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Stewart, Isaac, (Hayfield,) r 3, farmer 25.

Stockton. James L., (Mosiertown,) r 5, far-
mer 75.

Stockton, Wm. L., (Saegerstown,) r27, far-
mer 70.

Stoke, Maria Mrs., (Coons Corners,) r 27,
farmer 40.



STRAW, AMASA J., (Saegerstown,) r 19,

STRAW, AZARIAH E., (Saegerstown,) r
18, farmer 50.

Straw, H. B., (Venango,) r 18, mason and
farmer 30.

Straw, Michael, (Saegerstown,) r 19, far-
mer 135.

Terry, John M., (Hayfield,) r 36, farmer

Thompson, James, (Hayfield,) r 50, farmer

TORRY, DAVID A., (Venango,) r 19, far-
mer 40.

Trace, Jacob, (Saegerstown,) r 21, farmer

Tryer, Michael, (Meadville,) r 56, farmer

Waggoner. Christian, (Meadville,) r 25, far-
mer 50.

WASSON. HARRISON, (Coons Corners,) r
33, farmer 80.

Watson, Conrad, (Rundells,) r 40, farmer

Watson, George W., (Hayfield, )r 4, farmer

WATSON, JOHN C, (Hayfield,) r 4,

Watson, William, (Hayfield,) r 4, farmer
j 64 and, in Summerhill, 50.
I WELLER, FRANK, (Hayfield,) r 35, farmer
j 86.

I Whipple, Ambro, (Hayfield,) r 4, farmer
I 130.

' Whipple, Ebenezer, (Hayfield,) r 4, farmer
I 20.

Whipple. Margaret Mrs., (Hayfield,) r 4,
i farmer 1.

' White. William D., (Meadville.) r 58, far-
I mer 50.

. Wilder, Sylvester W., (Norrisville,) r 39,
I farmer 135.

Williams, Michael, (Coons Comers,) r 5,
I farmer 50.
Wilson, James A., (Hayfield,) r 31, house

Wilson, Reading, (Meadville,) r 25, black-
smith and farmer 60.
Wood, Chauncey, (Hayfield,) r 6, farmer

Woodcock, Almon, (Meadville,) r 27, far-
mer 30.
Woting, Stephen. (Saegerstown,) r 13, far-
mer leases 109.
Yocum, Frank, (Meadville,) r 26, farmer

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation.— The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

Adams, Chas. F., (Meadville,) r 2, farmer i

Alhn. Ethan, (Meadville,) r 12, farmer 31.
ALLEN, HUGHB.,(Freuchtowu,)r78, far-
mer 100.
ArniKtrong. Wm., (Mead Cornem,) r 53,

farmer 65.
Aulbuch, Henry, (Meadville,) r 70, farmer

Atilbuch, Nicholas, (Meadville,) r 72, far-

int»r IH.
iJaird, David. (Meadville,) r 74, farmer 67.
Hainl Wm. M.,(. Meadville,) r82, farinor 15.
Hall, .John, (.Mpudville.) r 7, farmer leases

of John Krow, !i5.
nan<Toft. (ir()V»< P., (Meadvillo,)r7, fanner

It'HsoH of Dr. Win. Hunter, 22.
H.\NKS, .]( )S., ( Meadvilli', i r TV,, nwiHon.
Hiirrctt, Jano Mrs., ^Moadvillf,; r 14, fur-

inor .'>0.
HAKKKTT, SAMUEL, (..Moudvllle.) r 14.

fanner 110.

Battles, Horace, (Meadville.) r 56, farmer

leases of C Homer IJrawloy, 39.
BEACH, LAUREN C.,(MeadTiIlo,)r 3, Ufe

insurance agent.
BEATTY bi CO., (Meadville,) {UH M. and
liobtrt P. Bealtu,) r 4, groceries and
provisions, 47 North Main St., Mead-
BEATTV, LEVI M., (Moadvllle.) r 4,

(lifiitty if- Td.,) fanner 5.}.
BEATTY, H< )HKKT P., ( .Mfudvillo,)(/y<J./«j^

.t Co.,) r 4, f armor 40.
Beaty, David, (.Meadville,) r 33, farmer

leuSHriuf A. Oaks, 61.
Beoknmn, John, (Shaws Landiufc,) r 67,
furtiiiT l*'ii.si<N of Uol))>rt Buchanan, 1 10.
Budox. Francis, vFrouohtowu,) r 49, far-

nu«r 4(1.
Bedox. KranoU Jr., (Freuohtown,) r 49,

fanner 'Jit.
Boorbower, Geo. A., (MoadTlllo,) r 5W, far-
mer .'>0.

p —

Oakford & Hood;, only Practicable Hatters in



Beerbower, Jacob, (Meadville,) r 74, far-
mer 7,

BenniQghofE, Geo., (Meadville,) r 3, far-
mer 8').

Bergeman, Frederick, (Meadville,) r 70,
farmer 94.

Berly, John C, (Freachtown.) farmer 35.

Bertliolemy, Sebastian, (Frenchtown,) r
80, farmer 50.

Bile, Frederick, (Meadville.) r 66, farmer


Bisson, Daniel, (Meadville,) r 70, farmer

Bisson, Frank. (Meadville,) r 72, farmer 50.

Boil, Sylvester, (MeadvUle,) r 63, farmer

Bondot, Joseph, (Mead Corners,) r 28, far-
mer 32.

Bonner, John H., (Meadville.) r 75, farmer
leases of J. Stainbrook, 30.

Boyd, James, (Meadville,) r 13, carpenter
and owns 50.

Bradshaw, John C, (Meadville,) r 62, car-

Braley, Nathaniel, (Mead Corners,) r 54,
farmer 50.

Brandon, James, (Meadville,) r 62, farmer

Brawley, C. Homer. (Meadville,) r 68, far-
mer 106 and leases of Wm. R. Jr., 103.

BRAWLEY. FRANCIS, (Meadville,) r 77,
farmer 110.

Brawley, John R., (Meadville,) r 78. far-
mer 220.

Brawley, Wm. R., (Meadville,) r 77, jus-
tice of the peace and farmer 100.

Braymer, John, (Blooming Valley,) r 22,
farmer 64.

Braymer. Leland. (Blooming Valley,) r 22,
thresher and farmer 30.

Braymer, Wm. L., (Blooming Valley,) r
18, thresher and farmer 50.

Breed, John F., (Meadville,) r 15, farmer

Brooks, Henry W., (Meadville,) r 31. light-
ning rod agent and farmer leases of
Avery Oaks, 55.

Brown, Corresta Mrs., (Meadville,) r 29,
owns S}4.

Brown. John B., (Frenchtown,) r 47, far-
mer 94.

Buchanan, David & Wm., (Meadville,) r 67,
farmer 120.

Burchfield, James, (Meadville,) r 67, black-
smith and farmer leases of O. Lind-
ley's heirs. 160.

Burns. Horatio A., (Meadville,) r2, farmer
leases of Gill heirs, 300.

Burns, John, (Meadville,) r 30, farmer 15.

BURNS, SHELDON R.. (Meadville,) r 2,
farmer 3 and leases of Mrs. Jane
Bemus, 100.

Bush, Geo.. (Meadville,) r 72, farmer 13.

BYAM, CHAS., (Meadville,) r 68, carpen-
ter and joiner, and farmer 48.

Canfleld, Daniel W., (Meadville,) r 67, far-
mer 80.

Carman, Sarah, (Meadville,) r 7, owns 8.

Carroll, C. C, (Meadville,) r 7, {Carroll &
Moore,) dentist and physician. Chest-
nut St., Meadville, owns 9.

Carskadden, Thomas R., (JVIeadville,) r 12,
farmer leases of John McClintock, 150.

Chalow, Frank, (Frenchtown,) r81, farmer

Chapman, James F., (Meadville,) r 65, plas-

Cha.se, Benj. F., (Mead Corners,) r 26, far-
mer leases of Wm., 75.

Chase, Chas. N., (MeadviUe,) r 36, farmer

Chase. Geo.. (Meadville,) r 63, farmer 114.

Chase, Samuel N., (Meadville,) r 37,

CHASE, S. NEWTON, (Meadville,) r 26,
farmer 75.

Chase. Wm. S., (Meadville,) r 28, carpenter
and farmer 60.

Clark, Albertus, (Mead Corners,) r 25, far-
mer 40.

Clark, Asa M., (Blooming Valley,) r 18, far-
mer 55.

CLARK, FRANK K., (Blooming Valley,) r
18, dealer in wooden ware and farmer

CLARK, IRA D., (Meadville,) r 12, farmer
leases of Clinton CuUum, 90.

Clark. John, (Meadville,) r 67, farmer 70.

Clark, Samuel C, (Meadville,) r 3, carpen-

CLARK, WATSON, (Blooming Valley,) r
18. carpenter and farmer 46>^.

CLEMENS, WM., (Mead Corners,) r 46,
manuf . and dealer in leather and lum-
ber, and owns 160.

COCHRAN, JAMES B., (Meadville,) r 67,
stock raiser and farmer.

town,) r 49, pastor St Hippolytus

COLE, DANIEL G., (Meadville,) r 6, far-
mer leases of John Otterstatter, 42.

Cole, Dennis E., (Meadville,) r 67, farmer

Cole, Jacob, (Blooming Valley.) r 21, far-
mer 90.

Compton, David, (Meadville,) r 68, farmer

COMPTON, DAVID P., (Meadville,) r 68.
insurance agent and farmer leases of
David, 140.

Compton, John B., (Meadville.) r 67,
{Compton (&3/cZay,) lawyer and insur-
ance agent.

Conrad, Elizabeth, (MeadviUe,) r 81, owns

Conreux, Francis, (Frenchtown,) r 49, far-
mer 61.

CONREUX. GUSTAV, (Frenchtown,)
( Woodring & Conreux.)

Confess, Lewis, (Frenchtown,) r 51, far-
mer 50.

Cooper, Nicholas, (MeadviUe,) r 7J4,

CUNNINGHAM, JAMES, (MeadviUe,) r 65,
mason, bricklayer and plasterer.

Cunningham, Wm., (MeadviUe,) r 17, far-
mer 85.

CUSTARD, GEO. W., (MeadviUe.) r 66,
farmer 70.

CUSTEAD. JOSEPH J., (MeadviUe,) r64X,
nurseryman, florist and farmer 100.

Dahl, Daniel, (MeadviUe,) r 58. farmer 40.

Daniels, Warren J P., (Mead Corners.) r
39, farmer 50.

Davis, Alex. L., (MeadviUe,) r 75, farmer

the Oil Region, Store Fertig Block, Titusyi'jle, Pii.



Davis, Jas H..(Meadville.) r 75, farmer 175.

Delecour, Lewis. (Meadville,) r 74, farmer

DEMAISON, GEO., (Frenchtown,) r 49.
farmer 100.

Demaison, Geo., (Frenchtown,) r 51, far-
mer 90.

Demaison. Nicholas, (Frenchtown,) r 52,
farmer 52.

Demaison, Theophilus,(Frenchtown,) r49,
farmer leases of Geo., 40.

Dencray, Julius C, (Frenchtown,) r 77,
farmer 90 and leases 75.

DENSMORE, AMOS, (Meadville,) r. 33, far-
mer 370.

DeReemer. Joseph, (Mead Comers,) r 45,
farmer 60.

DeReemer, Levi, (Guys Mills,) r 45, farmer

DeVillers, Peter, (Frenchtown,) r 52, far-
mer 100.

Devoge, Germain, (Frenchtown,) post

Devoge. Justin, (Frenchtown,) r 49, car-
penter, patentee of mitre box and far-
mer leases 30.

DEWEY, HENRY J., (Meadville,) r 32, far-
mer 35.

Dewey, John S., (Mead Corners,) r 40, far-
mer 60.

Dewey. Mary S., (Mead Corners,) post

Dewey, Walter B., (Mead Corners,) r 41,
farmer 100.

Didlow, John C, (Frenchtown,) r 50, far-
mer 55.

Doane, Isaac S., (Meadville,) r 45, civil
engineer, prop, saw mill and owns 350.

Donnally, John R., (Meadville,) r 7, farmer

DOCJGHTY, WM. H., (Meadville,) r 4,
supervisor and farmer 140.

Eckerd, Lawrence, (Meadville,) r 67, far-
mer leases of Dennis E. C;ole, 80.

Edit, Germain, (Frenchtown,) r 50, farmer

Ellis, Abel, (Meadville,) r 13, farmer 30.

Ellis, Clark, (Meadville,) r 13, farmer £3.

Ellis, David S., (Meadville,) r 35, farmer

Ellis. Horace Mrs., (Meadville,) r 35, owns

Ellis, John N.. (Meadville,) r 35, farmerSO.

Ellis, S. E., (Meadville,; r 35, milk dealer
and farmer 200.

Emip, Frank. (Meadville,) r 69. farmer 146.

Emig. John. (Meadville,) r 69, farmer 74.

Evans, Samuel. (Meadville,) r *i, agent
Howe Machine Co.

Ewiiig, Alex., (Meadville,) r 62, farmer 9.

Ewiiig. Geo. B., (Mead (Corners,) r 27, far-
mer 55.

Ewiiig, James T., (Mead Corners,) r 40,

Kwing, Ralph N., (Mead Coruera,) r 40,
ffirrncr 1 16.

Ewing, Kanaom K., (Mead Corners,) r 40,
farmer 38.

EYRE, CHAS. 8., (Meadville.) {Eyr6 A

EYIUC & MUKNZ. (Meadville,) (f'fiarlfM S.
Ki/if ntui llernutu Mueiis,) r 10. props.
Mead Greeuhouses, gardeners and

FeJger, John, (Meau ville.) r 77, farmer 15.
Ferlin, Joseph, (Meadville,) r 72, 'armer

Flaa^h Aaron, (Meadville,) r 68, farmer

leases •"•7.
Fleek, David G., (Blooming Valley,) r 15,

butcher and farmer 135.
Franklin, Joseph, (Mead Corners.) r 41,

farmer 18.
Frew, John, (Meadville.) r 7, carpenter

FREYERMUTH, JOSEPH, (Meadville,) r

68. meat dealer.
Galmish, Alonzo, (Frenchtown) r 51, far-
mer 40.
Gennet. Joseph,(FrenchtowD,) r 78, farmer

Gerard, John J., (Mead Coroei's.) r 28,

carpenter and agent Weed Sewing

Gerdon, Martin M., (Blooming Valley,) r

2.3, farmer 120.
Gleason, Isaac, (Meadville,) r 37, farmer

Goodman. James J., (Meadville,) r 3,

Goodrich, Solomon, (Blooming Valley,) r

15, farmer 25.
Goodsell. Ch.as. D., (Meadville.) r 2. ageut

Victor Sewing Machine, Tenace.
Gorton, Ansel M., (Mead Corners.) r 43,

coroner and farmer 49.
Gray. Harley P., (Meadville,) r 6, farmer

leases of Thos. F. Wilson, 103.
Graver, Geo., (Meadville.) r 39, farmer

leases of A. Richmond, 130.
Groel. Philip, (Meadville.) r 3, mechanic

and farmer 25.
Gumber, Adam, (Meadville,) r 74. farmer

Haas. Geo. W., (Meadville,) r 39, farmer

leases of Mary O., lOS.
Hall, Elijah, (Meadville,) r 69, farmer 82.

HALL, GEO. K., (Meadville,) r 69. farmer

Hamilton, James. (Frenchtown.) r 49, fa^ -
mer works 40 owned by Y: -giiiius

Hamilton. James A., (Meadville.) r 58. far-
mer 39.

Hamilton, John, (Meadville.) r 13, farmer

Hamilton, Jonathan, (Meadville.) r 27,
farmer 110.

Hamilton, Joseph, (Meadville,) r 67, far-
mer .5(i.

HAMILTON. LOREN, (Meadville,) r 14,
farmer 5!.

Hamilton, Nathauiel, (Meadville,) r 61,
farmer U>2.

Hamilton, .Samuel, (Meadville,) r 66, far-
mer 121.

Hamilton. Kuruh A. Mrs., (Meadville,) rLS,
owns 39.

Harps, J«)hn P., (Freuohtown.) r 4tt, far-
mer 40.

Harris, Janien A Chauncy, (Blooming
VHllt<y.( r 17. farmer JOO.

Hatch, Andrew J., (Meadville.) r 7Xt car-


Hat. h, Harvey A., (BloomlnR Valley,) r 23,

farnicr ."SO.
Hatch, Ira, (Blooming Val'ey.) r 23, farmer




Hatch. Samuel F., (Meadville.) r 64, far-
mer leases of Wm. Allen, 66.

HEIGHTS, ORREN, (Meadville,) r 63,
laborer in brick yard.

Heydrick, Peter C, (Meadville.) r 4,
dealer in real estate and oil. and owns

HIBBARD, JOHN H., (Meadville,) r 70,

carpenter and joiner.
Hibbard. Lucy Mrs., (Meadville,) r 70,

farmer 75.
Hicks, John Rev., (Mead Corners,) r 41,

clergyman and owns 25.
Hites, Ebenezer Z., (Blooming Valley,) r

18, farmer 41.
Hobbs, Isaac, (Meadville.) r 62, farmer 5.
Hobbs, Samuel, (Meadville,) r 29, farmer

HODGE. CHAS. W., (Blooming Valley,) r

22, farmer 60.
HOKE, JOHN, (Meadville,) r 3, mason.

Hood, Julius, (Meadville,) r 66, cooper and

farmer 35.
Howard, Ann Mrs., (Meadville,) r 66, milk

peddler and farmer 42X-
HOWARD,- EDWARD, (Meadville,) r 66,


HOWARD, WM. W., (Meadville.) r 32. milk
peddler and farmer leases of Anson
Smith, 50.

Hoyt, David L., (Meadville,) r 7, stock
dealer, farmer leases of Thos. Vincent,
8, and of Mrs. Frazier, 22.

Hoyt. John W., (MeadviUe,) r 7^, carpen-

Huber. Adam, (Meadville,) r 61, farmer 50.

Hunter, Andrew J., (Meadville,) r 61, far-
mer 165.

Hyde, Silas A., (Mead Corners,) r 46, far-
mer leases of Wm. Clemens, 120.

Irvin, Hugh A., (Meadville,; r 65, {Irvin &
Lcmg^) hardware, stoves &c.

Jacklet, Lewis, (Blooming Valley,) r 22,
farmer 50.

Jennet, X., (Frenchtown,) r 51, farmer 25.

Johnson, Fernando C, (Meadville,) r 3,
mechanic and owns 9.

JOHNSON. JAMES. (Meadville.) r 68,
dealer in farming utensils and farmer

Johnson, Wm. L., (Meadville,) r 71, farmer

Jones. Richard S., (MeadviUe,) r 67, board-
ing house.

Karleskind, Michael, (Meadville,) r 39, far-
mer 134.

Keck, Charles R., (MeadviUe,) r 29, farmer

KENNEDY, THOS. R., (MeadviUe,) r 12,
farmer 56.

KIDD. ALEX., (MeadviUe,) r 69, farmer
leases of Geo.. 60.

Kidd. Geo., (MeadviUe,) r 69, farmer 60.

Kiesel, Andrew, (Meadville,) carpenter,

Kiesel, Garrett, (MeadviUe,) carpenter.

Kightlinger, Alfred G., (MeadviUe,) car-

Kightlinger, Andrew, (MeadviUe,) r 74, far-
mer 40.

viUe,) r 56, farmer.

Kightlinger, Hehry. (MeadviUe,") r 82, far-
mer leases of Joseph Derrickson, saw
mUl and 160.

Kightlinger, Jacob, (MeadviUe,) r 56, far-
mer 50.

Kightlinger, John, (Meadville,) r 62, far-
mer 60.

Kightlinger, Joseph, (MeadviUe,) r 74, far-
mer 8.

Kightlinger, Michael, (MeadviUe.) r 58,
farmer 16.

KIMMEY, MYRON, (MeadviUe,) r 29, far-

Kimmy, John, (Mead Corners,) r 52, far-
mer 25.

Kimmy, Perry, (Mead Corners,) r 52, far-
mer 73^.

Kimmy, Wm., (Mead Corners,) r 52, far-
mer 50.

Kiser, Isaac Jr., (MeadviUe,) r 76, farmer

Kiser. I. Stewart, (MeadviUe,) r 76, farmer

Kiser, James, (Meadville,) r 76, farmer
leases of Jacob, 43.

Kiser, Solomon, (MeadviUe,) r 27, farmer
leases of Mrs. A. Weller, 90.

KISER, S. E., (MeadviUe.) r 75, farmer 28.

Knorr, William, (MeadviUe,) r 65, soap

Lake, Orange G., (MeadviUe,) r 75, far-
mer 58.

Lambert, Simon, (Frenchtown,) r 76, far-
mer leases 130.

LAMPO, LEWIS, (MeadviUe,) r 68, farmer

LANG, JOHN J., (MeadvUle,) r 62, farmer

Leighty, Henry, (MeadviUe,) r 66, farmer

Leo, Adolphus, (Mead Corners,) r 44, far-
mer 90.

LEONARD, LIBERTY, (Mead Corners,)
r 44, farmer 58.

Leynolds, Lewis, (Mead Corners,) r 39,
farmer 31>^.

Lippert, Geo., (MeadviUe,) r 72, farmer

LITTLE, JOHN L, (SleadviUe,) r33, ma-
son and stone cutter.

Lord, A. S. Mrs., (MeadvUle,) r 33, owns

LORD. GEO. W., (MeadviUe,) r 33, car-
penter and joiner, and farmer 80.

Lord, Hiram, (Blooming VaUey,) r 20, far-
mer 31.

LORD, WM. H., (MeadviUe,) r 65, farmer

MAGAW. WM. H., (MeadviUe,) r 65, ma-
chinist and farmer 21.

Maloney, Michael, (Mead Corners,) r 44,
wagon maker.

Maloney, OrviUe, (Mead Corners,) r 42,
farmer 60.

Margach, Fred M., (MeadvUle,) r 3, fore-
man in erecting R. R. shop.

Marker, Henry, (MeadviUe,) r 29, farmer

McArthur, Wm., (MeadviUe,) r 7, shingle
maker and farmer 225.

McBride, Michael, (Meadville,) foreman
locomotive paint shop. Oak.

McCall. Joseph, (Meadville,) r 4, farmer



McCleary, Samuel C, (Meadville,) r 75,
farmer ?hi.

McDILL, HUGH, (MeadviUe,) r 12, farmer

McFadden, Margaret, (MeadviUe,) r 31,
farmer 22.

McKinney, James, ^MeadviUe,) r 33, oil
producer and farmer 16.

McLane, James, (Meadville,) oil producer,
Park Avenue.

McNamara, Alex., (Meadville,) r 66, far-
mer 98.

McNamara, Alex. Jr., (Meadville,) r 61,
farmer 65 and leases of James. 65.

McNamara. Geo., (Mead Corners,) r 27,
farmer 100.

McNamara, Hiram, (Meadville,) r 66, car-

McNamara, James, (Meadville,) r 61, far-
mer 65.

McNamara. John D., (Mead Comers.) r40,
farmer leases of John Hogges heirs,

McNamara, Josiah, (Meadville,) r 59, far-
mer 65.

McNAMARA, SAMUEL, (Meadville,) r 66,

farmer leases of Alex., 50.
McNamara. Wm. N., (Meadville,) r 62,

farmer 58.
MEAD, ELIJAH D., (Mead Comers,) r 43,

farmer 130..
MeseroU, John, (Meadville,) r 80, farmer

Micheam, Marion, (MeadviUe,) r 33, far-
mer 12.
MILLER, ANDREW J., (MeadviUe,) {A. J.

Miller & Bro.)
MILLER, A. J. & BRO., (MeadviUe,)

(AnJreiJC J. anrl TTioh. «/.,) r 65, manufs.

and dealers in brick.

MILLER, GEO. W., (MeadviUe,) r 64,

manuf. and dealer in brick and far-
mer 125.
MiHer, James. (MeadviUe.) r 64, farmer 38.
MILLER, JAMES A., (MeadviUe,) r 64,

Vjrick maker.
MiUer, John, (MeadviUe,) r 70, farmer 24.
Miller, Michael, (MeadviUe,) r 72, farmer

MILLER, THOS. J., (MeadviUe,) {A. J.

Miller A: Bro. )

( Mneio^ntr ft ThnvHton.)

(Frederick Moenitner and S<trnu«l S.

Thumton,} r 2, beer brewers and

dealers. Terrace,
Morell, Chaa., (Meadville,) r 68, farmer

leaseR M5.
MORRISSEY, JAMES, fMeadvlUe.) r 66,

boot rutter and farmer '3>'k
MoHsinKer, Joseph, (MeadviUe,) r 69, far-

nu^r fiU.

MUENZ. HERMAN, (MeadviUe,) (ifyr* .*

Miirj>hy Huf;h, (MeadviUe,) r 67, farmer

l.-ft.soH of H. McCUntock. 220.
MytTH, JamoR S., (Meadviilu,) r 66, molder

arid nwiiM 6.
Newt 11. Honj., ( MnadvUlo.) r 38, gardener,

tfiuJitT and fiirnuT 10.
NEWHARl). (HAS., (MeadviUe,) r 67,

masun and plaHterer.

Newlon, Elijah, (Meadville,) r 3, farmer

Norris, Eliphalet, (Meadville,)r 63, farmer

Oaks, Lydia C. Mrs,, (Mead Corners,) r64,
farmer 60.

OLMSTED, EBIN, (MeadviUe,) r 54, far-
mer 70.

OofBcer. Samuel P., (Meadville,) r 2,
cas;hier Savings Bank, Terrace.

Ott, Michael, (MeadviUe,) r 3, butcher.

Otterstatter, John, (Meadville,) r 6, far-
mer 42.

Pardee, Chas. A., (MeadviUe,) r 82, farmer

Pardee, John H., (MeadviUe,) r 82, farmer

Pattan, Thompson, (MeadviUe, ) r 68, far-
mer 28.

Pattan. Wm., (MeadviUe,) r 32, farmer
leases of Abraham Little, 50.

Peck, James S,, (MeadviUe,) r 66, carpen-

Peelman, John, ("Mead Comers,) r 38, car-
penter and farmer Zi.

Pees. Francis J., (MeadvUle,) r 74, farmer

Pengra. Eleazer C, (MeadviUe,) r 65;^'.
minister and farmer 6.

Person, Wendel, (Mead Corners,) r 53, far-
mer 25.

Picard, Gabriel, (Prenchtown,) r 80, far-
mer 100.

Pitcher, Samuel. (Blooming Valley,) r 18,
farmer works farm of Lucinda, 70.

POLLY. AUGUSTUS, (Frenchtown,) r 78,
carpenter and joiner.

Poly, John. (Frenchtown,) r 49, blacksmith
and owns 20.

Preston, James J., (MeadviUe,) r 56, farmer

Quiggle, George W., (Mead Corners,) r 46,
farmer 180.

Raple, James & Michael, (Meadville,) r 8,
farmer leases of Wm. Mc Arthur, 75.

Reeves, Garrett, (Meadville,) r 29, farmer

Reisinger, Chas., (Meadville,) r 3, black-

r 13. farmer 100.

Rice, Coonrod, (MeadviUe,) r 72, farmer

Rice, John. (Mpadvillo.) r 72. farmer 18.

Richard, M. Mrs., (Frenchtown,) r 48, far-
mer 107.

Richard, Nicholas, (Frenchtown,) r 81, far-
mer .50.

Roae, Joseph, (Meadville,^ r 71, farmer .50.

Robbins, John. (MeadviUe.) r'Jl, farmer40.

Roberts, David, (MeadviUe, ) r 29, farnior.

Rose, A. Judsou, (MeadviUe,) r (&, carpen-

Rushander, Augustus, (Blooming Valley,)
r 2(1, farmer 170.

Ryan, Simeon, (MeadviUe,) r 6, farmer 40.

BACKET, EDSON 8., (MeadviUe > r 15. far-
mer 60 and leases of Arcnibald S.
Goodrich. 90.

Sark.-, Edward B. R., (MoadriUe,) r 37,
farmer Hi).

Suckot, Levi D., (MeadviUe,) r 97, fanner

Samonii, David, (.MoadviUo,) r2H, farmerSO.



Sco -ODV). Gab -ie'.. 'Me.-'dvil'e ) r 3, mason.
Sc:iv7eJrzer, Jobo. (Freac>.towa,) r 49, far-

xrer ll'^.
Se"08«. Mai-oId, (Meadv'l]e,) r70, farmer 64.
Sh^eee, George, (Meadville,) r 74, farmer


S!i?,'?^er, Martio V., (iMeadyille.) r 2, ag ent
Vcl-,or Sewing Maca^ce. Terrace.

r 2, carpenter aud builder, Terrace.

SSUNK, DANTE [i, (MeadvJUe,) r 9, masoii
and Zp.i'mec 55.

Si.'e-.-, Hanoah, (Mead ville, ) r 60, farmer

S'cler, Wm. T., (Me?.dv'lle,) r 62. carpen-
ter and farmer 50.

Sireltoa, Wm., (Meadv-n.le,) r 3, stock
breeder and 'armor 150.

Slocum, Lewis M., (SIoomiogVaHey,) rl6.
farmer 67.

SMITH, AUSTIN W., (MeadvrHeOp-iQci-
pal Bryant Straitoa & Sm'tc's Busi-
ness College, Glen'vood Avenue.

SaaitQ, Chauncy S., (.Mead ville,) r 68, far-
mer 80.

SMITH, GEO., (Bloomiag Valley,) r 19,
farmer 177.

Soaith, Increase, iMeadrille,) r 67, owns

SMITH, IRA, (B'oomlDg Valley,) r 23, far-
mer SO.

SoQch, Jacob, (Meativii.ie,) r 70, farmer

SMITE. JAMES S., (Blooming Va^ey,) r
22, produce desler and favccer 30.

SaaitQ, John F., (Meadv^Ue.) r 67, farmer

Saiich. JohaH., (N^eidvUle,) r 74. fa-mer

Sm"to, Joba T., (Meadvile,) r 68, farmer

SMITH, LABAN, (Blooming Valley,) r
20, auctioneer and farmer 30.

Sm■^h, Peter,(Mef„dville,)r2, farmer leases
o' Julia Eemus 250.

S 3i'th, Reuben A., (Blooming Valley,) r 2S,
farmer 50.

Smith. Robert, (Blooming Valley,) r 18^,
fa mer 70.

Smith, Rafus. (Meadville,) r 67, stock
raiser and farmer 4S0.

Smith, Seth B., (Meadviile,) r 6S, farmer

Smith, S'meon, (Meadviile,) r 25, farmer

Smith, TbeodoreW., (Meadviile,) r63. far-
mer 97.

Smi'h, Thos., (Meadviile.) r 67, farmer 160.

Snyder, Andretv, (Meadviile,) r 72, farmer

Sfyder, Cbas. E., (Blooming Valley,) r 18,
farmer 80.

Speitler, Samuel C, (Meadviile,) r 33,
mechanic and farmer 50.

Stainbrook, Jacob, (Meadviile,) r 75, far-
mer 130.

Stainbrook. Jacob Jr., (Meadviile,) r 82,
farmer 50.

Stein Lawrence. (^Meadvilie,) r 25, farmer

Stephenson. D., (Meadviile,) r 33, car-

Stephenson, John M., (Meadviile,) r 23,

*STITZER, CHAS. L., (MeadviUe ) r 64.

manuf. and dealer in lumber and laih.
Storry, Andrew, (Meadville.j r 74, farmer

Storry, Walter, (Meadviile,) r 74, farmer

Stowe, Wm., (Meadviile,) r 2. lock tende •.

Strouse, Jacob, (Meadviile,) r 61, farmer

Struble. Margaret Mrs., (Meadviile,) r 16,

farmer 95.
Theuret, Joseph, (Mead Corners, ; r 23,

farmer 122.
Thurston, Jeremiah P.. (Mead Corners.)

r 54, farmer works 60 acres owned by

Thurston heii's, and 60 by Mrs. Lydia

C Oaks
THURSTON, SAMUEL S., (Meadviile,)

{ Afoexftner cfe Thurston.)
True, John H.. (Meadviile.) r 33, farmer 'JO.
Uber. Michael, (Meadviile,) r 11, farmer

leases of James Leslie, 175.

VANHOR>i. WM., (Meadviile,) r 10, milk
peddler and farmer leases 40.

Vasieu, Frank, (.Prenchtown,) r 53, farmer
3' I.

viile, ir 13, milk dealers, farmers work
50 owned bv Wm. M. and lease of
Wra. Thorp." 150.

Vaughn. Wm. M.. (Meadviile,) r 13, car-
penter and owns 50.

Vearin, John, tFrenchtown,) r 50. farmer

Wagoner. Francis J., (Mead Corners,) r
27. farmer 50.

Waid, Robert L., (Meadviile,) .• 15, farmer

Walster. Wm.. (Meadviile.) r 67, meat
market on Water Street, butcher' and
farmer leases of Pie-son Church. 165.

Walton, Laura, ^Mead Corners,) r 42, owns

Walton, Merrick B., (Mead Corners, ) r 42,
farmer leases of Laura, 100.

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