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Calvin, Samuel, (Adamsville,) r 16, far-
mer 15.

Cathcart, James, (AdamsviUe,) r 12, far-
mer 100. «

Cathcart, "Wm., (Hartstown,) r 10, farmer

Cathcart, "Wm., (Adamsville,) r 12, farmer

Clark, Jane, (widow of A. J.,) (Adams-
ville.) r 14, farmer 55.

CLARK, "W. A., (Adamsville.) carpenter
and joiner.

Clement, Frank, (Adamsville,) r 12, tin

COCHRAN, JAMES, (AdamsviUe,) plas-

Congdon & Co., (Adamsville,) (G. W. Conq-

don and A. Leonard,) boots, shoes and

Congdon, G. "W., (AdamsviUe,) (Co«f/c?o»<fc

fo.,) justice of the peace and farmer


Conley Bros., (AdamsviUe.) (Thujyias and
James F.,) blacksmiths.

Conley, James F., (Adamsville,) {Conley
Bros. \

Conley, Thos., (AdamsviUe,) ((7o?27e?/jBro«.)

Davidson, R. W., (AdamsviUe.) tailor.

Dill, Frank, (North Shenango,) r 2, farmer

Duncan, D,, (AdamsvUle,) dealer in Car-
hart & Needam Organs.

Duncan, John, (AdamsviUe,) stock dealer
and farmer 40.

Ellis, A., ( Hartstown,) r 8, farmer 100.

Ellis, B. F., (Hartstown,) carriage maker.

Ellis, E. F., (Hartstown,) carriage maker.

Ellison. Thos. Mrs., (widow,) (Hartstown,)
r 8, farmer 80.

E"WING, B. & SON, (Hartstown.) {B. E.,)
dealers in general merchandise and
farmers 233.

E"WING, R. R., (Hartstown,) (B. Ewing <&

Gamble, John, (AdamsviUe,) druggist.

Greenlee, S., (Hartstown,) blacksmith.

GRIER, J. "W., (Adamsville.) physician
and surgeon, saw and grist mills, and
farmer 90.

Harshaw. Michael, (AdamsviUe,) r 14, far-
mer 80.

HARVEY, H. H. Rev.. (Hartstown,) pas-
tor United Presb. Church.

Hays, J. A., (North Shenango.) r 5, far-
mer 60.

Henry, J. R.. (Hartstown,) r 6, farmer 75.

HENRY, "WM., (Hartstown.) retired.

Hier, "Wm., (Hartstown,) r 7. farmer 65.

HITCHCOCK, I. N., (Hartstown,) mer-
chant tailor.

Hobert, Hamilton, (AdamsviUe,) shoe

HUNTER, S. E.. (Hartstown,) prop. Budd
House and livery stable.

Kerr, S. M., (AdamsviUe,) general mer-
chant and postmaster.

KUgoie, Moses, (Hartstown,) {M. Kilgore
tfe Son.)



Kilgore, Moses Jr., (Hartstown,) {M. Kil-
gore d- Son.)

Kilgore, M. & Son. (Hartstown,) (Moses
and Moses Jr.,) stave shook and barrel

Kilpatrick. "Wm., (Adamsville,) r 11, far-
mer 100.

Leonard, A. .(Adamsville,) (Congdon dt Co.,)
constable and farmer 23.

LOGAN, DAVID, (Hartstown,) importer
of English horses and sheep, and far-
mer 110.

Lvon.J. G.. (Adamsville,) r 14, farmer 28.

IVfarshall, Wm. A., (Hartstown,) r 1, far-
mer 116.

MASON, W. Y., (Hartstown,) hardware
and tinware dealer.

McCALMONT. J. S.. (Hartstown,) r 6,
horse dealer and farmer 00.

McCALMONT, T. W., (Hartstown,) r 6,
farmer 100.

McClanahan. Thos., (Adamsville,) r 9, far-
mer 160.

McClenahan, Thos., (Adamsville,) r 11, far-
mer 318.

McClimans, John, (Adamsville,) carpen-

]\IcCREA, J. T., (Hartstown,) post master.

McCurdy, J. F., (Adamsville,) rl6, farmer

McGranaban, Geo., (Hartstown,) r 8, far-
mer 60.

McGreggor. Alex., (Adamsville,) r 12, car-
penter and farmer 6.

McMaster, R. C. & Co., (Adamsville,) {R.
W. Broirn.) general merchants.

McQviiston, Wm., (Hartstown,) r 8, farmer

MELVIN. ANDY, (Hartstown,) carriage

Melvin, Ardy, (Hartstown,) carriage

MILLEK, S. K., (Hartstown,) cabinet

MORROW. J. J., (Hartstown,) physician
and surgeon.

Mossman. J. A., (Hartstown.) shoe maker.

MOYER, D. B., (Hartstown,) buggy, car-
riage and sleigh manuf.

Myers, Henry, (Adamsville.) r 12, farmer.

Nelson. J. H., (Adamsville,) shoe maker.

NEVINS, GIBSON, (Hartstown,) black-

Nevins, John, (Adamsville, ") r7, farmer 73.

Parks. Wm., (Adamsville,) blacksmith.

PATTON, GEO., (Hartstown,) harness
maker and carriage trimmer.

PATTON, JOSEPH, (Hartstown.) prop.

village property and farmer 350.
1 Pealer, Frederick, (Adamsville,) r 16, far-
mer 100.

Phillus, Hugh, (Adamsville,) r 7, farmer

Porter. Wm.. (Hartstown,) r 4, farmer 13.5.

PUTNAM, WARREN, (Adamsville.) lum-
ber and stave dealer, money loaner
and farmer 100.

Ralston, David, (Hartstown,) r 8, farmer

Randolph, George F., (Hartstown,) r 9,
farmer 100.

Ray, John, (Adamsville,) r 7, farmer 100.

Ray, Samuel, (Hartstown,) r 8, farmer

Robert. Hamilton, (Adamsville,) shoe

RUSSELL, DAVID, (Hartstown,) justice

of the peace and dealer in groceries,

confectionery and fruit.
Russell. Frank, (Hartstown,) carriage

Turner, W. M. W., (Hartstown,) carriage

wood worker.
Weirs, Allen, (Adamsville,) r 12, farmer

Williamson, R., (Adamsville,) r 12, farmer




(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation.— The letter r, following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it, refer to the number of the road as designated on the map in the
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the Village.

Bates, A.. (Royalton,) r 5, carpenter and
farmer, in Ohio, 30.

BATES, GEO. W., (Royalton,) r 5, farmer

Bates, Henry R., (Royalton,) r 5, school
director and farmer 200.

Betts, Reason, (Turnersville,) r 5, farmer

Betts, Wm., (Royalton,) r 6, assessor and
farmer 96.

Britton, Eli. (Turnersville.) r 4. farmer.

BROWX, GEO. W., (Turnersville,) r 8,
farmer 1(X).

Brown, Samuel, (Royalton,) r 14, farmer

Brumstrutter, John, (Jamestown, Mercer
Co.,) r 12, farmer 113.

CARKHUFF, HENRY, (Espyville,) r 1,
farmer 44.

Clyde, Wm., (Turnersville,) r 6, black-
smith and wagon maker.

Doty, Peter, (Turnersville,) r 8, auditor
and farmer 40.

Durham, Wm. H., (Turnersville,) r 9, mar-
ble worker and farmer 2.

Eastlick, Cornelius, (Jamestown, Mercer
Co..) r 12, retired farmer 75.

EASTLICK, GEO. W., (Jamestown, Mer-
cer Co.,) r 12, farmer works farm of
Cornelius, 75.

Eastlick, James, (Turnersville,) r 15, far-
mer 150.

FITCH, WM. R., (Royalton,) r 4, farmer

Floch, Daniel, (Royalton.) r 13, school

director and farmer 200.
French, Hiram A., (East Williamsfield,

Ashtabula Co., O.,) r 1, farmer 156.
French, John, (Turnersville,) r 8, farmer

French, Robert, (East Williamsfield, Ash-
tabula Co., O.,) farmer 115.
Gallaher, Nelson. (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,)r 2, farmer 12.
George, Joseph T., (Jamestown, Mercer

Co..) r 11. farmer 55.
Gregory, Wm., (Turnersville,) school

director, tanner and shoe maker.
Harris, Wm., (Turnersville,) r 6, tinner.
Hatton, John, (Turnersville,) r 8, school

director and farmer 130.

Hatton, Leonard, (Turnersville,) r 7, far-
mer 100.
Hawkins, Sidney, (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.,)r 15, farmer 15.
Hitchcock, Oliver, (East Williamsfield,

Ashtabula Co., 0.,)r 5, farmer 21.

Mercer Co.,) r 11, school director and

farmer 87.
Hope, Nirah, (Turnersville,) r 8, painter,

house decorator &c.
Hope, Noah, (Turnersville,) r 8, painter.
Hull, Henry W., (^Turnersville,) r 1, farmer

HULL, JAMES, (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)

r 4, stock dealer and farmer 400.
Hull, James, (Turnersville,) teacher of

vocal music.

JOHNSON, THOS. H., (TurnersviUe,) r 6,
farmer 75.

Johnston, Geo. W., (Turnersville,) r6, far-
mer 75.

KELLOGG, SAMUEL, (Turnersville,) r 5,
farmer 140.

Kerr, David A., (Turnersville,) r 6, harness
maker and farmer 14.

Ketcham, Elizabeth, (EspyviUe,) r 1, far-
mer 3.

Kine, A. H., (Royalton,) r 4,farmer 50.

Kuder, Charles A., (Turnersville,) r 6,
town clerk and farmer 2.5.

Kuder, Israel, (Turnersville.) r 6, town
treasurer and farmer 150.

KUDER, JOHN, (Turnersville,) farmer.

Marvin, jQh»M.. (Turnersville,) r 4, far-
mer 200.

McCormick, David, (Royalton.) farmer 50.

McCormick, John, (Turnersville,) r 7, far-
mer 170.

McCormick, Wm. H., (Turnersville,) r 7,
farmer 75.

McElhager, David, (Turnersville,) r 6,

McMICHAEL, JOHN, (Royalton,) r 4, far-
mer 192. ^

McMunigel, Joseph, (Jamestown, Mercer
Co.,) r 9, farmer 200.

NORTON, GUY A., (Turnersville,) r 6,
clerk for F. Y. Royal.

Probst, John. (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,) r
9, supervisor and farmer 200.



Probst, John J., (Jamesto\ra, Mercer Co.,)

r \\, supervisor and farmer 210.
Reaugh, Wm. J., (Turnersville,) r 1, far-
mer 110.
Royal, Felix Y., (Royalton,) r 4, prop.

store in Turnersville, justice of the

peace and farmer 151.
Royal, Francis H., (Royalton,) r 5, farmer

Royal, Henry. (Royalton,) r 4, farmer 83.
Roval. Wm. W., (Royalton,) r 4, farmer
'20 i

SAXTOX, JOHN, (Turnersville.) r 6, stone

SHARPE, CHAS., (Royalton,) r 5, farmer

Snodgrass, B., (Jamestown, Mercer Co.,)

r 15, farmer 75.
Snodgrass. John W., TJamestown, Mercer

Co.. I r 9, farmer 111.
Snodgrass, Mathew, (Jamestown, Mercer

Co.. ) r 15, farmer 75.
Snodgrass, Matthew H.. (Jamestown,

Mercer Co.,) r 11, farmer 125.
Thomas, Gilbert, (Turnersville,) r 6, post

master and wagon maker.

Thomas, Jairus K., (Turnersville,) r 6,
mail messenger.

"Webb. Francis A., (Turnersville,) r 6, far-
mer 3.3.

Wevin.g. Joseph, (Turnersville,) r 1. shoe
maker and farmer 5.

White. James, (Turnersville,) r 6, farmer

White. John. (Turnersville,) school direc-
tor and farmer 95.

White, Samuel, (Turnersville,) farmer 5'.J.

White. Wm., (Turnersville,) r 7, farmer.

Wise. Thos.. (Turnersville,) r 9, farmer 78.

YOKES. ELI S., (Royalton.) r5, post mas-
ter, produce dealer and farmer 50.

Yokes, Geo., (Turnersville,) r 4, farmer

Yokes, James. (Royalton,) r 5, carpenter
and farmer 1.

YOKES. PETER, (Turnersville.) r 6, con-
stable and farmer 70.

Yokes, Samuel H., (Royalton,) r 4, farmer

YOKES. THOS., (Turnersville,) r 5, far-
mer 43.

Yokes, Wm., (Royalton,) r 4, farmer 80.

(Po.st Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanation.— The letter r. following the P. O. address, signifies road, and the
figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in tlie
fore part of the book. Where no road number is given, the party is supposed to
reside in the village.

Alford. G. C, (Saegerstown,) r 21, farmer
works farm of Jonathan Moyer. 50.

Allen. E. R.. (Blo(jmin'^ Valley,) farmer
lea.ses of Geo. Smith. 3.

Allen. James H., (Blooming Valley,) r 58,
farmer .V).

Andn»'hftll, Francis, (Meadville,) r 47, far-
mer .57.

Andrews, Thos., (Meadvillo.) farmer 50.

Apple. Barnubas, (Woodcock,) r 1, grist

iriill aiul farmer 6.
Apple. Joseph H. Rev., (Saegerstown,)

Roformed Church (ilergyaian.

BAILEV. GEO. & Mas. M., (Snogerstown.)

r 2".t, fanners 2.
Bakfr, Andrew J., (Meadvllle.) farmer

Baldwin. Henry, (Woodcock.) farponter.

BALLIKT, WM. A.. (Meadville.) r 45,
treasurer FRrm»>rH' Mnt -nl Firo In-
surance Co. of Woodcocfc T iWiiship,
township treasurer and farmer 100.

BANCROFT, P. S., (Meadville,) r 39. sec-
retary Board of School Directors and
farmer 150.

Barney. John. (Blooming Valley. )r 52, far-
mer leases of Gaylord Smith. 80.

Barr, W. G.. (Blooming Valley, t farmer 2.

BEAN. CYKTS. (Blooming Valley.) r 10,

prop, flouring mill and farmer 5.
Bebe, Peter, (Saegerstown.) r40, farmer 7.

BECK, SAMUKL J.. (Saogprstown.) r .50.
meinhtjr of Borough Council and far-
mer H6.

Beige, James, (Saegerstown,') r 40, carpen-
ter and farmer fi.

Beigo. Mi>iir(>f', (Saegerstown,) r 40, car-
penter and fanner 2S.

Bell, John S., (Longs Stand.) r 45, farmer

Benner. Cha«., (Saegerstown.) r 1. faniior

Bin-hard, Worthy, (Woodcock.) r 23, far-
mer 'iiO.



Blair. Patrick, estate of, (Saegerstown,)
r 30, farmer 60.

Bloomt'eeld, F. G., (Blooming Valley,) car-

Boghyer, Joseph, (Saegerstown,) farmer

Boland, Fred. D., (Meadville.) r 3o, town
auditor and farmer 166.

BOLLINGER, O. P., (Saegerstown,) alio,
physician and surgeon, and school
director. Commercial.

Bonel, Geo. W., (Saegerstown,) r 29, far-
mer 10.

Bossard, Benj., (Saegerstown,) r 21, far-
mer 100.

Bossard. John H., (Saegerstown,) r 21,
farmer 76.

Bossard, Samuel, (Blooming Valley,) r 13,
farmer 150.

Boyersmith, John, (Meadville,) r 44, far-
mer 23.

Boyersmith. Joseph, (Longs Stand,) r 44,
farmer 20.

Boyles. Harrison L., (Blooming Valley,)
shoe maker.

Boyles, Wm. W., (Blooming Valley,) shoe
maker and carpenter.

BRADSHAW, M. J. Mrs., (Blooming Val-
ley.) r 51, farmer 110.

Braymer, Whitney, (Blooming Valley,)car-

Brig^s, Sophia, (Woodcock,) r 17, farmer

Briggs. Zephaniah, (Blooming Valley,) r
59, manuf. wooden bowls.

Brink. Abram. (Longs Stand,) blacksmith,
wagon maker and farmer 1.

Brookhouser, Villa Miss, (Saegerstown,)
millinery. Main.

Brown. G. H. Rev., (Saegerstown,) pastor
M. E. Church.

Brown, Wilson, (Meadville,) r 38, farmer

Buel, Chas. A., (Blooming Valley,) r52,
farmer 75.

Bumbach. John, (Woodcock,) r 9, cooper
and cheese maker.

Bunting. Levi, (Woodcock,) r 16, farmer

BURCHARD, CYRUS, (Woodcock,) far-
mer 19.

Burgess, Daniel, (Woodcock,) farmer 60.

BURKH ALTER, DAVID, (Longs Stand.)
prest. Farmers' Mutual Fire Insur-
ance Co. of Woodcock Township and
farmer 1(30.

Burns, R. B., (3Ieadville,) r 39, farmer 40.

Campbell. James. (_Saegerstown, ) r 2, far-
mer 108.

Campbell, Thos. J., (Saegerstown,") agent
Original ilowe Sewing Machine.

Carpenter, Abner, (Longs Stand,) r 45,
farmer 3.

Carr, Griffith, (Saegerstown,) r 31, school
director and farmer 162.

Chipman, Thos., (Blooming Valley,) r 54,

Clark, James, (Woodcock,) r 23, farmer

Clark, John, (Blooming Valley,) r 59, far-
mer 16.

Clark, John, (Woodcock,) r 14, farmer 5.

Clark, Thos. R,, (Woodcock,) farmer 85.

Clark, Thos. R., (Woodcock,) farmer 75.

Clark, Wm. H., (Woodcock.) r 1, farmer

Coats, John M., (Woodcock,) r 9, saw mill
and farmer 70.

Cole, D. G., (Meadville,) r 38, farmer 65.

COLE, GEO., (Meadville,) r 36, farmer 100,

Cole. Greo. Jr., (Meadville. ) r 3.5, farmer 75,

Cole, John, (Meadville,) r 35, farmer 96.

Cole. Preston G., (Meadville,) r 39, farmer

COLE. WM. C, (Meadville,) {with George,)
r 36, farmer.

COON. FRANCIS, (Blooming Valley,) r 10,
farmer 45.

Coon, John, (Blooming Valley,) r 13, far-
mer 45.

cock,) shoemakers and farmers 23.

Coulter, O. C, (Meadville,) r 46, farmer

Cowan & Dewey,(Blooming Valley.) (Jacob
Cowan and Geo. Beicey,) saw mill,
manufs. wooden bowls and farmer

Cowan. Jacob, (Blooming Valley,) (Cowan
<& Dewey.)

Cowen, Jacob, (Blooming Valley,) manuf.
wooden bowls and farmer 36.

Cummings, Cyrus T., (Woodcock,) school
director and farmer 12.

CUMMINGS, ISAAC W., (Woodcock,) far-
mer 300.

Cummings, Sarah Mrs., (Woodcock,) far-
mer 260.

Darfuss, Geo., (Longs Stand,) r44, farmer

Darrow. Wm. M., (Blooming Valley,) r 54,
carriage maker, blacksmith and far-
mer 17.

DAVID, B. G.. (Saegerstown.) carriage

maker, clerk of borough, school

director and insurance agent, corner

Main and Public Square.
DAVID. E. O., (Saegerstown,) supt. Craw-
ford Co. poor.
Davison. Mary A. Mrs., (Saegerstown.) r

29, farmer 75.
Davison, Wm. H.. (Saegerstown,) r 29,

farmer leases 55.
Deichman, Abram, (Saegerstown.) farmer

100, Main.
Deickman. Abram, (Saegerstown,) r 39,

farmer 126.
Dennis, John, (Meadville,) farmer leases

Densmore, Asa, (Blooming Valley,) farmer

Densmore, Joel Jr., (Blooming Valley,)

tombstone manuf.
Detrick, Peter V., (Meadville,) r 42, dealer

in Corbin's Patent Rubber Cushions

and farmer 28,^.
Dewald, Joseph, (Saegerstown,) r 35, far-
mer 22.
Dewey, Geo., (Blooming Valley,) (Cowan

& Dewey.)
DICKSON, J. H. & W. H., (Blooming ^?l\-

ley,) (James ff. and Milliam H.,) r 45.

props, saw, cider and lath mills, and

farmers 216.
DICKSON, JAMES H., (Blooming Valley,)

{J. H. & W. H. Dickson.)
Dickson, James W., (Blooming Valley,)




Dickson, John H., (Blooming Valley,) far-
mer 118.

Dickson, O. H. P., (Longs Stand,) r 45,
cheese maker.

DICKSON, W3I. H., (Blooming VaUey,)
(,/. //. & W. n. Dickson.)

DIEKL, JOHN, (Meadville,) r 40, farmer

Dixon, Mark, (Saegerstown,) dealer in
plows and farmer 57. Main.

Drake, Alonzo, (Blooming Valley,) farme r


Drake, H. F., (Saegerstown,) r 31, farmer

DRAKE. L. W., (Blooming Valley,) gen-
eral merchant.

Dugla.ss. Edward E., (Woodcock,) r 7, far-
mer 75.

Duglass, James, (Blooming Valley,) r 52,
farmer 35,

Duncan. John, (Woodcock,) r9, farmer 50.

Eaton. Reynold, (Blooming Valley,) gen-
eral merchant.

Ellis. Henry, (Blooming Valley,) r 52, far-
mer leases 17.

Ernst. D. B. Rev., (Saegerstown,) Re-
formed Church clergyman.

Ernst, Neander S., (Saegerstown,) R. R.
agent, telegraph operator and job

Falkinburg, John, (Blooming Valley,) r 13,
faimer 46.

Valley.) r 55, farmer 50.

Falkint;burg, John H., (Woodcock,) r 17,
farmer 2.

SHIP, (Longs Stand.) office at Foun-
tain House; David Burkhalter, prest. ;
Joseph Gilmer, secretary.

FISHER, FREDERICK, (Meadville,) r 47,
farmer 64.

Flaugh. Frederick, (Saegerstown,) r 19,
farmer 50.

Flau.^h, Geo., (Saegerstown,) r 30, farmer

Flaugh. Isaac, (Saegerstown,) near r 30,
faimer 72.

Flaugb. James, (Saegerstown,) r 26, far-
mer leases.

Flaugh, John, (Saegerstown, ) r 30, fanner

Flautjh, John Jr., (Woodcock,) r 2:J, far-
mer leases.

Flaugh, Nicholas, (Saegerstown,) r 21, far-
mt-r 50.

Flaugh, Sampson, (Saegerstown,) r 19, far-
mer 140.

Flantch, Samuel, (Saegerstown,) r 26, far-
mer 160.

Flick, Calvin, (Woodcock,) r 1, farmer 50.

Flick, Emily, (Saegerstown,) r 19, farmer

Floyd, Ellon Mrs. andTieirs.f Blooming Val-
ley, i farmerH 8().

Floyd, Geo., (Blooming Valley,) farmer

FLOYD, GEO. W.. (Saegerstown.) prop.

HdviI House, Main.
FOUD.'MAUy A. Mbs., (Woodcock,) r 17,

furuier 5().
Ford, Thomas, (Woodcock,) r 17, farmer


Fox. Jacob, ('Saegerstown,) r 30, farmer.

*FULLERTON, G. A., (Woodcock,) gen-
eral blacksmith, wagon and carriage

Garey, Mary Mrs., (Meadville,) r 49, far-
mer 53.

GEHR. ASA & LORENZO, (Woodcock,) r
18, farmer 84.

George, David, (Saegerstown,) lumber-

George, James, (Saegerstown,) r 1, super-
visor and farmer 144.

George, John, (Woodcock,) r 23, farmer

George, John Jr., (Saegerstown,) r 21, far-
mer 50.

George, L. David, (Saegerstown,) r 30, far-
mer 100.

Gibson, David H., (Woodcock,) {icith
Franci« Price,) r9, cheese factory.

GILMER, JOSEPH, (Longs Stand.) r 45,
secretary Farmers' Mutual Fire In-
surance Co. of Woodcock Township,
hotel keeper and farmer 50.

Gilmore, Geo. L., (Blooming Valley,) r 55,
farmer 55.

Gilmore, Orville, (Woodcock,) farmer
lea'ses 12.

Godshull, John N., (Woodcock,) r21, far-
mer 6.

Goudy. Samnel P., (Woodcock,) druggist.

Graflf, Samuel T., (Longs Stand,) farmer
leases 35.

Greenlee, Wm., (Woodcock) r 7, farmer 183.

GREENLEE, W. H., (Woodcock,) r 7, far-
mer works farm of Wm., 183.

Griswold. Z. M., (Meadville,) farmer, in
Richmond, 46.

Hagy, Daniel K., (Saegerstown,) r 1, far-
mer leases 100.

ville.) r 39, farmer 35.

Hamiot. Robert M., (Woodcock.) under-
taker and farmer 2.

Hampson, C. J.. (Woodcock,) farmer 16.

Handley, Francis, (Blooming Valley,) r
5(). farmer 8-3.

Harroun, Ebenezer, (Blooming Valley ,)r
54. farmer leases of Russell. -U).

HarroUn. Russell, (Blooming Valley,) r 54,
farmer 40.

Hart. Geo. W., (Meadville,) r 49, farmer
leases HO.

Haskius, Philip, (Saegerstown, )carpenter.

Hatch, C()lunibu8,( Longs Stand.) r 15, far-
mer leases of Samuel Swarl, 105.

HAWKINS. B. L., (Blooming Valley,) r 10,
farmer 40.

Heard. Jiirnea A., (Blooming Valley,) jus-
ti<'e of the peace and fanner l(>t.

Heanl, Joseiili. (Blooming Valley, » farmer
leases of Emmett Densinore, 15.

Ilecker. Chas., (Saegerstown,) carpenter,

Heiste, A- B , (Woodcock,) r 11, carpenter
ntnl farmer leased M.

HeiHt. Cliiis. H., (Sue;;er8t<)wn,> blmk-
sinitli, corner Wa.'thiiigtou and Muiu.

HeiHt, George, (Saegerstown,) r 27, car-

Heist, Jonathan, (Saegerstown,) r 27, far-
mer 1<H».

Hellyor. C. (Blooming Valley,) carpenter.



HELLYER, JOSEPH A., (Blooming Val-
ley,) farmer 2.
Henry, George, (Woodcock.) prop, village

Himebaugh, David H., (Meadville,) r 1,

HITP:S, JOEL, (Meadville,) r 47, farmer

Hites. Wiilard. (Meadville,) farmer.
HOIG, WM. R., (Woodcock,) farmer 90.
Hooker, Martin, (Blooming Valley,) r 10,
\ farmer 93.

Horn, Geo., (Saegerstown,) lumberman.
I Kornstein, Hannah Mrs. & heirs. (Saegers-
j town,) r 40, farmers 50.

I Hornstein, J. A., (Saegerstown,) r 40, far-
I nier leases 50.

j Hower, Daniel, (Saegerstown,) r 20, far-
; mer.

I Hower, Geo., (Saegerstown,) r 20, farmer
! 72.

! Hufifman. Geo., (Woodcock,) r 23, farmer
Humes, Geo. W., (Woodcock,) r 1. farmer

HUMES, JOHN D., (Woodcock,) r 18,

school director and farmer 80.
Humes, Porter C. & J. N. B., (Woodcock,)

r 1. farmers 2(K».
HUMES, THOS., (Woodcock,) r 6, farmer

Humes, Wm., (Blooming Valley,) r 59, saw

mill and farmer 53.
Hunter, C. E., (Saegerstown,) painter.
Hunter, J. W., (Blooming Valley,) farmer

leases 80.
Hunter. Wilson, (Saegerstown.) cabinet

maker, undertaker and farmer 6.5.
Hunter. W. G., (Saegerstown,) butcher.

HUNTER, WM. H., (Blooming Valley,)
hotel keeper, grocer, justice of the
peace and farmer 10, State.
IRWIN. JOSHUA, (Blooming Valley,) far-
mer 40.
Job, Robert, (Saegerstown.) near r 26, far-
mer 100.
Johnson. Chester, (Woodcock,) r 23, far-
mer 63.
Johnson. David, (Saegerstown,) r 30, far-
mer 50.
Johnson. David J. H., (Saegerstown,) r 30,

farmer 44.
Johnson. John, (Longs Stand,) r 45, far-

raer 67.
Johnson, John D., (Saegerstown.) farmer

Johnson, Lorenzo P., (Saegerstown,) r 21.

farmer 1 0.
Johnson. 3Iary Mrs. & Thos., (Woodcock,)
farmers 70.

JOHNSON. WM. M., (Woodcock,) physi-
cian and surgeon.

Johnston, R H., ^Woodcock,) r 17, farmer

Johnston. Samuel, (Woodcock,) traveling
agent, justice of the peace acd school

Jxidd. C. W., (Blooming Valley.) gunsmith
and farmer y:2>)'.

EEMERER, DUNCAN M. Rev., (Saegers-
town. ) pastor Lutheran Church.

Kern, Edwin A., (Saegerstown.) prop.
Saegerstown House and livery. Main.

KINGSLEY, HERBERT,(Woodcock,) r 17,

Kizer. Mary, (Blooming Valley,) r 52, far-
mer ?>}£_.
Knew. Augustus, (Woodcock,) r 13, farmer

KNEW, C. W., (Woodcock,) tanner, con-
stable and farmer 2,^.
Kufman, Joseph, ( Woodcock,) blacksmith.
Lang. Elizabeth Miss, (Woodcock,) r 7,

farmer 48.
Lang, Polly Mrs., (Woodcock.) r 17, far-

:xier 70.
Lang. Wm., (Woodcock.) r 7, farmer 70.
ing Valley.) r 13, resident.
town.) r 29, farmer 61.
Leidersperger, Jacob, (Saegerstown,) r 29,

farmer ill.
Leitz. Sebastian, (MeadviUe,) r 44, farmer

Lewis, Edward, (Woodcock,) cheese

Lewis. Nathaniel, (Longs Stand,) r 45,

cheese maker.
Liephart, J. P., (Woodcock,) carpenter.
Lilly, James, (Woodcock.) r 17, farmer.
Little, J. C, (Longs Stand,) r 43, farmer

Little, Jesse H., (Longs Stand,) r 43, far-
mer 54.
LOGAN, ALBERT, (Woodcock.) physician
and surgeon, school director, auditor
and farmer 21.
Long. J. J., (Longs Stand,) r 45. justice of

the peace, assessor and farmer 25.
Long. Samuel, (Saegerstown,) r45, farmer

LONG. WM. M., (Longs Stand,) r 45, town

clerk and farmer 110. .
Maloney, James. (Blooming Valley,)

shingle maker and farmer.
Marvin, Chas. N., (Blooming Valley,) r 50,

farmer 50.
McCullaugh, James, (Blooming Valley,)

farmer 55.
McCullaugh, John, (Blooming Valley,) far-

McCullaugh, J. O., (Blooming VaUey,) far-

McCULLAUGH, WM., (Blooming Valley,)
r 55, resident.

McGILL. A., (Saegerstown,) justice of the
peace, Commercial.

McGill. A. A. Mrs., (Woodcock,) post mis-

McGill, Armand M., (Saegerstown.) black-

McGILL. CHAS. D., (Saegerstown,) far-
mer 78, Main.

town,) rl, Henry McGill estate, far-
mers 100. «

McGILL. JOHN, (Saegerstown,) r 1, far-
mer 98.

Miller, Daniel H., (Blooming Valley,) r 51,
farmer 35.

Miller, Geo., (Saegerstown,) shoe maker.

Miller, Joseph, (Meadville.) r 39, farmer

Miller, Joseph Jr., (Meadville,) r 39, car-

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