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Craft, A. N. Rev., pastor M. E. Church, resides 17 Perry.
Cronin, Margaret Mrs., boarding house, comer Washington and Mechanic.
Crosfjravo S., furniture dealer and u|ih()lsterer,104 and 106 West Spring.
Crii.ssiuan, N.. groceries and provisions. 52 Pine.
Curtis, E. A., architect, 7 City Hall, Franklin St.

Dame. A. A., {Dame, Smith A Co.)

Danif. Smith A Co., (.1. A. /xiine, U. P. Smith and R. L. JT^mocAan ,) hardware.

Diamond opposite Post Office.
Damo, W. .M., lawyer and notary public. 9 Chase & Stewart Block, up stairs.
Daub. JuliuB, supt. Titusville ( hemical Co., west end of City, on O. C. U. K.
Davidson. Wm., (liusa «t I>arid*(m.)

Davis & Bro., (./. ntui ,V.,) clothing and gents' furnishing goods. 26 South Franklin.
Davis, F". W., tIcliKt agent and tflt-grupli Dpfiuitur, O. C & A. R.R.
Davis, J., (I)iiris J- Hro.)

Davis, James H., {Kast«rly A Ihvrijt,) doors, sash, blinds and oil tanks, Pine.
Davis. N.. (fhiris.i- /{ri>.)
Deacon, Harry, (Broicn Jb Deacon.)


Demilt, R. S., junk store, corner Pine and Martin.

DEPOT LUNCH ROOMS, O. C. & A. R. R., John Kane, prop. •

Devereus, C. J., shoemaker, 16 Diamond.

DIBBLE, WM., {Lemore S Dibble.)

Dickinson, Libbie, school teacher.

Dietz, A. M., {MiUelb&rger & Dietz.)

Diggles. G. Mrs., millinery, 102 West Spring.

DILLINGHAM, JOHN, treasurer Titusville Manuf. Co., Franklin St.

Dillon, Wm., yard master, O. C. & A. R. R.

Dixon, A. M., dentist, 2 Fletcher Block.

Doberty. John Mrs., midwife. Bank near R. R. crossing.

DONNELL, R. G., {Pierce & Donnell.)

Donnelly, A. M.. {3faginniss & Donnelly.)

DONOGHUE, CORNELIUS C, (Cadam & Donoghue.)

*DORAND, A. J. Miss, instrumental and vocal music teacher, room 5, up stairs,
Savings Bank Block.

Dorand, Emma A. Miss, music teacher, room 5, up stairs, Savings Bank Block.

DOTY, HATTIE J. Mrs., boarding house, 5 "Washington.

Double, Hamilton, blacksmith. 62 Pine.

DOUGLASS HOUSE, O. C. R. R. opposite Depot, Neill & Redington, props.

Dowling, Wm., grocer, 369 West Spring.

Downes, J. H., dentist, corner Spring and Washington, up stairs.

Drake, Col. Hose Co. and Steamer No. 1, Franklin next to City HaU, Robert Bates,

Dudley, H. P., manager Roy, Stone & Co's lumber and coal business, Brown near

Duffield, C. C, cashier Titusville Savings Bank, and treasurer of Peoples Gas Com-

Dufft Hall. 110, 112 and 114 West Spring, Henry Taylor, prop.

Dunigan, M. C, physician, room 1. up stairs, Roberts New Block.

Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & Pittsburgh R. R. Depot, corner Martin and Water, G.
M. Lyons, ticket agent and operator.

DUNN, JAMES L., {Retw & Dunn.)

Duplanti, Leon, boarding house. 43 Monroe.

Durfey, C. A., engines and boilers, also agent for Erie City Iron Works, corner
Washington and Mechanic,

Dustman, J. H., master builder, 94 Franklin.

Eason, H. B., jewelry and fancy goods. 33 South Franklin.

Eason, John & Co., {D. H. Cady.) props. Titusville Mills, (flouring,) South Franklin.

Easterly & Davis, {Geo. B. Easterly and James H. Davis,) props. Corona Oil Works,

R. R. near Freight Depot.
Easterly, Geo. B., {Easterly cfr Dams.)
Eba, Henry, prop. Farmers Hotel, 54 West Spring.'
Einstein, A., boots and shoes, 55 Roberts Block, Spring.
Einstein, Morris, cigars, room 2. up stairs. Shugert Block.
Ellery. J. E., prop, of Boston Bakery. 26 North Franklin.
Elliott, J. C, physician, over 31 Spring, residence 58 Perry.
ELZY, A. N., groceries and provisions, corner Washington and Union.
EMERY BROS. & CO., {L.Jr., 0. G. and David Emery, and James H. Caldwell,) oil

producers, 3 Emery & Caldwell Block.
EMERY & CALDWELL, (L. Emery Jr. and James H. Caldwell,) dealers in real estate,

3 Emery & Caldwell Block.
EMERY, DAVID, {Emery, Bros. & Co.)

EMERY, L. Jr., {Emery & Patte/rson,) {Emery & Caldtcell,) (Emery, Bros, d; Co.)
EMERY, O. G., {Emery, Bros, cfe Co.,) treasurer of Octave Oil Co.
EMERY & PATTERSON, (L. Emery Jr. and E. O. Patterson,) oil producers, 3 Emery

& Caldwell Block.
Empire Transportation Co., 90 Monroe. W. J. Brundred, agent.
Enterprise Oil and Lumber Co., B. D. Benson, prest. ; R. E. Hopkins, secretary and

treasurer; 9 Ralston & Harrington Block, 3d floor.
Esler, H. J., real estate and insurance agent, Savings Bank Building, up stairs.
EUROPEAN HOTEL. 25 Spring. Archibald Johnston, prop.
Evans, E. D., foreman photographer for J. A. Mather.
Evans, O. B., photographer, corner Franklin and Pine.
Exchange Bank, corner Washington and Spring, James A. Neill, prest; E. C. Hoag,


FALKINBURG, J. H., corner Pine and Franklin.
Falkinburg, Wm., {Witherop 6: Falkinhurg .)


Farel. John & Nelson, loan ofBce and oil producers, up stairs. Savings Bank Block.

Farmers Hotel, 54 West Spring, Henry Eba, prop.

FARRAR, F. F., (Z>. C. Uutchina ct Co.,) resides at Waterford.

Farwell, Annette, school teacher.

Fassett, D. D., {Harris & Fasxett.)

Faucett, H. W., factor and shipper of oil.

Feeder, Marcus, {Morris A Fe-eder.)

Felleman, Frank, bill poster, Parshall Opera House.

FERTIG & HAMMOND, (John Fertig and John W. Hammond,) oil producers, Chase &
Stewart Block, up stairs.

FERTIG. JOHN, {Fertig & Hammond,) mayor of city. Chase & Stewart Block, up

Fertic, John Hose Co. and Steamer No. 2, rear of City Hall.

Fibbs; 6. E., ( Wm. Fibhn cfe Bro.)

Fibbs, Wm. & Bro., {G. E.,) wholesale and retail dealers in groceries and liquors, 32

Fish, E. B., boarding house, 211 South Franklin.

Fletcher. R. D.. dry goods. Fletcher Block, Franklin.

Fleury, Frank, boarding house, 10.5 Pine.

FLINT, A. F., watchmaker, M Spring.

Fordonski, B., tobacconist, 39 South Franklin.

Foster, A. A. Mrs., dress maker, 170 Main.

FOWLER, FRANK, agent livery and exchange stable, 34 Pine.

FRANK, JOSEPH, prop, of New York Bakery, South Franklin opposite City Flour-
ing Mill.

FRANK, T. F., M. D., electro therapeutist and surgeon, 12,5 West Main.

Fredman, P.. tailor, clothes cleaner and tobacconist, 6 North Franklin.

Freight Station, O. C. * A. V. R. R., corner Monroe and R. R., R. H. Boughton,

FRENCH DYE HOUSE, 135 Martin, John Besanson, prop.

French, Mary L., school teacher.

Frey & Bear, {G. Frey and S.M. .ffear,) wholesale liquor dealers, 28 South Franklin.

Frey, G., (Freu & Bear.)

Friedenber^, H., {Meyer <fe Friedenherg .)

Fuller, David A., rail road conductor, 17 Pine.

Fuller, D. A. Mrs., boarding house, 17 Pine.

Funk, John M., dry goods, 9 Spring,

GARDNER & HOLT, {W. G. Gardner and A. L. Holt,) hardware, stoves, furnaces,
ranges and house furnishing goods, Roberts Block, West Spring.

GARDNER. W. Q., (Gardner ,6 Holt.)

Garner, Mrs., laundres.s, W Martin.

GERBER, FRED., baker, 120 Franklin.

Geser, John, shoe maker, corner Franklin and R. R.

Gibbs, A., groceries and provisions. 25 South Franklin.

Gibbs. F. H., president or Peoples Gas Company and Gibbs & Sterrett Manuf. Co.

Gibbs & Sterrett Manuf. Co., F. H. Gibbs, prest. ; F. W. Andrews, vice-prest; W. B.
Sterrett, treasurer; A. A. Aspinwall. secretary; nianuf.s. boilers, steam engines,
drilling tools. Climax Mowpr & Reaper & Self Rakt\ iron tanks, stills &c., agents
for Bliike Steam Pump and dealers in oil, gas, steam and water flttings, Monroe

Gillmor, Geo., (Bni/ey <^ Gillmar,) (^Baifei/, Gillmor A Co.,) {Shomhttrg, GiUmor A Co.,)
( Th(mij>$<m, Gilhiior A Co.,) oil producer. Chase & Stewart Block, up staira, cor-
ner Franklin and Pine.

♦GOETCHIUS, J. C, photographer, over 32 Spring.

Ool(lHt»Mn, Aaron, peadlfrs sunplit's, wholesale and retail, .56 Water.

Good, A., prop, grist mill and Lafayette Iron and Ilrass Foundry, and Machine Shop,
Washington and R. R.

Ooodsfll, (liarleH I)., business manager Parshall Opera House.

Goodwin, P., hot»«l keejier. In.') Franklin.

Goodwin. T.. proj). of (irand ("cntral Hotel. Spring.

(JOTT.MANN, HENRY, hotel k.«ep.>r, corner Mechanic and Perry.

(irand Ontral Hotel, Spring, T. Goodwin, prop.

Granger & Co., (if. W. and W. II. Grttngtr,) wtiolesalo grocerB, corner Franklin and

Granger. K. W., {Granger A Co.)

(t ranger. W. H., (Grauger ,f To )

(tniiit, Ebenezer. groceries. PVankliti near R. R.

(iraiit A McDonald, moat market, Diamond opposite Pout Office.

Gray, S. ('., shoemaker. 'Ai Diamond.

(hay Thos. H., meat market, 'JIM South Franklin.

Gray, W. W., tiro and life luHuranco agent, corner Franklin and Spring, up stairs.


Green, John, saloon. South Franklin.

Green, M. E., fruits and oysters, 38 Diamond.

Greenwood, R., invoice clerk. Porter, Moreland & Go's Oil Refiners Shipping Office,

corner Monroe and Mechanic.
GRIFFIN, WM. P., {Brayly& GHffin.)

Groesbeck, M. B., oil producer, 12 Ralston & Harrington Block.
Grossmayer, S., boots and shoes, corner Pine and Franklin.
Grumbine. Samuel, city clerk and notary public. City Hall.
Guthrie & Byles, {F. B. Guthrie and Julius Byles,) lawyers, 8 East Spring.
Guthrie, F. B., {Guthrie & Byles.)

Habernigg, George, merchant tailor, gents' furnishing goods &c., 25 Broas Block,
Franklin St.

Haehn, John, wagon maker and blacksmith, 68 Mechanic,

Hahn, Jacob, prop. Mechanics Hotel, 100 Mechanic,

Hale, Edgar, planing mill, coal and lumber dealer, wholesale and retail, west end of
Pine, O. C. & A. R. R.

HALL, E. T., deputy sheriff, 65 East Pine.

Halligan, Celia Miss, milliner and dress maker, 27 North Franklin.

Hamilton, F. D., wholesale dealer in cigars and tobacco, 8 Washington and 28 Spring.

HAM3IOND, JOHN W., {Fertig & Hammond,) resides in Erie.

Hardenburg, R. T., policeman, "Walnut.

Harkins, N. G., agent for Singer Sewing Machine, 64 West Spring.

Harley, Geo. R., petroleum broker. Oil Exchange.

Harley, Henry, president Pennsylvania Transportation Company, Ralston and Har-
rington Block, 2d floor.

Harrington. O. D., {RaUton & Harrington.)

HARRIS. DAVID, (D. Harris <k Bro.,) oil producer, Roberts New Block, Spring.

*HARRIS. D. & BROTHER, (David ami Hiram J.,) dry goods, furs &c., Robert's New
Block, Spring.

Harris & Fassett, (J. R. Harris and D. D. Faasett,) lawyers. Chase & Stewart Block, up

HARRIS, HIRAM J., (Z>. Harris & Brother.)

Harris, Junius, planing mill, sash, doors and blinds, jobber and builder, 108 Water.

Harris, J. R., {Harris & Fassett.)

HARRIS, W. H., barber, over 14 Spring.

Harris, W. H. Mrs., human hair goods. Spring.

Heffernan, Edward, prop, of Shamrock House, South PraukUn.

Ileineman, Fred., restaurant, 48 West Spring.

Hendershott, Mortimer E., milkman, 42 Church Run.

Henderson, Ella, school teacher.

Hepburn House, opposite Depot, T. H, Willoughby, prop.

Herron, David R., grain and produce commission merchant, Monroe St.

Hickox, F. E., general manager in office of F. W. Andrews, 16 and 17 Chase & Stew-
art Block.

HiU. Estella, school teacher.

Hill, James H., {Hill & MoXeille.)

Hill & McNeille, {James H. Hill and Stephen C. McNeille,) wholesale and retail confec-
tioners, 70 Spring.

HILLIKER, FRED., butcher and meat market, 48 Pine.

Hills, F. M.. cigar stand, Diamond.

Hitchcock, H. G. Mrs., dress maker.

Hoag, E. C, cashier of Exchange Bank, corner Washington and Spring.

Hoenig, Joseph, {Hoenig & Theobald.)

Hoenig & Theobald, {Joseph Hoenig and John Theobald.,) props. City Brewery, head of
Franklin, south side Oil Creek.

Hoffman, Peter, prop. Buffalo House. Franklin near Depot.

HOLLY, J. E., furniture and undertaking, 50 East Pine.

Holman, Cine, school teacher.

Holman, Tina, school teacher.

HOLT, A. L.. (Gardner & Holt.)

HOOD, JOSEPH, {Oakford <& Hood.)

Hopkins, R. E., {D. McKelry <fc Co.,) secretary and treasurer Enterprise Oil and Lum-
ber Co., 9 Ralston and Harrington Block, 3d floor.

Houard, E. A., petroleum broker. Oil Exchange.

HOWLAND, A. B., (Harvland & Smith,) notary public, manager of Titusville Pipe Co.
and New York Pipe Co., Emery & Caldwell Block.

HOWLAND & S3IITH, {A. B. Hoicland and Joteph Smdth,) civil engineers, surveyors
and tank gangers, Emery & Caldwell Block.

Hubbard, A. S., (Hubbard & Carr.)

Hubbard & Carr, (J, S. Hubbard and A. H. Carr*) livery and exchange stable, Wash-
ington between Mechanic and Spring.


Hudson, Helen Mrs., prop. Hudson House, 40 Washington.

HUNT, ARTHUR E., foreman for H. T. Hunt, 31 Water.

Hunt, H, T., iron founder and machinist, manuf. of oil well rigs, 31 Water.

Hunter. W. G., physician over Thompson's drug store, comer Diamond and Martin.

HURD. B. N., books, stationery, fancy goods, pocket cutlery, toys &c., Ralston &

Harrington's Block, Spring, also news room in Post Office Building.
HURD, J. H., clerk in B. N. Hurd's news room. Post Office Building.
Hutchings, E. H. Mrs , tailoress and clothes cleaner, 22 East Pine, up stairs.
HUTCHINS, D. C. & CO., (F. F. Farrar,) manufs. of sulphuric acid, office Hall's

Building, West Spring, works located at Boughton, O. C. R. R.
Hutchinson, Alfred B., (ffuichinson & Broths-.)
Hutchinson & Brother, {Alfred B. and G. Augusiue,) fruits, vegetables and fish, North

Hutchinson. G. Augustus, {Hutchinnon & Brother.)

Hyde, Charles, president Second National Bank, corner Spring and Washington.
Hyde, G. C, cashier Second National Bank, corner Spring and Washington.
Hyde, W. C, vice-president Second National Bank, corner Spring and Washington.


Inloes, Alfred J., physician and druggist, 98 West Spring.

International House, 49 Diamond. Chas. Roedel, prop.

Irish, Wm. M., supt. Octave Oil Co.. refining office foot of Washington on R. R.,

main office corner Franklin and Pine.
Isham & Co., {J. If., E. L. and C. W. lahain,) jewelers, 19 Spring.
Isham, C. W., (Igham dt Co.)
Isham, E. L., {hhajn <fe Co.)
Isham, J. H., {Isham db Co.)

Jackson. I. G., cashier Citizens Bank, corner Diamond and Spring.

JACKSON, R. M. & J. W., oil refiners, office 101 South Washington, works foot of

Jacobs, B., clothes cleaner and repairer, 5 North Franklin.
Jenkins, J. W., oil producer, Hamilton Block, Washington.
JEWHURST, J. W., (Olmsted & Jewhurst.)
Joens, Nicholas, barber, 42 South Franklin.
Johns, H. C, lawyer. Chase & Stewart Block, up stairs.
Johnson. John, saw mill, mechanic St.

JOHNSTON, ARCHIBALD, prop, of European Hotel, 25 Spring.
JONES, I. S.. (Jones & liobiton.)

JONES * ROBISON, (/. ,9. Jones and E. Rohison Jr.,) flour and feed, 80 Franklin.
Jones, V. T. Mrs., dress maker, 130 North Franklin.
Jones, W. Roscoe. physician, 18 East Pine.
Judd, O. H., {Bail«u, Gillmar <t Co.)

Kahn. Moses, saloon, 44 South Franklin.

KANE. JOHN, prop. Depot Lunch Rooms and policeman, O. C. & A. R. R.

Karl, Meier, shoe maker, lOH Franklin.

Keene, H. Mrs., cloakings and dress trimmings, 17 Washington.

Kehr, Henry, millinery and fancy good.s, 70 West Spring.

KELLOGG, CHAS., leathttr manuf.. north end Washington St.

Kf>llf)pg, John, harness, trunks Ac, 7 Washington.

Kelly, E. J. Rev., assistant St. Titus Church, re.sidog rear of church on Main.

Koown, John, prop, of Kcown House, corner Franklin iiiul Mochanio.

Kepler, E. S., prop. Kepler Hotel, corner Franklin and Bank.

Ktfrnochan, R. L.,(lMrne. Smith <t Co.)

KHKR, J. B., (liaileu, (rillnior .t Co.)

Kibler, J. J., City Mnat Markot, fVl South Franklin.

King. L. H., sign writer, over 14 Spring.

Kline, John, proii. Kline Hotel, (rorner Pino and Spring.

Kline, Peter, tobacco and ciu'arH, '^i Spring.

Kohn. T.. tobacconiHt. T) Franklin.

KKKCTZEK. E. D., prop. Ocean Oviiter HouRO. 36 Franklin.

Kroffort. Andrew, reutaiirant. '£\ \V»'Ht Spring.

Kuntz, Geo. F., baker and grocer, curnor Walnut near Drake.

Jjafavntte Iron and Brass Fuandrj and Maohine Shop, Waubington siid R. R.. A.
Good, prop.


LAMMERS, JOHN, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 10 Spring.

Landan, Geo., saloon, 60 Mechanic.

Landan, Wolf Rev., pastor Jewish Congregation.

Lang, H. R., grocer, corner Spring and Walnut.

Lanphear, N. A. & Co., {S. P. Longstreet, Erie,) props. Pittsburgh Coal Yard, lime,

cement, fire brick &c., corner Mechanic and Perry.
Larsen, T. W., secretary Pennsylvania Transportation Company, 2d floor Ralston &

Harrington Block.
Lazarus, Nathan, groceries and provisions, 91 Franklin.
Lee, Richard H., oil refiner, east part of City near Plank Road.
Leech, Richard T., petroleum broker, room 1, up stairs. Oil Exchange, Washington

LEMORE & DIBBLE, {Lewis S. Lemore and Wm. DibUe,) house and sign painters,

Washington between Spring and Mechanic.
LEMORE, LEWIS S., {Lemore 6: Dibble.)
Lampert, Joseph, shoemaker, 60 South Franklin.
Leopold, Christopher, prop. Brawley House, 271 West Spring.
Levy, Sampson, meat market, 18 North Franklin.
Lewis, A. W., billiard room, 3 South Washington.

LIMA, A. T. F., broker, real estate and insurance agent, 23 North Franklin.
LINN, RICHARD, oil operator, 219 West Walnut.
LIPPINCOTT, BENJ. B., civil and city engineer, room 3, up stairs, Savings Bank

Little, J. H., crockery, glassware, cutlery and silverware, 27 South Franklin.
Livingston, Ilattie E., school teacher.
LOCKART, D. W., book keeper for J. Foster Clark and secretary Tituaville Oil

LOEB. L., groceries and provisions, 32 and 34 North Franklin.
Longstreet, S. P., {N. A. Lanphear <& Co.,) resides in Erie.
LOVE, W. P., prop. American Hotel, 26 Spring.
Lovejoy, Isaac P., furniture. 82 East Pine.
Lowe, James, oil broker, 4 Parshall Block.
LOWRIE, WM., baker, 76 West Spring.

LOWRY HOUSE, 73 and 75 South Monroe, C. B. Aaron, prop.
Luce, M. E., manager Western Union Telegraph Co., 6 West Spring.
Lynch & O'Hare, {Timothy Lynch and John O'Hare,) barrel manufs.. East Mechanic.
Lynch, Timothy, {Lynch <& O'Hare.) *
LYONS, GEO. M., ticket agent and operator, D. A. V. & P. R. R. Co., corner Martin

and Water.


Maginn & Co.,(Trm. and Thoi. Magiwn,^ wholesale dealers in liquors. Post Office Block.

Maginn, Thomas, {Maginn & Co.)

Maginn, Wm., {Maginn <& Co.)

Maginniss & Donnelly, {Wm. Magin/niss and A. M. Donnelly,) fish and oysters, corner

Diamond and Martin.
Maginniss, Wm., {Maginniss (& Donnelly.)
Maire. Louis, grocery, 148 Pine.

MANSION HOUSE, Z. Martin, prop., corner Franklin and Pine.
Marks, H., grocery, corner Water and Martin.
Marks, Meyer, grocery, 68 West Spring.
Marsh, N. L., groceries and provisions, 160 West Pine.
MARTIN, Z., prop. Mansion House, corner Franklin and Pine.

MARY, CELESTINE Sister, mother superior St. Josephs Academy, 198 Main.

MASON, M. J. Miss, boots and shoes, 14 North Franklin.

Mason, Wm., cigar stand, 3 South Washington.

Mather, John A., photographer, upstairs. Chase & Stewart Block.

MATHEWS, CHARLES S.. {Williams &3Iatheivs.)

Mayer, Lewis, city collector, over 26 South Franklin.

M'ALLISTER, B. S., attorney at law, Fletcher Block, Franklin.

McANINCH, J. T., fire, life and accident insurance agent, 3 Spring.

McCallen, Mary Miss, dress maker, 69 East Walnut.

McDonald, K. L., school teacher.

McDonald, M. a., drugs and medicines, corner Washington and Spring.

McDonald, , {Grant & McDonald.)

McEOWEN & CO., {O. G. and E. McEowen, and F. W. Ames,) wholesale grocers, 124

and 126 Spring.
McEOWEN, G. C, {McEoicen & Co.)
McEOWEN, H., {McEowen & Co.)
McFarland, John, boarding house, 96 West Spring.

McFarland. John D., accountant, corner Spring and Franklin, up stairs.
McGOLDRlCK, THOS., prop. Monroe House, corner Monroe and Spring.


McGrayan, Annie & Julia Misses, hair dressing and human hair goods, comer Frank-
lin and Main.

McKay. James H., meat market, corner Spring and Spruce.

McKelvy, David. {D. JfcKeb-i/ & Co.)

McKelvy, D. & Co., {David McKeh'y, B. D. Benson a/nd R. E. Hopkins.,) oil producers,
9 Ralston & Harrington Block, 3d floor.

McLean, Wm., groceries and provisions, 222 Spring.

McManus, M. B., manuf. of band wheels, sand reals and sucker rods, also dealer in
malleable cast iron fittings. East Mechanic.

McNamara, Thos., wholesale liquor dealer, 76 South Franklin.

McNau^hton, Barbara, school teacher.

McNAUGHTON, WM., groceries and provisions, 3 South Franklin.

McNeille, Stephen C, {Hill & McNeilU.)

Mead, C. C, foreman Courier Hose Co., No. 5, 34 Pine.

Mead, C. W., jeweler, 11 Washington.

Mechem, Florence, school teacher.

Mechem, I. J., physician, 100 North Martin.

Meloy. Michael, boarding house, 31 Mechanic.

Merriam, J. K., ( Wheelock & Merriam.)

Merrill. J. S.. agent for I. B. Smith, carriage and livery office, 56 and 58 Pine.

METROPOLITAN MARKET, 48 East Walnut. Geo. H. Wolf, prop.

Metzger, Isaac, groceries and provisions, corner Washington and Pine. »

Meyer, F., (Meyer & Freidenberg.)

Meyer & Friedenberg, {F. Meyer and H. Fried enberg,) clothiers, 5 Franklin.

Michael Samuel, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 88 South Franklin.

MILLER, PETER, general insurance agent, dealer in passage tickets to and from
Europe, and drafts on Europe, 80 East Pine.

Miller, Reinhardt, policeman, Franklin.

Minor, Samuel, lawyer, resides corner Spruce and Perry.

Mitchell, C. A., cashier of Producers and Manufacturers Bank, comer Spring and

Mitchell, D. H., president of Producers and Manufacturers Bank.

Mittelberger, Benjamin, {Mittelherger & Dieiz.)

Mittelberger & Dietz, {Benjamin Mittelberger and A. M. Diets,) groceries and pro-
visions, 87 South Franklin.

MONROE HOUSE, corner Monroe and Spring, Thos. McGoldrick, prop.

xMoody, Geo., (Moody & Son.)

Moody, Geo. O., physician, 25 North Washington.

Moody, James, (Moody dk Son.)

Moody & Son, {George and James,) wood yard, 123 West Spring.

MORAN, WM., plwmber, gas and steam fitter, 15 East Main.

Moreland. B. E., (Porter, Moreland & Co.)

MOREY HOUSE, corner Monroe and Mechanic.

Morley. Brown & Co., (Jofm A. Morley and F. P. Broxon,) wholesale and retail coal
dealers. Perry St., U. & T. R. R.

Morley, John A., (Morley, Brown & Co.)

Morris & Feeder, (//enry Morris and Marcus Feeder,) cigars and tobacco, 39 Spring.

Morris, Henry, (Morr-is <t Feeder.)

Morris, M., clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 39 Spring.

Morrison, James, grocer. South Franklin near Brewery.

M<jrriss, Wm. S., lawyer. North Franklin, up stairs.

Moss, M., saloon, '^3 South Franklin.

MTLQUEEN, PATRICK, restaurant, 96 South Franklin.

Munnon. Goo. S., alo brewery. South Perry, aoiith .side Oil Creek.

Murdoch, Andrew Rev., pastor F'irst Hapti.st Church, rosidesfii Walnut.

Murray, B. W., general insurance agent and ticket agent for Grand Trunk R. R. of
('anada, 4 Parshiill Block.

Murray, Thomas, baker and confectioner, 60 South Franklin.

NETLL, JAMES, (AW// d Redington.)

Noill, J. A., illf^id ,f AW//.)

NKILL A REDINGTON. (c/fir/i*« Neill and James S. Redington,) props. Douglass House,

O. ('. R. R. onpoHite Depot.
NEILL. SAMUEL T., attorney and counselor at law, Losee Block, corner Spring and

NetchtT. F . wholesale liquor dealer, W West Spring.
NEW YORK BAKERY, South Franklin opposite City Flouring Mills. Joseph Frank,

Nt'w York Meat Market, 38 North Franklin, Goo. W. Staples, prop.
NEW YORK PIPE CO., Emory & Caldwoll Block, A. B. Howland, manager.
Nt-wborg. J. N., Jeweler, H North Franklin. *

Newel, Anthony, grocer, 13:i Martin.


NEWKIRK, SYLVENUS, dealer in boilers, engines, tubing and oil well supplies, cor-
ner Spring and Monroe.
Nicholson, John, groceries and provisions, 65 Mechanic.

NOBLE, T. L.. wholesale produce dealer and commission merchant, 109 Bank.
Nolton, Lida, school teacher.

Nordaby, Robert T., insurance agent, 80 East Pine.
Nusbaum, Philip, groceries and provisions, corner Drake and Spruce.
NUSE, F. P., {H. L. NuRe & Co.^
*NUSE, H. L. & CO., {F. P. Mise,) jewelry, plated ware &c., 9 Franklin.

OAKFORD, GEO. W., {Odkford S Rood,) resides in Philadelphia.

*OAKFORD & HOOD, (Geo. W. Oakford and Joseph Hood,) hats and caps, Fertig

Oakes, T. F., physician, over 14 Spring.
Oakleaf, Mary Mrs., restaurant, East Spring.
OCEAN OYSTER HOUSE, 36 Franklin, E. D. Kreutzer, prop.
OCTAVE OIL COMPANY, producers, refiners and transporters of petroleum; M.

Stewart, president; D. O. Wickham, secretary; O. Q. Emery, treasurer; corner

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