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Mrs. Jemima, 75.
Perkins. Jemima Mrs., (Millers Station,) r

22, farmer 75.
Perkins, Levi, (Millers Station,) r 6, farmer

Perkins, Lyman, (Millers Station,) r 6>^,

saw and lath mills, lives in Woodcock.
Perkins, Wm., (Millers Station,) {icith

Henry,) r 22. farmer occupies farm of

Mrs. Jemima, 75.
Petit, Edwin, (Millers Station,) r 6, farmer

Pixley, Edward E., (Mill Village, Erie Co,,)

r 7, farmer 275.

Rawson, Thomas, (Millers Station,) r 52,

farmer 76.
Rhodes, James G., (Cambridgeboro,) r 3,

farmer 50.
Rhodes, Jonathan S., (Cambridgeboro,) r

4, cooper and farmer 55.
Robbins, Elisha S.,;(Cambridgeboro,) r3,

farmer 40.
Robbins, Josiah, (Cambridgeboro,) r 1,

farmer 71.
Robins, George W., (Millers Station,) r 19,

farmer 60.
Rockwell, Anan, (Millers Station,) r 6, far-
mer 37.

ROCKWELL, E. T., (Millers Station,) r 6,

Rockwell, S.'C, (Millers Station,) r 20, far-
mer 25.

Rogers, Elias, (Cambridgeboro,) r 27, far-
mer leases of D. O. Wing, 175.

Root, E. S. S., (Cambridgeboro,) r 39, far-
mer 103.

ROYAL HOTEL, (Millers Station,) O. J.
Fullerton, prop.

Rust, Philip, (Millers Station,) r 20^^, far-
mer 50.

Sabin, Spencer, (Mill Village, Erie Co..) r
15, school director and treasurer, and
farmer 60.



Saeger, Aaron, (Millers Station,) r 25, far-
mer 16.

Saeger, John, (Millers Station,) r 25, town-
ship auditor and farmer 150.

Salisbury, Joseph, (Millers Station,) r 26,
farmer 50.

Selden, AlpheusH., (Millers Station,) (tci!!^
Luther />..) r 20, farmer ItX).

Selden, Luther D., (Millers Station,) {icith
Alpheus //.,) r 20. farmer 100.

Sensor, Daniel 6., (Woodcock,) r 40, farmer

Sherlock, Lorenzo, (Cambridgeboro,) near
r 27, farmer 25.

Sherlock, Philander, (Cambridgeboro,) r
4^^, farmer 98.

Smith, Andrew, (Brown Hill,) r 50, farmer

Smith, B. A., (Millers Station,) r 30. farmer

Smith, Charles, (Little Cooley,) r 52, far-
mer 30.

Smith, Elias, (Chapinville,) r 35, postmas-
ter and farmer 84.

Smith, Elisha, (Brown Hill,) r 34, farmer

SMITH, ROBERT C, (Cambridgeboro,)
r 2, farmer 47X.

Smith, Samuel, (Chapinville,) r 50, farmer

Smith, Wm., (Millers Station,) r 44, far-
mer 156.
Spencer, John W., (Millers Station,)

( WoodKtde (€ Co.,) post master.
Stanford. J. M., (Cambridgeboro,) r 41,

farmer 175.
Stanford, Sarah Mrs., (Cambridgeboro,) r

41, farmer 8.
Steinhoff, Christian, (Cambridgeboro,) r

27, farmer 118.
Stickney. Willard, (Millers Station,) r 25,

farmer 150.
Still. Christopher J., (Millers Station,) r

•'iS. farmer 25.
Sturgis, Horace,(Chapinville,)r 14, farmer

Swift, Richard, (Millers Station,) r 29, far-
mer 55.

Terrill, G. C, (Cambridgeboro,) r 5, farmer

Thomas, Emily Mrs., (Millers Station,) r
47. fanner 100.

Thonias, Milton H., (Millers Station,) r 2U,
farmer 50.

Thomas, T. S., (Millers Station,) r 28, far-
mer 4.

Throop. Benjamin. (Mill Village, Erie Co.,)

'' r IH, farmer 1(H).

Turner, Kavette H., (Cambridgeboro,) r
4.i, farmer 180.

Tuttle, Marvin, (Brown Hill,) r 50, farmer

Tuttle, Moses M., (Brown Hill,) r 51, far-
mer 60.

Veile, Alonzo, (Millers Station,) r 6, far-
mer 40.

Watson, Fletcher, (Mill Village, Erie Co.,)
r 10. farmer 7.

Watson, George, (Millers Station,) r 20^,
farmer 45.

Watson, Robert, (Mill Village, Erie Co.,)
r 8, farmer 30.

Wedlock, Mary Mrs., (Mill Village, Erie
Co..) r 8, farmer .50.

Welker, George, (Millers Station,) r 3,
miller and farmer 105.

Wheeler, Albert, (Brown Hill,) r 51>^, far-
mer 50.

Wheeler, Benjamin, (Cambridgeboro,) r
41, farmer 50.

Wheeler, Charles, (Cambridgeboro,) r 41,

Whiteley, A. R., (Mill Village, Erie Co.,)
r 7)4, school director and farmer 75.

Wilcox, George, (Millers Station,) r 47,
dairyman and farmer 400.

WILLCOX, ALVA H., (MiUers Station.)
r 22, foreman of McArthur's saw miU
and farmer 43>^.

Willcox. Daniel I., (Millers Station,) r 26,
farmer 91.

Willis, Durant, (Brown Hill,) r51>i^, farmer

Willis, Isaac, (Millers Station,) r 48, farmer

Wilraoth, Nelson J. W., (Millers Station,)
r 2:^, farmer 50.

Wilson, James, (Millers Station,) r27, far-
mer 50.

WING, D. O.. (Millers Station,) r 27, manuf.
of lath, lumber, shingles, mill stuff &c.,
and farmer •i5.

Woodside & Co., (Millers Station,) (TTw.
WoodHde and Joh n ir. Spencer, ) gene ral
merchants and dealers in hemlock
bark. Railroad St.

Woodside, James, (Millers Station,) (J.
Wood tid e ti: Brother,) r 22, farmer 550.

Woodside, J. & Brother, (MUlei-s Station,)
r 27, saw, lath and grist mills, and far-
mers 300.

Woodside, Wm., (Millers Station,) ( Wood-
idde d' Co.)

Woodward, S. R., (Brown Hill.) r 51, far-
mer 3.

Zellhoefer. John, (Cambridgeboro,) r 4t,
farmer 75.

Zilhaver, Frederick, (MlUors Station,) r 42,
farmer 3().

Oakford 8l Hood^ only Practicable Hatters in



(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation. — The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies 7'oad, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, iu the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
rpside in the Village.

Brannon, John H., (Centerville,) r IT*
farmer 40.

Brightman, Chas., (Centerville,) r 22,

Brightman, "Wm. F., (Centerville,) r 23,

Buel, Charles C, (Centerville,) r 22, car-

Alcorn, Robert H., (Titusville,) r 56, far-
mer 75.

Atherton, Stephen, (Centerville,) r 6, far-
mer 100.

Babbitt, Isaac, (Centerville,) r 22, farmer

Barr, Joseph, (Centerville,) r 9^, farmer

Bassett, Lucius, (Centerville,) r 8, farmer

Bassett, Sylvanus C, (Centerville,) r 9^,
farmer 150.

Bell, John, (Centerville,) r 29, farmer 50.

BELLEN, PETER, (CenterviUe,) r 42, far-
mer 50.

Bement, Emily M. Mrs.. (Centerville,)
(widow of Joel B..) r 24>^, farmer 75.

Bement, George, (Centerville,) postmaster
and farmer 43, Erie St.

Bement, Henry D., (Centerville,) r 24^,
farmer 80.

Bender, John, (Centerville,) r 23j^, black-

Bennett, Wm. E., (Centerville,) r 11,
school director and farmer 100.

Bevens, Wm., (Oil Creek,) r 45, farmer
leases of Isaiah Rowe, ,lf)0.

Bigelow, Samuel K., (Titusville,) r 52, far-
mer 12.

Blakestee, Jared, (Titusville,) r 54, black-
smith and wagon maker.

Boggs, Jacob, (Titusville,) r 38, farmer 50.

BOTAMER, GODFREY, (Centerville,) r4,
farmer 82.

Bown, Worth R., (Centerville,) r 6, team-

Boyd, James M., (Centerville,) r 8, farmer
leases of Hannah Thomas, 50.

Boyl. Charles S., (Centerville,) carpenter,
Erie St.

Boyl, Dewitt, (Centerville,) r 23, farmer

BRAMHALL, JAMES, (Centerville,) r 25,
inspector of elections and farmer 125.

Brannon, Alexander, (Centerville,) r 17,
farmer 80.

Brannon, Augustus, (Centerville,) r 9, far-
mer 50.

Brannon, Austin, (Centerville,) r 17, far-
mer 50.

BRANNON, JAMES W., (Centerville,) r
17, farmer 20.

Buell, Lyman V., (Spartansburgh,) r 12,

carpenter and farmer 65.
Buel. Oscar, (Centerville,) r 16, farmer

BufBn, Joseph, (Centerville,) r 8, black-
Burton, Jesse P., (Spartansburgh,) r 8,

farmer 90.
Carroll, Stephen, (Titusville,) r 52, farmer

Carrow. Henry, (Centerville,) r 21>^, black-
Castle, Charles, (Titusville,) r 45. farmer.
Catlin, James, (Titusville,) r 62, stone

mason and farmer 51.
Catlin, Theodore, (Titusville,) r61, farmer


Erie St., John H. Wooster. prop.
Chapman, Albert L., (Centerville,; butcher,

Erie St.
Chase, James H., (Centerville,) r 9, farmer

Chase, John H., (Centerville,) r 9>^, farmer

Chase, Julius D., (Centerville,) r 22, farmer

Chase, Luther, (Centerville,) r 17, farmer

CHASE, WM. H.,(Centerville,)r39,lumber-

CHEESMAN. MARY P. Mrs., (widow of

Ezekiel U.,) (Centerville,) r 9>^, farmer

Chiles, Cemon J., (Centerville,) r 15, far-
mer 25.
Chiles, James M., (Centerville,) r 10, farmer

Clark, Elijah, (Centerville,) r2, farmer 20.
Clark, Fred., (Centerville,) carpenter and

auditor, 1st.
Clark, James, (Centerville,) r 21, farmer

Clark. Joseph W., (Centerville,) r 2, farmer


the Oil Region, Store Fertig Block, Titu>villc, Pa



Clark, Wm., (Titusville,) r 33. farmer 75.

Coates. Charles S., (Spartansburgh,) r S^.
school director and farmer 100.

Coats, Allen, (Centerville,; r 8, farmer

Coats, Clinton, (Centerville,) r 8, farmer

COLBEY. AARON R., (Titusville,) r 57,
farmer leases of Charles Stearns,
Rome, 50.

CONOVER, GARRETT B., (Titusville,) r
()(), farmer 200.

Conover. George B., (Titusville,) r 60, far-
mer 50.

CONOVER. JOHN G., (TitusviUe,) r 60,
farmer 50.

Cook. Joseph, (Centerville,) r 6, farmer

Cook, Lewis, (Centerville,) r 6, farmer 20.

Cook, Nathan. (Centerville.) r 17, farmer
leases of Long Island Oil Co., 100.

Cook, Wm., (Centerville,) r 8, farmer
leases of Maria L. Peirce, 50.

Cook, Wm., (Centerville,) r 3, farmer 40.

Corry Bros., (Centerville,) ( Wm. and Ches-
ter,) groceries, boots and shoes, 1st.

Corry. Chester, (Centerville,) ('■»r?\v.gro«.)

Corry, Wm., (Centerville,) {Carry Broft.)

Cox. Leander, (Centerville,) farmer 20.

Coyle. Lawrence, (Centerville,) r 3, farmer


Coyle, Raehael Mrs., (Centerville.) (widow
of John.) r 42, farmer tJO.

CRAWFORD HOCSE, (Centerville.) cor-
ner 1st and Erie, Franklin B. Good-
rich, prop.

Crosby. John W., (Centerville,) r 6, hay
dealer and farmer 219.

Dalrimple. Murray, (Centerville,) r 2, far-
mer 57.

Davison. J. B. Rev., (Centerville,) pastor
Congregational Church.

Day. Benjamin P., (^Centerville,) r 17, far-
mer tj?.

Day. John, (Centerville,) farmer 2 and
leases of George Bement, 43, Erie St.

Day. Rodney J., (Centerville,) r 9, farmer

Dowk-r & Bro., f Centerville,) (John A. and
Sumuel »S'.,) blacksmiths and carriage
makers, Ist.

Dowler, John A,, (Centerville,) (Bowler <&

Dowler, Samuel S., (Centerville,) (Doicler
<f Bro.)

Drown, John, (Titusville,) r 46, retired
f armor.

Early. James, (Centerville,) r 27, farmer 100.

Eberman. Franklin L., (Centerville,) har-
ness Qiaker, Erie St.

EDMONU, SAMUEL, (Titusville,) r 38, far-
mer 1.
EI).M(>N1). SAMUEL M., (Titusville.) r 36,

juBtico of the peace and fanner 21)0.
Eearlev, John, (TitusvlUo,) coruor of r 57

unu r>6, inuHon.
Eichbuwn. Thomas S., (Titusville,) r 18.

saw mill.
Eldred, Isaac, (CentorviUe,) r 47. farm»«r

EldnMl, Joseph, (Titusville,) r 48, farmer

Farringtdij. Joneph. (Titiirtvill**. ) r .M,

osHist&ut asstiMiur auil farmer 50.

Farrington. Robert S., (Titusville,) r31j^,
farmer .55.

FAUNCE. JOSEPH, (Titusville,) r 42. far-
mer 4S.

Fenton, Joseph, (Titusville,) r 52, retired

FENTON. JOSEPH M., (Titusville.) r 52,

farmer lOo.
Field, Henry, (Centerville,) groceries,

corner Erie and First.
Fink, Chas. P., (Centerville,) r 47, farmer

Fink, Edward. (Centerville.) r 47. collector

and farmer leases of Charles P.. 85.
Fink. James F., (Centerville,) r 47, farmer

Fink. Peter Z.. (Centerville.) r 47, farmer

leases of Samantha, 60.
Fink. Samantha, (Centerville,) (widow of

Martin,) r 47, farmer 6U.

Fink, Thomas, (Titusville,) r 45, farmer

Fish, Carltou, (Centerville,) r 10, farmer

Fish, Mary A. Mrs., (Centerville,) general

Fish, Wm. K.' (Titusville.) r 46, farmer M.

Flaugh. Benjamin, (Titusville,) r52, team-

Fuller, Samuel, (Centerville,) r41, farmer

Gillis, Henry, (Centerville,) r 5, farmer 20.

Gilson. Benj. H., (Titusville,) r 60, sawyer
and farmer 50.

Gilson, Christopher C, (Titusville,) r 54,
farmer 50.

GILSON. RICHARD B., (Titusville,) r M,
lumberman and farmer 75.

GOODRICH. FRANKLIN B., (Centerville.)
prop, of Crawford House, corner Ist
and Erie.

Goodrich, Waterman G., (Titusville,) r49,
saw mill and farmer 2i20.

Goodwill, Aaron Rev., (Centerville,) r 44,
Wesleyan minister.

Goodwill, Omri, (Centerville,) r 44, car-

Goodwill, Oscar N., (Centerville,) r 26, far-
mer 75.

GOULD, ANDREW J., (Centerville,)
watchmaker aud jeweler, Erie St.

GRAY, ALONZO, (Titusville,) r 46, farmer

GREGORY. THOMAS Db., (Titusville,)
south of r 59, farmer .50.

Griftin. Josliua, (Titusville.) r 44, farmer
leases of Isaiah Rowe. 90.

HALFAST, HENRY, (Spartansburgh, i r

31. farm»«r71 and leases 110.
Hamilton. Justus J., (Centerville.) r 2^1.

farnit>r 5(i.
Haniiltou, Thomas, (Centerville,) r 43,

farmer 40.
Harmon. Chancy M., (CentenriUe,) r 5,

farmer 50.
Harrington. Richard, (Spartansburgh,) r

12. farmer MO.
Harrirtnii, Benjamin, (Titusville.) r 38, far-
mer im.
Uurrlsdii. Benjamin Jr., (Titusville.) r 32,

fiirmiT .50.
Hurrison. Benjamin I., (Spartansburgh.)

r lU, farmer 50.



Harrison, Edward I., (Titusville,) r 37,
farmer 73.

Harrison, Inskip, (Titusville,) r 37, farmer

Harrison, John B., (Titusville,) r 36, far-
mer 511^.

Harrrison, Richard, (Titusville.) east of
r 32, farmer 50.

Harrison, Richard B., (Titusville,) r 36,
farmer 83.

Harrison, Thomas, (Titusville,) r 53, far-
mer 135.

Harrison, Wm., (Titusville,) west of r 32,
farmer 70.

HASBROUCK, JOHN, (Titusville,) r 55,
farmer 68.

HASBROUCK, WM. D., (Titusville,) r 55,
farmer 73.

Hassan, John, (Titusville,) r 32, farmer

Hazen, Chas. W., (Centerville,) r 4, farmer

Hazen, George W., (Centerville,) r4, far-
mer 45.

HEALD, ISAAC B., (Centerville,) r 39,
head sawyer.

Heliker, Clark R., (Spartansburgh,) r 31,
farmer 55.

Heliker, John, (Spartansburgh,) r 31, far-

HENDERSON, MATHEW P., (Titusville,)
r 45, laborer.

Hicks. Timothy B., (Spartansburgh,) r 32,
farmer 48.

HOLBROOK, ALPHEUS W., (Centerville,)
r 15, supervisor and farmer 200.

HOPKINS, CHAS. W., (Spartansburgh,) r
12, farmer.

Hopkins, Leroy, (Spartansburgh,) r 31)^,
farmer 50.

Hotchkiss. Edward L., (Spartansburgh,)
r 12, farmer 25.

HOWE, BARTON S., (Titusville,) r 57,
stone mason.

Huckelbery, Simon P., (Centerville,) far-
mer leases of Loren Wood, 60.

HUMMER, ELIAS W., (Titusville,) r 59,
farmer 75.

Hummer, George W., (Titusville,) r 59, far-
mer 64.

Hummer, James, (Titusville,) r59, farmer

Hummer, Lynn, (Titusville,) r 59, farmer

Hummer, Margaret S., (widow,) (Titus-
ville.) r 59, farmer 50.

Hunt, James, (Spartansburgh,) r 12, far-
mer 18.

Hunt. Oscar D., (Spartansburgh,) r 12, far-
mer 10.

Hunt, Stephen D., (Spartansburgh,) r 13,
farmer 5 i.

JOHNSON, WM. B., (Centerville,) r 18,
dealer in stock and farmer leases of
Thos. Rhodes, 69.

Kelley, Dennis, (CenterviUe,) r 1, farmer

Kelley, James Y., (Centerville,) r 6, farmer

Kelley, John, (Centerville,) r 39, farmer

Kellogg, George W., (Centerville,) r 26,
farmer leases of John R. Gillson, Oil
Creek, 66.

Kellogg, Henry W., (Titusville,) (with

Lefiter S. and Parker D.,) r 46, farmer

Kellogg, Isaac, (Titusville,) r 46, retired

KELLOGG. LESTER S., (Titusville,) (n-ith

Henry W. and Park&r I).,) r 46, farmer

Kellogg, Parker D., (Titusville,) (witJi

Henry W. and Lester S.,) r 46, farmer

Kelly, James, (Centerville,) r 42, farmer

Kelly, Richard, (Centerville,) r 8, farmer

Kerr, James R., (Titusville,) r 38, farmer

Kerr, Wm. J., (Titusville,) r 38, farmer 70.
Kinney, Wm., (Centerville,) r 19, farmer

Klingensmith, Wm. P., (Centerville,) saw

mill, Erie St.
Kune, George J., (Titusville,) r 57, cooper.
Lafferty, Eleanor Mrs., (Centerville,)

(widow of Hugh,) r 26, farmer 60.
Lemm, Peter, (Centerville,) r 21>^, cooper

and farmer 1.

LEWIS, JAMES M.,. (Centerville,) hard-
ware, stoves and tinware. Erie St.

Lindsey, John, (Centerville,) school direc-
tor, councilman and farmer 10, Erie

Lines. Frederick Jr., (Centerville,) r 2,
carpenter and farmer 30.

Lines, Frederick A., (Centerville,) r5, far-
mer 50.

Lines, George, (Centerville,) r 10, farmer

Magee, Andrew L., (Centerville,) r 41, far-
mer 25.

Magee, Daniel, (Centerville,) r27j^, farmer

MAGEE, FRANCIS, (Centerville,) r 40, far-
mer 45.

Magee, F. Morgan, (Centerville,) r 41,
blacksmith, supervisor and farmer 30.

MAGEE, JAMES, (Centerville,) r 42, far-
mer 200.

Magee, James S., (Centerville,) r 41, far-
mer 45.

Magee, Jerome, (Centerville,) r 40, teams-
ter and farmer.

Magee, JohnB., (CenterviUe,) r41, farmer

MAGEE, JOHN R., (CenterviUe,) r 27, far-
mer 44.

Magee, Patrick, (CenterviUe,) r 27^, far-
mer 25.

MAGEE, PATRICK S., (CenterviUe,) r41,
farmer 85.

Magee, Wm., (CenterviUe,) r 27^, farmer

Matterson, Albert A., (Titusville,) {Matter-
son & So7is,) r 51, farmer 100.

Matterson, George W., (Titusville,) {Mat-
terson <& S07)S.)

Matterson, Joel B., (TitusvUle,) {Matter-
son (fe Sons.)

Matterson, John S., (Titusville,) {Matter-
son & Sons,)r 51, farmer 200.

Matterson & Sons, (Titusville,) {John S.,
Joel B.. Albert A. and George >r.,) r 51,
saw and shingle mills.



MAUREL. JOSEPH P. Rev., (Centerville,^

r 40, priest of Roman Catholic Church.
Maynard, Thomas, (.Centerville,) painter,

Maynard, Wm. M., (Centerville,) r 21X,

farmer, in Athens, 50.
McCalmont, Wm., (Centerville,) farmer 7,

Erie St.
McCleod, Dennis, (Centerville,) r6, teams-

McCleod, Wm., (Centerville,) r 1, farmer

McCrandell, Mary Mrs., (Centerville,)

(widow of John,) r 29, farmer 100.
Mclntyre, John, (Centerville,) r 6. farmer

leases of Stephen Atherton, 49.
McLaughlen, Wm., (Centerville.) r 47 and

39. farmer loO.
McLauRhlin, Joseph, (Centerville,) r 44,

farmer 50.
McLoughlin, Margaret, (Centerville,)

(widow of Daniel,) r 44, farmer 50.
Menuir, Henry, (Centerville,) r 27, farmer

MORRIS, BENJ., (Tltusville,) {E. S B.

}f orris. )
MORRIS, BENJ. H., (Titusville,) ( TriWtam

Morrifi Jr. tfe Bro.)

MORRIS, EDWARD, (Titusville,) (E. & B.

MorHn. )
MORRIS, E. & B., (Titusville,) (Edward

and Benjamin,) r 56, lumber manufs.
• and dealers.
MORRIS, INSKIP, (Titusville,) r 52)^, far-
mer 50.
Morris, James L., (Spartan8burgh,)r 31>^,

farmer 55.
MoiTis. Wm., (Titusville,) carpenter.
MORRIS, WM. Jr. & BRO., (Titusville,)

(Benjamin IF.,) r 31, lumber mamifs.
Morris, Wm. P., (Titusville,) farmer 80.
Morris, Wm. S., (Titusville,) r 52, assessor

and farmer 110.
M)ii^, John, (Titusville,) r 48, farmer 52.
MUIR, JOHN Jr., (Titusville,) r 48, works

in saw mill.
MuUin, Wm., (Titusville,) r 47)^, farmer

Myers, Henry H.,

school director

Harvey Knickerbockf^r. 125.
Myers, John B.. (TituHville,) r 32, real

estate agent and farnier 90.
NASH & BROS., (Centerville,) (Thomas.
Williiim and Patrick-.) r IS, maaufs. of

sugar and molasses barrels.

NASH. PATRICK, (Centerville,) (.VcwA <«

/iroi. )
NASH, THOMAS, (Centerville,) (A'a«A <t

liroa. )
NASH, WILLIAM, (Centerville,) (Aa«A <fc

Neisl)ut, John, (Titusville,) r 33, farmer

NOBLE. HENRY, (Centerville,) justice of

the neact* and fanner 1(X>, Ist.
Noblo, Saniuol S., (Centervillo.) farmer

21 rt), iMt.
Odell. Henry B., (Spartonsburgh,) r 81,

fiinnor 50.
ODKLL, JOHN, (Centerville,) r 25, farmer

Odell, Wm., (CeDtervme,)(^«Bto» «ft C^t^A)

(Spartansburgh,) r8>^,
r and farmer leases of

OWEN, GEORGE W., (Centerville,) r Bl^.

Paterson, Isaac,(Centerville,) r 16, farmer

Patten, Pickron, (Centerville,) r 9, farmer

Paul, Benjamin, (Centerville,) r 29, farmer

Peirce, Maria L., (Centerville,) r 8, farmer

Penoyer, Thomas, (Centerville,) farmer

Perry, Henry, (Centerville,) r 4^3, school

director and farmer 50.

PHILLIPS, JOEL LYMAN, (Centerville,)
r2, school director and farmer 100.

Phillips, Joel S., (Centerville,) r 2, farmer
leases of Wm. W. Brown, 50.

Plue, Lafayette, (Titusville,) r 60, farmer
leases of Horace Nelson. Corry. 30.

POLLOCK, HENRY, (Titusville,) r 36, far-
mer 50.

Pollock, Thomas, (Titusville,) r 36, far-
mer 50.

Post. Charles B., (Centerville,) {S. Post <&

Post, Ezra, (Centerville,) r 13, cooper and
farmer 75.

POST, SIMON, (Centerville,) (S. Post &

POST. S. & SON, (Centerville.) (Simon and
Charles J5.,) general merchants, corner
Erie and 1st.

Post, Wallace, (Centerville,) brick manuf.,
Erie St.

Putnam, Alfred. (Centerville,) corner of r
44 and 43, prop, of Town Line House.

Putnam. Ransom, (Centerville,) r 44, con-
stable and farmer 150.

PUTNAM. SIDNEY R., (Centerville,) r 44,
farmer 60.

Reed. George, (Centerville,) r 10, farmer

REID, DANIEL Rev., (Titusville,) r 51,
Reformed Presbyterian minister.

RENDALL, ROBERT H., (Titusville,) r 36,

RENDALL. ROBERT P., (Titusville.) r 51,
town clerk and farmer 50.

Rhoade, George H., (Centerville,) r 8, far-
mer 10.

RHOADES, FRANKLIN, (Centerville,) r
H. farmer 30.

Rhodes, Charles M.. (Centerville.) r 18,
station agent and telegraph operator,
O. C. & A. R. R.

Rice, Sidney, (Centerville,) r 2lXi carpen-

Rice, Wm.. (Centerville,) r21 V. carpenter.

RIECK, AUGUST, (Centerville.) r 42, far-
mer 5().

Rigby, Emanuel F.. (Titusville,) (Righy «*
Soil, I r 5;i, farmer 145,

Rlgby & Son. ( Titusville. )(«VnafMM/ F. and
J hoiiHia ir.,)8aw mill.

Rlgby. Thomas W., (Titusville,) (Righy A

Rixby, Johnson, (Spartansburgh.) r 11, far-

iniT IXt.
Rodg«<rH. Hndg«'t, (Centorvillo.) (widow of

Paniel.i west of r»l. farmer 50.
RodgerH, Wm.. (Centerville.) west of r 41,


armer leases of Bridget, bu.



Rodier, Julius A., (Centerville.) general
merchant, corner Erie and 1st.

Rose, Julius. (Spartansburgh,)r 13, farmer

Rose. Loren D., (Centerville,) r 20^, far-
mer leases 100.

Ross. Hiram W., (Centerville,) r 41, far-
mer 70.

Ross, Julius F., (Centerville,) r 41, car-
penter and farmer 30.

Ross, Wm., (Centerville,) r 41, retired far-

Rowe, Isaiah, (Oil Creek,) r 44, farmer

Rowley. Burton C, (Spartansburgh,) r 12,
school director and farmer 84.

Rowley, Francis M., (Titusville,)r 44, far-
mer 44.

Ruel. Wilber, (Spartansburgh,) r 12, far-
mer 20.

Sanders. John R. Mrs., (widow.) (Center-
ville.) r 22, farmer 14.

Scott, Daniel, (Spartansburgh,) west of r
32. farmer 70.

ville.) r 4, laborer.

Scott, Mortimer, (^Centerville,) r 9, farmer

Scott, Thomas, (Centerville,) r 4, farmer

Sedden, Thomas, (TitusviUe,) r 32, farmer

Sexton. A. Gates, (Centerville,) {Sexton &

Sexton & Odell, (Centerville,) {A. Gates
Sexto7i and Wm. Odell,) r 22, brick

SEXTON. PERSON G., (Centerville,) r
23>;;. farmer 29.

Shaw, William, (Titusville,) r 55, farmer

Sherman. Charles W., (Centerville,) r 40,
farmer 100.

Shumake. Wm. P., (Titusville,) r 45, far-
mer 50.

Skelly, James, (Centerville,) r 23, farmer

Smith, Henry C, (Titusville,) west of r 55,
farmer leases of Joseph Barnsdall,
Titusville, 115.

Snapp. Charles A., (Centerville,) r 8, far-
mer 37>^.

Snapp Charles A., (Spartansburgh,) r 8,
farmer 37)^.

Snapp. Geo. W., (Centerville,) r8, farmer

37, V •

Snapp, Geo. W., (Spartansburgh,) r8, far-
mer 373^.

Snapp, Henry. (Centerville,) r 8, farmer

Snapp. Henry, (Spartansburgh,) r 8, far-
mer 50.

Snapp, Jacob, (Centerville,) r 26, farmer

Snapp. Willard O., (Spartansburgh,) r 8>^,
farmer leases of Patrick Coyle, 90.

Snyder, John, (Spartansburgh,) r 11, far-
mer 15.

SOUTHWICK, ENOS, (Spartansburgh,) r
31, farmer 40.

Southworth, Bruce, (Centerville,) grocer-
ies, provisions, crockery &c., 1st.

Southworth, Hiram, (Centerville,) farmer
45, Erie St.

Stark, Ormel, (Centerville,) r 3, farmer

Stearns, Charles, (Titusville,) r 50, farmer

STEPHEN, HENRY B., (Spartansburgh,)
r 31, carpenter.

Stewart, David, (Titusville,) r 51, farmer

Stewart, David O., (Centerville,) r 3, far-

Stewart, Hamilton, (Titusville,) r 38, car-
penter and farmer 50.

Stewart, James A., (Titusville,) r 38, far-
mer 50.

Stewart, Marcus, (Titusville.) r 51, farmer

Stewart, Martha and Nancy, (Titusville,) r
51, farmers .50.

Stewart, Mary J., (widow of Cha8.,)(Titus-
ville,) r38. farmer 100.

Stoke, John H., (Spartansburgh.) r 12, far-
mer 50.

Stoke, Joseph A., (Spartansburgh,) r 31,

Stratton. Joel, (Centerville,) r 13, cooper
and farmer 75.

Taft, Seth, (Centerville.) r 22, shoemaker.

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