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and I. W. Bolin,) general merchants.
WEAVER, J., (Atlantic,) ( J^^arer & Bolin.)
WILLIAMS, E., (Atlantic,) {McKay & Co.)
Williams, Wm., (Hartstown,) r 20, saw
mill and farmer.

styles of FictureSj W. Spring St., Titusville, Pa.


173 I.

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation.— The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies roarf, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map. in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

ACKERMAN. CHAS. H., (Calvins Corner,) I COOPER. JAMES, (Cochranton,) r 21, car-
r 5, farmer occupies 40. I penter and farmer 80.

Anderson. Wm. W.. (Cochranton,) r 11,
cooper and farmer 100.

Armour, Wm. M., (Cochranton,) r 24, far-
mer 80.

Bailey, Francis, (Cochranton,) r 11. farmer

Bailey. T., (Cochranton,) r 11, farmer 100

Cowden, Wm.. (Custards,) r 2, physician.

Crawford, Thomas B., (Custards,) r 21,
farmer 51.

Crookham, Aaron P., (Cochranton,) far-
mer 90.

Crouch, John, (Cochranton,) r 12, farmer

Baughman, Andrew, (Cochranton,) r 11, ! Crum. Henry, (Custards,) r21, farmer.

farmer 105. ! DAVISON, JOHN, (Custards,) r 19, far-

Baughman, George,(Cochranton,) r 11, far- i mer 50.

mer 3. \ Dickson. Elijah H., (Cochranton,) r 12, far-

Bearman, Henry, (Custards,) r 19, farmer '■ mer 70.

51. ' Dickson, Joseph H., (Cochranton,) r 12,

Beckley, John, (Cochranton,) farmers. ' farmer 40.

Birch, George W., (Cochranton,) r 9, far-
mer 30 and leases of J. W., 40.

BORTS, ELIAS K.,(Cochranton,) r 27, far-
mer 35.

BOYLES, THOMAS, (Cochranton,) r 14,
farmer 40.

Brines, Samuel, (Cochranton,) r 11, farmer

BRINK, ABRAHAM, (Cochranton,) r 12,
farmer •"iO.

Brush, Thomas, (Cochranton,) r 8, farmer

Brush. Thomas J., (Cochranton,) r 8, far-
mer 49 V;.

Buckley, John, (Cochranton,) r 25, farmer

Burchfleld, Samuel P., (Cochranton,) r 30,
farmer 15.

Calvin, David, (Cochranton.) farmer.

CALVIN. JAMES H., (Cochranton,) r 12,
farmer 50.

CALVI.V, THOMAS C, (Calvins Comer,) r
5, farmer 125.

Carai.bfll, David S., (Calvins Comer,) r 22,
farmer 57.

CAN FIELD, ISAAC H., (Cochranton,) r 2fl,
fiirnii'r fiR.

tou,) r la, farmer works for Mrs Nor-
tini. .V).

CHATLF.y, ADONIRAM M., (Cochranton,)
r 'J7. Haw fiiill and fiirruer CO.

Cbatlfy. Cyrus, (Calvius Corner,) r 5,
8<'h<)ol teacher and farmer 12.

COCHKAN. JOHN W., (Cochranton,) r 2«,
farmer 60.

Douds, John M., (Calvins Corner,) r 16,
farmer 50.

Dunn, Alex., (Calvins Corner,) r 16, far-
mer 130.

Dunn. Washington, (Calvins Corner,) r 17,
farmer 100.

Dunn, Wm. B., (Custards,) r 22, farmer 57.

Dygert, Moses, (Custards.) r 21. farmer 54.

FORRINGER, ISAAC W., (Cochranton,)
r 11, farmer 7.

FORRINGER, WM. H., (Cochranton,) r
11, farmer 5.

Franklin, Herschel, (Shaws Landing,) r 7,
farmer 50.

Corner,) r7, farmer leases 35.

GEORGE, ADAM, (Cochranton.) r 25, far-
mer (J5.

George. Adam Jr., (Cochranton.) r 25, far-
mer 1.

QOURLEY, DAVID, (Cochranton.) r 26,
farmer 160.

Qourley, James C, (Cochranton,) r 11, far-

Qourley, Margaret J., (Cochranton,) r 11,
farmer 75.

Qourlov, Sanniol, (Cochranton, > r 25. sup-
ervisor of highways and farmer .V).

OOURLKY. WM., (Cochranton,) r 27, far-
mer 70.

OOrULKY, WM. 11., (Cochranton.) r 11,

Grove, Daniel, (Custards,) r 21, carpenter
and farmer 53.

Grumel. Dennis, (Custards,) r 21, farmer



Hanes, AmmatusF., (Custards,) r 29, far-

Hanea, Andrew W., (Custards,) r 19, far-
mer 61X.

Hanes. Jotm Q., (Custards,) r29, farmer

Hart, Henry, (Calvins Corner,) r 4, farmer

Hart, Henry, (Calvins Corner.) r 5, dealer
in stock and farmer 300.

Hart. Madison, (Calvins Corner,) r 17, far-

Hart, Samuel, (Calvins Corner,) r 4, far-
mer occupies 130.

HART, WM., (Calvins Corner,) r 14, far-
mer 100.

HART, WM. P., (Calvins Corner,) r 5, far-

Haskin, Frank, (Cochranton,) r 26, far-
mer 1.

Haskin, Hiram, (Calvins Corner,) r 15,
mail messenger and farmer 30.

HAZEN, JESSE, (Cochranton,) r 8, school
director and treasurer, and farmer

Hill, James, (Cochranton,) r 7. supervisor
of highways and farmer 54.

Hill, Samuel, (Cochranton,) r 13, farmer

HILL, TIMOTHY, (Cochranton,) r 7, pro-
duce dealer.

Jewell, "Wm. P., (Cochranton,) r 23, black-
smith and farmer 100.

JOHNSON & NODINE, (Cochranton,) {R.
C. Johnson and Hugh D. Nodine,) r 10,
cheese factory.

JOHNSON, R. C, (ShawB Landing,) (JbM-
8on & Nodine,) farmer.

Johnston, Thoma8,(Cochranton,) r 28, far-
mer 100.

Krum, Henry, (Custards,) farmer 20.

Lanterbach, John, (Cochranton,) r 17, far-
mer 40.

Leslie, Mary, (Cochranton,) r 23, farmer

Lythe, Wm., (Cochranton,) r 8, farmer
leases of Thomas Brush, 80.

MACKLIN, JOHN, (Custards,) r 19,- far-
mer 50.

MALLERY, JOHN, (Calvins Corner,) r 3,
carpenter, saw mill and farmer 90.

Mann, Orvis, (Custards,) r 2, supervisor
and farmer 80.

MARSHALL, HARRISON, (Custards,) r 1,
farmer 90.

Marshall, James, (Custards,) {xcith John,)
T 3, farmer 100.

MARSHALL, JOHN, (Custards,) (with

James,) r 3, farmer 100.
Marshall, John J., (Calvins Corner,) r 23,

farmer 88.
Marshall, Joseph, (Calvins Corner,) r 16,

farmer 50.
Marshall, Lewis, (Calvins Comer,) r 16,

May, Ervin, (Calvins Comer,) r 6, farmer

MAY, GEO. W., (Calvins Comer,) r 6,

retired farmer.
McCobb, Samuel, (Cochranton,) r 8, far-
mer 90.
McDonald, Thomas, (Cochranton,) r 12,

farmer 108.

McELWEE. ANDREW,(Cochranton,) r25,
farmer 100.

McNelson, David, (Cochranton,) r 23, far-
mer works for Wm. P., 100.

Miller, George, (Calvins Corner,) r 6, far-
mer 54.

Montgomery, Hugh S., (Cochranton,) r 10,

Morris, Hermon P., (Custards,) r 18, far-
mer 41.

Moseybough, C, (Calvins Corner,) r 17, far-
mer 80.

MUMPORD, AARON W., (Calvins Cor-
ner,) r 6, surveyor, civil engineer, jus-
tice of the peace and farmer 547.

Mumford, David, (Custards,) r 21, carpen-
ter and farmer 21.

Mumford, Hugh A., (Calvins Comer,) r 6,
farmer 160.

Nelson, A., (Calvins Corner,) r 23, carpen-
ter and farmer 60.

Nelson, Allen D., (Cochranton,) r 30, far-

Nelson, Hugh, (Custards,) retired farmer

Nelson, H. A., (Calvins Corner,) r 23, far-
mer 15.

Nelson, Hugh A., (Calvins Corner,) (with
Wm.,) r 17, farmer 30.

Nelson, James, (Custards,) r 2, farmer 70.

Nelson, Mathew, (Calvins Corner,) r 7,
farmer 80.

Nelson, Thomas H., (Cochranton,) r 25,
farmer 18.

Nelson, Wm., (Calvins Corner,) r 17, {with
Hugh A.,) farmer 30.

Nelson, Wm. W., (Cochranton,) r 23, car-
penter and farmer 100.

NODINE, HUGH D,, (Cochranton,) {John-
eon (& Nodine.)

NODLER, HENRY, (Cochranton,) r 17,

Nodler, John, (Cochranton,) r 17, farmer

Norton, Jane Mrs., (Cochranton,) r 13,
farmer 60.

Nye, Jordan C. Rev., (Custards,) r 20,
Free Will Baptist clergyman and far-
mer 100.

Peterman, Conrad,(Cochranton,) r26, far-
mer 50.

Peterman, Henry, (Cochranton,) r 11,
blacksmith and farmer 100.

Peterman, John, (Cochranton,) r 28, car-
penter and farmer 62.

Peterman, Wm. H., (Cochranton,) r 11, far-
mer 50.

Peterson, Alfred, (Calvins Corner,) r 17,
town clerk and farmer 53.

PETERSON. GEORGE B., (Calvins Cor-
ner,) r 16, farmer.

Peterson, George W., (Custards,) r 21, far-
mer 120.

Peterson, Gideon, (Cochranton,) r 28, far-
mer 92.

Peterson, Jacob H., (Calvins Corner,) r
18, farmer 50.

Peterson, John Jr., (Custards,) r 22, far-
mer 63.

Peterson, Samuel A., (Calvins Corner,) r
16, farmer 63,

Peterson, Wm., (Custards,) r 22, farmer



Pickett, Hiram M., (Calvins Comer,) r 5,

farmer 40.
Pierce, Benjamin, (Calvins Comer,) r 30,

PIERCE, WM. K., (Calvins Comer,) r 30,

carpenter and farmer 77.
PORTER. ROBERT J., (Calvins Corner,)

r 5, farmer leases of Hiram Pickett,

Porter, Thomas, (Calvins Corner,) farmer

POWELL. HIRAM K., (Calvins Comer,)!
r 17, carpenter, constable and farmer '

Powell, Wm., (Custards,) r 21, farmer
occupies 100.

Powell, Zechariah R.. (Custards,) shoe-
maker and farmer 5.

Prentice, Wm., (Cochranton,) r 12, farmer

Randall, David, (Custards,) r 1, carpenter
and farmer 65.

RANDOLPH, ABISHA F., (Calvins Cor-
ner,) r 6, postmaster, general merchant
and farmer 30.

Read, Andrew, (Cochranton,) r 11, farmer

Reash, John. (Custards,) r 19, farmer 56.

REED, JAMES T., (Cochranton,) r 11, far-
mer 150.

Roberts, Enoch, (Calvins Corner,) black-
smith and farmer 3.

Roleder, Nicholas, (Calvins Corner,) r 22,
farmer 108.

Roper, Wm., (Calvins Comer,) r 22, farmer

RusseU, Jessery, (Cochranton,) r 8, pnysi-
cian and farmer 38.

Shimel, George S,, (Calvins Corner,) r 6,
farmer occupies farm of Robert Van-
naten, 150.

Slocum, Ebenezer P., (Cochranton,) r 12,
farmer 90.

SLOCUM, GEORGE W., (Cochranton,) r
12, farmer 30.

SLOCUM, JOHN A., (Cochranton,) r 26,
stone mason.

SMITH. WM. S., (Cochranton,) r 9, far-
mer 6.

Smock, Benjamin, (Custards,) r 18, farmer

Smock, Harvey J., (Calvins Comer,) r 15,
farmer 9.

Smock, Hiram, (Custards,) r 29, farmer 50.

SMOCK, JOHN, (Custards,) r 17, farmer

Smock. Silas, (Calvins Comer,) rl7, school
teacher and farmer 38.

Snodgrass, David J., (Calvins Corner,) r 15,

Snodgrass, Erskine E., (Calvins Corner,) r
15, farmer 75.

Snodgrass, John S., (Calvins Corner,) r 18,
farmer occupies farm of Samuel
Peterson, 60.

Speer. John, (Cochranton,) r 25, farmer 26.

Steen, Francis, (Cochranton,) r 24, car-
penter and farmer.

STEEN, LEONARD, (Cochranton,) r a4,
farmer 25,

Stopp, Harrison C, (Calvins Comer,) r 6,
farmer 24.

Strayer, Charles, (Cochranton,) r 28, far-
mer 70.

Sumaker. Peter J., (Custards,) r 21, car-
penter and farmer 25.

Trainer, James, (Cochranton,) carpenter.

Turner, Alex., (Calvins Corner,) r 22, super-
visor of highways and farmer 59.

TURNER, JOHN, (Custards,) r 21, farmer
leases of E. Powell, 3.

VANNATEN, ROBERT, (Calvins Comer,)
r 6, farmer 145.

Ward, Robert, (Calvins Comer,) r 3, far-
mer 135.

Watters, Wm., (Calvins Corner,) r 23, far-
mer 56.

Webster, Byrum, (Custards,) r 20, farmer

Wetzell. Abraham, (Cochranton,) r 9, far-
mer 92.


WHITE, JOHN, (Cochranton,) r 26, farmer

WILCOX, AARON, (Cochranton,) r 23,

stock raiser and farmer 100.
Wiicox, Columbus. (Cochranton,) r 23,

dealer in stock and farmer 80.
Wilcox, Thaddeus, (Cochranton,) r 12, far-
mer 81.
Williams, Isaac, (Calvins Corner,) r 22,

farmer 40.
WILLIAMS, JACOB A., (Custards,) r 21,

carpenter and farmer 50.
Woodworth, Isaac, (Cochranton,) farmer


I o



(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation.— The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it, refer to the number of the road as designated on the map in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

Abbott, Abdin, (Geneva,) r 17, farmer 60. [ARMOUR, JAMES, (Custards,) r 48, far-

Abbott, Albert, (Geneva,) r 6, farmer

Abbott, Alfred M., (Geneva,) r 2, farmer
leases of George W. Haskins, 100.

Abbott, Ananias, (Geneva,) r 17, cooper
and farmer 15.

Abbott, Chas. Rev., (Geneva,) r 15, clergy-
man and farmer 79.

Abbott, Davis G., (Geneva,) r 6, farmer

ABBOTT, H. S. & J. W.,(Geneva,) r 15, far-

Abbott, Thomas P., (Geneva,) r 17, farmer

Abbott, "Wm., (Geneva,) r 15, farmer 80.

Adams, Andrew, (Geneva,) r 23, farmer

ADAMS, GEORGE, (Geneva,) r 23, farmer

ADAMS. GEORGE W., (Geneva,) r 23, far-
mer 175.

Adams, Wm., (Geneva,) r 23, farmer 50.

mer 64.

Armour, Robert, (Geneva.) r 49, farmer 40.

Armour, Thomas H., (Geneva,) r 49, far-
mer 50.

Arnold, Edward H., (Geneva,) wagon
maker, Center.

Athony. David. (Geneva,) r 22. farmer 67.

Axtle, Alex. W., (Sheakleyville. Mercer
Co.,) r 49, manuf. of lumber and
shingles, and farmer.

BAILEY, ANDREW, (Custards,) farmer.

Bailey, (jrovner, (Custards,) r 44, farmer

BAILEY. H. Mrs. (Custards.)

Barnes, Thomas J., (Custards,) merchant.

Bearce, Wm. R., (Custards,) r 42, carpen-
ter and farmer 85.

Bennet, John, (Geneva,) r 2, farmer 50.

BILES, JAMES W., (Custards,) r 9, har-

Iness maker.
Biles. Wm. P., (Custards,) r 10, farmer 105.

Adams, Wm. H., (Geneva.) r 23, farmer. 1 Billings, Perrv, (Geneva,) r 16, farmer

Adsit. Abraham, (Geneva,) r 2, farmer 50,

ADSit, ARNOLD H., (Geneva,) r 2, farmer

Adsit, George W., (Geneva,) r 28, carpen-
ter and farmer 115.

Adsit, Henry, (Geneva,) r 2, lumberman
and farmer 100.

Adsit, Hiram, (Geneva,) r 33, farmer 115.

Adsit, James, (Geneva,,) r 21, farmer 140.

Adsit, Margaret,(Geneva,) r 2, farmer 150.

ADSIT, WELCOME, (Geneva,) r 2, farmer

Ames, Samuel D., (Geneva,) telegraph
operator. Main.

Ancess, Ezra, (Sheakleyville, Mercer Co.,)
r 60, saw mill. »

Anderson, Acristy, (Geneva,) r 29, car-
penter and farmer 25.

Anderson, James C, (Geneva,) r 30, far-
mer 75.

Anderson, John, (West Greenwood,) r 28,
farmer 75.

Anderson, John H., (Geneva,) r 27, farmer

ANDERSON, JOSEPH, (Geneva,) farmer

Anthony, Philander, (Geneva,) r 35, far-
mer 54.

Arman, James Jr., (Custards,) r 48, far-
mer 50.

leases of May Anderson, 90.

Billings. Wm., ((Geneva,) borough counsel
and farmer 63^.

Bolster, Wiram K., (Geneva,) r 3, brakes-
man and farmer 8.

Bortner, Jacob, (Geneva,) farmer 170.

BORTNER, JACOB H., (Geneva,) r 49, far-

Bortner, John H. F., (Geneva,) r 40, far-
mer 140.

Bortner, Thomas N., (Geneva,) r 49, mail
carrier and farmer 100.

BORTZ, WM., (Geneva.) harness, whips

Bossard, Wm. D., (Geneva,) shoemaker.

BROOKS, AMAZIAH, (Geneva.) r 21,
supervisor of highways and farmer 130.

Brooks, David, (Geneva,) r 2, farmer 25.

BROOKS, DAVID G., (Custards,) r 47,

Brooks, Henry, (Geneva,) r 14, farmer.

Brooks, Quintin, (Geneva,) retired far-
mer. Church.

Brooks, Robert, (Geneva.) r 29, . farmer

BROOKS, T. S., (Geneva.) r 2, farmer.

BROOKS, WM., (Geneva,) r 14, supervisor,
auditor and farmer 66.



BROOKS, WM. H., (Geneva,) r 2. farmer

BROOKS, WM. P., (Custards,) r 41, farmer

BRUSH, AMOS C. Rkv., (Geneva,) Baptist

Brush. L.. (Geneva,) r 13, farmer 85.

Burchfield. Davis. (Geneva,) r 50, carpen-
ter, school director and farmer 50.

Caldwell. Alex. W.. (Sheakleyville, Mer-
cer Co.,) r 48, farmer lOO.

Caldwell. John. (Sheakleyville, Mercer
Co.. ) r 45, farmer 100.

Caldwell. John, (Geneva.) r 12, farmer 70.

Campbell, Alex., (Custards,) r 42, farmer

Carman, Cyrus, (Geneva,) wagon maker,
justice of the peace and farmer 53,

Carman. James, (Geneva,) r 20, farmer

CARROLL. ANDREW, (Geneva,) r 6, far-
mer 150.

Carroll, Chas., (Geneva,) r 21, farmer.

Carroll, James, (Geneva,) r 21, farmer.
i CHAPMAN. EDGAR. (Geneva,) prop, of
: Grant Hotel, Railroad Station.

' Cbrest. Benjamin,(Geneva,) mail messen-
ger, 3Iain.

Christ. Adam, (Custards,) r 9, farmer,?.

Christ, Henry, (Custards,) r 9, farmer 175.

Christ, Henry, (Custards.) r 9, farmer 100.

Christ. Jonathan D., (Geneva,) wagon
maker and farmer 115, Main.

Christ. Levi, (Cu.stards.) r 41, farmer 34.

Christ. Martin, (Custards,) r 9, farmer.

Christ. Martin V., (Custards,) r 9, farmer.

Clark. Alexander, (West Greenwood,) r^,
farmer 53.

Clark. James. (Geneva,) farmer. Main.

Ciark. John, (West Greenwood,) r 25, far-
mer 40.

Clark. John R., (West Greenwood,) r 24,

Clark. Sarah C, (Geneva.) r 6, farmer 100.

Collins. Alva R., (Geneva,) r IG, farmer 25.

Collins. Edward H., (Custards.) r 42, far-
mer 50.

Collins. L. C, (Geneva. ) farmer 75.

Comriiiug.4, S. W., (Geneva,) r 49, shoe-
mukor and farmer 23.

COOPER. ABRAHAM P., (Geneva,) black-
smith and farmer 5. Main.

Corroll, Robert, (Geneva,) r21, farmer 20.

Coulter, Josifth, (Geneva,) r 49, farmer 26.

COULTER, JOSlAH J.. (Geneva,) {J. J.
i^iuilter (fe <'o.,) farmer 59.

COULTER, J. J.& CO., (Geneva,) {JoHahJ.

f:< III Iter, C'tum. Strut ton ami Leon V.

Jf t^aic,) r 2, props. Greenwood Mills,

(lourintt and grist.
Crest. Hruson, iCustards, i r 11, farmer 5.
CriKt. Diiniel, ((ieut^va. ) blui-kHinith and

Hc-hool director, Main.
Ctilver. Jonathan, (Qonevu.) r 29. farnuT.
CulvtT, Nathaalol, (Geneva,) r lU, farmer

CUSHMAN.ABRAM B..(Geneva. physician

and (Iru^K'iHt, Main.
Pavld. Alphoua J., (Geneva,) painter and

cou.Htable, Main.
Davis, H»Mijftmin, (Geneva,) r 39. farmer


Davison, James M., (Geneva.) r 30, farmer

DeAnnent, Samuel, (West Greenwood,)

r 32, justice of the peace and farmer

Dice, Eli, (Custards,) r 41, farmer 37.
Dice, Henry, (Geneva,) r 3.5, farmer 150.
Dice, Squire S., (Geneva.) r 35. farmer.
Digert, Joseph,(Sheakleyville,Mercer Co.,)

r 60, farmer 20.
Dunn, Asa. (Geneva,) r 50, farmer 150.
Dunn, James A., (Custards,) r 7, farmer

Dunn, Mathew. (Geneva,) r 50, farmer.
DUNN, WM. H., (Geneva,) r 48, farmer

Eells, Daniel, (Geneva,) r 24. farmer .56.
Fiffany, Silas S., (West Greenwood,) r 54,

farmer 170.
Fiffany, Wm., (West Greenwood,) farmer

Finley, Wm., (Geneva,) r 13, farmer 85.
Fisher, Charles, (Geneva,) shoemaker.

Fisher. John M. & Co., ( Geneva,) (Benjamin

Sutton, ) r 20, saw mill.
Galvin. John, (Geneva.) farmer80. Center.
Galvin, Wm. W., (Geneva.) telegraph

operator and borough counsel. Center.
Garrison, Benjamin, (Geneva.) r 3, farmer.
GELVIN, ALLEN, (Geneva,) farmer.
Gill, Francis D. Rev., (Geneva, ) r 22. cler-
gyman United Brethren and farmer 6.
Good, Seth M., (West Greenwood,) r 87,

GOOGE, THOMAS, (Custards,) r 10, far-
mer 73.
GRANT HOTEL, (Geneva,) R. R. Station,

Edgar Chapman, prop.
Grienels, Gideon, ((ieneva,) r 33, farmer

Grinel, Samuel, (Geneva,) r 22, farmer 30.
Grinnell, Benjamin, (Geneva,) r 6, farmer

Grinnell, G., (Geneva,) r6, farmer.
Grinnell, John. (Geneva.) r 18. farmer.
GRINNELL, JOHN E., (Geneva,) r 18,

farmer 95.

Grinnell, Mark, (Geneva.) r 18, farmer 8.
Grinnell, M. B., (Geneva.) r IS. farmer 70.
Griunels, Morris B., (Geneva,) r 18, farmer

QrJnnels, Squire, (Geneva,) r 27, farmer

Hall, John, (Geneva,) r 2, farmer 75.
Hall, John, (Geneva,) r 21, farmer leases of

A. Adsit. 50.
Hamil, R., (Sheakleyville. Mercer Co.,) r 60.

farmer 75.
Hamilton. James, (^West Greenwood.) r 32,

pogtma.stor and farmer 70.
Hanna. Mokos W., (Geneva.) r 16. shoe-

niakor and town clerk.
HarkiiiH. Diivid, (Geneva.) r 6, carpenter

and fiiriiiitr 50.
Harkiiis, Kiliniiiid, (Geneva,) r 6, farmer 5<\
narkin.H, Michael, ((tem<vu,) r 6. furmer 5

HAKROUN. DkWITT. (Geneva.) postmaH-

tor. goneral merchant and burgo88,


Hawkn, Wm H.. (Ooneva.) r .1. farmor VM).

Hazon. Ihaac^ (Atlantii*.) r \5, farmer 250

HICKMAN, JOSEPH, (CuHtards.) r 42, far-

I mer.



Hickman, Michael, (Custards,) r42, farmer

Hood, G. W., (Geneva,) r 35, farmer leases
of James Seely.

Hood, James, (Geneva,) r 6, retired far-

Hood, John N., (West Greenwood,) r 38,
carpenter and farmer 7.

Hood, Shortle, (West Greenwood,) r 38,
farmer 50.

Hood, Wallace, (West Greenwood,) r 51,
carpenter and farmer 100.

JOHNSON, ALBERT, (West Greenwood,)
r 38, stone mason and farmer 125.

Kazebee, Joseph W., (Geneva,) r 30, con-
stable and farmer 70.

Keener, Wm., (Custards,) r 42, farmer

Kerr, John M., (West Greenwood,) r 38,
farmer 100 and leases of K. Logan, 75.

Klinginsmith, Abraham, (Atlantic,) r 55,
farmer 340.

Klinginsmith, Amos, (West Greenwood,)
r 55, farmer 50.

Klinginsmith, Caleb, (West Greenwood,)
r 55, farmer.

Klinginsmith, Harvey, (Atlantic,) r 55,

Klinginsmith, Henry, (Geneva,) r 54, far-
mer 100.

Klinginsmith, John, (Geneva,) r 54, farmer

Klinginsmith, Levi L., (Atlantic,) r 55,
farmer 15 i.

Klinginsmith, Wm. Ray, (Geneva,) hard-
ware dealer and school director,

Larimer, Joseph, (Geneva,) r 3, farmer

Loper, Abraham C, (Custards,) r 42, far-
mer 60.

Loper, David, (Custards,) r 11, farmer 5.

Loper, James M., (Custards,) r 47, farmer
leases of L. D. C. Turner, 60.

Loper, John I., (Geneva,) r 11, farmer 22.

Loper, Washington, (Geneva,) r 11, school
director and farmer 75.

MAGAW, LEON C, (Geneva,) {J. J. Ccml-
ter cfe Co.)

MARLEY, JOHN H., (Custards,) r 9, far-
mer 100.

MASON, SYLVESTER, (Geneva,) r 23, far-
mer 35.

Mathews, Wm., (Geneva,) r 2, farmer 50.

Mattocks. John W., (Geneva,) r 27, shoe-

Mattocks, Samuel E., (Geneva,) r 17, car-
penter and farmer 1.

Mattocks, Wm. H., (Geneva,) r 36, farmer

McCartner, James, (Custards,) r 45, far-
mer 35.

McCray, Ira, (Geneva,) r 2, miller.

McDonald, David N., (Custards,) r 43, far-
mer 60.

McElwain, Allen, (Custards,) r 42, school
director and farmer 74.

McENTIRE, ROBERT U., (Geneva,) mer-
chant, hotel keeper and farmer 193,

McHood, Wilson, (West Greenwood,) r26,
farmer 53.

McKay, Wm., (Geneva,) station agent and
telegraph operator.

r 2, carpenter, cabinet maker and
farmer 72.

McMichael, Benton, (Geneva,) r 23, far-

McMichael, Chas., (Geneva,) r 2, farmer

McMichael, Corydon, (Geneva,) r 1, farmer

McMichael, John C, (Geneva,) r 1, farmer

McMichael, John L., (Geneva,) r 3, car-

McMICHAEL, RICHARD,(Geneva,) prest.
of Board of School Directors and far-
mer 100.

McMichael, Robert, (Geneva.) farmer.

McMICHAEL, THOMAS B., (Geneva,) r 1,

McQuiston, M., (West Greenwood,) r 32,
farmer 60.

McQuiston, Wm., (West Greenwood,) r58,
farmer 40.

Mellon, Alexander, (Geneva,) r 25, farmer

Mellon, John,(West Greenwood,) r 25, far-
mer 100.

MELLON, WM. J., (Geneva,) r 21, saw and
grist mills, and farmer 200.

Miller, Frank, (Custards,) r 9, farmer.

MiUer, Ira S., (West Greenwood,) r 51,
farmer 50.

MHler, Israel, (West Greenwood,) r 31,
farmer 50.

Mumford, John N., (Sheakley ville, Mercer
Co.,) r 54, carpenter and farmer leas-
es of Mary Tiffany, 90.

MUMFORD, WM., (Geneva,) r 51, farmer

Nadler, Henry, (Custards,) r 10, farmer

Nelson, N., (Custards,) r 48, farmer.

Newbold, Barzillai, (Geneva,) r 52, farmer

NEWBOLD, S. A., (Geneva,) r 52, farmer

Newton, Charles, (Geneva,) r 20, farmer

Palmer, Aber, (Geneva,) r 21, chair maker.

PATTERSON, CHAS., (Custards,) r 46,

PATTERSON, JOSEPH, (Custards,) r 45,
farmer 200.


Peterson, Augustus, (Custards,) r 9, far-
mer 143.

Peterson, David, (Geneva,) r 51, farmer 50.

Peterson, Elias, (Geneva,) r 27, farmer 50.

Peterson, Henry, (Geneva,) r 35, farmer.

Peterson, James, (Custards,) r 47, farmer

PETERSON, JOHN, (Geneva,) r 35, far-
mer 225.

Peterson, John Jr., (Geneva,) r 40, farmer

Peterson, John W., (Custards,) r 51, far-
mer 50.

Peterson, Jonathan, (Geneva,) r 14, far-
mer 10.

Peterson, Levi, (Custards,) r 9, farmer.

Peterson, Robert, (Custards,) r 47, farmer

Peterson, Theophilus, (Custards,) r 45,
farmer 50.



Peterson, Uriah, (Custards,) r 11, farmer

Porter, Charles W., (West Greenwood,) r
55, farmer 20.

Randolph, Robert F., (Custards,) post-
master, miller and farmer 56.

Rath, C. E., (Geneva.) farmer.

Rath. Jacob. (^Geneva,) r 35, farmer 50.

Rath, John, (Geneva,) r 38, farmer leases
of K. L'. .UcEutire, 100.

Rhodes, Jacob, (Geneva,) r 51, farmer 60.

Rhodes, Jacob C, (Geneva,) r 51, farmer

Rilev. G.. CAtlantic,) r 56, farmer.

farmer 100.

Rodgers, Charles, (Custards,) r 42, farmer

Ross. John B.. CGeneva.) r 20, farmer 130.

Ross, Peter, (Geneva,) wagon maker. Main.

Ross, Smith, (Geneva,) carpenter and far-
mer 50, Main.

Ross, Wm., (Geneva,) wagon maker. Main.

Russell, Gordon, (Geneva,) r 27, cooper
and farmer 3.

Russell, Josiah, (Geneva,) r 27, farmer 47.

Scott, Mathew, (Custards,) r 44, farmer
leases 56.

Seley, Abram L., (Geneva,) r 36, farmer


Seley, Elliott F., (Geneva,) r 30, farmer 60.
Seloy, James L., (Geneva.) r 35. township

treasurer, school director and farmer

Seley, Samuel C, (Custards,) r36, farmer.
Seley, Samuel C, (Geneva.) r 36, farmer.
Shallenberger, Abraham, (Custards,) r 42,

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