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Browne's Division and
Maude's Division
Pishin —

British Control — Conditions of Peace
laid down by Lord Lytton,

Climate, etc., 110

Friendliness of Inhabitants, 112
Plumptre, Dean — Sermon against the

War, 134
Political Officers and Military Com-
manders, Relations between.
Dangers of Divided Au-
thority —

Ali Masjid Instance, 11, 26

Bazar Expeditions, Object Lesson
furnished by, 186

Maude's, General, Instructions, 38,
Pollock, Sir G. — Position at Peshawar
in 1841, Comparison with Sir
S. Browne's position at Ali
Masjid, 29
Public Opinion in England — Causes of
Indifference —

Clergy of Church of England, Atti-
tude of, 134, 135, note 1

Cranbrook's, Lord, Secret Despatch
published 21 November — Mis-
statement and Concealment of
facts. Effect on public mind,
etc., 135

Dissenting Chiu-ches — Protests of
Pastors, 135

Ignorance of Facts leading to War,
Effect on Public Opinion,

Parliamentary Debates, Predomi-
nance of questions of fact,
etc., 137
Pukkals, 1, note 3

Punitive Expeditions against Tribes-
men —

Cavagnari, Major, Specially tempted
to indulge in, 170

for particular Expeditions, see their
names, also Names of Tribes
Punjab Chiefs' Contingent —

Constitution, 163

Hospitality of Officers, 313, note 2

Kuram Force, Contingent guarding

Lines of Communications, 162

Punjab — Distress due to Failure of

Winter Rains, 159
Punjab Infantry, 29th —

Pathan Treachery on Peiwar Moun-
tain, 76, 81

Punjab Infantry {continued} —
Pathan Treachery (continued) —
Court-Martial at Kuram — Sen
tences on Offenders, 104
Theft from Field Treasiu-y Chest at
Kuram by Native Non-Com-
missioned Officers, 104
Putties, Woollen Putties, tightening
when wetted, etc., 2, note 1


Quetta —

British Garrison, 316, 317

Insanitary Condition, 123
Quetta Reinforcements, see Biddulph's


Rennick, Capt. — Political Officer in
Peiwar Region, 98
Courage and Coolness at Ali Khel,
222 and note 1
Roberts, Gen. —

Diu-bar at Hazir Pir, 59
Kabul, Arrangements for Advance
on — Order cutting down Im-
pedimenta, 309, 313
Khost Expedition —

Looting and burning of Villages,
No Prisoners to be taken, 211
Military Necessity pleaded as
Justification — Defence in-
valid, 213, 228
Roberts', Gen., Account of

Transaction, 220, 228
Traditional Practice of Anglo-
Indian Army reversed by
Gen. Roberts, 213
Responsibility resting entirely
with Gen. Roberts, 229
Kuram Campaign — Haste and Rash-
ness characterizing, 94
Kuram District, Political Annexa-
tion of — Address to Chiefs,
etc., 105
McPherson, Mr., Standard Corre-
spondent — Treatment of, 314,
Peiwar Mountain Operations —
Attack of November 28, an
attempted Coup-de-Main, 67
Turning Movement on Spin Gawai
— Criticism of Gen. Roberts'
strategy, 83, 85
Sappari Pass, Examination of —
Faulty Dispositions, etc., 103,
note 2, 106, 108, note 2




Roberts, Gen. (continued) —
Sappari Pass (continued) —

for details of Operations see their

Names, also Kiiram Field


Russia — Relations with Shore Ali, 158

Congress to be summoned by the

Czar — Shore Ali's Resolution

to travel to St. Petersburg, 146

Kaufmann's Letters — Shere All's

Reply, 152, 153
Stolietoff's Letter, Paraphrase of,
in Firman of 22 December,
150, 152

St. John, Major —

Adviser to Nawab Gholam Hussain

Khan in Kandahar, 244
Attack on, in Kandahar, 243
Sale's, Gen., Retreat to Jellalabad,
October, 1841 — Disaster in
defile between Jagdalak and
the River Surkhab, 107
Sandemann, Major, R. —

Biddulph's Force, Supplies furnished

to, 109
Influence with Baluchis, etc. —
Assistance rendered to Kan-
dahar Field Force, 120, 130
Sappari Pass, Passage of — Mangal
Attack, on Gen. Roberts'
Transport Train, etc., 99
Faulty Dispositions, Neglect of
Precatations, etc., 103, note 2,
lOG, 108, note 2
Scott, Mr. G. B., of the Survey De-
partment — Attack on,byHill-
" • men near Michni Fort, 195

Shere Ali —

Appeal to Congress of Powers to be
summoned by the Czar-
Resolution to travel to St.
Petersburg, 146
Kaufmann's Letters, Reply to, 153
Mistake in trusting to Russian

Intervention, 158

Stolietoff's Letter, Paraphrase of,

in Firman of 22 December,

150, 1.52

British Mission, Refusal to receive —

Misrepresentation of Facts in

England, 13G, 139
Refusal Justified by Events, 157
Broken Health, etc., 144
Cavagnari's, Major, Charge against —
Execution, Mutilation, etc.,
of British newsagents in
Afghanistan, 171

Shere Ali (continued) —

Death at Mazir-i-Sharif, 155

Letter of Condolence to Yakub
Khan sanctioned by Lord
Lytton, 336
Departure from Kabul, 148
Firman of 22 December, 148
Internal Administration of Afghani-
stan, 155
Letter in reply to Lord Lytton's
Ultimatum, 145
Text of same, 347
Private Life, 156
Vicissitudes of Career, 155
Yakub Khan —

Quarrel with — Effect on Shere
All's relations with British
Government, 156
Release and Acceptance as Heir,
145, 147
Shinwari Clan — Punitive Expeditions,
etc. —
Destruction of Chenar Village,

Leach's, Capt. E. P., Survey Party
attacked by villagers of
Maidanak, 195
Tytler's Punitive Expedition, 196
Mausam, Tytler's Punitive Expedi-
tion, 197
Constitution of Column — Danger-
ous weakness, 197, 199
Raid on Tytler's Communications
during Expedition to Mau-
sam, 199
Utterson's Expedition, 173
Shutargardan Reconnaissance, 96
Sibi — British Control, Conditions of
Peace laid down by Lord
Lytton, 337
Sickness among the Troops, 162
Ali Masjid — Sickness due to Water

of Khyber River, 30
Kandahar Field Force, 162
Kuram Field Force, 200, 222
Maude's Division, 41, 162, 174
Sind Camel-men, British Breach of
Faith witli — Camel-men com-
pelled to proceed to Pishin,
117, 119
Sind, Commissioner of — Number of
Camels, etc., supplied to
Military Authorities, 161
Sisobi Region — Submission of Villages

to Gen. Tytler, 50
Spin Gawai Position — Night March,
Attack and Capture, 75-79,



Stewart, Gen. —

Kandahar Province, Opposition to

Retention of, 260
Operations conducted by, see Kan-
dahar Field Force and
Khelat-i-Ghilzai Expedition.

Stolietoff, General, Letter of 8 October
to Wazir Shah Muhammed
Khan — Shere Ali's Interpre-
tation of Letter, 150, 152

Strong, Capt. — Part in Kam Dakka
Affair, 299

Sultan Jan — Appointed to hold Khost
Valley for the British, 224

Survey Operations, Pathan Suspicion
Hostility of Tribes, 311
Attacks on Survey Parties in the
Khyber, 195

Swat, Akhand of — Efforts to stir up
Mahomed Shah Khan against
the British, 194

Swetenham, Capt. — Assault on Ali
Masjid — Heroism in disobey,
ing call to retire, 13, tiote 2


Takht-i-Pul Valley Reconnaissance —
Action at Ghlo Kotal Pass (Palliser),

Afghan Retreat on Kandahar, 236
Temple, Sir R.—

Mula Pass Route to Pishin Valley

opened up, 318
Supply Chaos at Sukkur, Struggle
with, 161
Thal-Chotiali Force, see Kandahar
Field Force — Biddulph's Divi-
Thal-Ktu'am Road, opening — Stages,

etc., 305 and 7iote 2
Transport Difficulties —

Ali Masjid Turning Movement —

Bullock Transport, 1, 26
Increasing Difficulties — Impossi-
bility of meeting Demand,
Kabul, Preparations for Advance
on, Position of Browne and
Roberts as regards Transport,
Kandahar Field Force — Mortality
among Camels, etc., 130, 160,
233, 245
Breach of Faith with Sind Camel-
men, etc., 117, 119

Transport Difficulties (continued) —
Khelat-i-Ghilzai Expedition, 253
Kuram Field Force, 201, 305, 309,
313, 339
Treaty of 1857 — British Engagement
to send none but a Native
Envoy to Kabul, 136
Tribesmen of North-West Frontier —
Chiefs, Inabilitv to restrain Indi-
viduals, 182
Pathans in Native Regiments —
Kandahar Field Force, Desertions

from, 125
Pimjab Infantrv, 29th, see that
Punitive Expeditions —

Cavagnari, Major, specially

tempted to indulge in, 170
see also Names of Tribes and
Surveyors, Hatred of, 195, 7iote 1,311
Svispicion and Hostility roused by

the War, 164, 345
Villages, Indiscriminate Destruc-
tion, Gen. Maude's Opposition
to, 52, note 1
for particular Tribes see their Names.
Tucker, Capt. — Assistant Political
Officer with Second Bazar
Expedition — Opinion as to
wisdom of retiring, 181
Turning Movements —

Ali Masjid, Flank March on, 1, 16
Inadequate Time allowed, etc.,
Conditions of Success — Actions at

Vimeiro and Rori^a, 84
Lagman Valley — 10th Hussars Dis-
aster, etc., 301
Peiwar Mountain Operations, 75
Division of Forces in presence of
enemy — Gen. Roberta' mis-
take in March on Spin Gawai
Position, 83, 85
Second Turning Movement to-
wards Zabardust Killa, 89 —
Criticism, 94
Tytler, Gen.—

Ali-Masjid, Flank March on, 1, 3,

16, 19
Bazar Expedition, 50

Mistake in disposition of Baggage
on Return March, 65
Dakka Command, 43
Shinwari Punitive Expeditions, 43,

196, 197
Supersession by Gen. Gough, In-
justice, 293, note 1




Utterson, Col. A. H. — Shinwari Pvini-
tive Expedition, 173

Willis, Lieut. — Stabbed in Kandahar,

Woods' Column — 10th Hussars' Dis-
aster at Kabul River, 284, 301

Viceroy, see Lord Lytton
Victoria Cross Awards —

Cook, Capt. J., 78, 313, tiote 1
Creagli, Capt. O'Moore, 300
Ghlo Kotal Action — Order of Merit,
not V.C., awarded to Native
Soldiers, 236
Hamilton, Lieut. W. R. P., 291
Vitakri — Site selected for Cantonment,


Wali Mahomed Khan — Selected by
Lord Lytton as possible Suc-
cessor to Shere Ali, 166
Candidature no longer pressed, 310
Waterfield, Col. R. "g.— AH Masjid
Operations, Letter to Sir S.
Browne on 21 November. 27
Watson, Gen. — Command of Kuram
Field Force Communications,
Wellington, Duke of —

Comparison of Wellington's Position

on arrival at Franco-Spanish

Frontier with Stewart's on

Entry into Kandahar, 259

Non-Combatants, Justice and

Humanity towards, 214
Vimeiro and Rori^a, Actions of —
Double Flank Movement, 84

Yakub Khan —

Afghan Army, Reconstitution of, 194

Attitude towards Great Britain, 154,

Peace Negotiations, 311

Gandamak, Journey to — Accept-
ance of Lord Lytton' s Terms,
340, 341, 342

Quarrel with Shere Ali, Effect on
relations between Great Bri-
tain and Afghanistan, 156

Release and Acceptance as heir by
Shere Ali, 145, 147

Zakka Khel—

Bazar Expeditions, see that title
Depredations in the Khyber the
work of Individuals, not the
policy of the Clan, 182
Divisions among — Minority adhering

to British Government, 50
Lala Beg Valley, Destruction of
Hamlets by Sir S. Browne's
Troops, 37
Zymukhts — Raids on Communications
of Kuram Force, 164, 201, 304

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