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The register of admissions to Gray's inn, 1521-1889, together with the register of marriages in Gray's inn chapel, 1695-1754 online

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Online LibraryGray's Inn. cnThe register of admissions to Gray's inn, 1521-1889, together with the register of marriages in Gray's inn chapel, 1695-1754 → online text (page 6 of 84)
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1587. folio Wi— {continued).

July 3. William Bird, of Ipswich, Suffolk.

„ „ Augustine Wood, of city of Norwich.

„ „ James Clerke, of Ford, co. Lancaster.

folio 115.

May 10. Robert Phillipson, of Wyndermere, Westmoreland.

„ Thomas Pepys, of Cottenham, co. Cambridge.

„ „ William Spiger, of Great Drayton, Salop, late of Barnard's Inn.

„ ,, John Browne, of Furnival's Inn.

„ „ Thomas Hartopp.

„ „ Rowland Brigges, of Lyghe, Westmoreland, and of Staple Inn.

„ 19. John Neve, of Ringland, Norfolk, late of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ James Massey, of Rixton, co. Lancaster. [co. Lincoln, gent.

„ 26. Edward Beresford, fifth son of Christopher Beresford, of Long Ledenham,

„ „ Barnard Ellis, of Warnell, in parish of Sebberam, Cumberland, gent.

„ „ Abraham Bowne, of Trinity parish, city of Coventry, gent., late of Staple Inn.

,, ,, Richard Randall, of Stoke, in town and city of Coventry, late of Staple Inn.

„ „ Thomas, of Harscombe, co. Gloucester, and of Staple Inn.

„ ,, Francis Claxton, of city of Nor^vlch, late of Staple Inn.

folio 116.

July 3. Ed.mund Estcourt, of Tetbury, CO. Gloucester.
„ „ William Gregory, of East Stokwyth, co. Lincoln.
„ „ Thomas Dyke.
„ „ William Cobbe.
„ „ John Hanmer, of Oswestry, Salop.

folio 123.

Oct. 16. Edward Burton, of Bourne, Sussex, gent.

Nicholas Tailor (Tailior), son of Richard Tailor.

Oliver Butler, son of John Butler, Esq.

Edmond Calverley (Caverley).

William Berners, of Theckfield, Herts.

John Byron, of Colwick, Notts.

Richard Holland, of Denton, co. Lancaster, Esq.

Horsman, of Lincoln.

Owen Godfrey, eldest son of Richard Godfrey, Esq.

Thom.\s Astley, of Melton, Norfolk.

John Bolle, son and heir of Charles Bolle, Esq.

John Fitzwilliam, son and heir of Charles Fitzwilliam, Esq., late of Staple Inn.

John Butler, of Cotes, co. Lincoln, gent.

Richard Bowes, of Stretlam, co. Durham.

folio 124.
Edward Owen.

72 trap's! 5nn s^limisfSion ^fgistrr: 1 521-1887.

1587. folio \1^—{co7itiniied).

Nov. 22. Thomas Burles.

„ „ Thomas Hetley, of Brampton, Hunts, late of Staple Inn.

,, ,, Adriax Farnev (Farnham in ledger).

„ „ William Frost.

1587-8. [Knight.

Jan. 24. Jarvis Clifton, son and heir of John Clifton, of Barrington, co. Somerset,

„ „ John Lepton, of Kepwyke, co. York.

„ „ James J.\ye, of Selston, Notts, late of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ Ambrose Smyth, of Wythycote, co. Leicester, late of Staple Inn.

Feb. 2. William Anderton, of Euxton, co. Lancaster, and of Barnard's Inn.

„ 7. Nathaniel Studley, son of John Studlcy, of Wimborne Minster, co. Dorset.,

[gent., late of Barnard's Inn.

1587. folio 126.

Nov. I. Peter Starkev, of Staple Inn (date written 1582).

„ 3. William Wynne, of Barnard's Inn, and of Trefford, co. Denbigh.

„ „ Christopher Pepper, of Richmond, co. York, and of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ William Rede, of Bromfield, CO. Hereford (erased).

„ „ Philip Cock, son and heir of Thomas Cock, of Colchester, Essex.

„ „ John Woodall, of Mollington, co. Warwick, gent.


Jan. 24. William Tooke, of Hertford, Herts.

folio 127.

8. Nicholas Fitzwilliam, of Dublin, gent., late of Staple Inn.
,, Anthony Fowle, of Retherfield, Sussex, gent.
„ Thomas Ballard, of Lamberhurst, Sussex, gent.
„ Geokge Fish, of Southall, Beds, gent.
„ William Knaplock, of Southampton, gent.

Ralph Powell, of Hanstey, co. Denbigh, gent., late of Barnard's Inn.

„ John AVright, son of John Wright, of Wrightbridge, Essex, gent.

12. Edward Jones, of London, gent.

folio 128.

5. Edward Wootton, of Boughton Malherbe, Kent.

„ John Hottoman (written also Hottman), Esq., a Frenchman.

7. William Phillipp, of London, Escj.

„ ^ Thomas Phillipp, Esq.

„ William Dethick, ats Garter, Principal King-of-Arms of England.

9. William Ashby, of co. Leicester, Esq.
„ Miles Fleetwood, son and heir of William Fleetwood, of Ealing, Middx., Esq.

folio 135.
Radcliffe Gerrard, son of Gilbert Gerrard, Knight, Master of the Rolls.

„ Roger Butler, gent.

12. Thomas Grey, son and heir of (Arthur) Grey, Lord de Wilton.

„ Edward Vaughan, of the Queen's Exchequer.

(trap's 5nn aiimi£«0ion 3Segisiter: 1521-1887. ^o

J .587-8. folio lib— (continued).

Jan. 12. Henry ScROOPE, son of Lord Scroope.

„ „ Charles Grey, Esq., brother and heir apparent of Henry, Earl of Kent.

„ „ Benj.'^min Piggot, of Gravenhurst, Beds, Esq.

1588. [(" Staple " in ledger).

May I. WiLLi.\M FosBROKE, of Cranford, co. Northampton, and of Barnard's Inn

„ „ Thomas Stockett, of London, gent.

„ „ Edward Lenton, of Woodford, co. Northampton, gent.

„ „ William Holt, of Ashworth, co Lancaster, gent.

folio 136. [Godsalve, Esq., of same.

17. Roger Godsalve, of Buckenhani Ferry, co. Norfolk, son and heir of Thomas
„ „ Thomas Beale, of Stanground, Hunts.

„ „ John Brocket, son of Edward Brocket, of Wheathampstead.

„ „ Richard Woolbye (" Wolley " in ledger), of Thorpe, co. Line.

„ „ George Thimblethorpe, of Barnard's Inn (born at Foulsham, Norfolk).

folio 139.

„ 1. Henry Morrison, son of Thomas Morrison, Esq.

„ 17. Edmund Bressy, of BrayntTord, Middlesex. [Lancaster, Esq.

June 10. Christopher Anderton, son of Christopher Anderton, of Lostock, co.

folio 145.
Au". 13. Henry Brown, Esq, of Cowdray, Sussex, son of Anthony, Viscount
„ Francis Lacon, of CO. Salop, Esq. [Mountague.

18. Stephen Egerton, of London, clerk. [same. Knight.
William Pelham, of Newstead, co. Line , son and heir of A\'illiam Pelham, of
Herbert Pelham, of Michelham, in parish of (PCatsheld), co. Sussex.

„ John Finche, of Staple Inn, gent., son and heir apparent of Clement Finche,

19. John Greenwood, of Staple Inn. [of Milton next Sittingbourne, Kent.

folio 146.
Oct. 16. Edward Golding, of Eye, Suffolk.
„ 22. Thomas Wrytington, of London, gent.

„ Henry Whetenhall, of East Peckham, Kent.
27. Richard Bolle, son of Richard Bolle, of Louth, co. Line, Esq.
Nov. I. Thomas Morvson, junior, of London.
„ „ Henry Shuttleworthe, of Staple Inn.
„ 6. William Daniell, son of William Daniell, reader.
8. Robert Castell, of East Hatley, co. Cambridge.
„ 21. Richard Darley, of Buttercrambe, CO. York.
„ „ Thomas Hulme, of Manchester, co. Lane.
„ 26. William Ingram, of London.
„ ,, John Wright, of Plowland, co. York.

1588-9. folio 147.

Feb. 2. Thomas Molyxeux, son of Richard Molyneux, of Sefton, co. Lane, Knight.

74 6rap'£i hm 9Xmn$^ioi\ l\(qi^Uv . 1521-1887.

i,S88-9. folio U7—(iron/i»ued).

Feb. 7. William Vavasour, son of Ralph Vavasour, Esq., deceased, and grandson
[(nepos) and heir apparent of John Vavasour, of Haslewood, co. York.
Thomas Peake, of Lutterworth, co. Leicester, M..\. of Cambridge University.
Henry Scott, of Wotton, co. Lincoln, gent.
Amias Clifton, second son of John Clifton, ICnight.

William Giffarde, late of Staple Inn, gent. [Treasurer).

26. DoNOGH, Earl of Thomond (admitted by William Burghley, High
William Cecil, Esq. (admitted by his grandfather, William Burghley, High
Richard Hatton, gent. 1 [Treasurer).

Garrett Avlmer, gent. admitted by

Robert Welbv, Esq. William Burghley,

Henry Goldsmith, gent. "'S^ Treasurer.
Edward Warrvn, gent, j
Thomas Seymour, Esq.

Richard Bancrofte S.T.D., Archbishop of Canterbury.
William Lewin, Doctor of Civil Law.
Edward Dodge, of Wrotham, Kent, Esq.

folio 149.

Francis Markham, of Cotham, Notts, late of Staple Inn.

Nov. 21. Robert Duke, of Kelsall, Suffolk. [co. Devon, Esq.

„ 26. Humphrey Courtenay, son and heir of Philip Courtenay, of Molland,
Feb. 2. Richard Halsall, of Barnard's Inn. [Dean of St. Paul's, London).

„ ,, Haworth, of Staple Inn (at the request of Alexander Nowell,

„ 6. Christopher Yelverton, second son of Christopher Yelverton, Esq., double

[reader, sine fine.

1589. folio 155. [of Lancaster.

April 23. Symeon Brograve, son and heir of John Brograve, Attorney of the Duchy

„ „ Thomas Eden, son and heir of Thomas Eden, of Sudbury, Suffolk, Esq.
May 9. Francis Purefoy, of Barnard's Inn, late of Calcott, co. Warwick.
„ „ Thomas Ellis, son of Thomas Ellis, of Witham, co. Lincoln, Esq.
„ „ Roger Gower, of Melsonby, co. York.

„ „ Thomas Gotely, of Staple Inn, late of Molyshe, Kent, gent, (erased).
„ „ Richard Gregory, of Harleston, co. Northampton.
„ „ Peter Locke, of Newport, co. Southampton, gent.
June 3. Ralph Holte, of Grislehurst, co. Lane, late of Staple Inn.

,, ;, Thomas Graunge, of Barnard's Inn, and of East Herlesey, co. ^'o^k, gent.
„ 9. John Bere, of Minster, Isle of Thanet, Kent, gent.

folio 156.

„ ,, John Danvers, Knight.
Aug. 2. Hugh Halliwell, of \\'l-11s, co. Somerset, gent.

(gray's! Jim Stimis(£{ion lAftji'stn- : 1521-1887. 75

1589. folio lhQ—{foniinucd).

Aug. 4. George Bonde, Knight.

„ 7. Mathew Carew, Doctor of Laws, one of the Masters in Chancery.

„ II. Edward Stanley, Knight.

„ „ Roger Marbeck, Doctor of Medicine.

„ „ Roger Sydenham, gent.

„ „ Edward Stafford, son and heir of Robert Stafford, Knight.

„ 13. Robert Crosse, Esq.

„ „ William Bathe, Esq., an Irishman.

„ ,, John Finglasse (Fyneglass), Esq., an Irishman.

„ ,, George Fulwood, gent.

folio 158.

April 23. William Kyttes, of Hillmorton, co. Warwick, gent.

,, „ Thomas Butler, of Staple Inn (born at Orwell, co. Cambridge).

May 9. Thomas Gotelye, of Staple Inn, late of Molysshe, co. Kent.

„ „ Oliver Briggs, of Earnstree, Salop, gent.

„ „ John Blackwood, of Halifax, co. York, gent. [gent.

„ „ Robert Hall, son and heir of Reginald Hall, of Pinchbeck, co. Lincoln,

„ „ Richard Gregorie, of , co. Northampton.

June 3. Thomas Bowyer (Boyere), of Biddulph, co. Stafford, late of Staple Inn.

folio 159.

„ „ Robert Beeston, of Beeston, co. York, gent., and of Staple Inn.

„ „ William Smyth, son of Thomas Smyth, of Burton, co. York, gent.

folio 165.

Oct. 23. Peter Sedgrave, of Killegton, co. Meatli, Ireland, gent.

„ ,, Thomas Butler, of Kingston, Surrey, gent.

,, ,, John Nevill, of Torksey, co. Lincoln, gent.

„ ,, John Curle, of Enfield, Middlesex, gent. [Cambridge).

Nov. I. Christopher Hatton, son of John Hatton, Esq. (born at Oakington, co.

„ ,, Francis Milles.

„ „ William Joliphe.

„ 3. Thomas Cook, of Yorkshire, gent.

„ 7. Robert Aston, of Farnham, Surrey ("Asheton" in ledger).

„ „ Robert Woollverston, of Culphoe, Suffolk, Esq. [Esq.

„ 20. Ja.mes Cromer, son and heir apparent of William Cromer, of Tunstall, Kent,

„ 24. John Bourne, of London, gent.
15S9-90. [of same place, Esq.

Jan. 30. Edward Engeham, of Goodneston, Kent, son and heir of Thomas Engeham,

folio 166.

Feb. 2. John Jackson, of Ruyvell House, in Nederdale, parish of Kirby Malzeard,

„ ,, Ralph Busshe, of Stanstead Abbots, Herts. [co. York.

„ „ Roger Downes, of Staple Inn.

„ 4. Edward Elderton.

76 (grnj)'£{ Kim Sllimission iKegiSter: 1 521-1887.

1589-90. folio 166 — (continued).

Feb. 9. Anthony Morley, son of William Morley, of Glynde, Sussex, Esq.

„ II. SiNiYON Steward, son and heir of Nicholas Steward, Doctor of Civil Law.
„ „ Thomas Penruddock, son and heir apparent of John Penruddock, Esq., one of

[the readers of this Inn.

„ „ Elias Foxton, son of — ■ Foxton, Alderman of the city of Cambridge.

May 21. William Houghton, of Houghton Tower, co. Lancaster.

folio 168.
Nov. 3. Robert Hitcham, of Levington, Suffolk, gent., late of Barnard's Inn.

Jan. 28. William AVortley, of Wortley, co. York. [Inn.

„ 30. Anthony Stelling, of Newton Ketton, co. Durham, gent., late of Barnard's
Feb. 9. Robert Thorold, son of Edmund Thorold, of Hough, co. Lincoln, Esq.
„ „ Alexander Thorold, another son of Edmund Thorold, aforesaid.
„ „ Edmund Thorold, son of Robert Thorold, late of Hough, co. Lincoln, Esq.

folio 169.
„ „ William Cocke, of city of Gloucester, gent (born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne;
said William Cocke out of Inn, June 21, 44 Elizabeth, restored June 3,
I James.

1590. folio 175.

May 29. Thomas Palmer, son and heir of Thomas Palmer, of Wingham, Kent, Esq.

,, ,, Francis Smyth, junior, of Ashby Folville, co. Leicester, gent.

June 2. Thomas Steward, son and heir apparent of William Steward.

,, „ Nicholas Ryvett, son and heir of John Ryvett, of Earneston, Suffolk.

„ 22. Martin James (Jones?), Esq., Registrar of the Court of Chancery.
folio 176.

July 2. William Walker, of London.

,, „ Thomas Povntz, of North Ockendon, Essex.

„ „ EuBULUS Thelwall, of CO. Denbigh. [Worcester, gent.

„ 7. Thomas Huband (Hubard written elsewhere), son of Thomas Huband, of

Aug. I. William Leake, of Wimeswould, co. Leicester.

„ 2. Henry Cary, of Berkhampstead, Herts, son and heir of Edward Cary.

„ 6. John Amy, Doctor of Laws, Advocate of the Arches, London.

„ ,, William Harlackenden, of Little Chart, Kent.

„ 8. John Bettenham, son and heir of Daniel Bettenham, of Pluckley, Kent, Esq.

„ „ John Denne, of Great Maplestead, Essex, arm.

„ „ Edmund Butler, second son of William Butler, of Tyes, Sussex, gent.

,, ,, Nicholas Monvnge, son and heir of Edward Monynge, of Waldershare

„ „ .-Vrraham Copwood, of London, gent. [Kent, Esq.

folio 177.

May 29. Robert Goodhall, of Hallywell, co. Lincoln, gent., late of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ George Ellis, late of Barnard's Inn (" Staple " in ledger).

(graj)'£{ 5im Sliimssd'on 3[^fgi2itrr: 1 521- 1887. -]-]

1590. folio 177 — {(otitinued).

June 22. Robert Ryvett, second son of John Ryvett, of Brandeston, Suffolk.

July 2. Thomas Walgrave, of Bures, Suffolk, gent.

Aug. 8. Edmund Nugent, of Tradasse, Ireland, late of Staple Inn.
1589-90. folio 178. [cellor of the Order of the Garter).

Mar. 16. Launcelot Andrewes, Doctor of Divinity (Bishop o*" Winchester and Chan-

„ J 8. Robert Newdigate, of Hawnes, Bedfordshire, arm.

„ „ Oliver Harvve, of Thurley, Bedfordshire.

May 13. George Chaworth, son and heir of Henry Chaworth, arm.

„ „ George Rabbet, of Bramfield, Suffolk, gent., late of Barnard's Inn.
„ „ Ralph .\lway, of Stretley, Bedfordshire, gent., late of Staple Inn.
„ 20. George Conve, of Bassingthorpe, co. Lincoln, gent.

,, 22. John Suckling, of Norwich, gent., second son of Robert Suckling, of same.
folio 184.
Aug. 9. Nicholas Bromlev, of Derfield, co. Chester, Esq.

„ „ Adolphus Gary, second son of Edward Gary, of Berkhampstead, Herts, Esq.
„ „ Philip Gary, third son of said Edward Gary.

„ 12. Jean De la Fines, "Seigneur de Beauvair et De la Roche, Gonseilleirer au
Gonseil d'Etat du Roy tres chrestienne, Gapt. de 50"^ hommes d'armes et
Ambassadeur pres sa Ma"= notre Souveraine."
„ 13. Francls Michel, of Old Windsor, Berks, gent, (note May 4, 1621, for

that this Francis Michel, for misdemeanor, was this day

therefore ).

„ „ Richard Rigge, of Little Strickland, Westmoreland, gent. [York, gent.

„ „ Leonard Broughe, son and heir of Peter Broughe, of Addlethorpe, co.

Oct. 14. John Proctor, son of Proctor, Gitizen of London.

„ „ George Hide, son and heir of William Hide, of Kingston Lisle, Berks, Esq.

folio 185.
„ „ Timothy Hutton, son and heir of Matthew Hutton, Bishop of Durham.
„ „ John Paler (Payler), son and heir of William Paler, Esq.
„ „ Richard Bowes, son of Martin Bowes, of Baltersey, Surrey, Esq.
Nov. T. Edward (Edmond) Nevill, of High (Pescholt?), co. York.

6. Ralph Gyll, of parish of St. Peter's ad Vincula, London. [London.

„ 18. Edward Moselev, son of Nicholas Moseley, Alderman and now Sherift" of
„ 25. Henry Widdrington. of Widdrington, Northumberland, gent.
„ 26. Henry Lacy, of Melton Mowbray, co. Leicester, late of Barnard's Inn.

Feb. 2. John Preston, of Furness, co. Lane.
„ ,, John Gascoyne, Esq.

„ 9. Francis Beale, son and heir of Robert Beale, Esq.

„ „ Thomas Bruche, of Bruche, co. Lane. [co. Cambridge, Esq.

„ 3. Roger Hutton, cousin and heir apparent of John Hutton, of Dry Drayton,
„ ,, Richard Gecil, son of Thomas Gecil, Knight.

78 6raj)'£i hm aiiim'ssion Jxfgi'eftfr: 1521-1887.

1590-1. folio \%b—{coniiHued).

Feb. 2. Ed\v.\rd Cecil, son of Thomas Cecil, Knight.

„ „ Richard W.\ndesford, of Pickhill, co. York, Esq.
folio 186.

„ 22. Richard Martvn, Knight, one of the Aldermen of the City of London.

„ „ Henry Byllyngsley, one of the Aldermen of the City of London.

„ „ Edward Grymeston, arm., of co. Suffolk.

„ 25. William Boroughe, Esq.
1590. folio 187.

Aug. 13. Edward Topham, of Aglethorpe, co. York, gent.

„ „ Geoffrey Galway, of Limerick, Ireland, gent.

„ „ Arthur Futter, son of William Futter, of East Dereham, Kent {sic), gent.

Nov. 6. Thomas Gibson, late of Barnard's Inn.

„ •„ James Kitcham, son of John Kitcham, late of Islington, Esq.

„ „ Henry Cheeke, son of Henry Cheeke, Esq. (erased).

„ „ Richard Fowlkes (Fooxe), of Bottisham, co. Cambridge, and of Barnard's

„ „ Richard Syuley, of Brayborne, Kent. [Inn (" Folke " in ledger).

,, „ George Stockdale, of Casterton, Westmoreland, and of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ Henry Whyskins, son of Henry Whyskins, double reader.

„ II. Henry Woodhouse, son of Henry Woodhouse, of Breckell, Norfolk, Esq.

„ 18. David Smyth, of Righam, co. Denbigh, gent., late of Barnard's Inn.
1 5 90- 1. folio 188.

Feb. 3. George Darrell, son and heir of John Darrell, of Little Chart, Kent, Esq.

„ „ John Mydleton, of Mydleton-super-Linton, co. York, gent., of Staple Inn.

„ „ Richard Orde, of Horklye, Northumberland.

„ 10. John Clerke, of Hinderclay, Suffolk, late of Barnard's Inn.
Edward Fytton.

Theophilus Mountgomery, of Peterborough, co. Northampton, folio 195.

folio 198.
Thomas Yale, of Barnard's Inn.

Edward Gilpin, son and heir of John Gilpin, of Highgate, Middlesex, Esq.
Walter Charlton, son and heir of Andrew Charlton, of Apley, Salop, Esq.
Matthew Clerke, of King's Lynn, Norfolk, Esq.
John Bolle, of Louth, co. Lincoln, gent.

folio 201. [aforesaid.

John Lanv, eldest son of John Lany, Lent reader of this Inn in the year
Edward Sherland, of Suffolk, and of Staple Inn.
John Perkins, of Upleadon, co. Gloucester, late of Staple Inn.

Barnard Townley, of Staple Inn.

Walter Dayrell, of Staple Inn.

Thomas Shirley, gent.

Ralph Fetherstonhaulgh, of Stanhope, co. Durham.

























#ra)[)'5 5nn atiim'sfeiion lUsieftrr: 1 521-1887.






folio 202.

Francis Southake, gent., of (Netrid?) land, co. Cornwall (erased).

21. Francis Southake, of co.

„ Humphrey Wellinge, late of Staple Inn, gent.

folio 209.
9 Richard Yonge, of London, Esq.
,, William Gettor (or Jetter), of Canterbury, Kent, gent.
14. Thomas Bellay, of Bugden, Hunts, son and heir of John Bellay.
„ John Townlev, of London.
II. Richard Bell, of City of York, gent.

„ John Monson, son of John Monson, of Carleton, co. Lincoln, Knight. [Esq.
„ Thomas Bard, son and heir of Rodolph Bard, of North Kelsey, co. Lincoln,
I. James Tozer, of the town of Southampton, gent.

„ John Machell, Junior, of Hackney, Middlesex, son and heir apparent of

[John Machell, of Hackney, Esq.
„ Thomas Hamburgh, of Howsam, co. York.

6. Gervase Tevery, of Stapleford, Notts, gent, ("tortoise" see Gesta Grayorum).
„ Symon Smyth, of London, gent.
„ Rowland Perlect, of Skipwith, co. York, gent.
„ Peter Barnewall, of Lespopell, co. Dublin, gent.

folio 210.
8. John Denne, gent., of Staple Inn.

„ Jayre Flower, son of John Flower, of Edithweston, co. Rutland, Esq.
„ John Tompson, son and heir of Francis Tompson, of Boothby, co. Line, gent.
24. Robert Legryce (called " Grice " in ledger), of Bradisham, Suffolk, gent.

Robert, Lord Rich.

John Wolley, of the Queen's Council.

Thomas Grey, heir apparent of Lord Grey (de Wilton).

John Herbert, one of the Masters of Requests.

John Payton, Knight.

William Cooke, Clerk of the Liveries (Gesta Grayorum).

Robert Lane, son of William Lane.

Henry Denny.

Roger Millisent, son of Robert Millisent.

Robert Maie.

Robert Penruddock.

Charles O'Carroll, Knight, an Irishman.

Henry Boyar (rightly Bowyer), son of John Bowyer, Serjeantat-Law.

Charles Busey (Bewsey), son of John Busey.

Felix Gerrard.

William Kydlowe.

Henry Banyster, of Croston, co. Lane.

8o «graj)'s; Jnn atimissd'on J^r cyi'sftrr : 1 521 -1887.

1591-2. folio 211.

Feb. 2. [Giles, Lord Chandos, admitted an Ancient.]

„ 7. Henry Goring, son and heir apparent of William Goring, of Burton, Sussex, Esq.

„ „ Blunt, son of Blunt.


June 15. Giles de Killinoworth, of , co. Cambridge, gent, (erased).

„ „ Robert Codrington, of , co. Gloucester, gent.

„ „ M.^RMADUKE Constable, of Everingham, co. York, gent.


Feb. 9. Robert Bevill, of Chesterton, Hunts, son and heir of Robert Bevill, Esq.

„ „ Henry Dixon, of Stone, Kent, gent.

„ „ Edward Jeninson, of Newark-on-Trent,Notts,gent., late of Staple Inn (erased).

„ „ Thomas Paine, late of Staple Inn, gent, (erased).

1 59 1. folio 316.

Aug. 9. Thomas Darley, of Kilnhurst, co. York.

„ 14. Nicholas Staines, of Barnard's Inn, gent.

„ Thomas Ellis, son and heir apparent of John Ellis, reader.

Oct. II. John Joselyn, of Sawbridgeworth, Herts.

,, „ Ralph Sturdy, of Yafford, co. York.

Nov. 5. Edmund Crofts, son of Thomas Crofts, of Little Saxham, Suffolk, Esq.

„ 6. Nicholas (Lane) Lowe, of Denby, co. Derby, gent., of Barnard's Inn.

„ „ George Wright, son of Thomas Wright, of Debham, Kent, gent.

„ 8. Francis Fetherstonhalgh, of Stanhope, co. Durham, gent.
folio 217.

„ 22. Edward Stanley, son of Thomas Stanley, of , Cumberland, gent.

„ 26. Fulke Vaughan, of Drumhaglog (Drinheylog), co. Denbigh, gent., late of

J,,- on. [Barnard's Inn ("Staple " in ledger).
1591-2. foho 224. ■- \ t' & I

Mar. 1. Edmund Dearsley, of Dowling, Suffolk.


April 17. Thomas Hobbes, of London, gent.

„ „ Hamon Claxton, junior, of Norwich, late of Barnard's Inn.

„ 19. William Michelborne, of Newick, Sussex.

„ 24 Anthony Pennynge, of Kettleborough, Suffolk.

„ 25. Henry Byng, son and heir of Thomas Byng, Doctor of Laws of Cambridge.
folio 225.

-May I. Edward Stafford, Knight.

„ „ William Stafford, son and heir of said Edward Stafford, Knight.

„ 30. George Adwyke, of Arksey, co. York. [London.

„ „ Jerome Gardener, son of Thomas Gardener, of St. Peter's parish, City of

June 5. Nicholas Mason, of Egmanton, Notts, gent.

„ ,, Edward Payler, of City of York, gent., son of \Villiam Payler, Esq.

„ Robert Monson, of co. Lincoln, son of John Monson, Knight.

12. Charles .-Vlington, son of George Alington, Esq.

„ 13. Ralph I.AWsoN, of Nesham, CO. York.


(trap's 5im SlimisiSi'on JUffi'siter : 1 521- 1887. 81

folio 234.

Mar. I. Thomas Nightingale, son and heir apparent of Geoffrey Nightingale, of
„ „ Thomas Lambert, of Colchester, Essex. [Newport, Essex, reader.

April 17. Thomas Payne, late of Staple Inn, gent. [of Earl's Colne, Essex, Esq.

„ „ Richard Harlackenden, of Staple Inn, .son and heir of Roger Harlackenden,
„ „ Thomas Harlackenden, of Staple Inn, second son of said Roger
„ „ Thomas France, of Staple Inn. [Harlackenden.

folio 235.

„ 24. William Thorold, of Haghe, co. Lincoln, late of Barnard's Inn (erased

„ „ Samuel Fenton, of Staple Inn, gent. [Restitutur quite se submisit)

May 5. Robert Cotton, of West Peckhani, Kent, late of Staple Inn, gent.

„ „ George Walker (written also " Waller "), of Harborough, co. Leicester,

[gent., late of Barnard's Inn.
June 7. WiLLiA.M Lewis, of Parkesey, co. Merioneth, late of Barnard's Inn.
„ 12. Hugh Alington, son of George Alington, Esq.

„ „ Christopher Parkinson, son of Thomas Parkinson, of Burneston, co. York.
„ 13. Lewis Pickering, of Titchmarsh, co. Northampton.
„ „ Thomas Birch, of Manchester, co. Lane, now of Barnard's Inn.
„ „ Vincent Castell, of Horsley (Horsell), Surrey, gent.
folio 247.
Aug. 3. Henry Jaye, citizen of London, cousin of Richard Jaye, Serjeant-at-Law.

Cornelius Fishe, son of Waher Fishe, "faithful servant of our lady Queen

Ascanius Rialme, an Italian. [Elizabeth."

Owen Salusbury, " capitaneus militie studiosus."

Bartholomew Hales, cousin to Charles Hales, reader of this Society.

Thomas Milles, gent.

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