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The register of admissions to Gray's inn, 1521-1889, together with the register of marriages in Gray's inn chapel, 1695-1754 online

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Online LibraryGray's Inn. cnThe register of admissions to Gray's inn, 1521-1889, together with the register of marriages in Gray's inn chapel, 1695-1754 → online text (page 9 of 84)
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„ „ Rowland Archbold, son and heir of Edward Archbuld, of Portmarnock, co.

,, 22. Charles Vevsev, of Hintlesham, Suffolk, gent.

„ „ John Gulson, of Wymondham, co. Leicester, gent.

Aug. I. Nicholas HowLAND, of Caistor, CO. Northampton, gent.

„ „ Bartholomew Chaworth, son of John Chaworth, of Epjicrstone, Notts, Esq.

folio 526.

Oct. 26. Anthony Hutton, son of William Hutton, of Penrith, Cumberland, Esq.

„ „ Francis Taverner, of Hoxton, Herts, gent.

„ „ Christopher Virden, of Clanmore, co. Louth (?), Ireland, gent.

„ „ James Plunkett, of Densoughtlie, co. Dublin, gent.

„ „ Daniel Leech, son of John Leech, of Barking, Essex, gent.

„ „ Joseph Hockelton, of Woderton, Salop, gent.

Nov. I. M.\tthew (Hutton), Archbishop of York.

„ „ Henry (Robinson), Bishop of Carlisle.

„ „ Richard Musgrave, of Hartley, \Vestmoreland.

„ „ John Perce, of Clifford's Inn, gent.

„ „ Philip Perient, of Mountfichett, Herts, gent. [Esq.

,, 6. Walter Barker, one of the sons of Rowland Barker, of Haughmond, Salop,
folio 527.

„ „ Jonathan Boteler, of Estrye, Kent, gent.

„ „ S.\muel Hartopp, of Burton Lazars, co. Leicester, gent.

„ „ Thomas Reader, of London, gent. [readers of this Inn, absque tine.

„ „ Nicholas Fuller, son and heir apparent of Nicholas Fuller, Esq., one of the

„ 9. Drew Drurv, of Rolleston, Norfolk, gent. [East Riding of York.

„ „ Henry Alured, son and heir apparent of John Alured, Esq., of Charterhouse,

„ 23. Thomas Paramour, son of Henry Paramour, of Isle of Thanet, Kent, Esq.

„ 28. William ,\cclom, son and heir of John Acclom, of Moreby, co. York, Esq.

„ „ Henry Hawker, of Charlcock, co. Kent, son and heir of Seilis (?) de

[Hawker, of said County.

„ „ William Davenport, son and heir apparent of \\'illiam Davenport, of Brom-

1601-2. [hall, CO. Chester, Esq.

Feb. 2. Percival Hart, of Lullingston, Kent, Knight. [Middx., gent., deceased.

„ „ John Stepkyn, son and heir of John Stepkyn, late of St. Mary, Whitechapel,

,, „ Robert Hatton, of Clynton, Cambridge, son and heir of John Hatton, of

[Long Stanton.

(grap'sf 5nn aUmi'efSion <Krg:isitn-; 1 521-1887. 103

1 60 1-2. folio 527 — {continued).

Feb. 2. Lancelot Salkeld, son of Lancelot Salkeld, of Whitehaven, Cumb., Esq.

„ „ John Thornborough, Bishop of Limerick, and Dean of York (died. Bishop

[of Bristol, about 1641).
folio 528.

„ II. Henry Anderson, son and heir of Henry Anderson, of Newcastle, Esq.

„ „ Francis Saunders, gent.

„ „ Gabriel Dowse, gent.

„ „ Thomas Rowland, gent.

,, 20. David Floyd, of Llwydyard, Anglesey.

„ „ Edward Shute, of Ockington, Cambridge, gent.

\L'ir. 5. Francis Lisle, of Kingston, Surrey, gent.

„ ,, Rowland Ingham (or Engham), of Gunston, Kent.

1 60 1. folio 532.

Oct. 26. Roger Sherborne, of Ribbleton, co. Lancaster, gent.

„ „ James Archer, of Kilkenny, Ireland, gent. [York, Esq.

Nov. 9. John Alured, second son of John Alured, of Charterhouse, East Riding of

„ 18. William Dewhurst, son and heir apparent of John Dewhurst, of Dewhurst

[Hall, CO. Lancaster, gent.

1601-2. folio 533.

Feb. II. Henry Dewell, gent. [co. Lancaster, gent.

„ 20. Savage Hawarden (Howarden ?), son of John Hawarden, of Wydnes,

RLir. 5. Robert Townson, of Westmoreland, gent.

„ „ ^\'ILLIAM Powell, of London, son of Powell, of London.

1602. folio 540. [co. York, Knight.
May 3. Ferdinando Fairfax, son and heir apparent of Thomas Fairfax, of Denton,

,, „ John Clapham, late servant to Lord Burghley, Treasurer of England.

„ ,, George Knighton, son of George Knighton, Esq., of Bayford, Herts.

„ „ Simon Archer, son and heir apparent of Andrew Archer, of Tamworth, co.

„ „ Thomas Archer, second son of said Andrew Archer. [Warwick, Esq.

„ „ Thomas Brereton, of Yearde, co. Somerset, gent.

,, „ Nicholas Eversfield, of Uckfield, Sussex, gent.

„ 14. John Clarcke, of Great Dunmow, Essex.

„ William Cavendish (after Earl of Devonshire), son and heir apparent of

[William Cavendish, of Hardvvick, co. Derby, Esq.

,, James Barker, son and heir apparent of Richard Barker, Esq., one of the

[readers of this Inn, sine fine.
folio 541.

June 14. Edmund Bragge, of London, gent.

July 3 1 . Edward Aungier, of Cambridge, gent., son of Richard Aungier, Esq., deceased

.'Vug. 3. Francis Coppinger, of London, gent.

„ „ Thomas Fitzgerald, of London, Esq., brother to Gerald, Earl of Kildare.

„ „ Henry Plucknett, of Bridgeforth, Dorset.

,, „ Peter de la Hyde, of Belandy, co. Meath, gent.

„ „ William Blakeney, of Reckinhoe, co. Dublin, gent.

I04 trap's! Jim !aiimis!£fion J^fSi'stn- : 1521 1887.

1602. folio 541 — {continued).

Aug. 10. William (Herbert), Earl of Pembroke, Lord Herbert of Cardiff, Lord Parr
[and Rosse of Kendal, Baron Marmion and St. Qaintin.

„ ,, William Browne, of Snelston, CO. Derby, Knight.

„ „ Walter Plunkett, of Louth, Ireland.

„ „ John Peck, of London, gent.

„ „ Benjamin Bowyer, of Camberwell, Surrey, gent.

„ „ Isaac Barrow, M.D.

„ „ Edward Fitzgerald, of Ireland, gent.

folio 542. [co. Kildare.

„ 13. Maurice Fitzgerald, son and heir apparent of Thomas Fitzgerald, of Lacah,

„ „ Ambrose Thelwall, of Ruthin, co. Denbigh, gent.

Oct. 30. John Howland, son of Giles Howland, of Streatham, Surrey, gent.

„ ,, Robert Stanley, of the city of York, gent.

„ „ Lawrence Ashburnham, of Bromham, Sussex, gent.

„ „ John Ashburnham, of Bromham, Sussex, gent. [late reader of this Inn.

„ 26. Peter Phesant, of Barkworth, co. Line, gent., son and heir of Peter Phesant,

folio 543.

„ „ William Seres, of Barking, Essex, gent.

Nov. 5. Abell Buckley, of Staple Inn, gent.

„ „ Walter Doble, of Falmer, Sussex, gent.

,, 15. Richard Lewkvn, of Essex, gent. [co. Derby, Esq.

„ 22. Gilbert Kniveton, son and heir apparent of William Kniveton, of Mercaston,

„ „ Richard Alfrey, of Catesfield, Sussex, gent.

folio 544.

„ 25. Ralph Cantrell, of Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk, gent.
„ „ Thomas Whipple, of Dickleborough, Norfolk, gent.
Dec. 1. Thomas FiTZWiLLiA.MS, of Merrion, CO. Dublin, Esq.

Feb. 8. Thomas Aston, of Aston, co. Chester, gent.
„ „ Justinian Lewin, son and heir of William Lewin, D.C.L.
„ „ John Ingleby, of Hickin, Notts, son of John Ingleby of Rudby, co. York, Esq.
„ „ Robert Betson, of the city of Lincoln, gent.
„ „ Francis Tindall, son and heir of John Tindall, of Brotherton, co. York, gent.

folio 545.
„ „ Edmond Avan, of Lantwit, co. Glamorgan, Esq. [Chester, Esq.

„ II. George Spurstowe, son and heir of George Spurstowe, of Spurstowe, co.
„ „ Thomas Cheyne, son and heir of William Cheyne, of Kirby-over-Blows, co.

[York, Esq.
Mar. 13. Henry Lello, Esq., Ambassador to the Queen at Constantinople, Turkey.
„ „ Richard Colthurst, gent., late Consul at Aleppo (in partibus de Morca in

[Turcia pro mercatoribus Anglie).
„ „ Rowland Staper, gent., son of Richard Staper, senior, of London, gent.

(Bvap's 5nn SiUmieiSion llegififtn*: 1521-1887. 105

1602-3. folio 545 — (cotitinued).

Mar. 13. Nicholas Staper, of London, gent.

„ „ Humphrey Robinson, of London, gent.

„ „ Henry Robinson, of London, gent.

„ „ George Fitzgerald, of Molenetaght, co. Meath, gent.

„ 15. AViLLiAM Ferrand, D.C.L.
1602. folio 546.

May 3. John Osbaldeston, son of John Osbaldeston, of Osbaldeston, co. Lane, E.sq.

„ „ Thomas Stoke, of London, gent.

„ „ Nathaniel Birkhead, of Wakefield, co. York, gent.

„ 14. John Pepper, son of Cuthbert Pepper, Esq., surveyor of liveries in the Court
[of Wards and Liveries, and one of the readers of this Inn, sine fine.

June 17. Richard Thorpe, of Little CauIden-in-Holderness, co. York.

„ 23. Gawdy Bolton, of Garboldisham, co. Norfolk.

folio 547. [Bucks, gent.

July 31. Timothy Egerton, son and heir apparent of Thomas Egerton, of Aldstock,

Aug. 3. Thomas E.-^st, of Swavesey, co. Cambridge, gent.

Nov. 5. Ralph Yaxley, of Yaxley, Suffolk, gent. [Glamorgan, gent.

,, D.A.VID Tenkin, son of Jenkin Richard, of the parish of Pendilion, co.

„ „ Thomas Barrington, of Broad Oak, Essex, gent.

„ „ Henry Barrington, of Broad Oak, Essex, gent.

„ II. Francis Stacy, gent.

„ 21. Edward Jones, of Langwarne, co. Hereford, gent., late of Staple Inn.

„ 25. Edmund Breres, son of Alexander Breres, of Preston-in-Amunderness, co.

[Lancaster, gent.
folio 548.

„ Stephen Jeffrey, of Staple Inn, gent. [co. Lincoln, Esq.

Dec. I. George Marbury, son and heir of Edward Marbury, of Grimsby (Grisby ?),

,, „ William Marbury, second son of said Edward Marbury.


Feb. 4. Randal Eddowes, son of Roger Eddowes, of Pibrotune, co. Fhnt, gent.

„ Anthony Williams, of St. Gerry, co. Glamorgan, gent.

„ Robert Holme, son of Seth Holme, of Huntington, co. York, gent.

„ „ Francis Bodenham, of Ryall, co. Rutland, gent.

„ „ William Hall, of Barnard's Inn, gent.
„ „ Thomas Young, of Staple Inn; gent.
„ II. Robert Bassock, gent., late of Staple Inn.
folio 549.
Mar. 12. William Drury, son of Anthony Drury, senior, of Besthorpe, Norfolk, Esci.

„ James Goodman, of Plompton, Northants, gent.
„ 17. Robert Tyrrell, of Ashdon, Essex, gent.
„ „ William Gerye, of Bushmead, in parish of Eaton, Beds, gent.

„ „ James Enyon, of St. Mary's, Whitechapel, co. Middlesex, gent., and late of

„ Edward Jenkinson, ofTunstall, Norfolk, gent. [Barnard's Inn.

io6 #iaj)'5 hm Sltiims(£{ion i\fgi£itfr: 1 521- 1887.

1603. folio 556.

May 16. Walter Rumsev, of Uske, co. Monmouth, gent. [Lord Treasurer of Scotland.
2. George Home, Knight (Earl of Dunbar), one of the King's Privy Council, and

[for Scotland.
James Elphinstone, Knight, one of the King's Privy Council, and Secretary
Thomas Erskine, Knight (of Gogar Viscount Fenton, Segar), Captain of the

[King's Guard.
, John, Lord Erskine, son and heir apparent of John, Earl of Marr.
, John Bothwell, Lord Holyroodhouse, one of the Privy Council in Scotland.
, Roger Aston, Knight, one of the gentlemen of the King's Privy Chamber.
, David Foulis, Knight, one of the gentlemen of the King's Privy Chamber.
, James Hudson, Esq., one of the King's Servants. (Servientium.)
, George Blencow, one of the King's Servants. (Servientium.)
, William Hutton, Esq., of Penrith, Cumberland, one of the King's Servants.

„ ,, William Hunter, Esq., one of the King's Servants. (Servientium.)
June 3. Tho.mas Walker, of London, gent.

folio 557.

July 12. Thomas Gold, son of George (iold, of Cork, Ireland, Esq.

Jan. 31. Ralph Hayman, son of Henry Hayman, of Sellinge, Kent, Esq.
Feb. 7. Owen Oge McCallaghan, son of Owen McCallaghan, of Carribegg, CO. Cork.

„ „ Philip Spurling, son and heir of John Spurling, Serjeant-at-Law, deceased.

,, „ Isaac Romnev, son of William Romney, Knight (in consideration that by
his industry the greatest part of the house was saved from fire, sine fine).

„ „ Thomas Theasdai.e, of Abingdon, Berks, gent.

1604. [Knight.

May 7. William Whittingham, son and heir apparent of Timothy Whittingham,

„ „ Nicholas Culverwell, son and heir apparent of Samuel Culverwell, Clerk.

folio 558.

„ „ Thomas Foljambe, of Walton, co. Derby, Esq.

,, „ Thom.vs Alured, son of John Alured, of Charterhouse, CO. York, Esq.
,, „ William Davies, of Epping, Esse.x, gent.
„ „ Thomas Chute, son of George Chute, of Brede, Sussex, Esq.
„ 18. John Kempe, son and heir of Thomas Kempe, Esq.
,, „ Christopher Darcv, son of Edward Darcy, of London, Knight.
» :. Thomas Goouricke, gent , son and heir apparent of Daniel Goodricke, Esq.,

[of Ely, CO. Cambridge.
„ „ Thomas Gib.som, gent., son of John (libson, of Welboriie, co. York, Knight.

folio 559.
„ „ Anthony Pell, gent., son and heir apparent of Richard Pell, of Demblesby
(Demelbye), co. Lincoln, Knight. [principall").

June iS. Henry H.wtaine, of Staple Inn ("on certificate of George Wingate,

(grap'sJ finn aumi'sffifion i^rgi'siter: 1 521-1887. 107

1604. folio 559 — {conthiued).

June 18. Anthony Duckett, Esq., son and heir apparent of Francis Duckett, of

[Grayrigg, Westmoreland, Knight.
„ 24. John Rouse, of Henham, Suffolk, being in the King's Custody, son and heir
of Thomas Rouse, Knight (at the request of, and his Custody committed
to. Sir Christopher Yelverton, a Judge of the Court of King's bench).
„ 26. Richard MiLLWARD, of Bentley Heath, CO. Warwick.
„ „ Thomas Lucas, of Stratford-on-Avon, co. Warwick, gent.
„ „ George Wharton, son of Christopher Wharton, gent., of co. Durham.

folio 560. [Dublin, gent.

„ Robert Barnewall, son and heir of Christopher Barnewall, of Newton, co.

Aug. I. Adam Newton, Esq., " a studiis " (? tutor) to Henry, Prince of Wales.

„ „ Thomas Frank, of Hatfield Broadoak, Essex, Esq.

,, „ Thomas Birchmore, of St. Albans, Herts, Esq.

,, Francis Wvat, son of George Wyat, of Boxley, Kent, Esq.

„ „ N.\THANIEL Finch, son of Henry Finch, the reader, by whom he is admitted.

„ 3. William Davison, of Stepney (Stebenheath), Middlesex, Esq.

„ „ AVilliam Davison, son of said William Davison, of Stebenheath.

„ „ Richard Berford, son of John Berford, of Kilrow, co. Meath.

„ „ Anthony C.4UE, of Stow, CO. Cambridge.

„ ,, Henry Palmer, Knight, Controller of the King's Fleet.

folio 561.

7. Thomas Somerset, Esq., son of the Earl of Worcester, and Master of the
„ 8. Richard Talbot, of Malahide, CO. Dublin, Esq. [Queen's Horse.

John Glasier, of Staple Inn, gent.

AVilliam Bowes, son and heir of Ralph Bowes, of Barnes, co. Durham, gent.
George Lamplugh, of Cockermouth, Cumberland, son and heir of Edward

[Lamplugh, Esq., deceased.
Thomas Blechenden, son and heir of John Blechenden, of Monckton, Isle of
Gerard Aylmer, of Dubberston, co. Meath. [Thanet, Esq.

Theophilus Ashton, of Staple Inn.

Edward, Lord Morlev. [parts.

Edmund, Lord Sheffield, President of the King's Council in the Northern
John Rous, of Henham, Suffolk, Esq.

Peter Daniel, of Over Tabley, co. Chester, Esq. [London.

AA'. Bowes, son and heir apparent of William Bowes, of St. John's Street,
Robert Creswell, of Rochford, Essex, Esq.

Robert Askwith, of York, gent. [of 'his Inn.

Humphrey Steward, gent., son of John Steward, Esq., one of the Members
Peter AVarburton, of Lodge, co. Chester, gent., son and heir apparent of
George AVarburton, Esq. [ge^-

Thomas Rudde, son of Thomas Rudde, of Higham Ferrers, co. Northampton,

io8 (Srap'g $nn aumisi^ion Mfgistn': 1 521-1887.

1604. folio 562.

Nov. 16. William Welby, of Gedney, co. Lincoln, gent.

, John Hebden, son of Goddard Hebden, of Burwashe, Sussex, gent.

, Thomas Lewis, son and heir of Daniel Lewis, of Giornes, co. Cardigan, gent.

, Roger Martin, son of Richard Martin, of Long Melford, Suffolk, Esq.

, John Sherard, son of William Sherard, of Lobthorpe, co. Lincoln, Knight.

2. William Sherard, of Stapleford, co. Leicester, gent.
1604-5. [Hothleigh, Sussex, Esq.

28. Herbert Lunsford, son of John Lunsford, of Wiligh, in parish of East

folio 563.

„ Anthony Nevill, of Mattersey, Notts, Esq.

,, John Orrell, son and heir of William Orrell, of Turton, co. Lancaster, Esq.

„ Thomas Byng, of \\'rotham, Kent, gent.

„ William Pordage, son of Pordage, of London, gent.

2. Robert Bertie, Knight Lord Willoughby.

„ Charles Carey, second son of Lord Hunsdon. [Beds, Knight.

„ Thomas Rotheram, son and heir apparent of John Rotheram, of Luton,

„ John Pott.s, of Chalgrave, Beds, son and heir of Nicholas Potts, one of the

„ John Curtis, of Grimley St. Mary's, Suffolk. [readers of this Society.

„ W Halford, of Welham, co. Leicester.

11. Roger Charnock, son of Robert Charnock, of Astley, co. Lancaster, Esq.

16. Robert Hewitt, son and heir of William Hewitt, of Millbrook, Beds, Esq.

„ George Carew, Knight, Vice-Chamberlain to Ann, Queen of England.

21. Dudley Carleton, gent.

73. John Povey, gent.

folio 564.

„ William Sidney, son and heir of Robert, Lord Sidney.

„ James Steward, Esq., son and heir of Lord Blantyre in Scotland. • ■

„ Robert Mawde, of Helthwayte Hill, co. York, son and heir of Anthony

,, William Disney, of Carleton-in-Moreland, co. Lincoln, gent. [Mawde, Esq.

„ John Hunt, of Coldnewton, co. Leicester, gent.

25. John Povy, gent.

26. John Overhall, Dean of St. Paul's, London.
„ Francis, Lord Norris.

„ William Cecil, Knight, son and heir of Lord Cecil, Viscount Cranborne.

,, Thomas Dutton, Knight.

„ Thomas Tunstall, Esq.

,, William Gomleton, gent.

„ Thomas Garlond, gent.

„ William Hapdon (Hapclon ?), Esq.

„ John Flower, gent.

,, Peter Frank, gent.

„ George Bonwick, gent.

#rap'£f Jim Sltiimgsiton l\eg:i6tfr: 1 521-1887. 109

1604-5. folio bQi:—{co?ttinued).

Feb. 26. Edward Latham, gent.
„ „ Anthony Tunstall, gent.

folio 565.
„ „ Robert Carey, of Alwington, Devon.
„ „ John Addington, gent., of Alwington, Devon.

„ „ Robert Kempe, son and heir of Robert Kempe, of Gissing, Sussex, Esq.
„ „ WiNGFiELD HoNiNGE, gent. [Beds, Esq.

„ 27. Nicholas Plomer, son of William Plomer, of Hill, in parish of Warden,
„ „ Christopher Crosse, of Wolpett, Suffolk, gent.

„ „ Thomas Roche, of Essex, Esq. [Knight.

„ „ William Withipoll, son and heir of Edmund WithipoU, of Ipswich, Suffolk,
„ „ Francis Withipoll, son of said Edmund Withipoll, Knight.
1605. [deceased.

April 23. Robert Boteler, son and heir of Philip Boteler, of Woodhall, Herts, Knight,
„ „ John Boteler, of Woodhall, Herts, gent.
„ „ Thomas Eliot, of Ballrest, in Ireland, gent.
„ „ George Wigfall, of Long Ridgway, co. Derby, gent.
„ „ John Bradshaw, of Bradshaw, co. Lancaster, gent.

folio 566. [gent.

May 10. William Clopton, son and heir of William Clopton, of Groton, Suffolk,
„ „ Francis Steward, son of John Steward, late a Member of this Inn.
„ „ John Gorton, of Staple Inn, gent.

„ ,, Bartholomew Fromonde, of Cheam, Surrey, and of Barnard's Inn, gent.

June 7. Richard Shuttleworth, of Gawthorpe, co. Lancaster, gent., grandson

(nepos) and heir of Richard Shuttleworth, Knight, Serjeant-at-Law to Queen

Elizabeth ; late Chief Justice of Chester. [Conran, Alderman of Dublin.

„ 12. Thomas CoNRAN, of Wyanstoun, co. Dublin, gent., son and heir of Philip

„ „ John Mill, of Trotton, Sussex, gent., son and heir of Lewknor Mill, Esq.

„ „ William Johnson, son and heir apparent of William Johnson, of Tunbridge,


folio 567.

Aug. 3. Robert Rigdon, Esq., of Barnard's Inn, son and heir apparent of William

[Rigdon, of Dowsbie, co. Lincoln, Knight.

„ Thomas Hughes, gent., son and heir apparent of Thomas Hughes, Esq.,

one of the Grand Company of this Inn. [ampton, gent.

„ William Marriotte, gent., son of John Marriotte, of Ashton, co. North-

„ William Archbold, gent., son and heir apparent of Walter Archbold, gent.,

[of Naas, co. Kildare.
„ Robert Haggar, gent, son and heir apparent of John Haggar, of Bourne,
„ Thomas Ratcliffe, of Ordsall, co. Lancaster, gent. [co. Cambridge, Esq.
„ Edmund Waring, late of Staple Inn, gent.
9. David Drummond, of Borland, in Scotland, gent.
15. Lancelot Browne, M.D.
2 1. Samuel White, of Langley, Wiltshire, gent.

no (Bray'g Jim atimisiSion lUgisitfr : 152 1- 1887.

1605. folio 568.

Aug. 23. Thomas Waddington, of Grindleton, co. York, gent., son and heir of

[Edward Waddington, gent.
„ „ John Lathom, of Dalton, co. Lancaster, gent., late of Barnard's Inn, son of
„ „ William Shee, of Kilkenny, Ireland, gent. [Henry Lathom, gent.

„ „ John Earle, of Torkesley, co. Lincoln, gent.

1603 (i James). folio 676.

June 3. Thomas Petit, late of Staple Inn, and of Chilham, Kent, gent.

Feb. 7. John Jeve, son and heir apparent of James Jeve, gent., of co. Herts.

1604 (2 James). [gent-
May 7. Richard Osbaldeston, son of Edward Osbaldeston, of Altcar, co. Lancaster,

,, iS. John Ratcliffe, of Blanchland, Northumberland (Northants in Reg.), gent.

folio 577.

„ „ Richard Banaster, of Brotherton, co. Lancaster, gent. [Inn, Esq.

June 18. Nicholas Bestney, son and heir apparent of Nicholas Bestney, of Gray's

„ 26. Robert Lewis, of Barnard's Inn, gent, (erased, restored Feb. 12, 8 James).
Aug. 8. Richard Church, son of Edmund Church, of Ardleigh, Essex, Esq.

„ „ John Michel, son of John Michel, of Gray's Inn, Esq.
Oct. 24. Francis Gardiner, son of Richard Gardiner, of Letherhead, Surrey, Esq.

,, ,, William Bowyer, of Staple Inn, gent.
Nov. I. Christopher Sherland, of Easton Mauduit, co. Northampton, gent.
„ 6. Martin Calthroppe, of Barnard's Inn, gent.
„ 16. John Godp.olde, of Barnard's Inn (born at Tannington, Suffolk).

folio 578. [0.\ford, gent.

„ 22. Thomas Standderd, son and heir of Henry Standderd, of Steeple Aston,
„ „ Robert Britton, of Hadleigh, Suffolk, late of Barnard's Inn, gent.
Feb. II. Thomas Cole, of Staple Inn, gent.
„ „ Thomas Moyle, of Staple Inn, gent.

„ 23. Thomas Segar, of Southrepps, Norfolk, gent., late of Barnard's Inn.
„ 27. Robert Dover, of Great Ellingham, Norfolk.
,, „ Laurence Blundeston.
April 30. Edmund Dandy, eldest son of Thomas Dandy, of Combes, Suffolk, Esq.
„ „ Edmund Foley, grandson (nepos) and heir apparent of Edmund Foley,
[of Badley, Suffolk, Esq., one of the readers of this Inn.
„ „ N.4THANIEL Taverner, of Staple Inn, gent.

folio 579. [Inkpen, Berks, gent.

„ „ Thomas Brickenden, son and heir apparent of Thomas Brickenden, of

June 7. John Richardson, son and heir of John Richardson, of the city of Durham

Esq. [co. Glamorgan, gent.

„ 12. Morgan Evans, son and heir apparent of John Evans, of Lantwit Major

[co. Lincoln, Esq
Aug. 23. Henry Somfrscales, gent., son of Robert Somerscales, of Gainsborough

#rai)'5 inn ^timiijsiion lUcjisitrr : 1 521-1887. m

1605. folio 585.

Oct. 18. Adam Foster, of Nassington. co. Northampton, gent.

[Kimbolton, Huntingdon, deceased.

„ 29. Edward Wingfield, gent., third son of Edward Wingfield, Knight, of

„ „ Robert Davenport, of Widford, co. Chester, gent.

„ „ Walter Dunch, of Little Wittenham, Berks, gent.

,, „ Richard Birbecke, of Knaresboro', co. York, gent. [Southwell, Notts, Esq.

Nov. I. George Chaworth, Knight, son and heir apparent of John Chaworth, of

„ „ Stephen Proctor, Knight, of Fountains, co. York.

„ „ Nicholas Kniveton, of Mercaston, co. Derby, Esq. [a fine).

„ „ Francis Rame, of Hornchurch, Essex (admitted by C. Yelverton, without

„ 8. Tobias Chapman, of London, gent.

„ „ Beale Sapperton, of Langley, Herts, gent.

folio 586. [Essex, Knight.

„ 20. Arthur Harris, Esq., son and heir apparent of William Harris, of Cricksey,

„ „ Thomas Polhill, of Shoreham, Kent, gent.

„ „ William Penryn, of Rysnant, co. Montgomery, gent.

„ „ Peter Gering, son and heir of Alexander Gering, ofWinterton, co. Line, gent.

„ 25. Marmaduke Tunstall, son and heir of Francis Tunstall, of Scargill, co.
1605-6. [York, gent.

Jan. 28. Ed.mund Brewster, of Badley, Suffolk (at the request of Edmund Foley, one

[of the readers, sine fine).
„ „ Alexander Rigby, gent., son and heir apparent of Edward Rigby, of Brough,

[co. Leicester (s/c).
,, ,, Christopher Fulwood, son and heir apparent of George Fulwood, of Gray's

[Inn, gent.
„ „ Francis Sanford, son and heir of Arthur Sanford, of Sanford, Salop, Esq.

folio 587.

Feb. 2. Robert Forsett, son and heir apparent of Edmund (?) Forsett, of Maryle-
bone parish, Esq. [this Inn-

„ 5. Jasper Buskell, gent., son and heir of Thomas Buskell, late Member of

„ II. John Clerke, son and heir of William Gierke, of Ford, Kent, Esq.

„ „ William Arthington, of Arthington, co. York, gent.

„ „ William Purefov, of Draiton, co. Leicester, gent.

Mar. 8. Thomas Gore, of Lutterworth, co. Leicester.

„ „ Robert Bourchier, of Benyngborough, co. York, gent.

„ 9. Henry (Rowlands), Bishop of Bangor.

„ ,, George (Lloyd), Bishop of Chester.

„ „ Roger Fenton, S.T.P.

„ „ John Doyley, of Chiselhampton, Oxon, Esq.

„ „ Theodore Gulson, M.A., Fellow of Merton College, Oxford.

„ „ Henry Breres, Alderman of the city of Coventry.

„ John Rogerson, Alderman and Burgess of the city of Coventry.

112 (grap's! 5nn atimisgion SKfffiEfttr: 1 521- 1887.

1605-6. folio 588.

Mar. 10. Edward Tildesley, son and heir apparent of Thurstan Tildesley, of
Tanzaker (Stanzaker), co. Lancaster, Esq., "sine fine, quia Edwardus

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