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Prather, John M., (Oil Creek,) r 7, school
director, asst. assessor and farmer

Proper, Andrew G., (Plum, Venango Co.,)
r 29, farmer 50.

Proper, Andrew H. Jr., (Plum, Venango
Co.,) r 31, farmer 19%.

Proper, Daniel, (Troy Center,) r 12, far-
mer 95.

Proper, David, (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 29,

Proper, Flemon C, (Plum, Venango Co.,)
r 31, farmer 75.

Proper, Harvey, (Troy Center,) r 12, far-
mer 30.

Proper, James L., (Plum, Venango Co.,)
r 31, farmer 40.

Proper, Peter, (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 31,
farmer 2.

Proper, Samuel, (Troy Center,) r 12. far-
mer 30.

Proper, Shubell S., (Plum, Venango Co.,)
r 31, engineer.

Reeser, David, (Oil Creek,) r 24^, black-

REESER, ROBERT, (Oil Creek,) r 34^^,
blacksmith and farmer 25.

Reynolds. James P., (Oil Creek,) r 17, far-
mer 85.

Reynolds, John E., (Black Ash,) farmer

Reynolds, Jonathan J., (Oil Creek,) r 21>^,
farmer leases of J. B., 75.

Reynolds, Marion F., (Oil Creek,) r 17,
farmer 81.



Reynolds, Simons, (Oil Creek,) r 22, far-
mer leases of Nathan Thayer, 65.

Rhodes, Angeline, (Troy Center,) (widow
of Sidney,) r 5, farmer 18.

Rhodes, Danford E., (Townville,) r 4, far-
mer 37.

RHODES, GEO. W., (Townville,) r 4, far-
mer 50.

Rice, Orin C, (Oil Creek,) r21, farmer 50.

RISHEL, JOSEPH, (Troy Center,) r 12,

farmer 160.
Robinson. Nelson, (Troy Center,) corner r

8 and 9, farmer 6.
Roval, Wm.. (Troy Center,) r 6. farmer 50.
SOHREINER, FRANCIS, (Oil Creek,) r 18,

gardener and farmer 200.
Seely, Hiram, (Troy Center,) r 8, farmer

Seely, Wm. A., (Troy Center,) r 7, farmer

Seely, Zadoc. (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 27,
farmer 223iC.

SHAW, RANDALL R., (Troy Center,) r 4,
farmer 100.

Shultz, Louis, (Plum, Venango Co.,)r30,
farmer 5.

Smith, Amos, (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 27,

Smith, Amos D., (Plum, Venango Co.,) r
27, farmer 140.

Smith, Enoch J., (Townville,) r 1, farmer

Smith, Frederick W., (Townville,) r 7, far-
mer 33.

Smith & Gerard, (Oil Creek,) (P. Grort^
Smith and John Gerard,) r 21, lumber-

Smith, John A., (TownviUe,) r 9, farmer 80.
Smith, Nelson, (Townville,) r 4, farmer 50.
Smith, P. Grove, (Oil Creek,) {Smith A

SOUTHWICK. GEO. H., (Troy Center,) r
H, farmer leases 100.

Stearn, John L., (Troy Center,) r 6, black-
STERLING, JAMES W., (Troy Center,)

south of r 8, farmer 55.
Sterns, Daniel J., (Diamond, Venango

Co.,) r 15, farmer 36.
STYER, HENRY, (Troy Center,) r 9, far-
mer 67.
Sutton, Harrison, (TownviUe,) r 7, farmer

Sweet, Luther E., (Troy Center,) r 6, far-
mer 70.
Teed, Ransom, (Plum, Venango Co.,) r 33,

Thayer, Nathan, (Oil Creek,) r 22, farmer

Throop, James S., (Troy Center,) r 11,

brick layer.
Tipton, Wm, M., (Titusville,) r 19, farmer

Titus. Samuel, (Oil Creek,) r7, farmer 50.
■ Trumble, Corydon F., (Troy Center,) r 7,
! farmer leases of Annie Banta, 80.
j Vanderhoof, Geo., (Townville,) r4, farmer
! 15.

j Vanderhoof, Henry, (TownvUle,) r 4, far-
j mer 5.

I Viets, Zophar H., (Troy Center,) r 6, far-
t mer 70.

jVrooman, Samuel B., (Oil Creek,) r 22,
I farmer 36.
j Watson, Elijah, (Troy Center,) r 8,

Whitman, Tracy H., (Townville,) r 1, far-
I mer 50.
,Willey, B. T., (Troy Center,), r 8, farmer

Williams, John, (Plum, Venango Co.,) r

32, oil well driller.
Witt, Sebastian, (Troy Center,) r 11,

manuf. oil barrels.
Yochum, Jacob, (Troy Center,) r 5, farmer

Young, Ira, (OU Creek,) r 22, farmer 50.




(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation.— The letter j\ following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the
fore part of the book. When no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the village.

Baker. Wm., (Meadville.) r 6, farmer 48.

Barber, Thos., (Dutch Hill.) r 6, carpenter
and farmer 43.

Barley. Valentine, (Meadville,) r 5, far-
mer 1.

Bauer, Frederick, (Meadville,) r 18, far-
mer 125.

Bauer, Jacob, (Meadville.) r 15, farmer 62.

Beers, Levi A., (Dutch Hill,) r 13, con-
stable and farmer 75.

Berry, Geo., (Custards,) r 17, carpenter
and farmer lOU.

Berv, Adam, (Dutch Hill,) r 7^^, farmer

BLIGH. NEWEL A., (Calvins Corners,) r
17, farmer 140.

BRESEE, NATHAN N., (Dutch HiU,) r 14,
farmer 150.

CULVER. DAVID, (Geneva,) r 9, farmer

CUTSHALL, HENRY, (Dutch Hill.) r 5,
farmer leases of Geo. W. Perkins, 112.

Darby, Oren, (Dutch Hill,"i r 12, mason.

DAVIS, JAMES S., (Meadville,) r 3, town
clerk and farmer 200.

Davis. John, (Dutch Hill,) r 8, farmer 100.

Davis, Robert S., (Meadville,) r 3, farmer

Ehrgott, Francis, (Meadville,) r 13, far-
mer 60.

EHRGOTT, JACOB, (Meadville,) r 18,
auditor and farmer 83.

Ernst, Henry, (Meadville,) r 5, farmer 44.

Findly, Alex., (Dutch Hill,) r 16, farmer

Fox, John, (Meadville,) r 5. farmer 116.

FRANZMANN, MICHAEL, (Meadville,) r
5. farmer 30.

Gundaker, Adam, (Meadville,) r 18, far-
mer 60.

Hall, Jesse, (Dutch Hill,) r 16, auditor and
farmer 56.

HAMAN, HENRY, (Meadville,) r 5, far-
mer 100.

Hammerton, Jonathan, (Meadville,) r 2>^,
farmer 86.

Hannah, Joseph, (Dutch Hill.) r 8, farmer

Hardy, Peter and Wm., (Dutch Hill,) r 16,
farmer 30.

Harmiun, Philip, (Meadville,) r 5, farmer

Hawks, Chas., (Meadville,) r 2)4, farmer

Henry, Jeremiah L., (Dutch Hill.) r 13,
justice of the peace, post master and
farmer 58.

Hensyl. Fred., (Meadville,) r 2M, farmer

Herrington, Edwin A., (Meadville,) r 3,
farmer 80.

Herrington, Horace, (Dutch Hill,) r 8, far-
mer 25.

Herrington, Oliver H. P., (Meadville,) r 8,
farmer 150.

Herrington. Robert B., (Shaws Landing,)
r 19, farmer 80.

Herrington, Wm. H., (Shaws Landing,) r
19, farmer 60.

Hill, Adam, (Dutch Hill,) r 16, farmer 13.

Hock. John, (Meadville. ) r 5. farmer 80.

Holland, Griffith B., (Geneva,) r 12, school
director and farmer 1(X).

Holton, Baanah, (Dutch Hill.) r 13, farmer

Houck, Henry, (Dutch Hill,) r 12, farmer

Houck, John, (Meadville.) r 5, farmer 80.

HUBER, WM., (Meadville,) r 15, farmer

Johnson, Richard C, (Shaws Landing,) r
19, farmer 70.

JOHNSTON, JOHN C, (Geneva,) r 2, far-
mer 12 ).

Kahler, Catharine, (Dutch Hill,) r 15, far-
mer 80.

Karn, Frederick, (Dutch Hill,) r 16, far-
mer 2i.

Kebert, Adam, (Meadville.) r 5, farmer 50.

Kebert, Henry, (Meadville.) r 7, farmer

Kebert, John, (Meadville,) r 7, carpenter
and farmer 75.

KEBERT. JOHN A., (Meadville,) r A}4,
farmer 50.

Kebert, Peter, (Meadville,) r 7, farmer 64.

Kebort, Jacob, (Meadville,) r 2><, farmer

Kebort, John, (Meadville,) r 2>^, farmer

Klippel, Daniel, (Meadville,) r 14>^, farmer

Klippel, Henry, (Shaws Landing,) r 10,
farmer 50.



KKppel, Henry, (Meadville,) r 14>^, farmer

Klippel, John, (Meadville,) r 14^, farmer

Knearman, Fred., (Meadville,) r 3;^, far-
mer 10.

Knearman. Peter, (Dutch Hill,) r 8, farmer


Kohler. John, (Dutch Hill, )r 12. farmer 50.

Laudimann, Henry, (Meadville,) r 2, far-
mer 100.

Leip:hty. John, (Meadville,) r 5, farmer 75.

Leytle, John, (Custards. ) r 17, farmer 40.

Maben, John R.. (Dutch Hill,) r 12, artist.

Maben, Mary, (Dutch Hill,) r 12, farmer

Maben, Mary F., (Dutch Hill,) r 12, farmer

Miller, John J., (Meadville,) r 14X, farmer
leases of Henry Rosehi, 80.

Moyer. Henry, (Geneva.; r 9, farmer 1(X).

Peterson, Perry, (Shaws Landing.) r 10,
farmer leases 131.

Power, Hiram, (Custards,) r 17, general
merchant and farmer 175.

Power, Theodore D., (Custards,) r 17, far-
mer 150.

REITZE, CONRAD, (Dutch Hill,) r 16,
auditor, carpenter and joiner, and
farmer 250.

REYNOLDS. WM., (Shaws Landing.) r 19,
stone mason and farmer leases of
Wm. Herrington, 50.

Rosehi, Mary E., (Meadville,) r 14j^, far-
mer 50.

Rosehi, Peter, (Meadville,) r 14X, farmer

Rune:, Adam, (Shaws Landing,) r 20, far-
mer 80.

Rung. Jacob. (Meadville,) r 18, farmer 35.

Scowden, David M., (Geneva,) r 9, farmer

Shadely, Anthony, (Meadville,) r 10, far-
mer 50.

Shaffer, David, (Dutch Hill,) r 11, farmer

Shafer, George, (Dutch HilL,) r 11, farmer
I 140.
' Shafer, Philip, (Dutch Hill,) r 11, retired.

! Shoemake, Simeon, (Meadville,) r 18, far-
i mer 47.

! Smock, Abraham, (Dutch Hill,) r 11, far-
mer 90.
j Smock, Asa, (Custards,) r 9, supervisor
I and farmer 80.

SMOCK. CORNELIUS, (Custards,) r 11,

farmer 18().
Smith. Steward, (Meadville,) r 4, lumber

dealer and farmer 50.
Stein, Francis, (Dutch Hill,) r 14, farmer


STEIN, FREDERICK, (Meadville,) r 14,
farmer 32.

STITT. GEO., (Meadville,) r 2><r, farmer

Styer, Henry, (Meadville.) r 15, farmer 25.
Swabeus, Joseph, (Meadville,) r 5, butcher

and farmer 10.
Swabeus, Peter, (Meadville,) r 3>(^, farmer


THATCHER, JOHN, (Dutch Hill,) r 12,
farmer 150.

VanHorn, Charity, (Dutch Hill,) r 7, far-
mer 35.

VanHORN. JOHN Rev., (Dutch Hill,) r 7,
farmer 75.

Weaver, Lewis,(Dutch Hill,)r 5, telegraph

r 5, farmer 200.

Wolf, Harriet, (Shaws Landing,) r 10, far-
mer 8.5.

WOODWORTH. HIRAM H., (Calvins Cor-
ners.) r 17, farmer 50


r 2. farmer leases 70.
Yochum, Jacob, (Meadville,) r 6, farmer

Yrokira, Michael, (Meadville,) r 2, farmer




(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

EsPLAKATiox. — The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it. refer to the number of the road as designated on the map in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

Boiles, Christian, (Venango,) r 34, farmer

Boiles, Henry. (Venango.) shoe maker and

sewing machine agent.
BOLE. DAVID M., (Venango,) r 26, farmer

Bole. David M. Jr., (Venango,) r 24, far-
mer 5 .
Bole, John, (Venango,) r23, justice of the

peace and farmer 100.
Bole. J. J.. {\en-a,u%o,)(icithJohn,) farmer.
BRINK. CHAS. S., (Venango,) egg and

poultry dealer.
BROOKHOUSER. H. J., (Venango,) {Bly-

stnne & lirookhouser.)
Calkins. Joseph R., (Venango,) r 20, far-
mer 70.
CLARK. ELIZABETH Mrs., (Venango,)

Clark, I. F., (Venango,) carpenter.
Clark, James, (Venango,) r 30, farmer 108.
CLARK, ROBERT, (Venango,) physician

and surgeon.
Clark, Samuel, (Venango.) carpenter.
Clemens. Alex. A., (Venango,) r 16, school

director and farmer 108.
Clemens, Wm. I., (Venango,) r 16, farmer

COLTER, CYRUS M., (Venango,) r 21,

town assessor and farmer 103.
Colter, Darius, (Venango.) r 21, farmer 80.
COLTER, FRANK M., (Venango,) r 31,

farmer 73.
Colter, Levi. (Venango,) r 30, farmer 105,
Colter, Phebe A. Mrs., (Venango,) farmer

Colter, Robert & Aaron, (Venango,) r 30,

farmer 100.
Colter, W. J.. {Yens^ngo,) (Shered& Colter.)
COLTER, WM. J., (Venango,) r 19, school

director and farmer 111.
Cook, John T., (Venango,) {Cook ^ Patter-
Cook & Patterson, (Venango,) {John T.
Cook and I,. L. PaWe/'so?!,) hardware.
Coup, Solomon, (Venango.) carpenter.
Culbertson, Benj.. (Venango.) farmer 3.
CULBERTSON, JOHN H., (Venango.) no-
tary public, general collecting agent
and farmer 6.
Dibble, John F., (Venango,) ( TT. R. Dibble

& S07l.)

Anderson, A.,(Cambridgeboro,) {Reyjiolds,
^Skeltoii dt Andersoji.)

Anderson, Marvin, (Edinboro':gh, Erie
Co.,) r 4, farmer 8.

Anderson, Wallace, (Edinborough, Erie
Co..) r 1, farmer 75.

Arnaman, Christian, (Drakes Mills,) r 8,
farmer 55.

Arnaman, Frederick, (Venango,) r 22, far-
mer .52.

Arnaman, G. F., (Venango,) {^cith Freder-
ick. ) farmer.

Ash. Jonas, (Venango,) r 32, farmer 174.

Ash, Wm., (Venango,) r 81, farmer leases.

Bender, Campbell, (Venango,) {C. Bender
^ Co.,) lively stable.

Bender, C. & Co., (Yen&ngo,) (Camjybell
Bender and Lewis Bernhardt,) carriage

Bernhardt, Lewis, (Venango,) (C Bender
& Co.)

Bertie, Wm.. (Venango,) r 15, farmer67.

Blystone, Abram, (Venango,) r 23, farmer

go,) {Joseph Blystone and H. J. Brook-
/to?^.<ier,) props. Venangoboro Mills.

Blystone, Christian, (Cambridgeboro,) r
26. farmer 160.

Blystone, Christian 2d, (Venango,) r 21,
farmer 151,

Blystone, C. W., (Venango,) saw and
shihgle mills.

Blystone, Jacob 2d, (Venango,) r 19, far-
mer 114.

Blystone, Jacob E.. (Edinborough, Erie
Co.,) r 4, farmer 75.

BLYSTONE, JOSEPH, (Venango,) {Bly-
stnve ct- Brookhouser,) justice of the
peace and interest in cheese factory.

Blystone, J. M., (Venango,) r 32, farmer

Blystone, Lorenzo D., (Edinborough, Erie
Co.,) r 4, teacher and farmer 25.

BLYSTONE. PHILIP, (Cambridgeboro,)
r 25, inspector of elections and far-
mer 150.

Blystone, Thos. J., (Venango,) r 13, far-
mer 35.

Boelp, Geo., (Drakes Mills,) r 7, farmer



Dibble, W. H., (Venango,) ( TT. R. DihUe&
Son,) farmer 5.

Dibble, W. H. & Son, (Venango,) (Johti F.,)
general merchants.

Docter. Jefferson, (Venango,) r 16, black-
smith and farmer 30.

EUis. Lewis, (Venango, ) r 32, farmer 55.

Erwin & Stone, (Venango,) ( IT'^ A. Erwin
and A. W. Stone,) butchers.

Erwin. W. A., (Venango,) ( Ervin, & Stone.)

FAULKNER, M. L., (Venango,) physi-
cian and surgeon.

Flanc, Abram, (Venango,) teamster.

Floyd, Wm. P., (Venango,) cooper.

Fronce, John, (Drakes Mills.) farmer
leases of Abram Blystone, Cambridge-

George. Wm., (Venango,) general mer-
chant and farmer 1.50.

Gidding, J. C, (Venango,) woolen fac-
tory, saw mill and farmer 16.

Green, L. P.. (Venango,) painter.

Gross. Henry, (Edinborough, Erie Co.,) r
3, farmer 300.

Gross, Thos., (Venango,) r 2:3, farmer

Gross, Wm., (Edinborough, Erie Co.,) r 3,

Halfast. Augustus, (Venango,) r 20, far-

Hall. James, (Venango.) (tcith Andrew
Shered.) r 28, farmer 64.

Harris, J. C, (Venango.) druggist.

Huzeu, B. G., (Drakes Mills,) r '?A, farmer

HAZEN, FRANCIS M., (Venango,) farmer
leases 216.

Belfast. Christian, (Venango,) r 20, far-
mer 27

Helmbracht, Wm., (Venango,) r 15, far-
mer 7.5.

Helinbraht, Frederick, (Venango,) r 16,
farmer 50.

Henry, Andrew S., (Venango,) r 33, far-
mer 2.

Highman, John, (Venango,) tailor.

HILLS. PAUL, (Edinborough, Erie Co.,) r
1. farmer 85.


retired mechanic and farmer.

Hinabauch, John F., (Venango,) r 35, far-

Hogelbarger, David, (Venango,) r 19, far-
mer 'M.

ant^o. ) r lU. farmers 76.

IIoglt>benger, Andrew, (Venango,) r 17,
farmer 75.

Holloribeok, Horatio M., (Venango,) r 3."3,
farmer 140.

Homan, Henry, (Venango,) r 16, farmer

Homnn, Richard, (Venango,) r 20, farmer

Honmn. Wm., (Venango,) r 18, farmor 82.

Hornermiiii, ('hristian, (Drukt-s .Mills,) r
7. f.'irrnor lOJJ.

Kean. ri't»«r J.. Venango.) general mer-
chant and noBtmaater.

Kepler Jain»>H J.. iV«)nango,> shoe mftk<»r
and farmer leai^es of Mrw. Margaret
Miller, 58.

KINGSLEY, ALBERT E., (Cambridge-
boro, ) r 26, farmer 135.

ough. Erie Co..) r 5, farmer 161.

KINGSLEY, ORVILLE O., (Edinborough,
Erie Co..) r 4. farmer 212.

Kleckner, Geo. W., (Venango,) r 33, school
director and farmer lUi.

E^eckner, M. M., (Venango,) harness

Kleckner, Theo. D., (Venango,) specula-

Kleckrier, Geo., (Venango,) farmer 20.

La.sher, John A., (Venango,) r 33, farmer

Linus, John L., (Venango,) r 13, farmer 4.

Loque, Lawrance, (Venango,) r 31, farmer

Maire, Julius. (Venango, ^farmer leases of
W. R. Bole. Meadville, 87.

Malick, John C, (Venango,) blacksmith.

McCloskey, Nece & Bro., (Veaango,) tan-

McCluskey, Arthur, (Venango,) shoe

McCluskey, John, (Venango.) shoe maker.

McMahon, James, (Edinborough, Erie
Co.,) r 1, farmer 30.

McMann. Chas.. (Edinborough, Erie Co.,)
r 9, farmer 25.

Mead, Geo., (Venango,) {with Lewis C.,)
farmer 100.

MEAD. LEWIS C, (Venango.) runs thrash-
ing machine and (with Geo.,) farmer

Mead, Wm., (Venango.) r 35, farmer 38.

MEE, THOS., (Edinborough, Erie Co.,)
r 3, farmer 63.

Miller, Andrew, (Venango,) r 3, farmer 9.

Miller, William, (Venango,) farmer, in
Cussewago, 20.

Mosher, E. C, (Venango.) blacksmith.

Mosher. L. H., (Venango, ) blacksmith.

Norris. John, (Venango,) r 33, farmer S.

Patterson. R. L., (Venango,) {Cook <k Pat-
ter. ion.)

Payne. Carlisle, (Venango,) r 18, carpen-
ter and farmer 41.

Payne, Lot, (Venango,) engineer.

Peiffer, Asa, (Venango,) shoe maker.

PEIFFER, ISAAC, (Venango,) assessor,

carpenter and joiner, and farmer 2.
Peiffer, Philip, (Venango,) carpenter.
Peters, Jacob, (Venango,) carpenter.
Peters, Wm. F., (Venango, ) cooper.
Powell, Caleb, (Venango.) blacksmith.
Quay. C. J., (Edinborough, ErieCo.,) (»rt7A

John. I f firmer.
Quay, John. (Edinborough, Erie Co.,) r

2.5, farmer 74.
Rahcop, Henry, (Drakes Mills,) r 10, far-
mer 100.
Randolph. E. F., (Venango,) shoe maker.
Ueynoldrt. Clinton. (Cambri(!geboro,) ( A'.'y-

vo/'/m, .<k-il(nu it Andfrsun,) carpenter.
Reynolds. Skeltoo & Anderson, ((.'am-

bridt,M'boro. ) (CUntnn lUynnldt, ,1. W.

Skellitu iitid A. Audenion,)rl5,BfiwtLnd

Hhinglc mills.
RubutT, Chri.stopher and Michael,(Drake8

Mills.) r H, farmer N5.
RUHNKK. JOHN W., (Venango.) r 11,

school director, prest. of the Board

and farmer 175.



SAEGER, DANIEL, (Venango,) r 26, prop.

cider mill and farmer 15.
Scot, Dennis F., (Venango,) r 16, farmer

Scott, Joseph W., (Venango.) r 26, farmer

SHEARER, GEO., (Venango,) hotel keeper.
Shearer. Robert, (Venango.) carpenter.
Shered, Andrew, (Venango,) {with James

//«Z;,)r 28, farmer 61.
SHERED, A. M., (Venango,) engineer.
Shered & Colter, (Venango,) ( Wm. Shered

and W.J. CW?!^}',) building movers.
Shered, Daniel, (Venango,) r 17, farmer 50.
Shered, Jacob, (Venango. ) r 30, farmer 20.
Shered, J. A. Mrs., (Venango,) millinery.

Shered. S. P., (Venango,) r 19. farmer 55.
Shered, Wra.. (Venango, )(5/i6/-ed <&> Colter.)
SHERED, WM., (Venango,) r 27, farmer 60.
Shonleber, George. (Venango.) cooper.
Sindlinger, Christian, (Drakes Mills,) r 15,

farmer 65.
Siverling. Daniel P., (Venango,) r 11, far-
mer leases of Jacob, 130.
Siverling, Geo., (Venango,) r 33, farmer 75.

SIVERLING, JACOB, (Venango,) r 11, far-
mer 130.

Siverling, John C, (Venango,) r 11, cattle
dealer and farmer 118.

SKELTON, H. C, (Venango.)

SKELTON, ISAAC W., (Edinborough,
Erie Co.,) r4. farmer 85X-

SKELTON, JAMES H., (Venango,) r 13,
justice of the peace and farmer 60.

SKELTON, JAMES M., (Drakes Mills,) r

15. farmer 130.

Skelton, Jasper, (Venango,) r 15, farmer

SKELTON, JOHN F., (Venango,) r 15, far-
mer 79.

Skelton, J. Linus, (Cambridgeboro,) r 15,

Skelton, J. "W., (Cambridgeboro,) (Reij-
nolds, Skelton cfc Anderson,) farmer 65.

SKELTON, O. R., (Venango,) r 13, farmer

SKELTON, OWEN & JAS. P., (Venango,)
r 13. farmer 75.

Skelton, Rushton, (Venango,) r 16, farmer

SKELTON, WM. W., (Venango,) r 13, far-
mer 141.

Sketition, Wilhelraina Mrs., (Venango,) r

16, farmer 60.

Spaulding, Adolphus, (Venango,) farmer

Spearhouse, Henry, (Edinborough, Erie

Co.,) r 3, farmer 25.
Stefle, Martin, (Venango,) farmer 65.
Steinhoff, Lewis, (Drakes Mills,) r 7, far-
mer 75.
Stell. James, (Venango,) farmer 5,
STOKE, SAMUEL, (Venango,) r 26, farmer

Stone, A. W., (Venango,) {Erwin <&, Stone.)
Straw, A. D., (Venango,) grocer and

saloon keeper.
Straw, Christian, (Venango,) farmer 105.
Straw, Frank, (Venango,) (with CJiristian,)

STRAW, GEO. C., (Venango,) mason and

farmer 261.
Straw, MichaelJ.j (Venango,) staves and

THOMPSON, JOHN W., (Drakes Mills,) r

10, farmer 135.
Torry, Archibald, (Edinborough, Erie

Co..) r 5, farmer 131.
Torry, David, (Venango,) r 21. farmer 100.
Torry, Elijah, (Edinborough, Erie Co.,)

{ii:ith Archibald,) tsumer.
Torry, James, (Venango,) r 14, farmer 100.
Torry, J. W., (Venango,) r 18, farmer 65.
Torry. Wm., (Edinborough, Erie Co.,) r 6,

farmer 150.
Tuttle, Miletus, (Edinborough, Erie Co.,)

r 4, farmer 75.
Tuttle, Munro, (Edinborough, Erie Co.,) r

4, collector and farmer 100.
Vader, Albert, (Drakes Mills,) shoemaker.
Vanaler, Ralph, (Venango,) peddler.
Vrooman, Isaac, (Edinborough, Erie Co.,)

r 3, farmer leases of Isaac Taylor. 100.
Wagoner, David Rev., (Venango,) Presb.

Walp, Samuel, (Venango,) r33, carpenter

and farmer 3.
Watson, Henry, (Drakes Mills,) r 8, car-
riage maker and farmer 3.
Whippe, Jonathan J., (Venango,) dentist

and harness maker.
Willard, N. S., (Venango.) r 33, farmer 64.
Willard, Wm. E., (Venango,) r 33, farmer

occupies farm of N. S., 64.
Wolter, John, (Drakes Mills,) r 9, farmer

Wolters, Wm., (Drakes Mills.) r 9, town

clerk, school director and farmer 50.
Yountc, Paul, (Drakes Mills,) r 12, farmer




(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation.— The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies rond^ and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the
fore part of the book. When no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the village.

AUbaugh, Henry, (MeadviUe,) r 24, far-
mer 40.

Allen, Thos., (Evansburgh.) r25, farmer 45.

Anderson, Geo., (Meadville,) r 13, farmer

Andrews, John, (Meadville,) r 43, grist
mill and farmer 60.

ANDREWS, OLIVER J., (Evan.sburgh,) r
41. .steam saw mill and farmer 3u0.

ANDREWS, WM. W., (Evansburgh,) r 41,
farmer 360.

Armburger, Peter, (Meadville,) r 49, far-
mer 80.

BARICKMAN, FRANK, (Meadville,) r 4.5,

farmer .57.
Beally, Wm. D., (Harmonsburgh,) r 20,

farmer 100.
Beatty, Albert, (Evansburgh,) {Beatty <fe

Beatty, Albert D., (Meadville,) r 22, far-
mer 106.
Beatty «& Harper, (Evan.sburgh,) (Albert

Benftij and Alfred Ihirper,) r 25,

cheese factory.
BEATTY, JAMES L., (Meadville,) r 22,

farmer 77 and, in Summit, 1(X).
BERG, HENRY, (Meadville,) r 5, tannery

and farmer 2.

BIRCH, AMOS W., (Evansburgh,) {Birch
rt liruicn,) r 26, farmer 130.

BIRCH & BROWN, (Evansburgh,) (Jmos
H'. IJirc/i and Henry Broicn,) r 26, saw

Birch, Geo., (Evansburgh,) r 25, farmer
lOrt and. in Sadsbury, 29.

Birch. Martin, (Evansburgh,) r 27, farmer

Birch. Factor R., (Evan.sburgh,) r 27, far-
mer 80 and, in Sadsbury. M.

BirchfU'hl, John W., (Meadville,) r 6, car-
pent »<r.

Bodf^n, Henry, (Meadville,) r 13, farmer.

Boslor. M.'nry & Thus. K., (Meadville.) r
1.3, fftrniers 100.

noy<l. l)iivi(I,(Moadvillo,)r2n, blacksmith.

ville.) r 21). farmer 175.

BreckenrldRo, John. (Harmonsburgh,) r
20. farmer 130.

Brown. Alfred, (Meadville,) r 33, farmer

Brown, Daniel, (Meadville,) r 19, farmer

Brown. Gabriel, (Evansburgh,) r 38, far-
mer 75.

BROWN, GEORGE, (Evansburgh,) r 40.
farmer 100.

BROWN, GIDEON, (Meadville,) r 42, far-
mer 3(X).

Brown, Gustavus, (Evansburgh,) r 27, far-
mer 100.

BROWN, HENRY, (Evansburgh,) {Birch &
Brown.) r 26, farmer 150.

Brown, Jacob, (Meadville,) r 40, farmer

BROWN, JOHN, (Evansburgh,) r 38, far-
mer 97.

Brown, John B., (Evansburgh,) r 39, far-
mer .50.

Brown, John P., (Evansburgh,) r 27, far-
mer 100.

Brown. Joseph & David, (Meadville,) r 39,
farmer 100.

Brown, Mario, (Meadville,) r 36, carpenter.

BROWN. PERRY C, (Evansburgh,) r 38,
farm laborer.

Brown. Peter Jr., (Meadville,) r 48. farmer

Brown. Samuel, (Evansburgh.) r 25, far-
mer 117.

Brown, Wm., (Meadville,) r.S6, farmer 70.

Carman, Nathan, (Meadville,) r 10, farmer

Carr, David. (Meadville,) r 80, farmer 100.

Cathala. John P., (Meadville,) r 13, tailor
and farmer 1^.

Clark. A.. (Meadville.) r 29, farmer leases
of John Moyer, 12.

Clark, Andrew .1.. (Evansburgh,) r 36, car-
penter Hud fanner 50.

Clark, .lohii, (Meadville.) r .5. carpenter.

Coleman, Joseph, (Meadville,) r 29, far-
mer .W.

Collotn, Wm.. (Geneva.) r 15, farmer 23.'5.

Consler. Lovena Mrs., (Meadville,) r 1,

farmer J.
Cooper, Lovlnus, (Meadville,) r 8, farmer

Cotton, A. Smith, (Meadville.) r 16. farmer

COTTON. THOS., (Meadville,) r 17, far-
mer 70.



Cotton, Wm. A., (Meadville,) r 18, farmer

Cox, Win. O.. (Meadville,) r 13. painter.

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