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penter and farmer leases of Joseph,



Minium, Andrew, (Woodcock,) r 17, far-
mer 15.

Minium, Eli, (Woodcock,) r 34, farmer
works farm of Lafayette Swift. 6"-i.

Minium, Henry, (Woodcock,)r 11, farmer.

Minium, Jacob, ('Woodcock.) butcher.

Minium, Mary Mrs., (Saegerstown,) r 38,
farmer 6,i^.

Minium, Simon. (Woodcock.) farmer 16.

MOOK. ABSALOM, (Saegerstown.) post
master and harness maker. Main.

Moonel, Peter, (Saegerstown,) r 39, far-
mer leases of Abram Deickman, 126.

Moyer, Benj., (Woodcock,) cooper.

Mo3-er. Jonathan, (Saegerstown,) r 29,
farmer 50.

Moyer, Jonathan, (Saegerstown.) r 29,
farmer leases of Jacob Leidersperger,

Moyer. Nicholas. (Woodcock,) r 27, far-
K:er 61.

Neyland, J. A., (Blooming Valley,) teacher.

Norris, Adam, (Longs Stand,) r 48. shoe
' maker and farmer 6.

Norris, Henry, (Woodcock,) r 18, farmer

Obert, Eli, (Blooming Valley,) harness

O'Hare. Harriet, (Blooming Valley,) far-
mer 5.

Paree, Silas, (Meadville,) r 39. farmer 24.

PEIFFER, AUGUSTUS, (Saegersto^vn,) r
33. farmer 47.

PEfFFER. JOHN G., (Saegerstown.) r 40,
broom manuf .

Pfciiler. Samuel, (Saegerstown,) r 40, far-
mer .^J.

PKIFFKR, SOLOMON, (Saegerstown,) r
57. farmer 97.

pf.i !;■ t"u. Elbert, (Blooming Valley,) r
• . srh'xil director and farmer 2tj0.

Pi'ricins, Frank, ( Woodcock,) farmer.

Perkins. Lyman, (Woodcock.) general
merchant, saw mill and farmer 27.

PERKINS. MORT, (Woodcock,) clerk.

Perkius, S. D., (Woodcock,; general mer-
chant and druggist.

Powell. David, (Woodcock,) retired black-

Powell, James, (Woodcock,) farmer 28.

Powell, S. D., (Woodcock,) farmer 3.

Price. Francis, '.Woodcock, i r 9, farmer
2^ 1 and ( trith Jh/riil II. Gihuon^) cheese

PRH;K. JOHN W., (Blooming Valley,) r9,

PRICE, W. S., (Woodcock,) r 9, carpenter.

Purse, Hudson, (Meadville,) r 35, farmer

Purso, Phil»ituR. (Saegerstown,) r 40, far-
mer '^O.

Rn»'<-!. .,/ A.. (Woodcock.) works

.i uf h»-ir8 of Anthony, \^*'>.

i.. 1.. A. M., (Woodcock,) r 9, farmer

Rah«l, Michael Jr., (Woodcock,) r U, far-
mer 70.

1SI-.F.U, 0«I.\M><», (Meadvillo.)

slu'iiff and farmer 150.
Rf id, 1). C'., (Sai^norstowu,) near r 30, far-

r- 17.

John, (Woodcock,) r 2<J, farmer
occupies P. Rentier estate.

Renner, John, (Saegerstown,) cooper,

RENNER, WM., (Woodcock.) r 20. prop,
saw and cider mills, and farmer 50.

Resner, Chas., (Meadville.) r 47, farmer
leases of V/m. Wilkes, 75.

RICE. S. T., (Vv^oodcoek,) r 26. farmer 124.

Rickard, Andrew, (Longs Stand,) r 44, far-
mer 20.

Rickert, F., (Longs Stand,) r 63, carpenter
and farmer 60.

RIDDLE, WM. A., (Longs Stand,) r 50,

Rider, Andy, (Blooming Valley,) farmer

Rittmayer, Adam, (Saegerstown.) boots
and shoes.

Robbins, Ransom Z., (Blooming Valley,)
farmer 48.

Robbins. Wm. H., (Blooming VaUey,) post
master and carpenter.

Robinson, Lemuel, (Saegerstown,) black-
smith, Main.

Ross. A. (jr.. (Blooming Valley,) farmer 2.

Rondebush, John. (Blooming Valley,)
borough treasurer and farmer 2! 0.

Roudebush. M. L., (Blooming Valley.) mar-
ble dealer.

Roudebush, Nicholas. (Blooming Valley,)
(S//iifk & R'>}i/lehu)ih,) farmer 112.

Roudebush, Ralph. (Blooming Valley,)
butcher and farmer 11.

RUPERT, DANIEL, (Woodcock,) shoe
maker, justice of the peace and far-
mer 16.

RUSSELL, E. L., agent, (Saegerstown,)
stoves, tin ancj hardware. Main.

Rust, Daniel, (Woodcock,) farmer 51.

Rust, Henry. (Woodcock,) r 2?^, farmer 40.

Rust, Jonathan, (Woodcock,) r 23, farmer

Rust. Samuel, (Woodcock,) r 23, farmer 50.

Ryan, Geo., (Meadville,) r 57, interest in
Woodcock Run Cheese Factory and
farmer 300.

Ryan, Henry, (Meadville,) farmer,

Ryan. Wm. S.. (Blooming Valley,) r 57,
carpenter and farmer*!

Sacket, Harvey, (Saegerstown.) justice of
the peace and farmer 25, Main.

Sackett, Jacob D., (Saegerstown,) gun-
smith. Main.

Sackett, 3Ioiiteomery, (Saegerstown,)
mason and furnu-r 25.

Saeger. Chas., (Suegerstown.) r 1, farmer

SAEGER, JONATHAN, (Saegerstown,)
(J. S<ief/er <(• .S<>«.)

SAEGER, J. & SON, (Saegerstown.) (Jon-
atlniji (111(1 ^V/rf/',» general morchmits
and butter and cheese dealers. Main.

SAEGER. OLIVIT? ^•iogerstown.)(y. .S</«-
i/er A Son,) I of borough.

Sales, Henry, CMifi^eistowu.) r 40, far-
mer 8t). •

Sanunol. Joseph, (Saegerstown,) r 2, far-
mer 51.

8AMMKL, WAYNE, (Saegerstown,) r 2,

SCHANCK, G. C., (Saegerstown,) r 21, far-
mer. V..

Schonk, John, (Saegerstown,) r 33, farmer



SCHOLL, J. W., (Saegerstown,) physician
and surgeon. Water.

SCHOLL. PETER, (Saegerstown.) r 27,
alio, physician and surgeon, and far-
mer 30.

Scott. T. W., (Meadville,) r 42, attorney
and patent right dealer.

Shaffer, Geo., (Woodcock,) r 24, carpenter
and farmer 90.

Shantz, Thos., (Woodcock,) farmer leases

Shaw, Robert, (Saegerstown,) r 30, far-
mer 150.

SHELHAMER. ALFORD, (Saegerstown,)
r 38. farmer 66.

Sherman, John, (Meadville,) r 51, barber
and farmer 76.

Shorts, Jefferson, (Saegerstown,) r 21, far-
mer 53.

Shropp. Gabriel, (Longs Stand.) farmer 35.

Shrub, Michael, (Saegerstown.) stone

Shuts. John, (Meadville,) r 49, farmer 40.

Sigendall, W. H., (Saegerstown,) house
painter and cabinet maker.

Sims, H., (Woodcock,) painter.

Sites, R. C, (Blooming Valley.) merchant.

Slocura, Robert E., (Blooming Valley,)
school director, bowl manuf. and far-
mer 65.

Smith, Chas., (Woodcock,) r 6, farmer

Smith, Frances, (Blooming Valley,) dress

Smith, Gaylord, (Blooming Valley,) r 52,
former 60.

Smith, James, (Blooming Valley,) r 52, far-
mer 40.

Smith. James Sr., (Blooming Valley,) r 59,
farmer 150.

SMITH, MARTIN, (Blooming Valley,)

butcher and farmer 60.
Smith, Nathan R., (Blooming Valley,)

{Smith <{:, Roudehu.^h.)
SMITH. PRESTON, (Blooming Valley,) r

10, farmer 71.
Smith & Roudebush, (Blooming Valley,)

{iSFathan R. Smith and Xicholas Roun-

debuf^K) general merchants.
Smith, Rufus, (Longs Stand,) r 45, farmer

Smith, S. E.. (Saegerstewn,) farmer 100.
Smith, Sylvester H., (Blooming Valley,)


SPADE, MAGDALENA, (Meadville,) r 44.
farmer 20.

Spooner. Joshua Rev., (Blooming Valley,)
Univecsalist clergyman.

Stager. C. B., (Woodcock,) engineer.

Stager, Harlow, (Woodcock,) manuf. hay
hoops and farmer 76.

Stager, Henry, (Woodcock,) r 7, saw mill
and farmer 4>6'.

Stager, Wm. C, (Woodcock,) r 7, farmer

Stanton, John, (Saegerstown,) r 27, far-
mer occupies 52.

Stevens, D., (Blooming Valley,) r 51, far-
mer 21,

Steward. Chas., (Blooming VaUey,) far-
mer 98.

Stewart, James, (Meadville,) r 48, farmer

STRAUSS, HENRY, (Woodcock,) hotel

keeper and farmer 40.
Strew, Samuel J., (Woodcock,) cooper.
Strouss, John, (Saegerstown.) r 31, farmer


STROUSS, WM., (Saegerstown,) r 40, car-
p- nter and joiner, and farmer 105.

StuU, Jacob, (Blooming Valley,) r 54, far-

Stull, N. B., (Saegerstown,) r 35, farmer 44.

Stuli, Z. T., (Saegerstown,,) r 35, farmer 41,

Stult, Jacob, (Longs Stand.) r 46, farmer

Stult, Samuel, (Longs Stand,) r 46, farmer

Stultc, Frederick, (Meadville,) r 56, far-
mer 30.

Stults, Fitch, (Woodcock.) harness maker.

Stults. Wm., (Woodcock.) jeweler.

Summerholder, Louis, (Saegerstown.) gro-
cer. Main.

Swerling, Christopher, (Longs Stand,) r 63,
supervisor and farmer 66.

Swift, Benj. T., (Woodcock,) r 14, farmer*

SWIFT, DAVID, (Woodcock,) r7, farmer

Swift, David Jr., Woodcock,) r 8, farmer

SWIFT, HIRAM, (Woodcock,) r 8, farmer

SWIFT, JOHN W., (Woodcock.) general

merchant, ready made clothing, suits

made to order.
Swift, Legrand S., (Woodcock,) r 7, far-
mer 75.
Swift, Thos. H., (Woodcock,) r 14, farmer

Swift. Thos. J., (Woodcock,) r 24, farmer

leases of Mrs. Susan Swift. 195.

TARR, WM., (Saegerstown,) r 31, farmer

Teasdale, Isaac, (Blooming Valley,) car-
riage maker.
Teasdale, Robert, (Blooming Valley,)

blacksmith and farmer 2>5^.
Teasdale, W. N., (Lpngs Stand,) r 45,

Thomas. Darius, (Woodcock,) r 21, farmer

Thomas, Washington, (Woodcock,) r 18,

farmer 80.
Thomas, Wilson C, (Woodcock,) r 6,

school director and farmer 90.

THOMPSON, SAMUEL H., (Meadville,)
farmer leases of H. L. Sherwood, 1.00.

Thompson. S. L., (Blooming Valley,) plan-
ing mill and farmer 12.

Townley. John, (Woodcock,) r 7, farmer

TRACE, ANDREW J., (Saegerstown,) r
32, farmer 53.

Trace, Ephraim, (Longs Stand,) r 45, far-
mer 71.

Tragle, Joseph, (MeadviUe.) r 49, farmer

Trainer, Francis & Francis Jr., (Wood-
cock.) r 8, farmers 100.

Turner. L. D.. (Woodcock,) r 7. farmer 57.

VanMARTER, AMOS., (.Blooming VaUey,)
r 10. farmer 120.

VanMARTER, ISAAC N., (Bloomihg Val-
ley*,) r 10, farmer 100.



Vanmarter, Reuben A., (Blooming Valley,)

r 10, farmer 75.
Wade, Elizabeth P., (Blooming Valley,) r

52, farmer 162.
Wade, Geo., (Blooming Valley,) peddler.

WAID. FRANCIS C, (Blooming Valley,)
r 52, prop, cider mill and farmer 100.

WAID, GEO. N., (Meadville,) r 48, prop,
saw mill and farmer 58X-

WAID, HORACE H., (Blooming Valley,)
farmer 16.

Wales. B. F., (Woodcock,) burgess and
farmer 32.

Water.s, Wm. & John P., (Meadville,) r 38,
farmers 6.

Weikal. Daniel, (Saegerstown.) r 35, far-
mer 65.

Whitehead, Daniel, (MeadviUe,) farmer

WIKOFF, JOHN Jr., (Woodcock,) r 14,
carriage and wagon maker.

WILEY, JAMES G., (Meadville,) r 39, far-
mer leases 93.

Wilson, Bell, (Saegerstown,) r 19, butcher.

Wilson. Francis H., (Longs Stand.) r 45,
farmer 76.

Wilson, J. G., (Meadville.) r 45, farmer
leases of Rufus Smith. 98.

Wilson. John G., (Longs Stand,) r 45, far-
mer 75.

Wilson, Margaret A. Mrs. & heirs, (Longs
Stand.) r 45. farmers 124.

Wilson, Wm., (Meadville,) r 48, farmer 56.

WISE, SAMUEL, (Meadville,) r 85, far-
mer 140.

Woodring, Wm., (Saegerstown,) carpen-

Wort, John, (Saegerstown,) r 40, farmer

Wotring, Chas., (Saegerstown,) r 31, far-
mer 50.

Wotring, Ephraim, (Meadville,) r 49, far-
mer 73X-

Wygant, James, (Blooming Valley,) flour
and feed, and farmer )i^)4.

WYGANT, WM. C, (Blooming Valley,)
shoe maker, con.stable, agent Craw-
ford Mutual Insurance Co. and Far-
mers' Joint Stock Insurance Co. of
Mill Village, Erie Co.

Wykoff, Isaac, (Woodcock.) r 14, farmer.

WykofE, James L., (Woodcock,) r 14,
cheese maker.

Wykoff. James & Levi L., (Woodcock,) r 7,
farmers 50.

Wykoff, Samuel Mrs., (Woodcock,) r 14,
farmer 82.

Wykoff, Wm., (Blooming VaUey,) r 58, far-
mer 112.

Wykoff, Wm. C, (Woodcock,) r 18, farmer

Yocum, Adam, (Meadville,) r 35, farmer

Yocum, Henry, (Meadville,) r 35, farmer
leases of Adam, 42.

Yong, Edward, (Saegerstown,) r 40,

Yost, Christian, (Saegerstown,) general
merchant, Main.

Zimmerman, Henry. (Saegerstown,) tailor.

Zone, Daniel, (Saegerstown,) r 21, farmer


ABBOT, GEO. J., A. M., assistant treasurer and librarian, prof, languages, history

and Constitution of the United States, Meadville Theological School.
ADA3IS. G. W.. notary public and secretary Crawford County Mutual Insurance Co.,

66 Chestnut.
ADAMS, WM., groceries, fresh fish and oysters, corner Water and Pine.
Addle, A. M.. auctioneer.

Addle. Wm. H.. lawyer, west side Public Square.
ADRAIN HOUSE, 70 Dock, S. F. L. Blair, prop.
AGATHA Sister, superior St. Joseph's Hospital, East Pine.
Albertson. J. S. Rev., pastor State St. M. E. Church, resides 34 "Washington.
ALLEGHENY COLLEGE. Rev. Geo. Loomis, D. D., president and Chamberlain prof.

moral and mental philosophy: Rev. Jonathan Hamnett. D. D., vice-pre.sident and

Bradley prof. Latin language and literature; Rev. James Marvin, D. D., prof.

mathematics and astronomy, also secretary of faculty; Jeremiah Tingley, A. M.,

prof, physics and chemistry, also curator; Rev. A'mmi B. Hyde, D. D., prof.

Greek language and literature; Chas. W. Reid, A. M.. prof, modern languages

and literature, and history of fine arts, also librarian,
ALLEN. MERRIT, deputy sheriff, residence College.
ALOYSUS Sister, of St. Joseph's Hospital, East Pine.
AXASIA Sister, of St. Joseph's Hospital, East Pine.
Anderson, E. T.. {IngvaTiam & Anderson.)

ANDERSON, W3L L.. instructor in Greek, Meadville Theological SchooL
Andrews. Wm. H., wholesale and retail dealer in dry goods and carpets, George D.

Trawin, manager. 165 Water.
*APPLEBY. H. J., practical plumber, gas and steam fitter, 2d south of Chestnut.
Armiatage, R., tin and glassware. 20 Chestnut.
* ARNAULT, A. H., prop. Meadville French Dyeing and Scouring Establishment,

auctioneer and dealer in cabinet furniture, Irvin Block, 2d.
Astram, Martin H.. blacksmith, Washington St. •

Athens Mills Lumber & Manuf. Co., {W. Reynohls and W. Thorp,) sash, doors and

blinds, and lumber dealers, corner Race and Terrace.

Baird, Lloyd M., (Knvfman & Baird.)

Baker & Co., {C. P. Baker and Chas. Farnicom^ groceries and provisions, 71 Water.

Baker, C. P., {Baker a Co.)

Bales. M. T., special agent Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co., American Block, up

*BARD, RODOLPHUS, dealer in hats, caps, furs and gents' furnishing goods, 53

Barnard. O. K., ornamental carriage and sign painter, and paint store. North.

BARNEY, WM. R., barber, 97 Chestnut.

Barnes, C. H.. lawyer. Diamond 2d door north of Crawford Hotel.

BARS. J. H., prop. Barr House, 211 Water.

]'>arrett, Samuel, grocer. North.

BARTLETT. M. L.. instructor of music, Meadville Theological School.

Baugh, Jacob, saloon, Dock.

BEACH, L. C, (Beach cfc Trace.)

BEACH & TRACE. (Z. C. Beach and S. L. Trace,) general agents Phoenix Life Insur-
ance Co.. Opera Block, Chestnut.

BEATTY, ANSON, (Beatty & WVliams.)

Beattv, J. S., prest. Peoples Savings Bank, corner Water and Chestnut.

BEATTY. LUTHER C. attorney at law, Reynolds Block, north of Court House.

BEATTY, R. P.. grocery and meat market, 47 North Main.

BEATTY & WILLIAMS, {Anson Beatty and Floyd Williams,) harness makers, 2d.


B'-ierschmidt, J. B., shoe maker, Dock.

Beierscbmitt. Chas., boots and shoes, 153 "Water.

Beiersohmitt, Martin, boots and shoes. 81 Chestnut.

BELKNAPP, JAMES M.. blacksmith, head of Second.

Bender. Phibp, saloon, 93 Water.

Bennett. Ambrose, conductor, A. & G. W. R. R.

*BEXXETT. A. E. Mrs., photographer, 101 Water, up stairs.

BENNETT, G. G., dry goods, 119 Water.

BENNETT, WM. R. & CO., (W. 11. Brmtm.) manufs. sarsaparilla and lemon, soda

water, ginger, ale and cronk beer, State near M. E. Church.
BILES, W. P. Jr., painter.

Blaekmarr, F. L.. lawyer. South Main near Chestnut.
Blair. J. T., supt. Mercer Mining and Mauuf. Co"s Coal Yard, corner Mercer and

BLAIR, S. F. L., prop. Adrain House, 70 Dock.
Blum, A., (Fiirrell <& Blum.)

Blystone, C. H., stoves and house furnishing goods. 79 Chestnut.
Blystone, J. W., stoves, tinware and house furnishing goods, 107 Water.
Boileau. R. C, dry goods, carpets and oil cloths, 102 Water.
Bole, Andrew F., lawyer, west side Park.
BOLE. WM. R.. attorney at law, 5 west side Public Square.
BOrSH. C. M.. (Joh?,.son A Bmixh.)

BOYD, DAVID H., chiel of police. Chestnut near Depot.
BOYLE, H. H.. {Suckett tfc Boyle.)
Eoynton. E. M., manager Western Union telegraph office, Opera Block, up stairs,

corner Water and Chestnut.

Brawley, J. B., (Derick^on & Bvduley.^

HOS., supt. Meadville Woolen Mills.

Bridgeman, Henry, {Cotton & BrUl qeman.)

Briggs, Ebenezer H., sewing machine agent, 95 Chestnut.

Brooks, Thos. N., lawyer. Public Square.

BROWN, JAMES, Klial>el ct- Broun.)

BROWN. J. L., retailer and jobber of fancy goods, notions and trimmings, 3 Opera
I Block.

BROWN, W. H., (TTw. R. Bennett & Co.)

Browne, R. B.. purchasing agent A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.

Drunett. J., shoe maker. Dock.
y^ A. W. Smith, pre.sident, principal Commercial Department: J. W. 3Iarshall. prin-
cipal English Department; Mrs. Julia Gebr, asst. principal English Department;
C. M. Wood, principal Commercial Law Department.

Brj-er, H., (Miller d- Bn/er.)

BT DD, JASON, prop. Gable House, Water below Arch.

Bf/DGE. JAMES M. Jr.. architect, resides Central Hotel.

BCNCE. E. M.. school teacher, residence North Main.

BURLIXGHAM, W. F., book keeper and head clerk in Sayer's sash and blind fac-
tory, corner South Main and Willow.

Bums. Reading B.. livery and exchange stable, corner North and North Main.

ECTLER. J. H.. (li'/tler i& Willuiin^.)

BUTLER &. WILLIAMS, iJ. II. Butler ami Robert Williama,) barbers, under Peoples
Savings Bank, Chestnut.


Caldwell. Chauncey B., sash, doors and blinds, North.

CALLENDKR* CO.,(^', ^V. Calender and P. A. /,»//«•/•,) dealers in drugs and medi-

ciiu's. i;i(» Water.
CALLENUKR. S. N., {CaUender A Cn.)
(Jiilldn, J. H. Mrs., dress maker. Wat»«r, over W. H. Smith's store.

Calvin, I). M.. t)hysi<"iaM, cornt-r North and iJd.
Calvin, John M., (t'alrin <{• WiUon.}

Calvin & Wilson, (John M. Calrin and Get). T. WiUon,) sewing machine agents. 6

Chestnut. *
CambfU'ld. Geo., foreman wood Hhop, A. & O. W. R. R., near Depot.
('..,.»,. I, J David & J. H., fur dfultTs and groc»>rH, Dock lU'ur Iron Bridge.

t 1<I HouHo, Dock near Iron Bridge. A. M. Prtcrs. prop.

I ! J. (i. R»'V.. pastor First Prchl f" i>i»'sl"Ji;n

< i:R a MA'I'tm.US. (/'. // ' (}. c. architects,

"I contr over V tjuutil Dunk.

CAl P. H., ,. ,r .t .)/

'^ ' . !./«/<« A. and John Van;) dealers in and manufs. of cabinet furniture,

■» ; '>r.
CAKK. J oil. v. (CarrA- Co.)
CARK, JOHN A., ( Carr A Co.) 9

; 8 2 <^^^^ OF IlEA D VILLE.

Carroll. C. C, dentist and aural surgeon, south-east corner Public Square.

GARY, GEO. L.. A. M., prof. New Testament literature and pliilosophy, and curator

of 'natural history, Meadville Theological School.
CENTRAL HOTEL, corner Water and Center, W. Needham. prop.
Chapman, L. D., telegraph operator, A. & G. W. R. R. freight office.
Chappotin, C. S., head clerk A. & G. W. R. R. freight office.
CHURCH, HENRY. [Dick <& Church.)
CHrRGH. PEARSON, attorney and corns jlor at law, corner Center and Public

Churcn, Wm., physician, corner Center aid Public Square.
City Foundry, Pine, Benj. McNeil, prop.
Clark, A., retired magistrate.

Clark, H. C. {Clark <& Si em.) o^ ,. •

CLARK, J. M., agent, rectifier and wholesale dealer in pure whiskies, 80 Masonic

Hall, Dock.
Clark & Stem, {IT. C. Clark and G. K. Stem,) carriage painters, Torbit Alley opposite

Gable House.
Claus, Frederick, barber, under 159 Water.

Clay, W. B., foreman blacksmith shop, A. & G. W. R. R.. near Depot.
Clem son & Co., {J. D. and T. Clemson,) groceries, provisions, lime and cement, 85

Clemson, J. D., {Clemson & Co.)
Clemson. T., {Clemson <& Co.)
Cleveland. O. C, supt. Athens Mills.

CLIFFORD, A. W.. real estate and general building agent, 84 Chestnut.
Coburn, O., furniture, pictures, picture frames, shades &c., 81 and 83 Chestnut.
Cochran, Geo. G., asst. general freight agent A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.
Collingwood. A. Miss, millinery, opposite Colt House, Water.
Collingwood, T. & C. fruits and vegetables, 65 Chestnut.
COLT, H. T., prop. Colt House. 160 and 162 Water.
COMMISSIONERS' OFFICE, Court House. Henry Shafer, Titus Ridgeway and Geo.

W. Watson, commissioners; Orrin H. Hollister, commissioners' clerk.
COMPTON, JOHN B., {Com2)ton S McKay.)
COMPTON & McKAY, {John B. Compton and David T. McKay,) attorneys at law,

south-east corner Park.
Cook, A. H., shoe maker. Pine.

Cooper, J. A., engine dispatcher, A. &G. W. R. R.. near Depot.
Cooper, M. S., carpenter and foreman agricultural works of S. D. Culbertson, South

Cotton & Bridgeman, {J. 3f. Cotton and Jffenry Bridgeman,) livery and sale stable,

east side Water near Gable House.
Cotton. John C, physician, secretary and treasurer Board of Pension Surgeons, 181

Cotton. J. M., (Cotton <& Bridgeman.)

Craighead. R. Rev., pastor Second Presbyterian Church, resides 186 Water.
son, president; Wm. Davis, Jr., treasurer; G. W. Adams, secretary.

Grayson, editor and proprietor.
CRAWFORD HOUSE, Chestnut, Delos Piatt, prop.
^CRAWFORD JOURNAL, Betts Block, Water, Hempstead & Co., props., Ernest A.

Hempstead, editor.
Cree. J. W., trimmings, 100 Water.
CROASDELL, JOHN T., barrel manuf.. High.
CROWE, JOHN, boss brick layer, Liberty.
Culbertson, J. il.. (Culbertson & Beitse.)
Culbertson & Reitze, (J. H. Culbertson and John Belize,) insurance and real estate

agents, over Merchants National Bank.
Culbertson, S. D., agricultural implements. South Liberty.
Cullum, C. & Co., (C. .V. CnUum,) coal, wood, staves and headings. Dock.
Cullum. C. S., (C. Cullum & Co.)

Cullum. Geo. S., supt. Meadville Gas and Water Co.. 161 Water.
CULLUM HOUSE. Dock near Iron Bridge, S. W. Kepler, prop.
CURRY, J. W., (ir. H. Curry & Co.)
CURRY, WM., ( ^Y. n. Curry <& Co.)
CURRY, W. H. & CO., (J. W. and Wm.,) props. Union Iron Works, manuf s. farming

implements, Pine on Canal.
Cussewago Mills, 77 Water, manufs. flour, feed and plaster, Gill & Shryocks, props.
CUTTER BROS., (Geo. II., Wm. S. and Willard A.,) builders and contractors, be-
tween Poplar and Pine.
CUTTER, GEO. H.. {Cutter Bros.)
CUTTER. WILLARD A., (Cutter Bros.)
CUTTER, WM. S., (Cutter Bros.)


Darby, B. A., clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 159 Water.

Davenport, J. M., foreman McMichael's Carriage Factory, x!d betvreen Arch and Pine.
Davidson, Chas. E. & Co., ( IT". A. Wethered,) liquor dealers, Dock.
DAVIS. A. STEWART, attorney and counselor at law. 78 Walnut.
Davis, F. H., agent U. S. Express Co.. Chestnut near Depot.
Davis, H. C, boots and shoes. 57 Chestnut.
Davis. H. H., U. S. ganger and express agent, over 131 Water.
*DAVIS, JAMES J., coal dealer, corner Poplar and A. & G. W. R. R.
DAVIS, M. PARK, (PetH/< & DarU.)

Davis. Stewart I., groceries, provisions, flour and feed, Richmond Block, Chestnut.
DAVIS, W3I. Jr. Hon., treasurer Crawford Co. Mutual Insurance Co., also asso-
ciate judge of Crawford Co.
DoAngelo, Andrea, barber, 182 Water.
DELA^IATER, GrEO. B. Hon., lawyer and ex-senator, north-east corner Public

Delamater, G. Wallace, oil operator and law student. Chestnut.
Delamater, T. Albert, oil operator. Walnut north-east corner Park.
DsLAXGE, M. Rev., custodian Meadville Theological School, head of Chestnut,
Delo, B. Mrs., dress maker. 181 Water.
Delp. Peter & Co., (J<icob Mincenberger,) bakers. Dock.
Dennis, J. O., harness maker. Chestnut next to Crawford House.
Dorickson & Brawley, {David Derickson and J. B. Braii'l«y,)\&vryQTB, west side Public

Derickson, C. A., prest. First National Bank of Meadville, 149 Water.
Derickson, David, (Dei'lcknon &Jirau:le\i.)
Derickson, R. W., cashier First National Bank of Meadville.
DEVEREUX. J. H., vice-prest. and general manager A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot,

resides in Cleveland.
DEVOE. M., instructor in the English language, Meadville Theological School.
Dewey, E. H., physician, over 182 Water.
DICK & CHURCH, (John Dick and Henry Church,) props. Phoenix Iron Works,

manufs. engines and boilers, general founders and machinists, R. R. between

Mercer and New.
DICK, JOHN, [Dick & Church.)
Dick, J. M., {J. Ji. Dick & Co.)

Dick. J. R. & Co., (.S'. B. and J. M. Dick,) bankers, 68 Chestnut.
Dick, S. B., (J. li. Dick cfe Co.,) general manager gas and water works.
Dickson. A. S., capitalist, Corinthian Block.
♦DICKSON, MARY C. A. Mrs., dealer in ladies' dress garments and patentee and

ninnuf. of feni.ile abdominal supporters, 2d corner Dock,
DICKSON, WM. F., register and recorder, Court House.
Dikeman, Mary Mrs., dress maker. Arch.
Dobbins, A. J., manager McHeury House, in the Depot.
Dockstador, D. S., master of car repairs, Meadville Car Shops, near Depot.
Dijuglass, Joshua, ( /A>M(//<M.y, McCoy tS: Tyler.)
DouglasB, McCoy & Tyler, {Jo«hua DouglaHv, D. C McCoy and C. W. Tyler,) lawyers,

north of Court House.
Drputlein, Henry, prop. Meadville Cigar Store, cigars, tobacco &c.. Ill Chestnut.

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