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•^iy., farmer 100.

Banister, Wm., (Guys Mills,) r 42, farmer

Barber, Frank, (Black Ash,) r 49, farmer

Barber, Joseph, (Black Ash,) r 49, farmer

Barlow, Joshua L., (Guys Mills,) r 8, far-
mer 58.

Mills,;* r 20, farmer 28.

Barton, Isaac, (Townville,) r 12, farmer 32.

Barton, Lorenzo D., (Townville.) r 12, far-
mer leases of James Smith, Mead-
ville, 55.

Beeman, Gideon H., (Guys Mills,) r 31,
wagon maker.

Bentley. Augustus, (Sugar Lake,) r 57,
farmer 81.

Bentley, Edwin, (Randolph,) r 22, farmer

stock dealer and> farmer 200.

BERLIN, ISAAC, (Chapinville,) r 45^,

Besonson, Frank, (Frenchtown,) r 26, far-
mer 33.

Birchard, Virgil G., (Guys Mills,) r 12, far-
mer 100.

Birchfleld, Hannah, (Townville,) r 12, far-
mer 60.

r 37, carpenter and joiner.

Blanchard, John F., (Guys Mills,) r 17,
carpenter and farmer 30.

Bogordis, John W., (Black Ash,) r 48, far-
mer 80.

Bogordis, Mark, (Black Ash,) r 46, farmer

Bogordis, Nicholas, (Black Ash,) r 46, far-
mer 70.

Bogordis, Peter, (Black Ash,) r 46, farmer

46, farmer 38.

BONNOT, AUGUSTUS, (Frenchtown,) r
22, prop, buggy and machinery repair
shop, and agent for all kinds of far-
mers' machinery.

Borne, Chas., (Guys Mills,) r 41, farmer

Boyd, Martin, (Sugar Lake,) r 60, brick
layer and farmer 70.

Brandon, John W., (Guys Mills,) r44>^,
farmer 1.50.

Brawley, Jackson, (Sugar Lake,) r 62, far-
mer 77.

BRAWLEY, JAMES, (Sugar Lake,) r 58,

BRAWLEY, JOHN W., (Frenchtown,) r 61,

farmer 50.
Braymer, David W., (Blooming Valley,) r

25. farmer 50.
Braymer, Jacob, (Blooming Valley,) r 25,

farmer 50.
Breno, Geo., (Guys Mills,) r 30, farmer

Breno, John. (Guys Mills,) r 30, farmer 100.
Brenot, Justin, (Frenchtown,) r 35, farmer

Brenot, Lewis, (Frenchtown,) r 29, farmer

Brenox, Frederick, (Randolph,) r 1, farmer

Briggs, Alex., (Guys Mills,) r 42, farmer

Briggs, Wm., (Black Ash,) r 46, farmer 10.



Britton, Allen T., (Guys Mills, )r 40, farmer

Brocki John L., (Guys Mills,) r 19, carpen-
ter and farmer 26.
Brown, Jo8eph,(Frenchtown,) r 51, farmer

leases of Francis Polly's heirs, RO.
Brown, Nathan,(Sugar Lake,) r 56, farmer

Brown, Paul, (Frenchtown,) r 28, farmer

Bull, Horace W., (Guys Mills,) r 19, farmer

BURCHARD, CHAS. A., (Chapinville,) r

45>^, farmer 156.
Bushaw, John B., (Mead Corners,) r 15,

saw mill.
BYHAM. EDWIN, (Guys Mills,) r 52, far-
mer 60.
BYH.\M, JOSEPH S., (Guys Mills,) r 52,

farmer 75.
BYHAM. SMITH, (Sugar Lake,) r 51, far-
mer 90.
Byham. Sylvester J., (Guys Mills,) r 42>^,

farmer 75.
Cady, Levi, (Randolph.) r 4, farmer 75.
Carpenter, Ezra, (Townville,) r 12, farmer

Carpenter, James D., (Black Ka\){Dickaon

jfe Carpenter.)
Carpenter. Parley, (Guys Mills,) r 14, saw

mill and farmer 100.

Mills.) r32, seed dealer and cultivator.
Carpenter, Welcome A., (Guys Mills.) r 14,

farmer 170.
Carr. Hiram. (Guys Mills.) r4.3, farmer 40.
CARRIER, ALEX. H.. (Guys Mills,) r 17,

farmer leases of Alex., 100.
Carroll, Wm. H.. (Guys Mills,) r 14, teacher

and farmer 75.
CHAFEE. JOHN I., (Black Ash,^ r 46, car-
penter and joiner, and fanner 25.
Chapins, Minerva Mrs., (Guys Mills,) r 36,

farmer 112.
Charlow, Jacob, (Guys Mills,) r 39, farmer

CHARLOW, JOHN, (Guys Mills.) r 39.
Childa. Augustus, (Townville,) r 12, farmer

Childs, Isaac, (Townville,) r 12, farmer 68.
Chofel. John C, (Frenchtown.) r 62, shoe

maker and farmer 32.
Clark, Stephen, (Guys Mills,) r 36, fanner

Close. Joseph, (Frenchtown,) r 26, farmer

CLOSE. PAUL. (Frenchtown,) r 28, farmer

IcMises of Jortoph. 165.
Coburn, Eseck L., (Townville,) r 12, farmer

Coburn, Harvey M., (Townville,) r 12, far-
mer <>5.
Coburn, Nelson, (Guys Mills,) r 42, farmer

Coburn. Wm. G., (Quya Mills,) r 31, mason

and fanner 75.
Cole. Aiidrww, iDlooming Valley,) r2^l, far-

n)<T 26.
CollinH. John W., (Townville,) r 10, farmer

COrUTNEY. STKPHKN, (Sugar Lftki<,) r

58, prop. Courtney House ami farmer


Courtney, Thomas J., (Guys Mills,) r 40,

farmer leases 62.
Cowel, Horace P., (Black Ash,) r 44j^, car-
Coy. Geo., (Randolph,) r 24, farmer 63.
CROUCH, DELOS M., (Randolph,) r 4, far-
mer 100,
Curtiss, Adrian N., (Guys Mills,) r 32, far-
mer 135.
Carty, Augustus, (Frenchtown,) r 60, far-
mer 60.
Cutler Bros., (Guys Mills,) (Chat. W. arid

Dudley S.,) general merchants.
Cutler, Chas. W., (Guys MiUs,) {Cutler

Bros.,) post master.
Cutler, Dudley S., (Guys Mills,) (Cutler

Cutshall, Geo. W., (Randolph,) r 4, farmer

Cutshall, Hydrick M., (Guys Mills,) r 14,

farmer 138.
Cutshall, Philip C, (Randolph,) r 5, farmer

CUTSHALL, PHILIP M.. (Randolph,) r 8,

teacher and farmer 100.
Dailv, Joel M., (Black Ash,) r44)^, farmer

Daniels, Marcus, (Sugar Lake,) r51, black-
Daniels, S. T., (Sugar Lake,) r 55, farmer

DAVISON, LOREN, (Guys Mills,) r 23, far-
mer 55.
DAVISON, LYMAN T., (Guys Mills,) r 22,

farmer 60.
Davison, Nathaniel, (Randolph,) r 22, far-
mer 52.
Davison, Nathaniel W., (Bandolph,) r 22,
farmer 32 and leases of Nathaniel. 52.
Davison, Wm., (Randolph,) r 2;i, farmer

Dee, Robert, (Guys Mills,) r44X, farmer

DeHart, John, (Black Ash,) r44X, cooper

and farmer '^i.
DeHart, Wm. H., (Black Ash,) r 44j^, far-
mer 67.

44, farmer 100.
Demaison. Sylvester, (Sugar Lake,) r 52,

farmer 9^1
Demion, Eugene, (Sugar Lake.) r51, far-
mer 50.
DeWolf, Austin, (Black Ash,) r45. farmer

{Jiklicard IHi'kxou und JmnfM l>.t'iirjien-
ter,) r 44>j, niunufs. and dealer.s in
lumber and lath.
DICKSON. EDWARD, (Black Ash.) (PjViJ -
«<>u ,(' Carpenter,) r 44 >4, justice of the
Douhft, (tilbtTt. (Frenchtown.) r 62, far-

UKT llMlSl'S 75.

DOUHKT, JOSEPH, (Frenchtown.) r H-.',

fftrnicr l.'l.
DUC'H.VNOYS. CHAS., (Guys MHIh.) r 15,

Duclmiioy«, Fred., (Guys Mills,) r 58, far-

ni»'r 42.
Ellison. Allen K.. (Guys Mills,) rS, farmer

1 J5.
Fairlxmk. Rollln. (Black Ash.) r 46, post

niiiHter and farmer 45.



Faunce, Jediithan L., (Guys Mills,) r 42,
farmer 50.

FERGUSON, L. M. Mrs., (Randolph,) {Mrs.
L. M. Ferguson & Co.,) post mistress.

FERGUSON, L. M. Mrs. & CO., (Randolph.)
(J/rs. M. n. Ifaight.) dealers in general
merchandise. Hickory Corners.

Fitch. Eliakim Reed, (Guys Mills,) r 42,
farmer 75.

Fitch, Simeon O , (Guys Mills,) r 42, far-
mer 50.

Flemming, Geo. W., (Guys Mills,) r 19, far-
mer 100.

Gage, Albert, (Guys Mills,) r 37, shoe

Gage. Jesse, (Guys Mills,) r 42, farmer 60.

Gandeo, Geo., (Black Ash,) r 49, farmer

Gandillot, John D., (Frenchtown,) r 62.
farmer 32 and leases of Mrs. J. P., 82.

Gerard, Edward F., (Townville,) r 12, far-
mer 50.

Gibbens, Aaron, (Guys Mills,) r 63, farmer

Gilbert, Arnold. (Guys Mills,) r 42, farmer

Gilbert, Moses, (Guya Mills,) r 42, farmer

Gilbert, Moses N., (Guys Mills,) r 15, far-
mer 120.

Gilbert. Newell, (Guys Mills,) {Warren
Gilbert & Sons.)

Gilbert, Theodore, (Guys Mills,) ( Warreii
Gilbert cfe So?is.)

Gilbert, Warren & Sons, (Guys Mills,)
(Xeicell and Theodore,) r 15, manufs.
cheese and farmers 280.

Gillaspie, Joseph. (Black Ash.) r 45. farmer

59 and works 50 owned by R. Gillaspie's

Graham, David, (Sugar Lake,) r 55, shoe

GRIGGS, ALBERT N., (Randolph,) r 24,

farmer 1(W.
GRIGGS. EDWIN D., (Blooming Valley,)

r 25, farmer 95.
Griggs. Judson, (Randolph,) r 2, farmer 85.
Griggs, Sarah Miss, (Randolph,) r 24, owns

Grosclude, John B., (Frenchtown,) r 29,

farmer 44.
Guenon, Julius. (Sugar Lake.) r 61. farmer

60 and leases of James Daniels, 145.
GUY, AUGUSTUS, (Guys Mills,) prop.

Guy House and farmer 50.
Guy, Franklin, (Randolph,) r 22, farmer 50.

HAIGHT, M. H. Mrs., (Randolph,) (J/r«.

L. M. Ferguson & Co.)
Hall. Adolphus M., (Guys Mills,) {D. T.

Hall (ft Sons.)
Hall. David T., (GuysMiUs,) (Z>. T. Hall &

Hall, D. T. & Sons, (GuysMiUs,) {David T.,

Adolphus M. and Homer D.,) general

TH t* r O llJl D f" s

HALL, ELIJAH J., (Black Ash,) r 49, meat

dealer and farmer 25.
Hall, Homer D., (Guys Mills,) {D. T. Hall

<& Soils.)
HALL. IRAR., (Randolph,) cheese manuf.

and farmer 105, Hickory Corners.
Hall, James A., (Guys Mills.) r 34, farmer


Hall. Leonard, (Randolph.) farmer 14.
Hickory Corners. i

HALL. MERIT W., (Guys MiUs,) r 31, far-
mer 82.

Hall, Samuel. (Guys Mills,) r 34, farmer 22.

Hanks, Andrew J., (Guys Mills,) r 42,
manuf. shingles and farmer 8(3.

Hanks, David L., (Guys Mills,; r 34, farmer

Hanks, James W., (Guys Mills,) r 22, far-
mer 87.

Harroun, Russel L., (Randolph,) r 6,
manuf. lumber and wooden bowls.

Haskins, Geo., (Guys Mills,) r 63, farmer

Hatch, Calvin. (Randolph,) r 22, farmer 60.

Hatch, Calvin 2d, (Randolph,) r 22, farmer

Hatch. Catharine, (Black Ash,) r 46, far-
mer 30.

Hatch, Hiram E., (Guys Mills,) r 34, car-

Hatch. Moses W., (Randolph,) r 22, farmer
leases of Calvin, 60.

Hays. John, (Sugar Lake,) r 55, general
merchant and farmer 80.

Heth. Henry F., (Guys Mills,) r 30, farmer

Hithcock, Truman, (Guys Mills,) r30, far-
mer 30.

Holmes, Daniel V., (Guys Mills,) r 14, far-
mer 50.

Holmes, Walter, (Guys Mills,) r 19, dealer
in eave troughs and farmer .50.

HOTCHKISS, JOHN, (Guys Mills,) r 40,
farmer 150.

Hotchkiss, Luke, (Guys Mills,) farmer 80.

Housknecht, Neal M., (Black Ash,) r'45,
farmer 100.

Hovey, John K., (Townville,) r 12, farmer

HOWARD, WARREN S., (Guys Mills,) r
39. farmer 30.

HUGUENIN, JULES, (Frenchtown.) r 62,
farmer 56.


22, farmer 155.
Hunt, Horace,(Guys MiUs,) r 15, farmer 30.
Hunt, Ira E.. (Guys MiUs.) r 15, farmer 45.
Hunter, John K., '(Guys Mills,) r 14, farmer

Hyde, Wm. A., (Guys MiUs,) r 14, farmer

Jackard. Augustus, (Sugar Lake,) r 62,

farmer 180.
Jacklet, Paul. (Sugar Lake,) r 60, farmer

Jacklet, Polite, (Sugar Lake,) r 60, farmer

JEAMEY, FRANK, (Frenchtown,) r 42i^,

farmer 120.
Jijojne, Joseph, (Frenchtown,) r 62, far-
mer 4.
Johnson, Henry, (Sugar Lake,) r 51, far-
mer 85.
Johnson. Mead H., (Sugar Lake,) r 60,

stock dealer and farmer 98.
Johnson, Wilberforce, (Guys MiUs,) r 32,

farmer 60.
Jones. Ira M. & James O., (Guys Mills,) r

63, farmers lease of David Jones'

heirs, 263.
Keep. Archibald W., (Guys Mills,) r 22,

farmer 40.



KEEP, DAVID S., (Guys Mills,) r 22, far-
mer 97}^.
Keep, Matthew, (Guys Mills,) r 19, farmer

Kelev, George, (Randolph,) r 24, farmer

Kightlinger, Andrew, (Black Ash,) r44X,

farmer 60.
LEMON, GEO., (Blooming Valley,) r 85,

farmer 50.
Lemon, Wm., (Black Ash,) r 46, farmer 58.
Liugo. Henry, (Lines Hollow,) r 7, farmer

Lingo, John C, (Lines Hollow,) r 7, far-
mer leases of Henry, 60.
Loichot, Sylvester, (Frenchtown,) r 35,

farmer 66.
Loveless, John H., (Black Ash,) {Madison

<fc Lovele-'<8,'\ r46, farmer 4;3>4.
LUCE, ARTIMUS W., (Sugar Lake,) r 54,

shoe maker.
Luce. Lewis, (Black Ash,) r 46, farmer


Luce, Stephen C, (Black Ash,) r 46^, far-
mer 51.

Lupher, Henry, (Townville,) r 12, farmer

LUPHER, JAMES M., M. D., (Guys Mills,)
physician and surgeon.

Lupher, Wm. A., (Townville,) r 12, farmer

Lyotey, Eugene, (Guys Mills,) r 18, car-
penter and farmer 22.

Madison, Chas. F., (Black Ash,) {Madison
& Loveless.)

Madison & Loveless, (Black Ash,) (CAa*.
/'. Madixon and John If. Lovele88,)T 46,
groceries and provisions.

Malard, Josephine, (Frenchtown,) r 62,
farmer 30.

Manning. Solomon, (Sugar Lake,) r 57.

Manning, Win. M., (Black Ash,) r 49, far-
mer 70.

Markham, R. F. Rev., (Guys Mills,) r 31,
pastor Congregational Church.

Marsh, Geo., (Guys Mills,) r 30, farmer 27.

Maryott, Geo. H.,Vrowiivine,) r 12, mason.

Maryott. Stephen M., (Townville.) r 12,
fill raer wf)rk8 25 owned by Joel.

MAyiKI^:i{. MO.SES, (Blooming Valley,) r
iM, farmer 50.

MATTESON, BENJ. J.. (Guys Mills,) r 39.
mauuf. and dealer In lumber, and far-
mer 50.

Matteson, Job, (Guys Mills,) r 16, farmer

Matteson, Sarah Mrs., (Guys Mills,) r 41,
owns 40.

Matteson, Wright, (Guys Mills,) r 18, far-
mer 40.

McCartiu'y, Robert, (Randolph,) r 3, far-
mer I HI.

McCiirtut-y. Samuel H., (Haridolph,) far-
mer 4.'», Hickory CVmierH.

McCurdy, John, (Uuvh MIIIh. i r 36, fanner
25 an(l leases of Mrs. Minttrva ChapinH,

MeDonald, Wm. H., (Black Aah.) r 40>g,
fiinnwr 50.

Mi-Fiidden. Jesse, (Guys Mills.* r 13. far
mer 75.

McKay, Neal, (Black A»h,) r 15 Vj, farmer

McLACHLIN, JAMES A., (Randolph,) r
2, farmer 120.

McLachlin, John L., (Randolph,) r 24, far-
mer 140.

McMuUen, Robert, (Guys Mills,) r 16, far-
mer 50.

Mercier, Joseph, (Frenchtown,) r 60, far-
mer 30.

Monnin. Frank,(Frenchtown,) r 62, mason
and farmer 115.

Monroe. Philip, (Guys Mills,) r 52, farmer

MORRISON, JAMES K., (Guys Mills,) r
42k', farmer 60.

MORSE, BROWN, (Guys Mills,) r 44, far-
mer 63.

Moulin, Joseph, (Guys Mills,) r 15, farmer

MURDOCH, JOHN, (Sugar Lake,) r 55,
farmer 127>^.

Myers, Waterman, (Guys Mills,) r 34, far-
mer 45.

Nashet, Lewis, (Frenchtown,) r 60, farmer

Nashet, Michael, (Frenchtown,) r 60, far-
mer 40.

NASHET, MILTON, (Frenchtown,) r 60,

Newton, Alvin B., (Sugar Lake.) r 56, far-
mer works 48 owned by John.

Newton, John, (Sugar Lake,) r 56, farmer

NUNEMACHER. GEO. H., (Black Ash.) r
44>^, carpenter and farmer 11.

Oaks, Carey J., (Guys Mills,) r 52, farmer

Oaks, Hiram, (Sugar Lake,) r 55, farmer

Oaks, James, (Sugar Lake,) r 55, farmer

Oaks, John, (Sugar Lake,) r 55, farmer 60.

Oaks, Wm. N., (Sugar Lake,) r 56, farmer

OWEN, ANDREW J., (Guys Mills,) r 44,
farmer 119.

Pardee, John, (Sugar Lake.) r 61, farmer

Peas, Edward, cBlack Ash,) r 46, farmer 5.

Pee, Peter, (Guys Mills,) r 52, farmer 61.

Perrey. Victor. (Black Ash, )r4y, wagon
maker and farmer 75.

Ploof, D. S., (Guys Mills,) r 16, carpenter
and farmer 100.

Polly, Claudius, (Frenchtown.) r 62, far-
mer leases of Francis PoUey's heirs,

Poupeney, Joseph, (Guys Mills,) r 39, far-
mer 58.

Poupeney. Marcel A., (Guys Mills,) r 42,
farmer 60.

Poupeney. Nicholas, (Guys Mills,) r 39,
farmer W.

Pratt, Henry C, (Guys Mills,) r 44. farmer

Prenatt, George, (Frenchtown,) r 36, far-
mer 65.

Prenatt. Jacob, (Frenchtown,) r28, farmer


PRK.NATT. JAMES. (Frenchtown.) r 86,
farmer 70.

Prenatt, Milton, (Frenchtown,) r 35, far-
mer 60. »

UADLK. DAVID M., (Guys MIUs,)r 19, far-
mer 77.



Radle, John, (Guys Mills,) r 19,- farmer

Radle, Wm. H., (Guys Mills,) r 19, farmer

Redmond, John N., (Black Ash,) r 46,

cooper and farmer works 50 owned

by R. Powers.
Rhoades, Wm. A., (Randolph,) r 5, farmer

leases of Chas. Stewart, 183^.
Rickard, Isaiah B. M., (Guys MiUs,)rl4,

Rickard, Peter C, (Guys MiUs,) r 14, far-
mer 55.

ROCHE, ALEXIS C, (Frenchtown,) r 35,
farmer 33.

Rodgers, Archibald, (Guys Mills,) r 30, car-

Rodgers, Curtis, (Guys Mills,) r 40, farmer

Roueche, TheophilusF., (Guys Mills,) r31,

Roueche, Theophilus F. Jr., (Guys Mills,)
r31, blacksmith.

Rushlander, Clovis, (Blooming Valley,) r
25, farmer 85.

Rushlander, John C, (Blooming VaUey,) r
25, farmer 90.

Russell. Isaac. (Guys Mills.) r 9, farmer 80.

SAXTON, EDWIN R., (Black Ash,) r 46,
farmer 140.

Schemerhorn. Martin, (Sugar Lake,) r 57,
farmer leases of Dr. Ray, MeadviUe,

Scott. Enos A., (Townville,) r 12, farmer

44 j^.
Seaman. John M., (Randolph,) r 8, farmer

Seaman, Sylvester H., (Randolph,) r 4,

TflT*Tnft7* Q.l

SHADE. V/M.". (Guys Mills,) r 43>^, manuf.
and dealer in shingles, and farmer 50.

SHAFFER, ELIAS, (Black Ash.) r 45, far-
mer 120.

Sharlow, Joseph, (Frenchtown,) r 60, far-
mer leases of N. Woisin's heirs, 47.

Shenberg, Joseph P., (Guys Mills,) r 29,
farmer 168.

SIKES, HORACE T., (Guys Mills.) r 17.
manuf. and dealer in lumber and far-
mer 85.

SIKES, SELDEN B., (Guys MiUs,) r 17,

SIKES, SQUIRE S., (Guys Mills.) r 18.
manuf. and dealer in lumber, lath
and shingles, and farmer 53.

SLkes, Wm. P., (Guys Mills,) r 14, carpen-

Smith, David N., (Sugar Lake,) r 56, far-
mer 70.

SMITH, HIRAM C, (Guys Mills,) r 39, far-
mer 120.

Smith, Jeremiah B., (Black Ash,) r45i<^,
farmer leases of Neal McKay, 75.

Smith, Joel L., (Guys Mills,) r 38, farmer

SMITH, JOHN LEMUEL, (Guys Mills,) r
44>2, manuf. and dealer in lumber and
farmer 58.

Smith. J. Lewis. (Guys Mills,) r 34, farmer

Smith, Knight S., (Randolph,] r 22, farmer

Smith, Matthew. (Townville.) r 10, farmer

Smith, Myron E., (Guys Mills,) r 63, farmer

SMITH, R. Mrs., (Guys Mills,) r 39.

Smith, Wm. G., (Guys Mills, ) r 14, farmer

Spencer, Lemuel A., (Sugar Lake,) r 54,
farmer 100.

STEADMAN, DOW, (Black Ash,) r 49,
dealer in Pioneer Stump Machines
and farmer 55.

Stewart, James A., (Sugar Lake,) r 52,
farmer 33.

Stewart, John E., (Sugar Lake,) r 58, far-
mer 92.

Stewart. Wm,, (Sugar Lake,) r 52, farmer 14.

Sturgis, Almon S,, (Black Ash,) r 46^, far-
mer 50.

SUTLEY, ROBERT V., (Sugar Lake,) r 55.
asst. post master, dealer in groceries,
boots, shoes, notions and patent medi-
cines, and farmer &d%.

Sutton, Abram, (Blooming Valley,) r 2,
farmer 30.

Sutton, Geo. C, (Blooming Valley,) r 2,
farmer 37.

Sutton, Geo. M., (Blooming Valley,) r 2,
farmer 18.

Sutton, Wm., (Blooming Valley,) r 2, far-
mer leases of Abram, 30.

Tanner, John C, (Sugar Lake, )r 51, black-

TEED, HORACE, (Black Ash,) r 46i^, far-
mer 70.

Teed, Seymour, (Black Ash,) r 44^, far-
mer 47.

Tenny, Albert, (Sugar Lake,) r 57, black-

TERRILL, HALSEY, (Guys Mills,) r 37,
farmer 177.

TerriU, Thos. D.,(Guy8 Mills,) r 16, farmer

Terrill, Warren, (Guys MiUs,) r 34, farmer

Theuret, Augustus, _(Sugar Lake,) r 59, far-
mer 75.

Theuret, Michael, (Sugar Lake,) r 63, far-
mer 90.

Thompson, John, (Sugar Lake,) r 54, far-
mer 66.

Thompson, Wm., (Sugar Lake,) r 54, far-
mer 75.

Toillon, August, (Frenchtown,) r 62, far-
mer leases of Jules Huguenin, 56.

TRAFTON, MARK, (Guys Mills,) r 44,
manuf. and dealer in lumber and far-
mer 250.

UTLEY, RALPH, (Randolph,) r 3, farmer

VIRTUE, JAMES C, (Guys Mills.) r ^4,
farmer 25 and leases of the Misses
Archer, 45.

Wadswoi-th, Hezekiah B., (Townville,) r
12, farmer 80.

WAID, ASAHEL, (Guys MiUs,) r 22, far-
mer 90.

Waid, Frank W., (Guys Mills,) r 10, carpen-
ter and farmer 55.

Waid, Joseph, (Guys Mills.) r 32, farmer

Waid. Seth Jr., (Guys Mills,) r 22, farmer

Wentworth, Geo. H., (Sugar Lake,) r 57.
shoemaker and farmer leases of
Sarah Mumf ord, 50.



Wescott. Austin, (Guys Mills,) r 15, far-
mer 40.

Weston, Jacob, (Black Ash,) r 49. farmer
leases of Wanderlick & Co., 25.

Whitman, Edward A., (Guys Mills,) r 37,

farmer 18.
Wilder, Chauncy G., (Guys Mills.) r 18,

butcher, meat dealer and farmer 50.

Wilder. Jonas B., (Randolph,; r 3, farmer

leases of Luther, 85.
Wilder, Luther, (Randolph,) r 3, farmer


Wilder, Sylvester, (Guys MiUs,) r 34, far-
mer lai.

WILSON. JACOB, M. D.,(Randolph,) phy-
sician and surgeon, owns 43, Hickory

Wiltse. Lafayette, (Guys Mills,) r 41, shoe
maker and farmer 109.

Wolff. Augustus, (Mead Comers,) r 27,
farmer 30.

Worden, Geo., (Black Ash,) r 46^, farmer

Wright, Ezra R., (Randolph,) r 8, farmer

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation.— The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it, refer to the number of the road as designated on the map in the
fore prrt of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

Adams, J. C, (Lines Hollow,) r 52, farmert Bradford. Cornelia, (Lines Hollow,) r 51,

farmer 70.
Braymer, E. C, (Randolph,) r 51, farmer

BRESEE, E. D., (New Richmond,) r 18,

farmer 75.
Bresee, Elma D., (Woodcock,) {G-ray ife

BRESEE, PRINTISN.. (New Richmond.)
r ;i8, inspector of election and farmer

Britanan. James L., (Randolph,) r 44, far-
mer 115.

Buel, Joseph, (Woodcock.) r 24. farmer 56.

Bull. Wm. H.. (Randolph.) r Itt. farmer 8').

Bunce, Angelina, (Woodcock,) r 1, farmer

Bunce, Edward S., (Townvillo.) r 64, far-
mer Hto.

Bunce, Olivor, (Little Cooley,) r 14, farmer

BUNCE, PLATT, (New Richmond,) r 40,
farmer 80.

BUNCE. WM. H.,(Townville,) r67. farmer

10 1.
Burch, John. (Lines Hollow,) r51, farmer

Bur(li(>k, Jamos, (Townville,) r65, farmer

Buri:.'.s.s. Eunice Mrs., (Woodcock,) r 5,

fnrrnor 10.
Canii 'II. Austin, (Now Richmond.) hlack-

H.-i.ith. WK^nn makrr and farmer leaM>8

• if .I.isi'i'ii Savro, rJ.'>.
CANNON'. ISRAEL. (N.>w Richmond,) r38,

gardouor and farmer 7U.


AKIN. I. T., (Blooming Valley,) r 41, physi-
cian and farmer 32.

Bachelder, Chandler C, (Little Cooley,) r
31, carpenter and farmer 46.

BACHLOR, AARON, (Townville,) {Green
& Bdchlor.)

Bailey, C. K., (New Richmond.) r 17, far-
mer 100.

Bailey, Edwin, (New Richmond,) r 29, car-
penter and farmer 125.

Baird, E. P., (New Richmond,) r 15, farmer

Bakor, Edwin, (Townville,) r 64, farmer 50.

Bulser. J. W., (New Richmond,) r 55, car-

Barlow, Joseph C. (Little Cooley,) r 84.
farmer 5-4.

Barton. C. W., (Townville,) r 64. farmer 53.

Baufher, Charles, (Lines Hollow,) {icith

tieorgt,) r 46, farmer 122.
BatiKlinr. George, (Lines Hollow,) (xciiK

t'fiiirle^,) r 40, farmer 122.
Bearup. Archibald II., (Lines Hollow,)

Boiio'li't. Thonjas, (Townville,) r 63, far-

Bid well. Loran, (Little Cooley.) {fWis it

fihiirtfll,) r 12. farmer 2i).
Bigger. J. M., (Now Kichmond,) r 10,

clit't'He tiiunuf.

51. fiirmcr 2.')
BOWM.\N, O. L.. (Lines HoUow,)r 37, far-
mer 90.



Cannon, John, (New Richmond,) r 38,

Carpenter, Aaron, (Townville,) r 61, far-
mer 50.

Carpenter, C. H., (Woodcock,) r 18, mason
and farmer 35.

Carpenter, Elijah, (Townville,) r 61, far-

Carpenter, James E., (Townville,) r 65,
farmer 10.

CARPENTER, RILEY, (Townville,) r 65,
farmer 16it.

Carr, Caleb, iLines Hollow.) r 58, carpen-
ter and farmer 66.

Cass. Leonard, (Little Cooley,) r 14, far-
mer 8><^.

{Uoleman, Lord & Co.)

boro.) r 5. farmer 180.

CHILDES, R. S., (Lines Hollow,) r 53, far-
mer 83.

Childs, E. J., (New Richmond,) r 36, far-
mer 82.

Childs, Joseph, (Lines Hollow,) r 38, far-
mer 5').

Clark, Jeremiah, (New Richmond,) r 27,
farmer ti3.

CLARK. SILAS. (New Richmond,) r 27,
grafter and farmer 100.

Cluff. George, (Little Cooley,) r31, farmer.

Coats. Thomas, (New Richmond,) farmer
occupies 40.

Cole. Eliza, (Blooming Valley,) r46, far-
mer 85.

Cole, Mathias, (Blooming Valley,) r 40,

COWDEN, F. E., (New Richmond,) r 38.
farmer 60 and leases 30.

COWDEN, J. S., (New Richmond,) r 16,
farmer 100.

Cowden, Robert, (New Richmond.) r 28,
justice of the peace and farmer 26.

Cross, Abel, (New Richmond,) r 36, far-
mer 50.

Culver. Joseph, (Blooming Valley,) r4lX,
farmer 35.

CUMMINGS, C. F., (New Richmond,) r38,

Cummings, Dean, (Woodcock,) r 20, far-
mer 99.

Danforth, Barney, (New Richmond,) r 27,
farmer 100.

Danforth, T. B., (New Richmond,) r 40,
farmer 23.

Daniels, A. E., (Blooming Valley.) r 41, far-
mer leases 13u.

Daniels. David, (New Richmond,) r 12,
produce dealer.

Daniels, G. M., (Lines Hollow,) r 50, far-
mer 56.

Daniels. V. K., (New Richmond,) r 15, far-
mer 57.

Daniels. W. E., (Lines Hollow,) r 39, car-

Davison, J. E., (Lines Hollow,) r 51, far-
mer 26.

Davison, Lewis, (Townville,) r 66, farmer

Davison. Wesley, (Blooming Valley,) r 41,
carpenter and farmer 60.

Davison, Wm., (Blooming Valley,) r 41,
farmer leases 14.

Decker, Jason, (New Richmond,) r 11, far-
mer 60.

Valley.) r 46, prop, of saw mill and

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