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Giovanni, grandson of Nicola.
{See " Raffaele Gagliano.")
Gagliano, Ferdinando, eldest
son of Nicola, grandson of
Alessandro. {Seep. 89.)
Gagliano, Gennaro, second son
of Alessandro, brother of Ni-
cola; b. about 1680, at Naples ;
d. 1750. He was the best
maker of this family.
Gagliano, Giovanni, fourth
son of Nicola, nephew of the
great Gennaro ; d. 1806.
Gagliano, Giuseppe and An-
tonio, second and third sons
of Nicola ; lived at Naples.
Gagliano, Nicola, eldest son
of Alessandro ; b. about 1675,


at Naples ; d. there about


Gagliano, RafFaele and An-
tonio.sons of Giovanni,grand-
sons of Nicola.

Gaillard-Lajoue, J. B. Mirc-
court ; d. about 1870 ; first
an apprentice and then first
workman in the workshop of
Gand ; fair maker.

Gairoud, Louis. Nantes about

Galbani, Piero. Florence in

Galbicellis, G. B. Florence,

Galbusera, Carlo Antonio.
Follower of Chanot ; made a
guitar-shaped model , violins
much praised, but little known

Galerzena. Piedmont, 1790.

Galland, Jean. Paris, rue
St-Honore, about 1744-50.

Galram, Joachim Joseph. Lis-
bon in 1769.

Gand, Charles Adolphe, eldest
son of Charles Francois Gand;
b, Dec. 11, 1812, Paris; d. Jan.
24, 1866.

Gand, Charles Fran9ois, eldest
son of Charles Michel Gand ;
b. Aug. 5, 1787, Versailles.
{See p. 108.)

Gand, Charles Michel, the head
of the Gand family; b. 1748,
at Mirecourt; d. 1820, Ver-
Gand, Charles Nicolas Eugene,
second son of Charles Fran-
cois Gand; b. June 5, 1825,
at Paris; d. Feb. 5, 1892,
Gand, Guillaume, second son
of Charles Michel Gand, 1792-
Garani (Garana),Michelangelo.
A maker in Bologna about
1680 to 1720 ; small value.
Garani, Nicola. 1700. Fair
instruments, Gaghano pat-

tern ; plain wood, yellow var-
Garenghi, Giuseppe. Brescia,

Gasparo da Salo, son of Fran-
cesco Bertolotti, b. 1542. {See
p. 30.)
Gatpanani. Piedmont, 1785-

Gattinari. Enrico. Turin,

Gattinari, Francesco, son of
Enrico Gattinari. Good
maker, 1700-5; red varnish.
Gautrot. Mirecourt, 1855.
Gavinies (Gavanies), Frann. A Spanish family,



GtrrroN, R. , of Cork. Good.

GusETTO, Nicola. Florence,

GuTERMANN. Vienna, nine-
teenth century. Good.

Haensel, Johann Anton. Was
maker and musician to the
Duke of Schonburg at Rochs-
burg, 1800-15.

Haff. Augsburg, eighteenth

Hamberger, Joseph. Press-
burg, Hungary. Firm still
maker at Vienna.

Hamm, Johann Gottfried. A
German who worked in Rome
about 1810; viohns ivory

Hammig, W. H. Leipzig, tenth
century ; good work, i,

Harbour or Harbur. A maker,
London, 1785.

Hardanger. Norway.

Hardie, James & Sons. Edin-
burgh, 1837-90. Industrious
makers and exhibitors. Mag-
gini, Stradivari, and Guarneri

Hardie, Matthew, 1825, and
Thomas, 1856. Good violins,
violas, and violoncellos on the
Amati pattern.

Hardie, Peter. Dunkeld, 1773-
1863. Excellent violoncellos.

Hare, Joseph (or John), 1700-
30. Reacted against Stainer
pattern in favour of Stradi-
vari. London, ]726.

Harham. London, 1765-85.

Harmand. Mirecourt in 1772.

Harris, Charles. London, 1780-
1800. Seldom labelled ; his
work good, especially 'cellos,
Stradivari and Amati pattern ;
red varnish.

Harris, Charles, eldest son of
Charles Harris. Worked for
John Hart, nineteenth cen-
tury; yellow varnish.

Hart, John Thomas, 1805-74,
London. Pupil of Samuel
Gilkes ; made few instru-
ments ; reputation for experi-
ence and skill in repairing.

H ASSERT. Eisenach, eighteenth
century. Good instruments,
not much arched, beautifiU
wood, amber -coloured var-
nish ; good copyist.

Hassert. a brother. Eisenach,
1790, in Rudolstadt. Instru-
ments too much arched; rather
harsh tone.

Haynes, Jacob. London, 1746.
Stainer pattern.

Heberlein, Heinrich, jun.
Clever maker in Markneu-
kirchen, nineteenth century.

Heesom, Edward. London,
1748-50. Stainer pattern.

Heidegger. Passau.

Hel, Pierre Joseph, 1842-95.
Seven years in Mirecourt,
then with Sebastien Vuil-
laume in Paris, and Nicolas
Darche at Aix-la-Chapelle.
In 1865 he started his own
business at 14 Rue Nationale,
Lille ; full of ingenuity ; pecu-
liar methods of seasoning
wood without fire ; has re-
ceived much praise and many
honours ; a beautiful maker.

Held, J. J., b. July 17, 1823-
89, Flaraersheim, Rheinbach
(Cologne). Great repairer and
careful maker of about six-
teen instruments a year ;
much esteemed.

Hell, Ferdinand. Vienna, 1854.
Eccentric maker of a trumpet-

H E L M I c H. Continued Carl
Grimm's business.

Henderson, D. Aberdeen.

Henoc (or Henocq), Fran(,'ois.
Paris, 1775-89.

Henoc (Henocq), Jean (?Georges
Bienaime). Maker, Paris, 1768
to about 1790.


Henry. Paris.

Henry, Carolus, son of Jean
Baptiste Henry, 1803-59 ;
prolific maker ; inventor of
a barytone fiddle (not a suc-
cess); a good maker other-

Henry, Eugene, son of Charles
Henry, 1843-92; an excel-
lent maker of fine repairs ;
business continued by Charles

Henry, Jean Baptiste, b. 1757-
1831, Mataincourt, Mirecourt
(Vosges). He was the head
of the present family of

Henry, Jean Baptiste Felix,
eldest son of Jean Baptiste
Henry. 1793-1858. Paris.
Pupil of his father ; in Bor-
deaux, 1822; in Marseilles,
1825. In 1844 he returned
to Paris. A prolific maker,
but never signed.

Henry, Octave, son of Jean
Baptiste Felix Henry. 1826-
54. Paris. In Grenoble in
1854 ; made a great many

Henry. A violin bow-maker ;
1812 at Mirecourt; 1870, Paris ;
worked with Chanot; made
excellent bows.

HiLDEBRANDT, Michacl Chris-
topher. Hamburg, 17ti5-1800 ;
good work ; fine repairer.

Hill, Henry Lockey, son of
Lockey Hill ; grandson of
Joseph Hill; b. 1774 ; d. Aug.
1835. (For Hill family see
p. 133).

Hill, John. Red Lion Street,
Holborn, 1794.

Hill, Joseph, b. 1715 ; d. 1784.
He was a fellow-apprentice
of Banks, working at "Ye
Harp and Hautboy," in Picca-
dilly, London, under Peter
Wamsley, about 1740-42.
Worked till 1772. His sons,

William, Joseph, Lockey, and
Benjamin, were all makers.

Hill, William, son of Joseph
Hill. Worked in London
about 1740-80.

Hill, William Ebs worth, son
of Henry Lockey Hill, 1817-
95. The present members of
the firm are his four eldest
sons : William Henry, b. June
3, 1857, followed the musical
profession for some years be-
fore joining his brothers in the
business ; Arthur Frederick,
b. Jan. 25, 1860 ; Alfred
Ebsworth, b. Feb. 1862, who
worked for some time at Mire-
court (Vosges), and was the
first Englishman to go there
to study ; and Walter Edgar,
b. Nov. 4, 1S71, who also
worked at Mirecourt. They
employ a large staff of assist-
ants in their workshops at
Hanwell. {Seep. 133.)

HiRcuTT. London about 1600.

HocHBRucKER. Donauworth,
Bavaria, 1699. Later at
Augsburg. Made some violins,
but is chiefly known as the
inventor of pedals for the
harp, about 1720.

HoHNE. Dresden and Weimar.

HoRLEiN, Carl Adam, b. 1829-
75. Winkelhof, Wurzburg ;
great reputation both as
maker and repairer.

Hoffmann, Anton. Court-
maker in Vienna, 1850.

Hoffmann, Martin. Leipzig,
1725 ; in Leipzig from about
1685 ; violins and violoncellos
of good tone, inelegant pat-
tern ; shows well the transi-
tion period between viol and
violin by recurrence to older
types of a five-stringed violon-

HoFMANs, Matthias. Antwerp,
1700-50; choice maker in the
Cremona style.



HoLLOWAY, John. London.

HoMOLKA, F. Kuttenberg,
Bohemia, 1850 ; good maker,
but wood rather too thick.

Hopkins. Worcester ; exhibi-
ted a double-bass in London
in 1862.

HoRiL, Giacomo. Rome, 1720-

HoRNSTEiNER (Homstainer) ,
Joseph. Mitten wald, 1730;
good double-basses ; medi-

HoRNSTEiNER (Homstainer),
Mathias. Maker in Mitten-
wald, 1770-1800; better than

HosBORN, Thomas Alfred. Lon-
don, 1629. A bass viol ex-
hibited in Paris, 1878.

HuET, Henri. Paris, 1775-90;
good workmanship.

HuLiNSKi. Prague in 1760 ;
instruments were well made ;
varnish red-brown.

HuLLER, August. ShcEneck,

HuLSKAMP, G. H., b. in West-
phalia. Settled in New York,
U.S.A. In the 1862 London
Exhibition he exhibited vio-
lins made on a new pattern.
Instead of the ordinary sound-
holes, was one round hole in
the middle of the violin, just
below where the bow sets the
strings in motion ; his innova-
tions ineffectual.

HuMEL, Christian. Nuremberg
in 1709.

Hunger, Christoph Friedrich,
b. 1718, Dresden; d. 1787,
Leipzig ; excellent instru-

HuREL, Jean. Paris, living in
1686, Rue des Arcis, at the
sign of "A I'image de St
Pierre"; from 1689 to 1717,
Rue St Martin, near the
Fontaine Maubue. He was

maker of instruments " pour
la musique du Roy. "
HussoN. See " Buthod."

IvRONTiGNi, WougeUi. Turin.

Jacobs, Peeter. Amsterdam,
about 1690-1740 ; prolific
maker ; sometimes mistaken
for Nicola Amati ; grand
pattern ; whalebone purfling ;
sweet tone.

Jacobs. Amsterdam; probably
son of Peeter ; used dark red
varnish of good quality.

Jacot, a., eldest son of Jean
Charles. Paris, 19th century.

Jacot, Jean Charles. Metz,

Jacquot (Jacquart), Charles,
1804-80. Mirecourt ; much
esteemed ; careful finish ; a
learned connoisseur and suc-
cessful exhibitor.

Jacguot, Etienne Charles Al-
bert, eldest son of Pierre
Charles Jacquot, b. 1853-82,

Jacquot, Jules Victor, second
son of Pierre Charles Jacquot,
b. Aug. 12, 1855.

Jacquot, Pierre Charles, son
of Charles Jacquot; b. March
10, 1828-94. Nancy; had a
great reputation, and exhi-
bited beautiful instruments
at various Exhibitions ; his
two sons worked with him.

Jais, Johann. Botzen, 1775 ;
varnished brown.

J'Anson, Edward Popplewell.
Manchester. Learnt from
William Booth, jun.

Jauch, Johann, b. Gratz, Styria ;
in Dresden, 1765-74. Cre-
mona pattern ; learned maker;
tone rather harsh.

Jay, Henry. A maker of viols
in London about 1615-67 ;
justly celebrated, and on the
verge of the violin period.


Jay, Henry. Worked in Lon-
don about 1746-68. He was
best known for the small
violins or " kits " that he
made, which were used by
dancing-masters ; also made
some violoncellos.

Jay, Thomas. Working in Lon-
don from about 1690; made
some excellent violins.

Jean DEL, Pierre Napoleon,
1812-79. Courcelles-sous-
Vaudemont(Meurthe), Rouen,
and Paris ; red varnish ; good

Johnson, John. London, 1750-
60. Stainer pattern.

Jo M bar, Paul, Paris. He
worked for Gand and Ber-
nardel ; started his own busi-
ness in 1892.

JoRio, Vincenzo. Naples, 1847,

Joseph, J. Vienna, 1764.

JuLiANo, Francesco. Rome,

Kembter. Dibingen, 1725-30.
Varnish yellow or reddish ;
neat maker.

Kennedy, Alexander. Scot-
land, 1695-1785. Excellent
maker ; high repute ; spirit
varnish, brown ; Stainer pat-

Kennedy, John. London, 1816.
Buried in Shoreditch Church.
Pupil of Alexander Ken-
nedy. Violins and violas, all
very arched ; Stainer pattern.

Kennedy, Thomas, 1784-1870,
London. Son of John Ken-
nedy. Worked sometimes for
William Forster ; made at
least 300 violoncellos, as well
as other instruments. Good
tone, fine finish.

Kerlino, Joann.

KiAPOssE, Sawes. St Peters-
burg, 1748-50.

KiESGEN, Louis. Paris. Fine
workman. Pattern of Gand ;
red varnish.

KiRscHscHLAO. Tyrol, 1780.

Klein, A. In 1884, Rouen.
Important firm. Red varnish.
High Exhibition awards.

Kloss, Ernst. Breslau.

Klotz (KIoz), Egidius. {See
p. 119.)

KroTz, George, son of Mathias
andgrandson of Egidius Klotz.
Mittenwald, 1750-70.

Klotz, Johann Carl. Mitten-
wald, about 1740-55. Excel-
lent work ; dark varnish.

Klotz, Joseph, brother of
George Klotz. Mittenwald,
1774. Also followed the
Stainer pattern.

Klotz, Mathias, son and pupil
of Egidius. 1650. His three
sons, George, Sebastian, and
Joseph, were all makers.

Klotz, Michael and Carl, two
brothers. Mittenwald about
1770. A great many of the
violins with " Stainer " labels
are made by members of the
Klotz family.

Klotz, Sebastian, a brother of
Joseph and George Klotz.
1700-40. The best maker in
the family. Large pattern, not
nmch arched; varnish is excel-
lent, the tone clear and full.

K L ij H E u. Markneukirchen,

Knitting, Philipp. Mitten-
wald, 1760.

Knittle (Knitl), Joseph. Mit-
tenwald, 1790.

Knoop, Wilhelm. Meiningen.
Stainer pattern ; good.

KoEUPPERs, Jean. The Hague,
1755-80. Well-made fiddles ;
ugly yellow varnish.

KoLB, Hans. Bavaria, 1666.

KoLDiTz, Johann. Rumburg,
Bohemia, 1796. Good violins
and violas.




KoLDiTz, Mathias Johann,
Munich, 1720-55.

KoLiKER, Jean Gabriel. Paris,
1783-99. Clever repairer.

Kramer, H. Vienna in 1717.

K R I G G E, Heinrich. Danzig,
1756-58. Maggini pattern,
model large size, neat edges
and work, and double pur-
fling in ink.

Kriner, Joseph. Mittenwald,

Krupp, Pierre. Worked in
Paris, Rue St Honore, 1777-
91 ; he also made harps.


Makers in Markneukirchen.
Exhibited in Munich, 1854.

Kontzel. Berlin. He exhi-
bited a quintet of instruments
in London, 1862 ; tone excel-

KuNTZEL, Laurent. 1790. Hof
Bavaria and Breslau, 1815-55.
Excellent violins on Itahan

Lacroix, Salomon. Nineteenth

Lafleur. London, brother of
the Parisian maker.

Lafleur, Jacques. A bow-
maker in Paris. Excellent
disciple of Tourte.

Lafleur, Joseph Rend, son of
Jacques. 1812-74. Excellent

Lafranchini, Jacobo de.
Worked for Maggini.

Lagetto, Louis. An Italian
maker; Paris, 1745-53 ; early
Italian model.

Lambert. Prolific but indiffe-
rent maker.

Lambert, Jean Nicolas. Paris,
1743-85. Not remarkable.

Lambin. Clever repairer in
Ghent, 1800-30.

Lamy, N. Alfred Joseph. A
bow-maker; 1850-89, Mire-
court ; excellent.

Landi, Pietro. Sienna, 1774.
Lavdolfi, Carlo Ferdinando.
Milan, 1740-75. Unequal
maker ; at his best often mis-
taken for Joseph or Peter
Guarnerius; £'50 outside price,
but rising in value.
Lantez, M. E., son-in-law of

Grandjon, sen. Mirecourt.
Lanza (Lansa or Lausa), An-
tonio Maria. Brescia about
1675 ; followed the patterns
of Gasparo da SaI6 and Mag-
gini ; excellent maker.
Lapaix, J. A. Lille (Nord,
France), 1840-55. Tried many
new shapes with moderate
success ; industrious and in-
Lapri^votte, Etienne. Mire-
court; 1856, Paris. Made good
violins ; beautifully finished ;
also guitars.
Larche. Brussels, 1847. Dyed
his fiddles with acids, with
usual result of impoverished
Larcher, Pierre. Tours, 1785.
Pupil of Guersan, Paris, but
work dissimilar ; brown var-
nish of poor quality.
Laska, Joseph. 1738-1805,
Prague. Pupil of J. Kolditz ;
worked for best makers in
Dresden, Berlin, Vienna, and
Briinn ; his violins popular
in Bohemia, Saxony, and
Lauttev, L. W. Tyrol. One
" fine and handsome " vioHn
Lavazza (or Lacasso), Antonio
Maria. Milan about 1700;
Stradivari pattern ; good var-
nish, pale red.
Lavazza, Santino. Was work-
ing in Milan at the same time
as Antonio Maria Lavazza.
L E b. Pressburg, eighteenth
century ; one of the best Ger-
man makers of his time.


Le Blanc. Family of makers
who,through fourgenerations,
worked in Paris, eighteenth

Leblanc, Claude. Mirecourt,
eighteenth century.

Lecleuc, J. N. Paris, 1760-80 ;
good maker and repairer,

Lecomte (or Fouquet-Lecorate),
Antoine. Paris, 1775-1800.

Lecuyer, Pierre. Paris, 1775-

Leduc, Pierre. Paris, 1647 ; one
of the oldest makers there.

Leeb, J. Carl. 1792-1819.

Lefebvre (Lefebre), J. B. A
Frenchman who worked in
Amsterdam, 1735-70 ; Amati
pattern ; yellow varnish.

Lefevre (Lefebvre). Toussaint
Nicolas Germain. Paris, 1783-

Legros de la Neuville, Nicolas.
French maker, eighteenth
century ; guitars, violins, and

Le Jeune. a family of makers
who for several generations
worked in Paris ; nineteenth

Le Jeune, Frangois. Paris,
eighteenth century ; violins
and viols ; not remarkable.

Le Jeune, Jean Baptiste.
Made harps and violins in
Paris ; eighteenth and nine-
teenth centuries.

Le Jeune, Jean Charles. Paris
in 1776 ; succeeded by his
nephew, Guillaume Martin,
in 1822.

Le Jeune, Louis. Paris, 1783-

Le LifcvRE. Paris, 1750-80.

Lembock, Gabriel. 1814-92,
Budapest ; worked with Fis-
cher in Vienna ; copied Guar-
nerius ; much esteemed.

L'Empereur, Jean Baptiste.
Paris, 1750; few instruments.

Lenk, W.,b. 1840; 1881,Schon-
bach bei Eger, Bohemia ;
worked under Kluher in
Markneukirchen; then Berlin,
Breslau, Vienna ; finally set-
tled at Frankfort ; fair maker.

Lentz (Lenz), Johann Nicolaus.
Came from the Tyrol to
London ; friend of Bernhard
Fendt ; varnished like Dodd
and J. F. Lott.

Leoni, Carlo. Treviso, 1861.

Leoni. Parma in 1816.

Le PiLEtTR, Pierre. Paris, 1750-
55. Not very good.

Leti^;, Simon, b. about 1768 ;
1828 made very cheap, good
fiddles for £1 ; at one time a
partner of J. B. Vuillaume.

Lewis, Edward. London about
1700. An excellent maker';
yellow and red varnish ; in
Thomas Britton's collection
was an " excellent tenor by
Mr Lewis " and a " rare
good " bass-vioHn.

LiEBicH, Ernst, b. Oct 27, 1796-
1876 ; Stradivari and Guar-
neri pattern ; he was the
father of

LiEBicH, Ernst. 1830-84, Bres-
lau. Italian pattern. His

LiEBicH, Ernst. 1862-95, Bres-
lau. Excellent repairer ;
makes few, but good ; best
Italian patterns.

LiEBicH, Johann Gottfried.

LiEDOLF, Joseph Ferdinand.
Vienna eighteenth century.

LiGNOLi, Andrea. Florence,
seventeenth century.

Lilly, James. An English
maker, 1821.

LiNAROLO (Linerolli), Francesco
Giovanni. A family, seven-
teenth century ; on the verge
of the violin period ; some of
their instruments have been
adapted for tenors.



LiPPETA, J. G. Neukirchen,
Saxony, 1771.

Ltppolt), Johann Georg. 1780.
Fair maker ; brown var-

L01.10, Giambattista. 18th cent.

LoLY, Jacopo. Naples, 1627.
Pattern of Grancino ; yellow
varnish ; made large-sized

Longman and Broderip,
dealers who employed Jay or
Benjamin Banks, and labelled
with their own names.

LoRENziNi, Gaspare. Piacenza,
eighteenth century.

LoTT, George Frederick. 1775-

Lorr, George Frederick. 1800-

LoTT, John Frederick, son of
G. F. Lott. (Seep. 219.)

LoTz, Theodor. Pressburg.

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