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Thomas, Hannah, (Centerville.) r8, farmer

Thompson, James A., (Titusville,) r48, far-
mer 36.

Thompson, Margaret L., (Centerville,)
(widow of Oliver,) r 40, farmer 97.

Trude, Dewit, (Centerville,) r 20, boarding

Tucker, Miner M., (Titusville,) r60, farmer

Vosbury, Jeremiah, (Titusville,) r 50, far-
mer 156.

Vroman, James A., (Spartansburgh,) r
31>^, farmer 31.

Vryman, Louis, (Centerville,) r 28, farmer

Waid. Adin P., (Centerville,) eclectic physi-
cian, 1st.

Wait, Ezra, (Centerville,) r 10, farmer 25.

Warner, Henry, (Spartansburgh,) r 11, far-
mer 57.

WATSON, NEWTON J., (TitusviUe,) r 58,

Weidner. James, (Spartansburgh,) r 8^,
farmer 200.

Weld. Squire, (Centerville,) r 44, farmer

Wellmon, Charles, (Centerville,) r 3, far-
mer leases 75.

r 6. farmer 25.

ville.) east of r 55, farmer 50.

Wheathall, Henry, (Titusville,) east of r
55. farmer 100.

Wheathall. Henry R., (Titusville.) east of
r 55, farmer 50.

Williams, John, (Centerville,) r 28, farmer

Wilson, Henry H., (Centerville,) r 19, far-
mer leases of Hiram Southwick, 30.

Winsor, W. H., (Centerville,) r 4, farmer
leases of L. G. Mickles, Sparta, 100.

Winton, Lawrance, (Centerville,) r 6,
farmer 50.

Winton. Wash, (Centerville,) r 21, school
director and farmer 100.



"Winton, Wm. W., (Centervillo,) r 23X, far-
mer 50.

WOOD, LORIN, rCenterville,) dry goods
and varieties, corner of Erie and Ist.

WOOSTER. JOHN H., (Centerville,)prop.
of Centerville Hotel and burgess, Erie

Wright, Eastrus, (Centerville,) r 42, far-
mer .50.

Wright, James, (Titusville,) r 47>^, farmer

Wright, Robert, (Titusville,) r 3, farmer

ZIELIE, PETER, (Centerville,) r 16, far-
mer 110.



(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

ExPLANATiOK. — The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the village.

Adsit. J. E.. CEvansburgh.) r 35, farmer 54.
Adsit. ilargaret, (widow of John,) (Evans-
burgh.) r :i5, farmer 400.
Adsit. Richard, (Evansburgh,) r 35, farmer

Allen. D. G.. (Evansburgh,) r 36. farmer 20.
Alien, Isabell Mrs., (Evansburgh,) r 34,

farmer 1(K).
Allen, James, (Evansburgh,) r 35, farmer

Allen, Levinus, (Evansburgh,) farmer 75.
Allen. Wm., (Evansburgh,) farmer 200.
Bakely. Peter, (Tamarac, i r 4, farmer 250.
barber, Henderson, (Evansburgh,) mail

Barber, John, (Evansbureh,) blacksmith.
Banus. Henry, (Evansuurgh,^ farmer

lea.ses 45.
BATES, HARVEY, (Tamarac,) r 23, far-
mer lf)0.
Beattv, James, (Evansburgh,) r 8, farmer

Bentley, Joel, (Evansburgh. ) r 20, farmer

Bier.s. Mrs., (widow of J.,) (Tamarac,)

fanner 1(X).
Birch. Henry, (Tamarac,) r 23, supervisor

and farmer 1(N).
Boon, Wm., (Tamarac,) r 5, blacksmith

and farmer KK).
Brown, Jonhua, (Evansburgh,) teamster.
Buell. Kruiikliii, (Stony Point,) r 28, peat

master and farmer 131.
Campbell. Everett, (Tamarac.) r6. farmer

Conh-y. John, (Tamarac.) r 21, lumber

Conlev, J. & P.. (Tamarac.) farmer 100.
CONLY. WM. C, (Tamaruo,. r Z\. dealer

in lumber, real eHtute and coiil InndH

Conner, James, (Tamarac,) r 22, farmer

leases 50.
Cory, R. J., (Tamarac,) r 6, fanner leases

Davis, Walter L., (Stony Point,) r 26, car-
penter and farmer 145.
Dearment. Mrs., (Evansburgh,) r 35,

farmer 65.
Delaney, Wm., (Evansburgh, ) tanner.
Dennis, Jesse, (Evansburgh, » farmer 30.
Dennis, Robert J., (Evansburgh,) post

Dennis, Wm., (Evansburgh,) farmer 50.
Finley, Andrew, (Tamarac,) r 22, far ner

Finley, John H., (Tamarac,) r 22, farmer

Foust, A., (Evansburgh,) r 14, farmer 120.
FOUST, ALOXZO, (Tamarac,) r 23, far-
mer leases 100.
Foust, Frank, (Evansburgh,) r 12, farmer

Foust, H., (Evan.sburgh.) r 12. farmer lul.
Foust, Henry, (Evansburgh.) r 13, farmer

Foust, Israel, (Hartstown,) r 25. farmer.
Foust. IsrRHl, (Tamarac, I r 25, farmer 58.
Fouat, John, (Evansburgh,) r 14, farmer

FouKt. John. (Tamarac,) r 5, farmer 40.
Foust, M., I Evansburgh,) r 14. fiirmer 1(V).
Uuston, A., (Evansburgh. I r IR, farmer 123.
Qarwi>()d, Mrs., » Evansburgh, > r .'30,

fiirnier 3<).
Oehr. John W., (Tamarac.) r 6. farmer 75.
Gehr. JoHinh, (Tamjirai;,) rfi, farmer 1(X).
Gehr. Samuel H.. (Tumarac.) r 4. farmer

Oehr, Tobias. (Tamarac. ) r 2. farmer 51.
Oilils, John, (Evanstiurgh, I blacksn.ith.



Graham. E., (Evansburgh,)r 16, mechanic.

Greenewalt, Daniel, (Tamarac,) r 2, far-
mer 43.

Greenewalt, Isaac, (Tamarac,) r 24, far-
mer 27.

Harper, John, (Evansburgh,) r 12, farmer

Harper, Mary, (Evansburgh,) r 12, farmer

Hemphill. Geo. H., (Tamarac,) r 4, ship

HEixi^ilJLL, J. B., (Tamarac,) r 4, stone

HEMPHILL, J. T., (Tamarac,) farmer.

Henry, Alex., (Stony Point,) r 26, farmer

Hotchkin, J., (Evansburgh,) r 30, farmer
leases 270.

Hotchkiss, Rice, (Evansburgh,) r 18, car-
penter and farmer 40.
. Hughes, John, (Tamarac.) farmer 90.

JacKson, Abner, (Evansburgh,) {Jackson

Jackson Bros., (Evansburgh,) (Abner and
Isaac,) r 18, farmers 83.

Jackson, Isaac, (^Evansburgh,) {Jackson

Jackson. J. C, (Evansburgh,) r 20, farmer

Jackson, Wm. W., (Tamarac,) r 2. farmer

Johnson, H. L., (Evansburgh,) physician.

Kean, D. W.. (Evansburgh,) r 10, farmer

KEAN, JOHN S., (Evansburgh,) r 18, jus-
tice of the peace, agent Gowanda
Plow and farmer 122.

Keen. David, (Evansburgh,) r 18, farmer

Keen, John P., (Evansburgh,) r 10, farmer

LAKE HOUSE, (Evansburgh,) r 15, C. C.
McNamara, prop.

Lawrence, Joseph W., (Tamarac,) r 24,
lawyer and farmer 70.

Leaphart, Sam, (Tamarac,) r 23, farmer
leases 150.

Lewis, C. H., (Tamarac.) r 5, general mer-
chant and postmaster.

Lindsey, Alex. Sen., (Evansburgh,) r 34,
farmer 40.

Lindsey, Jacob, (Tamarac,) r 5, black-

Lindsey, James, (Evansburgh,) r 30, far-
mer 50.

Lindsey. Willis, (Evansburgh,) r 29, far-
mer 60.

Lord. Mary C, (Evansburgh,) prop. Lord

LUTES, H., (Tamarac,) r 5, peddler and
farmer leases 40.

Marr. L. E., (Tamarac.) r22, farmer 60.

McCaffarty, David, (Evansburgh,) r 10,
farmer 50.

McDowell, Robert, (Stony Point,) r 30,
farmer 75.

McElhenney, John, (Evansburgh,) r 20,
farmer 33.

McGill. Chas., (Tamarac) r 9. farmer 100.

McKay, Hugh, (Evansburgh.) shoe maker.

McKay, Uriah, (Evansburgh.) blacksmith.

McLean, W. F., (Evansburgh.) physician.

McMichael, Harvey, (Stony Point,) r 28,
farmer 100.

McNAMARA. C. C, (Evansburgh,) r 16,

prop. Lake House.
McNamara, John, (Evansburgh,) farmer

Mellon, Alex,, (Evansburgh,) r 29, farmer

Mellon, Andrew, (Stony Point,) r 33, far-
mer 200.

Mellon, Henry A., (Evansburgh,) r 29, far-
mer 113.

Miller, David V., (Evansburgh,) r 33, far-
mer 85,

Miller, Jacob T,, (Stony Point,) r 30, far-
mer 15.

Miller. James C, (Stony Point,) r 28, far-
mer 48.

Miller. J. W., (Stony Point,) r 22, black-
smith and farmer 42.

Miller. Philip W., (Evansburgh,) boat
builder and farmer 93.

MOYER. A. H., (Tamarac,) r 25, farmer
10 and leases 90.

Moyer, Sarah, (widow of Henry,) (Tama-
rac,) r 25, farmer 90.

Nelson, James, (Tamarac,) r 5, carpenter.

Ralyeigh, H., (Evansburgh,) r 10, farmer

Rawson, Mrs., (Evansburgh,) r 18,

farmer 100.

Raydine, Stafford, (Evansburgh,) r 35,
farmer 800.

Robertson, W. J., (Hartstown,) r 25, far-
mer 25.

Scott. Robert, (Evansburgh,) tailor and
justice of the peace.

Scott, Mrs., (Evansburgh,) r 35, far-
mer 120.

Scovel, Ezra, (Tamarac.) r 5, shoe maker.

Shautz, Chas., (Evansburgh,) r 14, farmer

Shautz, E. M., (Evansburgh.) r 15, farmer

Shautz, S., (Evansburgh,) r 12, farmer

Shelito, George, (Evansburgh,) r 20, far-
mer 100.

Southwick, Levi. (Tamarac.) farmer,

Stewart. Ad., (Evansburgh,) wagon maker.

Stowe. Samuel, (Evansburgh,) teamster.

Stowe, — Mrs., (Tamarac,) r 21, farmer 50.

Strattan, A., (Evansburgh,) (Sirattan d:

Strattan, C, (Evansburgh,) (Strattan S

Strattan & Co.. (Evansburgh,) (A. and C.

Strattan.) lumbermen and merchants.
Strattan. Fi-ank. (Evansburgh.) farmer.
Styers, Fred., (Tamarac,) r 25, farmer 58.
Vickers, John, (Hartstown,) r 25, farmer

Wade, J., (Stony Point.) r 26, farmer 100,

Watson, H. Mrs., (widow,) (Evansburgh,) r

11, farmer 119.
Watson, James, (Evansburgh,) r 19, farmer

Watson. John, (Evansburgh,) farmer 50.
Webb, John L., (Tamarac,) r 5.
Werts, Henry, (Evansburgh,) r 30, farmer

Willard, Amos, (Tamarac,) r 9, farmer

Work, Matthew, (Evansburgh,) foreman

in Strattan's saw mill.



SBOTJT3E3C ®Z-3[EJ35»JjgL3XrC3-0.

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation.— The letter /•, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it, refer to the number of the road as designated on the map in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

ATEN, PHILIP, (Hartstown,) r 28, far-

Barry, Daniel, (Adamsville,) r 42, farmer

Bell, Samuel, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,) r
45, farmer 40.

Bennett. J. D., (Hartstown,) r 5, carpen-
ter and farmer 25.

Bennett, Robert, (Hartstown,) r 5, audi-
tor and farmer 100.

Bennett, Samuel, (Hartstown,) r 5, retired

BLAIR, HENRY, (Hartstown,) r 34, farmer

BLAIR. H. A., (Hartstown.) r 7, farmer.

BLAIR, ROBERT A., (Hart8town,K«"«/i W.
11.,) V 7, saw mill.

Blair, Wm. H., (Hartstown,) r 7, farmer
.50 and iirith Robert A.,) prop, saw mill.

Bonam, Joseph B., (Espyville,) r 12, shoe-
maker and farmer 26.

BORROWS. JAMES Rev., (Jamestown-
Mercer Co.,)r 25 clergyman and farmer-
Bray, Wm. G . (Adamsville,) r 49, carpen-
ter and farmer 40.

Cam^jbell, Isaac, (Espyville,) r 1, farmer

Carklin. Abraham, (Espyville,) r 12, car-
penter and farmer 70.

Carson, Stephen, (Hartstown,) r 4, farmer

Christy, Daniel, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)
r -"iJ, farmer RO.

CHRISTY, DAVID, (Jamestown, Mercer
(.'»».,) r ;i4, farmer l.")0.

Christy, Joseph. (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)
r .i), farmer HI.

Clyde. T., (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,) r 89,
farmer 100.

Cour.scn, Aaron R., (Espyville,) r 2, wagon
maker and farmer 1^50.

CRAVE.V, RICUAUI) (}.',( JamoHtown. Mer-
cer Co.,> r ;{."1. farmer 12(>.

Crawford, Wallace. (Jamestown, Mercer
(•|).,>r 41, farm»«r2l)0.

CuuninKham, James, (Hartatowu.) r 18,
farmer I.'jO.

Cuniiiiigluim. Robert A., (Espyville,) r
1 1, f urine r .M).

CunniiiisMiiuu, Samuel M., (Jameatowo,
Mercer Co..) r.S8. fanner 75.

Davis, Andrew, (Hartstown,) r 8, farmer

DAVIS, D. T., (Hartstown. ) r 15, farmer
leases of David Carkhuff. 100.

DAVIS, H. T., (Hartstown.) r7, carpenter.

Davis. John, (Hartstown.) r 33, farmer 50.

DAVIS, JOHN S., (Hartstown,) r 8, far-
mer 150.

DAVIS, WM., (Hartstown,) r 7, farmer 130.

Davis, Wm., (Hartstown,) r 21, farmer 50.

Delana, Martin, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)
r 46, farmer 35.

DICKEY, NATHANIEL, (Hartstown,) r 6,
farmer 117.

Dickey, Robert B., (Hartstown.) r 5, far-
mer 100.

Dicky, Nathaniel W. & Patterson. (Harts-
town. ) r 6, farmer 87.

Dicky, Samuel, (Hartstown,) r 6, farmer

Dowthett. Wm., (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)
r 39. farmer 275.

Dwyer, Dennis, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)
r 40, farmer 100.

Eastlick, Chas., (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)
r 36, farmer 26.

Eastlick, Wm., (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)
r ;iH, farmer 40.

Elliott, Robert, (Hartstown,) r 19, farmer

Ewing. James, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)
r 42, farmer 30.

FLETCHER. JOHN, (Hartstown,) r ^Xy^,
'armer 100.

FLETCHER. SAMUEL, (Jamestown, Mer-
cer Co.,) r 29, farmer 80.

FONNER, JACOB. (Espyville.) r 10, wagon
maktT and farmer .50.

Foimcr, Pet«<r, (Espyville.) r 29, farmer 60.

Fonner, S.. (Espyville,) r 2, broom m.tker
and farmer 4.

Fonm-r, Wm., i Esnyville. ) r 2. farmer l.">0.

Fourier, Wm. U. U., (Espyville.) r 2, far-

Free. Richanl, (Espyville.) r 1. farmer 100.

Furnii*».s, Samuel, (Jamestown, Mercer
Co.. . farmer .'JO.

GALLA(iMEK, SARAH MRfl., (James-
town. Mirccr ("o.,» r 2!'. farmer 12.')

CJAMlU.i:. ni(;n M., (Jamestown. Mer-
cer Co.,) r 43, farmer 19-t.



Sarais Ml M\ Rooia 1. 5,

Gives Instruc-
tions on the

I mil Ui





— ALSO —

% Tiiorougn Bass &
M Vo cal Ciiimre.


Published every Thursday, at

J. E. & W. A. RUPERT, Editx)rs & Prop's.


The Courier was established in 1847; it is the only Paper in the place; is the best
Local Paper in the County, and has a guaranteed

CircBletiOD Laner Itian any other f eeil? in this Sectloii of Ihe Coitry,

Advertisetnenta inserted at Reasonable Hates. — Subscriptions, $2 per Year,

One Dollar for Six Months,



book: & JOB ruiisiTi^G

In all its branches, done in the best style at lowest living rates. A complete as-
sortment of Blanks, embracing all kinds in general use, kept constantly on hand.
Orders by Mail promptly filled.



GAMBLE. JOHN D., (Hartstown,) r 7, far-
mer -^00.

GAMBLE, THOS., (Hartstown,) r 7, farmer

Gay. James, (Hartstown.) r8, farmer 66.

Gepford. Abraham, (Hartstown,) r 8, far-
mer ')().

Gepford, Daniel, (Hartstown,) r 8, farmer

Gepford, Jeremiah, (Hartstown,) r 8, far-
mer 50.

Gleason. Norton D., (Hartstown.) r 14, far-
mer 115.

Gleason, Thompson, (Jamestown, Mercer
Co.,)r]8, produce dealer.

Glenn. Alex., (Espyville,) r 18, asst. asses-
sor and farmer ViO.

Glenn, Robert, (Hartstown,) r 26, farmer

Hanna. Wm. S., (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)
r 43. farmer 33.

Hart, James & Joseph, (Hartstown,) far-
mer 50.

Hart, James S., (Espyville.) r 2, farmer 62.

Hart. Marquet, (Hartstown,) r 21, farmer

Hart. Nancy, (Espyville,) {with Mary Jane
Waitem.) r 1, farmer 42.

Harvy, Christy, (Hartstown. ) (?ft^A Jaw? e^
McQiiMon and that. Lecander,) r 15,
farmer liO.

Horrick, P.. (Espyville,) r 1. agent Excel-
sior Mower and farmer 80.

Hicks, Peter, (Hartstown.) r 49. farmer 9.

Hill. Wallace T., (Hartstown,; r 4, farmer

H''BBELL, BENJ. S., (Hartstown,) r 10,
farmer 80.

Hunter. Adam. (Adamsville,) r 42, farmer.

Huilbert, Henry. (Espyville.) r 1, cheese
maker and farmer 2S0.

JAMISCJN. JAMES, (Jamestown, Mercer
Co..) r 39, farmer 170.

Jauii.son, James A., (Hartstown,) r 15, far-
mer 5''.

Jamison. Wm. A., (Hartstown,) r 20, far-
mer 10 >.

Johnson, Aaron C, (Espyville,) r 2, farmer

Johnson, Wm. F.. (Turnersville,) r 30,
stock dealer and farmer 180.

Johnson. Wm. H.. (Espyville,! r 2, farmer

JOHNSTON, GERSHUM K.. (Espyville,) r

3. blacksmith and farmer 3.
KARY, MICHAEL, (Jamestown, Meroer

f '().,> r 16, farmer K).
Lau>;hry, Jolm. (Jamestown, Meroer Co.,)

r 36. farmer 50.
LauKhry. Samuel H., (Turnersville,) r 37,

farnier 57.
LeiHOD. James, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,) r

48, farmer :dS.

Lovander. Chas., (Hartstown.^ nrith Jn*.
Mi'(^iii»(on and Christy Jliirry,) r 15,
fanner UK).

Lcwi.s. Etlwar.l IL, (Hartstown and James-
town. .MtTCtT Co..) r 31, fiirincr 22.

LEWIS. SIMEON. (Turuorsville.) r 39.

LiehtiKT. Jiimos L., (Hartstown. ^ r'-Si, far-
ni.r 1(H).

LIVI.N(i.srON. GEO., (Hartstown. )r 5, far-

Livingston, Samuel, (Hartstown,) r 5,
cattle dealer and farmer 200.

Livingstone. David, (Hartstown,) r 5,
school director and farmer 200.

LOGAN, SAMUEL J., (Hartstown.) r 15,
cheese maker in Hartstown Butter and
Cheese Factory, and farmer 100.

LYONS, JOHN E., (Hartstown,) r 6, far-

Mahan, Abel, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,) r
18, auditor and farmer loO.

MARSHALL. A. .(Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)

r 37, shoemaker.
Marshall, Catharine, (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,) r 30, farmer 81.
Marshall, David, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)

r 37, farmer 27.
Marshall, James P., (Jamestown. Mercer

Co.,) r 37, school director and farmer

MARSHALL. JOHN W., (Jamestown, Mer-
cer Co.,) r 38. farmer 100.
Marshall, Paden, (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,)r38. farmer 145.
Marshall, Scott A., (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,)r :^. farmer 100.
Marshall. Thompson, (Jamestown, Mercer

Co..) r 38, farmer.
Marshall, Wallace, (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,) r 37, farmer 75.
Martin. Jacob, (Hartstown and Espyville,)

r3, farmer 90.
Martin, James, (Hartstown,) r 3, farmer

Martin, James A., (Espyville,) r 3, farmer


MARTIN, ROBERT, (Hartstown,) r 3, far-

Martin. Samuel L., (Hartstown,) r 3, school
director and farmer 110.

McArther. Alex, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)
r 30, farmer 100.

McArther, Wm., (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)
r 30. farmer 160.

McArthur, Andrew, (EspyviUe,) r 17, far-
mer 80.

McArthur, J. P.. (Hart-stown,) r 19, justice
of the peace and farmer 220.

McARTHUR, MOSES M., (Jamestown.
Mercer Co.,) r 29, farmer 200.

McBride, John, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)
r 48. farmer 10.

McCOHNEY, ROBERT. (Jamestown, Mer-
cer Co..) r 18. farmer 167.

McElhaney, Robert. (Jamestown, Mercer
Co.,) r ;ii8, farmer 75.


Mercer Co..) r 32, 'armer.
McElheny. Henry. (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,) r 44, farmer 100.
McElheny, .Mathew. (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,) r 39, farmer l.Vi.
McEUhant-r, John, (Jamestown, Mercer

Co., I r .'W. farmer.
McFate, John, (Hartstown,) r 21, farmer


Mckinley. DAVID, (Jamestown. Mercer
Co.. I r 42, mason and farmer 137.

McKinley. Geo., (Jamestown, MoroerCo.,)
r 39, farmer 115.

McLean. Wni., (Jamestown, Mercer Co..)
r 39. farmer 225.



McQuiston, James, (Hartstown,) {with
Chan. Levandev and Christy Harry,) r
15, farmer 100.

McQUISTON, JOHN B., (Hartstown,) r 7,
farmer 130.

Miller, Benj., (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,) r

29, farmer.

Miller, Jacob, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,) r

30, farmer 4.

MILLER, JAMES, (Hartstown,) r 22, far-
mer 50.
Miller, Samuel P., (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,) r31, farmer 78.
Morrin, Robert, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)

r 31, farmer 160.
Mullen, J., (Espyville,) r 28, farmer 65.
MULLIAN, ERI, (Espyville,) r 3, farmer.
Mullian, Wm., (Espyville,) r 28, farmer

MYERS, HENRY, (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,) r 35, farmer 128,
Nevins, Nancy and Gibson, (Hartstown,) r

24, farmer 50.
O'Donell, Patrick, (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,) r 35, farmer 60.
O'Neal, Geo., (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,) r

29, farmer leases of Mrs. Anna Story,

O'Neal, Thos., (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,) r

26. farmer 75.
PATTERSON, JOHN, (Hartstown,) r 18,

Patton, Peter F., (Espyville.) r 1, farmer

Pelton, Joseph D., (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,) r 3^3, farmer 75.
Pielker, John J., (Hartstown,) r 14, farmer

Quinn, Michael, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)

r 41, farmer 25.
RALSTON, JOHN W., (Jamestown, Mer-
cer Co.,) r 40, farmer 122.
Reaugh, John G., (Hartstown,) r 15, far-
mer leases of Wm. Lines, 50.
Rodgers, James, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)

r 42, farmer 15.
Rodgers, John, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)

r 39, farmer 60.
Rodgers, John S., (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,)r 42, farmer 24.
RODGERS, SAMUEL H., (Jamestown,

Mercer Co.,) r 47, farmer 250.
Rodgers, Wm., (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)

r 42, farmer 74.
Royal, W. G., (Espyville,) r 16, farmer 76.
Rover, Nancy, (Adamsville,) r 42, farmer

RUDER, JOHN. (Turnersville.) farmer.
Riimsey, Harvey, (Espyville,) r 3, farmer


Rumsey, John W., (EspyviUe,) r 2, farmer

Scott, Marshall. (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)

r 31, town clerk and farmer 214.
SHERBONDY, PHILIP, (Adamsville,) r

42, farmer 2(X).
Simons. John W., (Hartstown,) r 4, stock

dealer and farmer 260.
Smith, Schuyler, (Hartstown,) r 10, far-
mer 50.
SNODGRASS, JAMES M., (Jamestown,

Mercer Co.,) r 42, farmer 189.
Snodgrass, Martin J., (Espyville,) r 29,

Snodgrass. Robert, (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,) r 43, farmer 85.
SNODGRASS, ROBERT Jr., (Jamestown,

Mercer Co.,) r42, farmer 100.

Mercer Co.,) r 45, farmer 115.
SNODGRASS, WM. J., (Jamestown, Mer-
cer Co.,) r 43, farmer 84.
Snodgrass. Wm. Q., (Espyville,) r 16,

school director and farmer 248.
Story, Ann J., (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,) r

29, farmer 89.
Story, Anna Mrs., (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,) r 29, farmer 65.
Story, Mary. (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,) r

18. farmer 33.
Thompson, D. C, (Hartstown.) farmer.
Thompson, Henry S., (Hartstown,) r 3,

THOMPSON,' JAMES C, (Jamestown,

Mercer Co.,) r 39, farmer 90.
TH03IPS0N, ROBERT, (Jamestown,

Mercer Co., Espyville or Turners-
ville,) r29, farmer 72.
Vence, John, (Turnersville,) r 37, farmer

WADE, JAMES H., (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,) r 32. farmer.
WAID, GILBERT, (Turnersville,) r 18,

blacksmith and farmer 1.
Watters, iMary Jane. (Espyville,) (icith

Xaney Hart,) r 1, farmer 42.
WEST, ASA, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,) r

41, supervisor of highways and farmer

Williamson, John, (Hartstown,) r 15,

retired farmer 100.
Williamson, John S., (Hartstown,) r 15,

farmer leases of John, 100.
Willson, Andrew, (Espyville,) r 1, farmer

leases of Sarah Free, 173.
Wilson, Wm., (Hartstown,) i 15, farmer 55.
Wright, James M., (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,) r 29. farmer 6.
YOUNG. SAMUEL, (Hartstown,) r 20, far-
mer 114.



(Post Office Addresses iu Parentheses.)

ExPLANATiOK.— The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road^ and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map. in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

Aikens, Allen J., (Spartansburgh,) r 1, far- 1 Balzer, Andrew, (Riceville,) r 22, farmer

mer 2<i. ' 50.

Aikens, Geo. W., (Spartansburgh,)

school director and farmer 120.

r 1,
(Spartansburgh,) r 1,

Aikeus, Marshall,

farmer 150.
Ainsworth & Deming, (Spartansburgh,)

(Orlando M. Ain^icorth and Lahert W.

Deming^) r 7, farmers lease of Hiram

Ainsworth, 150.
Ainsworth, Hiram, (Spartansburgh,) r 7,

farmer 150.
Ainsworth. Orlando M., (Spartansburgh,)

( AiriMicorth «fc Demin{}.)
AKIN, DANIEL W., (Spartansburgh,) r 8,

manuf. lumber and farmer 904.
Aldrich, Jefferson, (Spartansburgh,) r 18,

farmer 80.
Allen. Hugh, ( Spartansburgh,) r 18, farmer

Alsdurf, Abram, (Spartansburgh,) r 6>^,

farmer 87.

ALSDURF, DANIEL B., (Spartansburgh,)
r 3, farmer (iO.

Al.sdurf, Ellery, (Spartansburgh.) r 5, far-
mer 10.

Alsdurf, Geo. W., (Spartansburgh,) r 16,
farmer 100.

Alsdurf, Horace A., (Spartansburgh,) r 3,
farmer 130.

ALSDURF, JACOB L., (Spartansburgh,) r
5, farmer leases of Francis Webb, 75.

Almlurf, James. (Spartansburgh.) r 15.
town clerk, auditor and fanner 72.

Alsdurf, Seaman, (Spartansburgh,) r 3,
retired farmer.

AUSTIN, GIDDON H., (RiceviUe,) r 20,
farmer 85.

RAKER, CAROLINE E. Mrs., (widow of
C;haH. W.,) (Spartansburgh, ) r 6, far-
mer 120.

Haker. Dorus L., (Spartansburgh,) r 6,
school director and farmer 75.

BAKER, JAMES, (Spartansburgh,) r 4,

furm^^r W\.
Bak»T, Jfremiah, 'Spartansburgh,) r 7, far-

nwir 1 {ii.
Bakt^r, Slin<u>n H., (Spartansburgh,) r 7,

nia.son and farm(>r 1*7.
Baldwin. Chri.^toijhpr. (Spartansburgh,)

truckman, Davenport.

BALz-ER, HENRY, (Riceville,) r 22, black-

BALZER, JOHN, (Riceville,) r 22, farmer

Barnes, Polly Mrs., (widow of Nathaniel
K.,)* (Spartansburgh,) r 12, farmer 1>4 .

Barr. John, (Spartansburgh,) r 35, farmer
leases 100.

Baskin, Louisa, (widow of Robert C.,)
(Spartansburgh,) r 12. farmer 1.

Bates, Aaron, (Spartansburgh,) r 11, far-
mer 8().

BATES, LORIN, (Spartansburgh.) r 8,
jobber and stocker of Akins' mill and
farmer 315.

Bates, Nicholas, (Spartansburgh,) r 3(5,
farmer 50.

Bates, Sanford, (Spartansburgh,) r 13, far-
mer 50.

BATES. THOS.,(Spartansburgh,) r 10, far-
mer 100.

BATES, WM., (Spartansburgh,) r 32,
lumberman and farmer.

Bedient, Emery A., (Spartansburgh,)
machinist, Washington St.

Beecher & Chamberlain, (Spartansburgh,)
{Kli C. Beecher iiud John P. Chamber-
/(^;m,) groceries, Main.

Beecher, Eli C, (Spartansburgh,) (Beecher
if- Chdinherhiin.)

BEISEL, PHILIP P.. (Spartansburgh,)
cabinet maker. Water.

Blnney. Chas. R., (Spartansburgh, )harne88
maker. Main.

Binney, (ieo. W.. (Spartansburgh.) boots

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