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ville.) pastor of Catholic Church.

Vandoost, Levi, (Crossingville.) r 3, mason
and farmer 50.

Vannaler, Abraham, (Venango,) r 32, far-
mer 50.

VAUGHN, NATHAN R., (Edinborough,
Erie Co.,) farmer 120.

Waldo, Calvin, (Venango,) r 10, farmer

Waldo, Daniel C, (Venango,) r 33, farmer

Warden, Lewis, (Venango,) r 29, farmer

Webster, Charles, (Mosiertown,) teacher.

Webster. Henry, (Mosiertown,) r 54, far-
mer 50.

Webster. Sanford, (Mosiertown,) r 56, far-
mer 37.

WHIPPLE, FRANCIS J., (Potters Cor-
ners,) r 42, farmer 160.

Whipple, James, (Potters Comers,) r 45,
farmer &3.

Whipple, Nathan W., (Mosiertown,) r 35,
farmer 80.

WIARD, JOHN S., (Crossingville,) farmer

Wickham, Joseph, (Crossingville,) r 11,
farmer 1(X).

WICKHAM. PETER, (Crossingville,) r 11'
school director and farmer 100.

Wiley, Wm., (Crossingville,) r 2, farmer

Windsor, S. A., (Venango,) r 58, farmer
leases 57.

Wood, John M., (Mosiertown,) blacksmith.

Wooding, Henrietta Mrs., (Mosiertown,) r
46, farmer 75.

Wooding, Henry, (Venango.) r 32, shoe-
maker and farmer 7.

Wotring, Joseph, ^Rundells,) r 43, farmer

ZImmer, Daniel,(Mosiertowu,) r 50, farmer








Sugars, Syrups, Teas, Coffees, Spicss &c.

SE El ^m

101 Chestnut Street,



A m





u isriT ^ T=L I ^ isr .

Educates for tie Ctiristian Mlilstry. GlYes AW to Worttiy Be?.elclarl«s.

The School year extends from the middle of September to to the middle
of June. For Admission apply to the President,

Rev. A. A. LIVERMORE, Meadville, Pa.


A. H. ARNAULT, Proprietor.

Scouri7ig, Renovating and 'Repairing Crapes, Silks and

Ifuot, :>Hl kinds of Clothes ^one in the 'Best Stj/le,

^11 Work Warranted to Suit.

Irvin Block, Second St.,


V^^ViT- v.*-" w^ • /■*-

Irvjba Block, Second. St., - IVIoaciville, I'a.




(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation.— The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures.following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map. in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

(ShawB Landing,) r 7,
(Z>. &J.

Ackerman, Albert,

farmer 10.
A.DAMS, DAVID, (Cochranton,)

H. Adams.)
ADAMS. D. & J. H., (Cochranton.) (David

and John IT..) dry goods, groceries,

clothing, boots, shoes &c., Adams.
Adams, James M., (Cochranton,) farmer

135, Franklin.

ADAMS, JOHN H., (Cochranton,) {T).dJ.

H. Adatim^ justice of the peace.
Apple. A. G., (Cochranton,) {Smith <fe

ARTLIP, WILLIS C, (Cochranton,) r 19,
farmer 5.

Baird, Benjamin F., (Pettis,) r 10, farmer

Baird, Joseph S., (Pettis,) r 10, farmer 106.

BAKER, ADAM, (Cochranton,) farmer 55,

Baker, G. W., (Cochranton,) undertaker.

BARNES, J. v., (Shaws Landing,) r 14,

Barnes, Palmer, (Shaws Landing,) r 14,
farmer 15.

Bartholomew, David,(Cochranton,) board-
ing house, Adams.

ton.) fvirniture dealer, Franklin.

Bartholomew, John, (Cochranton,) barber.

Bcatty, Alexander S., (Shaws Lauding,)
KJ. M. Beatty & Co..,) postmaster and
farmer 250.

Beatty, John M., (Shaws Landing,) (t/. M.
Uentty it Co.,) justice of the peace.

Beatty, J. M. & Co., (Shaws Landing,)
{John J/, and Al6itander S. Beatty,) mer-

Beatty, Robert, (MeadviUe,) r 4, farmer.

Bell, John, (Cochranton,) r 20, farmer 100.

Beman, Tniman, (Cochranton,) hurgoHH
of Cochranton and carriage mukor,
cornnr Pine and Franklin.

». farmer H(i.

BEST, CHARLES, ^ShawH Landing,) r 7,
farm»<r 25.

BEST. S.\MI7EL, (Shaws Landing,) r 4,
farmer 100.

Bickerstaff, James, (Shaws Landing,) r 1
farmer 30.

Blanchard, Robert F., (Shaws Landing,)
r 1, oil refiner.

Bresler, Jacob, (Cochranton,) mason,

Bresler, William, (Cochranton,) carpenter,

Brink, Jonathan, (Cochranton,) r 15, far-
mer leases 110.

Brown, Wm., (Shaws Landing,) r 4, school
director and farmer 180.

Brunvel, Leopold, (Pettis,) r 11^, farmer

Burchard Brothers, (Cochranton,) {II. 21.
and C. S.,) drugs, paints, oils, glass
picture frames, mouldings &c., Adams'

Burchard, C. S,, (Cochranton,) {Burchard

Burchard, H. M., (Cochranton,) {Burchard

Brothers,) physician.
Burchfield, Nathan, (Shaws Landing,) r 1,

farmer 50.
Burchfield, Thomas. (Cochranton,) r 14,

Byer, John, (Pettis,) r 13^, farmer 50.
Byham. Calvin, (Shaws Landing,) r 15,

supervisor and farmer>50.
Byham, Fayette, (Meadville,) r 4, school

director and farmer 60.
Byham, John, (Cochranton,) r 12, farmer

BYHAM, LUTHER O., (Meadville.) r 4,

constable, assessor and farmer 20
BYHAM, THEODORE W., (MeadviUe,) r 8,

carpenter and farmer 20.

CAMPBKLL. JAMES, (Shaws Landing.) r
14, farmer leases of heirs of Andrew
Harvey, 160.

Champage. Elizabeth, (Meadville,) r 9,
fiiiinor lOi'l.

Champage. John, (Meadville,) r 9, farmer


COCHRAN. ROBERT H., (Cochranton.) r
2J, farmer 95.

Coley, Jaiiieu, (Cochranton,) general mer-
chant, Adams.

Consider. John O., (Cochranton,) r20, far-
mer 50.



COOPER, M. E. Miss, (Cochranton,)

(J/isses Sisson A Cooper. \
Counselman, John, (Shaws Landing,) r 1,

farmer 75.
Curtis, J. A., (Cochranton,) (J. A. Curtis 6c

Son, ) constable.
Curtis, J. A. & Son, (Cochranton,) (R. P..)
stoves, tinware, hardware, agricul-
tural tools &c.
Curtis, R. P., (Cochranton,) {J. A. CurUa &

DAVIS, D. D., (Cochranton,) station agent,
telegraph operator and agent for U. S.
Express Co.
DEAN, HARRISON T., (Shaws Landing,)

r 15, farmer 100.
Dean Wm. W., (Cochranton,) r 15, farmer


DEVORE, DANIEL M., (Cochranton,)

blacksmith, carriage and sleigh

manuf.. Pine.

DONNAN, DAVID Rev., (Cochranton.)

pastor of United Presbyterian Church.

DOUBET, GILBERT, (Cochranton,) light

harness, whips, robes &o., Adams.
DOUTT, SAMUEL, (Cochranton.) r 15,
farmer leases of James J. Marley, 50.
Ducray, Augustus, (Meadville,) r 8, far-
mer 120.
Dunn & Co., (Cochranton,) {John Dunn
and Austin Egan,) manuf s. of oil bar-
Dunn, John, (Cochranton,) (Dunn d- Co.)
EASTMAN. JAMES C, (Shaws Landing,) r

1, oil refiner and oil inspector.
Egan, Austin, (Cochranton,) (Dunn <&■ Co.)
EVANS, GEORGE, (Cochranton,) r 19, far-
mer 60.
EVANS, JOSEPH, (Cochranton,) stage
prop., liveryman and farmer, Adams.
EVANS. PETER, (Cochranton,) r 15, far-
mer 115.
Flau<rh, Mathias, (Meadville,) r 4, farmer

Flaugh, Wm.. (Meadville,) r 4, farmer

leases of Machias, 80.
Fleming, Smith, (Cochranton,) harness

FREYERMUTH, JACOB, (Meadville,) r 8,

farmer 50.
Freyermuth, Lucy A., (Shaws Landing,) r

4, farmer 100.
Freyermuth, Theodore, (Pettis,) r 11>^,

farmer 50.
GALMISH, GEO., (Cochranton,) eating

house and restaurant.
Geriardo, John, (Pettis.) r 10, wagon

maker and farmer leases 23.
GLASGOW, JOHN, (Cochranton,) Frank-
lin St.
Gracey. James, (Pettis,) r 11, cooper.
Greer, James, (Cochranton,) shoe maker.
GRIDLEY, F. A., (Cochranton,) (G-ridley
& Phillips.)

GRIDLEY & PHILLIPS, (Cochranton,) (i?',
A. Gridley and. A. G. PhiUips,) meat
market, opposite Monnin House.

GUENIN, CHARLES P., (Meadville,) r 8,
farmer 20X-

Guenion, John, (Meadville,) r 8, farmer

HARDING. JOHN, (Cochranton,) manuf.
of oil barrels and staves, Adams. |

(Shaws Landing,) r 4, far-
14, town-

Hart, Hugh J
mer 21.

Hart, James, (Cochranton,) r
ship treasurer and farmer.

Hart. Philip, (Cochranton,) r 14, farmer

Hart, William A., (Cochranton,) r 14, far-

Harvey, Andrew, heirs of, (Shaws Land-
ing,) r 1, farmer 50.

HARVEY. ANDREW T., (Cochranton,) r

16, farmer 50.
Harvey, James, (Cochranton,) r 16, farmer

HARVEY, MARY P., (Shaws Landing,) r

4, farmer 150.
Harvey, Robert, (Cochranton,) black-
smith, Adams.
HASSLER. J. P., M. D., (Cochranton,)

physician, Adams.
Heath, Harvey. (Cochranton,) r 24, farmer

Heath, Henry. (Cochranton,) r 24, farmer.
HEATH, WILLIAM D., (Cochranton,) r

24, farmer 108.


Landing,) r 6, farmer 40.
Herrington. Mary, (Shaws Landing,) r 7,

HOMAN, SAMUEL, (Cochranton,) farmer

220, Franklin.
Isnburg, Peter, (Cochranton,) atone

mason. Pine.
JANNOT, CHARLES, (Meadville,) r 8,

blacksmith and wagon maker.
Jannot, Joseph, (Meadville.) r 8, miller.
Earns, George, (Cochranton,) r 13, farmer

Kelley. James E., (Pettis,) r 10, farmer 70.
KELLY, FRANK, (Meadville,) r 4, farmer

Kightlingeer, George, (Cochranton.) r 1.5,

farmer leases of James J. Marley. 75.
KUnger. George, (Cochranton,) r 19, car-
penter and farmer 21.

LAMPO, ANDREW, (MeadviUe,) r 4
mer 100.

LECOMT, ANOTOL, (Pettis,) r 10,
mer 140.

Mapes. James M., (Cochranton,) r
mason and farmer.

Marley, George, (Cochranton,) r 15, car-
penter and farmer.

Marley, Henry, (Cochranton,) r 15, farmer

Marley, Henry P., (Cochranton,) r 15, far-
mer leases of James J., 75.

MARLEY. JAMES Jr., (Cochranton,) r 15,
farmer leases of James J '~"

farmer 4.57.

Marsteller. Jesse, (Cochranton,) carpen-
ter. Washington St.

Martin. James. (Cochranton,) prop of
Jefferson House and livery stable.

Martin, O. T., (Cochranton,) canned fruit
and confectionery.

May, Kennedy, (Shaws Landing.) r 1, far-
mer leases of A. S. Beatty, 83.

McCLINTOCK, DAVID N., (Cochranton,)
r 15, school director and farmer ;i3.

McCracken. Robert. (Pettis,) r 133<^, super-
visor and farmer 100.




(Cochranton,) r 15,



McDonald, Mary, (Cochranton,) r 17, far-
mer 4X.

McFarland, Elias, (Shaws Landing,) r 7,
farmer leases of Reuben, 18.

McFarland, Reuben, (Shaws Landing,) r
14, blacksmith and farmer 28.

McFATE, DAVID, (Cochranton,) r 14, far-
mer 50,

McFATE. JOSEPH, (Cochranton,) farmer
115, Franklin.

McFate, Robert, (Pettis,) r 13, farmer

McFATE. R. W., (Cochranton,) dry goods,
groceries, boots, shoes, crockery,
notions &c., corner of Franklin and
Adams, also prop, of photograph

Mc&oren, John,(Cochranton,) blacksmith.

McGouran, Hugh,(Cochranton,) manuf. of
oil barrels, Adams.

McMATH, R. J., (Cochranton,) prop, of
Sanders House and livery, sale and
boarding stable, corner of Franklin
and Adams.

Medo, Augustus, (Pettis,) r 13, farmer

MONXIN. AUGUSTUS, (Cochranton,)
prop. Monnin House.

Monnin, Nicholas, (Meadville,) r 9, farmer

Moore, Jesse. (Cochranton,) (J<B««e Moors cf*
t^o.,^ post master,

Moore, Jesse & Co., (Cochranton,) (Cha.<».
E. Steven^,) boots, shoes and coal,

MOORE, PRESS T., (Cochranton,) drover

and speculator, Adams.
Morris. John B.. (Shaws Landing,) r 5.

carpenter and farmer 108.
Norton. Robert, (Meadville.) r 8, farmer 1.
Olara, William, (Cochranton,) cooper.
Otto, William, (Cochranton,) carpenter,

Patton, Henry, (Cochranton,) (Pafton d-

Patton, Hugh, (Cochranton,) tanner and

farmer w. Pine.
Patton, R., (Cochranton,) general mer-
chant, Adams.
Patton, T. A. & Alexander, (Cochranton,)

groceries, provisions, tobacco. Hour.

stationery and school books, Adams.
Patton & Whittling, (Cochranton.) (Ilenvy

I'niton and FrfiUrick S. W/iitiling.)

general merchants, Adams.
Pegan, Robert, (Cochranttm. ) billiard

rooms, tobacco, cigars, fruits, confec-
tionery &c., Adams.
Pequinot, Stephen, (Pettis,) r 9, farmer

PHILLIPS, A. a., (Cochranton,) {GrUUey

d- Phi II inn.)
PlimiF>.s. Palmer, (Pettis,) r 11. morchant.
Pinvni, Francis, (Meadville,) r 9, farmer

Powoll. Isaac. (Cophranton,) r24, specula

tor and fanner 300.
Powell. John, (Cochranton,) r 14, farmer

Powell, Joseph A William. (Cochranton.)

r U. drovoFH. fnrmerH ><i and lease Ui().
POWELL, THO.M.XS F., (Cochranton,) r

10, farmer 160.

Powell, Wm., (Cochranton,) r 24, farmer 56.

RIDGEWAY, JOSEPH, (Cochranton,) r
17. farmer 80.

Roche. German. (Cochranton,) rl4, mason
and farmer 95.

Roche, Mathew, (Cochranton,) r 20, far-
mer 72.

Roche, Peter, (Cochranton,) r 14, stone
mason and farmer 70.

Root Wm. S.. (Cochranton,) boots and
shoes. Adams.

Rusha, John, (Pettis,) r 13,W, farmer 50.

RusspI. Arnold, (Cochranton,) engineer.

SANDERS HOUSE, (Cochranton.) R. J.
McMath, prop., corner Franklin and

Savard, Francis, (Cochranton,; cooper.

Schreck. Adam, (Shaws Landing,) r 1, far-
mer 1( 0.

SHAFER. THOMAS. fCochranton,) collec-
tor and drover, Franklin.

Shaw. John, (Shaws Landing.) r 1, shipper
and forwarding merchant.

Shreick, Jacob, (Meadville,) r 8, farmer 50.

SISSON & COOPER Misses, (Cochranton. )

{Lizzie Sisson and J/. E. Cooper,) millin-

nery and fancy goods, Adams.
SISSON, LIZZIE Miss, (Cochranton,)

(J/?>«e« ■'^iftsond; Cooper.)
Smith & Apple, ( Cochranton,) {Ilugh Smith

and A. G. Apple.) flour, feed and grain

dealers, Franklin.
Smith. Edwin W., (Shaws Landing,) r 4,

farmer 114.
SMITH, EUGENE E., (Shaws Landing,) r

4, farmer 38.

SMITH, GEORGE N., (Meadville.) r 4, far-
mer liiO.

Smith, Harmon, (Meadville,) r 4, farmer

Smith, Hugh, (Cochranton,) (Smith d

Stadler, John, (Shaws Landing,) r 6. car-
penter and farmer 90.

STAINBROOK, JACOB, (Pettis.) r 13^,
farmer 1(X).

Stainhrook. James, (Shaws Landing.) r7.
farmer 10.

Stein, Henry, (Shaws Landing,) r 1, farmer

Stevens, Chas. E., (Cochranton,) {Jm««
Moore ct Co.)

Stitzer. H. M., (Pettis.) r 11. postmaster,
lumber dealer, millwright and farmer

SWEETWOOD, HENRY. (Cochranton,)
masun, corner Smith and Piue.

Thatcher, Joseph, (Shaws Landing.) r 7.
farmer 100.

Tingloy. Lizzie, (Cochranton,) dress-
niiiker, Franklin.

Titu«, William, dVttis,! r 11, Insurance

TRAINKK, JAMES, (Cochranton,* car-
pouter and joiner. Adams.

VanOrs4lale, rornelius, (Cochranton,)
shoiMiiaker, Adams.

VanOrrtdalo. William, (Cochranton.) shoe-


Vcrain, Donnin. (Mondville.) rS, fftrin»'r fi''
Verney, Juhu, (MoaUville,} r b, farmer t'^.



Wagoner, M. J. Mrs., (Shaws Landing,) r
4, farmer 50.

Wagoner, Sabastian, (Shaws Landing,) r
4, farmer 93.

WATERS, DAVID, (Cochranton,) r 15, far-
mer leases 150.

Weir. George, (Shaws Landing,) r 7, far-
mer 80.

Weller, Aaron, (Shaws Landing,) r 6, far-
mer 100.

Weller, Almeron J., (Shaws Landing,) r 6,
cbeese maker and farmer 15.

WENGER, FELIX, (Meadville,) r 9, far-
mer 80.

Whitling. L., (Cochranton,) photographer.

Whittling, Frederick S., (Cochranton,)
{Patten dt WhiUUng.)

Whittling, Henry, (Cochranton,) farmer,

Wolf, John, (Pettis,) r 11>^, miller.

Wolford. John, (Shaws Landing,) r 6, far-
mer 25.

Wyman, James, (Cochranton,) lumber-
man, Franklin.

Wyman, Smith, (Cochranton,) lumberman
and farmer 415, comer Adams and

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation.— The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the village.

Adsit, Charles, (Evansburgh,) (llelkm &

Adsit, J. C, (Evansburgh,) {Mellon <fe Co.)
Adsit, Rosanna, (Geneva,') r 9, farmer 140.
ANDREWS, HEZEKIAH, (Evansburgh,) r

9, farmer 200.
ANDREWS, WM., (Geneva,) r 10>^, farmer


ANDREWS, W. A. T., (Atlantic,) r 39,
appraising agent for Farmers' Mutual
Insurance Co. of Woodcock and far-
mer 100.

Arment. D. Mrs., (Evansburgh,) r 9, far-
mer 33.

Arment, S. D., (Stony Point.) r 15, car-
penter and farmer 45.

Armour, J. C, (Atlantic,) r 53, farmer
leases 96.

Barber, D. W., (Atlantic,) r 52, cheese box

BLAIR, JOHN, (Adamsville,) r 51, farmer

Blair, J. H., (Atlantic,) {J. H. Blair S Co.,)

Blair, J. H. & Co., (Atlantic,) {R. C. McMas-
ier,) general merchants, grain, pro-
duce &c.

Blair, Q., (Atlantic,) r 48, farmer 127.

BOLIN, I. W., (Atlantic,) ( Weaver & -Bolin,)

Bowman, J. W., (Stony Point,) r 14, far-
mer 91.

BRECKENRIDGE, S., (Atlantic,) {Find-
ley (& Breckenridge. )

Brush, James, (Atlantic,) r 56, farmer 50.

Brush, Mary, (Atlantic,) r 56, farmer 60.

Cain, Alex., (Atlantic,) farmer 30.

Cain, Wm., (Atlantic,) r 53, farmer 16.
CALVIN, DAVID McC, (Hartstown,) r 25,

clock and watch repairer and farmer

Calvin, John A., (Atlantic,) r 53, farmer 50.
Calviu, Joseph, (Adamsville,) r 30, farmer

Calvin, J. H., (Geneva,) r 31, farmer 50.

Calvin, S., (Kennard, Mercer Co.,) r 64,

farmer 50.
Calvin, Samuel, (Atlantic,) r 34, farmer

Calvin, Wm., (Geneva,) r 31, farmer 150.
Carman, Wm., (Stony Point,) r 12, farmer

Clark, Wm., (Adamsville,) r 26, farmer

Cole, Owen,(Adamsville,) r 35, farmer 123.

Courtney, J. J., (Atlantic,) r 51, farmer

Dickey, Wm., (Hartstown,) r 16, farmer

Dickey, Wm., (Hartstown,) r 20, farmer

Dipple, Jacob, (Stony Point,) r 21, farmer

DUNBAR & GASTON, (Atlantic,) {J. D.

J unbar and F. D. Gaston,) coal deal-
DUNBAR, J. D., (Atlantic,) {Dv/nbar &

Gaston,) agent and telegraph operator,

A. & G. W. R. R.

Duncan, James, (Adamsville,) r 26, farmer

Duncan, Joseph, (Adamsville,) r 27, far-
mer 65.



EUsworth, J. S., (Atlantic,) r 46, farmer

Elwood, John M., (Atlantic,) r 56, farmer

62 and leases 30.
Fails, Caleb, (Stony Point,) r 25, shoe-
Farr, N. H. Rev., (Kennard, Mercer Co..)

pastor F. W. Baptist Church at Adams-

tic,) iS. H. FindUy and S. Brecken-

ridge,) r S3, cheese manufs.
FINDLEY, S. H., (Atlantic,) (Findley <t

Breckenridye,) r 53, farmer 160.
FRAME, ABNER E., (Hartstown,) r 20.

farmer 150.
Garwood, J. P., (Atlantic,) r 46, farmer 70.
GASTON, F. D., (Atlantic,) (Dunbar &

Gelvin, George, (Adamsville,) r 33, farmer

Gelvin, Polly, (Geneva,) r 30, farmer 47.
Gordon, Samuel, (Atlantic,) physician and

Hafer, John, (Atlantic,) r 36. farmer 55.
Hafer, Levi, (Adamsville,) r 35, farmer

leases 73.
Hamlin, Oscar, (Atlantic,) r 53, farmer 28.
Hanua, Robert,.( Adamsville,) r 38, farmer

Hannas heirs, (Adamsville,) r 27, farmer

Hazen, David, (Adamsville,) r 21, farmer

Hazen, R. C, (Atlantic,) r 53, farmer 50.
Henry, Alex. (Atlantic,) r 51, farmer 83.
Henry, James T., (Atlantic,) r 49, farmer

HENRY, JOHN S., (Adamsville,) r51, car-
penter and farmer 50.
Henry, Joseph, (Atlantic,) farmer 83.
Henry, SamueL (Atlantic,) r 53, farmer

Henry, Thomas, (Atlantic,) r 49, farmer 50.
Holler, Solomon, (Hartstown,) r3, farmer

Horn, Solomon, (Adamsville,) r 31, farmer

Huble, J. C, (Adamsville,) r 32, farmer 90.
Hubler, Philip,(Adam8ville,)r32X, farmer


Irvia, Andrew, (Atlantic,) r 41, farmer 100.

Isaacs, Robert, (Adamsville,) r 41, super-
visor and farmer 50.

Jackson, AbeL, (Stony Point,) r 24, farmer

Jackson, Jeremiah, (Stony Point,) r 21,
atone quary and farmer 54.

JOHNSON. J. L., (Atlantic,) barrel manuf.

Keo, John, (Adamsville,) r 27, township
treasurer and farmer82.

Kt'»». R., (Kennard, Mercer Co.,) r 64, far-
mer IIX).

Hreu, John A., (Atlantic.) r 37, farmer KX).

K.illey, C. S., (AdamsviUo,) r 12, farmer
hMtflf^ I.'iO.

Lackey, U. H., (Kennard, Meroer Co.,)r 64,
f armor 72.

I.H<'key, Win. M., (Atlantic,) r 48, blsck-
Hiiiith and farmer 40.

Liiird. Saiiiuntha, (widow of Robert,) (At-
lantic, i r :W, farmer lOU.

Luce, E. »., (Atlantic. I r 5.'1, farmer 40.

Luce, U. It., (llurttftown,) r 3, farmer 12.

Mayo, Loring, (Atlantic) r 50, farmer 150.

McAdoo, Wm., (Adamsville,) r 21, farmer

McClenehan, Thos., (Adamsville,) r 19,
cattle dealer and farmer 100.

McCormick, Alex., (Hartstown,) r 1, far-
mer 100.

McDowell, Mary, (Hartstown,) r 3, farmer

Mcdowell, thos. M., (Atlantic,) r 51,
cider mill and farmer 87.

McEntire, James M., (Stony Point,) r 11,
farmer 120.

McEntire. John, (Stony Point,) r 11, far-
mer 30.

McEntire, J. H., (Stony Point,) r 11, far-
mer 90.

McEntire. J. W., (Stony Point,) r 11, far-
mer 500.

McEntire, Robert, (Stony Point,) r 26, far-
mer 110.

McFeeters & McMichael, (Adamsville,) r
22. farmer 100.

McGranahan, J. I., (Atlantic,) shoemaker.

McKAY, A. U., (Atlantic,) (McKay <£• Co.)
McKAY&CO., (Atlantic) (.4. U. McKay

and E. Williams,) harness makers and

carriage trimmers.
McKelvey, Andrew, (Hartstown,) r 16,

butcher and farmer 56.

McLENEHAN, DAVID, (AdamsviUe,) r 38,

farmer 138.
McMaster, James, (Adamsville,) cattle

McMaster," R. C, (Atlantic,) {J. H. BlaAr &

McMichael, Catharine, (Adamsville,) r 22,

farmer 25.
McMichael, Jacob, (Stony Point,) r 15,

farmer 100.
McMichael, Jamea, (Stony Point,) r 25,

McMichael, Thos., heirs of, (Adamsville,)

r 22, farmer 100.
McMillen, Thompson, (Atlantic,) r 39,

butcher and farmer 90.
McQueen, Mrs., (Stony Point,) r 15,

farmer 70.
McQuiston, Andrew, (Adamsville,) farmer.
McQuiston, David, (Adamsville,) (McQuis-
ton tt iSons.)
McQuiston. David L., (Stony Point,) r 14,

farmer 55.
McQuiston, John, (Adamsville,) (McQui«-

toil it iSoilA.)

McQuiston & Sons, (Adamsville,) (John, S.
L. and Darid,) flouriu{^ mill.

McQniston, S. L., (AdamBvllle,)(JA-^(aV<>ti
<t- Sotm.)

McQuiatou, W. J., (Adamsville,) r 21, far-
mer Ml.

McViokers, John, (Ilartatowix,) rS, farmer

Mellon & Co., (Evan8burgh,)( W. M. M^lhm,
J. C. and CAaa. Jd/tit,) r 7, uLause

MoUou, W. M., (Evaiiflburgh,) (M^ilon <%

MILLER. GEORGE K.. (AdamBTlllo.) r 61,

t)r(i]). Hteam h&w and planing mills,
uirticulturiHt and fanner 10.
MILLER. HIRAM P., aiartstown,) r 21,
superviMor uud farmer 7f>.

9 X

9 -'

J. C. GOETOHITJS, Photographer, excels in all



Miller, James M., (Adamsville,) r 51, far-
mer, in Greenwood, 225.

Miller, O. K., (Atlantic.) r 52, farmer 92.

Miller, R. H., (Atlantic,) r 37, carpenter
and farmer 41.

MILLER, T. J., (Atlantic,) r 52, harness
maker, horticulturist and farmer 54.

Mills, Robert, (Atlantic,) r 36, farmer 63.

Minnis, John, (Kennard, Mercer Co.,)
r 64, farmer 100.

Mushrush, Jacob, (Stony Point,) r 13, far-
mer 115.

Mushrush, Michael, (Stony Point,) r 6,
farmer 175.

Mushrush, Robert, (Stony Point,) r 6, far-
mer 200.

Myres, Henry, (Kennard, Mercer Co.,) r 64,
farmer 168.

Ralston, James, (Hartstown,) r 21, farmer

Randolph, James F., (Adamsville,) r 19,
saw mill and farmer 235.

Ransom, Edward, (Atlantic,) r 51, farmer

Ransom, Otis, (Atlantic,) r 53, apiarian.

RANSOM, ROBERT, (Atlantic,) r 53, far-
mer 60.

Riley, Wm., (Atlantic,) r 56, farmer 250.

Royal, Henry, (Hartstown,) r 2, farmer 50.

SEE, A. J., (Evansburgh,) {See Bros.)

SEE BROS., (Evansburgh,) {Henri/ S. and
A. t/.,) r 9, apiarians.

SEE, HElSTRY S., (Evansburgh,) {See Bros.)

See, Wm. H., (Evansburgh,) r 9, carpenter
and farmer 53.

Shearer, R., (Stony Point,) r 21, farmer 33.

Shearer, Thos., (Hartstown,) r 21, shoe
maker and farmer 8.

Shearer, Wm., (Hartstown,) r 3, farmer
leases 100.

Shepard, Wm., (Atlantic,) farmer 60.

Smith, Sarah Miss, (Adamsville,) r 24, far-
mer 68.

Snodgrass, John, (Atlantic,) r 48, farmer

SPRAGUE, JOHN, (Adamsville,) r 31,
assessor and farmer 100.

Sprague, J. 3d, (Atlantic,) r 34, farmer 100.

Steadman, Earl, (Atlantic.) r39, farmer 50.

Steadman, Leicester, (Adamsville,) farmer

Thomas, J. B., (Evansburgh,) r 10, farmer

Unger, Benjamin F., (Adamsville,) r 26,
farmer 180.

Unger, Cosset, (Adamsville,) r32^, farmer

Unger, George, (Adamsville,) r 26, farmer

Unger, Jacob, (Adamsville,) farmer 110.

Unger, James L., (Adamsville,) r 32, far-

Unger, John, (Adamsville,) farmer 50.

Unger, John K., (Adamsville.) r 26, farmer

Unger, Robert, (Adamsville.) r 32>^, far-
mer 50.

Unger, Samuel, (Atlantic,) farmer 50.

Vickers, J., (Hartstown,) r 16, farmer 50.

Vickers, Wm., (Stony Point,) r 12, farmer

WAIT, BYRON, (Atlantic,) r 53, school
director, lumberman and farmer 80.

WEAVER & BOLIN, (Atlantic. i(J: Weaim^

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