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mailing office or office of delivery, per
quarter (three months), % cts. ; six times
per week, per quarter. .30 cts. ; for tri-week-
ly, per quarter, 15 cts. ; for semi-weekly, per
quarter, 10 cts, ; for weekly, per quarter, 5

Postage per quarter (to be paid quarterly
or yearly in advance) on newspapers and
periodicals issued less frequently than once
a week, sent to actual subscribers in any
part of the United States: Semi-monthly,
not over 4 oz., Gets ; over 4 oz. and not
over 8 oz., 12 cts. ; over S oz. and not over
12 oz., 18 cts. ; monthly, not over 4 oz., 3 cts ;
over 4 oz. and not over 8 oz., 6 cts. ; over 8
oz. and not over 12 oz., 9 cts. ; quarterly,
not over 4 oz., Icent; over 4 oz. and not
over 8 oz., 2 cts. ; over 8 oz. and not over
12 oz., 3 cts.

Any word or communication, whether by
printing, writing, marks or signs, upon the
cover or wrapper of a newspaper, pamphlet,
magazine, or other printed matter, other
than the name or address of the person to
whom it is to be sent, and the date when
the subscription expires, subjects the pack-
age to letter postage.

Publishers may write or print upon their
publications, sent to regular subscribers,
in addition to the address, the dates when
subscriptions expire, and may also inclose
therein bills and receipts for subscrip-
tions, without extra charge for postage.

On pamphlets, occassional publications,
transient newspapers, magazines and
periodicals; hand-bills, posters, sheet-
music, unsealed circulars, prospectuses,
fjonk manuscripts and proof sheets, print-
ed cards, maps, lithographs, prints, chro-
mo-lithographs and engravings, seeds,
cuttings, bulbs, roots and scions — 1 cent
for each two ounces or fraction thereof —
weight of packages limited to four pounds.

On flexible patterns, samples of ores,
metals, minerals and merchandise, sam-
ple cards, phonographic paper, letter en-
velopes, postal envelopes and wrappers,
unprinted cards, plain and ornament-
al paper, photographs, and all other
articles for which other rates of postage
are not prescribed in this table, and which
are not by law excluded from the mails —
2 cents for each two ounces or fraction
thereof — weight of packages limited to
twelve ounces.

On books — 2 cents for each two ounces
or fraction thereof — weight of packages
limited to four pounds.

On packages of woolen, cotton or linen
clothing, addressed to non-commissioned
officers or privates in the army of the
United States — 1 cent for each ounce or
fraction thereof — weight of packages lim-
ited to two pounds.

On unsealed circulars, newspapers
(whether transient or addressed to regu-
lar subscribers — excepting weekly papers,
which may be delivered to subscribers on
prepayment of regular quarterly rates)
and on periodicals not exceeding two
ounces in weight, when any of the same
are deposited in a letter carrier office for
delivery by the oflBce or its carriers — 1
cent each.

On periodicals exceeding two ounces in
weight, when deposited in a letter-carrier
oflBce for delivery by the oflice or its car-
rier — 2 cents each.





Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Post ofiBce
address in parenthesis. 3. The Foad on which the party is located, except residents
of cities and boroughs. 4. Business or occupation.

A Starj(*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. For such
advertisement see Index.

Figures placed after the occupation of farm&^e indicate the number of acres of
land owned or leased by the parties.

Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work.

The word Street is implied as regards directory for cities and boroughs.

For additions aud corrections see Errata, foilo^vius: tlie Sntro-

(Post Otfice Addresses ill Parentheses.)

Explanation.— The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies roatJ, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the
fore part (jf the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

Adams, John S., (Centerville,) r 28, farmer

Adams, Wm.. (Riceville,) r 87, farmer 30.
Amos. Judson P., (Taylors Stand,) r 15, far-
mer 5ti.
Amy. Klmira, (Little Cooley,) (widow of

• Ezra, ) r 2, farmer CA).
Archibald. Delos, (Little Cooley,) r 24^,

Archiriald. Leverett, (Little Cooley,) r

•J IV, farmer 10.
Ashl.-y, I). K., (Little Cooley. ) r 3-t,^, alio.

♦ASTiLi:y. R. EDWIN, (Little Cooley,) r

2'1V< inHiiranoe agent, druggist and

poHt nm.ster.
Bailoy. IMwanl E., (Little Cooley,) r 18,

funnt^r l.'iO.
IiailH\', (J., ^Taylors Stand,) r 14, farmer


Bailey, John, (Little Cooley,) r 18, retired

Bailoy, Simeon Z., (Little. Cooley,) r 18,

farmer 25.
Bancroft, Charles E., (Little Cooley,) r 16,

farmer 10).
Bancroft, George W., (Rlceville,)r 14, far-
Bancroft, John C, (Riceville,) {Bancroft

li- Shrer».\
Baucriift <& Shreve, (Ricoville,) ulohn C.

Iittn<'ii>ft itnd Daruin S/ir«re,) r 14,

fariiuTH l.'JO.
Ban.n.ft. Stowell, (Taylors Stand,) r 14,

fanner 50.
Bartlptt. Horace. (Riceville.) r6, farmer 2
BeardHl.'y, Darius, (iticeville,) r 6. farmer

Beardsley, EliBha, (Taylors Stand.) r 27,
farmer leases of Pardon B. Childs, 5o!





'Pure Wines and Liquors ^ Toilet and F'a7icy Articles ,

"Books, Stationery d-c.
Little Coolt,y, CraAvford Co., I^enn.

mm, mmim




mm ^ ;0


Articles, Deeds, Mortgages, Wills &e., neatly written, and all business

promptly attended to.






^ough & Planed Lumder, J^'loorin^y Siding, Shiftgles,
Ziathy yVindoH' and "Door Frames, Wi?idow Glazed
2)oors d' 'Blinds, y^eranda Columns, Porch Or-
naments, brackets, Stair "Uails, JSfen'el
Posts and Baluste^'s.




liiKia Mm g'^iMSE^iB,:






In this Part of the State.

It is fourteen miles from any other Paper, has a large circulation in a rich farming
community, and offers good advantages to advertisers.

- < > r


Of all Ya7^ieties, JVeatly and Promptly £!xecuted.



Beardsley, Jesse, (Taylors Stand,) r 13,

Beardsley, Levi, (Taylors Stand,) r 13,

justice of the peace and farmer 105.
Bemis, Wm., (Little Cooley,) r 18, farmer

Bennett, Wm. W., (Little Cooley,) r 34^,

harness maker.
Berlin, Isaac C, (Tryonville,) r 35, farmer

Bertram, Henry D., (Little Cooley,) r 20,

Eidwell, Cyrus, (Little Cooley,) r 1, far-
mer 60.
BidweU, George, (Little Cooley,) r 3, far-
mer 27.
BidweU, James, (Little Cooley,) r 1, car-
penter and farmer 40.
BidweU, Jonathan, (Little Cooley,) r 17,

farmer 25.
BidweU, Lewis. (Little Cooley,) r 1, farmer

leases of James, Athens, 40.
Bingham, Asa, (LincolnvUle,) r 3, farmer

Blakeslee, Walter, (Centerville,) r 11, far-
mer 25.
Bloomfield, Augusta, (RiceviUe,) r 11,

BOUGHMAN, GEORGE A., (CenterviUe,)

r 8, blacksmith.
BOYL, H. H., (CenterviUe,) r 9, manuf. of
and dealer in lumber, and farmer 422.
Boyl, Jonas, (CenterviUe,) r 9, auditor and

farmer 50.
Brown, DelonvUle L., (Taylors Stand,) r

13, farmer 48.
Brown, Jacob M. F., (Taylors Stand,) r 13,

farmer 20.
Buchannan. Hannah Mrs., (Little Cooley,)

(widow of Dewitt,) r 2)4, farmer 50.
Bunting, FrankUn, (Little Cooley,) r 21,

farmer 7.
Bunting, Levi, (Riceyille.) r 11, farmer 50.
Burdick, E. Stillman, (CentervUle,) r 32,
farmer leases of P. C. Ricks, Athens,
Burdick, Wm. H., (CenterviUe,) r 32, far-
mer 10.
Bush, Robert M., (Little Cooley,) r 20,

wagon maker.
Buzzell, Charles N., (Little Cooley,) r 4,

advent preacher and farmer.
CAG>:, JOHN, (Little Cooley,) r 1, farmer

Canfleld. Bishop, (TownviUe.) r 26, super-

intendf^nt for Athens Mills Co.
Chapin, Charle.s, (Little Cooley,)J r 34>«^,

CHAPMAN. FRANCIS A.. (Little Cooley,)
r24,'^, hotel keeper and dealer in
stoves and tinwnre.
Child, John H., UUcoville,) r 11, farmer


CHILD. PARDON B..(Rioeville.>r 6. State

and county tax collector and farmer


Clark, Alex. A., (RlcevUle,) r 6. farmer SO.

Clark. Daniel G., iLittlf (lool.'y,) r 2li, far-

iiipr leaHOB of L. Drake. 12(t.
Clenients, Sanuifl. i Hiceville,) r 11, deah-r
in lumber and shin^cleH, and farmer
ClementB, Thomfts W.. (Rioevillo,) corner
r 7 and 15, fanner UK).

Conner, B. Franklin, (RiceviUe,) r 12, car-

Conner, Charles, (RiceviUe,) r 12, farmer

Conner, Dan, (RiceviUe,) r 11, carpenter.

Conner. George, (RiceviUe,) r 30, farmer
leases 15.

Conner, Henry, (RiceviUe,) r 7, farmer 25.

Conner, James, (RiceviUe,) r 7, farmer 72.

Conner, John F., (RiceviUe,) r 11, farmer

Conner, Leander A., (RiceviUe,) r 7. far-
mer leases of James Conner, Athens,

Conner, Lyman M., (RiceviUe,) (X. M. & 8.

Conner, L. M. & S., (RiceviUe,) {Lyman M.

and Samiiel,) r 11, farmers lease of

John F., 47.
Conner, Orin, (RiceviUe.) r 11, farmer 26.
Conner, Samuel, (RiceviUe,) {L. M. cfc S.

Corell, Frank, (CenterviUe,) r 9, farmer

Cox, Ira, (RiceviUe.) r 9, farmer 71.

Cox, Luther, P., (Little Cooley,) r 13, far-
mer 35.

Coy, Jacob, (Little Cooley,) r 2, farmer 20.

Cfecraft, John M., (Little Cooley,) r 26,
farmer 100.

Culp, Ezra P., (TryonviUe,) r 28, farmer

Culp, Joshua, (Little Cooley,) r 28, farmer

Cummings, Isaac A., (Little Cooley,) r ^.
farmer 140.

Cummings, John, (LincolnvUle,) r 3, far-

Daniel. James O., (TryonviUe.) r 35, black-
smith aud farmer 30.

Davenport. Horace, (Little Cooley.) r 19,
farmer 10.

Dellrimple. Orlin, (Centerville.) r 9, far-
mer leases of Frank Corell, 60.

DePew, Daniel.(Little Cooley,) r 24, black-
smith and farmer 90.

Dewey. Orville, (Little Cooley,) r 21, far-
mer 25.

Dewey, Sexton M., (Little Cooley,) r 21.
farmer 35.

Dobbs, Andrew J., (Little Cooley,) r 3, far-
mer ()0.

Dobbs. Michael Sr., (Little Cooley,) r 3.
farmer '•>\.

Dobbs. Michael Jr., (Lincolnrille,) r 3,

Dobbs. Samuel, (Little Cooley,) corner r
3 and 2, farmer 25.

Donor, Henry, (Taylors Stand,) r 16, far-
mer 20.

Douglas, Wm., (Little Cooley,) farmer 8.

DRAKE. JOSKPH M., (Little Cooley,) r20,
farmer 110.

Drake, Levant J., (Little Cooley,) r 24J«,
farmer r»0.

Drake. IMiiln, (Little Cooley,) r 18, farmer

Evans, Wm. P., (CenterviUe.) r 3-t. saw
mill and farmer 2.'j.

Fitch, Doiitrlaa, (Little Cooley.) r 1. lum-
ber dealer.

Fleek, I'oitor. (Little Cooley,) rSM)*, gen-
eral merchant.



Foot, Albert, (Taylors Stand,) r 16, tin

Foot, Roderick, (Taylors Stand,) r 16,
farmer TO.

Fosburg, JefEerson, (Little Cooley,) r 1,
farmer 50.

Fosburg, John, (Little Cooley,) r 1, farmer
leases of B. Humes, Cambridgebor-
ough, 85.

Free, Joseph P., (Little Cooley,) r 26, far-
mer leases of Jerome Drake, 100.

Fuller, Amos, (Faceville,) r 7, farmer 50.

Geer, Alby S., (Little Cooley,) r 3, far-
mer 85.

Gehr, Joseph, (Centerville,) r 27, farmer

Gilburn, Henry, (Centerville.) r 9, farmer
leases of Frank Wetherbee, Rome, 50.

GLANCY, SELWIN L., (Centerville,) r 34,
sawyer and farmer 41.

Glass, Albert, (Taylors Stand,) r 14, far-
mer 50.

Goldfinch, Job, (Riceville,) r 27, farmer

Goodwin, Eliza A., (Riceville,) (widow of
MarkS.,)r7, farmer 50.

GOODWIN, NASON M., (Riceville,) r 7,

Graham, Dewitt,(Little Cooley,) r 4, black-

Graham, John C, (Little Cooley,) r 16,
farmer 63.

Gray, Andrew J., (Tryonville,) r 33, far-
mer 11.

Hadlock, Wm. F., (Little Cooley,) r 16,
farmer 90.

Hall, Erastus "W., (Centerville,) r29, far-
mer 66

Hall, Horace C, (Centerville,) r34, farmer

Hamilton, Asahel, (Little Cooley,) r 19,
farmer 70.

Hamilton, Chapin S., (Little Cooley,) r
24^, general merchant.

HAMILTON, JOSHUA, (Little Cooley,) r
3, farmer 40.

HAMITON, LINVILLE E., (Townville,) r

25, carpenter.
Hammond. Wm., (Little Cooley,) r 26.

Hart, David, (Taylors Stand,) r 27, farmer

Hart. Hiram, (Riceville,) r 27, farmer 20.
Hart, Martin, (Little Cooley,) r26, farmer

Hart, Samuel, (Riceville,) r 27, farmer 30.
Hart, Wm.. (Riceville,) r 27, farmer 30.
Harter, Darwin R., (Little Cooley,) ( Wright

d- Harter.)
Hatch, Henry, (Centerville,) r 28, farmer

Hatch, Solon, (Centerville,) r 28, farmer.

Hays, Dennis L., (Tryonville,) {F. B. St D.

L. Hays.)
Hays, Francis B., (Tryonville,) {F. B.&D.

L. Hays.)
Hays, F. B. & D. L., (Tryonville,) (Francif!
' B. and Dennis Z.,) r 33, shingle mak-


Higley, Chester, (Little Cooley,) r 17, far-
mer 20.

Higley, Josiah, (Little Cooley,) r 20, far-
mer leases of Isaac Cummings, 190.

Higley, Miles, (Taylors Stand,) r 13, far-
mer 20.
Hill, Delos G., (Little Cooley,) r 24, box

Hinebaugh, John A., (Centerville,) r 11,
school director, treasurer and tax col-
lector, and farmer 90.
Hinton, Martin, (Little Cooley,) r 22, far-
mer 50.
Holden, John, (Riceville,) r 6, farmer 65.
Holladay, Harvey, (Little Cooley,) r 3;^,

farmer 25.
HOWARD, J. PORTER, (Centerville,) r8,

Hutchinson, Thompson H., (Little Cooley,)

r 1, farmer 100.
Johnson, Jehiel L., (Little Cooley,) r 20,

farmer leases' of Geo. Peak, 18>i^.
Jones, Henry S., (Little Cooley.) r 27, far-
mer 140.
Jones, Michael, (Centerville,) r 8, farmer

leases of Henry Nobles, 100.
King, Joseph, (Taylors Stand,) r 14, far-
mer 25. ,
Langdon, Philando, (Centerville,) r 8, far-
mer 70.
Langworthy, Horatio P., (Riceville,) r 15,

farmer 70.
Langworthy, Lucius H., (Riceville,) r 9,

carpenter and farmer 57.
Lanning, Richard C, (Little Cooley,) r 18,

farmer 112.
Lederhose, Philip, (Little Cooley,) r 4, far-
mer leases of Esther Simmons, 50.
Leslie, George H., (Riceville,) r 6, farmer

Looker, Henry, (Taylors Stand,) r 15, far-
mer 103.
Loop, Charles, (Little Cooley,) r 3, farmer

Low, Moses, (Townville,) r 25. farmer 100.
Marsh, Merritt, (Tryonville,) r 33, farmer

Marsh, Morgan W. S., (Centerville,) r 31,

farmer 62.
Marsh, Wm., (Centerville,) r 31, stone

mason and farmer 50.
Marsh, Wm. H., (Tryonville,) r 33, farmer.
Marvin, Abner D., (Little Cooley,) r 24j(, ,

farmer 14.
Maynard, James, (Centerville, )r 9, farmer

McKeon, John, (Riceville,) r 6, farmer 2.
Merchant. Alvin W., (Riceville,) r 7, car-
MERCHANT, MATTHEW,(Riceville,) cor-
ner r 6 and 7, supervisor and farmer
Minium, James S., (Riceville.) r 15, cabi-
net maker and fai'mer 100.
Minnus, James D., (Taylors Stand,) r 16,

lawyer, postmaster and farmer 140.
Molton. Thomas, (Little Cooley,) r 3, re-
tired farmer.
Moore, Casper S., (Centerville,) {Sanders
cfe Moore.)

MORAN, ANDREW H., (Centerville,) r 11,
farmer 543^.

Moran, Michael, (Centerville,) r 11, far-
mer h^Vz.

Morton, Franklin N., (Little Cooley,) r 1,
eclec. physician.

Moseley, N., (Little Cooley,) r 21, farmer



MOSELEY, PERRY, (Little Cooley,) r 21,
farmer 50.

Newton, John Jr., (Little Cooley,) r 20,
lumberman and farmer 54.

Osburu, James W., (Taylors Stand,) r 14,
farmer 50.

Palmer, A. Cyrus, (Centerrille,) r 29, far-
mer 54.

Parker, Alex. Or.. (Centerville,) r 11, stone

Parker, John M., (Centerville,) r 34, shin-
gle maker and farmer 90.

Parker, J. Morgan, (Little Cooley,) r 21,
farmer 50.

Parkhurst, Orin, (Little Cooley,) r 24X,
farmer 30.

Parlin, Mary Ann, (Centerville,) r 31, far-
mer 100.

Peak, George, (Little Cooley,) corner r 20
and 34;^, general merchant.

PECK. FRED. C, (Riceville,) r 7, farmer

Pennell, Burnett, (Little Cooley,) r 26,
farmer 40.

Porter, George F., (Little Cooley,) r 2, far-
mer 32.

Porter, James V., (Lincolnville,) r 3, far-
mer 25.

Post, Harvey, (Centerville,) corner r 31>i^,
farmer 61.

Post, Joshua, (Centerville,) r 31, farmer

Power. Samuel R., (Riceville,) corner r 6
and 15, farmer l44.

Preston, John B., (Centerville,) r 32, far-

PRESTON, SILAS M., (Centerville,) r 32,
cooper and farmer 30.

Pyle, John, (Riceville,) r 5, farmer 25.

RAINEY, WALLACE W., (Townville,) r

26, foreman for the Athens Mills Co.
Rice, David A., (Riceville,) r 6, farmer.
Rice, Eli D., (Riceville.) r 6, farmer 80. •
Rice, Wm. K., (Riceville,) r 6. farmer 19.
Ricks, P. C, (Centerville,) r 32, farmer 56.
Riggs, David. (Centerville,) (/>. cf- J. Riggn,)

r 35, manuf. lumber and shingles.
Riggs, D. & J., (Centerville,) (David and

^ J(inte/t.) r 35, lumber manufs.
Riggs, James, (Centerville,) (D. & J.

Ri<j(Jii.) „ ^

Rockwell, P., (Lincolnville,) r 3, farmer

Rogers, Joseph, (Centerville,) r 11, farmer

leases of W. Sanders, Athens, 49.
Root, John, (Little Cooley,) r 4, farmer

Root, Melvin, (Taylors Stand,) r 14, farmer
leases of Jonathan Phillips, Meadville,
Ross, Alfred H„ (Riceville,) r 9, farmer

RuHseli, p:draund, (Little Cooley,) r 21,
\ fann.>r 30.

RuBSHJl, Peter,(Little Cooley,) r21. farmer

Sample, Frasier W.. (Contervillo,) Huper-

visor and farint<r 118.
Saini»lo, Joseph, iCeuterville,) r 2R, cooper

and farmer 20.
S.\MIM.K, WM. n., (rentnrvillo,'>pooper.
Sanders, Milliinl F., (.Contorville,) (^/»-
der» tfc Moor*.)

Sanders & Moore, (Centerville.) {Midard
F. Sanders and Casper S. Moore.) cor-
ner r 11 and 34, manufs. of oil barrels.

Sanders, Warren P., (Centerville,) r 31,
farmer lOO. „^ ^

Saunders, Wm., (Centerville,) r 30, farmer

190. ., ^

Scott, A., (Little Cooley,) (widow of

Daniel,) r 21, farmer 50.
Scott, Asa W., (Little Cooley,) (,J. W. & A.

W. Scott.)
Scott, Edwin, (Little Cooley ) r 21, farmer

5 and leases of A. Scott, 50.
Scott, John W., (Little Cooley,) {J. W. &

A. W.Scott.) ^ , ^

Scott, J. W. & A. W., (Little Cooley,)

{John W. and Asa TT:,) r 21, farmers 70.
SCOTT, OLIVER B., (Riceville,) r 12, far-
mer 50.

ville.) r 29. farm laborer.

SHAUBERGER. GEORGE, (Centerville,)
r ''9 farmer 80.

Shaube'rger, George W., (Little Cooley,)
r 24>^, wagon maker.

Shauberger, John, (Centerville,) r 29, far-
mer 80.

Shaver, Clark T., (RicevUle,) r 6, farmer

Shotwell, Warren D., (Little Cooley,) cor-
ner r 27 and 13, farmer 26.

Showers, Nicholas, (Little Cooley,) r 24,
farmer 75.

Showers, Wm. H., (Little Cooley,) r 23,
farmer 45.

Shreve, Darwin, (Riceville,) {Bancroft <&
Shrere.) .,

Simmons, Esther, (Little Cooley,) (widow
of Samuel, ) r 4. farmer 50.

Simmons, Leonard, (Riceville,) r 6, cooper.

SMITH, ANDREW J., (Little Cooley,) r
22, farmer 71.

Smith. George Jr., (Little Cooley,) r 1,
farmer 140.

Smith, Lafayette, (Little Cooley,) r 21,

SMITH, MARTIN, (Little Cooley,) corner

r 17 and 3. farmer 24 3^.
Smith, Samuel, (Little Cooley,) r 3^, far-
mer .50. „ , X ni

Smith, Thomas F., (Little Cooley,) r 21,
lumber dealer and farmer 4Si).

Snow, Lewis A.. (Centerville,) r 30, farmer
leases of Selwin L. Glancy, Athens,

Snow, Lewis J., (Centerville,) r 30, farmer

40. ^ , X

Southwiok, Hosea, (Little Cooley,) r 1.,


Southwick, Levi, (Little Cooley.) r 1.,
town trensiirt>r and farmer 40.

Southworth, Clark. iRiceville,) .r 10, far-
mer 92. _, ^

Southworth. Lee,(Little Cooley,) rl8, town
clerk hihI fiiriuer 30.

SPKHHY. (i.VKRY, (Little Cooley,") r 20,
fariiHT 40.

Stewart, Merrltt, (Little Cooley.) r 22, far-
mer 25.

Still. John A.. (Little Cooley. > r a-l,¥. l^ut-

Stookw.dl. Wm. P., (Taylors Stand,) r IS,
farmer 12.



Stratton, Elvira S. Mrs., (Taylors Stand,)

r 16. farmer 86.
STRICKLAND, W3I. W., (Little Cooley,)

r 20, miller in grist mill on r 24>^.
Sturdivant, Edward O., (Little Cooley,)

r 18, farmer 15.
Sutton. Amos. (Centerville,) r 32, farmer

leases of Philo Hall, Clapville, 3,t.

SYMMONDS, DELAHA, (Riceville,) r 12'
auditor and farmer 55.

Symmonds, Samuel J., (Riceville,) r 30,
farmer 31.

Taylor, Silas Dr, (Riceville,) r 5, farmer

Tenney, Edwin L., (Riceville,) r 5, farmer

Tenny, Solomon H., (Little Cooley,) r 26,
farmer leases of Halsey Hyde, Rice-
ville, 125.

TENNY, WILSON P., (Little Cooley,)
r 27, farmer 41.

Todd, Caleb W., (Riceville.) r 6, farmer

Tracy, Eleanor, (Taylors Stand.) (widow
of Lorenzo E.,) r 13, farmer 50.

Tracy, John. (Taylors Stand.) f 13, farmer
leases of Eleanor, 50.

Tubbs, Elijah N., (Little Cooley,) r 18, in-
spector of elections and farmer 30.

Tubbs. Ezra A., (Little Cooley,) r 18, far-
mer 16.

VanEtten, James E.. (Taylors Stand,) r 16,
inspector of elections and farmer 60.

Vansice, John, (Little Cooley,) corner r

18 and 17, constable.
Wait, Levi A., (Little Cooley,) r 4, farmer

Walker, Isaac, (Little Cooley,) r 2, farmer

Walker, John, (Little Cooley,) r 2, farmer

Walker, John, (Lincolnville,) r 2, farmer

Wallace. Caleb. (Riceville.) r 9, farmer

leases of Samuel Rice, Titusville, 145.

Waterman, George C, (TryonviUe,) r 33,
farmer leases of Sarah T., 49.

Waterman, Norman O., (TryonviUe,) r 33,
farmer ^>g^.

Waterman, Sarah T., (TryonviUe,) (wid-

(Tryonville,) r 33, farmer
(Little Cooley,) r 20,
(LincolnviUe,) r 3,
(Little Cooley,)
(Little Cooley,)



ow of Cyrus H.,) r 33. farmer 49.
Watson, Win.,

Wheeler, John W.,

Wheeler. Jonas K.,

shingle maker.
Wheeler, Lorenzo D.

r 20. farmer.
Wheeler. Lorenzo D.

r 24^, toy shop.
White. David. (Little Cooley,) r 23. farmer

Williams. Charles A., (Little Cooley,) r 1,

Winton. Newton S., (Little Cooley,) r 18,

farmer 36.
Winton, Samuel C, (RiceviUe.) r 6, assist-
ant assessor and farmer 125.
Wittmann, A.. (TryonviUe,) r 33. farmer 32.
WITTMANN, JOHN, (Try onvUle.) r 30. far-
mer 40.
Wood. Newell, (Little Cooley,) r 2, lumber

Woodard. James C, (Little Cooley,) r 19,

farmer leases of Richard Larining,

Athens 12
Woodard, Wm. H., (Little Cooley,) r 21,

farmer leases of Amos. Bloomfield. 50.
Woodward, Wm., (Taylors Stand,) r 27,

Wright, Delos A., (Little Cooley,) {Wright

d- Har-ter.)
Wright & Harter, (Little Cooley,) {DeJos

A. Wright and Daricin R. Harter,)

r 1, cheese box manufs. and lumber

Wright, Horace R.,

farmer 20.
Yarington. Richard

24>^, carpenter.

(Little Cooley,) r 26,
M., (Little Cooley,) r



(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation. — The letter ;•, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

Adams, Downer S., (Beaver Center,) r 18,
farmer 30.

Adams, Ezra D., (Beaver Center,) r 18,
carpenter and farmer 10.

Adams, Jacob, (Beaver Center,) r 10, far-
mer ao.

Adams, Lucius, (Beaver Center,) r 10, far-
mer 30.

ADAMS, SAMUEL G., (Beaver Center,) r
13. supervisor and lumber manuf.

ALLEN, A V OS H., (Beaver Center,) r 31,
farmer 60.

Alien, Edson, (Beaver Center,) r 11, far-
mer .50.

Allen, Henry S., (Spring,) r 16, farmer 50.

AVERY, DeLAFAYETTE, (Spring,) r 21,
supervisor and farmer 85.

Baker, Myron, (Spring,) r 6, carpenter.

Baker, Stephen,(Beaver Center,; r 18, far-
mer 2(J.

Barnes, Francis,(Conneautville,) r 39, far-
mer 130.

Barton, James, (Conneautville,)r 41, black-
smith and farmer 50.

BELKNAP, ALOMJ., (Beaver Center,) r
2<i, carpenter and justice of the

Belknap, Asa N., (Beaver Center,) r 31,
farmer 2*^6.

BENTLEY, guy W., (Beaver Center,) r 3,
dealer in fruit trees and farmer 1(X).

Bentlev, Homer A., (Spring,) r 6, dealer
in fruit trees.

Bentley, 3Iartin, (Spring,) r 5, farmer 81.

Boyce, Henry J.. (Sprmg,) r 8, farmer
leases of Jay, 30.

Boyce, John M., (Spring,) r 16, farmer 50.

Boyce, Joseph, (Spring, ) r5, fanner HO.

Boyce, Lewis J., (Spring,) r 5, farmer 60
and leases of Joseph, 80.

Boyco, S. J., (Spring,) r 16. farmer 75.

Bradeu, Almira, (Beaver Center,) r 18, far-
mer 127.

BRADEN, WILLIE, (Beaver Center,) r 18,

Brooks. Anthony, (Beaver Center,) r 80,

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