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Reddich & Sheftel. (L. Reddich and M. Sheftel.) auction commission store. 155 Water.
REDENOUER, FREDERICK, saloon, corner Water and Chestnut.
IfiEk'.D, OKLAND*?, sheriff. Court House.
REEFER, M., {Reefer & Orris.)
Reefer. M. H.. (Z. M. Fleef<her & Co.)
REEFER & ORRIS, (J/. Reefer and Adam C>rH«,) clothiers and merchant tailors, Shry-

ocks Block, corner Water and Dock.
REID, CHAS. W., A. M., prof, modern languages and literature, and history of fine

arts, also librarian Allegheny College,
REISDnGER & BRO., {J. W. 11. and Chits..) props. Meadville Book Bindery and blank

book manufs., over Republican Qflice, 163 and 167 Water.
REISINGER. CHAS., (Reisinger db Bro.)
REISINGER. J. W. H., {Reisinger S Bra.,) editor and publisher Meadville Eepublican,

163 and 167 Water.
Reisinger. Roe, (Richmond cfe Reisinger.)
Reitze. John, (Culbertson & Reitze..)
Reynolds, E. A. Jr., {A. J. Walp & Co.)
Reynolds, W., {Athens Mills Lumber & Maniif. Co.)

Richmond. A. B., (Richmond & Reisinger.) prop. Richmond Museum, 100 Chestnut.
RICHMOND, H. L., (H. L. Richmond & Son,) member of Congress.
RICH3IOND, H. L. Jr.. (IT. L. Richmond <S: Son,) mayor of City.
RICHMOND. H. L. & SON, {E. L. Jr.,) attorneys and counselors at law, 9 west side

of the Park.
Richmond, H. M., (Z. L. Richmond <t Co.)

Richmond, L. L. & Co., (//. M.,) silversmiths and jewelers, Museum Building, Chest-
Richmond Museum, 100 Chestnut. A. B. Richmond, prop.
Hichmond & Reisinger, (A. B. Richmond and Roe Reisinger,) lawyers, Richmond

Block. 100 Chestnut.
Ridle. John, meat market. State near Grove.
RIDLE, LOYD E., (Smith & Ridle.)

Ritenour, Augustus, blacksmith and wagon maker. North.
RITT3IAN. F. E., cashier A. & G. W. R. R. Co., in the Depot.
RITZ, GEO., carpenter and joiner. North.
ROBINSON, JOHN M., (Wilson <£- Robinson.)
Rockafellow, Jennie Miss, dress making, stamping &c., South Main 3d door from

RODDICK, WM., street commissioner, fire warden and policeman, Citv Hall.
Roddy. Thos.. lawyer, notary public and real estate agent, over Post Office.
Ross, Wm., boss finisher, Meadville Woolen Mills.

Sackett. A. T.. agent A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.

SACKETT & BOYLE, (David Sackett and H. H. ^oyZe,) agents Wheeler & Wilson Sew-
ing Machine. 175 Water.

SACKETT. DAVID, {Sackett & Boyle.)

*SACKETT, WM. D., jobber and builder, and dealer in building materials, Pine
and R. R.

Sargeant, W. G., paymaster A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.

Sartorius, Henry, manufacturing jeweler and engraver, 106 Water.

Sayer & Co., (E. S. and M..M, Sayer,) planing mill, sash, doors and blinds, corner
South Main and Willow.

Saver. E. S., (Sayer & Co.,) saw mill.

Sayer, W. M., {Sayer & Co.)

Sciireck, J., grocer, corner 2d and Dock.

Schreiber. Daniel, saloon, 95 Water. •

Scott, Isabella Mrs., news dealer, Chestnut.

Scott. W. R., lawyer, corner Walnut and Water.

SCOWDEN. JOSEPH, prop. Eagle Hotel and farmer 215. 210 Water.

SEE, CYPRUS, D. D. S., dentist, over J. R. Dick & Co"s Bank.

Sennett, Geo. B., prop. Eagle Iron Works, manuf. oil well supplies, Pine near South


SHAFER, HENRY, county commissioner, Chestnut.

SHALER, SIMOX, dealer in boots and shoes, 111 Water.

SHARTLE, JAMES, constable 2d ward, residence Randolph.

Shattuc, W. B., general passenger and ticket agent A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.

Shattuck, Geo. S., (Shattuck & Limher.)

Shattuck & Limber, {Geo. S. Shattuck and J. C. Limber,) groceries and provisions, 139

SHAW, CHAS. T., dealer in boots and shoes, 137 Water.
Shaw, Sarah Miss, boarding house, 65 South Main.
Sheftel. M., {Rtddich ctSJief/er.)
Shf-ppard. A. H.. contractor and builder, 22 Walnut.
SHOEMAKER, JACOB, (Shoemaker dd Marhofer Jr.)
SHOEMAKER & MARHOFER Jr., (Jacob Shoemaker and John Marhofer Jr.,) dealers

in groceries and provisions, coal and wood, Pine.
Shoppart, James, eating saloon. Chestnut.

Shreck, Geo., livery stable and wagon maker, corner Arch and Mulberry,
Shreck, John V., grocer and shoe maker, corner Randolph and Liberty.
Shryock. D. G., {Gill <& Shryocks.)
Shi-yock. J. J., (Gill dt Shryockx.)
Shunk. Henry, groceries and provisions. 73 Water.
Shurtbeff, Hattie Mrs., dress maker. Arch.

Sidler, H. A., {irith If. S. Philli/is,) carpenter and joiner, residence State.
Sidman, Geo., dry goods, 81 Water.

SIGLER, DAYTON, fire and life insurance agent, 131 Water, up stairs.
Simpson. John, general foreman Phoenix Iron Works, R. R. betweeii Mercer and New.
Singer. Frank, cooper, State.
SMITH, A. W., principal Bryant, Stratton & Smith's International Business College,

Smith, B. F.. constable 3d ward, resides 67 Arch.
SMITH, GEO. T., (JIetz(/er (S- Smith.)
SMITH, HENRY, (Smith d Ridle.)
Smith. J. W., lawyer, west side Park.
Smith, Lizzie Mrs., dress maker, 67 Arch.
SMITH, N. & W. C. & Co.. leather and findings.
SMITH & RIDLE, {Henry Smith and Loyd E. Ridle,) groceries and provisions, State

near Grove.
SMITH. ZAGHARIAH, prop. Farmers Exchange, corner North and Main.
>IM?OrL, JAMES W., attorney at law. Reynolds Block, north of Court House.
'S 'KELE & CO., groceries and provisions, H. Steele, manager, 101 Chestnut.
S'ri:ELE. H., (Steele A Co.)
STEIN, NATHAN, {Stern & St»in.)
Stem, C. K., {Clark A: Stem.)
STEM. SCOTT. (Raymond & Stem.)
STEUN. JOSEPH, (Stern & Stein.)
STERN & STEIN. (J(>.^ej)h Stern and IfatJuin Sfein,) wholesale dealers in liquors and

pro( erie.s. and manufs. confectionery, W.i Water.
STEWART. THOMAS B., carpenter and joiner. State and Washington.
ST. JOSEPHS HOSPITAL, East Pine, Sister Agatha, superior; Sisters Anaaia, Aloy-

8U8, Teresa and Magdalena.
"■ ■ ' r. Sebastian, clothier. Chestnut near Canal Bridge.

:T, C. W., undertaker, agent for the latest styles of burial casee and caskets,

A>7 Water.


Tack. Ferdinand, watch and jewelry repairer, 16 Arch.

TANNER, E. W., merchant tailor, dealer in ready made clothing and gents' furnish-
ing goods, 62 Chestnut.
Tam.er. 11. A., crockf^ry and glassware, 55 Chestnut.
Tuyl'ir. E. G., billiard room. Corintliiaii Bl«)cU, uj) stairs.

Ta; ' 'TiniuiM^ ( H'//i. Taylor tiud S. h. Miuinnx,) wholosalo and retail doalers in

h. Kult. grocorJoH and provisions, Tl Ch«>Htuut corner 'Jd.
M.. ( Tit I/lor ,t .)/iiiiiini.)

\Si:K liESTArRANT. 70 Chestnut. G. W. & S. A. Hubbard, props.
'1 i.itl',S.\ SiHTEH, of St. JoHtpbs lIoHpilal. Eu.'^t IMno.

TlIK HOWE MACHINE Co.. g.Mi.>rul ag(<in ^ r ,r Crawford. Erie. Warron. VonaujfO
and .Moroer counties. Hichiiioiid Block. > t, B. F. PorttT, L;'<ni<rftl agent.

Thickstun. L. W., corruspondi'Mt for Mr- ' .-^. .....«k*;», rouides Cullogo.

'J'hitTV. John, cooper, corntT Grand nnil

Til' Harpfr. ( ir. .)f. TIk>ui<im <nid ii . .>. //{r/xr,) SAsh, doors and blinds,. plau-

!i. R. It. t)Otwe«<n l)o.-k and Pine.
Til A-. M. ( r/intna

Til t.N'. ALEX., pli\ : druggi.st. I'fc.' Chestnut, offlco 111 Chestnut, resl-

dunuu Uroeumuunt.





And Dealer in all kinds of


— AND —

Gents' FarEisliiDff GoofiS

53 Cties'i'l! St., - IGADmLE,PA.







THOMPSON, E. C, manuf. Long's portable soda fountains, 2d.

Thompson, H. H., books, stationery &c., 98 Water.

Thorp, W., (AthenH JfiUs Lumber and Manuf. Co.)

THURSTON, MATILDA, (Thurxton & Quay.)

THURSTON & QUAY, (Matilda Thwrston and Wm. H. Qvum/,) props. Thurston House,

82 Pine.
Tilley, G. W. Mrs., human hair goods, 160 Water.
TINGLEY, JEREMIAH, A. M., prof, physics and chemistry, and curator, Allegheny

TOWNLEY, THOS. J., sewing machine agent, 116 Chestnut.
Townley, T. J. Mrs., dress maker, 116 Chestnut.
TRACE, LEVI, manuf. and dealer in saddles and harness, Water.
TRACE, S. L.. (Beach dr- Trace.)
Trawin. Geo. D., manager branch store of Wm. H. Andrews, wholesale and retail

dealer in dry goods and carpets, 165 Water.
Tubbs. W. O., melodeon and organ repairer, model and pattern maker, foot of

Tyler, 0. W., (Douglass, McCoy & Tyler.)


United States Express Co., Chestnut near Depot, F. H. Davis, agent.


VANDERPORT, CATE Mrs., dress maker. North comer Plumb.

VanHORN, T. B.. undertaking and livery stable, 162 Water.

VanOLKER, RICHARD O., musician and architect, resides Sewart.

VanRIPER, HENRY, coppersmith, R. R. shop, near Depot.

Vaueher, A., groceries and provisions. North Main.

VEITH & BRO., (Chaa. and Jacob,) merchant tailors and dealers in clothing, 83

VEITH. CHAS., (Veith & Bro.)
Veith, Daniel, groceries and provisions, 69 Dock.
VEITH, JACOB, ( Veith <i- Bro.)
Volck, Stephen, physician, corner Chestnut and Water.

Waddan, John, cooper, near head of Second.

Walp. A. J., (M'alp & Co.)

Walp «& Co., (A. J. Walp and E. A. Reynolds Jr.,) stoves, tinware &c., 115 Water.

WALSTER, WM. Jr., (Peirson <& Walster.)

WALSTER, WM. Sen., butcher and meat market. Water north of Chestnut.

Wann, John T., secretary to vice-prest. and general manager A. & G. W. R. R., in the

Wamock, Thos., auditor A. & G. W. R. R., in the Depot.
Weathered, W. A., u'liati. E. Da rid nan <£• Co.)
Weber, Henry, boots and shoes, 85 Water.
Webster, M. A. Mrs., dress maker, over 6 Arch.
W^lland, James, carpenter and builder, Stewart.

WELSH & GREENHALGH, (John We/sh and Peter Oreenhulgh,) saloon, 2d.
WELSH, JOHN, ( HV/xA A Greenhabjh.^
Wentz, Philip P., clothier, 69 Chestnut.
WENZ, JACOB, boot and shoe dealer and manuf., comer North 31ain and North. i

West. Geo, A., billiard room.s. Chestnut. |

Western Union Telegraph Office, Opera Block, up stairs, corner Water and Chestnut, |

E. M. Bqynton. ninnager.
WEYL, EDWARD, barber and musician, over 85 Water. j

White, J. T.. lawyer. Richmond Block.

Whiteside, G. C.,'( Whitexide ,f- Leirix.) ]

Whiteside & Lewis, {(r. (\ Whitet^ide ami M. P. Leiris,) tobacconists, 27 Chestnut.
Whitesiden, G. (!., whi)le.sale tDhac'conlst, 61 Che.stnut.
Wliitney, Burt A., news rooms. Hit Che«tuut and near Depot.
Wiodiiuin, Anthony, lawyer, southeast corner Park.

Wier.s. H. F., general master car builder. A. & O. W. R. U., in the Depot.
WILLLVMS. A. M.. ( Willi, itrui .fc Co.)

WILLI.\.MS & CO.. (L. r>. and A. .}f. WilHanu,) drugs and medicines, 110 Chestnut.
WILLIA.MS, VLOYr>, ( /i^itty d; Willi. tm$.)
WILLIAMS, J. H., foreman in Sayer's sash and blind factory, corner South Main

and Willow.
WILLI.\MS. L. I)., ( Williams .f rn.,) post master.
WIM.I.\MS. Koni-'.itT, i/iiifler,t Williainx.)
WILSON, FRANCIS E., ( Wilson it Jfolnnfton.)


Wilson, Geo. T., (Calvin & Wilson.)

WILSON & ROBINSON, (Francis F. Wilson and John M. Robinson,) groceries and pro-
visions. 75 Water.

WOERNER, CHRISTIAN, lock and gunsmith, 2d.

Wolcott, Harry F., manager Roddy's photograph gallery, over Post Office.

WOMERSLEY, H. Dr. & Mrs., surgeons, dentist, Chestnut joining Opera Block.

WOOD. C. M., principal Commercial Law Dept. Bryant. Stratton & Smith's Interna-
tional Business College, and attorney at law, 69 Walnut.

Woodring, P. & E., boots and shoes, 77 Chestnut.

WOODRUFF, W. M., general agent Mass. Mutual Life Insurance Co., Opera House
Block, up stairs.

WOODWORTH, M. S., agent for Joseph Hoover, of 1129 Chestnut St., Philadelphia,
manuf. and dealer in foreign and American chromos and oil paintings, Museum
Building, Chestnut.

Worley. Henry, blacksmith. 2d.

Worst, Chas., jeweler, 1 Opera Block.

Wythe, W. W. Rev., pastor First M. E. Church, resides North Main below Randolph.

Yates, C. M., druggist, corner Water and Dock.
Young, Wm., baker and confectioner, 107 Chestnut.

Zeller, Mary Mrs., grocer. Randolph near Liberty.
Zone, John, city baggage wagon, 18 Pine.



AARON, C. B., prop. Lowry House, 73 and 75 South Monroe.

Abbey, G. B., billiard room, Merchants Exchange, Spring.

Abbott, W., prest. Titusville Library & Mercantile Association, Y M. C. A. Rooms.

Abbott. Wm. H., president Citizens Bank and treasurer Pennsylvania Transporta-
tion Company.

Albee, Anson, locomotive engineer.

ALLEN, A. B., butcher and meat market, junction West Spring and Pine.

Allen, D. H., druggist, 8 Franklin.

*ALLEN. M. N., editor and prop. Titusville Courier, corner Franklin and Pine.

AMERICAN HOTEL, W. P. Love, prop., 26 Spring.

American Sewing Machine Co., office 67 East Pine, H. C. Bosley, manager.

AMES, F. W., {McEoicen 6: Co.,) prest. Titusville & Pithole Plank Road Co., oil pro-
ducer, up stairs, corner Pine and Franklin.

ANDERSON, GEORGE K., senator elect of Crawford Co., oil dealer, Wakefield Block,
Washington near Spring.

Andres, Christian & Co., cooper. West Spring.

Andres, John, shoe maker, 128 Franklin.

ANDREWS, F. W., {Gibbs & Sterrett Manuf. Co.,) oil producer and dealer in crude oil
and oil lands, 16 and 17 Chase & Stewart Block.

Andrews. Wm. H., dry goods and notions, 69, 71 and 73 Spring.

ANGIER BROS., (J. D. and G. W.,) real estate dealers, 74 West Spring.

ANGIER, G. W., (Angier d: Ottman,) (Angier Bros.)

ANGIER, J. D., (Angier & Ottman,) (Angier Bros.,) president Titusville Gas and
Water Co.

Angier, Joel N., notary public, 12 South Washington.


ANGIER & OTTMAN, {J. D. and G. W. AngUr and R. Ottman,) oil producers, 74

West Spring.
Archbold. C. W., prest. Young Men's Christian Association.
Archbold, J. D., (Porter, Jforeldnd (& Co.)
Archbold. Wm. D., petroleum broker and dealer, room 2 up stairs. Oil Exchange,

Washington St.
Asher, Geo., groceries and Liquors, 36 Diamond and 35 Pine.
Aspinwall, A. A., secretary Gibbs & Sterrett Manuf. Co., Monroe St.
AUSTIN Mother, asst. mother superior St. Joseph Academy, 198 Main.
Ayers, Henry C, insurance and real estate agent, corner Spring and Franklin, up

Ayres, Maria, school teacher.

Bailey, A. A.. {Bailey & Gillmor,) (Bailey, Gillmor & Co.,) (Shamburg, Gillmar & Co.,)

(Thompfion, Gillmor & Co.)
Bailey & Gillmor, (A. A. Bailey and Geo. Gillmor,) oil producers. Chase & Stewart

Block, up stairs, corner Franklin and Pine.
Bailey, Gillmor & Co., [A. A. Bailey, George Gillmor, 0. IT. Judd and J. B. Kerr,) oil

producers. Chase & Stewart Block, up stairs, corner Franklin and Pine.
Bailey, J. M. Rev., pastor First Universalist Church, resides Main corner Monroe.
Bailey, Morris, physician. 16 East Pine.
Ball, Geo. A., petroleum broker, Washington near Spring.
BALLANTINE, E. B., model maker and brass finisher, East Spring opposite Citizens

Barbeau, John, baker and grocer, 70 East Pine.
BARIBEAU, MATHILDE Madame, dress and cloak making, fur repairing and glove

cleaning, 182 Main.
Baker, Sarah A., school teacher.
Bamsdall, N. B. & Co., {Wm. Barnadall and P. T. Witherop,) groceries and provisions,

44 Pine.
Bamsdall, Wm., C.V. B. Batmxdall & Co.)
Barr, Geo. W,, physician, 18 North Washington.
BARRETT. JOHN, shoe maker, corner Monroe and Spring.
Bartholomew, A. C, prop. Titusvllle Marble Works, West Spring.
Bartholomew. F. Mrs., eating house and saloon. Mechanic.
Bartlett, Nellie M., school teacher.
Bassett, J. A.. (Z>. W. Wilson & Co.)

Bateman, J. E., livery, sale and boarding stable, 16 North Franklin.
Batiks, Fred, member of Assembly.

Bates. Fred. & Co., (.S'. K. rZ/fr.) insurance agents, 12 North Franklin.
Bates, Fred., Hose Co. and Steamer No. 3.
Bates. Hattie, school teacher.
BATES, ROBERT, clerk with Thomas Murray, and foreman Col. Drake Hose Co.,

60 South Franklin.
Bauer, Robert, insurance agent, over 26 South Franklin.
Bear, S. M., (Frey A Bear.)

Beaumout, L., petroleum iimpeotor, third floor Chase & Stewart Block.
Beck, John, foreman Citizens Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1.
Beebe. E. W. Rev., librarian Young Men's Christian Association, Chase & Stewart

Block. Spring.
Beebe. Manley C, (Shenuan A Beehe,) resides at Pleasantville.
BELLEN. CATHARINE Mrs., prop. Spring Hill House, 408 West Spring.
B^-nder, Robert, vetfriiiarv surgeon, (>l East Pine.
Bt'iidhcim. L.. boots and Hriofs, 31 S[)riiig.

B<Mi('(lict. M. F., retired lunibcrnuiii. M Pine.

BK.S'NKTT, A. P.. {/ifimeff, Warner A' Co.)

BKNNKTT, WARNER &('().. {A. P. Ueuueti, W. C. Warner and J. A. CadwaUider,)
oil refiners, 4 and T) Ral.ston & Harrington's Block.

Bon.'^on, U. D., (B. D. Btn^on dc Co.,) (D. McKelvy tfc Co.,) prest. of Enterprise Oil and
Lumber Co.

Benson, D. B. & Co.. himber manufs., (» Ralston &. Harrington Block, 8d floor.

Benz, John, blnckHmith, corufr Piim and Hrown.

r. in •.■in. A., gtMitw' furniHliiiig goods, cigiiru. tobiifco &c., 48 South Franklin.

(' ' 'in. H.. cigars and gcnf.^' furui.'^tiiiig goodH, :jy Dianiuud.

1 I. King, grocer. .Vl Martin.

I SO.V. JOHN, proi). Kn«n«h Dyti House, 135 Martin.

Hiduux. F. X.. meat niarket. Vl\ Franklin.

Birds. "vt'. M. IJ., crockery, glaw.swarc. guM flxture«, tablo cutlery &o., 7 Franklin.

B!iik»slrf«. A. Mrs., dress maker, 27 North Franklin.

♦ULOSSA COGSWELL. {Iltnnj C /.Vm.a and J,mrjJ, II. rv>(;#jr^//,)pubU8herH TitmtvilU
.^turning and Tituxrille HV^-X/v //»/<//'/, onrner Franklin an(l Arch.

BLOSS, HENRY C, (BIom <t Cogturtll,) editor lltrald, corner Fronklin and Arch.


Bloss Hose Co. No. 6, Wm. Able, foreman,

BLOSS, W. W., editor of Sunday Morning Press, 50 West Spring.

Bodine, A. M., {Bodine & Co.)

Bodine & Co., {H. P. and A. M. Bodine,) groceries and provisions, 19 North Wash-

Bodine, H. P., {Bodine & Co.)

Booth, W. A. Mrs., milliner, corner Spring and Perry.

Bosley, H. C, manager American Sewing Machine Go's office, 67 East Pine.
Bosley, Henry C, A. M., supt. of public instruction, High School Building, comer
Main and Washington.

Bostien. W. M., foreman for Miss M. J. Mason, 14 North Franklin,

Boston Bakery, 86 North Franklin, J. E. EUery, prop.

BOSTON MEAT MARKET, 98 South Franklin, Lewis Schultz, prop,

BOUGHTON & CHANDLER, {B. H. Boughton Jr. and Win. H. Chandler.) general
agents for Geo, W. TifEt Sons & Go's engines and boilers, 9 Chase & Stewart

Boughton, R. H., freight agent, O. C. & A, V. R, R,, comer Monroe and R, R.

Boughton. R. H. Jr., {Boughton (& Chandler.)

Bourdon, C. grocer, 126 Franklin,

Brace Bros., \0. H. and N. C.,) prop. Titusville Steam Laundry, 137 and 139 North

Brace, C. H., (Brace Bros.)

Brace, N. C, (Brace Bros.)

Brambley, Phebe Miss, dress maker and pattern dealer, 30 West Pine.

Brawley House, Christopher Leopold, prop. 271 West Spring,

BRAYLY, CHARLES, (Brayly & G-riffin.)

BRAYLY & GRIFFIN, (Charles Brayly and Wm. P. GHffin,) produce dealers, 80
South Franklin,

Brazil, John, saloon. South Franklin,

Breul, Chas,, harness, trunks &c., 121 Franklin,

Brice, H. C, blacksmith. Linden between Franklin and Washington,

BRICE, J. S„ blacksmith, 5 St. John.

Broas, J. H,, real estate dealer, offices in Broas Block, over Post Office and on Dia-

Broede, Christian, prop. Brocde^House, 93 South Franklin.

Brodie, Walter, foreman Bennett, Warner & Co's Refinery.

Brown, Clark, hardware, stoves and tinware, 92 West Spring,

Brown & Deacon, (Edioard Brown and Harry Deacon,) meat market, 28 N. Franklin,

Brown, Ed., livery, boarding and sale stables, corner Spring and Spring Alley.

Brown, Edward, (Broicn <& Deacon.)

Brown, F. P., (Morley. Brcncn & Co.)

Brown, M. S. Mrs., pattern store. 33 Franklin,

Brundred, W, J,, agent Empire Transportation Co., 90 Monroe.

BRYAN, J. C, president Titusville Manuf. Co., Franklin St.

Budlong, Jenks, petroleum dealer, Parshall Block, Washington St.

Buffalo House, Franklin near Depot, Peter Hoffman, prop,

BUNDY, G, O., blacksmith and wagon maker, corner Pine and Perry.

Burlingame, A. H., baggage master, O. C. & A. R, R.

Burnes. J. Mrs., ladies" furnishing goods and hair work, 29 North Franklin.

Burstney, B., furnishing goods, cigars and tobacco, 30^ Diamond.

Buser, H.. boots and shoes, Franklin corner Arch,

Buser. Jacob, hotel keeper, 92 South Franklin.

Butters, J, W,, oil shipper and dealer, residence comer Washington and Spruce.

Byles, Julius, (G-uthrie & Byles.)

CADAM & DONOGHUE, (Harrison E. Cadam and Cornelius C. Donoghue,) refiners of

petroleum, east part of City on Plank Road.
CADAM, HARRISON E., (Cadam & Donoghue.) street commissioner.
CADWALADER, J. A., (Bennett, Warner d: Co.)

Cady, D. H., (Johri Eason <& Co.,) (Porter, Moreland & Co.) (Thompson, QUlmor & Co.)
CALDWELL, JAS. H., (Emery, Bros, cfe Co.C) (Emery & Caldwell.)
*CANFIELD, C. T. Mrs., physician, 62 Spring, up stairs,
Cardullo, Domenico, barber, 13 South Washington.
Cardullo, John, barber, over 23 West Spring.

Carpenter, E. B., barber, Morey House, corner Monroe and Mechanic.
Carr. A. H.. (Hubbard <&, Carr.)
CARR, C. G,, wholesale and retail dealer in flour, hay and grain, East Pine comer

CrrroU, M. J. Mrs., dress maker, 41 Monroe.
CARTER, JOHN J., merchant tailor, ready made clothing and gents' furnishing

goods, 11 and 16 Spring,
CASSIDY, P. B., bar tender, Mozart Hall.


Castle, Augustus, {Castle <& Co.)

Castle, Charles, (Cattle & Co.)

Castle & Co., {'Jharle^ and Augu/ttnn Castle,) carriage manufs., 28 Pine.

Cathrall, Geo., tobacconist, Diamond.

Chambers, Thomas P., {Pickering, Chambers & Co.)

Chandler, Wm. H., {Boughton & Cha/rtdler.)

Chard & Co., ( Wm. A. Chard and Henry Palmer^ groceries and provisions, flour and

feed. 7 and 9 Mechanic.
Chard. Wm. A., (Chard <& Co.)

CHASE, EDWARD H. Hon., associate judge of Crawford County, 1 Fletcher Block.
CHASE, GEO. A., attorney at law. Chase & Stewart Block.
Chase, Lanman, lawyer and president of City Council, 1 Fletcher Block.
CHASE, W. W. Mrs., modiste, residence 5.5 Monroe.

Chester, Geo. F., lawyer, up stairs, Wakefield Block, Washington near Spring.
Christopher, Augustus A., restaurant, corner Spring and Washington, basement.
Church Run Pipe Co.. J. Foster Clark, secretary and manager, Ralston & Harring-
ton Block, up stairs.
Citizens Bank, corner Diamond and Center, W. H. Abbott, president; I. G. Jackson,

Citizens Hook & Ladder Co., No. 1, John Beck, foreman.

City Brewery, south side Oil Creek, head of Franklin, Hoenig & Theobald, props.
CITY CLOTHING HOUSE, 5 Spring, Strauss & Stettheimer, props.
City Collector's ofQce, over 26 South Franklin, Lewis Mayer, collector.
City Hotel and Restaurant, 14 Spring, Jacob Theobald, prop.
City Meat Market, 64 South Franklin, J. J. Kibler, prop.
Clark, Amelia M., school teacher.
CLARK, E. D, & CO., {F. T. Clark,) tinners, sheet iron, copper ware and hardware,

86 Franklin.
CLARK, F. T., {E. D. Clark & Co.)
Clark, J. Foster, secretary and manager Church Run pipe Co., prest. and treasurer

Titusville Oil Exchange and dealer in crude and refined petroleum, Ralston &

Harrington Block, up stairs.
Clark, John F., grocer, 16 West Walnut,
COADY, J. D. "ViRY Ret., V. G., pastor St. Titus Church, resides rear of church on

Coburn, C. M., secretary Young Men's Christian Association.
Coburn, John M., picture frame and cornice manuf., 26 Pine.
Codington, J. S., architect and builder, 16 Linden.
COGSWELL, JOSEPH H., {BloH$ d- (fogs^vell,) post master.
Coleman, Nicholas, barber, over 34 Spring.
Colndge, M. Mi-ss. shirt maker, over .i3 Spring.
♦COMER, FRANK, dentist, corner Spring and Franklin, up stairs.
Comfort. Samuel, (Pickering, Chambers <fc to.,) secretary and treasurer Petroleum

Refiners Association, Ralston & Harrington Block.
Combs, Geo. N., billiard room, Parshall House.
COOMBS, WM. M., dentist, corner Spring and Franklin, up stairs.
Cornell, Wm. H., prop. West Penn. Spice Mills and manuf. .of Rising Sun Baking

Powder, 32 West Pine.
Corona Oil Work.s, R. R. near Freight Depot, Easterly & Davis, props.
CORWIN, W. H., ^nsmith, dealer in gun materials, revolvers &c., 35 Diamond.
Courier Hose Co. No. 5, 3-1 Pine, C. C. Mead, foreman.
COUTANT, J. A., (I 'oil font, i Webster,) secretary of Woodlawn Cemetery.
COUTANT & WEBSTER, (c/. A. Coutant and Wm. Webster,) brokers and agents of

city property, oil and mineral lands, 4 Parshall Block.

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