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DUNBAR, ANDY L., division supt. Second Division and Franklin Branch A. & G. W.

U. !£.. in the Depot.
Dunn, David C, dentist, over corner Water and Chestnut.
DUNN, J. D., (Dunn <f- Otretut.)
Dunn, Milton, carriage maker, 43 Water.

♦DUNN & OWENS, (./. D. Dunn and .\f. W. (hcenn,) photographers, 53 Chestnut.
Dunn, Win. T., foreman of Milton's carriage .'<liop, ■V.\ Wuier.
Dyno.s, John il., gonoral agent A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.


EAGLE HOTEL, 210 Water, Joseph Scowden. prop.

Eagle Iron Work», Pine near South Main, Geo. B. Sonnett, prop., raantif. oil well

Hiinphes. •

EA(JLKS()N & FERRIN, [John S. Eaahxnn and a.irdn^r Ffrriii,) props. National -.^

Livery Stable, (;hestniit oppoHlte lllchmond Blo.-k. ' n

E.\(rFj;soN, J< )(IN S., ( AV/f/Zt-Ao/i it- /■>/•/■///.» veterinary .surgeon. | ^ '^

EAST.MA.V, W. W., uuinager for M. U. (iatea A: Co., niaiiufrt I'leemnn'a rat-^nt Kluo 'V t

Semper. Hteanj engines and mill work. Poplar. i * 3

Kchnoz. Jule, .saloon, HU Chestnut. j I , ^

Kilor, Valenthm, luauuf. oil barrels. I'oplar. *

Elnsleiii. A., tobneconiKt. clothing cutter and cleaner, corner .\rch and Sid,
ELLIOTT. G., surgeon dontint. Cnostnut near Canal Bridge.

O^kford & Hood, only Practicable Hatters in


Ellis, A. D.. restaurant and leader of MeadvlUe Silver Cornet Band, 22 Chestnut.

Ellis. Edward, alio, physician, head of Jid.

ELLSWORTH, WM. H., house and sign painter, 6 2d.

Emig, L., blacksmith and wagon maker. Liberty.

Eschange Hotel, Dock near R. R., McMillen & McGuire, props.

FARMERS EXCHANGE, corner North and Main, Zachariah Smith, prop.

Farnicon, Chas., {Michael <&, Farnicon,) {Baker 6: Co.)

Farrell & Blum. {0. Farrelt and A. Blum,) wholesale and retail grocers, 117 Water.

Farrell, O., {Farrell & Blum.)

FARRELLY, DAVID M., attorney at law, south-east corner Park.

FERRIN, GARDNER, (Eagleson cfci^.?r;i/i.) veterinary .surgeon.

FINDLEY, W. J. B., groceries and provisions, 60 Chestnut.

First National Bank of Meadville, 149 Water, C. A. Derickson, prest. ; R. W. Derick-

son, cashier.
Fisher, Coonrod. saloon. Arch.
Fisher, Cyrus, eating saloon, 67 Dock.

Fisher M. C, groceries and provisions, flour and feed. Arch near 2d.
FISK. F. H., {Ingham & Co.)
Fleesher, L. M. & Co., (J/. H. Reefer,) youth's clothing, hats and caps, corner White

and Chestnut.
Fordyce. David, foreman cooper shop. A. & G. W. R. R., near Depot.
Forker, Wm. H , giinsmith, over ^ Chestnut.

Fortiner, J. C, chief clerk general supts. office A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.
Foster & Co., {J. G. and F. IT. Foster,) hardware and saddlery, and agents Burke &

Barnes fire proof safes, 120 Water.
Foster, F. H., {Foster ct Co.)
Poster, J. G., {Foster & Co.)

Fos. Benj., dry goods. miUinery and carpets, 114 Water.

Francis & Co., {J. F. Francis and J. A. Galloway,) house and sign painters. 209 Water.
Francis. J. T.. {Francis Sc Co.)
Franz, Joseph, saloon, Pine.

FRAZIER, J. F., wholesale and retail druggist, opposite Colt House, 163 Water.
F''az]er, L. A. Miss, millinery. 177 Water.

FREEMAN, MARTHA Miss, dress and cloak maker, 74 Chestnut, up stairs.
FREY, R. C, justice of the peace, over Brown's notion store, Chestnut.
Fullet.'. A. M.. dry goods. 4 Opera Block.
FULLER, WM., master mechanic, Meadville machine shop, A. & G. W. R. S., near


GABLE HOUSE, Water below Arch, Jason Budd, prop.

Galloway, J. A., {Francis & Co.)

GARDNER, S. L., grocery and meat market. 49 North Main.

GARTNER. M., manuf. lounges, spring beds and mattresses, and dealer in furni-
ture. 84 Water.

Garver, L. A., physician, comer 2d and Chestnut.

GATES, H. B. & CO., manufs. Freeman's Patent Flue Scraper, steam engines and
mill work, W. W. Eastman, manager. Poplar.

GEHR, JULIA Mrs., asst. English Dept. Bryant, Stratton & Smith's International
Business College, Water.

Gill & Co., {J. Z>., Wm. Jr. and Wm. R. Gill,) hardware and agricultural implements,
112 Water

Gill, J. D., {Gill & Co.,){Gill& ShryocJcs.)

Gill & Shryocks. {J. D. Gill and J. J. and D. G. Shrj/ock,) props. Cussewago mills,
dealers in flour, feed, land plaster, seeds &c., 77 Water.

Gill, Wm. Jr., {Gill c{: Co.)

Gill, Wm. R., {Gill d' Co.)

Goldstone, S., clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 110 Water.

GoUey, David, blacksmith and prop. Woolen Mill Boarding House, Center.

Goodsell, Chas. D., sewing machine agent. 82 Chestnut.

GORDON, M. C. Mrs., laundry, American Block, up stairs.

Gouge, Thos., baggage ma.ster, A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.

GRAHAM, JAMES C, county supt. public schools. Court House.

Gray, George, groceries and provisions. Post Oflice Building, Chestnut.

*GRAYSON, THOS. W., editor and prop. Cratvford Democrat, 79 Water.

Greendale Cemetery. Lewis Perkins, supt.

GREENHALGH, PETER, ( WeMi & Greenhalnh.)

Gregory, J., prop. Meadville City Water Flouring Mill, head of Water.

Griffith, Chas., foreman erecting shop, A. & G. W. R. R., near Depot.

the Oil Region, Store Fertig Blook, Til«^v!iIf, Pa


GRINDROD, J. & A., stone cuttprs and jobbers, builders and dealers in all kinds of

building stone, Poplar and Water.
Grow, Wm. B. Rev., pastor First Baptist Church, resides corner State and Grant

Haak, Wm., physician, 54 Water.

Haas. Catharine, grocery. Pine.

HAIXEN. SAMUEL, foreman lathe shop, A. & G. W, R. R., near Depot.

Hall. M. L. Mrs., millinery and dress making, 181 Water.

Hamilton. Josiah, {Ilartmav <t' IfdrnUhm.)

KA3IXETT, JOXATHAN Rev., D. D., vice-president and Bradley prof. Latin lan-
guage and literature, Allegheny College.

Hana\iray & Bro., (Z. P. and F.) grocers and liquor dealers, 89 Water.

Hanaway, F., {Hanaway & Bro.)

Hanaway, L. P.. {ITanaa'ai/ d: Bro.)

Hanlon, James F., foreman boiler shop. A. & G. W. R. R., near Depot.

Hannen. J. W., alderman, up stairs, American Block.

HAPvPER. PHILIP H., dealer in cabinet furniture. 67 and 69 Water. t

Haiper, W. S., (TlKmtas <l' Uorper.) K

Hartman & Hamilton, {Henry llartman and Josiah Uamillon,) blacksmiths, cor. Dock
and Mulberry Alleys. i

Hartman, Henry, {Ilarlman & Hamilton.) \

Eashier, H. Mrs., manuf. shirts and ladies' undergarments, 175 Water.

HASKINS, GP]0. W., city supt. common schools, resides 15 State. I

Hs'ssenfratz. Frank, cooper. North. " I

HAbTl.N'GS, H. C, freight agent, A. & G. W. R. R.. Freight Depot. j

HAi, WM. C.. prop. Meadville Marble Works, manuf. tombstones and monuments, I
2d between Chestnut and Arch.

Hayden, J. J., boarding house and lunch room, west end of Depot near Chestnut.

Haziet, James, machinist and general jobber, 13 Arch. !

HEARD. S M. Miss, dress maker. Chestnut, 2d floor Richmond Block. !

Hecker, Geo. W., (Hecker & McClonkey.) j

Hecker & McCloskey, {Geo. W. Hecker and J. N. McClosket/,)la.wyeTS, 116 Chestnut. |

Heckman, Jacob, {Keener d Heck man.) \

Hcf'kman Wm.. jeweler, 106 Water.

*^ VD & CO.. props. Cravford Journal, Betts Block, Water:

*i. . D, ERNEssT A., editor Crawford Jonrnal, Betts Block, Water. j

HEXDEivSON. JOHN J., attorney and counselor at law. and district attorney, south- |
east corner Park. .

HENDERSON, RICHARD, barber, basement of Savings Bank, Water.

HILHKONNEH, ISAAC, KHUbronner dc Miller.)

HILBKONNER & MILLER. (Jmiac Hilbromier and Jacob Miller,) dry and fancy
goods, millinery and carpets, 128 Water.

HillH. Frank, agent Weed Sewing Machine, 180 Liberty.

*! ANN, Z. A., umbrella factory. West near Mercer. «

H< .1). N. B., local editor Mead r Hie Repnhllcaii. 16.3 and 167 Water.

IKjLLISTER, ORRIN H.. commissioners" clerk. Court House.

Holmes, E. F., laundry. Chestnut opposite Occidental Hotel.

HOLWAY, j. H., general storekeeper A. & G. W. R. R.. in the Depot.

Hoplcius, John W., house and sign iiainter, and paper hanger, North near Grant.

Ho.snipr. G. S., boss carder, Meadville Woolen Mill.

HOTCHKISS, H. C, carpenter, jobber and contractor, Liberty between Walnut and

H' iSS, ORIUN A., county treasurer. Court House.

I'< . . GEO., brick mason, I-Vj Randolph.

Howe. Andrew J., furniture, picture frames, mouldings &o., 81 Water.

Howe, A. J. & J. W., undertakers, opposite Gable House. Water.

HllJliARD. G. W. &S. A.. Tt-mperance HcBtuurant. TO Chestnut.

Alfred, land oHlct' and fai)iraHHt. corner Chestnut and Liberty.
.{, KKF^liEiilClv, trnnmirer. i)n>f. eeciesia.stical histo/y of the first
.lyilieThe- ! Sehool.

I V F. W., jiri'i I .ulvillo Woolen Mill, manufs. woolen !;ooda.

tJppoHite Market Hcu.sh.
, music dealer, piT Water.
• Muir.I., lawyer, siiutli-ea«t comer Park.
I. M. MrH., human luiir goods, 1«» Chewtnut.

HYDE, AM.MI B. Rkv., D. D., prof. Greek language and literature, Allegheny College.

INGHAM & CO., {Wm. A. luglntm uud F. 11. Fink,) wholesale booksellers and Maiiou-
erH, mw, school, medical &c.. W Cheatuut.













' )i


1 • ■ .

,1. ■



INGHAM, WM. A., {Ingham & Co.)

lugrah am & Anderson. {A. P. Inctraham and E. T. Anderson,) wholesale dealers iu

notions, cigars, hosiery, cutlery &e., 89 Chestnut.
Ingraham. A. P., {Ingraham &, Anderson.)
Ivxm.B.. A., ili'vin & long.)

IRVIN. JAMES, prop. Irvin House and dealer in coal, lime, cement and salt, 2d.
Irvin <& Long, {R. A. Irvin and L. II. Long,) stoves, tinware and house furnishing

goods, Irvin Block, 2d.

JACKSON, ISAIAH, bill poster, Stewart.

Jage, J. D., druggist, 134 Water.

Jenks, M. P., jeweler, corner Chestnut and Water.

JOHNSON & feOUSH, {Henry C. Johiixon and C. M. Bo7if<7i,) law jers, also miU owners,

Troy township, Savings Bank Building, up stairs. Water.
JOHNSON, CHAS. C, traveling agent for Union Salt Works of Pittsburgh and agent

for Prospect Hill Coal Co., residence Water.
JOHNSON, HENRY C, {Johnson <& Boush,) iprest. Crawford Co. Mutual Insurance Co.,

66 Chestnut.
JONES, CHAS. A., custom boot and shoe manuf., 84 Chestnut.
Jones & Peck, (W7n. Jones and Henry Peck,) barbers, 2d.
JONES. WATT W., carriage painter, Dunn's carriage factory, 43 Water.
Jones, Wm., {Jones & Peck.)

Kaufman & Baird, {Martin C. Kaufman and Lloyd M. Baird,) confectionery and ice
cream, 179 Water, and branch store, 115 Chestnut.

Kaufman, Martin C. {Kaufman & Baird.)

KEELING, DAVID, dyer, Meadville Woolen Mill.

Keener & Heckman, {Martin Keener and Jacob Heckman,) saloon, 127 Water.

Keener. Martin, {Keener & Heckman.)

Kennedy. T. R., lawyer, 199 Water.

KEPLER. S. W., prop. CuUum House, Dock near Iron Bridge.

KIDDER, B. H.. general master mechanic, A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.

KIGHTLINGER. R. B., {W. H. KightUnger & Co.)

KIGHTLINGER, W. H. & CO., {R. B. KightUnger,) dry goods and groceries, corner
State and Washington.

Killens, Andrew, barber, Chestnut.

Kime, Henry, grocer. South Main.

KING, JOHN. {King & Myer.)

KING & MYER, {John King and Chas. Myer,) butchers and meat market, corner Pine
and 2d

Kitchen, Cyrus, president Meadville Savings Bank, Water.

KITT, Miss, dress maker, over 80 Water.

KLEIN BROS., {Samuel H, and I. N.,) clothiers and merchant tailors, 2 Opera House

KLEIN, I. N.. {Klein Bros.)

KLEIN, SAMUEL H., {Klein Bros.)

KOEHLER. JOHN, mail carrier, runs two horse stage between Meadville and Tryon-
ville. tri-weekly, stopping at Mead Corners, Frenchtown and Townsville, connect-
ing with Oil Creek R. R. at Tryonville; leaves Meadville at 7 A. M. in summer and
8 A. M. in winter, residence Washington St.

Koehler, Theobald, saloon, 12 Dock.

Koessling, Chas., prop, greenhouse and manuf. rustic work. State near Grove.

Lacy. Geo. H., eating house, 25 Chestnut.

LAFFER, P. A., (Callender & Co.)

Lane, W., foreman pattern maker, A. & G. W. R. R., near Depot.

LASHELLS, T. B., physician, also chief surgeon for A. & G. W. R. R., corner Chest-
nut and Water.

LATIMER, C, assist, chief engineer A, & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.

Laval, Joseph, grocer. North.

Lawrence, Hofaker, wagon maker. North.

Leberman, D. D. Rev., pastor St. PauFs Reformed Church, resides corner State and

Leberman, J. L., groceries and notions, corner State and Grove.

Lee, Robert L., groceries and meat market, corner West and Mercer.

LEINEN, PETER, merchant tailor, 105 Water.


Lenhart. J. H., cashier People's Savings Bank, corner Water and Chestnut.

LENHEI3I. LEWIS H., dealer in tobacco, cigars, hides, pelts, furs &c., 103 Water.

Leonard. John, boss spinner, Meadville Woolen Mill.

Lewis, M. P.. ( Whitexide & LeuiM.)

Lewis S. J. &Lydia C, dress makers. North,

Lewis. Wm. G. W. Rev., rector Christ Church, (Epis.,) resides corner Walnut and

LIGHTNER, E. W., asst. editor Meadville RepubUccm, 163 and 167 Water.

Limber, J. C, (Shatittck & Limher.)

Lindley, A.. {v:ith Edward N'oHhaway.) carding mill, corner Liberty and North.

Lippman. Raphael, clothier, 72 Chestnut.

LIVERMORE. ARIEL A. Rev., prest. Board of Instnaction, prof, theology, ethics
and Old Testament literature, Meadville Theological School.

Long, L. H.. (Irrin db Long.)

Long. M. B. Miss, librarian Meadville City Library, Richmond Block, up stairs.

Longood, Johanna Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, 28 Arch.

LOX)MIS, GEO. Rev., D. D., prest. and Chamberlain prof, moral and mental philoso-
phy, Allegheny College.

Lorkin, James, carpenter. Poplar.

Lowrie. Walter H., presiding judge of courts of Crawford Co., resides comer Ran-
dolph and Grant.

Lucas, Daniel, barber, under Luce's grocery. Chestnut.

Luce, E. W. & O.. groceries and provisions. 93 Chestnut.

Luttgen, R.. bookkeeper and head clerk with H. S. & F. W. Huidekoper, 2d opposite
Market House.

Lynch, Wm. eating house. Dock.


Madigan, J. L. Rev., pastor St. Brides Catholic Church, residence Arch.

Magaw. Leon C, wholesale grocer and dealer in provisions, flour, fish, tobacco

&c., 34, 36 and 38 Chestnut.
MAGDALENA Sister, of St. Joseph Hospital, East Pine.
Mahoney, Geo. L., (Mahoney & Son.)
Mahoney, John, meat market. Dock.
Mahoney, John, (Mahoney <& Son.)

Mahoney & Son, (John and Geo. Z.,) harness dealers, 97 Water.
MARCY, J. C, attorney at law, 66 Chestnut.
MARHOFER, ADAM, butcher and meat market. Pine.
MARHOFER, JOHN Jr., (Shoemaker <& 3farhf>fer Jr.)
MARSH. C. R.. attorney and counselor at law. 7 west side of Park.
MARSHALL, J. W., principal English Dept. Bryant, Stratton & Smith's International

Business College, Water.
Marton. Anton, saloon and boarding house. Pine.
MARVIN. JAMES Rev., D. D., prof, mathamatics and astronomy, and secretary of

faculty, Allegheny College.
Masson, Joseph, wholesale and retail dealer in groceries and provisions, 89 Chestnut.
*MASSON. MARY R., milliner and dress maker, 8 Arch.
MATTHEWS, O. C, (Carpenter <(• Matthewn.)
Mayer, Erwin. shoe maker, 158 Water.

♦McCABE, W. & R., dealers in and manufs. of furniture, 115 Chestnut.
McCloskey. J. N., (//et-Aer A- McCloxIcey.)

McCONNELL, T,, carriage and sltiigh maker, Torbit Alley opposite Gable House.
McCoy, D. C, (DoiiiiliiKN. McCoy d- Tyler.)
McDonald. A. J., photographer, 79 Chestnut.
McFADDEN. DAVID H., fresco painter, 89 Water.
McFaddt'n. Geo. & Son. iStyinour,) leather and findings. 80 Water.
jTIi'KA DDI'^M, JAiVI !•:?«» A., attorney and counselor at law, 107 Chestnut.
McFaddtMi. S»'yinour, (Geo. Mr Fadden >.t Son.)
McKurland, James E., cashier Merchants National Bank, Water 2d door from

McFarhmd. John, general merchant and prest. Merchants National Bank, Water

corntT Walnut.
McFarlaiid. Thos. M.. lawyer, 58 ChPHtnut.
M((iuiro, Francis, {McWi/len li- McGuire.)
McUfiiry House, in the Depot, A. J. Dobbins, manager.
M( KAY. DAVID T.. (Vow/don ,(• McKay.)

Mc.Mii'ha«'l. Andrew, carriage maker, 2d between Arch and Pfno.
Mc.Milli-n & McCiulre, ( Win. .)/>MiUen and FranviM J/f6'Mi/*,f props. Exchange Hotel,

Dock near H. R.
McMillen. Wm., (.VrMi/hn it- Mr Gu ire.)

McNeil, Benj.. prop. City Foiiiuirv and stono quarry, Pine.
McC^L'ISTUN, A. J., cUuk uf Courts, Court House.

MEADVILLE BOOK BINDERY, over Republican Office, 163 and 167 Water, Reisinger
& Bro.. props.

Meadville Car shops, A. & G. W. R. R.. near Depot, D. S. Dockstader, master of car
repairs; A. P. Ogdon. general foreman.

Meadville Cigar Store, 111 Chestnut. Henry Dreutlein. prop., cigars, tobacco &c.

Meadville City Library, Richmond Block, up stairs, Chestnut, Miss M. B. Long, li-

Meadville City Water Flouring Mill, head of Water. J Gregory, prop.

Meadville Co-operative Store, 24 Chestnut, W. O. Tubbs, prest., wholesale and retail

Block, 2d, A. H. Arnault, prop.

Meadville Gas & Water Co., Geo. S. Cullum, supt., manufs. coal tar. coke &c., 161

MeadviUe Machine Shop, A. & G. W. R. R., near Depot, Wm. Fuller, master me-

MEADVILLE MARBLE WORKS, 2d between Chestnut and Arch, Wm. C. Hav. prop.

*MEADVILLE REPUBLICAN, (daily and weekly,) 163 and 167 Water. J. W. H.^Reisin-
ger. editor and prop.

Meadville Savings Bank, Water, Cyrus Kitchen, pres't: Samuel P. Officer, cashier.

Meadville Silver Cornet Band, A. D. Ellis, leader. 22 Chestnut.

*MEADVILE THEOLOGICAL SCHOOL, Rev. Abiel A. Livermore, prest. Board of
Instruction, prof, theology, ethics and Old Testament literature; Frederick
Huidekoper, treasurer, prof, ecclesiastical histoi'y of the first three centuries ;
Geo. L. Cary, A. M., prof. New Testament literature and philosophy, and curator
of natural history; Geo. J. Abot. A. M., assist, treasurer and librarian, prof, of
languages, history and the Constitution of the United States: Rev. Geo. W. Hos-
mer, D. D., prof, pastoral care; Rev. Amory D. Mayo, prof, church polity and ad-
ministration; Rev. etas. H. Brigham. A. M., prof, mediaeval ecclesiastical his-
tory and Biblical archaeology; M. L. Bax'tlett, instructor in music: Wm. L.An-
derson, instructor in Greek; M. Devoe. instructor in the English language ; Rev.
M. DeLange, custodian of Divinity Hall.

*MEADVILLE WOOLEN MILLS, office 2d opposite Market House, H. S. & F. W-

Huidekoper, props.
Mercer Mining and Manufacturing Co's Coal Yard, corner Mercer and R. R., J. T.

Blair, supt.
Merchants National Bank, Water 2d door from Chestnut, John McFarland, prest. ;

James E. McFarland. cashier.
Merritt, A., house and sign painter, 2d near Chestnut.
Metz. Frederick, boots and shoes. 108 Water.
METZGER, FRED., {Metzger & Smith.)

METZGER & SMITH, (i^'/Yf?. Jfefsger and Geo. T. SmitJi,) dealers in stoves, tin, copper

ware and house furnishing goods, North east of Liberty.
MEYER, GEO. Rev., pastor of St. Agatha Church, resides Pine near Catholic

Michael & Famicon, {N. Ifichael and Ohas. Farnicon,) meat market, 2d.
Michael, N.. {Micluiel & Farnicon.) ^

MIGHAELIS, CHAS., tailor, clothes cleaner and repairer, 158 Water.
MICHEL. L. B., groceries and provisions, 94 Water.
Miller & Bryer, (J/. J///!/^/' and H. Bryer,) wholesale and retail hoop skirts, corsets,

jewelry, hosiery, millinery and fancy goods, 113 Water.
MILLER. JACOB, {Eilbronner & Miller.)

Miller. John, fish and vegetables. Chestnut near Canal Bridge.
Miller, M., {Miller & Bvyer.)
Miller. Peter, boots and shoes. Water.

Miller. Samuel, clothes renovater and repairer, corner Chestnut and 2d.
Mincenberger, Jacob, (Peter Delp & Co.)
Minium, Alphonzo, {Minium & Pollay.)
Minium & Pollay, {Alphonzo Minium and James E. Pollay,) wagon makers, corner

Dock and Mulberry Alleys.
Minium. S. D., {Taylor <&. Minimn.)
MINNELEY BROS., {Edward and John,) manufs. harness, dealers in saddles, bridles,

whips &c., 66 and 68 Dock.

MINNELEF, EDWARD, {Minrieley Bros.)

MINNELEY, JOHN, {Minneley Bros.)

Minniss, Thos. S., book binder and patent solicitor. South Main.

Moak, John M., shoe maker, 2d.

Moritz, E., barrel manuf., West.

MORRIS, JOHN F., prothonotary, Court House.

Morris. J. L., house furnishing goods, plated ware, tin ware &c.. 161 Water.

MORRISON, W. E., cai-penter and foreman for Carpenter & Matthews.

Mosbacher, John, crockerv and notions, corner State and Grand.

MYER, CHAS., {Kiyig & Myer.)


NATIONAL HOTEL, corner Water and Chestnut, Chas. H. Prescott, prop.
National Livery Stable, Chestnut opposite Richmond Block, Eaglesou & Ferrin,

NEEDHaM, W.. prop. Central Hotel, corner Water and Center.
NELSON. DANIEL, carpenter and joiner, and jobber, corner North and State.
Nelson, G. A., boots and shoes. Chestnut.

NICHOLS, A. G., prop. Occidental Hotel. Chestnut near Depot.
Nodine, Alex. W., carpenter and jobber, and keeper of Allegheny College Boarding

Hall, 120 North Main.
Northaway, Edward, {icilh A. Lindley,) carding mill, comer Liberty and North.

O'Brien, R. E., as.st. general supt. and chief engineer A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.

OCCIDENTAL HOTEL. Chestnut near Depot, A. G. Nichols, prop.

Odoll, J. F., division supt. First Division A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.

Officer. Samuel P., cashier Meadville Savings Bank. Water.

Ogdon, A. P., general foreman, Meadville Car Shops, near Depot.

OiililS, ADAM. (Reefer A Orris.) *

Osborn, J. M.. general freight agent A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.

OWENS, M. W., {Dii?ui ik Oicenn.)

Pearsall. Peter, oil operator, 86 Chestnut.
Peck, Henry, (Jonen <& Pe<jk.)
Peck, James S., carpenter.
I PKELMAN, F. A., stave factory. Town Run near North.

PKIRSON, HARRY, {Peirsoii & WaUter.)
j Pi'irson, Hugh, meat market. Opera Block, Chestnut.

I PE1RS0N& WALSTER, (y/«;vi/ PeZ/ww r/n^/ Wm. Tl'a^s^gr ^Tr.,) butchers and meat
, market, corner Chestnut and 3Iulberry Alley.

I Pentz. S. S., candy and fruit. Chestnut.

j PENTZ. WM., justice of the peace and court crier, opposite north end of Court
I House.

Peoples Savings Bank, corner Water and Chestnut, J. S. Beatty, prest. ; J. H. Lenhart,'

Perkin.s. Lewis, supt. Greendale Cemetery.
Ppter.s. .\. M.. prop. Cantield House, Dock near Iron Bridge.

PETTIS & DAVIS, (S. Xewton Pettift arul M. Park Davin,) attorneys at law, 114 Chest-
PETTIS. S. NKWTON. {PettUd- Paris.)

PillLLIPS, H. S., [iritk If. A. Sidler,) carpenter and joiner, residence State.
Pliillips, Salmon, groceries and provisiOn.s, State opposite M. E. church.
PHOENIX IRON WORKS, R. R. between Mercer and New, nianufs. engiDOS and

boilers, general founders and machinists. Dick «& Church, props.
T^' Icf^tt, Iienj:imin P., lawyer, north side Court House.
1 ; VTT. DELOS, prf)p. Crawford House, Chestnut.
Police .Station. Chestnut nt>arl)e| ot, David H. Boyd, chief.
Pullay, James E., { .)! I n i n m .v Pinliii/.)
P')nd. J. N. & H., homeo. physicians, 15<) Liberty.
POKTp]R. B. F., gen« ral agi-nt of The Howe Si/wing Machine Co. for Crawford, Erie,

Warren. Venango and Mercer coimties, Richmond Block, Chestnut.
V ■'•"••R. G. (".. (./. ,t a. <'. Pnrffr.i- <'».)
it. JAMES A., blacksmith. Pine.
K, JOHN, (,/. it <f. ( . Porter ,t Co.^

.:i, J. & G. C. & CO., {.f>'h,>. Cr. r, and W. P. Porter,) dealers in hardware and
if.^" ic-ultural imijlfments.

"'•■;'i";:u. w. !»..(./. ,(.• o. < . .

;>, MIC!l.\KL C, altorney at law, soufh-cast corner Park.
; ... )'rT, CHAS. H., pi'"p. N'atioual Hotel and liquor dealer, corner Water and

Pyle, John, blacksmith, Torbit Alley, oppoBlte Gable House.



I AY, WM. W.AThuvHtnn A" Q>i >V.)

■ ■ •• • -'OSCm- •

'S., (A^. 11.,^ liver)' and exchange stables, corner Water

(iUIGLEV, JOHN II., iQiUtfU!,' /! -i


RABEL & EROWN, {S. L. Babel and James Brown,) butchers and meat market,

State near il. E. church.
RABEL, S. L., {Rahel <& Broicn.)

p,AY. JOHN T., physician and surgeon. Savings Bank Building, up stairs.
RAYMOND. C. L., {Raymoml <& Stem,) dealer in watches and jewelry. 4 Opera Block.
*RAYMOND & STEM. (C. L. Eaymond and Scott Stem,) wholesale and r.etail dealers

in wallpaper, pictures, house trimmings &c., 4 Opera Block.
Reapsumer, E. A. Mrs., dr^ss maker, 95 Chestnut.
Reddich, L.. {Reddich &, Sheftel,) auctioneer, 155 Water.

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