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Star Cheese Factory, farmer 180 and
leases 60.

Deland, Ira, (Little Cooley,) r 31, farmer

Deland. Wellington, (Little Cooley,) r 34,
farmer 70.

DeMILL. I. W., (Townville.) r 61, house,
sign and ornamental painter, and
farmer 10.

Dodge, John E., (Little Cooley,) r 34, far-
mer 100.

Feris & Bidwell, (Little Cooley,) {Barrey
Fen's and Loran BidiceU,) r 12, saw

Feris. Harvey, (Little Cooley,) {Feris &
Bid u- ell.)

Feris. Ira. (Little Cooley,) r 11, lumberman
and farmer 115.

FITCH. J. A., (New Richmond,) r 14, far-
mer 100.

Fleek. George. (Little Cooley,) r 31, black-
smith and farmer 85.

Flint. Elijah, (New Richmond,) r 29, school
director and farmer.

FLINT, LOREN, (Little Cooley,) r 29, far-
mer ;33.

Flint. L. B.. (Lines Hollow,) r 46. shoe-
maker and farmer 50.

Flint. Russel, (New Richmond,) r 29. far-
mer 90.

Cooley,) r 30, boat builder and farmer

Franklin. Benjamin, (Townville,) r66, far-
mer 130.

FROSS, A. R., (Lines Hollow,) r 51, post
master, harness maker, general mer-
chant and farmer 12.

Gereard. Joseph, (Blooming Valley,) r 42,
farmer 52.

Gleason. Frederick. (Cambridgeboro,) r 4,
carpenter and farmer 25.

GLENN. SIMEON, (Lines Hollow,) r 46,
blacksmith and farmer.

Gray & Bresee. (Woodcock,) (CJiat^les K.
Gray and Elma I). Bresee.,) r 18, thresh-

GRAY. CAROLINE Mrs., (New Rich-
mond,) r 12, farmer 106.

Gray, Charles K.. (Woodcock,) {Gray <&
Brei^ee.) r 18, farmer 75.

Gray. Charles K, (Woodcock,) r 18, farmer
leases 75.

Gray. George L. W., (Woodcock,) r 18,
farmer 4i).

GRAY. MERRITT, (Woodcock,) (ZToZeman,,

Lord & Co.)
Gray. Wm., (Lines Hollow,) r 57, farmer

Gray. Wm. R., (Woodcock,) r 18, farmer

GREEN & BACHLOR, (TownviUe.) ( W. W.

Green and Aaron Bachlor,) r 55, props.

of saw mill and farmers 80.
GREEN, E., (Blooming Valley,) veterinary

Green, H. C, (Lines Hollow,) r 45, cheese

and butter maker.
Green. N. W., (Blooming Valley,) r 40, far-
mer 200.



Green, Thos., (Ne-w Richmond,) r 40, far- 1
mer 83.

GREEN. W. W., (Townville,) {anen &

Greenlee. Amos. (Cambridgeboro,) r7, far-
mer 97.

HAMILTON. ARTHUR, (Little Cooley,) r
84, farmer.

Hamilton. F. M.. (Little Cooley,) r 34, car-
penter, gunsmith and farmer 139.

HAMILTON, LYDIA, (New Richmond,) r

27. resident.
Hamilton. L. G., (New Richmond,) r 34,

carpenter and farmer 100.
Hamilton, W. J., (New Richmond,) r 27,

wagon maker.
Hammond, Jonathan, (Lines Hollow,) r 39,

farmer 44.
Haipmond. Timothy, (Lines Hollow,) r 51,

farmer 51.
Harter, Henry L., (Cambridgeboro,) r 9,

farmer 78.
Harter, Jared L., (Nev Richmond,) r 16,

farmer 50.
Hays, Chauncey C, (Townville,) r 62, far-
mer 50.
Hays, Lorenzo J., (Townville,) r 63, farmer

Hays. Relief. (Randolph.) r 44, farmer 165.
Heath, Alvirus, (Townville.) r 55, farmer

Higby, Wm. L., (Lines Hollow,) r 48. oil

driller, tool dresser and farmer 70.
Hill, Bri. (Little Cooley, ) r 33, mechanic.
Hippie. John, i Randolph. ) r 42. farmer 100.
Hobbs. Orrin T., (Randolph,) r 42, farmer


HOLEMAN. CHAS., (Woodcock,) {IMe-
■>»<in. Lord & Co.,) r 5, lumberman and
farmer 120.

HOLEMAN. LORD & CO., (Woodcock,)
{ChitK. lloleman. B. F. Lord, Joseph M.
Scott. Aiiwn Chamfterlin and Merritt
Grdij. > r 17, props, of saw mill and lum-
ber dealers.

Holmes, Charles, (Townville,) r 65, farmer

Holmes. Elias N., (Townville,) r 65, ped-
dler and farmer 75.

HOTCHKISS, AMASA S.,(New Richmond,)
r 15, farmer 65.

Hotchkiss. C. W., (Lines Hollow,) r 48, far-
mer 70.

Hotchkiss. George, (Lines Hollow,) r 46,

Hotchkiss. George W.. (Lines Hollow.) r46,
engintier, tool dresser and fanner 50.

Hotchkl.ss. Jason. (Linee Hollow.) r 46,

i-anienter and farmer 112.
Hoyt. RiiluH, (Lines Hollow,) r 55, farmer

Hull. Ilollia, (New Richmond,) r 38, farmer

Hull. Laura B., (New Richmond.) r 3<J, far-
mer .5ti.
Humes. John O., (Woodcock,) r 18, mason

(ind furmer.
Humes. Robert A., (Woodoook,) r 5, far-

im-r occupies 50.
Hunt, C. W.. (Lines Hollow.) r 38. farmer

occupies 40.
Hunt. David, i Lines Hollow,) r 53, school

director and farmer 110.

Hunt, Desdemona, (Lines HoUow,) r 51,
farmer 33.

Hunt. Ebenezer, (Lines Hollow,) r 51, far-
mer 18.

Hunt, Wm. H., (Lines Hollow,) r 51, farmer

Hutchison, Elder, (Woodcock,) r 2, far-
mer 80.

Hutchison, George, (Woodcock,) r 1, far-
mer 80.

Johnson. Ammi, (New Richmond,) r 29,
farmer 60.

JOHNSON. AMOS A., (New Richmond,) r
16, carpenter and farmer 52.

JOHNSON. E31ERY, (Cambridgeboro,) r
10, farmer 50.

Johnson. Enoch, (New Richmond,) r 16,
farmer 60.

Johnson. George W., (Cambridgeboro,) r3,
farmer 116.

JOHNSON, LYMAN D., (New Richmond,)
r 16, farmer 52,

Johnson, W. S., (New Richmond,) r 27,
farmer 50.

Jones, Eli. (Woodcock.) rl9, farmer 110.

Jones, Eli, (Woodcock.) r 18. farmer 107.

Keeler, J. H., (New Richmond.) r 17,
teacher of vocal music and farmer.

Kelly. Darius, (Little Cooley,) r 31, car-
penter and farmer 1.

Kelly. Henry, (Little Cooley,) r 13, farmer

Kelly, Wm., (Woodcock,) r 19, blacksmith
and farmer leases 50.

Bllie, Henry, (Cambridgeboro,) r 5, farmer

LAMB.' DAVID C, (TownviUe,) r 55, far-
mer 50.

Lee, Luther S., (Townville,) r 64, farmer

Lester, Solomon, (New Richmond,) r 36,
farmer 20.

Lester, Thomas, (Lines Hollow,) r 54, far-
mer 74.

Lewis, James W., (New Richmond,) r 29,
farmer leases 45.

Lingo. Joseph, (Lines Hollow,) r 55, far-
mer 50.

LITTLE, J. R., (Randolph,) r 48, farmer

Looker, Davidj (Townville,) r 37, farmer
leases of Edward Carr, 25.

LORD, B. F.. (New Richmond.) (Ifoleman,
Lord d- Co.,) r 17, farmer 230.

Lord, E. M.. (New Richmond,) r 7, black-
smith and farmer NiS.

Lord. M. B.. (Cambridgeboro,) r 8, farmer

Lord. O. M., (Woodcock.) r 24, farmer
leases of Lyman Perkins, 60.

LORD. SAMl'EL T., (Cambridgeboro,) r3,
farmer *M).

Lowing. Wm. E., (Lines Hollow,) r 58, far-
UUT tK>.

Lyon. Mary J., (Lines Hollow,) r 38, far-
mer t5-{.

Lyon. Orcn, (Little Cooley,) r 29, stone
uuiHon and farmer 4>').

MBck»'y. All)ert, (Woodcock,) r 5, carpen-

Mackey, David L., (Woodcock,) r 5, farmer

MACKEY. D. S.. (New Richmond.) r 88,



MARSH, LUTHER, (Blooming Valley,) r
41, manuf. of dog churn powers,
wagon maker and farmer 67.

Maryott, Joel, (Townville,) r 69, mason
and farmer 50.

Maxwell, James, (Woodcock,) r 18, farmer
leases of Hiram Swift, 62.

May. Gilbert. (Cambridgeboro,) farmer, in
Rockdale, 50.

McClaughry, Joseph D., (New Richmond,)
r 38, (With Robert K,) farmer 30.

McCLAUGHRY, N. F., (New Richmond,) r
38, carpenter, farmer 105 and leases of
Israel Cannon, 50.

McClaughry, Robert E., (New Richmond,)
r 38. (icit'i Joseph />.,) farmer 30.

McFadden, James, (Lines Hollow,) r 60,
farmer 120.

McFadden, John, (Little Cooley,) r 34, far-
mer 60.

Miles, Thomas H., (Cambridgeboro,) r 9,
farmer 50.

Pratt, David, (Randolph,) r45, farmer 108,
Pratt, James. (Townville,) r 66. farmer 30.
Pratt, Squire S., (Townville,) r 62, farmer

RADLE, JAMES T., (Randolph,) r 48,

supervisor and farmer 70.
Rainey, W. R., (Woodcock,) r 21, farmer

Richardson, Jerome, (New Richmond,) r

40 i8ii*mf*T* ^0
ROOT, DANIEL C, (Cambridgeboro,)

(Morse & Boot,) r 7, farmer 184.

RUMSEY, CHANCY, (New Richmond,) r
38. farmer 42.

Runnels, F. B., (Lines Hollow,) r 46, far-
mer leases of Jason Hotchkiss, 50.

Russell, Almond B., (Lines Hollow,) r 55,
wooden bowl maker and farmer 45.

Rust, Mathias. (Woodcock.) r 2, farmer 50,

SABIN, J. W., (New Richmond,) r 27, far-
mer 62.

nr- • ITT Tir /TIT ^- 1 ^ in * Salen, Wm., (Woodcock,) r 1, farmer 50.

MmmmW.M. (Woodcock,) r 19, farmer. Sanderson, J. R., (Lines Hollow,) r 55,
Morse, James, (Cambridgeboro,) r 10, far- cooper, mason and farmer 75.

mer 35n

Morse, Philander, (Woodcock,) r 10, far-
mer 120.

MORSE & ROOT, (New Richmond,) ( Wil-
liam Mor.se and Daniel <'. Hoot,) r 10,
owners of Keystone Creamery.

MORSE, WILLIAM, (New Richmond,)
{Morse & Root,) r 10, farmer 325.

Mott, R. Mrs., (Randolph,) r 51, farmer

Myres, Jefferson, (Blooming Valley,) r 41,
farmer 35.

Navy, Jenott, (New Richmond,) r 28, far-
mer 200.

NODINE, WM., (Woodcock,) r 18, farmer

Orr, Joseph, (Woodcock.) r24. farmer 175.

Orr, Joseph Jr., (Cambridgeboro,) r 3, far-
mer 50 and leases 125.

Orr, J. A.. (Cambridgeboro.) farmer leases
of Wm. Johnson, 200.

Osgood, L. W., (Little Cooley,) r 15, farmer

Ougley, Wm. E., (Blooming Valley,) r 42,
farmer 137.

Pearl, Lydia, (New Richmond,) r 39, far-
mer 100.

Perry, Charles A., (Cambridgeboro,) r 5,
farmer 24.

PERRY, C. L., (Cambridgeboro,) r 9, car-
penter and farmer 25.

Perry, Elizabeth M., (Cambridgeboro,) r 5,
farmer lOO.

Philips, Roswell, (Little Cooley,) r 32, far-
mer 53.

PHILLIPS, ANANIAS, (New Richmond,)
r 27, farmer 65.

Pinney, B. H., (Woodcock,) r 21, farmer 76.

Pinney, Damon B., (Woodcock,) r 21, far-
mer 170.

Pinney, G. E., (Woodcock,) r21, farmer.

Pinney, S. M., (Woodcock,) r 24, farmer 75.

Piatt, Abigail, (Woodcock,) r 18, farmer

PLAW, JAMES, (New Richmond,) r 26,
carpenter and farmer 50.

PLAW. ROBERT, (New Richmond,) r 17,
farmer 65.

Policy, Samuel, (Woodcock,) r 5, farmer

SAYRE. ISAAC, (New Richmond,) r 55,

assistant assessor and farmer 100.
Sayre, John. (Townville,) r 55, farmer 56.

SAYRE. JOSEPH, (New Richmond,) r 55,

farmer lOO.
SAYRE, JUDSON, (New Richmond,) r 36,

farmer 115.
Sayre, L. M., (New Richmond,) r 55, town

clerk and farmer 55.
Sayre, Praul, (New Richmond,) r 55, far-
mer 62.
Sayre, Wm., (Lines Hollow,) r 59, farmer

SCOTT JOSEPH M., (New Richmond,)

(Holeraan, Lord & Co.,) r 17, farmer 65.
Sellew, C. B., (Lines Hollow,) r 58, farmer

SHAW, WM., (Woodcock,) r 20, carpenter

and joiner, and farmer 8.
Sherlock, Philander, (Cambridgeboro,) r

8, blacksmith and carpenter.

SHORTS, AARON, (Lines Hollow.) r 50,

Shorts, Jacob, (Lines Hollow,) r 56, stone

cutter and farmer 30.
Shorts, Jefferson, (Townville,) r 61, farmer

Shorts, John, (Lines HoUow,) r 55, farmer

Shorts, Robert Jr., (Lines Hollow,) r 56,

stone mason and farmer 15.
low,) r 56, farmer 60.
Shorts, Wm., (Lines Hollow,) r 62, farmer

Smith, Caroline, (New Richmond,) r 38,

farmer 7^^.
Smith, Edward, (Blooming Valley,) r 43,

farmer 40.
Smith, Edward Jr., (Blooming Valley,) r

4^3, farmer 4.

SMITH. ROBERT, (Little Cooley,) r 29,

farmer 100.
Southwick, Wm., (Townville.) r 61, farmer

Stanton, Reiiben, (New Richmond,) r 40,

blacksmith and farmer 40.
STONE HAM, HENRY, (Townville,) r 63,

farmer 10.



STUART, D. F., (Lines Hollow,) township
auditor and collector, and farmer 50.

STUART, SAMUEL, (Lines Hollow,) r 53,
farmer 50,

StuU, E. E., (Townville.) r 62, farmer 50.

Sweet, Jude, (New Richmond,) r 11, far-
mer 15.

Swift, George, (Woodcock,) r 24, farmer 31.

Swift, Hiram, (Woodcock,) r 18, farmer 62.

Swift, Orrin, (Woodcock.) r 18, farmer 39.

Sybrant. George L., (Lines Hollow,) r 46,
farmer 87.

Sybrant, John, (New Richmond,) r 39, far-
mer leases of Lydia Pearl. 50.

Sybrant, Samuel, (New Richmond,) r 40,
farmer 100.

Talkingburg, Samuel. (Woodcock,) r 20,
blacksmith and farmer 41.

Thayre. Joseph, (Woodcock,) r26, farmer

THOMPSON, WM., (Lines Hollow,) r 39,
lawyer and farmer 50.

cock.) r21, farmer.

Townley, Cyrus, (Woodcock,) r 21, cattle
dealer and farmer 125.

TOWNLEY, a. W., (Woodcock,) r 23, far-
mer 400.

Townley, Harvey, (Woodcock,) r 21, cattle
dealer, assessor and farmer 300.

Townley, James, (Woodcock,) r 23, farmer

Townley, John B., (Woodcock,) r 21, far-
mer 216.

Turner, A. F., (Cambridgeboro,) r 9, far-
mer Vi8.

Turner, Enoch, (Woodcock,) r 2, farmer

Turner, L. D., (Cambridgeboro.) r 8, far-
mer 110.

Turner, Tracy F., (Cambridgeboro,) r 8,
farmer 94.

Wait. Edward, (Little Cooley,) r 55, far-
mer 100.

Waldon, Silas, (Lines Hollow,) r 60, car-
penter and farmer 70.

WARD. ABRAHAM, (New Richmond,) r
38, farmer 67,

Warner, Truman C, (Little Cooley,) r 34,

WEBSTER, P. W., (New Richmond,) post
master and general merchant.

Wetsel, Almira, (New Richmond,) r 40,
farmer 18.

Wheelock, Jessie,(Woodcock,)r20, farmer

WHITE, ELWIN,(Townville,)r33, farmer.

White, NewellE., (Lines Hollow,) r 40, far-
mer 65.

WILCOX, J. M., (New Richmond,) r 11,
farmer 17.

Wilhelm, David, (Little Cooley,) r 13, far-
mer 50.

Wilkinson. John, (Woodcock,) r 2, wagon
maker and farmer 85.

Willey, J., (Lines Hollow,) r 54, farmer

WILLEY, JOHN, (Lines HoUow,) r S3, far-
mer 60.

Willis, William, (Woodcock,) r 2, farmer

Willson, Laura A., (Lines Hollow,) r 48,
farmer 50.

Winans, Albert, (Townville,) r 63, farmer

WINANS, BOYD Jr., (Lines Hollow,) r 57,

Winans, James, (Lines Hollow,) r 55, far-
mer 33.

Winans, Jesse, (Lines Hollow,) r 57, car-
penter and farmer 150.

Winans, John G., (Lines Hollow,) r 61, car-
penter, painter and farmer 8.

Winans, Samuel, (Lines Hollow,) r 54, far-
mer 40.

WINSTON, CHARLES, (TownviUe,) r 55,
fai-mer 162.

Wood, Samuel, (Woodcock,) r 18, carpen-
ter and farmer 22.

Wright, D. W., (Townville,) r 64, farmer

Wright, Wm., (Little Cooley,) r 31, farmer

WYKOFF, J. L., (Woodcock,) r 23, farmer

leases of Wm. E., 121.
Wykoff, Wm. E , (Woodcock,) r 23, farmer




(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation. — The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map. in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

Alexander, Daniel, (Little Cooley,) r 52,

farmer 30.
Alexander, John, (Little Cooley,) r 52,

farmer 37.
Alexander, Norman, (Little Cooley,) r 52,

farmer 2;3.
Alford, O. H., (Chapinville,) r 16, farmer

Amy, James, (Brown Hill,) r34, farmer IftS.

Anderson, A. W., (Cambridgeboro,) r 3,

farmer 85.
Anderson, George, (Cambridgeboro,) r 27,

farmer 300.
Anderson, James D., (Millers Station,) r

25, farmer 100.
Armour, S. B., (Mill Village, Erie Co.,) r 9,

farmer 150.
Atkins. Elizabeth Mrs., (Cambridgeboro,)

r 37, farmer 38.
Babcock, A. G., (Mill Village, Erie Co.,) r

8. shoemaker and farmer 21.
Babcock. Isaiah A., (Mill Village, Erie Co.,)

r 11, farmer 60.
Babcock, VVm. O.. (Mill Village, Erie Co..)

r 15, farmer 150.

Baird, Lorenzo, (Millers Station,) r 21,
farmer 80.

Baker, David, (Millers Station,) r 26, far-
mer 50.

Barber. Chancey, (Millers Station,) r 25,
farmer 20.

Beckman, C, (Cambridgeboro,) r 4, far-
mer 68.

Beedy, Asa C, (Millers Station,) r 22, far-
mer 200.

Benfield, Wm., (Millers Station,) r 23, far-
mer leases 40.

Bennett, Edwin, (Chapinville,) r 14, far-
mer 140.

Birchard, J. O., (Cambridgeboro,) r 42,
carpenter and farmer 125.

Birchard, R. M., (Cambridgeboro,) r 39,
justice of the peace and farmer 200.

BIRCHARD, VIRGIL, (Cambridgeboro,) r
89, farmer 115.

Birchard, Z. A., (Chapinville,) r 16, farmer

Blair, Wm., (Millers Station,) r 20)^, far-
mer 20.

Blanchard, Edward R., (Chapinville,) r 35,
farmer 97.

Borland, Wm. F., (Millers Station.) r 23,

farmer 43.
Boyd, Adam P., (Chapinville,) r 14, farmer

Brown, Bradish, (Mill Village, Erie Co.,) r

15. farmer 60.
Brown, Chauncey A., (Mill Village, Erie

Co.,) r 15, farmer 37.
Brown, Joel, (Chapinville,) r 29, farmer


Brown, L. N.. (Brown Hill,) r 51, farmer

Brown, Pamelia Mrs., (Mill Village, Erie
Co.,) r 15, farmer 50.

Bump, Benjamin R., (Millers Station,) r 25,
farmer 19.

Bunce, H. M., (Millers Station,) r 29, far-
mer 130.

Bunce, Jacob, (Cambridgeboro,) r 37, far-
mer 75.

Bunce, W. B., (Millers Station,) r 27, far-
mer 100.

Bunting, Daniel, (Millers Station,) r 36,
farmer 25.

Burrows, Dwight, (Cambridgeboro,) r 1,
farmer 103.

Burt, F. D., (Millers Station,) agent A. &

G. W. R. R.
Burton, George W., (Millers Station,) r 33,

farmer 30.
Burton, Hiram, (Millers Station,) r 33, far-
mer 55.
Burton, Horace,(ChapinviHe,)r 16, farmer

BUTLER, JOSEPH B., (Millers Station,) r

23, bridge watch and farmer 1(X).
Campbell, Ellas, (Millers Station,) r 5,

supervisor and farmer 160.
Campbell, George C, (Millers Station,) r 5,

farmer 50.
Campbell, John L., (Millers Station,) r 5,

farmer 78.
CAMPBELL, WM., (Millers Station.) r 5,

farmer 130.

CANFIELD, HIRAM, (Mill Village, Erie
Co.,) r 20, auctioneer and farmer 88.

Canfield, Jonathan,(Mill Village, Erie Co.,)
r 18, dealer in butter and cheese,
township auditor and farmer 220.

Capwell, Seth, (Little Cooley,) r 52, car-
penter and farmer 20.



Catling, Peter, (Cambridgeboro,) r 1, far-
mer 65.

Ohapin, Samuel, (Chapinville,) r 31, far-
mer 87.

CLARK. A. W., (Millers Station,) {Clark

CLARK BROS., (Millers Station,) {C A.,
D. L. and A. W.,) r 48, manufs. of lum-
ber, lath and Singles.

CLARK, C. A., (Millers Station,) {Clark

CLARK, D. L., (Millers Station,) {Clark

Clark, Geo. W., (Chapinville,) r 31, farmer

Cline, Hiram, (Chapinville,) r 14, shoe-
maker and farmer 3.

Collins, Francis, (Millers Station,) r 35,
farmer 75.

COWELL. HENRY R., (Cambridgeboro,) r
37, farmer 500.

Crabb, Isaac, (Brown Hill,) r 5 J, farmer

Craker, Wm. H., (Millers Station,) r 19,
farmer 21 j^.

Crocker. James. (Chapinville,) r 14, farmer
27 and leases of R. R. Snow, 175.

Dean, Gideon, (Brown Hill,) r51X, farmer

Dean, H. H., (Cambridgeboro,) r 41, far-
mer 100.

Dean, Ira 2d, (Brown Hill,) r 49, carpen-
ter and farmer 11.

Dean. Simon I., (Brown Hill,) r 51, farmer
;i5 and leases 100.

Dean, Squire, (Brown Hill,) r 49, carpen-
ter, supervisor and farmer 44.

Dean. Squire 2d, (Brown Hill,) r 35, far-
mer (7.

Decker, James V., (Cambridgeboro,) r 37.
carpenter, shoemaker and farmer 48.

tion,) r 2, agent for Domestic Sewing
Machine, carpenter and farmer 41.

Doctor, John D., (Millers Station,) r 22,
farmer 80.

Dowler, John, (Millers Station,) r 4, far-
mer 60.

Eastman, P., (Millers Station,) r 26, far-
mer 15.

Eaton, Henry, (Little Cooley, ) r 50, car-
penter, wagon maker and farmer
occupies 25.

EATON, RALPH, (Little Cooley,) r 52, far-
mer i;j."j.

Eaton, Wm., (Millers Station, )r 22. variety
store, dealer in hark and luriibor.

Edwards, P. P., (Cambridgeboro,) r 3, far-
mer 40.

Ferris. Gilbert, (Millers Station,) r 3, far-
mer 1(»7.

Finney, H. H., (Millers Station,) r 28, saw
null and fartiuT 5(H).

Fitch, John. ( Brown Hill,) r 51, farmer 36.

Frisbee, (Calvin W., (Millers Station,) rti,
farmer U-awes of Orville Jones. 75.

Fuller. Win. A., (Camljridgoboro, ) r 37, far-
mer 211.

Fullerton, David L., (Millers Station,) r26,
fanner 170.

FULi.KHTON. (), J.. (Millers Station,) r
2"^, nrfip. of Royul Hotel.

Gage. James, (C'aiubrldgeboro,) r 3, far-
mer leases of Oliver A., 150.

Gerow, Daniel, (Cambridgeboro,) r 1.

school director, cheese factory and

farmer 100.
Gerrish, Edward, (Cambridgeboro,) r 3,

well digger.
Glenn, C. S.. (Cambridgeboro,) r 37, farmer

leases of Amos KeTly, 1.56.
Gray, John, (Cambridgeboro,) near r 27,

farmer 30.

Harvey, Wm., (Little Cooley,) r52, farmer
leases of Ralph Eaton, 50.

Henry, Alvinza D., (Chapinville,) r 29, far-
mer 87.

Henry, Charles, (Millers Station,) r 30>s'.
farmer 50.

Henry. James P., (Millers Station,) r 30X,
farmer 75.

Herrick. Alonzo, (Cambridgeboro,) r 2, far-
mer 139.

Herrick. Charles A. (Cambridgeboro,) r 1,
farmer 70.

Hoag, G. W., (Millers Station,) r47, farmer

HOAG, S. M., (Millers Station,) r 47, con-
stable and farmer 100.

HOLCOMB, CHARLES T., (Millers Sta-
tion,) r 26, justice of the peace, drover
and farmer 100.

Hood, James. (Millers Station.) r27. town-
ship treasurer, blacksmith and farmer

Hood, John S., (Millers Station,) r 27,
blacksmith and farmer 30.

Hotchkiss, John, (Brown Hill.) r 51, farmer

Howard, H. H., (Cambridgeboro,) r 37, far-
mer 200.

Hull, Warren, (Mill Village, Erie Co,,) r 18,
farmer 90.

Hull, Wm., (^Chapinville,) r 12, farmer

Hutchison, G. E., (Millers Station,) r 36,
farmer 65.

Hutchison, Matilda J. Mrs., (Millers Sta-
tion, ) r 36, farmer K5.

Hutchison, Wm. H., (Millers Station,) r 36.
farmer 50.

Isherwood, Hiram A., (Cambridgeboro.) r
1. farmer 100.

Jarvis, John, (Millers Station,) r 45. far-
mer .50.

Jarvis, Mary Miss, (Millers Station,) r 45.
farmer 22.

Jervis, Arthur, (Cambridgeboro,) r 45, far-
mer 2(M).

Jervis, Arthur 2nd, (Cambridgeboro,) r46,
farmer 112.

JERVIS. I). K., (Millers Station,) r 20, saw
Miiil and ftirnier 15.

Jervis, John 2d. (Cambridgeboro,) r45, far-
mer 75.

Johnson, Austin, (Millers Station,) r 2, far-
mer .Vi.

Johnson, Frank, (Cambridgeboro,) r3, far-
mer lea.^e.s of (ti<orge Welker, lift.

Jones. .Angelina Mrs., (.Millers Station,) r
2y, farmer 30.

Jones, Kdward, (Millers Station.) r 6, far-
mer 7(».
' Jones. Joel, (Millers Station,) r 6, farmer

I Jones, OrvlHe. (Millors Station,) r fi, onr-
' penttT and farnier 75.



Kellog. Lydia Mrs., (Millers Station,) r 47,

f IT'TTlf^l' 55

Kelly, Daniel, (Millers Station,) r 22, far-
mer 171.

Kelly. James, (Millers Station,) r 47, far-
mer 70.

KELLY, JOHN, (Cambridgeboro,) r 37,
farmer 180.

Kellv, John, (Millers Station,) r 33, farmer

Kelly, J. P., (Cambridgeboro.) r 27, town-
ship auditor and farmer 127,

Kelly, Uriah, (Millers Station,) r47, farmer

King, Stephen. (Mill Village, Erie Co.,) r
7, farmer 106.

King. Watson S., (Mill Village, Erie Co.,) r
7, farmer 10.

King. W. S.. (Mill Village, Erie Co.,) r 10,
farmer 10.

Knapp, Daniel, (Chapinville,) r 16, farmer

Langley, James, (Millers Station,) r5, saw

Lee, Joseph, (Cambridgeboro,) r 3, car-
penter and farmer 50.

Lee. Lyman, (Cambridgeboro,) r 3, farmer

Lee, Lyman J., (Cambridgeboro,) r 3, far-
mer 40.
Leek. Frank, (Millers Station,) {George F.

Leek Jr. & Brother.)
Leek, George F. Jr. & Brother, (Millers

Station,) {Frank,) r 22, general mer-
Lewis. Jeremiah, (Cambridgeboro,) near r

27, farmer 70.
Liddicoat, Wm., (Mill Village, Erie Co.,) r

13, farmer 50.
Mahony, John, (Mill Village, Erie Co,,) r 7,

farmer 25,
Mapes, Richard, (Millers Station,) r 19,

farmer 24.
Matthews, Henry, (Millers Station.) r 20^,

farmer 100.
McArthur, Wm., (Millers Station,) r 22,

manuf. of lumber, shingles and lath,

resides in Meadville.
McCartin, Cornelia Mrs., (Millers Station,)

r 6. farmer 50.
McClatchey, Susan Mrs., (Mill Village,

Erie Co.,) r 8, farmer occupies 87.

McCool, Jasper, (Millers Station,) r 30,

farmer 100.
McCray, George, (Cambridgeboro,) r 38,

farmer 13.
McCray, Robert, (Cambridgeboro,) r 38,

farmer 60.
McDuff, John, (Cambridgeboro,) r 37, far-
mer 75.
McFaddin. Joseph, (Millers Station,) r 6,

farmer 87.
McLatchey, John D., (Mill Village, Erie

Co..) r 18, farmer 75.
McLATCHEY, JOSEPH, (Mill Village, Erie

Co.,) {u-ith William,) r 12, farmer 55.

McLATCHEY, WILLIAM, (Mill Village,
Erie Co.,) {with Joseph,) r 12, farmer

McQueen, Daniel, (Chapinville,) r 16, far-
mer 255.

McQueen, Jame8,(Chapinville,) r 16, farmer

Mickle, Emery, (Brown Hill,) r 49, farmer

MITCHELL, HENRY. (MiU Village, Erie

Co.,) r 6, farmer 90.
Mitchell, Nathan, (Mill ViUage, Erie Co.,)

r 6, saw mill and farmer 71.
Morey, James H., (Mill Village, Erie Co.,)

r 13, farmer 28.
Morris, Heniy J., (Cambridgeboro,) r 39,

farmer 77.

Morton, Daniel, (Millers Station,) r 37,
farmer 100.

Moseley, Isabella Mrs., (MiU Village, Erie
Co..) r 9, farmer 63.

Mott, Charles H., (Cambridgeboro,) r 41,
farmer 39.

Mullin, Timothy, (Millers Station,) r 26,
farmer occupies 26.

Nickle, Wm., (Cambridgeboro, '^ near r 87,
farmer leases of Abigail Atkins. 25.

Parker, Daniel, (Little Cooley,) r 52, far-
mer 50.

Parr, Frederick, (Millers Station,) r 22,

Pearce, Levi, (Millers Station,) r 47, far-
mer 100.
Pelton, R. W., (Chapinville,) r 17, saw mill

and farmer 20.
Perkins, Henry, (Millers Station,) {icith

Wm.,) r 22, farmer occupies farm of

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