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visor and farmer 85.

Seager, Silas H., (Penn Line,) r 1, farmer

Seager, Thomas, (Lineville Station,) r 51,
farmer 80.

Shaw. Moses, (Center Road Station,) r 26,
farmer 50.

Shepard. Lorin H., (Penn Line,) lumber-
man and farmer 175.

Shepard, Orrin, (Lineville Station,) r 51,
farmer 38.

Shepard. Sidney C, (Lineville Station,)
r 35, lumberman and farmer 120.

SIDLE Y, G. M., (Penn Line,) {A. H. Bates

& Co.)
Smith. Alonzo, (Center Road Station,) r

28,' farmer 170.
Smith, Ephraim, (Penn Line,) blacksmith.
Snyder, Silas, (Center Road Station,) r29,

farmer 10i».
Snyder, Winchester, (Penn Line,) r 33,

farmer 109.
Snyder, Winchester L., (Center Road Sta-
tion,) r23, farmer 76.
Spaulding, Daniel D., (Lineville Station,)

r 38. farmer 90.
Spaulding. Lemuel D., (Lineville Station,)

r 38, school director and farmer 50.
Speer, Henry, (Steamburgh.) r 16, farmer


SPRAGUE, WM. C, (Center Road Sta-
tion,) r 24, farmer 62.

Stafford, George, (Center Road Station,)
r 24, cooper and farmer 50.

Stanley, Henry W., (Conneautville,) (Co-
re'/ d- Stanley,) r 12, owns 80.

STEFFEE, ADAM, (Lineville Station,) r
45, farmer 113.

Stevens, Alvah M.. (Center Road Station,)
r 26>^. farmer 25.

Stevens, Ezekiel, (Center Road Station,)
r 39, farmer 80.



STEVENS, GEO. W., (ConneautviUe,) r 9,

farmer 50.
Stevens, Xatban, (Center Road Station,)

r 29, farmer 13.
Stimpson, Thomas, (ConneautviUe,) r 3,

farmer 10.
Stockton. Thomas, (ConneautviUe,) r 12,

farmer 50.

Station. ) r 29. farmer leases of George
Slayton, 100.

Sweet. Chester, (Penn Line.) r 30, farmer
leases uf J. H. Newton, Millersburg,

Sweet, Stephen B., (Lineville Station,)
{irith John S. Wi/<tif.)T 48. farmer leases
of Sammel Bunnell, 97.

Swift. P. M. Mrs., (Center Road Station,)
r 2.5, farmer 30.

Tanner. Albert M., (Steamburgh,) r 2, far-
mer 70.

Tanner, Austin O., (Penn Line,) r 2, far-
mer 75.

Tanner, Elisha, (Steamburgh,) r 2, farmer

Tarbell, Wm., (Center Road Station,) r36,
wagon maker and farmer 60.

Terry, M. H., (Penn Line,) r 31, farmer

Terry, Morgan Wm., (Penn Line,) r 33,
farmer 100.

Terry, Peter M., (Penn Line,) r 31, farmer

Thayer, Edmond S., (Center Road Sta-
tion. ) r 37. farmer 120.

Thayer, James C, (Lineville Station,) r 36,
farmer 35.

Thayer, Joseph A., (Center Road Station,)
f 2(*, farmer 75.

Thayer, Merrick, (Lineville Station,) r 36,
farmer 175.

Thomas. Benj. W., (Penn Line,) r 52, far-
mer 118.

Thomas, John, (ConneautviUe,) r 9, far-
mer 130.

THOMAS. JONATHAN E., (Penn Line,) r
52. farmer.

Thomas, Joseph A.. (Penn Line,) r 52, far-
mer 90.

Tliompson. Andrew E., (Steamburgh, i r 2.
farmer 10.

Th(»mps(jn, Angeline Mrs., (Lineville Sta-
tion.) r 49. farmer 2H^.

Thtjmpaon, Frank, (Lineville Station,)
(with .Vrg. liar I ief,) r 49, farmer 60.

Thompson, Harriet Mrs., i Lineville Sta-
tion, )(/r//A /*/7/?//l-.) r 49, farmer 60.

Thfimpson. James D., (Steamburgh,) r 2,
fariner HO.

ThompBon, Jesse, (Penn Line,) r 3, farmer

THOMPSON, JOHN, (Penn Line,) r 33,
farmer 115.

ThompHon. Mary, (Lineville Station,) r 35,
furnu»r iV).

ThoinpHoii, Silas B., (Penn Line,) r 30, far
iiit'r •>2.

Thoinpsuo, Wm., (Penn Line,) r 1, farmer

Trace, Humphrey D., (ConneautviUe,) r 12,
farnjer 50.

Trace. J«)hu B., (ConneautviUe,) r 7. far-
mer 50.

Turner. John B., (Center Road Station,) r
36, farmer 69.

Turner, Solomon, (Penn Line.) r 52. far-
mer 131.

TYLER. CLINTON P., (ConneautviUe,) r
11, farmer 50.

Tyler, Elizur H., (ConneautviUe,) r 14, far-
mer 70.

Tyler, Salmon, (ConneautviUe,) r 13, far-
mer 50.

"VanWinkle. Chas, G.. (Lineville Station,)
(irith John T..) r 51, farmer 159.

VanWinkle, John T., (Lineville Station,)
(7cith CJuia. G.,) r 51, farmer 159. ^

VanWinkle. Samuel M., (Lineville Station.)
r 45X, £armer 65.

Wallace. Mary, (Lineville Station,) r 46,
farmer 12.

Wallace, Orrin, (Lineville Station,) r 46,
farmer 12.

Wallace. Wm., (Lineville Station,) r 48,
lumberman and farmer 55.

Walrath. David, (ConneautviUe,) r 6, far-
mer 50.

Wahalh. Emanuel, (Penn Line,) r 30, far-
mer 100.

WALSH. MARTIN V., (LineviUe Station.)
r 49, constable, captain Lineville
Police Co. and farmer 13 .

Walton, Levi. (Center Road Station,) r 26,
farmer 56.

Waring, Elmer G., (LineviUe Station,) r 51,
farmer 65.

Warren, Joseph, (Penn Line,) r 30, farmer

Warriner, Samuel P., (Center Road Sta-
tion. I r 27, farmer 85.

Welsh, Philip. (Lineville Station,) r 49,
farmer l-'iO.

Welsh, Richard, (Lineville Station,) r49,
mason and farmer 60.

Wheeler, Benj. P., (Steamburgh,) r22, far-
mer 125.

Wheeler, John, (Steamburgh,) r 3, lumber
and flouring manuf.

Wheeler. Malcolm J., (Steamburgh,) r 22
farmer 27 and leases of Benj. P., 125'

White. H. K. Mrs., (ConneautviUe,) r 5,

farmer 2i»0.
Williams. Richard H., (ConneautviUe.) r

21. farmer 96.
Williams, Wm., (LineviUe Station,) r44,

farmer IH.
Wilson, John, (Penn Line.) r 52, farmer

74 j,. !

Wingate, Samuel B., (ConneautviUe,) r25,

shot'inuker unci farmer "iS.
Wintermuti'. Ji)hn H., (Penn Line,) r 33,

farnit'r 1 12.
Wlnt»'riiiut»'. Joseph, (Penn Line,) r 33,

Wintermuth. Wm. H., (Steamburgh,*) r 3.

house and carriage painter, and owns

3-1 acres.
Woodward, Ira H., (Penn Line.) farmer 4.
Wright. Wm., (Penn Line.) r .'JO. farmer


Wright. Wm. B., (ConneautviUe,) r 8, far-
mer 5().

Wyutt, John 8., (Lineville Station.) (W/A
Stfi>l,^u //. Sirttt, ) r 48, farmer leases of
Sainuid Bunnell. 97.



(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation. — The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

Akin, Thomas, (Potters Corners,) r 42,
nurseryman and farmer 43.

ALWARD, BENJAMIN, (Edinborough,

Erie Co.,) r 6, farmer 255.
Alward, Daniel, (Venango,) owns 80.
Alward, George W., (Venango,) farmer

occupies 80.
Alward, Henry J., (Edinborough, Erie Co.,)

r 8, farmer 50.
Alward, Luther, (Venango,) r 32, farmer

Alward, Wm., (Venango,) r 10, farmer 60.
Anderson, A. I. M., (Edinborough, Erie

Co.,) r 8, farmer 25.
Bacon, John S., (Potters Corners,) r 40,

farmer 80.
Bacon, John S., (Crossingville,) {P. Clark

& Co.)
Bacon, Marcus F., (Potters Corners,) r

40, farmer 78.
Bacon, Richard D., (Potters Corners,) r

40, farmer.
Bains. Elias, (Crossingville,) r 16, farmer

Baker, Richard F., (Crossingville,) mason

and carpenter.
Bany, Cornelius, (Crossingville,) r 1, far-
mer 50.
Barber, C. Frederick, (Crossingville,) car-
BEELES. JOHN M., (Crossingville,) r 17,

farmer 30.

BEMAN, HENRY C, (Potters Corners,)
telegraph operator and farmer 106.

Bennett, A. H. W., (Potters Corners,)
{Bennett Brothers.)

Bennett Brothers, (Potters Corners.) {E.
L. and A. II. W.,) r 39, lumber
manufs. and farmers 100.

Bennett, Cyrus G., (Crossingville,) r 13,
farmer leases 100.

Bennett, E. L., (Potters Corners,) {Ben-
nett Brotherg.)

Bennett, Gilbert K., (Mosiertown,) r 53,

farmer 126.
Best, Gideon, (Mosiertown,) r 37, farmer

Best. Thomas, (Mosiertown,) r 13, farmer


Blystone, Andrew H., (Mosiertown,) far-
mer 20.

BLYSTONE, EZRA V., (Venango,) farmer

Blystone, Isaac, (Mosiertown,) rS4, farmer

Blystone, Isaac B., (Mosiertown,) r 34,
farmer 28.

Blystone, Loren, (Venango,) r 26, farmer 50.

Blystone, Simeon, (Venango,) r 26, farmer
leases 40.

Boggs, Henry P., (Mosiertown,) r 58, tan-
ner and farmer 55.

Borger, James, (Mosiertown,) r51, farmer

Borger, Thomas, (Saegerstown,) farmer

Bortger, Henry, (Mosiertown,) r 46, far-
mer 117.

BostorfE, Wm., (Venango,) r 26, farmer 56.

Bowes. Peter, (Crossingville,) farmer 25.

Boyd, David M., (Venango,) r 58, farmer

BOYD, HIRAM, (Mosiertown,) r 58, phy-
sician and surgeon, and farmer 7i).

Bradish, John, (Mosiertown,) r 65. farmer

BRADISH, JOHN W., (Mosiertown,) r 59,
farmer 2.

Bradish, Richard, (Mosiertown,) hotel
keeper and farmer 50.

BROOKHOUSER, A. T.. (Mosiertown,) r
22, farmer occupies farm of A. B.
Hurd. 100.

Brown, Charles W., (Crossingville,) r 13,
manuf. cheese.

Burlingham, Harry, (Crossingville,) far-
mer leases 244.

Burns, John, (Crossingville,) farmer 22.

Bystone, John, (Venango,) r 29, farmer 25.

Caldon, Owen, (Crossingville,) r 4, farmer

Camp, George, (Mosiertown,) r 62, farmer

Carr, Alfred B., (Potters Corners,) r 45,

farmer 90.

CARR, CHANCY, (Potters Corners,) {with
John S.,) r 42, farmer 280.



CARE, JOHN S., (Potters Cornersj r42,

supervisor and (with Chancy,) farmer

Carr, Thompson S., (Potters Corners,) r45,

farmer 1()0.
Cartrifiht. Abram, (Mosiertown,) r 36, far-
mer 100.
Cartright. I. D., (Mosiertown,) fruit dealer.
Chamberlin, Diantha Mrs., (Crossing-

ville. I r 14, farmer 50.
CHAMBERLIN, JOHN, (Crossingviile,) r

16, farmer 115.
CLARK, CHARLES H., (Mosiertown,)

wae;on and carriage maker.
CLARK, HANIEL, (Mosiertown,) r 48,

manuf. of shovel handles and staves.
CLARK. J. F., (Crossingviile,) clerk.
Clark, Peirson, (Crossingviile,) (P. Clark

<t Co..} postmaster.
Clark, P. & Co., (Crossingviile,) {PtirHon

i lark and John S. Bacon,) r 13, general

Claughlin. Cornelius, (Crossingviile,) r 3,

farmer 140.
Clawson, Edwin, (Mosiertown,) r 22, far-
mer .'iO.
Clawson, Erastus M., (Mosiertown,) r 22,

town clerk.
Clawson, Martin, (Mosiertown,) r 22, town

treasurer and farmer 50.
Clump, Henry, (Mosiertown,) r 56, butcher.
Clump, Wm., (Mosiertown,) r 57, farmer

Cobb, Alvah W., (Venango,) r 33, farmer


COBB. EDWARD D., (Venango,) r 32, far-
mer 42.

COLE, JOHN. (Venango,) r 58, supervisor,
prop, of cheese factory and farmer

Cole, Perry, (Venango,) r 3.3, carpenter,
justice of the peace and farmer 4.

Cole, Walter G., (Venango,) r 33, farmer

Collins. J. M. Rev., (Mosiertown,) Baptist

Coughliu, Patrick, (Crossingviile,) farmer

Cronan, Stephen, (Crossingviile,) r 12, far-
mer 75.

Culberson, Wm., (Venango,) r 31, farmer

Cull. Wm., (Crossingviile,) r 6, farmer 50.

Culp, Benjamin, (Saegerstown,) fanner
9 I.

Culj), Henry A., (Potters Corners,) r 4.5,
farmtT leases of James Whipple, 83.

Curtise. G. W., (Mosiertown,) painter and

CUTLKK, EDWIN Q.. (Crossingviile,) hotel
kH»>p<T and farnH-r 1.5'i.

DauieU. (,'haH.. (Crussingvillo,) farmer, oc-
cupies farm of PhiiuMiH H»«rrick. lid.

Daniels. David A., (CrosHingville,) r 16,
fariiHT 4<).

Dnnlfls, Wm. W., (Crossingviile,) r 16, oar-

Davis. K«lmond, (Mosiertown,) r.'>l, con-
Htablf. <!()lU<ctor and fai nu-.- 120.

Davis, Hiriim. (("roHHlngvillf, ) saw and
feed inillH, and fanner 5(^i.

Davis. Jamen, (Crossingviile,! r 1-J, famier

Davis, Jason. (Venango.) r M, farmer 101.

Dearborn, Wm., (Potters Corners.) r 39,

Decker. Andrew, (Rundells,) r 43, farmer

Deichman, Wm. W., (Mosiertown,) r 58,

Dengler, Benjamin, (Mosiertown,) r 65,

carpenter and farmer 13.
Dilley, Simeon, (Venango,) r 2.5, farmer

Donahew, Austin, (Crossingviile,) inith

Jam en, Selden and William A r 24, far-
mer 100.
Donahew, James, (Crossingviile,) (uith

Selden, Austin and William,) r 24, lar-

mer 100.

DONAHEW, SELDEN, (Crossingviile.)
(uith JameJi, Austin and William,) r '2A,
farmer liiO.

Donahew, William, (Crossingviile,) (uith
Jamen, Selden and Au«ti7i,) r 24, farmer

Dondon, James, (Crossingviile,) r 11, far-
mer 17)4.

Donohaw, John, (Mosiertown,) r 35, farmer

Donohaw, Seth, (Venango,) r W, fruit
dealer and farmer 75.

Dundon, Morris.(Edinborough, Erie Co..) r
9. farmer 94.

EATON, ALFORD, (Mosiertown,) r 50,
(iiith Sa7H}ison.) farmer 125.

EATON, SAMPSON, (Mosiertown,) {inth
Alford,) r ;"0, farmer 125.

ERWIN, ALBERT. (Mosiertown.) r 57,
breeder of horses and farmer 3(T0.

Erwin, Leonard, (Mosiertown,) r 37,farmer

Farley, Edward, (Mosiertown,) r 62, far-
mer 86.

Fields, Horace, (Crossingviile,) r 38, far-
mer 90.

FISHER, PETER, (Venango,) r 28, farmer

Foot, James R., (Rundells,) r 44, farmer
leases of Mrs. A. Lefever, 100.

FRANK, JACOB, (Venango,) retired far-
mer, soldier of 1H12.

Freeman, Arnold, (Mosiertown,) r 21, far-
mer 94.

Freeman, Jeffrey J., (Mosiertown,) r 21,
farmer 60.

Freeman, Lot D., (Venango,) r'SH, farmer

Freeman, Manning T., (Crossingviile.) r
21. fanner l.SO.

Freeman, Thomas E., (Crossingviile.) r4,
fanner 90.

Freeman, Wm. T., (Venango,) r 28, farmer

Fross. Richard C, (Mosiertown,) harness
nuiker and grocer.

GAMBLE & SNODGRA.>^S. (Mosiertown,)

( Win. J. (ramble and li. A. SiKHti/niMM,)

phvsiciims and surj^eons.
OAMBLE. W.M.J.. ^ yi<<sU'rtowi\,) ((?,imf>lc

,\: .N/i<></(;;</Aw. I farmer Vi.
Gibson, David. (Venungi),) r Hi, farmer 72.
Green. Joi'i |{cv., (Mosiertown,) Seventh

Day Baptist minister.
Green. I'rsula, (Potters Comers,) r 39,

farmer 10.
Greene, Albert C, (Mosiertown,) printer



Hacker, Enos, (Crossingville,) r 12, farmer Hotchkiss, Lewis, (Crossingville ) r 24 far-
91. mer 100. '

Hacker, Joseph, (Crossingville,) r 12, far-
mer 50.

Halfast, Christian, (Edinborough, Erie
Co.,) r 9, farmer 49.

Halfast, Frederick, (Crossingville,) r 6,
farmer 75.

Hall. Heury, (Venango,) r 29, farmer 18.

Hall. 1", a, (Venango,) r 29, blacksmith and
fai-mer 110.

Hall, Orriu, (Venaugo,) r 29. farmer 66.

HAMILTON. JAMES. (Venango,) r 28, car-
penter and joinei', and farmer 50.

Harned. Hai-risou. (Edinborough, Erie
Co.,) r 6. farmer 52.

Harned, Jacob, (Venango,) {vyith John.) r
28, farmer 120.

Harned. John. (Venango,) {n-ith Jacob,) r
28, farmer 120.

Harned, Randolph, (Venango,) r 28, far-
mer ?'5.

HARNED, SMITH F., (Venango,) r 31,
supervisor and farmer 65.

Hari^ed, Wm. H., (Venango,) r 28, farmer

HARRIS. AUGUSTUS P., (Venango,) r 32,
farmer 76.

Haves. Heman, (Venango,) r 28, farmer


Hayes, Wm. H., (Venango.) r 29, farmer 43.

ango,) r 57, farmer.

Helmtjiecht. Henry, (Venango,) r 57, far-
mer ion.

Henry, Abram J., (Venango,) r 61, farmer

Henry, Charles H., (Mosiertown.) r35, far-
mer 42.

Henry, John A., (Venango.) farmer 50.

Hickernell, Thomas, (Saegerstown,) r 57.
farmer 19.

Hill, Jane Mrs., (Edinborough. Erie Co., )
r8, farmer 115.

HILLS. ALBERT B., (Crossingville,) r 16,
fai-mer 100.

HILLS, HENRY, (Potters Corners,) r 40,
farmer 64.

Hills, James A., (Mosiertown. ) farmer.

Hills, Nathaniel. (Potters Cornel's,; r 39,
millwright and fai'mer5.

Hills. Sherman C, (Potters Corners,) r 39,

HITJiS, DAVID Jr., (Mosiertown,) r 51,
farmer 200.

Hites, Joseph, (Mosiertown,) r 51. farmer

Hornstein, G. H., (Mosiertown,) r 37, far-
mer occupies 300.

Hornstein, H.. heirs of,(Mosiertown,) r 37,
farmers 300.

Hotchkiss, Edwin, (Venango,) r59, farmer

HOTCHKISS, ELIHU, (Venango,) r 59,
farmer 1.50.

Hotchkiss. Erastus, heirs of, (Venango,) r
26, farmer 110.

Hotchkiss. Henry, (Venango.) r 60, farmer

Hotchkiss, Hiram. (Potters Corners, ) r 41,
faruier 2)0.

Hotchkiss, James, (Mosiertown,) r 18, far-
mer 160. I

Hotchkiss, Mark, (Saegerstown.) r 57, far-
mer f)0.

HOTCHKISS, SHELDON, (Mosiertown,) r

26, farmer 160.
Huckelbury, Wm., (Venango,) r 26, farmer

occupies 11(1.
Hurd A. B., (Mosieitown.) r 22, farmer

Hurd, George W., (Mosiertown,) r 22, far-
mer 100.

Hurd, James H., (Crossingville,) r 13, far-
mer 160.

James, Jacob, (Venango,) r 32. farmer 5^.

Joslin, George R., (Crossingville.) r 16. far-
mer ir..ises of Jason Cook, 50.

Joslin, John M., (Crossingville.) r 17, far-
mer 80.

Joslin. Reuben, (Crossingville,) r 11, far-
mer 80.

Joslin, Wm. H., (Crossingville.) r 16, far-
mer .50.

Kearney. James, (Crossingville.) r 11, far-
mer 50.

Kearney, John.(Crossingville,) r 11, farmer

Kearney, Thomas, (Crossingville,) r 11.

farmer 120.
Kelly, Lorenzo D.. (Potters Corners.) r42,

farmer 20.

Kerney, Wm., (Crossingville,) r 39, farmer

King, Pardon, (Rundells.) r 43. farmer 25
King, Winfield S., (Rundells,) r 43, farmer

KopMer, P. W., (Mosiertown,) r 49, farmer

Lake, Hiram J., (Venango.) r 28. farmer 85.

Langdon, Augustus, (Crossingville,) r 1,

farmer 53.
Langdon, Roland W. (Crossingville,) r 3,

supervisor, locomotive engineer and

farmer 61.
Lasi— i>f,-; 1 A., (Potters Corners,) r 46,

farmer 12.
Leac. ..ci.jc>.min, (Crossingville,) r 12, far-
mer works 50.
Leach, SccV-4, (Crossingville.) r 12, farmer

Lefevre, John P., (Potters Corners,) r 42,

farmer 75.
Lewis. Augustus, (Venango.) r 10, farmer

Lewis, Eber, (Venango,) r 10. farmer 30.
Lewis, Eber Jr.. (Venango.) r 10, farmer

Lewis, EberS.. (Crossingville.) r 13, farmer

leases of Elias Davis, 73.
Lewis, George, (Venango.) r 10, farmer 60.

Lewis, Harrison, (Venango,) r 10, farmer

Lewis, Jacob, (Mosiertown,) r 54, farmer

Lewis. Jeremiah. (Venango.) r 10, farmer

Lewis, John D., (Venango,) r 10, farmer 70.

Lewis. John D. Jr., (Venango,) r 26, far-
mer leases 26.

Lewis. Josiah G., (Venango,) r 10, farmer
60. I

Lewis, Josiah S., (Venango.) r 10, farmer |



Lewis. Nathaniel W., (Veuango,) r 58, far-
mer l^;i.

Lewis. Samuel, (Venango.) r 33, planing
mill. sash, doors, blinds &o.. and far-
mer 4}t, .

Lilley, Samuel, (Mosiertown,) r.5:3, farmer
4-i. !

Lindsley, Joseph M., (Mosiertown,) r 57, '
shoemaker. ]

Lonoy, Daniel, heirs of. (Crossingville.) r
11. farmer 5().

Lord, Daniel. (Rundells,) r 44. farmer 70.

Lynch, Cornelius, (Crossingville,) r 15,
farmer occupies farm of Dnvid. 100.

Lynch. David. (Crossingville,) r 15. farmer

Lynch, James, (Crossingville.) r 2, farmer

Mahouy. James, (Crossingville,) r 11, far-
mer 5ii.

Malony. Michael, (Crossingville.) r 1, far-
mer 50.

Mauvill. Henry W., (Mosiertown,) r 57.
farmer 73.

MANVILLE, JOHN M., (Mosieitown,) far-
mer 58.

Martin. Martin Van B., (Venango.) r 32,
blacksmith and farmer occupies 73.

McBlUDE, DANIEL A., (Crossingville,) r
'i, farmer 3 ).

McBRIDE, FRANCIS P., (Crossingville.)
r 12. farmer 10).

McBride, John T., (Crossmgville, ) r34, far-
mer S2.

McBride. Patrick, (Crossing^'ille,) r 2, far-
mer 22.

McBride, Samuel, (Crossingville.) r 11,
farmer occupies 5(i.

McBRIDE, SAMUEL S., (Mosiertown,) r
39. farmer 90.

McCarty, Charles, (Mosiertown,) r 19, far-
mer 109.

McCarty, Dennis, (Crossingville,) r 11, far-
mer im.

McCreanor, Mary, (Crossingville.) (irlfh
Kihrard J. Marplii/,) r 11. farmer 125.

McLaughlin. Charles, (Crossingville,) r 11,
farmer 50.

McLaughlin, James, (Crossingville,) r 4,
farmer 115.

McLaughlin, John^ (Crossingville,) r 11,
asses.s(;r and farmer liKl.

McLaughlin, Thomas, <^Cro8singville,) far-
mer 47.

Mead, James, (Venango.) farmer 47.

Mills, John, (Mosiertown,) r 50, black-
smith and farmer 37.

Morris, James S., (Mosiertown,) r 57, far-
mer 2x1.

Morris, Josiah S., (RundcU.s, ) r 43, farmer

Mosier, Aaron, (Venango,) farmer 3.

MoHitT, Amos, (Mosiertown, ) r 5H, farmer


Moh^i r. Dauiel Sen., (Mosiertown,) r 5.S,

MoHier. Isiinc, (Mosiertown.) r .W, farmer

ftl ! ' aol, (Mosiertown,) farnmr.

M I it'l, (Mosicrfowii,) r W, Khoo-

1 and faruH-r ^.'<.
MoHici, >atban, (Venango,) r 5(). fnrnu«r


Mosier, Reuben, (Mosiertown,) r 65, far-
m er 52.

Mosier, Samuel, (Mosiertown,) farmer 65.

Mover, Jacob, (Mosiertown.) r 51. farmer

MUCKENHOUPT, GEO. H., (Venango,) r
61, farmer 2.

Muckiuhoupt, John. (Venango.) r GO, far-
mer 110.

Muckminhoupt. George W., (Venango.) r
6i). farmer 75.

Murphy, Edward J., (Crossingville,) {with
Mnitj Mci'i eaiior.) r 11. farmer 125.

NASH. JAMES, (Crossingville,) {Wm.

XiL-ih tt- < *0. )

NASH, MICHAEL G., (Crossingville,) r H.

farmer 100.
NASH, PATRICK, (Centerville,) {Wm.

JVtlsh ([• ' V>. )

NASH. THOMAS,(CenterviUe,) ( Win. Na<ih

li- Co..) farmer 100.
NASH, WM., (Crossingville,) ( Wm. Na^h &

Co.,) owns l.>4.
NASH, WM. & CO.. (Crossingville.) (Jinne»,
Thonuin and PdtricJ: Xitsh.) geuetal
merchants and props of cheese fac-

Noland, James, (Crossingville,) r 11, far-
mer 75.

Noith, John C, (Crossingville, )r 2, farmer

O'Brien, James, (Crossingville,) {with
John,) r 3, farmer 31.

O'Brien. John, (Crus.singville,) {with
Jamet^,) r 3, farmer 31.

O'Brien. John. (Crossingville,) {icith
Michael.) r 11, farmer 78.

O'Brien Michael, (Crossingville,) {with
John.) V 11. farmer 78.

Patten, James R., (Crossingville,) r 2, far-
mer 68.

Payne, George. (Veuangcr.) farmer occu-
pies farm of James Mead, 47.

Payne, G. W., (Mosiertown,) r -3-1, farmer
leases .50.

Payne, Isaac, (Venango.) r 32, farmer '-'5.

Peters, David, (Mosiertown.) r ;i5, farmer

PETERS, GEORGE H., (Venaugo,) r 61,
farmer 95.

Peters. Samuel. (Venango.) r 61, farmer 67.

Pier, Seidell E., (Venango, i r Id, farmer so.

Putter, C. II., (Potters Citrncrs.i fa'iii>-r.

Potter. Elijah H.. (M«)siertown, ) farmer t><\

POTTER, ORSON O., tPotters Corners.. r
10, faiintr UN).

POTTER. PETER L.. ^Mosiertown.) r 46,
prop, of steam saw mill.

Pott.-r. W. I., (Potters C«)rner8,) r 39. fat-
mer 131.

Pulling, Wm. H., (Crossingville,) r 4, far-
mer 112.

Quinliv. .\mo8 M., (Potters Corners.) r 42,
fanner 40.

(juirK. Thomat), (Crossingville,) r 3, farnn«r

Ragan, Patrtok, (Crossingville,) fanner

Hei'il. Rohort. (Cro.^.singx ille.) r 2, blaek-
Muiith and fainit-r 4i).

Rhout.'*, James, (Mosiertown.) r 58, farmer
75. *

RIfo <
far .. ;

E., (Potters Corners,) r 44,




Second Street, Corner of Dock,


Ladies' Drei






3J[cO.^I31i: RIRO^.,

Manufacturers and Dealers in



Pfo. 115 Chpstiiut Street,











And has the LARGEST CIRCULATION of anj paper published in
the city. Specimen copies sent free upon application.

- 1



RUNDEL. BENJAMIN W., (Rundells,) r

44. carpenter and joiner, and farmer

Schillen, C. O., (Venango,) r 14, farmer 45.
Scrafford, George L., (Crossingville,) r 13,

carriage maker.
Shay, Jerry, (Crossingville,) r 15, farmer

Skelton, Owen S., (Crossingville,) r 13,

blacksmith and farmer 73.
Skelton, Seymore, (Crossingville,) r 13,

farmer 120.
Slocum, C. R., (Mosiertown,) r 68, school

SLOCUM, SALVADOR, (Mosiertown,) r 58,

general merchant.
Smith. Nelson, (Rundells,) r 44, shoemaker

and farmer 135.
SNODGRASS, R. A., (Mosiertown,) {Gam-
hie, & Snodgrass.)
Spitler, George, (Mosiertown, )r 48, farmer

STALECKER. DAVID A., (Mosiertown,) r

46. carpenter and joiner, and farmer

Stebbens, J. A. Mrs., (Potters Corners,) r

39, farmer 80.
STEBBINS, ALFRED I., (Mosiertown,) r

56. farmer 75.
STEBBINS. B. F., (Mosiertown,) resident.
Stebbins. Lemuel, heirs of, (Mosiertown,)

r 48, farmers 400.
STEBBINS, R. L., (Mosiertown,) r 48, far-
mer occupies 400.
Stelle, A. F., (Crossingville,) r 13, farmer

Stoke. David. (Venango,) r 61, farmer.
STOKE. FREDERICK, (Venango,) r 61,

farmer 125.
Sullivan. Daniel, (Crossingville,) r 3, far-

m'^r 75.
Sunderiin, Nathan B., (Rundells,) r 43,

farmer 50.
Sweeny. Joshua, (Crossingville,) town

auditor and farmer 100.
Sweeny, Wm.. (Crossingville,) r 2, farmer

Tannuter, George, (Edinborough, Erie

Co.,) horse dealer.
Taylor. David, (Potters Corners,) r 39, far-
mer 70.
Terrill, Abram, (Mosiertown,) r35, farmer

Terrill, Erastus J.,(Veuango,) r 54, farmer


Terrill, Isaac, (Venango,) r 50, farmer

Thayer, Nelson, (Venango,) carpenter.
Thicksun, David C, (Crossingville,) {iciih

Inrael,) farmer 200.
Thicksun, Israel, (Crossingville,) (iciih

Dacid C.,) farmer 200.

TINNY, EDWARD A., (Crossingville,) jus-
tice of the peace and farmer 154.

TRACY, MICHAEL E. Rev., (Crossing-

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