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farmer 75. i

Kerr, Robert, (Titusville,) r 16^^, farmer
50. I

Kerr, Robert W., (Titusville,) (with John

(?.,) r 16)^, farmer leases of Robert. 50.

Kerr, Samuel B., (Titusville,) r 10, farmer

KERR, SILAS, (Titusville,) r 12, farmer

KERR, WM., (Titusville,) r 16^^, farmer

Kerr, Wm., (Titusville,) r 41>^, farmer 10').
Kerr, Wm. M., (Titusville.) r 41>^. farmer

30 and leases of Andrew A., 100.
Kerr. Winfield S., (TitusviUe,) r 8, farmer

KIRKOVER. AUGUSTUS J., (Titusville,)

r 31>5, brick manuf.
Klein. Joseph. (Oil Creek,) r 2, manuf. of

oil barrels.

KNAPP, FKANK W., (Titusville,) r 21,
school teacher.

Knapp, Shepard F., (Titusville,) r 21,
lumberman and farmer 200.

Knapp, Timothy, (Titusville,) r 21, farmer

Knight. Hamilton, (Oil Creek,) r 2^, car-

Lane, Wm., (TitusviUe,) r 14, farmer
leases of Edward McDermott, 150.

Langworthy, Seth B., (TitusviUe.) r 10,
farmer 75.

L AVERY, MURTAGH, (TitusvUle,) r 14,
farmer 25.

Lewis. Chas. H., (Titusville.) r 39, farmer.

LEWIS, ROBERT, (TitusviUe,) r 39. far-
mer 100.

Lewis. Wm. W., (Titusville,) r 38, farmer

Lillybridge, George, (TitusviUe,) r 36,

Livergood. Henry, (TitusviUe,) r 19, pat-
tern maker.

Loomis. John, (TitusviUe,) r 6, farmer
leases 212.

LOONEY, JOHN C, (TitusviUe,) r 42^,
farmer 50.

Looney, Robert C, (Oil Creek,) street
commissioner and farmer 16, East

Lougee. Gilman F., (Titusville,) r 30, far-

Lougee. John C, (TitusviUe,) r 30, farmer
leases 125.

Lougee, Stephen, (TitusviUe,) r 30, farmer.

Lougee, Wm. D., (TitusviUe,) r 30, plas-

Mack. Robert, (TitusviUe,) r 38, cooper
and driller.

Madison, Wm., (Oil Creek,) butcher. Main.

MAGUIRE, JAMES S., (TitusvUle.) r 28.
dealer in stock and oil, and farmer

Maguire, John, (TitusviUe,) corner r 14
and 15. farmer 68.

Mars. Benjamin, (Titusville,) r 38, farmer

Mars, Benjamin Sr., (TitusviUe,) r 42, far-
mer 7.

Mars. Benjamin J., (TitusviUe,) r38, black-

MARS. JOSEPH, (TitusviUe,) r 38, black-

Mars, Wm., (TitusviUe,) r 42. farmer 116.

Mars. Wm. A., (Titusville,) r 42, farmer.

Mars, Wm. M., (TitusviUe,) r 38, driUer.



Marsh, "Wm. H., (Oil Creek,) r 44. farmer

Martin, Albert, (Oil Creek,) r 26, farmer 1.

Martin, Chas., (Titusville,) r 29>^, farmer
leases 100.

Martin, Henry M., (Oil Creek,) carpenter,

MARTIN, MICHAEL, M. D., (Oil Creek,) r
26, botanic physician and farmer 50.

Mason, Wm. F.. (Titusville,) r 36, has
charge of City Driving Park.

Mathews, George, (Titusville,) r 38, far-
mer 16.

McCabe, Samuel, (Titusville,) r31X, team-

McCuUough, James, (Oil Creek,) carpet
weaver, Bank.

McCutchem, Wm. B,, (Oil Creek,) painter.

McDermott, Edward, (Titusville,) r 14, far-
mer 150.

McGinnet, Andrew, (Titusville,) r 44, far-
mer 60.

McGinnet, John R., (Titusville,) r 44, far-
mer 70.

McGinnet, Samuel H., (Titusville,) r 38,

Mclntyre, James, (Titusville,) r 16, farmer

McKnight, James, (Oil Creek,) r 2^, far-
mer leases of Nancy, 140.

McKnight, Nancy, (widow of David,) (Oil
Creek,) r 2)4, farmer 140.

McLaughlin, John,(Titusville,)r40, farmer

Medley, Joseph, (Oil Creek,) r 2><^, farmer
leases 75.

Miller, John, (Titusville,) r 28, stock and
milk dealer.

Muir, Daniel, (Titusville,) r 21, oil refiner.

Murray, Arthur, (Oil Creek.) r 25, painter.

Murray, Edwin R., (Oil Creek,) carpenter,

MURRAY, JUGURTHA T., (Oil Creek,) r
.^, lumberman and farmer i;i0.

Myers, Sidney J., (Titusville,; r 38, manuf.
of furniture.

Myres, Jefferson P., (Titusville,) r 38, fore-
man of S. J. Myers' cabinet shop.

NELSON, ALANSON H., (Titusville,) r 12,
farmer 450. /

Newton, Lynn V., (Oil Creek,) post master
and grocer. Bank.

NEWTON, MARVIN, (Oil Creek.) black-
smith and wagon maker. Main.

Oergel. Frederick, (Oil Creek,) cooper,

Park.T, David W., (Oil Creek,) blacksmith.
West Water.

Pasnioore, George, (Oil Creek,) wagon
maker. Main.

Pa8t(iriou8, Wm., (Titusville, ) in charge of
locomotive house and turntablu. West

PASTOUIITS, JOHN. (Titusville.) r 37,
(liiiryiiiiin and farmer LV).

Paul. James E., (Oil Creek,) r 44, Jobber In

Phelp.s. .Milo. (Titusville, ) r 10, farmer 75.

Plll(,l,lI>S. J.\.MKS M.. (Titusville,, r 21,
])iiinter iiiirl fiinuer 5.

PowerM, Edmund L., (Oil Creek,) r 28. far-
mer lea.HeH 22 \.

PowerH. Patrick H.. (Oil Creek,) saw mill,

Proper, James, (Oil Creek,) cooper, Main.

Putman, Edwin A., (Oil Creek,) r l^i far-
mer 50.

Ransom, Justin B. & Walker, (Titusville,)
r 38, milk dealers.

Rasmuson, Chas. A., (Titusville,) r38, cab-
inet maker.

RATHFON, GRIFFITH M., (Titusville,) r
15, farmer.

Rathfon, Joshua B., (Titusville,) r 15, far-
mer leases of Wm. M. Henderson, 170.

Reed, Norris L., (Centerville,) r 2, farmer

Reynolds, George W., (Titusville,) r 19,
farmer leases 3.

Ridgway, Charles, (Oil Creek,) r 2^, farmer

Ridgway. John. (Oil Creek,) prop, of hotel
and farmer 3;:J0.

Ridgway, Peter, (Oil Creek,) lumberman.

Ridgway, Samuel, (Oil Creek,) prop, of
Kidgway House, manuf. of oil barrels
and farmer 181. Main.

Ridgway, Titus, (Oil Creek,) (.^yc?«<fe Ridg-
way.,) county commissioner.

Robinson, Wm., (Titusville,) r30, butcher.

Rockwell, , (Oil Creek,) billiard


Rogers, Reuben, (Oil Creek,) foreman and
agent of Chas. Hyde's saw mill.

Root, Andrew K., (Titusville,) r 42, farmer

Root, Immer, (Titusville,) r 42, farmer 60.

Ross, Esther, (widow of Levi,) (Oil Creek,)
r2k, farmer 50.

Ross, Noah, (Oil Creek.) r2>^, farmer 100.

Ruland, Eliphas J., (Titusville,) r 30, car-

Ruland, Ira S., (Titusville,) r 30, machinist.

Ruot, Joseph, (Oil Creek,) quarryman.

Sanford, Giles, (Oil Creek.) foreman of C.
Hyde's sash factory and tax collector,

Scott, Thaddeus B., (Titusville,) r 32, car-

Sealy, Abraham, (Oil Creek,) r 2>^, cooper.

Sealy, Dayton, (Oil Creek,) cooper and
farmer 50.

Sealy, Nelson, (Oil Creek,) r2>^, farmer 10
and leases of Dewitt C. Bennett, 120.

Shelinadine, John. (Titusville,) r 8, lum-
berman and farmer 190.

Slayton, Cary A., (Titusville.) r 5, farmer

Sliter, Andrew N.. (Oil Creek.) r 4, farmer
works on shares, ^'i.

Sliter. James D., (Oil Creek.) r 4. carpen-
ter and farmer leases 48.

Sloan. Jamea C, (Titusville,) r 14, farmer

SLOAN. JAMES L., (Titusville,) r 14. far-
mer «>5.

Sloun. John. (Titusville,^ r 14. farmer 200.

SLOAN, JOSEPH L, (TituHville.) r 14.
carnenter and farmer 50.

Sloun, Slarguret, (wiih)W of Geo.,)(Titu8-
vllle. I r I.'), farmer 7.

Sloan. Patrick K., (Titusville. I r 14, far-
mer (*).

Sloan, Wm. A.. (Titusville.) r 14.

Smith, WilH-.n 8.. (Titu-vllle.) foremaD In
oil rellnery. Wt'st Spring.



SOUTHWIOK, HEMAN, (Titusville,) r

24, farmer 70.
Southwick, James W., (Titusville,) r 24,

farmer 33.
Southwick, Marvin, (Oil Creek,) r 23, far-
mer 1.
Spaulding. David, (Oil Creek,) carpenter,

Spaulding, Sidney, (Oil Creek.) ticket

agent and telegraph operator for O.

C. & A. R. R.. Bank.
Starkweather. Chancy W., (Oil Creek,) r

26, cigar maker.
Stater, John, (Titusville.) r 7. farmer 125.
StClair, Archibald, (Titusville,) r 42, far-
mer 50.
Stokes, Robert, fOil Creek,) r43, teamster.
Stone, James, (Titusville,) r 36. ice peddler.
Stutson & Davis, (Oil Creek,) {Spicer S.

Stidiion and Asa Davis,) blacksmiths.

Stutson, Spicer S., (Oil Creek.) {Stutaon &

Sutton, Robert K., (Oil Creek.) contractor.

Swift, rienry G., (Oil Creek,) carpenter.

Swogger, Wm. H., (Titusville.) r 42. mason.
Thomas, Rowland C, (Oil Creek,) r 26,

Thompson, John C, (Titusville,) r 40,

Thompson, JohnW.. (Titusville, )r 21, miller

and farmer leases of Thompson heirs,

Tillson. Stephen F., (TitusviUe,) r32, oil

Titus, John G., (Oil CreeK.) burgess and

dealer in groceries and provisions.

Titus, Warren, (Oil Creek,) r 25, team-
ville,) Julius Daub, superintendent,

near west line of city.
TUBES, DANIEL H., (Titusville,) r 12,

carpenter and joiner.
Tubbs, David P., (Titusville,) r 30, farmer

Ulrich, Frederick J., (Titusville,) {F. J.

Ulrich & Co.)
Ulrich, F. J. & Co., (Titusville,) {Frederick

J. Ulrwh and Wm. F. Earnest,) r 36, ice

Vanderworker, Wm. L., (Titusville.) r 38,

farmer leases of Adam Kerr, 20.
Vosburgh, Simon, (Titusville.) r hy^, far-
mer leases of Jeremiah Vosburgh, 80.
Wakefield, Thomas S., (Titusville,) r 42,


WALDIE, ALEXANDER, (Titusville,)
( Waldie Bros.)

( Waldie Bros )

*WALDIE BROS., (Titusville,) {Al&xander
and Archibald,) T Sl}£, gardeners and

Waring, Isaac S., (Oil Creek,) oil producer.

Waring, Sheldon D., (Oil Creek,) machin-
ist, Main.

Webber, Jacob, (Oil Creek,) r 25, cooper
and farmer leases 200.

Weed, Isaac, (TitusviUe,) r 32, farmer

Weed, James A., (Oil Creek,) farmer leases
200. Main.

Wheeler. Edwin R., (TitusviUe,) r 31, car-

Whitford. Hiram H., (TitusvUle,) r 12, far-
mer 63.

Whitford, Joseph S., (TitusviUe,) r 12, far-
mer 50.

Whitford, SUas C, (TitusviUe,) r 12, farmer

WHITON, MADISON M., (Oil Creek,) r 53,

WiUiius, Thomas J.. (TitusviUe,) r 27, far-
mer leases of Mary J. Curry, 75.

Wilkison, Wm., (Oil Creek,) oil producer.

WiUiams, Alfred P., (TituavUle,) r 35, far-
mer 70.

WiUiams. Thomas, (Oil Creek,) carpenter,

Willmerth, Daniel, (TitusviUe,) r 20, whip

Wilson, John, (TitusviUe,) r 38, farmer 90.

Wilson, Peter, (TitusvUle,) oil refiner.
West Spring.

Wither. Thomas, (Oil Creek,) carpenter,

Witherop. Alexander, (Oil Creek,) far-
mer. Walnut.

WORDEN, LEWIS G., (OU Creek.) lumber-
man, president of School Board and
farmer 120, Bank.

Worden, Orzelia Miss, (Oil Creek,) mil-
liner. Main.

Wright, Philo, (TitusviUe,) r 32, black-

Wyans, Lovina Miss, (Oil Creek,) milliner,

YOUNG, ISAAC, (OU Creek.) r 24)^, far-
mer leases of Lewis G. Worden, 120.

Young. Otis, (TitusviUe,) groceries and
provisions. West Spring.

Young. Wm. M., (TitusviUe,) r32, carriage



(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation.— The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road^ and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map. in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

Alden, E. M. Rev., (Lineville Station,) pas-
tor Baptist Church, Chestnut.

Allen, Joseph B., (Lineville Station,) car-
penter, Erie St.

Allen, Maria, (Lineville Station,) farmer
50, Erie St.

ARNOLD, MILO A., rLineville Station,)
prop, billiard room and livery, Erie

Baldwin, Henry, (Lineville Station,) r 1>^,
farmer leases of Joseph, 80.

Baldwin, Joseph, (Lineville Station,) rl>^,
farmer 80.

Barber, Morgan, (Lineville Station,) far-
mer 2, Penn.

Beardsley. Hiram, (Lineville Station,) r 6,

Bishop, Isaac L., (Lineville Station,)
jeweler and agent Singer Sewing
Machines, Erie St.

Bishop, Moses, (Lineville Station,) justice
of the peace and gunsmith, Erie St.

Bishop, Rufus, (Lineville Station,) r 13,
farmer 95.

Bishop, Silas C, (Lineville Station,) r 4,
auditor and farmer 50.

BOWMAN. JAMES D., (Lineville Station,)
(./. D. liouT/ian A C'o.,) attorney at law,
Erie St.

BOWMAN, J. D. & CO., (Lineville Sta-
tion,) (tA/t»e« /J. Bowman ami Bradley
T. Gauyh,) dealers in foreign and
domestic dry goods, groceriew. yaukee
notions, boots, shoes Ac, Erin St.

Bright, Dillon P., (Lineville Station, > r 4,
shoe maker.

Britton. Darius, (Lineville Station,) oar-
iiHnter, Conneaut St.

BRriTON. JAME.S N.. (Lineville Station,)
<-art)enter audjoiuer, Mercer.

BROOKS, ASA, (Llnovillo Station,) oar-

/ ponter and joiner, fiercer.

Brooks, Benj., (Lineville Station,) carpen-

Brookrt. HoHPa B.. (Lineville Station,) car-
pi'nt»<r, Morcer.

Browu, Anizl, (Lineville Station.) (. 4. A C.
A. Broun.)

Brown, A. A C. A., (Lineville Station,)
(Aoisi iiu'l ChdM. A.,) furniture dealerH
and undertakers. Krlo Kt.

Brown, Chan A, (Lineville Station,) (yl.
tt O. A. Bruicti.)

I Brown, David, (Lineville Station,) r 11,

I farmer 60.

Brown, Wm. E., (Lineville Station,) har-
ness dealer, assessor and borough
clerk, Erie St.

BUNDAY, SYLVESTER E., (Lineville Sta-
tion,) manuf. lumber, sash, blinds,
doors and lath^ and farmer 98, Water.

Bundy, Levi S., (Lineville Station,; r 12,
farmer 40.

Bunnell, Aaron W., (Lineville Station,)
patentee of mop and wringer com-
bined, and farmer, Mercer.

Bunnell, Samuel, (Lineville Station,) far-
mer 250, Erie St.

Burns, John, (Lineville Station,) r 9, far-
mer 12.

Burt, Orris A., (Lineville Station,) r 2,
runs saw mill on shares and farmer 25.

BURT, WM. C, (Lineville Station,) r 2,
school director, manuf. and dealer in
lumber, and farmer 115.

Campbell, Walter W., (Lineville Station,)
drugs, books, stationery, wall paper,
paints, oils, glass &c., Erie St.

Clark, Dan G., (Lineville Station,) r 1, far-
mer 50.

(Lineville Station,) r 1)^,

(LinevUle Station,) r 16,
(Lineville Station,) r 14,
(Lineville Station,) tree

(Lineville St8tIon,>
merchandise, Erie

Clark, Lewis N.

farmer 72.
Clark, Lyman,

farmer 90.
Colomy. John,

farmer 37.
Conover, D. E.

agent, Erie St.

dealer In general

CRAM, ORVILLE H., (Lineville Station,)

carj)entor an<l joiner, corner Mercer

and .Mill.

CROCKETT, JAMES A., (Lineville Sta-
tion.) (./. .^. tfc H' R Croi'kett.)

CROCKETT. J. A. a, M.. (Lineville

Station.) {JamM A. ui, I'vi. fi.,)
wliolesnle dealers in country p -f' \:cQ
and props, livery and sale stable.

CR()('KETT, WM. B.. (Lineville Station,)
(./. .^. ,(• \y. li. Crockett. \

Culver. James H., (Lineville Station,) r 1,
farmer 'M.

I I.




Cunningham, Wm. A., (Lineville Station,)
carpenter, Mercer.

Davis, Wm. J., (Lineville Station, > r 4,
agent Hubbard Mower, machinist and
farmer 113.

Dennis, Alanson T., (Lineville Station,) r
1, lumberer and farmer leases of Mor-
gan Mattocks, 24.

Dennis, Christopher C, (Lineville Station,)
r 4, farmer 3 i.

DENNIS, SYLVANUS P., (Lineville Sta-
tion,) r 1, farmer 88 and leases of Mor-
gan Mattocks, 24.

DENNIS, WM. E., (Lineville Station,) r 4,
lumber dealer and farmer 150.

Dudley, Wm., (Lineville Station,) r 13, far-
mer 51).

DUNN, CHAS. A., (LineviUe Station,)
mason. Church.

Fenner, M. L., (Lineville Station,) tinner
and farmer 250, Erie St.

Fisk, Bryant H., (LineviUe Station,) fruit
tree agent, Erie St.

Ford, A. L., (Lineville Station,) farmer
213^, Mercer.

FORD, GEO., (Lineville Station,) manuf.
and dealer in lumber, lath and
shingles, school director and farmer

Foulke, Chas. W. Rev., (Lineville Station,)
pastor M. E. Church, Erie St.

Foust, Geo. W., (Lineville Station,) prop.
Foust House, Erie St.

Foust, Hiram, (Lineville Station,) black-
smith, Erie St. •

Frey. Jacob, (Lineville Station,) r 4, super-
visor and farmer 200.

Gardner, Geo. M. P., (Lineville Station,)
carpenter, Erie St.

GARNER, JOSEPH H.. (Lineville Station,)
r 12, school director and farmer 100.

Garwood, James, (Lineville Station,) r 14,
farmer 21.

GAUGH, BRADLEY T., (Lineville Sta-
tion,) {J. D. Bowman <& Co.)

Gaugh, John G., (Lineville Station, )grocery
and restaurant, Erie St.

Gehr, Adam, (Lineville Station,) r 12, far-
mer 53.

Gehr, David F., (Lineville Station,) r 12,
farmer 21.

Gehr, Foster, (Lineville Station,) real
estate agent, Penn.

Gehr, Louisa, (Lineville Station,) r 13,
owns 6.

Gilliland. Amos L., (Lineville Station,)
blacksmith, Mercer.

tion,) manuf. and dealer in light and
heavy harnesses, Erie St.

GILLILAND, HENRY M., (Lineville Sta-
tion,) carpenter and joiner, and music
teacher, Penn.

Gilliland. Jesse, (Lineville Station,) far-
mer 80, Erie St.

Gleason. Henry H., (Lineville Station,) r
10. farmer 93.

GLEN, THOS., (Lineville Station,) r 15,
farmer 400.

Graff, Abraham H., (Lineville Station,)
shoe maker, Erie St.

Graham, Edward S., (Lineville Station,)
carpenter and machinist, Church.

Graham, Geo., (Lineville Station,) r 5,

school director and farmer 60.
Graham, James T.. (Lineville Station,) r 5,

Ivimberer and farmer 34.
Hayden, Theresa, (Tamarac,)r 14, owns 30.
Hendrick, Otis M., (Lineville Station,) r

12, supervisor and farmer 55.
Hillman, Jacob B., (Lineville Station.) r 6,

agent Wood Mower, stock dealer and

farmer 70.
HUGHES, GEORGE S., (Lineville Station,)

{Hughes & Sons.)
HUGHES, HENRY W., (LinevUle Station,)

{Hughes & Sons.)

HUGHES & SONS, (Lineville Station,)
{Wm. Z>., Henry W. and George S.,)
dealers in dry goods, clothing, hats,
caps, boots, shoes, groceries, notions,
crockery &c., Erie St.

HUGHES, WM. D., (Lineville Station,)
{Hughes <fc Sons,) farmer 75.

Irons, Bradford O., (Lineville Station,) oil
dealer, Mercer.

Irons, James R., (Lineville Station,) r 9,
building mover.

Johnson, Lorenzo D.. (Lineville Station.)
photographer, dealer in frames, mold-
ings, albums &c., and school director,
Erie St

Eavenos, James, (Lineville Station,) r 13,
farmer 10.

Kendrick, Myron A., (Lineville Station,)
r 10, town clerk and farmer 105.

KNAPP, ALBERT E., (Lineville Station,)

r 16, farmer 10.
KNAPP, NATHAN, (Lineville Station,) r

16, manuf. and dealer in shingles and

farmer 200.
Ladner, Amanda, (Lineville Station,) r 13,

owns 27.
Ladner, James B., (Lineville Station,) r 11,

farmer 127.
Ladner, John V., (Lineville Station,) r 9,

farmer 65.
Ladner, Theo. P., (Lineville Station,) r 9,

farmer 50.
Lawrence, Obed, (Lineville Station,)

peddler, Erie St.
Lawrence, Violetta J., (Lineville Station,)

dress maker, Erie St.

LINE, HENRY V., (Lineville Station,) (H.

V. Line & Co.,) surveyor and farmer

LINE. H. V. & CO., (LineviUe Station,)

{Henry V. Line and Andrew Piatt.

Cleveland, 0.,) flour and feed, Erie

Line, Smith, (Lineville Station,) retired

miller, Erie St.
Lisk, Dan, (LineviUe Station,) carpenter,

wagon maker and farmer 44y, Erie

Lisk, Simeon W., (Lineville Station."*

dealer in botanic medicine, Erie

Litwilder, Benj., (Tamarac,) r 14, farmer

Loudon, Ira M,, (LinevUle Station.) car-
penter and constable, Church.
Lowry. Robert B., (LineviUe Station,) tree

dealer, Erie St.
Madison, Benj., (Lineville Station.) dealer

in keg hoops and farmer 93, Pine.

GOETOHIUS, West Spring St., Titusville, Pa,


205 1

Mccormick, WM., (LineviUe station,)
agent Domestic Sewing Machine, Erie

McE-wan, John. (LineviUe Station.) tailor,
Erie St.

McKINNEY, CHAS., (LineviUe Station,)
mechanic. Conneaut St.

McKinney. Elizabeth. Mary A. & Frances,
(LineviUe Station.) r 7, own 50.

McKinney. John Sen, (LineviUe Station,) r
7. farmer .50.

McKinney. Nathan, (LineviUe Station,) far-
mer 12, Erie St.

McKinney, Samuel, (LineviUe Station,) r 7,
farmer 62.

McKinney, Wm., (Lineville Station,) r 7,
farmer 50.

Meeker, Smith, (LineviUe Station,) r 2, far-
mer 3;i

MILLER, ALVIN. CLineville Station,) coal
dealer, blacksmith, burgess and
school director. Erie St.

Miller, Harmon, (Lineville Station,) en-
gineer on E. & P. R. R., Erie St.

MILLER, ROBERT P., (Lineville Station.)
attorney and counselor at law and
owns 50 acres. Erie St.

tion.) {Strntton cfe 3liller.)

MILLER, VARNUM P., (LinevUle Sta-
tion,) engineer on E. & P. R. R., Erie

MINNELEY. CHAS. C, (Lineville Station,)
manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes,
leather and findings, post master and
Union Express agent, Erie St.

Minneley, John S., (LineviUe Station,) r4,
farmer 20.

MOON, ORRIS, (Lineville Station,) r 6,
supervisor and farmer 100.

Morrow. Mathew. (LineviUe Station,)
house painter. Mercer.

NARAMORE, MARTIN B. Dr., (Lineville
Station,) dentist and borough council-
man, Erie St.

Oat.s. Wm. H., (Lineville Station,) r 13, far-
mer -il.

Odell. Lewis C. (Tamarac.) r 14, farmer
40 and works 30 owned by Theresa

Parker. Hiram F., (LineviUe Station,) r 12,
agricii)tural implements, pumps and

Peck, Geo. H., (Lineville Station,) r 4, far-
mer leases of Newton. .W.

Penniman. Chas. & Wm.. (Lineville Sta-
tion.) farmers lease of Oleun heirs, (iU,

Phelps, Joseph B., (LineviUe Station,)
teamster and farmer. FrankUn.

Philips. David A., ( Lineville Station,) phy-
Hii'ifiii, Mercer.

Pitts. Lo.sttT C, (LineviUe Station.) car-
riage maker, painter and trimmer,
Erie St.

Powers. David. (Lineville Station.) fanner
37. Ch»>Htiiut.

PROUTY. ELIJAH H.,(Linevill« Station.)
r 13, fiiriner H.

RalflLfh. JanieB K., (LineviUe Station.)
nt/itii)ii aj{t<nt and telegraph i)pfratt)r,

RANKIN. (fEO. T.. M. D., (LineviUe Sta-
tion,) physician A lurgeun, MercorSt.

Rea, Alfred C, (Lineville Station.) r 4.
school director, farmer 25 and leases
Rea, John D., (Lineville Station.) r 5,

farmer 25.
Reynolds. John, (Lineville Station,) r 1,

farmer 15.
Robison. Geo.. (Lineville Station,) r 6, far-
mer leases of Joseph. 50.
Robison. Joseph, (Lineville Station,) r 12,

farmer 91.
tion.) dealer in provisions and gro-
ceries, Erie St.
Rodemoyer, Peter, (Lineville Station,)

shoe maker, owns 51. Erie St.
Sabin. Larkin. (Lineville Station,) basket

maker, Penn.
Seelie, Wm. E., (Lineville Station.) r 12,
town treasurer, school director and
farmer 71.
Sheakley, Hiram. (Lineville Station,)

blacksmith, Mercer.
Sheakley, R. E. Mrs., (Lineville Station.)

milliner, Mercer.
SIGLER, DAYTON, (LineviUe Station.)
insurance agent at 131 Water St.,
Meadville. Penn.
SIGLER, GEO. D., (LineviUe Station.)
agent Elias Howe Sewing Machine,
Erie St.
Smith. Andrew J., (Lineville Station,) car-
penter. Mercer,
Smith, Harmon, (Lineville Station,) r 13,

farmer 24.
Sprague. Ethan, (Lineville Station,) prop.

Reed House, Erie St.
STADTER. GEO. J., (LinevUle Station.)
merchant tailor and dealer in hats,
caps and gents' furnishing goods,
Erie St.
STRATTON & MILLER. (Lineville Sta-
tion.) iShubael C.Stratton ami i<i/l>-e-Kter
A. yfiUer,) general merchants, Erie St.
tion. ) iStraiton <f- ^fiUer•. »
Talcott, Heman, (Lineville Station.* hard-
ware, tinware &c., borough council-
man, Erie St.
Terrill. Levi, (Lineville Station.) farmer

works 12x owned by Cordelia. Pine.
THAYER, CHAS. F., (LineviUe Station,)

builder, Mercer.
Thayer, Daniel C. (Lineville Station,) r 15,

collector and farmer 300.
Tyler, Levi S.. (LineviUe Station,) drugs.

books and stationery, Erie St.
Van Winkle, Wm., (LineviUe Station,) r 7,
farmer 72.

tion,) 8h«)e maker. Mercer.

Waid Bros., (Lineville Station.) (t/oAn and
Wm. /I.,) meat dealers. Erie St.

Waid, John, (LineviUe Station,) ( Waid

Waid. Wm. A., (Lineville Station.) ( »r«irf

Wallace, James. (LineviUe Station. 1 r S.
Haw anil shliiele nilll.'<. and fanner 50.

WUc.'X. Niincy .Mrs., (Lineville Station,)
dreHH maker, Erie St.

WISKK. NATHANIEL (} , (Lineville Sta-
tion,) r <i. earjienterand joiner, justice
of the peace and farmer 129.



Woods. Patrick, (Lineville Station,) far- 1 Young. Harmon, (Lineville Station,) r 11,
mer 10, Chestnut. I basket maker.


(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation. — The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road^ and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the village.

Achenoz, Chas., (Black Ash,) r 50, farmer

ALLEN, ROBERT B., (Sugar Lake,) r 59,
farmer 88.

Archibald, James D., (Randolph,) black-
smith, Hickory Corners.

Ashley, Carl D., (Guys Mills,) physician,
owns 82.

BAILEY, RANSAELON J., (Black Ash,) r
44V. farmer 50.


BANDLEY, FRANK J., (Townville,) r 11,
farmer 38.

BANISTER, DANIEL W., (Guys Mills,) r

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