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dealer and farmer .50.
Davenport. John. (Conneautville, tmachin-

ist and farmer 44, corner Washington

and Chestnut.
Decker, James, (Rundells,) r 42. farmer

Deichman. Peter, (Conneautville,) physi-
cian. Water.
DEMPSEY, C. G., (Spring,) oil producer,

breeder of thorough bred horses and

farmer 200.
Derby, L. G., (^Conneautville,) butcher,

meat market and ice cream saloon,

corner Canal and Center.
Dewitt. F. F.. (Spring,) r 3, farmer 14.5.
DINGER, AMERICUS E., (Albion, Erie

Co.,) {James lAiiger & Son.)

DINGER. JAMES & SON, (Albion, Erie
Co.,) (Arnericus E.,)t 1, stock dealers
and farmers 218.

Dolan, Thomas. (Conneautville.) grocer-
ies, provisions, crockery and glass-

Donneld, G. B., (Conneautville,) dentist,

Doty, George L., (Spring,) r 26. farmer 42.

Doty. L. L., (Spring,) r 26, physician.

Douglass, James, (Conneautville,; r 70,

Douglass, Wm., (Conneautville,) r 70, far-
mer 25.

DREHER, CHAS. O., (Conneautville,) tan-
ner. Main.

Druce, G.. (Conneautville,) shoe maker.

Dull, Noah, (Spring,) r ;i4, farmer leases
of John, Rossville, 110.

Dull, Wm., (Spring.) r34, farmer.

Dunn, Daniel, (Spring.) r 22, farmer 75.

Dunn, Nathan, (Spring.) {Jonlin tt- I>inni,)
r 32, circular sawyer, practical en-
gineer and farmer 25.

Eberhart, A. G., (Conneautville,) agent
Howe Sewing Machine.

EBERHART, J. M. P., (Conneautville,)
dealer in mowing machines, plows,
cultivators, sewing machines &c.,

Eberwine. Lewis, (Croasingville,) r 27, far-
mer 250.

Eddy, C. P.. (Lundys Lane, Erie Co..) r 26,
shingle maker and farmer 30.

Egglestou. Wm. S., (Conneautville,) r 48,
ciirpentor and farmer no.

Ejphmy. A. K., (Spring, i farmer.

Kighiny, Clark, (Spring.) r 21, fjirmer 10.

Eighmy, C. L., (Spring,) r 32, farmer 42.

EIGU.MV. E. E. ft Q. W., (Spring.) dry

goods, grocprieH.crockery and numuf.s.

and dealers in boots and .sIioch. Main.
Eighmy. H. L., (Spring.) hoii.sH painter,

<'arpeii(«>r and wngoii maker.
Klghmy. Petor, (Spring.) r '£\. farmor 25.
Eighmy, Stephen, (Spring,) r ti, maKon

and farmer 50.



Eldredge. John, (Conneautville,) r 46,

EVERETT. H., (Conneautville.) hack prop.

Fenavkln, Martin & Anthony, (Spring,) r
60, farmer 50.

Field. E., (Rundells,) r 62, farmer 126.

FIELD, J., (Conneautville,) planing and
carding mill, contractor and builder,
furniture dealer and manuf . ornamen-
tal fence.

NEAUTVILLE, (Conneautville.) A. L.
Bower, president; D. D. Williams,

Fisher. C. L., (Spring,) carriage maker.

Fisher, H. A., (Spring,) carriage painter
and trimmer.

Fisher, L. C, (Spring,) r 70, farmer.

Fitzgerald, Patrick, (Lundys Lane, Erie
Co..) r 27, farmer 68.

Floyd, A. B., (Conneautville,) prop. Hol-
man House.

Forbes. Farley, (Spring.) r 57, wagon
maker, carpenter and farmer 18.

Foster. A. P. & Son, (Conneautville,) gen-
eral merchants.

Foster, G. E., (Spring.) r 63, butcher and
farmer 82.

Foster, G. W., (Conneautville,) stock deal-
er and farmer 6, Washington St.

Foster, L. V., (Conneautville,) {Slayton &

France, Eliza, (Spring,) r 54, farmer 50.

Franklin, G. W., (Spring,) r 34, farmer 16.

FRASIER, J. B., (Conneautville,) homeo.
physician and surgeon.

FRASIER, J. B. Mks., (Conneautville,)

Frazier, Lewis M., (Conneautville,) r 47,
farmer 57.

Frazier, Peter, (Rundells,) r 42, farmer

Frazier, Wm. H., (Rundells,) r 42, farmer 54
and works farm of Peter. 240.

FRAZIER, W. P., (Conneautville,) manuf.
and dealer in monuments, headstones
and everything pertaining to the
marble trade. Canal.
Frey, Geo., (Spring.) r 50. farmer 18.
Frev, J. J-. (Spring,) rl2, farmer.
GILL, WARREN, (Conneautville,) shoe
maker, Jefferson.

GINTER, DAVID. (Conneautville,) photo-
graph artist. Center.

Gleason, W. B.. (Conneautville,) general
merchant. Water.

Godfrey, W. N.. (Lundys Lane, Erie Co.,)
r27, farmer 110.

Gould, A. J., (Spring,) r 3, fruit tree agent
and farmer 100.

Gowdy, John A., (Spring,) house painter,

Gowdy. J. M., (Conneautville,) {Hammon


dE- Goxody^.)
ham, I.
mer 50.

(Conneautville,) r 46, far-

GRAHAM, THOS. B., (Spring,) r 22, far-
mer 170.

Grandy, Wm., (Conneautville,) farmer 60.

Graves. J. B.,(Conneautville,) shoe maker.

GRAVES. L. C, (Spring,) carriage, wagon
and sleigh manuf., and blacksmith,

Green, C. H., (Spring,) r 56, farmer 190.

Green, E., (Spring,) r 60, peddler.

Green. G. W., (Spring,) r 56, supervisor

find fSirmpr 95
Greenlee, B. C, (Spring,) r .33, farmer 83.
Greenlee, J. C, (Spring,) r 44, saw mill and

farmer 97.
GREENLEE. R. B., (Potters Corners,) r

44. farmer 105.
GRISWOLD. RUSH, (Albion, Erie Co.,)

r 3. farmer 150.
Haak, Benj.. (Spring,) r 34, farmer 70.
HADSELL, A. T., (Potters Corners,) r 36,

farmer 90.

HADSELL, DENNIS, (Crossingville,) r 36,
thresher and farmer 180.

Hadsell, Harry, (Potters Corners,) r 36,

Hall, E. R., (Spring.) r 56, farmer.

Hall, Geo.. (Spring,) stock dealer and far-
mer 165.

Hall. G. D., (Spring, )(5owwra7j, & Hall.)

Hall, Lyman Mrs., (Spring,) r 58, farmer

Hall. M. E., (Spring,) harness maker,

Hall, Oliver, (Spring,) retired farmer.

Hall, W. D., (Spring,) r 13, mason and far-
mer 61.

Hamilton, C, (Conneautville,) physician.

Hammon & Gowdy,(Conneautville,) {H. F.
Ilammon and J. M. Gowdy.) r 65, grist

Hammon, H. F., (Conneautville,) {Ham-
mon (£ Gowdy.)

Hammon, M. M., (Conneautville,) brick
mason, Washington St.

Hammon, W. A., (Conneautville.) dry
goods and millinery, corner Main and

Hammon, W. D., (Conneautville,) carriage

Hanchett, Nathan, (Conneautville,) car-
penter, corner Depot and Gothic.

HARPER, A. J., (Conneautville,) attorney
at law, real estate and insurance agent,
over First National Bank.

Harris, Hiram, (Conneautville,) r 48, far-
mer 73.

HARVEY, H. P., (Conneautville,) r 59, far-
mer leases 112.

Hayes, P., (Spring,) r 20, farmer 100.

HEAD. H. T., (Rundells,) r 44, carpenter
and joiner, and farmer 100.

HEAD, R. C, (Spring.) (Sheldon & HefuJ.)

Head, W. F., (Spring,) r 33, carpenter and
farmer 96.

Henderson, J. P. Jr., (Spring,) r 1, fruit
tree dealer and farmer 75.

Herrick, Chas. (Crossingville,) r 36, shoe-
maker and farmer 10.

Hickernell, Abram, (Spring.) r 34, farmer

HICKERNELL, G. W., (Spring,) r 34, far-
mer 75.

Hickernell, J. P. & R. C, (Spring,) r 32,
farmer 110.

HIGENELL, SAMUEL, (Spring,) r 22, far-
mer 125.

HigernelL, A. W., (Spring,) r 34, lumberman
and farmer 115.

Higernell, Benj., (Spring,) r 32, farmer 130.



Hill, Martin. rCrossingville,) r32, farmer

occupies 65.
Hills. R. T. and Chas. T., (Conneautville,)

farmer 9i).
Holcomb, Asa, (Rundells,) r 41, farmer

Holcomb. Hiram, (Rundells,) r 41, farmer

works farm of Asa, 160.
Holcomb, John J., (Rundells,) r 41, far-
Holcomb, Luman & Son. (Rundells.) r 41,

manufs. hay rakes, wood turners and

farmers 65.
HOLLEMBEAK, A. A., (Spring,) {Bollem-

HOLLEMBEAK & SON, (Spring.') (A. A.

(iTid T. A..) lumber dealers. Main.
HOLLEMBEAK, T. A., (Spring,) {Hollem-

hedk (t-SV/n.)
HOLLEMBECK, A. A., (Spring,) stock

dealer and farmer 500, Main.
HOLMAN, D. S., (Conneautville,) {Stage,

Jlolinnn <& Co.)
Holman, Joseph S., (Spring,) r 70, farmer

Hopkins. D. W., (Rundells,) r 43, farmer

Hopkins, Joseph, (Albion, Erie Co.,) r 16,

shingle mill.
HOTCHKISS. D. C, (Potters Corners,) r

36. farmer 90.
Hotchkiss, Gilbert, (Spring,) r a3, farmer


HOTCHKISS, L. R., (Potters Corners,) r

36, farmer 100.
Hotchkiss, M. L., (Rundells,) r 39, farmer

HOTCHKISS. V. A., (Spring,) dry goods.

boots and shoes, groceries and tailor

shop. Main.

HOTCHKISS, WILLIS, (Potters Corners,)

r 36, farmer 119.
Hough, Orson. M. D., (Conneautville,) U.

S. examining surgeon for pensions.
Houghtaling. Isaac, (Conneautville,)

stone mason.
Houser, Henry, (Rundells,) r 41, black-
Howard. A. H., (Spring,) r 56, boots and

HOWARD, JACKSON, (Spring.) r 56,

dealer in hides, rough and finished

leather, boots, shoes &c., and farmer

HUBBARD. ATKINS, (ConneautviUe,) r

3.5. farmer 100.
Hubbard, J. T., (Rundells,) r 38, farmer

Ilurd. Isaac, (Spring,) retired farmer,

HUKl). J. W., (Conneautville,) (//. A.

liriiikfr c(- Co.)
HuHon, ('has., (Conneautville,) r 46, farmer

HYNES. A. B., (Conneautville.) <l.>aler in

•IrngH, m«'dicineH, grocjTieH. buoka,

pKprr hungingH, news (l»'aU'r Ac.
Ikflcr. J., (Snrlng, I r 2.5. farmer KK).
JA( KSON, W. R.. (C'onncaiitville,) oar-

|i<Mit»T and joiner. .Ij'fTt'r.son.
Ja<'ks()n, Z»'l. (C(>unfa»itville. ) carpenter.
JKNKS. JOHN A JESSK. (Spring.' r 2.

carpenter and joiner, blacksmith and

farmer HU.

Jenks, Lyman, (Spring,) r2, carpenter and

farmer 15.
Joslin. Chester, (Lundys Lane, Erie Co.,)

r 26, farmer.
Joslin & Dunn. (Spring,) (John Jonlin and

Nathan Dunn.) r 32, shingle railL
Joslin, Gideon, (Conneautville.) r 54, far-
mer leases of Horace Clark. 65.
Joslin. Hiram, (Crossingville,) r36, farmer

Joslin, John. (Spring.) (Jottlin d- Dnnn.) r

32, circular sawyer, practical engineer

and farmer 64.
Joslin, S. R., (Crossingville,) r 36, farmer


Kelley, Hiram, (Spring.) r 1. farmer 120.
Kellsey. Wm.. fLundys Lane, Erie Co.,) r

27, farmer 42.
Kelsey, John, (Lundys Lane, Erie Co.,) r

27. farmer 16.
Kendall, G. W., (Spring.) r 56, farmer 100.
Kendall, S. M., (Spring,) blacksmith and

farmer 100. Main.
Kimball. H. C. (Conneautville.) house,

carriage, sign and ornamental painter.

Main opposite Holman House.
Kimmal. Geo., (Spring,) shoe maker. Main.
King, Geo. D., (Spring,) farmer 8.

KING, G. H., (Spring.) prop. King House,

livery and hack line to the Depot.
King, H. C. (Spring.) wagon maker. Main.
KING. H. H., (Spring.) r 62. farmer 50 and

leases of Stephen Kendall. 100.
King, J. M., (Spring,) r 61, farmer 90.
Kingsbacker, M. . (Conneautville,) (OA^man

d' Kina»f>o('ker.)
KLINGENSMITH, W. R., (Conneautville,)

carriage ironing, horse shoeing,repair-

ing Ac, Center.

KLUMPH, CHARLEY H., (Conneautville,)
station agent and telegraph operator.

Klumph. F. J., (Conneautville,) black-
smith. Canal.

Klumph. Mort, ( Conneautville,) gn^oceries,
crockery, glassware Ac.

Knapp. Alonzo. (Spring,) r 2-3, farmer .50.

KNAPP, JAMES A., (Spring,) r22. general
castrator, shoe maker, town auditor

Knickbocker, C. J., (Spring,) r 33, black-
smith and farmer .50.

Knickerbocker, Henry, (Spring.) r26, far-
mer 42.

KNICKERBOCKER, JOHN, (Spring,) r •«,
farmer 50.

KRICK. IRWIN S.. (Conneautville,) hard-
ware, stoves, tinware Ac.

Lackey, Joel S.. (Lundys Lane, Erie Co.,)
r 27, farmer 67.

Lackey, Jonathan. (Lundys Lane, Erie
Co..) r 2«). farnier 40.

Lackey, Sidney. (Lundys Lane, Erie Co.,)
r 'S\. can>enter and farmer 150.

Landon. (?., (Couueautvllle,) carpenter
and farmer 26.

Landon, M., (Conneautville,) can>enter,

Lane, H. J., (Conneautville.) house

fiaint»«r and oonHtalih". Water.
riitT, JoHeph, (C^oiineautviUe.) billiard
saloon, Center.
Larery, 11., (Crortslngville,) r 27, farmer



LAWRENCE, ALVIN, (Spring.) r 26, far-
mer 64 aud leases of W. P. Owen. 200.

Lawrence, E. G., (Conneautville,) farmer

Lawrence, H. B., (Conneautville,) farmer

LAWRENCE, H. W., fConneautville,)
prop, livery and stage line from Con-
neautville to Meadville. Pearl.

LAWRENCE, JOHN.(Spring,j r 23, farmer

Lawrence, Luke, (Conneautville,) cheese

Lawrence, W. N., (Conneautville,) r 60>^,
farmer 3.

Lefever, Phebe Mrs., (Rundells,)r41, far-
mer 100.

LEFEVER, P. E., (Rundells,) lumber
dresser and matcher.

LeFevre & Booth, (Spring.) ( W. D. LeFevre,
Jf. D. and W. C. Booth,) druggists.

LeFevre, W. D., (Spring,) {LeFevre &
Booth,) physician.

Leffingwell, J. C, (Conneautville,) physi-

Lesuer. Paul, (Spring.) r 2, farmer 44.

Litchfield, E. L., (Conneautville.) {TicJcnor
<& Co.,) fire insurance and Union Ex-
press agent.

Lowry, E. B. Mrs., (Spring.) milliner and
dress maker, ladies' furnishing goods.

LOWRY, M. P., (Conneautville,) attorney
at law and farmer 40.

Luke, Sarah.(Conneautville,) dressmaker,

Main. Clark, (Crossingville,) r 27, farmer

Manser, James, (Conneautville,) wagon
maker and farmer 40.

Mantor, Prank. (Conneautville,) commer-
cial salesman, Jefferson.

Marsh, Jerome, (Spring. ) farmer 80.

Marshall. S. W., (Conneautville,) harness

MAXWELL, J. H., (Conneautville,) me-

McBride. J. C, (Conneautville,) r 47,
thrasher and farmer 25.

McCabe, Daniel, (Spring.) farmer 110.

McCabe, George. (Conneautville,) boots
and shoes. Main.

McCann, Nathaniel, (Crossingville,) r 27,
farmer 50.

McCoy, A. S., (Spring,) r 14, fruit tree
agent and farmer 75.

McCoy, Wm. R.. (Spring.) farmer 100.

McDowell, H. H.. (Conneautville,) supt.
Wm. Power's store, Canal, and farmer

McDowell, Lide Miss, (Conneautville,)
dress maker.

McGILL, WM. H., (Conneautville,) prop.
Power House.

McGuire. B. T., (Crossingville,) r 28, far-
mer 50.

McGUIRE, HUGH, (Conneautville,) prop.
Conneautville Cheese Factory.

McGuire, Wm,, (Crossingville,) r 28, far-
mer 110.

McGuire, W. L

Mclnerney, D. G., (Conneautville,)
smith, corner Main and Center.

(Conneautville,) farmer

McLaughlin, L. F., (Spring,) broker and
farmer 200.

Mcmullen, GEO., (Conneautville, )(5'i;a6?6,
Holmnn & Co.)

McMURTRY, W. T. De., (Conneautville,)
prop. McMurtry's Tonic and Strength-
ening Bitters, Main.

McNeal, Henry, (Conneautville,) r 69, far-
mer 65.

MEYLER, GEO. M., (Conneautville,) far-
mer 50, Jefferson St.

Montague, W. H., (Conneautville,) har-
ness, trunks &c.. Main.

Montgomery, Robert, (Conneautville.) r
47, saw mill, carpenter and farmer

Morgan, Erastus, (Albion, Erie Co.,) r 16,

MORLEY, A." W. & SON, (Albion, Erie
Co.,)(e/. K.,) r 16. farmers 284.

MORLEY, J. E., (Albion, Erie Co.,) {A. W.
Morley cfc Son . )

Morris. E. S., (Rundells,) r40, farmer 107.

Moses, D. B., (Spring.) r 22, farmer 50.

Mose.s, Henry, (Spring,) r 34. farmer 30.

Moulthrop, F., (Conneautville,) (^1/bi/J^Arop
ct Son.'i,) farmer 70.

Moulthrop, George F., (Conneautville,)
[Mo I dt.hr op <& 6'o ??-.<.)

Moulthrop, H. B., (Conneautville,) (Moul-
throp & Sons.)

Moulthrop & Sons, (Conneautville,) {F.,
H. B. and Geo. F..) steam engines, saw
mills, oil tools and driving pipes.

Mullin, Thos., (Spring,) farmer 33>^.

Myers, R. B., (Conneautville,) jeweler,

Neal, S. D., (Conneautville,) tailor, Main.

Nelson, A. S., (Conneautville,) pattern
maker. West.

Nelson, Isaac, (Conneautville,) r 46, far-
mer 300.

NELSON, R. W., (Conneautville,) r 53,
farmer 70.

Nevil, Gilbert, (Conneautville,) stone and
brick mason.

Newton, G. W., (Spring,) r 34, agent Excel-
sior Mower and farmer 100.

NICOLLS, SENECA, (Conneautville,) r 53,
blacksmith and farmer 300.

NicoUs, S. C, (Conneautville,) r 46, far-
mer 200.

North. G. M., (Conneautville,) r 53, far-

O'Brien, Patrick, (Spring,) r 22, farmer


Odey, James, (Albion, Erie Co.,) r 3, far-
mer 30.

Odey, John, (Albion, Erie Co.,)r7, farmer

Odey. Michael, (Albion, Erie Co.,) r 7, far-
mer 50.

Ohlman & Kingsbacker, (Conneautville,)
(J/. Ohlman and M. Kingsbacker,)
clothiers. Main.

Ohlman, 31., (Conneautville,) {Ohlmayi &
KingKbacker. )

Oliver, F. W., (Spring,) fruit tree dealer.

OLIVER, M. W. & CHAS., (Spring,) r 70,
farmer 124.

Olson, Peter, (Conneautville.) livery.

O'Neal, , (Conneautville,) physician.



Owen. Zenos B., (Conneautville,) r53, far-
mer H2.

Parsons, Anson, (Spring,) physician and
farmer 120, Main.

PATTERSON, J. Z., (Rundells,) r 42,
cheese box maker and general

Peck, Nathaniel S., (Conneautville,) r 67,
farmer 40.

Perkins, J. H., ("Spring,) r 34, farmer 2.

PHELPS. L. E., (Spring,) r 1, farmer 250.
Pitts. Samuel, (Spring,) r 33. farmer 50.
Pomeroy, John, (Conneautville,) stoves,

tinware, nails &c.
Pond. A. S., (Conneautville,) furniture.
Pond, Harry, (Spring, ) farmer 400, Main.
Pond, Wm.,' (Spring. ) farmer.
Potter, Hannah, (Spring, i r 61, farmer 50.
Potter, S. C, (Conneautville,) r48, farmer

POWELL BROS., (Spring,) (TT. C, W. B.

and J. .*>.,) r 4, nurserymen, breeders

of blooded stock and farmers 1000.
POWELL, JAMES, (Spring,) r 4, farmer

POWELL, J. S., (Spring,) {Poicell Bros.)

POWELL, W. B., (Spring,) {Powell Broa.)
POWELL, W. G., (Spring.) {Powell Bros.)
Power, A. L., (Conneautville,) {Power

Bros. )
Power Bros., (Conneautville,) (TT. W. and

A. />.,) general merchants and produce

commission dealers.
Power. Charles M.. (Conneautville.) r 70,

hor.se dealer. Valley Breeding Farm.
POWER HOUSE, (Conneautville,) W. H.

McGill, prop.
Power. H. W., (Conneautville,) fire, life

and accident insurance agent.
Power, James, ^Conneautville,) r 70, far-
mer 240.

POWER. J. A.. (Conneautville, )r 70, prop.
Hamilton trotting stock and Valley
Brot'ding Farm.

POWER. WM., (Conneautville.) dealer in
groceries, flsh, salt, lime &c., and far-
mer 41 10, corner Center and Canal.

Piiwer, W. W., (C(inueautville,) (Po^er

PiU'SIA. D. M., (^Spring. » r 22, carpenter

and joiner and farmer 2.'j.
Prusia, ueorgo W., (Spring,) r 22, farmer

PRUSIA. LAFAYETTE. (Spring,) r 22, far-
mer 51.
Pulling. David 0„ (Spring,) r 12, farmer

Read. Hollla, (Spring,) prop. Spring Vallev

<'h«M>se Factory and larmer l"i».

Road. W, S,,(ConneautvIlle. ) r tSO,*^, farmer


RENIFF, ('HAS. W.. (ConnoautvlUe.^
niachiniiit, corner Water and Jeffer-

RICE, C. M., (Conneautville,) machinery

RICE. H. B.. (Llnftville Stat'on.) station-
!iry engineer, luiubermun and fanner

RTCK, J. R.. (^RundellH.) r 4T furnipr W

RITE. T. H., iLluoviUo Station, ( lumber-

Richardson, S. L., (Spring,) r 1, farmer

ROBERTS. S. W., (Rundells.) r 42, justice
of the peace and prop, market gar-

Robinson, F. M.. (Conneautville.) steam
engines, mill, oil and stave machinery,
doors, sash, blinds &c.

Robinson. W. H., agent, (Conneautville,)
groceries, provisions &c., opposite
Courier office.

Robinson, W. L.. (Conneautville.) general
merchant and W. \j. telegraph opera-
tor, corner Main and Pearl.

ROGERS, G.. (Rundells.) (7?ofir0r« A Steele,)
post master, prop, steam saw and
planing mills, manuf. cheese boxes,
dealer in dry goods, groceries, crock-
ery &c., and farmer 125.

ROGERS, M. L., (Rundells,) r 42. wagon
and shingle manuf. and farmer 190.

ROGERS & STEELE, (Rundells,) (G.
Pagers and Robert .S^^ee/e,) props. Run-
dells Cheese Factory.

ROSS, N. W.. (Rundells,) r 42, ax handle
maker and farmer .50.

Rundel, Austin, (Rundells,) r 41, farmer

RUNDEL, £. C, (RundeUs,) r 39, farmer

Rundel, E. M., (Rundells.) r 39, black-
smith and farmer 46.

dells. ) Rogers & Steele, props.

*RUPERT, J. E. & W. A., (Conneautville,)
editors and props. Conneautville Cou-

Rushmore, C. L., (Conneautville,) carpen-

Sager, Elisha, (Potters Corners,) r 38, far-
mer 45.

Sargent, C. M., (Spring.) r3, farmer works
farm of heirs of Anson, 145.

SCHOFIELD. G. C, (Conneautville,)
(Utarje. Ifnlmati <& Co.)

Scott. T. F., (Conneautville,) harness

.SEELYE, M. A.. 1 Rundells, ) r 41. carriage
and sleigh maker and owns timber

Seelye, W. D., heirs of, (Spring,) r 25, far-
mer 55.

SERGEANT. ALFRED, (Albion, Erie Co..)
r H. farmer 111.

Shafer. E., (Conneautville,) harness

Shahan, Patrick. (Albion, Erie Co.,) r 8,
farmer Hi.5.

Shahan, Thoiuas, (Albion, Erie Co..) r 3.
farmer 20.

SHAVER. nilLIP. (Conneautville.^ r 48.
carponttT and joiner and farmor 28.

Shelby. I'airick, (Cro8»ingvilU«,) r 28. far-
mer S.I.

Sh*»M.)u. AmaHH, (Spring.) r 15. fanner 75.

SHELDON. ANDREW, (Spring.) r 21, far-
nitT 12 '.

Sheldon * Darla, (Spring.) {Gilbert W.
•ihtfdoit (tiut John \V. ihiris,) r 23. far-
mers Z^

Sh»«ld<»ri. Fdgar. rSpring, 1 r 21. farnifr.75.

Sh»*ld'>n. E. C.. (Spring.* r IW, Raw mill and
farmer 23rt.



Sheldon, F. J., (Spring,) fruit tree dealer,

Sheldon, Gilbert W., (Spring,) {Sheldon &
Davifi. )

SHELDON & HEAD, (Spring,) {Jonathan
Sheldon and E. C. Head,) props, steam
saw mill and lumber dealers.

Sheldon, H. J., (Spring,) (/SamweZ W. Shel-
don Jr. &Sons.)

SHELDON, HIRAM, (Spring,) farmer 47,

Sheldon, Hiram & O. F., (Spring,) r 13,
tanners and shoe dealers.

SHELDON. JONATHAN, (Spring,) {Shel-
don-AZTeoKf,) carpenter and joiner, and
farmer 40.

Sheldon, J. H., (Spring,) r ^4, farmer 75.

Sheldon, J. W., (Spring,) {Samuel W. Shel-
don Jr. & Som^. )

Sheldon, Levi, (Spring,) r 10, farmer 60.

SHELDON, SAMUEL W. Sen., (Spring,) r
11. farmer 275.

Sheldon, Samuel W. Jr. & Sons. (Spring,)
(TT. J. nnrij, TT.,) shingle mill and far-
mers 111.

SH1.1.OW.,, THEODORE, (Spring,) r 10,
farmer 60.

Shoppart, Charles, (Spring,) carriage

SKEELS, JOHN C, (Albion, Erie Co.,) r

3, farmer 250.
Slayton & Foster, (Conneautville,) {0. B.

Slayton and L. V. Foster,) harness,

whips &c.. Center.
Slayton, G. W., (Conneautville.) {G. W. ,&

0. B. Slayton,) sewing machine agent

and farmer 106. Mulberry.
Slayton, G. W. & O, B., (Conneautville,)

farmer 100.
Slayton. O. B., (Conneautville.) (»SZayton &

Fo.ster,) {G. W. & 0. B. Slayton,) farmer

180. Depot.
SLOAN. A., (Spring.) r 22, farmer 50.
SLOAN, G. H., (Spring,) r 19. farmer 65.
Smiley. John A., (Conneautville,) r 60^,

Smith, A. &T., (Conneautville,) r 47, shoe

maker and farmer 50.
Smith. Henry, (Spring,) r 55, farmer.
Smith. Hiram, (Conneautville,) r 47, far-
mer 114.
Smitn, \Vm., (Conneautville,) r 52, farmer


SPELLACY, JOHN, (Conneautville,)
shook raanuf. and farmer 55.

Sperry, Amos. (Conneautville,) r 48, far-
mer 100. »

Sperry, Isaac, (Potters Corners,) r 36, far-
mer 400.

Sperry, I. B., (Spring,) r 26, gunsmith,
blacksmith, shoe maker and farmer

SPERRY, M. v., (Spring,) r 32, stock and
hay dealer, and farmer leases of
Henry Hickok, South West, 86.

Spicer, Amos K., (Conneautville,) r 44, far-
mer 89.

STAGE, A., (Conneautville,) {Stage, Rol-
inan & Co.)

STAGE, HOLMAN & CO., (Conneautville,)
{A. Stage, D. S. Holman, Geo. McMullen
avrj G. C. Schofield,) manufs. Stage &
Holman Patent Steel Clad Wheel.

STEELE, ROBERT, (Rundells,) {Rogers &
Steele,) house and carriage painter.

STEEN, M. D. A. Rev,, (Conneautville,)
pastor First Presb. Church.

STOKE, A. W., (Spring,) tailor, Main.

STOKE, F. P., (Spring,) stationary engi-

Stone, A. K., (Spring,) farmer 50, corner
Main and Pearl.

Stone, J. A , (Conneautville,) general mer-

Sturtevant, Elon, (Spring,) r 1J4, farmer


Sturtevant, Luman, (Spring.) farmer 230.

STURTEVANT, R. H., (Spring,) r 14, jus-
tice of the peace and farmer 100.

Sturtevant, Servetus, (Spring,) r 7^, far-
mer 150.

Stutevant, A. R., (Spring,) r 5, farmer 175.

Summerbell, Rev., (Spring,) pastor

Christian Church.

Sutliff. D. W., (Conneautville,) coal and
wood dealer.

Swaney, Alex., (Crossingville,) r 27, far-
mer 80.

Swap, Wm., (Spring,) cabinet maker and
painter, Beaver.

Sweny, W. S., (Spring,) carpenter, Main.

Talbot, Benj., (Lundys Lane, Erie Co..) r
26, farmer 25.

Talbot, David, (Lundys Lane, Erie Co.,) r
26, farmer 28.

Talbot, Wm., (Lundys Lane, Erie Co.,) r
26, farmer 25.

TEASDADE, J. C, (Conneautville,) dealer
in clocks, watches, jewelry and plated
ware, repairing &c.

TEASDALE, M. B., (Conneautville,) miller
and engineer, Water.

Teasdale, M. C, (Conneautville,) machin-

Temple, F. A., (Conneautville,) commer-
cial salesman. Water.

Temple, Robert, (Rundells,) r 37, farmer

Temple. Robert Mrs., (Rundells,) r37, far-
mer 40.

Temple, R. S. B., (Rundells,) r 37, farmer

Temple, T. M., (Conneautville,) telegraph

TERRILL, D. C, (Crossingville,) r 30,
blacksmith, wagon maker, carpenter
and joiner, shoemaker, tailor and far-
mer 38.

THACHER, F. G., (Conneautville,) r 43,
carpenter and joiner, and farmer 90.

Thayer, Isaac, (Spring,) r 33, farmer 50.

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