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1908 on the staff of the Morning Post.
He married Mrs. Webster, the widow
of the late Mr. J. H. Webster and a
daughter of Sir Edm. Harrison, in
1893. Besides his journahstic work he
is the author of "Masters of French
Music " (1894), "French Music in the
Nineteenth Century" (1903), "Alfred
Bruneau " (1907), " Franz Liszt and
His Music" (1911), "Meyerbeer"
(1913), and of various contributions
to the supplement of the " Encyclo-
paedia Britannica." Principal com-
positions : Orchestral, Dramatic Over-
ture (1890) ; " Two Tone Pictures "
(Cardiff Festival, 1902) ; " Youth,"
overture (Norwich Festival, 1902) ;
" The Gates of Night," voice and
orchestra (Gloucester Festival, 1901) ;
" In the East," tone poem (Cardiff
Festival, 1904) ; prelude, " lone "
(Philharmonic Society, 1907) ; " Sum-
mer," tone-poem (Cardiff, 1907) ; "Life
Moods," symphonic variations (Brigh-
ton Festival, 1910) ; " The Fairy's
Post-box," opera (Court Theatre, 1885) ;
a large number of songs, including
three albums of German lieder, and
many to English, French, and Italian
words ; also much music for piano,
vioUn, and 'cello. Address : 1
Norfolk Crescent, Hyde Park, W.
Club : St. James's. Telephone : 6389

HESS, Willy, viohnist ; b. 14 July,
1859, at Mannheim, Germany ; s. of
JuUus Hess and his wife {nSe Lina
Rose). Mr. Hess, senior, was a viohnist,
and other members of the family are
musically gifted. His early training was





received from his father, and he after-
wards studied under Joachim at Berlin.
He made his public dSbut in New York
as a boy of eleven (1870). From
1878-86 he was leader of opera orches-
tra and Museum Concerts at Frankfort.
From 1886-8 he fulfilled similar func-
tions, besides a professorship at
Rotterdam. In 1888 he came to
England as leader of the Halle Orches-
tra at Manchester and the Liverpool
Philharmonic Society. From 1895-1903
he was a professor at the Cologne
Conservatory, and leader of the
Gurzenich Quartet. In the latter year
he once more returned to England as
professor of the vioUn at the R.A.M.,
where he remained only a year, as in
1904 he was appointed leader of the
well-known Boston Symphony Or-
chestra, and there he has since re-
mained. He has also helped to form a
string quartet (now known as the
Hess-Schroeder Quartet), and is
besides a successful teacher. Mr. Hess
played before Queen Victoria at
Buckingham Palace in May, 1894, and
again at Osborne in the same year.
In 1899 he received from the Grand
Duke of Luxembourg the Ritter kruez
des Adolfsoren, and he has also re-
ceived a Prussian decoration. He is an
Hon. R.A.M. He married Miss Addie
Traut in 1885. Address : 2 New-
bury street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
Agent : Henry Wolfsohn, 131 East
Seventeenth Street, New York.

HEUBERGER, Richard, composer;
b. Graz on 18 June, 1850 ; studied
engineering and theory of music at
the Technical High School at Graz
(Styria), under Buwa, Hoppe, and
Dr. Mayer (W. A. Remy) ; practised
for a short time as a civil engineer,
and went to Vienna in 1876 to devote
himself entirely to music ; became
chorus-master of the Academical Sing-
ing Society and conductor of the
Academy of Song (1878-80). Com-
posed many songs and chorus pieces,
with and without orchestral parts,
also " Nacht Musik," Variations about
Schubert's " Deutsche Tauze," Over-
ture to Bjnron's " Kain," and other
orchestral compositions, also " Lau-
tenschlagern " a (" ballette "), " Stru-
welpeter," opera (" Abenteuer einer

Neujahrsnacht ") and an operetta
(" Opernball "), etc. Acted as musical
critic to several leading papers. Ad-
dress : Vienna I. Hegelgasse 17.

HEYMAN, Katherine Ruth, pianist ;
b. at Sacramento, California. Studied
with Robt. Tolmie, San Francisco ;
H. Barth, BerUn ; and others. Soloist :
Boston Symphony Orchestra, London
Philharmonic Society, BerUn Phil-
harmonic, etc. Agents : Michell &
Ashbrooke, 18-19 Piccadilly Mansions,

HEYNER, Herbert, baritone; b.
26 June, 1882, in London; s. of
Augustus Otto and Caroline Heyner ;
e. at CUfton and prepared for musical
profession by Fredk. King and coached
in operatic rdles by Victor Maurel.
Made his d^but as a choir boy, aged
ten, at St. Botolph's Church, E.G., in
1892. As a young man his first impor-
tant appearance was at Queen's Hall
in 1907. Has since sung at London
Musical Festival and Norwich Festival,
Queen's Hall Symphony Concerts
1911, The Chappell Ballad Concerts,
Queen's Hall Promenade, Crystal
Palace, Albert Hall, etc., and at the
chief provincial musical centres. Was
engaged for Brighton and Birmingham
Festivals, 1912. Is well known as
singer of German lieder in both Eng-
land and Germany. Fond of golf,
shooting, and all outdoor pursuits.
Address : Heath View House, Black-
heath, S.E. Telephone : Lee Green,

HILF, Arno, vioUnist and first violin
professor of the Royal Conservatoire,
Leipzig; b. Elster, 14 Mar., 1858;
s. of Adam Hilf, leading vioUnist, and
his wife Luise ; e. at Elster ; m.
Helene Buck, 19 May, 1891 ; was
prepared for the musical profession
under Ferdinand David, at the Con-
servatoire Leipzig ; first appeared as
a vioUnist at the Erfurt Festival, 1875 ;
subsequently engaged at Moscow, as
first vioUn professor at the Imperial
Conservatoire, under Rubinstein, and
during that engagement toured through
the whole of Russia. He was successful
at concerts given by him at BerUn,
Leipzig, Hanover, Dresden, Geneva,





Hungary, and all over Germany.
The title of professor was conferred
upon him by the King of Saxony, and
he is the possessor of many decorations.
Address : 14 Schreberstrasse, Leipzig.

HINTON, Arthur, composer; 6.
Beckenham, Kent, 1869 ; was educa-
ted at Shrewsbury School, and des-
tined for a commercial career ; this
proving distasteful, he entered the
R.A.M., where he studied the vioUn
under the late Prosper Sainton and
Sauret, and composition under F. W,
Davenport. After remaining at the
Academy for three years he was ap-
pointed a sub-professor, a position
which he occupied for another three
years, during which time he frequently
played at important concerts in Lon-
don and the provinces. Desirous of
further study he went to Munich and
placed himself under Prof. Rhein-
berger, and here he wrote his first
important work, a symphony which
was played under his own direction
at the Munich Conservatoire. He
next proceeded to Vienna, and later
to Rome, where he worked upon an
opera, " Tamara," which has not yet
been produced. Remaining in Italy
he spent a summer at Albano, and
wrote a fantasia, " The Triumph of
Csesar," first played at the Queen's
Hall, 1906; among his compositions
are a symphony in B flat and another
in C minor ; a suite in D, for vioUn
and piano, played at Broadwood's
Concerts ; a trio in D minor, produced
at the Bechstein Hall, 1903, at his
own concert, and which has since been
played in the provinces, also in
Germany at Diisseldorf and Cologne,
and at Miss Nettie Carpenter's concert,
Dec, 1906 ; a concerto in D minor
for piano and orchestra, first played
at the Queen's Hall, 1 Nov., 1905, the
/ solo part being taken by Miss Kather-
ine Goodson, the eminent pianist, to
whom the composer is married ;
quintet in G minor for piano and
strings, produced at the Wessely
Quartet Concerts, Nov., 1910 ; a
dramatic romance, " Porphyria's
Lover," founded on Browning's poem ;
dramatic scena from Shelley's " Epip-
sychidion," for tenor solo and orches-
tra, produced at Bournemouth, Nov.,

1905, and repeated with much success
at the Bechstein Sunday Orchestral
Concerts ; " Chant des Vagues " for
violoncello and orchestra ; a vioUn
sonata, played by M. Sauret, and nu-
merous piano pieces and songs which
have been sung hf Mr. Plunket Greene,
Mr. Denis O'SulUvan, and many other
well-known artistes. Visited Australia
twice, also Canada and Jamaica, as
Examiner for the Associated Board of
R.A.M. and R.C.M. Address : 14 St.
John's Wood Road, N.W.

HO ABE, T. J., pianist and teacher of
singing ; b. Harrow, and educated by
John Farmer for piano, and afterwards
studied under Herr Ernst Pauer and
other masters for violin and composi-
tion. Made his d^but at Clifton in 1875
as a pianist, but afterwards decided to
take up singing, and became a pupil
of Georg Henschel, and later of Mr.
WilUam Shakespeare ; gave a series
of concerts at Lincoln, and married
Miss K. M. Barrett, a daughter of
Canon Barrett of that town. Appointed
professor at the G.S.M., 1906. Address :
43 Powis Square, Bayswater, W.

HOBDAY, Claude, double-bass
player and teacher ; b. Faversham,
Kent, 12 May, 1872 ; won a scholarship
at the R.C.M. and studied there from
1888-92 ; he is now professor of
double bass at the R.C.M., and is a
member of many well-known orches-
tras, being principal double bass of the
Beecham Symphony Orchestra. Ad-
dress : 27 Rylett Road, Goldhawk
Road, W.

HOCHSTEIN, David, vioUnist ; b. in
Rochester, New York, and studied in
New York City for some time ; then
went to Vienna and studied under
Sevcik one year before entering
Meisterschule. In 1911 was awarded
Government prize of 800 kronen, the
most important violin prize in the
School, as well as a prize vioUn ;
visited London with Prof. Sevcik
in 1911.

HOFBAUEB, Budolt, operatic bari-
tone ; began in theatrical profession,
then studied singing under Prof.
Sattler in Vienna. Appeared first in




operetta at the Carl Theater and later
joined the Volksoper. Was then
engaged at the Hofoper, Vienna. His
fSpertoire includes the Spielmann in
" Konigskinder," " Wolfram," the
" Flying Dutchman," etc. Appeared
at Covent Garden, Opera House, 1911.

HOLBROOKE, Josef, composer, con-
ductor, and pianist ; b. Croydon,
5 July, 1878; s. of Joseph C. Hol-
brooke, musician, by his wife Alice
Scotland, soprsino vocaUst ; e. pri-
vately ; m. Dorothy Hadfield, of
Morthen, Yorks, 1903 ; prepared for
the musical profession by his father,
and later at the R.A.M., London,
where he gained the Potter Exhibition,
Lucas Prize, and other distinctions ;
first appeared at the St. James's Hall,
June, 1896, as solo pianist ; pianist
for Arthur Lloyd on tour (1898),
pantomime conductor (1899), con-
ductor at Woodhall Spa Orchestra
(1900) ; has since appeared at leading
concerts in London, including his own
recitals, Belgium and Berlin, also the
Leeds, Norwich, Bristol, Blackpool,
Hereford and Birmingham Festivals.
His compositions include " The Ra-
ven " (Crystal Palace, 1901), " The
Viking," " Ulalume " (Queen's Hall,
1904), "Byron Ode" (Leeds, 1904),
" Masque of the Red Death," " The
Bells " (Birmingham, 1906), " Choral
Symphony " (Leeds, 1908), " Heaven
and Earth," " Variations on ' Auld
Lang Syne,' "" Three Blind Mice,"
" The Girl I Left Behind Me "
(Belgium, 1905), " Pierrot and Pier-
rette " (opera. His Majesty's, 1909),
and many pieces of chamber music
for all combinations of instruments.
His latest production was a grand
opera, " The Children of Don," to a
libretto by Lord Howard de Walden,
produced by Mr. Hammerstein at
London Opera House, 1912. His
favourite professional occupation is
composing operas, and his recreations
are cycUng and conversation. A ddress :
86 Newman Street, W. Agent : E. L.
Robinson, 7 Wigmore Street, W.

HOLLANDER, Benoit, violinist and
composer ; b. Amsterdam, Holland, in
1853 ; e. at the Paris Conservatoire,
where he obtained the first prize in


1873, having studied under L. Massart
for viohn, Savard for harmony and
counterpoint, and Saint-Saens for
composition. Made his first public
appearance at Lille in France ; has
travelled all over Europe with Stra-
kosch, played at the " Pops " in Lon-
don, and has since been a professor
of the viohn at the G.S.M. Mr.
Hollander married an Enghsh lady in
1890, who died in 1912. Address :
23 Westwell Road, Streatham Com-
mon, S.W.

HOLLMAN, Joseph, violonceUist ;
b. Maastricht, HoUand, 1852; s. of
Charles HoUman, Burgomaster of
Maastrecht, and his wife Ehse Rutten ;
e. at Brussels and the Paris Conserva-
toire ; made his first appearance as
a soloist at The Hague, before the
late King William III. Is one of
the leading 'ceUists of the day, and
possesses superb tone and technique ;
has fulfilled engagements all over
Europe, in the United States, and, of
course, in Great Britain, is most highly
esteemed in the art world of London.
Is the composer of a great many 'ceUo
pieces, some with orchestra, some with
piano, and several songs with 'cello
obligato. He appeared several times
before the late Queen Victoria, and also
before King Edward and Queen Alex-
andra, who presented him with the
gold medal for music, art, and sciences
in July, 1906. He possesses orders pre-
sented to him by several foreign rulers,
including the Legion d'Honneur, Ofi&-
cier de la Couronne, de Chene (Hol-
land), Officier Orange Nassau (HoUand)
Concepcion (Portugal), Crown Order
(Mecklenburgh) , and order of Saxe-
Coburg (Germany). Agents : Ibbs &
Tillett, 19 Hanover Square, W. Ad-
dress : 30 Rue de Lubeck, Paris.

HOLMES, George Augustus; b.

Peckham, 10 May, 1861 ; e. privately.
Took part in music (organ recitals) at
Fisheries Exhibition, 1883, and Inven-
tions Exhibition, 1885 ; Director of
Examinations of the L.C.M. from
1887 ; founder of the L.C.M. scheme
of Local Examinations in Music now
used throughout the British Isles and
Colonies ; organist, St. George's, Cam-
berwell, 1880-1903 ; composer of a





large number of pianoforte works,
including " Tarantelle Brilliant," " Ta-
rentelle Chromatique," six Melodious
Studies, Miniature Recreations, six
Characteristic Duets, etc., and numer-
ous songs, duets, trios, and quartets ;
also author of " The Academic Manual
of the Rudiments of Music," and
" Three Hundred Questions and Exer-
cises " ; joint-author (with Dr. F. J.
Karn) of " The Academic Manual of
Musical History," 1899 ; and a large
number of technical and other works.
Recreations : Golf, cycling, horticul-
ture, the study of the old masters of
music, and the collecting of their
works. Address : Auckland House,
Linden Grove, Peckham Rye, S.E. ;
Breeze Holm, Broadstairs, Kent ; and
L.C.M., Great Marlborough Street, W.
Club : Royal Temple Yacht, Rams-
gate. Telephone : 1660 New Cross.

HONEY, Gladys, soprano ; d. of the
late Mr. Frederick H. Honey, solicitor,
of Blackheath. Miss Honey started
music under Sir Charles Stanford,
and won an open scholarship at the
R.C.M. ; made her dibut as a singer
a year or two back at the Leeds
Musical Festival, when, at a few
hours' notice, she took the place
of Mme. Agnes Nicholls (who was
ijnable to appear owing to indisposi-
tion) in Dr. Stanford's " Stabat
Mater " ; sang at the concert at
the Crystal Palace on Good Friday,
1911, and also for the Bach Choir
in Cesar Franck's " Beatitudes "
at the Queen's Hall a short time back,
while last season she appeared at the
Savoy Theatre in Mme. Marie Brema's
production of " Orpheus." Is engaged
to be married to Lieutenant Basil
Reinold, R.N., of H.M.S. Hercules.
A ddress : c/o Imperial Concert Agency,
524 Birkbeck Bank Chambers, E.C.

HOOK, Ethel, b. at Bristol ; d. Capt.
Henry Albert Butt, and studied with
Mr. D. Rootham in Bristol, at the
R.C.M. under Hy. Blower, and with
Mons. V. Maurel, after which she and
her sister Pauhne went on tour with
their elder sister, Mdme. Clara Butt,
for three years. In 1908 she gave a
recital as soloist at Bechstein Hall.
PHncipal engagements include Albert

Hall Sunday Concerts, Crystal Palace,
Queen's Hall Promenades, and Chap-
pell Concerts. In 1910 she married
Mr. Hastings Wilson (tenor). Since
their marriage they have studied in
Paris under M. Bouhy. Address :
26 Abercorn Place, N.W. ; and
Hadham Mill House, Hadham,

HOOK, Pauline, soprano ; b. at
Bristol ; d. of Capt. H. A. Butt, and
studied with Mr. D. Rootham and at
R.C.M. with the late Mr. Hy. Blower.
In 1908 she visited AustraUa with
her sister, Mdme. Clara Butt.

HOPEEIBK, Helen, pianist, com-
poser, and teacher of piano ; b.
Edinburgh, where she commenced her
musical education ; m., 1882, WilHam
Wilson of Edinburgh ; her first musical
instructors were Prof. George Lichten-
stein, and Mr. (now Sir) A. C. Macken-
zie of Edinburgh ; she then went to
the Leipzig Conservatoire, and later to
Vienna, where she studied under
Leschetizky ; first appeared in public
at the Gewandhaus Concerts in Leipzig
in 1879, taking the solo part in Chopin's
Concerto for the piano ; coming to
England, she was engaged at the
Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts, and
frequently played at the Scottish
Orchestral Concerts, and with Halle's
Manchester Orchestra. In 1883 she
went to America, and made her first
appearance at the Boston Symphony
Concerts under George Henschel, and
at the Brooklyn Philharmonic with
Theodore Thomas. She also played at
the Philadelphia Festival, and at New
York under Van der Stucken. After
touring for two years in the United
States, she went to Germany. Desire
for further development decided her in
1887 to withdraw for a time from public
work, and place herself again under
the guidance of Prof. Theodore Lesche-
titzky in Vienna. During her stay in
that city she appeared at the Vienna
Philharmonics under Hans Richter's
conductorship (a performance which
she repeated at his request at the
London Richter Concerts) ; also in
recitals and at other concerts. In
1890 she again went to the States for
a six montibs' engagement, opening in





Boston under Nikisch at the Symphony
Concerts, and this engagement was
repeated in the following year. The
two succeeding seasons were spent in
Paris, and were devoted chiefly to
composition and teaching. Among her
own compositions are a Concertstiick
for piano and orchestra, produced
twice by George Henschel at his
Scottish Orchestral Concerts with
great success ; a Concerto in D minor
for piano and orchestra. A sonata for
piano and violin, written while in
Vienna, was played in Boston by
Franz Kneisel, at one of his Quartet
Concerts in 1890, and at the World's
Fair in Chicago by Mdme. Bloomfield-
Zeisier. Her home is at present in
Boston, where she devotes part of her
time to pianoforte teaching, and has
a circle of enthusiastic pupils, some of
whom are public players. Agent :
Steinert Hall, Boston. Address :
169 Walnut Street, Brookline, Boston,

HOYTE, WiUiam Stevenson, Mus.
Doc. Cantaur, F.R.C.O., and Hon.
R.A.M., organist, pianist, and com-
poser ; b. Sidmouth, Devon, 22 Sept.,
1844 ; e. at Ottery St. Mary, Devon.
Organist and director of the choir of All
Saints', Margaret Street, Cavendish
Square, from Feb., 1868, to July,
1907 ; during Dr. Hoyte's tenure of
this post the reputation of his choir
advanced to and maintained a position
equalled by few and second to no other
in London. He still retains the position
of honorary organist of the church,
and can thus claim a direct connection
extending over forty years. It is worth
remark that Mr. Dalton Baker, the
well-known baritone vocalist, was one
of Dr. Hoyte's choristers as a boy.
Dr. Hoyte was an organ professor at
the R.A.M. and R.C.M., and a piano-
forte professor at the G.S.M., and was
obliged by ill-health to retire in 1910.
His published compositions include a
communion service for voices and
orchestra, minuet and trio for ditto,
anthems and services, organ and
pianoforte pieces, songs, hymn-tunes,
and a book of litanies. He married
Miss E. E. Hutchinson in 1896, and
is now a widower. Address : 68
Boundary Road, N.W.

HUBERDEAU, Gustave, operatic
basso ; b. and trained for music in
Paris at National Conservatoire ; made
his dSbut at Opera Comique ten years
ago ; first appeared at Covent Garden
in 1911, playing St. Bris in " Gli
Ujonotti " and the King in " Aida."

HUBERMAN, Bronislaw, violinist;
b. near Warsaw, 1882, and appeared in
public at seven years of age. At
eight played before Emperor of Aus-
tria ; at twelve met Brahms in Vienna,
and was congratulated by him for his
pla5dng of the great musician's Con-
certo. In same year he was appointed
court vioUnist to Queen of Roumania.
On the occasion of great national
concert for Messina sufferers was
invited by the municipality to play on
Paganini's violin at Genoa.

HUDSON, Eli, flautist and con-
ductor ; b. 23 Apr., 1877, in Manches-
ter ; s. of John Capstock Hudson and
his wife, Emma Rennison ; e. at
Magdalene College, Wainfleet, Lines,
and at the R.C.M., London. Made
his dibut as solo-flautist in 1895 at the
Imperial Institute. Has since appeared
at Saturday Concerts, Crystal Palace,
Royal Albert Hall, Queen's Hall, old
St. James's Hall, and as principal
flautist under Sir Hubert Parry, Sir
Chas. Stanford (Cambridge and Leeds
Festivals), Sir Henry Wood (Sheffield
Festivals and Queen's Hall), Sir Ed.
Elgar, Landon Ronald, London Sym-
phony Orchestra, etc. ; was a founder
of New Symphony Orchestra. Profes-
sor of Flute and Piano at Royal
Military School of Music, Kneller Hall,
and Examiner at R.C.M. ; had the
honour of being personally compli-
mented by the German Emperor at
Lowther Castle. Mr. Hudson is the
founder of the famous and popular
Trio known everywhere to variety
theatre audiences as " Olga, Elgar,
and Eli Hudson." Hobbies : Motoring
and gardening. Clubs : Eccentric and
Motor. Address : The Chestnuts,
Brandenburgh Road, Gunnersbury,
London, W. Telephone : 635 Chiswick.

HUGHES, Gertrude, soprano; b.
Montgomeryshire ; d. of the Rev.
Hugh Hughes and his wife Marguerite,



a grand-daughter of Glydfardd, the late
Archdruid of Wales, who initiated their
Majesties the late King and Queen,
when Prince and Princess of Wales,
into the Bardic Circle ; e. at Southport
and London ; and prepared for the
musical profession at the R.A.M. ;
first appeared as a soloist at the St.
James's Hall, at an Academy Orches-
tral Concert ; has since fulfilled en-
gagements at Edinburgh, Glasgow,
York, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff,
Swansea, Newcastle, with leading
Choral and Musical Societies. Has
made several appearances at the
Royal National Eisteddfods of Wales.
Recreations : CycUng, walking and
tennis. Address : 18 Douglas Road,
Canonbury, N.

HUGHES, Herbert, composer and
critic ; b. Belfast, 16 Mar., 1882 ;
s. of Frederick Patrick Hughes and
his wife Mary Elizabeth MacLean ;
on the paternal side is related to two
Irish families whose sons attained legal
distinction in the last century ; Sir
Hugh MacCalmont, first Earl Cairns,
Lord Chancellor of England, and the
Right Hon. John Wilson Croker,
Master of the Rolls ; e. privately, he
was for a short time under the tuition
of Dr. Francis Koeller, conductor of
the Belfast Philharmonic Society, and
later entered the R.C.M. ; first ap-
peared at Chappell's Ballad Concerts,
Queen's Hall, Nov., 1904, accompany-
ing his own arrangement of the well-
known old Irish song " The Ninepenny
Fidil." He has composed a ballet, a
comic opera, a cycle of baritone songs,
incidental music to an Irish masque,
and other works, and has collected
many unpubUshed traditional Irish
airs from the peasantry of Ulster.
His musical writings include articles
in The Fortnightly Review, The Nation-
alist and other Irish journals. Is one of
the founders of the Irish Folk-Song
Society, to whose journal he has
occasionally contributed. He has also
pubUshed a volume of Irish folk-songs,
gathered in Donegal, under the title
" Songs of Uladh." Address : Eden-
ville, Bangor, co. Down, Ireland.

HUGHES, Morfa (Ethel Margaret
Morf a- Hughes), vocaUst and actress ;



b. Plymouth, 1876; d. of late John
Charles Morfa-Hughes, J.P. for Aberyst-
wyth, formerly in the Admiralty ; e.
High School, Plymouth, and R.A.M. ;
was a member of the Irving A.D.C.
contemporaneously with Lilian Braith-
waite and Dawson Milward ; studied
singing and voice production ; first
appeared at Crystal Palace Concerts
under August Manns, 1894 ; then sang
at St. James's, Queen's, Albert, and
Steinway Halls, and on important con-
cert tours in provinces and Scotland,
Australia, and America ; has written
a four-act comedy and several short
stories. Recreations : Acting, play-
writing, and boating. Address : 3a
Lebanon Park Mansions, Twickenham,
W. Club : Pioneer.

HUMMEL, Gura, soprano ; studied
at the Cologne Conservatoire. First
engaged at the Stadttheater, Elberfeld,

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