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and shoe.s. Main.

Birch, Henry, (Spartansburgh,) r 11, far-
mer lea.ses (VI.

BLACKMEK & FARLEY,(Spartan8burgh.)
(Pitnl Bhu'k-iner and Wm. FarUy,)
IxxUh and shoes. Main.

BLACK.MEK, PAUL. (Spartansburgh,)
[Hliukmer tt Fiirlt-i/.)

Blair, (Jeo. W., (Spartansburgh,) groceries
\c.. Main.

Blak»'Kl»«(». Abraham, (Spartansburgh,) r
13, farn>(<r (570.

Blakcslen Bros., (Spartansburgh.) (Mdett
//. (ifi'i Ci/rmi A..) hardware, stoves,
crockery Ac, Main.



Blakeslee, Cyrus A., (Spartansburgh,)
{Blakeslee Bros.)

Blakeslee, Francis, (Spartansburgh,) r ^4,
farmer 75.

burgh. ) r 14, farmer 130.

BLAKESLEE, FRED A., (Spartansburgh,)
r 12, farmer leases or John Hoffman,

Blakeslee, G.,(Spartansburgh,)r23, farmer

leases 40.

Blakeslee, Geo. W., (Spartansburgh,) r 16,
school director and farmer 115.

burgh,) r 12, farmer 100.

Blakeslee, Herbert E., (Spartansburgh,) r
13, farmer 30.

Blakeslee. Hiram, (Spartansburgh,) r 17,
farmer 80.

Blakeslee, James, (Spartansburgh,) r 17,
farmer 50.

Blakeslee, James N., (Spartansburgh,) r 34,
farmer 50.

BLAKESLEE, JASON, (Riceville,) r 23,
school director, horse doctor and far-
mer 30.

Blakeslee, Perry O., (Spartansburgh,) r 16,
farmer 115.

tansburgh.) r 13, lumberman, agent
Acme Mower and Reaper, veterinary
surgeon and farmer 450.

Blakeslee, Robert, (Spartansburgh,) r 16,
farmer leases of Jesse A., 83.

Blakeslee, Selden H., (Spartansburgh,)
(RhtkeHlee Bros.)

BLAKESLEE, WARREN, (Spartansburgh,)
r 23,^ carpenter and farmer 60.

Blakeslee, Wm. D., (Spartansburgh,) r 34,
farmer 203.

Bolland, Henry, (Spartansburgh,) r 19, far-
mer 50.

BOSS. WM. H., (Spartansburgh,) black-
smith. Main.

BRADFORD, JOSEPH F., (Glynden,) r24,
pastor Baptist Churches at Lineoln-
ville and Centerville, and farmer 50.

Brown, Jesse, (Riceville,) r 20, farmer 25.

BROWN, WM. C, (Spartansburgh,) r 8,

Brunson, Dyer, (Spartansburgh,) carpen-
ter and farmer.

Bryant, Benjamin, (Riceville,) r 20, lum-
berman and farmer 80.

Bryant, Dan, (Spartansburgh,) r 2, car-
penter and farmer 78.

Bryant, Joseph, (Riceville,) r 20, farmer

BRYANT, OSSIAN P., (Riceville,) r 20.

BUFFUM, CHAS., (Spartansburgh,) r 39,
teamster and lumberman.

*BURLINGHAM. JOHN G.. (Spartans-
burgh, ) prop. Variety Hall Drug House,
justice of the peace, land and insur-
ance agent. Main.

burgh,) carpenter.

BURROWS, JAMES, (Spartansburgh,) r
31, justice of the peace, assessor, town
auditor and farmer 220.

BURTON, WILLIS W., (Spartansburgh,)
r 28, farmer 64.

Campbell, Julius, (Spartansburgh,) r 12,

Capry, Edward, (Spartansburgh,) farmer

Carey, Nathaniel, (Spartansburgh,) r 32,
carpenter and farmer 25.

Carpenter, Levi, (Spartansburgh,) r 1. far-
mer leases of Job Barton. Clymer, 37.

CATERN, ISAAC D., (Spartansburgh,) r
32, laborer.

Chamberlain, John P., (Spartansburgh,)
{Beeeher & Chamberlain.)

Chapin. Oliver N. Rev., (Spartansburgh.)
Presb. clergyman, Washington.

Chase, Geo. H., (Spartansbnrgh.) carpen-
ter, Davenport.

Chelton. Evan, (Spartansburgh,) r 8, far-
mer 33.

CLARK & CO., (Spartansburgh,) {Eli^ha
Jr. and EH Clark.,) r 3, hay dealers and
farmers 130.

CLARK, ELI, (Spartansburgh,) {Clark cfe

Clark, Elisha, (Spartansburgh,) r 6, farmer

CLARK, ELISHA Jr., (Spartansburgh,)
{Clark & Co.)

Clark, Hiram, (Spartansburgh,) r 10, far-

CLARK, JAMES E., (Spartansburgh,) r 4,
farmer leases of Robert McKinney,
Garland, 8.

Clark, Job, (Spartansburgh,) r 10, farmer

Clay, James R., (Spartansburgh,) r 2, far-
mer 190.

Clough, Levi S., (Spartansburgh,) r 2, far-
mer 85.

CLOUGH, WALTER, (Spartansburgh,) r
2, farmer.

Coates, James, (Spartansburgh,) r 12,
insurance agent.

Coil. John, (Spartansburgh,) r 38, carpen-
ter and farmer 90.

Corry, Hiram, (Spartansburgh,) r 7, far-
mer 96.

COVEL, VERNON, (Spartansburgh.) r 8,
farmer leases of Christine Groom, 196.

Crawford, Andrew J., (Spartansburgh.)
freight, express and ticket agent, and
telegraph operator, O. C. & A. R. R.,

Grossman, Edward S., (Spartansburgh,) r
10, farmer 100.

Cusick, Bartley, (Spartansburgh,) r 39,
farmer 50.

Damon, Granville A., (Spartansburgh,) r
17, farmer 50.

Darling, Myron S., ('Spartansburgh,) pho-
tographer, watch maker and jeweler.

Davenport, Byron. (Spartansburgh,) car-
penter, Davenport St.

Davenport, Manning. (Spartansburgh,) r
16, farmer leases of Elizabeth Shreve,

Davis, Cordelia L. Mrs., (widow of Har-
vey,) (Spartansburgh,) r 4, farmer 60.

Davis, Emery R., (Spartansburgh, r 14,
farmer 120.

Davis. Isaac, (Spartansburgh,) r 4, retired '

Davis, Wm. M., (Spartansburgh,) r 4, far-
mer 60.



DAY, ADDISON. (Riceville.) r 20, school
director and farmer 170.

Day, Chas. A..(Spartansburgh,)r38, school
director and farmer 190.

DAY, FRANKLIN, (Riceville,) r 20, far-
mer 75.

DAY, HENRY, (Rioeviile,) r 18, justice of
the peace.

Day. Melissa M. Mias, (Riceville,) r 20, far-
mer 17.

Day. Orrin, (Spartansburgh,) engineer,

Delaverg, Henry, (Spartansburgh,) r 13,
farmer 105.

Deming, Labert W., (Spartansburgh,)
{Ainxicortli & Deming.)

Dorn, Elisha S., (Spartansburgh.) r 6>^,
mason and farmer 53.

Dorn, John I., (Spartansburgh.) r 5, farmer

Drown. Chester R., (Spartansburgh,) r 12,
book canvasser.

Dro.Ts-n, Cheater R. Mrs., (Spartansburgh,)
milliner. Main.

Dustan, John H., (Spartansburgh,) r 8,
millwright and farmer 18.

Eastman, Joseph B., (Spartansburgh,) rll,
farmer 76.

Edwards, Wm., (Spartansburgh,) mason,

Elderkin, Dyer W., (Spartansburgh,) r
131^, farmer 100.

Elderkin, Walker W., (Spartansburgh,)
stoves, tin and hardware. Main.

Elston, Wm. R., (Spartansburgh,) r 10, far-
mer 100.

FALLON, THOS., (Spartansburgh,) r 27,
farmer 50.

FARLEY, WM., (Spartansburgh,) {Black-
nier cfe Farley.)

Fish, Ira, (Spartansburgh,) r 29, school
director and farmer HO.

FORCE. ABRAM, (Spartansburgh,) r 16.
stationary engineer.

Force, Reuben, (bpartansburgh.) rl9, far-
mer 5*1.

Foster, David C, (Spartansburgh,) r 11,
farmer 27.

FRALICK. FRANK, (Spartansburgh.) har-
ness maker and farmer 10. Main.

FRALICK, JOSIAH, (Spartansburgh, ) r IH,

farmer 100.
Frittb, Robert H.. (Spartansburgh, ) fore-
man of T. G. Tanner's tannerv.
FULLER, AB.SALOM, (Spartansburgh,)

r 29. farmer 100.
Fuller, Goo., (Spartansburgh,) r25, farmer

Fulh'r. Hiram F., (Spartansburgh,) r 29,

farmer l.V».
Fullor. Kichurd D.. (Spartan-sbiirgh.) r 26.

farnit-r 27 and leasos of New York Oil

Co., 120.

FULLER. THOS., rSpartansburph,) r 32,

supcrvi.sor and farmer 1 ix.
FuHiT. ThoH. L.. iSpartHnRhurgh,) stone

nuiHon, Wa.shiripton St.
FULLER. WALLACE N., (Corry. Erie Co.,)

r l(t. fanner Id.
Gannon, Thomas, (Spartarishtirgh,) r 89,

farni€»r 1"M» and Ipases tl7.
Goldin. Nahiun R.. (Spartansbur^rh.) r 8,

Judge of elections and farmer 75.

Goldstien, Joseph, (Spartansburgh.) dry
goods, clothing, gents" furnishing
goods, boots, shoes &c.. Main.

GREEN. ALBERT L., (Spartansburgh.) r
12. dentist and dealer in dry goods,
groceries and varieties.

Groom. Christine, (widow of Elijah.)
(Spartansburgh,) r 8, farmer 196.

Grozinsky & Bro., (Spartansburgh.)
(I.-triiel and J/o-e"t.) dry goods, clnthing
and gents' furnishing goods. Main.

Grozinsky, Israel, (Spartansburgh,) ((?7-o-
zinfiky tfc Bro.)

Grozinsky. Moses, (Spartansburgh,) {Gro-
zin-fk)/ <{• Bro.)

Guckenb'iehl. Anthony, (Riceville,) r 21,
farmer 50.

HAMBLIN, JEHIEL M., (Spartansburgh,)
r 14. laborer.

Harmon. Eli. (Riceville.) r22, farmer 32.

burgh.) r 16, farmer 62 v.

Hatch, Ebenzer V., (Spartansburgh,) r
34)^. farmer 100.

Hayes, John, ( Spartansburgh,) r 5, retired
farmer 200.

Haynes. Samuel, (Spartansburgh.) bridge
carpenter for O. C. R. R., Jefferson.

Healy, Levi, (Spartansburgh,) farmer 5.

Heliker. George, (Spartansburgh,) {Jitde
& Heliker. )

Hewarth. James, (Spartansburgh,) r 8,
farmer 214.

Hewell. Chas. W., (Spartansburgh.) prop.
Hewell House, corner Main and

Higgins, Ansel, (Spartansburgh,) farmer

Higgins, Moses. (Spartansburgh,) r 16,
mason and farmer 89.

Howe. Calvin E., (Spartansburgh,) r 3.
farmer leases of Mathew Webb, Rice-
ville. 50.

Hyde. Henry, (Spartansburgh,) r 7, far-
mer 50.

Jackson, Elizabeth Mrs., (widow of Mor-
ris.) (Spartansburgh,) {tcith heir9,) r
35'^. farmer 50.

Jackson, Henry C, (Spartansburgh,) west
of r 'i-t. farmer 50.

Jackson. Wm. M., (Spartansburgh,) r 34,

JACOBSON. JULIUS, (Spartansburgh.!
{Leicii* JacabKon it Son.)


b\irgh. »(./«//«/«,) dry goods and cloth-
ing. ."Main.
Jewell. Luther D., (Spartansburgh,) r 10.

farnuT 50.
Jinney, Niles M., (Spartansburgh.) r 10,

firmer 1.
Jude & Heliker. (Spartansburgh.) {John

.hide iimt Georyt I/eliker,) lumber

Jude. John. (Spartansburgh.) (Judt cf

Hflikfr ,^ r 12. gri.st and siiw mills.
JUDE. Sl'Ll'IiEN .In . Spill tan.sl.urKh.»r

M, Ktationary ii
Ketchiim. Lewis. iidhurgh. Wiealer

In drugs, groceries, books&c, and job

I>riiiti>r. Main.
KIN<iSLEY. CHAS. L., (Spartansburgh.!

(k'ilKJtlfS/ li- .*v»M.)



KINGSLEY, EDWIN, (Spartansburgh,)
(Kingdey & Son.)

*KINGSLEY & SON, (Spartansburgh,)
{Edwin and Chan. L..) wagon and car-
riage makers. Main.

KINNEY, ALMARIEN, (Spartansburgh,) r
23, farmer 67.

Kinney, Chas. W., (Spartansburgh,) (C
W. Kinney <&■ Bro.)

Kinney, C. W. & Bro., (Spartansburgh,)
{Chas. W. and Henry />.,) groceries
and provisions, corner Mechanic and

KINNEY, ELI B., (Spartansburgh,) r 6,
town treasurer and farmer 124)4.

KINNEY, FREEMAN Jr., (Spartans-
burgh,) r 23, farmer 70.

Kinney, Henry D., (Spartansburgh,) (C. W.
Kin ney & Bro. )

KINNEY, IRVIN, (Spartansburgh,) r 14,,
farmer 64.

Kinney, John, (Spartansburgh,) r 16,
supervisor and farmer 60.

Lamb, Cassius, (Spartansburgh,) {Harvey
Lamb dc Son.)

Lamb, Chester A., (Spartansburgh,) r 38,

Lamb, Harvey «& Son, (Spartansburgh,)
( Cassius.,) woolen factory. Mechanic

Lemon, John A.. (Corry, Erie Co.,) r 10,
farmer 50.

Lewis. John F., (Spartansburgh,) carriage
maker. Main.

Liens, Samuel, (Spartansburgh,) r 3, far-
mer 28.

Lillie, James, (Spartansburgh,) r 10, far-
mer leases of John Elston, l^O.

Lockwood, Rev., (^Spartansburgh,)

Baptist clergyman.

Lovejoy, Levi J., (Spartansburgh,) r 10,
farmer leases of Loren Bates. 3.

Lundy, Jonathan, (Spartansburgh,) r 29,
farmer 50.

Lupher, Levi, (Spartansburgh,) r 37, far-
mer 40.

Mahonney, Peter, (Spartansburgh,) r 13>^,
farmer leases of Abram Blakeslee.

Major. Jones,( Spartansburgh, )r 34, farmer
leases of Mi-s. Lydia A., 200.

MAJOR, WM. M.,( Spartansburgh,) manuf.
and wholesale dealer in lumber, Main.

March. Geo. D., (Spartansburgh,) corner
r 17 and 16, assessor and farmer 110.

Marshall, Lewis, (Spartansburgh,) r 6,

McCarthy, Cornelius, (Spartansburgh,) r
6>; . farmer 89.

McCarthy, Dennis Mrs., (widow,) (Spar-
tansburgh. ) r 39, farmer 117.

McCray, Warren, .Spartansburgh,) r 24,
school director and farmer 125. •

McFadden, Geo., (Spartansburgh,) r 8, oil

well driller.
■McGuire, Edward. (Spartansburgh,) far-
mer leases of John G. Burlingham.

McKINNEY. JOHN, (Spartansburgh,) r 4,
farmer 5 '.

Meesenger, Leonard, (Spartansburgh,) r 2,
farmer 70.

Merchant, Roswell B., (Spartansburgh,) r
16, farmer 115.

Mesenger, Chancy, (Spartansburgh,) r 18,
farmer 100.

Mickley, Lovel G., (Spartansburgh,) r 26,

farmer 10.
MILLER, AARON H., (Spartansburgh,) r

17, farmer 30.
Miller, Chester S., (Spartansburgh,) r 3,

farmer 80.
Miller, Elmore, (Spartansburgh,) r 17,

Miller, Henry E., (Spartansburgh,) r 17,

farmer 2.
MILLER. ISAAC C, (Spartansburgh,) r 5,

farmer leases of J. G. Burlingham,

Miller, John E., (Spartansburgh,) r 2, far-
mer 55.
Miller, Orin, (Spartansburgh,) r 17, farmer

MINER. PHILETUS O., (Spartansburgh,)

r 31, farmer 70.
Mixer, Henry F., (Spartansburgh,) r 2,

farmer 50.
Mixer, Marcus M., (Spartansburgh,) r 2,

farmer 100.
Murdock, Alonzo, (Spartansburgh,) r 17,

farmer 48.
Murdock. Frank W., (Spartansburgh,) r

17, farmer 107.
MurdocK, Justice, (Spartansburgh,) r 18,

school director and farmer 104.
Murdock, Lyman, (Spartansburgh,) r 5,

MURDOCK, STEPHEN, (Spartansburgh,)

r 18, farmer 14.
Murdock, Warren, (Spartansburgh,) r 17,

farmer 150.
Murray, James T., (Spartansburgh,) r 35,

farmer 50.
Myers, Joseph, (Riceville,) r 22, farmer

MYERS, JOSEPH A., (Spartansburgh,)

billiard rooms.
Newman, John, ^Spartansburgh,) r 17, far-
mer 60.
Obert, Frederick, (Spartansburgh,) r 32,

school director and farmer 133.
Obert, Lorenzo, (Spartansburgh,) r 32,

farmer 40.
Ogden, Reuben R., (Spartansburgh,)

( Wehb A Ogden.)
Osborn, Eli L., (Spartansburgh,) r 1>^,

farmer 50.
Parker, Alberto T., (Spartansburgh,) r 10,

farmer 50.
Parker, James M., (Spartansburgh,) r 17,

tin peddler.

burgh,) r 7, farmer 50.

Parker, Tompkins A. Jr., (Spartansburgh,)
r 7, farmer 50.

PATCHEN, NOAH J., (Spartansburgh,) r
30. farmer 113.

Peat, Joseph, (Spartansburgh,) farmer 20.

Peck, Edward, (Spartansburgh,) r 32, far-
mer 50.

Peck, Joseph, (Spartansburgh,) r 32, far-
mer 66.

Peck, Morgan L., (Spartansburgh,) r 34,
school director and farmer 30.

PETTIBONE, LUMAN, (Spartansburgh,)
farmer 25, Mechanic St.

Pickard, Melvin E., (Glynden,) r24, far-
mer leases of Wm. Wetherbee, 57.

Pierce, Mary A., (widow of Philip J.,)
(Spartansburgh,) r 29, farmer-70.



PIERCE, PHILIP, (Spartansburgh,) r 23,

farmer 75.
Plainer, Christopher, (Spartansburgh,)

blacksmith, Water.
Post, Jacob, (Spartansburgh,) r 10, farmer

RASEY, WM. W., (Spartansburgh,) r 35,

farmer 50.
Robbins. Levi. CSpartansburgh,) prop.

Railroad House. Main.
Roberts. Dewalton P., (Spartansburgh,) r

.'W. farmer 75.
ROBERTS, HARRIS, (Glynden,) {Roberts

f^ Titim.)
ROBERTS & TITUS, (Glynden,) (fTarris

Jiohertfi an<l Jamen Titns, ) r 26, manufs.

oil barrel heading and flour barrel

Rogers, Bethuel T., (Spartansburgh,) r 35,

farmer 83.
ROGERS &BRO., (Spartansburgh,) (Uel

E. and Fred. M.,) r 10, farmers 200.
ROGERS, FRED. M., (Spartansburgh,)

(Rogers d- Bro.)

ROGERS, HIRAM W., (Spartansburgh,) r
32, farmer 60.

Rogers, Joel, (Spartansburgh,) r 31, far-
mer 160.

Rogers, Nehemiah, (Spartansburgh,)
truckman. Mechanic St.

ROGERS, UEL E., (Spartansburgh,)
I Rogers d: Bro.)

Rorrapaugh, Benj., (Spartansburgh,) r 6,
farmer 146.

ROSE, CHAS. H., (Spartansburgh,) r 5,
farm laborer.

Rose, George O., (Spartansburgh,) r 5,
farmer leases of John Hayes, 200.

Rose, Jethun, (Spartansburgh,) r 3, far-
mer 38.

Rose. John, (Spartansburgh,) r 3, farmer

ROSE, LLEWELLYN W., (Spartans-
burgh.) r 3, farm laborer.
RoseL, James, (Riceville,) r 18X, farmer

Ross. Baxter D., (Spartansburgh.) r 5,

farmer leases of Mrs. Caroline Baker.

•ROUSE, MARY S. Mrs., (Spartansburgh,)

millinery and fancy goods. Main.
Schoonmaker, Peter, (Spartansburgh,)

cooper, JeCferson.
Scouten, Henry, (Spartansburgh,) r 32,

farmer 100.

SEE, DAVID H., (Glynden,) r !M, farmer

work.s on shares.
Showernian, John, (Spartansburgh,) r 12,

tree agent.
ShrcHve, Ezra, (Riceville,) r I8>j, fanner

Shrevps, Oliver J., (Spartansburgh,) r 16,

farmer lO).
Sillaway, Hazen, (Corry, Erie Co.,) r 10,

fanner 50.
Slyo, Alvin, (Spartansburgh,) r33, farmer

Slyc, G«'beon, (Spartansburgh,) r 33, far-

nipr 11(9.
SNAPP. MKNRY O.. (SpartMishurgh.) r

2»i, H<-lii«)l director and furiin-r U'tty
SNAPP, .STKPHEN B., (Spartaimburgh.)r

25, farmer lUO.

Southwick, Geo. W., (Spartansburgh,) r 27,
farmer leases of Nathan, 100.

Southwick, Nathan, (Spartansburgh,) r 27,
lumberman and farmer 100.

Squire, Frederick, (Spartansburgh,) r 8,
farmer 167.

5, farmer 154.

(Spartansburgh,) r

Sterling, W. W., (Spartansburgh,) r 12,
farmer 65.

Stives, Henry M., (Spartansburgh,) barber.

Strycker, Henry H., (Spartansburgh,) r
34 wr, butcher.

burgh.) r 23, farmer 150.

burgh,) r 17, farmer 127.

Sutton, Daniel, (Riceville,) r 18, farmer 30.

Taber, Luther B., (Spartansburgh,) r 6,
constable and farmer leases 146.

TABOR, STEPHEN L., (Spartansburgh,) r
6, farm laborer.

Taylor. Marcena, (Spartansburgh.) car-
penter, Jefferson.

Taylor. Silas, (Spartansburgh,) comer r 16
and 18, lumberman and farmer 80.

Thellton. John, (Spartansburgh,) r 2, far-
mer 70.

Thurber, Crawford, (Spartansburgh,)
meat market. Main.

TITUS, JAMES, (Glynden,) {Roberts <t
Titus.) post master.

Tyler, Theodore G., (Spartansburgh,) r
12. tanner.

WAID, JASON T., (Spartansburgh,) phy-
sician. Main.

Walling, Asaph, (Spartansburgh,) r 1, far-
mer 42.

Washburn, Chas., (Spartansburgh,) r 28,
school director and farmer 100.

WASHBURN, CLARK, (Spartansburgh,)
r 28, farmer 134.

Washburn. Loren, (Spartansburgh,) r 28,
retired farmer.

Webb, Benj. F., (Spartansburgh,) r 15,
farmer 218.

Webb, Francis, (Spartansburgh,) r 7, far-
mer 75.

Webb, Jo.siah, (Spartan.sburgh,) r 18, car-
penter and farmer leases of Maria. 36.

Webb, Lewis P., (Spartansburgh, » r 6, far-
mer 140.

Webb. Malcolm, (Spartansburgh.) ( W«f>b
it OgtleUy) r 32, lumberniau and far-
mer 100.

Webb, Maria, (widow of Philo,) (Spartans-
burgh,) r IH, farmer 30.

Webl), Miles G., (Spartansburgh,) r 15,
fanner 175.

Webb & Ogden. (Spartansburgh,") (iful-
vnltti Wehh anil lieuien R. l>^ilen,) saw
and Hhiii^le mills.

Wellniau, Ira. (Spartansburgh,) fanner

WETHKHBEE, CHAS. II., (Glynden,) r VM,


r '.'I. fartiicr 74

24. fanner .U).
WETHEHIiKK, WM. W.. (RIceriUe,) r

lH;t. farmer 30.







—I M

SB <*







J. C. Goetohius ^Til^ati^Vc'tLre: ^ny size or style



Wheeler, Abraham, (Spartansburgh,) r 12,
farmer 1.

White. Abner W., (Spartansburgh,) land
agent and farmer 30, corner Washing-
ton and Main.

White. Edward D., (Spartansburgh,) agent
for musical instruments, Main.

White, Warren W., (Spartansburgh,) saw-
ing, turning and planing mill, Wash-
ington St.

I Whitney, Alonzo F., (Spartansburgh,) r
I 26, farmer 130.

WINTON, DECATUR B.,(Spartansburgh,)
; r 20, farmer 80.

j Wood, Southard Dr., (Spartansburgh,)
; post master.

'Young, Benjamin F., (Spartansburgh,)
r 18, carpenter and farmer 33.

Young, Israel H., (Spartansburgh,) corner
' r 37 and 38, carpenter.

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation. — The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the village.

AKIN, J. H., (Conneautville,) miUer and

millwright. Water.
Alderman, Wro. S., (Albion, Erie Co.,) r

18, farmer 55.
Allen, A., (Spring,) flour, feed, provisions

&c., Main.
Allen, C. R.. (Spring,) r 14, freight and

ticket agent, and telegraph operator,

E. & P. R. R.
Allen, C. R. Mrs., (Spring,) dress maker,

Amidon, G. R., (RundeUs,) r 37, carpenter

and farmer 70.
Augur, Z., (Conneautville,) butcher and

meat market, Main.
Austin, Amos, (Spring,) shoe maker, Bea-
Bagley, G. W.. (Rundells,) r 41, farmer 100.
Bail, I. S., (Spring,) r 25, carpenter and

BALDWIN, I.'S., (Spring,) r 59, farmer 100.

Baldwin, S. J. Mrs., (Spring,) farmer 90,

BARBER, S. S., (Spring,) r 70, farmer 50.

Barnes, Wm., (Conneautville,) r 47, far-
mer 100.

BATES, J. D., (Conneautville,) r 46, far-
mer 32.

Bates, J. D. Mrs., (Conneautville,) r 46,
farmer 50.

Beals, Dwight, (Spring,) r 32, farmer 44.

BEELS, WM., (Spring.) r 35, farmer 135.

BETHUNE, G. H., (ConneautviUe,) car-
penter and joiner. Main.

Bligh, David, (Conneautville,) r69, farmer

BOLARD, JACOB, (Conneautville,) prop,
Conneautville Tannery, Canal.

Bolard, Richard, (Conneautville,) r 70,
stock dealer and farmer 300.

Booth, C. L , (Conneautville,) ( WeM &

Booth,) r 60^, carpenter and farmer 75.
Booth, C. S., (Conneautville,) ( West 6:

BOOTH, P. S., (Spring,) flour, feed and

groceries. Main.
Booth. W. C, (Spring.) (LeFevre & Booth.)
BOWER. A. L., (Conneautville.) prest.

First National Bank of Conneautville.

BOWMAN, E. K., (Spring,) r 5. farmer 2:30.

Bowman & Hall, (Spring,^ {Joseph H. Bow-
man and G. D. Rail.) r 56, tanners.

Bowman, Joseph 'S..,{^\iTing,){Bou-man cfe
Jlall,) r 56, farmer 16.

Bowman, Thos. Mrs., (Spring,) r5, farmer

Boyles, Geo., (Spring,) r 44, farmer 45.

Brennan, Patrick, (Spring,) r 60, farmer

BRINKER, H. A. & CO., (Conneautville,)
(J. W. Ilurd,) merchant tailors and
clothiers, and dealers in hats, caps,
gents' furnishing goods &c.. Main.

Brown, C. J., (Lundys Lane, Erie Co.,) r
26, farmer.

Brown. Joseph, (Lundys Lane, Erie Co.,)
r 26, farmer 100.

BROWN, J. A., (Conneautville,) prop,
meat market. Water.

Brown, J. H., (Spring.) r 2i. farmer 90.

Brown, J. M., (Spring,) r 24, farmer 150.

Brown, J. & Son, (Conneautville,) general

BROWN, L. W., (Spring,) (West <& Brown,)
farmer 65.

Brown, Wm. P., (Conneautville,) wagon
maker. ,

Burdick, David, (Conneautville,) r 70, sex-
ton Conneautville Cemetery.

required. West Spring St., TITUSVILLE, PA.



BURGER, JOHN, (Albion, Erie Co.,) r 8,
fruit tree dealer and farmer 38.

BURNSIDE, H. B., (Spring,; {BurjisUle d

BURNSIDE & THORNTON, (Spring,) (//.
B. Burnide and ThoH. Thurntoji,)
dealers in staple and fancy dry goods,
groceries, hardware, crockery &c.

Burroughs, M. E., (Conneautville,; car-
penter. Mulberry.

Carr, Levant. (ConneautTille,) carriage
maker. Canal.

Carrier. W. J., (Conneautville,) black-

Casey, John, (CrossingTille,) r 27, farmer

Casler, Harrison, (Spring,) r 51, farmer

Chapman, L. K., (Spring,) carpenter and
.lustice of the peace, (Jassawaga.

Christy, Andrew, (Spring,) r bl, farmer

CHRISTY, A. M., (Spring,) wagon shop
and farmer 131, corner Union and

CHRISTY, G. A., (Spring,) r 31, farmer


Christy, James, (Spring,) r 58. farmer.

Christy, Wni., (Spring.) r 60, farmer.

CISCO, JAMES E., (Conneautville,) barber
and hair dresser.

Clark, J., (Conneautville,) shoemaker.

Clark, J. A., (Conneautville.) carriage
repairing, moldings, frames &c.. Cen-

Clark, R. J., (Spring,) r 19, farmer 50.

COCHRAN, J. M.. (Conneautville,) r 66,
farmer 150.

Cody, John C. (Spring,) tin, hardware and
jewelry, Main.

COLE. B. S., (Conneautville,) r 46, sawyer
and farmer 21.

Cole, S. J., (Lundys Lane, Erie Co.,) r26x,
farmer 28.

(Conneautville,* Hugh McGuire, prop.

neautville,) J. E. & W. A. Rupert,
editors and props.

neautville,) Canal, Jacob Boland,

Conover, G. W., (Spring,) r 22, farmer

COOX, J. E.,(Cro8slngville.)r28, thresher,
f)irni»'r T>i) and leases of MicbaHl Golle-
gar, Erie, 50.

Coonor, G. C, (Conneautville,) r 48, farmer

COOPER, H. J.,(ConneautviIlo,) justice of
tho peace and dealer in well and cis-
tern pumps. Courtriglit Block.

Corniick. H. I)., (Spring. ) r 11. fiirmor 60.

Cornell, A. F., (Rundefia,) r 62, farmer


CornHl^ Chas., (Spring.) farmer 40.
CORNhLL, F. A., (Spring,; carriage

paintor. Main.
Cornell. J. M. M rs.. (Spring,) post mistroHH,

Coughlun. Richard, (Conneautville,) r 60.

farmer '£M>.
COUGH LAN. THO.S.. (Conneauivillo. ) r

60, farmer works farm of Richard, 85.

Grain, Harvey, (Potters Corners,) r 36,

farmer 47.
Crocker, John, (Spring,) r 1, farmer 45.
Davis, John W., (Spring,) {Sheldon <fc

Darby, Wm. H., (Conneautville,) furni

ture and undertaking. Center.
Darling, Nelson, (Spring,) r 13, shoe maker.

Dauchy, C. I., (Spring.) r 24, fruit tree

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