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d' Hammon.) r 20. farmer 42.

Hammon, Horace, (Dicksonburgh,) r 25,
farmer 240.

Hammon, H. C, (Dicksonburgh,) {Mc-
Doicell & Hammon.')

Havens, John C, (Center Road Station,)
r 29, farmer 60.

Hays, Nathan, (Conneautville,) r 6, far-
mer 80.

Hays, Thos., (Conneautville,) r 10, farmer

Heald. Alben, (Dicksonburgh,) r 20, far-
mer .50.

Henratty. James A., (Conneautville,) r 7,
farmer 50.

Henratty, James C, (Conneautville,) r 7,
farmer 34.

Henratty, T. D., (Conneautville,) r 7, far-
mer .53.

Henry, Joseph, (Conneautville,) r 6, far-
mer 48.

HOUGHTALING. N. P., (Conneautville,) r
5. tanner and farmer 18)^.

Houser, Munro, (Norrisville,) r 41, farmer

IRWIN. ANDREW, (Conneautville,) r 7,
farmer 66.

Jenkins. M. T., (Harmonsburgh,) r 40, far-
mer 100.

Johson, Bolney, (Dicksonburgh,) r 36, far-
mer 50.

JOLLY, J. J., (Conneautville,) r 22, far-
mer 35.

Jones, Augustus, (Norrisville,) r 14, far-
mer 25.

Kelley, Robert, (Conneautville,) r 7, far-
mer 40.

Klumph, L. R., (Conneautville,) r 6, far-
mer 100.

KNAPP, WALTER, (ConneautviUe,) r 1,
farmer 180.

Lane, A. J., (Dicksonburgh,) r25>^, farmer

Lang, John Mrs., (Center Road Station,) r
32, farmer 100.

Lawrence, Hiram,(Conneautville,) r 8, far-
mer 40.

Lord, Francis, (Conneautville,) r 3, farmer

LORD, FREEDOM, (Conneautville,) r 3,
broom manuf . and farmer 60.

Lord. James W., (Conneautville,) r 3, far-
mer 30.

Mathews, Samuel, (Conneautville,) r 11,
farmer 50.

Mathews, Wm. M. C, (Conneautville,) rlO,
farmer 51>^.

Maynard, Geo., (Norrisville,) r 13, farmer
leases of Widow Norris, 100.

McDowell, Abner. (Conneautville.) {John
McDoicell rf" Sons.)

McDowell, Bradford, (Conneautville,)(t7c)AH
MclJoicM dc Sons.)

McDowell, C, (Dicksonburgh,) (J/c'
Do^cell db Hammon,)

McDowell, C. B., (Dicksonburgh,) r 35,
farmer 80.

Mcdowell & hammon, (Dickson-
burgh,) {C. McDoicell and H. and H. C.
Hammon,) cheese manufs.

Mcdowell, JAMES jr., (Dicksonburgh,)
surveyor and farmer 178.

McDowell, John, (Conneautville,) r 21, far-
mer 160.

Mcdowell, J. B., (Dicksonburgh,) far-

McDowell, John F., (Dicksonburgh,) r 36,
farmer 140.

McDowell, John & Sons, (Conneautville,)
{Bradford and Abner,) farmers 200.

McDowell, J. W., (Dicksonburgh,) r 23, far-
mer 25.

McGuire, Catharine, (Dicksonburgh,) r 43,
farmer 50.

McKAY, WM., (ConneautviUe,) r 8, car-
penter and farmer 90.

McMillen, Amos, (Norrisville,) r 41, farmer

McMillin, Wm. A., (ConneautviUe,) r 9,
farmer 50.

McMULLIN, GEO.,(ConneautviUe,)(.S'to(7e,
Holman & Co..) r 29, lumberman and
farmer 200.

McTier, James, (ConneautviUe,) r 5, far-
mer 45.

Meyler, Wm., (ConneautviUe,) r 1, farmer

Miller, John R., (Center Road Station,) r
30, farmer 32 1^.

Mitchell, Robert, (ConneautviUe,) r 5, far-
mer 110.

Montgomery, Kenney, (ConneautviUe,) r
18, farmer 35.

Morrow, S. J., (ConneautviUe,) r 11, far-
mer 57.

MORROW, T. E., (ConneautviUe,) r 9,
supervisor and farmer 60.

MYERS. GEO., (ConneautviUe,) r 18, far-
mer 50.

Nichols, Andy, (NorrisviUe,) r 13, farmer

Nisley, Christian J., (Norrisville,) r 6, con-
stable and farmer 33.

Norris, Chas., (Norrisville,) r 13, farmer 50.

OFENSEND, ASA, (ConneautviUe,) farmer

Ofensend, A. R., (Dicksonburgh,) r 34, far-
mer 112.

OWEN, E. H., (Conneautville,) r 22, saw
mill and farmer 5.

Paddock, Mrs., (ConneautviUe,) r 5,

farmer 17^.

Palmanteer, J., (Dicksonburgh,) r 34, far-
mer 125.

Pearce, Harriet, (widow of Erastus,)
(ConneautviUe,) r 8, farmer 105.

Pinckney, G. F., (Dicksonburgh,) r 25, far-
mer 47>^.

Power, S. A., (Center Road Station,) r 33,
farmer occupies 234.

Proctor Bros., ( Dicksonburgh,) (ZT. M. and
J. D.,) r24, farmers 107.

Proctor, H. M., (Dicksonburgh,) {Proctor

Proctor, J. D., (Dicksonburgh,) {Proctor



Proctor, J. S., (Dicksonburgh,) r 20, far-
mer 81.
RAXSOM, MYRON, (Conneautville.)r 22,

judpre of elections and farmer 100.
Reynolds, J. W., (Dicksonburgh,) farmer

ROBINSON, D. B., (Dicksonburgh,) r 25,

farmer 62.
ROBINSON, G. W., (Dicksonburgh,) r 25,

farmer .56.
Robinson, Samuel W., (ConneautviUe,) r

17, fanner 125.
Russtll, John, (ConneautviUe,) r 5, farmer

Schmallenbager, John, (ConneautviUe,)

farmer 75.
Sebaugh, David, (NorrisviUe,) r 8, farmer

SHAW, M. D., (Center Road Station,) r

29, assist, assessor and farmer 100.
Shaw, Wm. M., (Dicksonburgh,) r 34, far-
mer 100.
Shay. Tom, (NorrisviUe,) r 12, farmer 31.
Smith, Edmund, (NorrisviUe,) r 12, farmer

Smith. 6- W., (ConneautviUe,) r 8, farmer

Smith, S. O.. (NorrisviUe.^ r 12, farmer 50.
Smith. W. W., (NorrisviUe,) r 42, farmer

Sproul, John, (ConneautviUe,) r 11, farmer

SPROUL, J. B., (ConneautviUe,) r 11,
township auditor and farmer 50.

Stagger, Christian, (ConneautviUe,) r 11,
farmer 26.

Stanley. Gilman, (ConneautviUe,) r 32,
carpenter and farmer 40.

STANLEY. T. A., (ConneautviUe,) r 29,
farmer 110.

STANLEY, WALTER, (ConneautvUle,)

Stanley. Warren, (ConneautviUe,) r 32,
farmer 60.

Steel. John, (ConneautviUe,) r 10, farmer

Steel, Samuel, (ConneautviUe,) r 10, far-
mer 75.

Steel, Wm. Jr., (ConneautviUe,) r 11, far-
mer 5S.

STERLING. C. C, (DickBonburgh,) r 2-1,
general merchant.

STERLING, JOSEPH, (ConneautviUe,)

veterinary surgeon.
Sterling. Wm. C, (Dicksonburgh,) r 23,

farmer 120.
Stevens, Andrew L., (NorrisviUe.) r 33,
farmer 77.

Sunderland, B., (NorrisviUe,) r7X, farmer

Sweet, E. W., (ConneautvUle,) r32, farmer

Thackara, E. D., (Dicksonburgh,) r 24,

Thomas, Thos., (Conneaut'^Ue,) r 1, far-
mer 100.

Tingley, SUas D., (ConneautviUe,) r8, far-
mer 75.

Tucker, Z., (ConneautviUe,) rl8, fruit tree
agent and farmer 90.

VAUGN, A. H., (NorrisvUle.) farmer.

Vaughn. Wm., (NorrisviUe,) r 12, black-
smith and post master.

VREDENBURGH, E., (NorrisvUle,) r 12,
farmer .50.

Walton. Amasa, (Center Road Station,) r
33, cooper and farmer 4^3.

Walton. Andrew, (Center Road Station,) r
33, farmer occupies 58.

Walton, Chester, (Center Road Station,) r
32, farmer 50.

WALTON, MINOR,(Center Road Station,)
r 30, farmer 100.

Walton, Sanford, (Center Road Station,)
r 33, cooper and farmer 25.

Walton, Wm., (ConneautviUe,) r 1, basket
maker and farmer 50.

Ward, Michael,(Conneautville,) r6, farmer

Wheeler, Francis, (Dicksonburgh,) r 20,
farmer 75.

Wing, Elijah, (ConneautviUe,) r 3, farmer
leases 4."j.

(ConneautviUe,) r 22. farmers 12.5.

Wood, A. A., (NorrisviUe, I r 15, farmer

Wood, Nathan, (ConneautviUe,) r 11, far-
mer 50.

Wood, Wm., (ConneautviUe,) r 11, black-

WOKMALD, I. & R.. (ConneautviUe,)
manufs. cloths, ca.«?simerp8, flannels,
blankets, stocking yarns &c.

Oakford StHood, only Practicable Hatters in



(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation. — The letter r. following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

Alexander, John, (Conneautville,) r 27,
farmer 18.

Barnes, Peter, (Dicksonburgh,) r 7, far-
mer 60.

Beatty, Thos., (Linesville Station,) r 52,

Boyle, Daniel, (Harmonsburgh,) r 38, far-
mer 53.

Boyle, James, (Evansburgh.) r 40, farmer

BOYLE, MICHAEL, (Harmonsburgh,)
ditcher and farmer 7.

BRIGHT, FRANK, (Harmonsburgh,) r 40,

Bright, Henry, (Harmonsburgh,) r 40, far-
mer 60.

Bright, Wm., (Harmonsburgh,) r 40, far-

Brooks, Henry, (Linesville Station,) r 29,
farmer 99.

Brown, Benj., (Harmonsburgh,) r 31, far-
mer 200.

Brown, Ely, (Harmonsburgh,) r 6, farmer

BROWN, JOSEPH, (Harmonsburgh,) r 31,
farmer 165.

Brown, Philip, (Harmonsburgh,) r44, far-
mer 112.

Brown, Samuel, (Harmonsburgh,) r 21,
farmer 130

Denison, Wm. H., (Linesville Station,) r
29, farmer 90.

Dibble, Reuben A., (Harmonsburgh,) r 40,
farmer leases 150.

DUDLEY, LEVI, (Linesville Station,) r 51,
farmer 94.

Duffy, Felix, (Harmonsburgh,) r 38, far-
mer 75.

FISH. ALBERT, (Conneautville,) r 28, saw
mill and farmer 112.

Ford. A., (Harmonsburgh,) prop. Ford
House and patent right dealer.

Ford. James, (Harmonsburgh,) r 22)^, far-
mer 100.

Ford, Silas, (Linesville Station,) r 25, far-
mer 94.

Foust, Adam, (Harmonsburgh,) r 40, far-
mer 100.

Foust. A. D., (Harmonsburgh,) r 44, far-
mer 25.

Foust, Cornelius, (Harmonsburgh,) r 40,
farmer 92.

Foust. G. W., (Harmonsburgh,) r 44, far-
mer 54.

Foust, John, (Evansburgh,) r 40, farmer

Foust, J. M., (Harmonsburgh,) r 44, far-
mer 27.

FULLER, JOHN, (Harmonsburgh,) r 20,
cheese factory and farmer lOO.
Brown, W. B., (Linesville Station,) r 52, i Garner, Joseph, (Linesville Station,) r 29,
mechanic and farmer 118. farmer 70.

Clark, John, (Harmonsburgh,) r 13, farmer j ^^^^'!2?r\^°^^^^' (^^«^«°^^^^^^'> ^4'

Clark,' Peter, (Harmonsburgh,) r 18, seyr-\^^''J^Z^l^.^?-^ ^^^^^^^^^ Station,) r 30,
ing machine agent and farmer 75.

Clark, Timothy, (Harmonsburgh,) r 37,
farmer 90.

Close, Daniel, (Harmonsburgh,) r 17,
patent right dealer and farmer 100.

Close, J., (Harmonsburgh,) r 18, farmer 75.

CLOSE, J. B., (Harmonsburgh,) r 13. aud-
itor, asst. assessor and farmer i04,

farmer 27.
Gehr, A., (Harmonsburgh,) r 48, farmer 20.

GEHR, ANDREW J., (Linesville Station,)
r 52, stone mason and plasterer.

Gehr, Barrett, (Linesville Station,) r 44,

GEHR. BENJ., (Linesville Station,) r 44,
farmer 140.

Close, W. J., (Harmonsburgh,) r 17, far- Gehr, Cyrus. (Harmonsburgh,) r 47, but-

mer 50.

COBURN, A., (Conneautville,) r 28, car-
penter and joiner, and farmer 40.

Corr. Christopher, (Dicksonburgh,) r 5,
shoe maker.

Denison, O. C, (Linesville Station,) r 32,
farmer 79.

cher and farmer 120.

Gehr, Daniel, (Harmonsburgh,) r 48, far-
mer 175.

Gehr, David, (Linesville Station,) r28, far-
mer 50.

GEHR, JOHN B., (Linesville Station,) r 52,
stone mason and farmer 42.

the Oil Region, Store Fertig Block, Titu^Tille, Pa.



Gehr, R. A., (Harmonsburgh,) r47, butcher
and farmer.

Gehr, Solomon, (Linesville Station,) r 52,
farmer 193.

Gehr, Sylvester, (Linesville Station,) r 44,

GEHR, S. S., (Harmonsburgh,) r 44, super-
visor and farmer 90.

Gehr. Wilson, (Tamarac) r 54, farmer 50.

George, James, (Linesville Station,) r 32,
farmer 70.

Gibson, J., (Harmonsburgh,) r 1, farmer

Gillilaud, Bani, (Linesville Station,) r 3,
farmer 50.

Gilliland, Eli, (Linesville Station,) r 3, far-
mer (J5.

Gilliland, Seth, (Linesville Station,) r 3,
farmer 75.

HAMPE, H. W. Rev., (Linesville Station,)
r 56, farmer 90.

Hampe, J. G. F., (Linesville Station,) r 44,
farmer 130.

HAMPE, J. G., (Linesville Station,) r 44,
farmer leases 130.

Harper, D. G.,(Harmonsburgh,)r 36, black-

HARPER. H. H., (Harmonsburgh,) r 41,
farmer 95.

Hen-v, Baltzer, (Linesville Station,) r29,
far ner 28.

Henry. John D., (Linesville Station,) r 30,
farner 241^.

HENRY, SYLVANUS, (Linesville Station,)
r3, farmer 5-"{.

Henry, Uriah, (Linesville Station,) r 29,
farmer 95.

Hope, John, (Harmonsburgh,) r 31, farmer

Hope, Richard, (Harmonsburgh,) r 44, far-
mer 111.

Hotchkiss, L., (Harmonsburgh,) r 41, far-
mer leases 140,

Huestis, Daniel, (Conneautville,) r 2,
house painter.

Jackson, Hugh, (Harmonsburgh,) r 32,
farmer 190.

Jenkin.s, John, (Harmonsburgh,) r 11, far-
mer 50.

John.son, Porte, (Harmonsburgh,) r 22X,
farmer 100.

Jolly. Pattison & Co., (Dicksonburgh.)
{Miirthn and Geo. B. Mi-A'lnre,) r 5,
farmers 120.

Keen, Henry. (Harmonsburgh,) r 31, far-
mer leases 61.

KEEN, W. A., (Harmonsburgh,) dealer in
gfueral raerchandi.se.

Kelley, A. M., (Harmonsburgh,) r 31, far-
mer 10.

Kelley, Robert, (Harmonsburgh,) r 40,
houst' painter and farmer 1\. .

LaHure, Samuel, (Harmonsburgh,) r 4H.
cooper and farmer 13.

Lawnnu;*', I. J., (Conneautville,) r 2H. far-
m.T 37.

L»<twild«'r, Nathan, (Linesville Station,) r
4x, farmer l"*,').

LiiptT, S. P., (Harmonsburgh,) r 20. far-
mer 3.V

Maug^John, (Conneautville,) r 2, farmer

McCluro, Geo. B.. (Dicksonburgh.) (/'<//W
«w«, Jolly & Co.)

\ McClure, James, (Dicksonburgh,) r 5, far-
' mer 100.

McClure, James, (Harmonsburgh,) r 46,
farmer 168.

McClure, John, (Harmonsburgh,) r 46, tan-
ner and farmer 109.

McClure, J. F., (Harmonsburgh,) r 21, far-
mer 100.

McClure, Martha, (Dicksonburgh,) {Patti-
son, Jolly & Co. )

McCray, Sylvester T., (Harmonsburgh,) r
34, constable and collector.

McDowell, JAMES M., (Harmons-
burgh,) r 363^, agent for J. & W. C.
Hays' marble works, Meadville, and
farmer 10.

McGuire. J., (Harmonsburgh,) r 21, far-
mer 100,

McMillin, J. J. Dr., (Harmonsburgh,) r 30,
farmer 15.

Meyers, Rev., (Linesville Station,) r

52, farmer leases 80.

Moyer, Reuben, (Linesville Station,) r 44,
farmer 1,

Oats, B. F., (Linesville Station,) r 52, far-
mer 50.

Oats, Joseph. (Linesville Station.) r 50,
farmer 47.

OATS, SOLOMON, (LinesvUle Station,) r

53, farmer 50.

O'Brien, Patrick, (Harmonsburgh,) r 48,
farmer 80.

Patterson, J. G., (Conneautville,) r 28,
carpenter and farmer 65.

Porter. Wm., (Linesville Station,) r 3, far-
mer 73.

Putnam, Levi, (Harmonsburgh,) r 40, far-
mer 150.

Putnam, Wm., (Harmonsburgh.) r 31, jus-
tice of the peace and farmer 65.

Quigley, Sebastian, (Harmonsburgh,) r 36,
farmer 100.

RICE, J. E., (Harmonsburgh,) r 36, farmer

Rich, A. R. Rev., (Dicksonburgh,) pastor
M. E. Church.

Robinson, Robert, (Dicksonburgh,) r 5,
farmer 130.

Schaffner, Peter, (Conneautville,) r 2, far-
mer 25.

Shotwell. Wm. A. F., (Linesville Station )
r 52. farmer 30.

Smith, D. v., (Harmonsburgh,) r 9, far-
mer 100.

SMITH, D. W., (Harmonsburgh.) r 9, far-
mer 350.

Smith, John H., (Harmonsburgh,) r 8, far-
mer 109.

Smith, Jf)hn J., (Linesville Station,) r 8,
farmer 40.

Smith, Wm. H., (Harmonsburgh.) r 9, far-
mer 115.

Splitstone, A. H.,( Linesville Station,) r 39,

SplitHtone, John, (Linesville Station,) r 80,
farmer 112.

STKKLINO. JAMES. (Dicksonburgh.)
veterinary surceon and fanner 55.

Swacer. Wm. U., (LineHvillo Station,) r 56,
III rill er 25.

ToatH. A. \\. R«v., (LinesTille Station,) r
52. farm or 50.

Terrill, Elli.s,( Harmonsburgh,) r30, fanner



TERRILL, L'. C, (Linesville Station,) r 44,

manuf . wooden piping and farmer 120.
Upham, Wm. A., (Linesville Station,) r 50,

farmer 65.
Whiteside, J., (Harmonsburgh,) r 36, hotel

Whiting, Almon, (Harmonsburgh,) r 36,

post master and farmer 210.
WHITING, ALONZO, (Harmonsburgh,) r

11, farmer 360.
WHITING, JOHN, (Harmonsburgh,) r 18,

farmer 240.
Williams, Andrew J., (Harmonsburgh,) r

38, farmer 50.

Wiseman, Chas., (Conneautville,) r 2, far"
mer 100.

Wiser, B. F., (Linesville Station,) r 53, far-
mer leases 58.

Wright, C. H.,(Conneautville,)r 28, farmer

Wright, James, (Conneautville,) r 28, far-
mer 75.

Young, Daniel, (Linesville Station,) r 28,
farmer 31.

Younfr, J. M., (Harmonsburgh,) r 1, farmer


(See Index to Business Directory.)

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation. — The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the village.

Adams, Alex., (Troy Center,) r 5>^, farmer
leases of Conover & Co., 100.

Adams, John, (Troy Center,) r5>^, retired

Altenburg, Geo. W., (Troy Center,) r 7,

supervisor and farmer 85.

Altenburg, John W., (Townville,) r 4, far-
mer 135.

Ames, Almon, (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 31,
farmer 37.

ARCHER, GEO. B., (Oil Creek,) r 17, far-
mer leases of James M. Lefford, 26,

ARCHER, JAMES, (Oil Creek,) east of r

25, farmer 61.
Archer, Samuel, (Oil Creek,) corner r 22

and 20, farmer 30.

Armagost, Isaac C. Rev., (Plum, Venango
Co.,)r6, Baptist clergyman and far-
mer 75.

Armstrong, John, (Plum, Venango Co.,) r
32, supervisor and farmer 110.

Armstrong, Joseph, (Plum, Venango Co.,)
r 32, farmer 130.

Arthurs, James W., (Oil Creek,) r 23,
school director and farmer 100.

ARTHURS, ROBERT, (Oil Creek,) r 23,
farm laborer.

Banta, A., (Townville,) r 5, farmer 60.

Banta, Annie, (widow,) (Troy Center,) r
7, farmer 80.

Banta, Henry, (Troy Center,) r 10, farmer

Barton, Alfred B., (Troy Center,) r 6, far-
mer 50.



Barton, Eugene, (Plum, Venango Co.,)r3,

farmer 25.
Barton, Henry, (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 3,

farmer 150.
Barton. Van. (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 31,

BENN, JESSE L., (Troy Center,) r 6,

Benn, Jonathan, (Troy Center,) r 6, farmer

Benn. Wm. B., (Troy Center,) r6, teacher.

Blanchard, Jacob G., (Plum, Venango
Co..) r 32, carpenter and farmer 19.

BLY. DAVID v., (Troy Center,) r 5><r, far-
mer 100.

Bradley, Chas., (Townville,) r 4, farmer
leases 50.

Breed, Joseph, (Titusville,) east of r 25,
farmer 100.

BROMLEY. ALMON L., (Oil Creek,) r
24><j, farmer 2(i.

Bromley, James L., (Oil Creek,) r 25, shoe

Bromley. Sebem H., (Oil Creek,) r 19, far-
mer 8.

Bromley, Sylvester I., (Titusville,) r 25,
farmer 10.

Brontagey, Henry, (Troy Center,) east of
r 9, farmer 65.

Brown, Francis, (Titusville,) r 19, farmer

Bugy, Robert P., (Troy Center,) r 10, far-
mer 100.

Bunce, Hamilton, (Troy Center,) r 5, far-
mer 100.

BUN'CE, SANFORD C, (Troy Center,) r 6,
town auditor, collector school and
county tax, and farmer 90.

Burns, Asbury T., (Plum, Venango
Co.,) (.1. T. & J. C. But-ns.)

Burns. A. T. & J. C, (Plum, Venango Co.,)
(Asfmrt/ T. and Jam ex C.,) r 32, lum-
bermen and shingle makers.

Burns, James C, (Plum, Venango Co.,)
(A. 'J', iic J. C. Bunix.)

Carver, Conrad G., (Troy Center,) {Cono-
r&r rf- ( 'n. )

Chafee, Preston A., (Plum, Venango Co.,)
r 32, farmer 50.

Cheers, Nel.son, (Troy Center,) farmer
lease.s l(i6.

Churchill, E. R., (widow of Josiah H.,)
(Tf)wnville.) r 3, farmer 50.

Churchill, Lowry T., (Tuwuville,) r 3, far-
mer leases of E. R.. 50.

CLAKK, WM. J., (Townville,) r 1, farmer

Conover, Christopher C, (Troy Center,)
( ' miorer tfe Co., ) r 5, judge of elections,
supervisor, school director and far-
nutr HI.

Conover & Co., (Troy Center.) ( Chriatojthi^r
('. C<niorer, Wm. (irace ami Conrad G.
Carrer,) r 5, lumbermen 100.

COOK, STEPHEN, (.Tuwuvillo,) r 7, far-
mer 5(».

Creoraft, Henry P., (Oil Creek,) r 7, far-
mer 50.

Crecraft, John, (Oil Creak,) r 21, farmer

Dangherty. Cn'o., (Diamond, Venango Co.,)
r 2»i, farmer 76.

DftviHon, Chas. H., (Townville.) r 1, far-
mer 40.

Deppen. Washington. (Plum, Venango
Co.,) r33. farmer 50.

Dingman, Giles, (Townville,) r 3, farmer

Eakin, Samuel D., (Oil Creek,) r 24^^, far-
mer 25.

Eddy, Abiel A., (Diamond, Venango Co.,)
r 13, farmer 40.

Eddy, Andrew J., (Troy Center,) r 8,
inspector of elections and farmer 75.

Faunce, Barnhart, (Plum, Venango Co.,)
r 31, farmer 35.

Faunce, Peabody, (Townville,) r 1, car-
penter and farmer 50.

Fisher, Riley T., (Oil Creek,) r 23, farmer

Gehring, Christian, (Oil Creek,) r 25j^,
farmer 70.

Gehring, John, (Oil Creek,) r 25, farmer

Gerard, John, (Oil Creek,) {Smith <& Ger-

Grace, Wm., (Troy Center,) (Conover &

Greene, Lyman P., (Titusville,) r 19, far-
mer 60.

Greene, Lyman P. Jr., (Titusville,) r 19,
farmer leases of Lyman P., 60.

Grove, Hugh M., (Plum, Venango Co.,) r
30, farmer 77.

Grove, James W., (Troy Center,) corner r
10 and 11, post master and grocer.

Harvey, Clinton L., (Troy Center,) r 8,
farmer leases of Jane, 75.

Harvey, James L^., (Troy Center,) r 11, far-
mer leases of S. B. Hayes.

Harvey, Jane, (widow of Silas,) (Troy
Center,) r 8, farmer 75.

Harvey, Silas, (Townville,) r 3, farmer
leases of Giles Dingman. 50.

HAWTHORN, JAMES M., (Diamond, Ven-
ango Co.,) corner r 13 and 12, farmer

HAYES, SEVERUS B. Capt., (Diamond,
Venango Co.,) r 12, lumberman and
farmer 120.

HIGBY, DAVID B., (Townville,) r 1, far-
mer 140.

Higby, James W., (Townville,) r 1, farmer

Higby, Reuben P., (Townville,) r 1, far-
mer 35.

Higley, James, (Townville,) r 4, farmer 20.

Hippie, Jacob M., ^^Plum, Venango Co.,) r
32, farmer 100.

Hoover, Henry. (Diamond, Venango Co.,)
r 15, farmer Vyi.

Housknecht, Daniel, (Plum, Venango Co.,)
r31, farmer 40.

JENNINGS. URIAH J., (Plum. Venango
Co.,) r 32. farmer 75.

Jones. Orriu, (,Troy Center,) r 11, farmer

Kane, Cyrus, (Diamond, Venango Co.,) r
26, cooper.

Kelly, Squire, (Townville,) r 4, fanner 44.

Kerr. James. (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 32,
farmer .V).

Kight linger. Chas. H.. (Oil Creek,) r 30. far-
mer Id.

KItt'liuger, Geo., (Plum, Venango Co.,) r
.{2, farmer 50.

Kltenger. Abraham, (Oil Creek,) r 2<1, far-
mer &U.



Kitlinger, Andrew, (Oil Creek,) r 34, farmer

Kitlinger, John M., (Oil Creek,) r 23, far-
mer 853^.

KOPS, JOHN, (Troy Center,) r 14, cooper
and farmer 100.

LEFFORD. JAMES M., (Oil Creek,) cor-
ner r 17 and 18,constable, assessor and
farmer 37.

Leonard, Elizabeth A., (-widow of Am-
brose L.,) (Townville,) r 7, farmer 2.

Lillibridge, Edward, (Townville,) r 4, far-
mer 2.

Lim, Joseph, (Oil Creek,) r 21, carpen-

Lindsey, John, (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 32,
T3i7*Tnpr /ini

LOKEY, JOHN R., (Plum, Venango Co.,)
r 31, farmer leases 100.

Luse, James R., (Plum, Venango Co.,) r27,
justice of the peace and farmer 45.

Luse, Robert A., (Plum, Venango Co.,)
corner r 27 and 29, carpenter.

Mabus. Chas., (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 32,
farmer 50.

Markley, Fred., (Troy Center,) r 8, cooper

MARKLEY, GEO.i(Oil Creek.) r 18, cooper,
manuf. oil barrels and farmer 60.

Markley. Jacob, (Troy Center,) r 8, manuf.
oil barrels and farmer 100.

Marsh. Ira, (Oil Creek,) r 12, farmer leases
of Joseph Rishel, 160.

Marsh, 3Ianley, (Oil Creek,) r 23, farmer

MARSH, WM., (Oil Creek,) r 24, farmer44.

Matson, Samuel, ( Plum, Venango Co.,) r
33)^, farmer 150.

McClenland, Joseph M., (Plum, Venango
Co.,) r 31, carpenter and farmer 50.

McCurdy, Cassius, (Oil Creek,) r 20, far-
mer leases of John, 25.

McCURDY, JAMES, (Oil Creek,) r 20, far-
mer 39,1^.

McCurdy, Robert, (Oil Creek,) r20, farmer
leases of Robert S., 100.

McCURDY, ROBERT S., (Oil Creek,) r 30,
farmer 100.

McCurdy, Sharp, (Oil Creek,) r 21, grocer.

Melvin, Henry A., (TownviUe,) r 7, farmer

Mills, Erastus S., (Troy Center,) r 10, far-
mer 30.

Mills, Francis, (Townville,) r 7, assist,
assessor and farmer 83.

Mills, Wm. L., (Troy Center,) r 10, cooper.

Monnin, John P., (Plum, Venango Co.,) r
32. farmer 16 and leases of Charles
Arnold. 30.

Mooney & Powers, (Oil Creek,) (Richard
Moaney and Patrick Powers,) r 18, lum-

Mooney, Richard, (Oil Creek,) (Mooney cfc

Moorehead, Joseph, (Oil Creek,) r 21,

Morehsad, Allen S., (Townville,) r 5, far-
mer 24.

Morehead, Chas., (Townville,) r 4, farmer

Morehead, John, (Troy Center,) r 5, far-
mer 40.

MOREY, JOSEPH, (Troy Center,) corner
r 9 and 10, farmer 50.

Moris, Horace, (Oil Creek,) corner r 20 and

23, farmer 40.
Morris, Wm. P., (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 6,

farmer 75.
Moyer, John, (Troy Center,) r 5, farmer


NEWTON, ALBERT F.. (Oil Creek,) r 21,
lumberman and farmer 75.

Newton, Eliza Mrs., (widow of Edmond
C) (Oil Creek,) r21, farmer 160.

Nichols, Jeremiah, (Townville,) r 4, far-
mer 50.

Noel, Thos. J., (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 27,
farmer 55.

Noel, Wm. H., (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 27,
farmer 55.

Page, Truman, (TltusvlUe,) r 19, farmer 8.

Patterson, Amos S., (Oil Creek,) r 26, far-
mer 80.

PATTERSON, THOS., (Diamond, Venan-
go Co.,) r 26, school director and far-
mer 114.

Pencil, John, (Oil Creek,) r 24, carpenter.

Pettegree, John E., (Troy Center.) r oX,
farmer 50.

Pettegrew, Andrew S., (Plum, Venango
Co.,) r 31, farmer 50.

Phillips, Pember W., (Townville,) r 1, far-
mer 50.

POTTS, THOMAS, (Troy Center,) r 8, far-
mer leases of Henry R. Prather, 100.

Powers, Patrick, (OH Creek,) (Money &

Prather, Geo. W.,(Oil Creek,) r 16, farmer

Prather, James C, (Troy Center,) r 7, jus-
tice of the peace, auditor and farmer

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