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Pine and Franklin, up stairs.
O'Dea, Jamel, grocer, 323 West Spring.
O'Hare, Arthur, cooper, 4th.
O'Hare, John, {Lynch d 0''JTars.)
Oliver, Geo. R. Jr., carpets, 9 "Washington.
OLMSTED & JEWHURST, (J. B. Olrmted and J. W. Jewhurst,) manufs. of sash.

blinds and doors, and wholesale dealers in paints, oils, wall paper &c., 17 Spring.
OLMSTED, J. B., {Olnuited dJewhwr^t.)
O'Neill, John, restaurant, 30 North Franklin.
O'Neill, John, plumbing, gas and steam fitting, 46 Pine.
Orsbon, J. G., laundry, 14 Pine.
OTTMAN, R., (Angier & Ottman.)

Palmer, Henry, {Chord & Oo.)

Parker, M. Mrs., eating saloon, 31 Diamond.

PARSHALL HOUSE, corner Washington and Spring, Williams & Mathews, man-

Parshall, James, oil producer, prop. Parshall Block and Opera House, also music
store, 53 West Spring, office Parshall Block.

Pastorius, Eliza E. Miss, dress maker, 9 East Main.

*PASTORIUS, J. B., boots and shoes, 76 Pine.

PATTERSON, E. G., {Emery & Pattwion.)

PAUL, A. O., Hvery, 64 East Pine.

Peake, Madame, dress maker. Spring, over New York Store.

Peart, Geo. W., meat market, 90 Washington.

Peirce, A. A. & Son, {A. E.,) bankers, Parshall House Block, Washington St.

Peirce, A. E., {A. A. Peiroe & Son.)

Penfield, P. L. H. Mrs., millinery and fancy goods. 10 Washington.

Pennsylvania Transportation Company, main office 2d floor Ralston & Harrington
Block; Henry Harley, president; Wm. H. Abbott, treasurer; T. W. Larsen, sec-

Peoples Gas Company, F. H. Gibbs, president; C. C. Duffield, treasurer; W. R. Wea-
ver, secretary; 4 Emery & Caldwell Block.

Perkins, Clara J., school teacher.

Perrigo, C. H., carriage manuf., 24 mechanic.

PERRY, H. S., real estate agent and justice of the peace, Fletcher Block, up stairs.

Petroleum Refiners Association, Samuel Comfort, secretary and treasurer, Ralston
& Harrington Block.

Pew, J. N., real estate and petroleum dealer, 3 and 4 Chase & Stewart Block, up

Philips, Harris, grocery, 61 Water. •

Pickering, Chambers & Co., {IT. Y. Pickering, Thomas P. Chamhers and Samuel Com-
fort,) refiners of petroleum. Oil Creek R. R., west of Washington St.

Pickering, H. Y., {Pickering, Chambers & Co.)

PIERCE & DONNELL. {S. Pierce and R. O. Donnell,) meat market, 232 West Main.

Pierce, Rexford, prest. Titusville Savings Bank, corner Franklin and Spring.

PIERCE, S., {Pierce <& Donnell.)

Pierce, Wallace, {Watson & Pierce.)

Plumb, H.^., groceries and provisions, 53 and 55 Diamond.


Police Station and Lock Up, Franklin St., Martin R. Rouse, chief of police, Rein-
hardt Miller, R. T. Hardenburg and John Kane, policemen.

POND, M. W., attorney at law, Washington near Spring, up stairs.

Porter, H. B., {Porter, MorelatidA Co.)

Porter, Moreland & Co., {H. B. Porter, B. E. Mordand and J. D. Arctibold^oM refin-
ers, rooms 1 and 2, up stairs, Parshall Block.

Porter, Selden T., jobber and builder. City Park, 3d.

Power, Cornelius, barrel factory, west end Pine.

♦PRESS PRINTING CO., publishers Sanrla>j Morning Press, W. "W. Bloss, editor; O.
M. Roberts, business manager, 59 West Spring.

Producers and Manufacturers Bank, corner Spring and Franklin; D. H.Mitchell,
president; C. A. Mitchell, cashier.

Purdon, Henry Rev., rector St. James Memorial Church, residence 52 Franklin.

Pusey, Jonas, agent Watson Petroleum Co., real estate office, Pine near Kerr.

Quinlan, Michael, wagon maker and blacksmith, corner Pine and Monroe.
QUINN, BRYAN, mason and builder, corner Third and Walnut.

RALPH, EPHRAIM, bathing house. Arch near Franklin.

Ralston, A. S., {Ralston <& Harrington,)

Ralston & Harrington, (.4. S. Ralston and 0. D. Harrington,) oil producers, 11 and 12
Ralston & Harrington Block, 3d floor.

Rauber, Mathias, prop. St. Johns Hotel, 47 Diamond.

REDINGTON, JAMES S., {NeiU & Redington.)

Reid, B. J., {Rekl cfc Neill.)

Reid & Neill, {B. J. Reid and J. A. Neill,) lawyers, 1 and 2 Chase & Stewart Block,
up stairs.

Reinhold, Julius, barber, 31 North Franklin.

Reis, Moses, hotel keeper. South Franklin.

RENO & DUNN, {Oriffin Reno and James L. Divnn,) physicians and surgeons, 11

RENO, GRIFFIN, {Reno & I>imn.)

R.-uting, George, lumber dealer, 118 Pine.

Rice, James, furniture and auction room, 29 and 31 South Franklin.

Rice. Samuel P., groceries and provisions, 71 Monroe.

Roberts & Co., {E. A. L. and W. B. Roberts.) bankers. L. B. Silliman, cashier, 29 Spring.

Roberts & Co., {E. A. L. aiui W. B. Roberts and L. B. Silliman,) planing mill, coal and
lumber yard, corner 2d and Pine.

Roberts, E. A. h., (Roberts & Co.)

ROBERTS HOUSE, 70 Pine, D. O. Sybrant, prop.

Roberts, John, meat market, corner Drake and Pine.

ROBERTS, O. M., business manager Swndau Morning Press, 50 West Spring

Roberts, W. B., {Roberts t& Co.)

ROBINSON, C. G., agent Union Express Co., 77 Franklin.

ROBISON, E. Jr., {-lonesA Robison.)

Roedel, Chas., prop. International House, 49 Diamond.

Romer, M.. shoemaker, 84 Pine.

Ruth, Phil. W. & Co., [Jokn S. S^iar, of Buffalo,) props, of Roth House, 30 Spring,

Rouse, Martin R., chief of police, Franklin.

Kou.se, S. D., school teacher.

Hoy. Stone & Co., lumber and coal dealers, H. P. Dudley, manager. Brown near

Rulaiul, Barbara Miss, dressmaker, 17 Water.

Rush & Davidson, ( If. IV. Russ atul Wm. Davidson,) furniture, oil cloths and uphols-
tery. West Spring.

RuHs, W. W., {Rinis db David^ton.)

Siidlor, O. W., oculist ftu<l uurist. Frrtlg IJloi-k, Diamond, up utiiirs.

8All(»l<:.N'T, K. W.. luiiilnTiiiuii Hiul prop, wu.xl ynrd. head of Kruuklln.

Sax. JoJin S., il'/iil. W. Roth \ <\k,) roHidos in HuIThIo.

Sciiirwt<, I<'r«<d., groc«>ri»«s mid provlHioiiM, !(»♦» Krmiklin.

SC^HIiCWE, WM., gr()(t>ri.«i4 and nroviMlouH, flU and 70 Pine.

Schh-liubtT, Lewis, ri'staunint, '\\ Spring.

S<iid«'Klnger, Joseph, ready luudo clotbiiig and gi-nts' furniwhing goods, 21 Spring.

Schni'ible Bn>s.. ( William <ni<l W^nt/in,) meat market, 92 St>utb Franklin.

Sphnt'iblo, Wontlin, (.S«-yin».|V,/,. /Inm.)

Scbuelbie, William, (Schneibit Rron.)

306 ^^^^ ^^ TITUS VILLE.

SCHULTZ. LOUIS, prop, of Boston Meat Market, 98 South Franklin.

Schwartz, bhas., prop. Spring Hill Brewery, head of Schwartz.

SCOVILLE, LEWIS P., real estate dealer, 222 Spring.

Second National Bank, corner Spring and Washington, Chas. Hyde, president; W.
C. Hyde, vice-president; G. C. Hyde, cashier; W. C. Warner, teller.

Seely, F. L., lawyer, 12, second floor, Roberts Block.

SEVERANCE, L. H., secretary and treasurer TitusviUe Gas and Water Co., 3 City
Hall, Franklin.

Shaffer. S. F. Mrs., dress maker, 132 Pine.

Shamburg, G., (Shamburg, Gillmor <t Co.)

Shamburg, Gillmor & Co., ((?. Shambui^g, George Gillmor and A. A. i?ai%,) oil pro-
ducers. Chase & Stewart Block, up stairs, corner Franklin and Pine.

Shamrock House, South Franklin, Edward Heffernan. prop.

Shank, I. L., groceries and provisions, also oil producer, 18 Spring.

Sheehan, Jerry, wagon maker and blacksmith, 144 Pine.

SHEPARD. ELIZUR, custom tailor, 3 third floor. Chase & Stewart Block.

Sherman & Beebe, {Roger Shei^man and Manley C. Beehe,) lawyers, corner Washington
and Pine.

Sherman. Roger, {Sherjnan & Beebe.)

Shipman. S., groceries and provisions, 78 South Franklin.

SHUGERT, A. J., {N. I. Shugert & Bros.)

SHUGERT, N. I. & BROS., {R. I. and A. J.,) merchant tailors and dealers in gents'
furnishing goods, 15 Spring.

SHUGERT, R. I., (K I. Shugert cfe Bro.s.)

Silberberg. S., merchant tailor, 40 Spring.

SILLAMON, SAMUEL, meat market, 1&4 West Spring.

Silliman, L. B., (Robert'^ <& Co..) cashier Roberts & Co., 29 Spring.

Skinner. S. Mrs., ladies' and children's fancy furnishinggoods, 67 West Spring.

SLATTERY, W. HAYS, barber. 22 Spring.

Smart, J. D., house and sign painter, 79 Mount Vernon.

Smiley. T. J., oil producer, up stairs, corner Pine and Franklin.

Smith, Florence, school teacher.

Smith, H. P., {Dame. Smith d- Co.)

SMITH, I. B., carriage manufactory and livery attached, 56 and 58 Pine.

SMITH, JOSEPH, {Hoicland & Smith.)

Smith, Julia, school teacher.

Smith, Mary B. Mrs., laundress, 95 Pine.

Smith. S. S.. lawyer, corner Pine and Franklin, up stairs.

SMYTH. ALEX. A., manuf. stills, boilers and oil tanks, 73 Mechanic.

Spiesman, M., prop. Spiesman House, opposite Depot.

Spring Hill Brewery, head of Schwartz. Chas. Schwartz, prop.

SPRING HILL HOUSE. 408 West Spring, Mrs. Catharine Bellen, prop.

Staples, George, prop. New York Meat Market, 38 North Franklin.

St. Clair, Alex. Rev., pastor First Presb. Church, FrankUn,

Stegner, Chas., cooper, 414 West Spring.

STERRETT, J. D., oil agent, 3 up stairs. Oil Exchange, Washington St.

Sterrett, W. B., treasurer Gibbs & Sterrett Manuf. Co., Monroe St.

STETTHEIMER, JOSEPH, {Strauss & Stettheimer.)

Steveley. W. A., telegraph operator, 30 Washington.

Stevens, Wm. M., house painter, 48 Drake.

STEVENSON, F. J., butcher and Meat Market, 68 West Spring.

Stewart. Geo. S., (Chase A Stewart,) real estate dealer, 8 Chase & Stewart Block.

STEWART, M., president of Octave Oil Co., comer Pine & Franklin, up stairs.

STEWART, MILTON, (Wickham & Co.)

Stinson, John, hides, leather and findings. 36 South Franklin.

STITT, E. S., wood yard and boarding house, 16 Martin.

St. Johns Hotel. 47 Diamond. Mathias Rauber, prop.

ST. JOSEPH ACADEMY, 198 Main, under care of Sisters of Mercy, Sister Mary Ce-
lestine, mother superior; Mother Austin, assistant.

STRAT^SS. JACOB, {Strauf<.^ <& Stettheimer.)

STRAUSS & STETTHEIMER,(Jaco& Strauss and Joseph Stettheim6r,)iprops. City Cloth-
ing House, 5 Spring, and dry goods dealers, 11 West Spring.

Strouse, S. Jr., groceries and provisions. 37 South Franklin.

STROUSE, SIMON, justice of the peace, over 2S South Franklin.

Stumm, Augustus, restaurant, 94 South Franklin.

*SUNDAF MORNING PRESS, The Press Printing Co., publishers; W. W. Bloss,
editor; O. M. Roberts, business manager, 50 West Spring.

SYBRANT, D. O., prop. Roberts House. 70 Pine.

Talamo, A., painter and paper hanger, dealer in paints, oils, wall paper, sash, doors

and blinds, corner Spring and Perrv.
TAYLOR, FRANKLIN W., groceries and provisions, corner Walnut and Martin.


Taylor. Henry, prop, of Dufft Hall, 110, 112 and 114 West Spring,

Taylor, J. A., oil agent, third floor Chase & Stewart Block.

Terrel, John, grocer, 217 West Spring.

Theobald, John, {Iloenig &. Theobald.)

Thessen, Mathias, grocer, South Franklin near Brewery.

Thomas, E. Mrs., dress maker, corner Pine and Kerr.

Thomas, Thos., blacksmith, 67 East Spring.

Thompson. C. H., carpenter and contractor, 22 Bloss.

THOMPSON, E. K., president Titusville Building and Loan Association, wholesale

chemist and druggist, corner Diamond, Martin and Spring.
Thompson, Gillmor & Co., {W. W. Thompfion, George Gillmot\ D. H. Carly arul A. A.

Bailey.,) oil producers, Chase & Stewart Block, up stairs, corner Franklin and

Thompson, Wm. M., groceries and provisions, 91 South Franklin.
Thompson, W. W., (ThmnjiHon, Gillmor db Co.,) oil producers, Chase & Stewart Block,

up stairs, corner Franklin and Pine.
TICKNOR. A. A., blacksmith, 24 Mechanic.
Tifft, S. E., (Fred. Bate.< .t- Co.)
TITUSVILLE BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION, corner Spring and Franklin, 2d

floor; E. K. Thompson, president; W. C. Warner, secretary.
Titusville Chemical Co., west end of city, on O. C. R. R., Julius Daub, supt.
*TITUSVILLE COURIER, (daily and weekly,) M. N. Allen, editor and prop., corner

Franklin and Pine.
TITUSVILLE GAS & WATER CO., 3 City Hall, Franklin St., J. D. Angler, president;

•L. H. Severance, secretary and treasurer; W. H. Towler, accountant.
*TITUSVILLE HERALD, (daily and weekly,; Bloss & Cogswell, publishers, corner

Franklin and Arch.
Titusville Literary & Mercantile Association, Y. M. C. A. Rooms, W. Abbott, prest.
TITUSVILLE MANUF. COMPANY, J. C. Bryan, president: John DiUingham, treas.,-

steam engines, boilers, steel jars and oil well supi lies, Franklin.
Titusville Marble Works, West Spring. A. C. Bartholomew, prop.
Titusville Mills, (flouring,) South Franklin. John Eason &Co.. props.
Titusville Oil Exchange, Washington near Spring, J. Foster Clark, president and

TITUSVILLE PIPE COMPANY, A. B. Rowland, manager, Emery & Caldwell Block.

W. Ames, president; J. S. Wheeler, supt.
Titusville Savings Bank, corner Franklin and Spring, Rexford Pierce, president; C.

C. DuflBeld, cashier.
Titusville Steam Laundry, 137 and 139 North Franklin, Brace Bros, props.
TOWLER, W. H., accountant Titusville Gas & Water Co., 3 City Hall, Franklin St.
Tracy, C. E.. millinery and fancy goods, 37 Spring.
TRA<'Y, JOHN S., justice of the peace. Chase & Stewart Block, up stairs, comer

Pine and Franklin.
Tu'-k, Moses, h(nist' painter, corner Broas and Mount Vernon.
Tuite, James, chief engineer Fire Dept.
TURTLE, FREDERICK C, bookkeeper for American Sewing Machine Co., 67 East


Ullraan & Bro., (Z.,) dry goods, wholesale and retail. Chase & Stewart Block,

Franklin St.
Ullman, L., (</. Clhnan S: Bro.)

UNION EXPRESS CO., C. G. Robinson, agent. 77 Franklin.
United States Express OfBco. (W South Franklin. G. H. Wilkins. af^ent.
United States Hotel, corner Spring and Martin, Webster Colby, prop.

VanNaten, M. N. Mrs., millinery, lift Franklin.
Vannatcr, James It., carpenter and builder. IJU Spruce.
Varian, Wni., phyHiciiui, corr.er Walnut and vVaauiugtua.
Vogul, Charleu, suueniakur, 31 Franklin.

WADEL. CHRIST, cigar manuf. and whoIcHnle and retail dealer, 123 Franklin.
WAfiG.XMAN. J. F. A CO.. { E. A'. T'onnpiton,) druggims. iw WoHt Spring. (8old to Al-

fn-fi J. InloeH sinc^ KiirenTivn')'; >
^' Id. J., prop, of ' ,'.

\\ id. John Jr.. I'l • r Was!»Ii>L:titn

and Spring.




Subscription for T?iree Months, ^2. 60. Subscription

for Six Mo7}ths3 <^6.00. Subsc7'iption for

Twctve Months, ^/O.OO.


This paper gives more reading matter than any other paper in the county, and is

furnished at the following rates:

Single Copy,Onp! Year, $2.00

*' " Six Months, 1.00

To aClub of Three, One Year, . 5.00

it a a Ten, *< " 15.00

Subscriptions to either Daily or Weekly may begin at any time. The "Weekly
Herald goes to press and is mailed Wednesday afternoon, and reaches all Post
Offices in this vicinity on Thursday, which is '"publication day." Specimen copies
furnished free to all applicants.











Largest and Best in this part of the State,

Having Six Power Presses, suitable for printing any Job, from a Ladies' Visiting Card

to a Mammoth Poster. Particular attention is given to this Department.

The Assortment of Plain and Fancy Type is complete.


Is now located in the third story of the Herald Building, and affords excellent
facilities for Book and Blank work. Our friends who have Books, Pamphlets, Maga-
zines or Papers to be bound or re-bound, can send them directly to us, and we will
give personal attention to their orders.


Korlli East Corner of FranKlin & Arci Sts,, - TITOSVILLE. PA,

■Wardman, H. B , agent for Weed Sewing Machine, 35 Franklin.

WARNER, W. C, teller Second National Bank, and secretary Titusville Building
and Loan Association.

Warrior, C. H., merchant tailor, 22 North Franklin.

"Waters, J. F., dentist, Fertig Block, up stairs.

Watson, E. W., ( Waff<a7i ct Pierce.)

Watson, John, citizen, East Pine.

Watson, Jonathan, oil producer, 28 East Pine.

Watson Petroleum Co., real estate office. Pine near Kerr, Jonas Pusey. agent.

Watson & Pierce, (E. W. Watnon aud Wallace Pierce,) livery and exchange stable,
Washington between Spring and Mechanic.

Weaver, Almon, boarding house, 10 Water.

Weaver, A. Mrs., dress maker, millinery and fancy goods, 3 Washington.

Weaver, W. R., secretary of Peoples Gas Company and agent for Farrar & Treft's
engines and boilers, 3 Emery & Caldwell Block.

WEBSTER. WM., (Coutant A Webster,) supt. of Woodlawn Cemetery.

Weil Brothers, i Isaac and Samuel,) hotel and restaurant, 4 and 6 Franklin.

Vv'eil, David, bakery, 218 South Franklin.

Weil. Isaac, ( Weil BrotherH.)

Weil, I. L.. stationery, fancy goods and toys, 11 Franklin.

Weil. Samuel, ( Weil BrotJiem.)

Weill. Julius, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 3 Spring.

West Pennsylvania S|iice ilills, Wm. H. Cornell, prop., 32 West Pine.

Western Union Telegraph Office, 6 West Spring, M. E. Luce, manager.

Westheimer Bros., (Juaac and Amantiel,) tobacco and cigars, 31>5j Spring.

Wfstheimer, Emanuel. ( Wentheimer Bros.)

Westheimer, Isaac. ( WeMheimer Bros.)

*WHALON. J. H., boots and shoos, 72 Spring.

Whalon, J. H. Mrs., milliner, over 72 Spring.

WHEELER, J. S., supt. Titusville & Pithole Plank Road Co., corner Pine and Frank-

Wheelock, J. J., ( Wheelock & Jferriam.)

Wheelock & Merriam, (./. J. Wheelock and J. K. Merriam^ meat markets, 78 West
Spring and at intersection of Diamond and Pine,

White, Henry, druggist, 8 Spring.

White, J. J., house and sign painter, 42 Washington.

White, Victoria Mrs., dress maker. West Spring, up stairs.

Whitlock. Wm., portrait painter, Fertig Block, up stairs.

Wickham & Co., (D. <). Wickham and Milfou Sfeirftrt.) hardware, wagon wood work,
and blacksmiths' supplies, corner Franklin and Pine.

WICKHAM. I). O.. ( Wirk>ia7n ct C'n.,) secretary ,Octave Oil Company,

Wilcox. L. W., lawyer, Fletcher Block, up stairs.

Williams. A. R., (jil dealer, room 3, up stairs, corner Pine and Franklin.

WILLIAMS, E. Z.. ( Williams d- Mathewx.)

WILLIAMS & MATHEWS, (E. Z. Williams and Cfias. S. JIatfteics,) m&nageraot P&r-
sha 1 House, corner Washington and Spring.

Willoughby. T. H., prop. Hepburn House, opposite Depot.

Wilson, D. W. & Co., (./ A. Ilasxett.) drugs and medicines, comer Spring and Frank-
lin, also cigar stand in Par.shall House.

Wilson. Liietitia 31.. school teacher.

WINANT. C. L. I., general agent for J. C. Bryan's Patent Anti-Friction Balance Valve
Engine, also gctu'ral commission merchant, 77 South Franklin, up stairs.

Wiser, L., boot.-< nnd .shoes, \'2^) W.-st Spring.

Witherop & Falkinburg, (P. T. Witherup and Wm. Falkinbxuij,) billiard saloon, 28

Withfrf)p, P. T., ( Witherop fft Falkinfntrg,) (.Y. B. Barnsdall <f- Co.)

WOLFF. GEO. H., prop. Metropolitan Market, butcher and meat market, 48 East

WOOD. CORNELIA P. Mrs., cloak and dre.sa maker, 50 Martin.

W.M,il. John S., ornanitMitiil i)Hint«>r and sign writer. r>l .Martin.

WchmI. W. H., oil producer, J un stairH. Oil Kxchungi". Washington St.

Wi'.Kiluwn ('emetury Office, 4 Parshall Block, J. A. Cuutant, secretary; Wm. Web-
ster, HUpt.

Woolsey, A. D., oil refiner, office 3. up stairs, Oil Exchange, Washington St.

Wrigley, Henry E., civil engineer, architect and solicitor of patents, 10 Chase &
Stewart Block, up stairs.

Young. I) W.. grocery ami b..<<f.i;i,g house. IM and 158 West Spring.
Young Men's (liristliin .\ n. free reading room. N«>. 1 Chose & Stowort

Hlock. Spring St., ('. W. .am noold, president; C. M. Coburn, secretar)- ; Rev. E.

W. Beebe, librarian
Young. T. J., physician. 25 North Franklin



Zeugner, Fred., barber, over 26 Franklin.






^(r ffliS %\jf eiS, \tiif IL^'-P ^Sj s,^&» el^ Jyf^XK sigit ei^i^, J

No. 53 Chestnut St., Meadville, Pa.

Having had many years experience, and keeping fully up to the times in all im-
provements in our art, we are fully prepared to make

ill if f lit m Piif iiiiPii

both LARGE <fc SIMALL, in the most tasteful and artistic manner.

Particular attention given to copying and enlarging old Pictures of all kinds to
any desirable size, and finishing them in India Ink, Crayon, Oil and Water Colors.


Our Rooms ar centrally located. Easy stairway, and furnished fgr the comfort

of Customers.

^W° We keep a Full Assortment of Frames. .^^J


- \




EXF L i^]S' ATI O ]Sr.

The Townships are alphabetically arranged at the end of the line, under the business
classiftcations. The post office address of each individual or firm follows after
the name. Where no post office is given after the name, it signifies that the name
of the post office and the township is the same. In cities and villages the name of
the street is given and precedes that of the post office. The names of farmers
are omitted in this list, as they can readily be found in the general list, by noting
the figures at the end of the line, which indicate the number of acres owned or
leased by each.

Academlen, Schools Etc.

Loomis, D. D., prest. of faculty,


COLLEGE, Water, A. W. Smith,
prest., "

SCHOOL, head of Chestnut, Rev.
Abiel A. Livermore. prest.. '*

Sister Mary Celestine, mother
superior, Titusville

Affent*, Ezpreaa.

DAVIS, D. D., (U. S.,) Cochranton,

East Fairfield

Davis, F. H., (U.S.,) Chestnut iif-ar
Depot, Meadville

Davis. H. H., over 131 Water.

Lyman, Frank S., E.spvville,

North Shenango

Liiifvilli- Stat ion. Pine

Crawford, Andrew J., Spartans-
burgh, Sparta

Litchfield, E. L., (Union,) Conneaut-
villo. Spring

Robinson, CO., (Union,) 77 Frank-
lin. TituHvlUe

Wilkins. Geo. H., (U.S.,) 68 South

Ai;4*iit«, liiMiirHiiro.


Coolry. Athena

Rhodes, John W., Main, RicoviUe.

Drake, A. W., (life,) Cambridgeboro.


HYATT & WEBSTER, (life, fire and
accidental,) Main, Cambridge-
boro, Cambridge
Titus. Wm., Pettis, East Fairfield
BEACH, LAUREN C, (life,) Mead-
ville, Mead
COMPTON, DAVID P., Meadville,
Bales, M. T.. (Mutual Benefit Life.)

American Block, up stairs, Meadville
BEACH & TRACE, (Phoenix Life,)

Opera Block, Chestnut, "

COMPTON, JOHN B., south-east cor-
ner Park, "
ANCE CO.. 66 Chestnut.
Culbertson & Reitze, over Merchants

National Rank, "

SIGLER, DAYT(JN, (fire and life,)

over 131 Wiiter, "

WOODRUFF, W. M., (Mass. Mutual
Life.) Opera House Block, up
stairs "

CAR.'^ON, MARTIN S., (life,) Espy-

ville. North Shenango

Espy. Alexander C, Espvville,
♦Bl HLINGHAM,JOHNG., Spartans-
burgh, Sparta
Coatfs, .lainos, Spartansburgh, "
HARPER, A. J.. Conneautville. Spring
Litchni'ld. E. L.. (Hre.) Conneautville. "
Power. H. W..(fire, life and accident,)

ConnonutviUe, *'

TKIESDALE, O. H., Conneautvlllo, •*
TrutvH(lalt«, N., ConnoautvillK. "

♦HENN, CHAS. W.,(nre, lifoaud acoi-

dont.) Tryonvilh^, St»>uben

ArtTH. Hi'ury C., corner Spring and

Vranklin. up HtairK, TituHrille

Bat.'M. Fred A Co.. 12 North Franklin. "
Bauor, Robert. over'JiiSouth Franklin, "
Esler. H. J., SaviugH Bank Building,
up stairs, '*



Gray, W. W., (fire and life,) corner

Franklin and Spring, Titusville

LIMA, A. T. F.. 23 North Franklin, "
McANINCH, J. T., (fire, life and ac-
cident.) 3 Spring, "
MILLER, PETER, 80 East Pine, "
Murrav, B. W., 4 Parshall Block, ' "
Nordaby. Robert T., 80 East Pine, "
DAVID, B. G., corner Main and Pub-
lic Square, Saegerstown, Woodcock
WYGaNT, WM. C. (Crawford Mu-
tual and Farmers' Joint Stock Co.,
of Mill Village,) Blooming Valley, "

A:fents« Patent.

Minniss, Thos. S., South Main, Meadville
Wrigley, Henry E., 10 up stairs.
Chase & Stewart Block, TitusviUe

A;>£euts, Railroad.

Atwood. James, (TJ. & T. R. R..)

Riceville. Bloomfield

AGNEW. T. H., (A. & G. W. R. R.,)

Cambridgeboro. Cambridge

MUNGER, DANIEL, Central Road

Station, Conneaut

DAVIS, D. D., Cochranton. East Fairfield
DUNBAR. J. D., (A. & G. W.,) Atlantic, ^'
McKay, Wm., Geneva, Greenwood

HASTING, H. C, (freight, A. & G.

Online LibraryHamilton ChildGazetteer and business directory of Crawford County, Pa., for 1874 → online text (page 41 of 48)