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PEW, CHARLES H., (Cambridgeboro,)
(Pew cfe Sidler.)

PEW & SIDLER, (Cambridgeboro,)
(Charles II. Pew and L'harleK S. Sidler,)
carriage, sleigh and wagon manufs.,

Quav, David E., (Cambridgeboro,) r 25,
farmer 67.

Quay, Robert C. (Cambridgeboro.) car-
penter, wagon and sleigh maker, and
farmer 35, Venango Avenue.

REYNOLDS, B. B., (Cambridgeboro,)
(/fad lei/ (&■ Reijnoldx.)

Ridle. Peter, (Cambridgeboro.) farmer 10.

Rien, Wm., (Drakes Mills,) r 3. farmer75.

*ROBBINS, D. P., (Cambridgeboro.^
editor and publisher of (kimbridge
Index, dealer in drugs, medicines,
paints, oils &c., Main.

ROBERTSON, R. A.. (Cambridgeboro,')
y)hvsioian and surgeon. Church.

ROCKSVELL. A. O., (Cambridgeboro,) r
12, farmer 1.35.

Rockwell. Darius, (Drakes Mills,) r 1, far-
mer .50:

ROCKWELL, E. S., (Cambridgeboro,) r 12,
building mover and farmer 150.

ROCKWELL. H. N., (Cambridgeboro,) r 6,
lath mill, lumberman and farmer 200.

ROCKWELL. .7. W., (Cumbridgeb()ro.)car-

Iienter and joiner. Church.
:well. Wm. S., (Cambridgeboro,) car-
penter. Church.
RO(^)T. DANIEL, (Cambridgeboro,) r 15,

farmer 111 .
Root, .Justin, (Cambridgeboro,) r 11, far-

mor 1(K).
Root, Morton, (Woodcock,) r 1.5, farmpr50.

ROOT, SYLVESTER, (Cambridgeboro,) r
15. fanner 111.

Root. S. B., (Cambridgeboro,) r 11. farmer

ROOT, S. P., (Cambridgeboro.) r 15. far-

R<'HH, A. n., (Cambridgeboro,) farmer 2ft,
Venango .\veiuie.

nrST. KZ.\UI AH, (Cambridgeboro,) (lixitt
it- Peijti-r.)

RUST ft PKIKKER. (Cambridgeboro.)
{Kt<iriith Hunt and Win. H. PtiJTfr,)
bdotH and shoes. Main.

SAfiER. JACOB, (Cambridgeboro.) {&tg«r
Jc Leiois.)

SAGER & LEWIS, (Cambridgeboro,) (Ja-
coh Sager and George Lenis,) butchers
and props, of Cambridge Meat 3Iar-
ket, Cambridge House Building.

Sanders, Frederick, (Drakes Mills,) r 3,
farmer 87.

Sensor, George.(Woodcock,) r 16>^, farmer

Sherer. John, (Cambridgeboro,) r 21, con-
stable and farmer 65.

Sherred. Adam, (Venango,) {Blyatone S
Sherred. ) r 26. farmer HO.

Sherred. Andrew J.. (Venango,) r 26, car-
penter and farmer .30.

Sherred. H. F., (Venango,) r 2-3, farmer.

Sherred. Jonathan,(Venango.) r 28, farmer

Sherred, Josiah,(Venango.) r26, farmer 75.

SHERRED. J. O., (Cambridgeboro,) {Fa-
her t£- Slier red.)

Sherred. Michael, (Venango,) r 29, shoe-
maker and farmer 5.

Sherretts, George, (Venango,) r 27, farmer

Sherretts, G. M., (Venango,) r 27. farmer.

Sherwood, Alanson, (Cambridgeboro.)
(Pendleton ii: Sherwood dc Son.) {B. M.
Shernood ct Son.)

Sherwood, B. M., (Cambridgeboro,) (Pen-
dleton d- Sherwood & Son,) (B. M. Sher-
irood & Son . )

Sherwood. B. M. & Son, (Cambridgeboro,)
(Alanfin7i.) manufs. of lumber, han-
dles, shingles &c., planing and match-
ing. Church.

SHOFFART. GEORGE H., (Drakes Mills,)
r 1, cooper.

SIDLER, CHARLES S. (Cambridgeboro,)
(Peir d Sidler.)

Sitler. Wm., (Cambridgeboro,) farmer 130,

Smith. M. R., (Cambridgeboro.) r 6, fanner

SMITH. R. C. Rev.. (Cambridgeboro,) pas-
tor of M. E. Church. Church St.

Snow, J. N., (Cambridgeboro,) r 10, farmer

Snow. Nathan, (Cambridgeboro,) farmer
100, Main.

Stackpole, A. A., (Venango,) (F. G. Stack-
pole rf Sonn.)

Stackpole, E. G., (Venango.) (F. G. Stack-
/Kile <fr Stmfi,) r 28. farmer 114.

Stackpole, E. G. & Sons, i Veuango.) ( ^. A.
and H. //. ) manufs. of staves and head-

Stackpole. H. H., (Venango,) (E. O. Staok-
jiiile <f Stum. )

Stanton. Mortimer, (Cambridgeboro,) r 18,
farmer 45.

Stlenufr, Ib'ury, (Cambridgeboro,) r 17,
farmer H2.

ST JOHN. TASSIUS C, (Cambridgeboro,)
carptMiter, Pro8pert.

STUCKKNUATH. WM. F.. (Cambridge-
boro,) r 15. gilder and picture frame

Taylor, Win. I., (Cambridgeboro.) ( H7Av)/f
<1" Tiii/lnr.)

Terrille. John. (Venanto.) r 26. farmer fiO.

Terry, Charles. (Cambridgeboro,) house
painter. ForeHt.

ThoinaH. Ocorge. (Cambridgeboro.) farmer
AU), Cliurob.



Traupe, Frederick, (Drakes Mills,) r 1, far-
mer 50.

TRYON. HENRY H.. (Cambridgeboro,)
carpenter and millwright. Main.

Tucher, B. N., (Drakes Mills,) r 1, farmer

Tucker. L. A., (Drakes Mills,) r 1, farmer.

TUCKER, PORTER, (Drakes Mills,) r 1,

Upham, George, (Drakes Mills,) r 5, far-
mer 58.

Ward. Ross Rev., (Cambridgeboro,) pas-
tor of Baptist Church.

WA'SSO''. ^. .!., (Woodcock,) r 17,
photographer and farmer 53.

WATSON, HARRISON H., (Woodcock,)
r 15. farmer works 48.

Webster. David P., (Cambridgeboro,) r 15,
farmer 106.

WEBb'TER. GROVE F.. (Cambridgeboro,)
[flmtt <& Webster.)

WEBSTER, JOSEPH L., (Cambridge-
boro.) r 15, carpenter and joiner, arid
farmer 90.

Wikoff. John F., (Cambridgeboro.) {Wikqf
& Taylor,) farmer 66.

Wikoff & Taylor. (Cambridgeboro,)
(Jo^n F. Wiknf unrl v m. I. i ayloi\)
general merchants, Main.

WILBER, J. B., (Cambridgeboro.) stoves,
tinware and hardware. Main.

Wilhelm, Michael, (Cambridgeboro,) ( Wood
t^- Wilhelm.)

Williams, W. H., (Cambridgeboro,) cab-
inet maker.

Wilson, Price, (Cambridgeboro,) carpen-
ter, corner Grant and Rail Road.

bridgeboro.) manuf. of rough leather
and farmer 56. Main.

Winchester, Francis W. Sen., (Cam-
bridgeboro,) carpenter. Main.

Winchester. Francis W. Sen. Mrs., (Cam-
bridgeboro.) milliner. Main.

Wing, J. R., (Cambridgeboro,) carpenter
and sawyer, Lincoln.

Wismaum, Charles, (Drakes Mills,) r 3,
farmer 27.

Wood, Jacob, (Cambridgeboro,) {Wood
cfe Wilhelm.)

Wood & Wilhelm, (Cambridgeboro,) {Jacob
Wood and Michael Wilhelm,) black-

Wykoff, John B., (Cambridgeboro,) car-
nenter. McClelland.

YOUNG. E. P., (Drakes Mills,) r 1, boot
and shoemaker.

(Post Office A(idresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation. — The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map. in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the village.

Akens, John H., (Penn Line,) r 30, farmer

ALDEN, E. MONROE, (Lineville Station,)
r 37. farmer 65.

Allen. Americus V., (Lineville Station,) r
51, farmer 30.

Allen, Elias, (Center Road Station,) r 25,
farmes leases of Samuel Brook, 100.

Allen, Ethan, (Conneautville,) r 4, farmer

Allen, James. (Lineville Station,) r 51, far-
mer 18.

Allen. Moses, (Lineville Station,) r 51, far-
mer 50.

Anderson. Ora W., (Steamburgh,) r 3,

Anderson. William, (Lineville Station,) r

45, farmer 20.
Andress, John J, '^Lineville Station,) r 35,

farmer, works farm of Louisa A.

Palmer, 97.
Baker, VanBuren, (Conneautville,) r 14,

farmer 90.
Baldwin. Casper, (Steamburgh,) r 22, far-
mer 61.
Baldwin. John, (Center Road Station,) r

2^3, assessor and farmer 110.
Baldwin. Joseph 2d, (Steamburgh,) r 22,

farmer 60.
BARBER. HORATIO E., (Penn Line.)

(Bates (£• Barber,) {A. H. Bates & io.,)

farmer 103.

Anderson, Robert, (Penn Line,) leather Barber, Willis D., (Penn Line,) r 31, far-
manuf. mer 110.

Anderson. Robert H , (Penn Line,) r 32, BARNEY. EDWIN, (Conneautville,) r 7,
farmer 56. farmer 56.

ANDERSON, THAYER R., (Penn Line,) Barney, Joseph, (Conneautville,) r 9, far-
dealer in fruit trees. mer 53.



BATES, ALANSON S. rPenn Line. )(5orcf«n

•C" /^r/fes.) postmaster.

(Bates ct Barber,) {A. H. Bates ife Uo.)

L Ann PI* GO
BATES, A. h'. & CO., (Penn Line.) {Ahran-

de.r II. Hdtes, Horatio E. Barber and G.

M. Sidle>/.) cheese mauufs.
BATES & BARBER,(Penn Line,) {Al«c. IT.

Batex and Horatio E. Barber,) general

Bates. P. H., (Penn Line,) r 31, farmer 13(1.
Bean, David, (Center Road Station,) r 36,

farmer 10().

Beardsley. Jerome W., (Lineville Station,)

r 41, farmer 40.
BOLES, STEPHEN H., (Lineville Sta-
tion,) r 47. gardener and fruit raiser.
Bollard, David. (Center Road Station.)

r 2.3, farmer 50 and works farm of

Hannah J., l')0.
Bollard, Hannah J., (Center Road Sta-
tion,) r 2.3. owns If'O.
Bollard. John, (Lineville Station.) r 42,

farmer 113 and works on shares 150.
BOMAN, JAMES, (Conneautville,) r 13,

farmer 50.
BORDEN & BATES, (Penn Line,) {James

Borden and Alan«on S. Bates,) general

BORDEN, JAMES, (Penn Line,) {Bordm &

BORTLES, CHARLES A., (Penn Line,) r

21, farmer 344.
Bradt, Henrv D., (Lineville Station,) r 45,

farmer l&^l.
Brooks, Eli, (Center Road Station,) r 38,

farmer 93.
Brooks, Eli Jr., (Center Road Station,) r

38, farmer 122.
Brooks. Isaac, (Lineville Station,) r 45,

farmer 131.
Brooks, John, (Lineville Station,) r 41,

carpenter and owns 11 acres.
Brook.s. Quentin, (Center Road Station,)

BROOKS, REASONS., (Lineville Station,)
r 41, carpenter and joiner.

Brooks. Samuel Jr., (Center Road Sta-
tion,) r 3y. farmer 1(X).

Brooks. Sarah, (Center Road Station,) r
31), farmer works 100.

BROUGHTON. VVM. H. (Center Road Sta-
tion,) r 37. farmer 100.

Butler, Chapman, (Lineville Station.) r 51,
farmer (50.

Station,) r36, town clerk and fanner

ville.irr). contriictor. owuk l.">0 acres.

Carpenter, Tahor V., (Couneautvillo,) r 0,

CHE.SEV. ELIPIIALET, (RtoainburKh.) r
3. poHtinaster, cheese factory and far-
U»IT .V3.

CHENEY. ELNATHAN S.. (Steamhurgh,)
r 3, <'heeiie maker and farmer 47.

('lute, NoIhod, (Conneautville,; r 4, far-
mer 9fl.

Coff.-en, John, (Lin^viUo Station,) r 4«.
farmer STiV.

COLLINS, A. V. MiiH., rConter Road Sta-
tiun,; r 26, farmer 56.

Connick, Daniel, (Center Road Station,) r
3(), farmer 43.

Corey, Charles H., (Conneautville.) r 12,
harness maker and farmer works 73.

COREY. JAMES L.,( Penn Line,) r 19, audi-
tor and farmer 140.

Corey, John W., (Conneautville,) r 12, far-
mer 106.

Corey & Stanley, (Conneautville,) {Wm.
Corey and Henri/ W. Stanley,) manufs.
of lumber and cheese boxes.

Corey, Wm., (Conneautville,) {Corey &

CROCKETT, THOMAS B., (Lineville Sta-
tion,) r 37, farmer 75.

CROZIER, ORLANDO. (Conneautville.) r
13, farmer leases of Isaac Lyman. 50.

Crumb, G. H., (Penn Line,) r 52, supervisor
and farmer 114.

Curtis. Napoleon B., (Center Road Sta-
tion.) r 27, postmaster and black-

Dart, Christopher,(Penn Line,) physician.

Dey. John W., (Lineville Station,) r 4.5^,
farmer .55.

Donaldson. Samuel N., (Lineville Station,)
r ;i5, farmer .58.

Donnick. David, (Stearaburgh,) r3, black-
smith and farmer 25.

Dorchester, Major C, (Center Road Sta-
tion.) r 26. farmer 10' '.

Dorchester, Seth S.. (Center Road Sta-
tion, ) r 25, farmer 25.

Doty, Lewis S., (Steamburgh,) r 3, farmer

Duffy, Jane. (Penn Line.) r 18. farmer 45.

Duncan, Charles, (Penn Line,) r 2, farmer

Duncan, Robert B., (Steamburgh,) r 16,
farmer 63.

Elsworth. EbenezerR., (Lineville Station.)
r 46. farmer leases of Isaac Brook, 6.

Elsworth, Edmund, (Center Road Station,)
r ;3H, farmer 66.

Everitt, Issachar M., (Steamburgh,) r 22,
farmer 76.

Everitt, Wm. B.. (Penn Line,) r 2, carpen-
ter and farmer ."JO.

Fenner. Alexander, (Conneautville,) r 4,
farmer 60.

Fenner, Edwin S., (Conneautville,) r 13,
auditor and farmer UK).

Fenner, James E., (Steamburgh.) r 16,
farmer leases of Morgan L., 2.')0.

Finley. Robert R., (.Penn Line,) r 31, far-
mer 120.

FISH. GEORGE M.. (Conneautville.) (iri^A
John H'.,) r '.', farmer leases of Solo-
mon W.. 15H.

FISH. JOHN W.. (Conneautville.) Urith
Geitr^ie J/.,) r 9, farmer leases of Solo-
mon W., !.')«.

Fish, Snlomon W., (Conneautville,) r 9,
school diroctorand farmer 15<i.

Fisher. Alfred. (Penn Line.) shoemaker.

Fonner. Oliver E, ( Lineville Station,) rlO,
wagon maker and farmer 18.

FORHES. (H.\UI.i;s, (Contor Road Sta-
tion.) r 39, fnrm.<r 70.

Forhe.s, (Ji'o. W., (Center Road Station,)
r 2.'>, farmer 117.

For.l. Samuel E., (Lineville Station,) r 45,
farmer 74.

Oakford &, Hood, only Practicable Hatters in



Foster, George, (Lineville Station,) r 51,

farmer 250.
Foster, John A., (Lineville Station,) r 51,

lumberman and farmer 10 .
Frey, Henry S., (Penn Line,) r 22, shoe-
Frey, Joseph L., (Lineville Station,) r35><$',

farmer 80.
Frey, Lorenzo D., (Lineville Station,) r 50,

farmer 40.
Frey, Simeon N., (Lineville Station,) r 50,

farmer 85.
Frey, Wm. L., (Lineville Station,) r 51,

saw and feed mills.
Fuller, Leslie L., (Penn Line,) r 2, farmer

leases of Jane, 50.
Garlock, Austin, (Center Road Station,)

r 39, farmer 150.
Garwood. Anthony T., (Lineville Station,)

r 50, farmer 106.
Garwood, Charles S., (LineviUe Station,)

r 35, carpenter and farmer 55.
Garwood, Levi, (Lineville Station,) r 35,

farmer 44.
. Garwood, Perkins R., (Lineville Station,)

r 35, farmer 70.
Garwood, Samuel A., (LineviUe Station,)

r50, farmer 37><^.
Gehr, Isaac B., (Center Road Station,) r

38, agent for Wheeler & "Wilson Sew-
ing Machine and farmer 48.
GIFFORD, JAMES S., (Lineville Station,)

r 48, wagon maker and farmer 25.
GILLETT, EUGENE E., (Conneautville,)

(icith Virgil,) r 6, farmer 106.
GILLETT, VIRGIL, (Conneautville,) {with

Eugene E.,) r 6, farmer 106.
Gilliland, Frank L., (Lineville Station,)

{icith Wm. P..) r 51, farmer 140.
Gilliland, John, (Lineville Station,) r 43,

farmer 172.

GILLILAND, JNO. 2d, (Lineville Station,)

r 33, broom maker and farmer 70.
Gilliland, R. H. Mrs., (Lineville Station,)

r 51, farmer 122.
Gilliland, Uriah, (Lineville Station,) r 33,

farmer 48.
Gilliland, Wm. P., (Lineville Station,)

(icith Frank L.,) r 51, farmer 140.
GILSON, MARTIN A., (LineviUe Station.)

r 50, farmer 50.
Graff, Baltzer, (Center Road Station,) r

38, farmer leases of Albert Brooks,

Graham, Edward, (Lineville Station,) r

37, farmer 170.
Graham, John, (Penn Line,) r 30, farmer

Graham, Nancy, (Penn Line,) r 33, farmer

GRAHAM, WM. C, (Penn Line,) r 33,

farmer 25 and leases of Nancy, 100.
Greenfield, Almon B., (ConneautviUe,) r

Line.) r 30, carpenter and joiner.

Greenfield, Burnham, (Center Road Sta-
tion,) r 24, farmer 57.

Greenfield, Francis M., (ConneautviUe,)
r 12, farmer 15.

Greenfield, Harlow J., (Conneautville,) r
7, supervisor and farmer 115.

Greenfield, Henry A., (Conneautville,) r
14, farmer 45.

Greenfield, Robert N., (Penn Line,) r 19,

Greenfield, W^m. C, (ConneautviUe,) r 12,

farmer 56.
Greenfield, Wm. R., (ConneautviUe,) r 23,

farmer 4(J.
Greenwood, John R., (Penn Line,) r 1,

farmer 140.
Grover, Bina, (Steamburgh,) r 22, farmer

Hadlock, Josiah. (Center Road Station,) r

38. farmer 20.
Harvey, Benj. F., (Lineville Station,) r 51,

Hatch, Erastus S., (Penn Line,) r 34,

mechanic and farmer 70.

Havens, Orson, (Penn Line,) shoemaker.

Henritta, Jane, (Steamburgh,)r 17, farmer

HERRING, DANIEL, (Lineville Station,)
r 50, farmer works farm of Mrs. Mary,

Herring, Mary Mrs., (LineviUe Station,) r
50, farmer 96.

Hickey, Patrick, (Lineville Station,) r 41,
farmer 6.

Hill, Lewis A., (Center Road Station,) r25,
carpenter and farmer 30.

Hill, Wm., (Penn Line, )r 52, farmer 50.

Holcomb. Augustus, (Penn Line,) rS4, far-
mer 133><^.

Holcomb, Franklin, (Penn Line,) r 32, far-
mer M.

Holcomb, Leicester, (ConneautviUe,) {tcith
Shirley Z.,) r 7, farmer leases of Chris-
tian, 50.

Holcomb, Nancy Mrs., (Penn Line,) farmer

HOLCOMB, SHIRLEY L., (ConneautviUe,)
(with Leicester,) r 7, farmer leases of
Christian, 50.

Holcomb, Wm., (Conneautville,) r 7, far-
mer leases of A. G. Eberthart, 100.

HOLMAN, CHARLES T., (ConneautviUe,)
r 6. butcher and farmer leases of Susan

Holman, John G., (ConneautviUe,) r5, far-
mer 220.

Holman, Susan T., (ConneautvUle,) r 6,
owns ^ acres.

Hcmer, Wm. W., (ConneautviUe,) r 14, far-
mer 121.

House. Marvin M., (Lineville Station.) r51,
farmer leases of John Gafney, 153.

Huestis, Bishop, (Center Road Station,) r
24, farmer 85.

Hunt, Heman Jr., (Steamburgh,) rl7, far-
mer 10".

Huntley. George, (Steamburgh,) r 4, wagon

HUNTLEY, SILAS A., (Steamburgh,) r 4,

carpenter and farmer 50.
Irons, Rebecca, (Lineville Station,) r35,

farmer 60.
Irons, Wm. B., (Lineville Station,) r 43,far-

mer 118.

( Wm. and Inaac F.,) r3. brick manufs.,

masons and carpenters.
JACKETT, ISAAC F., (Steamburgh,)

{Jackett Brothers.)
JACKETT, WM., (Steamburgh,) (Jackett


the Oil Region, StoreFe rtig Block, TitusviHe. Pa^


157 1

JOHNSON, ANDREW, (Conneautville,) r

7, farmer I'lO.
Johnson, Norman L., (Lineville Station,) r

48, cooper and farmer \'K
Johnson, Wm. B., (Conneautville,) r7, far-
mer 100.
Jones, Rebecca, (Penn Line,) r 17, owns

76 acres.
Jordon, Charles, (Penn Line,) r 52, farmer

Kazebee, Margaret, (Conneautville,) r 7,

owns 14 acres.
KELLOGG, C, (Lineville Station,) r 45,

farm laborer.
KENDALL. JOHN B.. (Center Road Sta-
tion,) r 23, town treasurer and farmer

Kent? Susannah, (Lineville Station,) r 35,

farmer 17.
Kimble. Adelia L. Miss, (Center Road Sta-
tion.) r 13. farmer 80.
Klumph. Alexis C, (Conneautville,) r 13,

farmer 12.
Klumph, Almond P., (Conneautville,) r 8,

farmer 73.
Knapp, John W., (Venn Line,) r 34, farmer

leases of Peter Terry, 55.
Labar. George, (Penn Line,) r 32, farmer

Ladner, Isaac, (Lineville Station,) r 45,

mason and farmer 115.
Laudon. Benj. D.. (Center Road Station,)

r 25. carpenter and farmer 30.
Landon. Holbert, (Center Road Station,)

r 25, carpenter and owns 54.
Landon, Wm. H., (Center Road Station,)

r 25, blacksmith and farmer leases of

Holbert, 54.
Lawrence, James, (Center Road Station,)

r 3'.^ farmer 115.
Lawrence, Samuel, (Conneautville,) r 25,

fanner 30.
Lawson, Wm., (Lineville Station,) r 48,

Btock dealer and farmer 12»i.
Leonard, Anson, (Penn Line,) farmer 63.
Leonard, Elizabeth M., (Penn Line,) far-
mer 40.
Leonard, Harriet A., (Penn Line,) owns 42

Leonard. Lillian P., (Penn Line,) owns 50

Leonard, Myra M., (Penn Line,) owns 42

Leah, George, (Penn Line,) r 1<, farmer

LESU, J. A., (Penn Line.) farmer.

Logan. Moses H., (Lineville Station,) r 4A^

farmer 100.
LORD. WM., (Penn Line,) prop, of Penn

Line House.
Lowing:, Henry D. Rev., (Central Road

Stall. ju.) r27, pastor of (%)ngregatlon-

al Church and farmer 137.
LUKK, SOLO.MnN, iConn.'^utville,) r 9.

cattle dealer and fanner 'A.
Lyman, Inaac S.. (Center Road Station,)

(Avm.in .fe McMilUn,) r 27, owun 110

Lyman A McMillen.(Center Road Station.)

{ Imiiic S. l.ijinitn anil I.iifaiitttf McMH-

Un.) nmniifrt. of lumber, lath and

8hingli'H. and own 80 acreH.
Lynch, Chri.^topher, (CunneautviUe,) r 18,

farmer 40.

MALONEY, HIRAM A., (Penn Line,1 r 19, ,
justice of the peace and farmer 200.

MAN'.VING. GEO. V., (Center Road Sta-
tion, I r 29, school director, farmer 106
and leases of Wm Miller, 111. ;

Maxwell, John, (Steamburgh,) r22, farmer ,

Mc Arthur, Earl P. , (Penn Line, ) constable i

and farmer 2)4. , o.. .. x

McClinton, Robert,(CenterRoad Station,)

r 38, farmer .59.
McCord, Andrew J., (Conneautville,) r 2,

farmer 65. , ^j. ^- ^

McKean, James G., (Center Road Station,)

r 29, farmer 46. , . .

McKinney, James, (Lineville Station.) r

35. farmer .50. . .„ x n

McLallin, Edgar R.. (Conneautville.) r 9,

farmer leases of James, 68.

McLallin, James, (Center Road Station.)
r 27, general merchant and owns o3

acres. .,^ •, oi.

McMillen, Lafayette. (Center Road Sta-
tion,) (Zv""^" <^ 'VoJ/(7/«rj.)

McMuUen, Geo., (Conneautville,) r 9, lum-
ber manuf. and farmer 200.

Mickel, Chas. C, (Center Road Station,)
r 37, farmer 53.

Mickel. John C. (Center Road Station,) r
.38, farmer leases H 0. ,

MICKEL, J. M., (Center Road Station,) r

37, farmer.

Mickel, Lewis, (Lineville Station,) r 37,
farmer 75. ,,„,,. ^ or

Miller, Alvah D., (Lineville Station,) r 35,
farmer works 60. ^ ^ x- x

Miller, Hiram, (Center Road Station,) r
29, farmer 88.

.Miller, Samuel A., (Lineville Station,) r

38. farmer .50.

Miller, Wm., (Center Road Station.) r 29,

farmer 111. t • x ei

Mowry, Joseph C, (Penn Line,) r 51,
farmer leases of S. Shepard. lu.

MUNGER, DANIEL. (Center Road Sta-
tion.) r 27, station agent at Summit
and farmer 65. „ ^ ^ .- ^

Munger, Emery, (Center Road Station,) r
24, farmer 40. , o. *• \

Munger. Jared E., (Center Road Station,)
r 27, shoemaker, owns 10 acres

Munger. LaFayette, (Center Road Sta-
tion ) r 24, farmer leases of Richard
Williams. 2><,. „ ., o*

MUNGER, LUCIUS, (Center Road Sta-
tion.) r 24, farmer.

MUNGER. LUC RETT A C. Mrs., (Center
Road Station,) r 2-1. farmer 80.

Munger, Warren. ^Center Rott<l Station,)
r 37. carpenter.

Nevel, Peter, (Conneautville,) r 15, farmer

Newcomb. Andrew J., (Conneautville.*

r ». Rhooniaker and farmer leases of

ChuH. Kiml.all, 90.
North. Chtinning L.. (Conneautville,) r 6,

fariii.T lfa.s«<8 of Matilda. 57.
North. .Matilda, (Conneautville.) r 5. owns

67 acres.
Ott. Philip. (Penn Line,) r 1.. farmer 6

anil li'a.sps 22M. ,. , x. ^

Palm.<r, Louisa A., (Lineville Station.) r

35. farmer 97.



Pai-tch. Edgar, (Penn Line.) farmer 250

and works 100.
Peabody, John, (Penn Line.) r 52, farmer

Peck, Newton, (Lineville Station,) r 49,

farmer 60.
Penfield, Alden, (Steamburgh,) r 16,

farmer 75.
Penfield, Charles, (Steamburgh,) r 22,

farmer 53.
Penfield, Chauncy, (Conneautville,) r 6,

farmer 125.
Penfield. Edwin, (Conneautville,) r 14,

farmer 50.
Peniield, Francis, (Steamburgh,) r 17,

farmer 87><^.
Penfield, Henry A.. (Conneautville,) r 11,

cheese manufacturer.
Penfield, Julius, (Penn Line,) r 18, school

director and farmer 129.
Penfield, Orrin, (Conneautville,) r 6,

farmer .50 and leases of P. B. Carpen-
ter. 140.
PENN LINE HOUSE, (Penn Line,) Wm.

Lord, prop
Perkin. Diadama, (Lineville Station,) r

35^.^, farmer 55.
PERKIN, GEO. H., (Lineville Station.) r

35>vj', carpenter and joiner.
Perrin, Wm. D., (Conneautville,) r 7, far-
mer 50.
PHELPS, AUSTIN W., (Penn Line,) r 32.

leases of Chester, saw mill and 100

Phelps, Che.ster. (Penn Line,) r 32, saw

mill and farmer 100.
Phelps, James L.,(Penn Line,)r 32, farmer
■ 180.
Phelps. Judson B., (Conneautville,) r 5,

manuf. of cheese and farmer 170.
Place, Ira, (Steamburgh,) r 16, farmer

works farm of Laura, 44.
Place. Laura, ( Steamburgh,) r 16, farmer

Piatt. Eli, (Penn Line,) r 32, farmer 300.
Piatt, Henry C, (Penn Line,) r 30, farmer

Potter, Alonzo, (Conneautville,) r 7, far-
mer leases of of O. H. AVilder, 50.
Potter, George, (Steamburgh,) r 3, farmer

Potter, Joseph, (Lineville Station,) r 35,
carpenter and farmer 60.

POTTER, "WM. J., (Penn Line,) r 20, far-
mer 53.

Froutor, Alonzo M., (Penn Line,) r31, far-
mer 166.

Rice, Herman B., (Lineville Station,) r 45,
farmer 50.

Rick, Joseph, (Lineville Station,) r44, far-
mer 51.

Riggs, Oliver, (Conneautville,') r3, farmer
50 and leases of H. W. Stanley, 80.

Roberts, Isaac, (Penn Line,) blacksmith.

Robertson, Daniel S., (Center Road Sta-
tion,) r 28, farmer 50.

Robertson, Geo. C, (Center Road Station,)
r 27, farmer 15.

Robertson, Philip. (Center Road Station,)
r 27, farmer 80.

Rood, Seth M., (Penn Line.) r 52, farmer

Rowe, Eli, (Penn Line,) r 1, farmer leases
of Mansfield H., 100.

Rusell, John, (Lineville Station,) r 47, far-
mer 30.

RUSH3I0RE, HENRY B., (Center Road
Station,) r 38, farmer 50.

Rushmore, John, (Center Road Station,)
r 38, farmer 130.

Rushmore. Moses, (Center Road Station,)
r 38, farmer leases of John, 130.

Rushmore, Samuel, (Conneautville,) r 9,
lumber dealer and farmer 134.

RUSSELL, SAMUEL H., (Lineville Sta-
tion.) r 48. farmer 63.

Ryan, Patrick, (Lineville Station.) r 46,
farmer 8.

Sanderson, Edward W., (Conneautville,)
r 12. farmer 100.

Sanderson. Henry, (Conneautville,) r 12,
farmer leases of E. W., 100.

Schermerhorn, "Wm. G., (Conneautville,)
r 5, carpenter and farmer 96.

Scovel, Daniel, (Lineville Station,) r 45,

Scovel. Jared A., (Center Road Station,)
r 26, cooper and farmer 64.

Seager, Charles E., (Penn Line,) r 1, farmer
leases of Silas H., 85.

SEAGER, C. H., (Steamburgh,) r 17, far-

Seager. Huldah, (Penn Line,)r 1, owns 64

Seager, Perry, (Steamburgh.) r 17, super-

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