplain in Ordinary to the King, 1716. Died 1733. [B.A.
1678-9. M.A., 1682. D.D. 169S.]

DEAN ROBERT MOSS, July ii, 1698.
Sizar of Benet or Corpus Christ! College, Cambridge, 1682. Fellow, 1686. One of the
University Preachers, 1693. Preacher of Gray's Inn, 1698. Preacher Assistant at
St. James', Westminster, 1699-1700. Chaplain in Ordinary to the King, 1701.
Lecturer of St. Lawrence, Jewry, 1708. Dean of Ely, 1713. Rector of Gilston,
Herts, 1714. Died, 1729. [B.A. 1685-6. M.A. 1689. B.D. 1696. D.D. 1705]

Dr. WILLIAM NORTON, May 13, 1729.

Scholar of King's College, Cambridge, 1705. Fellow, 1708. Rector of Walkerne, Herts,

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