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A book of Strattons; being a collection of Stratton records from England and Scotland, and a genealogical history of the early colonial Strattons in America, with five generations of their descendants; (Volume 1) online

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Stirpe, Hailes, Crowes Tenement and Cokes lying in Kirketon

alias Shotley and in Shelympton alias Chelmston to the said

Chauntries sometyme belonging; all which Chauntrie and lands the

said late King by his Letters Patent did graunte for the maynten-

aunce of the said School. But nowe one Edward Goodinge gent and

others, viz. Robert Knappe, (blank) Stratton, widowe, John Mer-

rells, Thomas Lewgar gent, William Dawes and divers others have

wrongfully entered into the said Chauntrie lands and do wrongfullie

take the whole yssews thereof to their own uses, to the eveill ex-

amplesof others and to the hindrance of godlye and charatable uses.

The Answer of Edward Goodinge, one of the defendants, to the

above Bill of Complaint, dated 8 June 41 EUz.: —

This defendant saith it is very trewe that the Governors of the

48 A Book of Strattons

said School were about xxiiij yeres since seised of and in the said
Chauntrie lands; but it is likewise very trewe that before those
lands came into the possession of the said Governors, they w^ere
letten to ferme for the term of four score and nynetene yeres.
These leases the predecessors of the said Governors, about xvj
yeres since, did confirm by charter; which charter this defendant
is prepared to produce in support of his title.

Chan. Proc. Eliz. B. 14:25 P. R. Ofjice, London.

Kirkton Hall — or, as it is now^ commonly called, Shortly Hall —
is in all probability the same as that referred to in the Stratton
wills as the family residence, although little of the present building
is of earlier date than about 1630. It is a picturesque half-timbered
house, of no great size, having the older part much rebuilt and
added to. Internally it has been sadly cut up and altered. For-
merly the inmates entered a spacious hall-place, which ran sheer
up to the height of the roof. The upper portion of this hall has
long since been converted into chambers.*

Kirkton Manor is still called by that name. It appears to have
come into possession of the Strattons through the marriage of
Isabell, daughter and heir of Sir William Loudham, with one of
the early Strattons of Levington. The eldest son of this marriage,
Walter de Stratton, died seized of the Manor in 1392. He was the
immediate progenitor of the Strattons of Shotley, who held the
Manor until about 1627, when it was sold by Ann Stratton, relict
of John of Shotley and Ardleigh, and John her eldest son.f

* This property passed out of the hands of the Stratton family about 1630,
having been sold by John Stratton, Jr., and his mother Ann Stratton when
they were making preparations for coming to America. The present owner is
Mr. Berners of Woolverstone, who kindly sent the compiler the picture of
Shotley Hall.

t From Davy's Suffolk Collections:
Walter de Stratton cone' Dno Hen' Despenser Epo Norwic' & al' xiij marc'
argent' ann' redd' precipiend' annuat' ad totam vitam Isabella fil' Willi de
Loudham chr See Monial' Domus See Katerine in Flixton de Mnio suo de
Kirkton juxta Erwarton & de oibz ten' & terr' suis in villis de Cockefeld
Alpheton & Shimplinge que nup' fuer' Jo de Shimplingford. (Harl. MSS.

Sir William de Loudham Knt died 50 E. 3, 1376.
Walter de Stratton his heir died 1392.
Augustine Stratton held what was late Wm. de Loudham, 1428.

The Axciext Strattox Hall, or Kirktox Maxor

Original seat of the Suffolk Strattons and occupied by them in the time of

Edward III. (Page 48.)

From a photograph taken for the compiler in 1906.

Shotley, or Kirktox Hall

Parental home of Joseph Stratton ^ of James City, \a., and John

Stratton ^ of Salem, Mass. (Page 48, also chart 1.)


The Shotley Line 49

In his will, dated 15 April, 1596, Thomas Stratton of Shotley
speaks of John Morgan of Ipswich, gentleman, as "my cousin,"
and devises to him in trust all his lands — excepting only those
forming the jointure of Dorothy his wife — until John Stratton,
his son and heir, then a minor, should attain the age of one and
twenty years. (See Will of Thomas Stratton.)

John Morgan lived in the parish of St. Clement's, Ipswich — a
parish from very early times the resort of all the better class of
seafaring men of this busy and enterprising seaport. Under the
shadow of St. Clement's dwelt the "mariners," the "master
mariners," and the shipwrights of Ipswich — men who built their
own ships and sailed them into every part of the commercial

It was into contact with such men as these — some of them sea-
soned sailors who had many a time made the voyage into those
mysterious "parts beyond the seas" of which the landsman
dreamed, others of them lads like themselves, sweating out the
days of their apprenticehood at capstan and halliards — that the
young Strattons were brought, and probably almost daily. From
the windows of the old Hall at Shotley one could watch their ships
come and go. From Shotley Gate one could board them, with the
aid of a boat, what time they came crawling into Orwell Haven,
weather worn and heavy from some distant voyage, yet redolent
withal of their rich cargoes of East Indian spices or Virginia
"leaf." The house at Dedham where Thomas Stratton died was
a matter of only an hour's hard rowing down the winding reaches
of the Stour; the house of Ardleigh, where John Stratton ended
his days, rather less.

In this way we can imagine the glamour of the sea, and of those
marvellous lands which lay beyond it, laying its spell upon the
young Squires of Shotley. Other influences were at work there,
too. It was at Trimley St. Mary, just across the Orwell rora
Shotley, that Thomas Cavendish, the circumnavigator, was born;

Edmund Stratton died 17 E. 4, 1477 (sic)

Augustine Stratton elk. son and heir 1477 (Brothers. See will of Edmund.)

George Stratton died 14 Hen. 7. (Brothers. See will of Edmund.)

George Stratton son and heir died 14 Hen. 7., 1498

John Stratton gent son and heir died 2 Eliz. 1560

Thomas Stratton gent son and heir died 29 Eliz. (sic)

John Stratton son and heir (died 1627).

50 A Book of Strattons

from Ipswich Old Quay that he sailed away, whilst Joseph Stratton
was yet a boy, on that ill-fated voyage from which he never re-
turned. Not so far away lay also the village of Grundisburgh,
the birthplace of the j&rst Englishman — Captain Bartholomew
Gosnold — to make the direct voyage to New England, and to
winter upon its shores. Gosnold had brought back with him a
new tuber, called "patatoe," and there was much speculation as
to whether it would grow in English soil and prove suitable food
for English people. And last, but by no means least, there was
the unprecedented action of the staid old Council and Portmen
of Ipswich Town, who, at a recent Great Court holden in Moothall
— 4 March, 8 James I. — had actually "adventured" the sum of
One Hundred Pounds, out of the town moneys, "in the voyage
into Virginia."

Out from under such influences came Joseph Stratton to Vir-
ginia and John Stratton to New England, in 1628.

A more extensive research would piobably show that other
Strattons came to America from the same locality — and possibly
from the Shotley line.


WILL OF EDMOND STRATTON— 1474. (Ipswich Wills-
Book II, fo. 266)
In The Name of God Amen I Edmond Stratton of Shortle
skwyer the last day of September 1474 being in my good
mende make my testament and my last will in this wyse ffirst
I be owethe my Sowle to Almyghty god and to our lady Seynte
Mary and myn body to be beryed in the cherche of Shotle Also I
be qwethe to a wyndowe on the northe syde of ye chappell of
Seynte Anne in the chirce of Shotle xxvjs. viijd. I will yt George
my sone have the maner of Levyngton with all the londys and
pertenawnce longyng to ye seyd maner duryng his lyve And aftr
the disses of the seyd George I will that myn feffis make a suffi-
cient state in tayle to myn heyrys made with oute ende And for
defaute of eyrys male unto the eyrys generall Also I will that
John Chapman make a state in the maner of Thorkalton to such
men as Margete my wyff and Austyn Stratton clerk my sone wil
name to the pfyte of the seyd Margete duryng hir lyff Also I will

The Shotley Line 51

that the seyd Margete and hr attorne have onte of the seyd man
of Thorkylton x marke vj yere aftr hir disses for to paye myn
dettys And also I wil that after the disses of ye seyd Margete
myn wyff that Awstyn Stratton clerk myn sone have the seyd
maner of Thorklyton duryng hys lyff And aftr the disses of the
seyd Margete and Awstyn I wyll yt ye ffeffes make a sufficient
estate in tayle to George Stratton and to the eyris male of his body
lawfully begetyn And for defaute of eyris male of the seyd George
to John Stratton and to the eyris male of his body lawfully begetyn
and so foorthe for defaute of issu male to his nexte brother and his
issu male and so forthe from on brother to a nothir to thir issu
male as long as ony brother is on lyve And for lak of soche issu
male to ye eyrys generall Also I wyll yt ye hangyng of ye great
chambir jj greet spets a greet braspott ij awndernys and ij tram-
aylys remayne to the place Also I beqwethe all the remnawnt of
ye stuff of myn howse to Margete myn wyff Also I be qwethe the
residue of all myn goodys be for not beqwethyn to Margaret myn
wyff whom I ordeyne and make myn executrix.

SUFFOLK INQUISITION taken at Ipswich co. Suffolk 13 Octo-
ber 17 Ed. 4 (1477) before John Penley the King's Eschea-
tor in said county by virtue of a write dated 25 October
17 Ed. 4, by the oaths of Thomas Bennys Thomas Alwyn
Henry Thorne Thomas Cook Richard Punt Geoffrey Taylour
John Belle Thomas Craske John Whytyng John Stolyard
John Whyte Richard Beden and John Pyt who say:

That Edmund Stratton did not hold any lands or tenements of
the King in capite on the day he died for that before his death by
charter dated at Kyrketon 13 August 14 Ed. 4. he did grant and
confirm unto Robert Brewes Esz John Cheke Bennet Caldwell
John Pope elk. Richard Faryngton elk. and Thomas Vecatour of
London all that the Manor of Kyrketon with all the lands tene-
ments rents and services thereto belonging and all other the lands
called Le Perye as they lie in the towns of Kyrketon Shotley Er-
warton and Chelmondeston co. Suffolk to have and to hold to
the aforesaid Robert John etc. etc. and their heirs and assigns for
ever BY virtue of which gift and confirmation the said Robert
John etc. etc. were thereof seised in their demesne as of fee; That

52 A Book of Strattons

the said Manor is worth per annum in all issues 10 marks; That it
is holden of Cecily Duchess of York as of her Honor of Clare by
the service of a fourth part of one Knight's fee; That the said
Edmund Stratton died 11 October 16 Ed. 4 (1476): That Augus-
tine Stratton clerk is son and next heir of said Edmund and of the
age of 40 years; and that Margaret Stratton late wife of said Ed-
mund hath occupied the aforesaid premises from the said 1th day
of October until the taking of this Inquisition and hath taken the
profits thereof and is of the said premises seised in her demense
as of free tenure by virtue of the aforesaid charter.

Chancery Inquisitons Post Mortem 17 Ed. 4.

SUFFOLK INQUISITION taken at Blythborough co. Suffolk
28 October 14 Henry VII. (1498) before Philip Tylney Esq.
the King's Escheator in said county.

The Jurors say on oath that before the taking of this Inquisi-
tion Robert Brews Esq. John Cheke and Benedict Caldwell were
seized in their demesne as of fee of and in the Manor of Kirton and
being thereof so seized did by charter give that Manor to Thomas
Sampson Esq. William Grys William Grye Edmund Bokkyng and
John Caldwell to have and to hold to them and their assigns for
the term of the life of Elizabeth Stratton late wife of George Strat-
ton with remainder thereof after the death of the said Elizabeth
to the aforesaid George Stratton and the heirs males of his body
lawfully begotten BY virtue of which gift the same Thomas
Sampson and his feoffees aforesaid were thereof seized in their
demesne as of freehold Which Manor is worth per annum ten
pounds and is holden of Philip Calthorp Knt. as of his Manor of
Erwarton by fealty but by what other services the Jurors know

The Jurors also say that before the taking of this Inquisition
the said George Stratton was seised in his demesne as of fee of and
in the Manor of Thurkolton and being thereof so seised did give
that Manor unto Edward Sulyard John Sulyard John Caldwell
Peter Tybell elk. and William Pixsoner to hold to the use of the
said George and his heirs and assigns for ever And afterwards the
said George died and by his last will (to the said Jurors in evidence
produced) did will that his executor should take the issues and

The Shotley Line 53

profits of the said Manor for the term of 15 years for the fulfilUng
of his said will and that, the said term ended, the said Manor
should remain to George Stratton his eldest son and to his heirs
males for ever That the said George Stratton (the father) died on
Friday next after the Feast of Pentecost 13 Henry VII (1498);
that George Stratton is his son and heir and of the age of 8 years;
and that the said George Stratton held no other lands in county
Suffolk the day he died.

Exch: Inquis: P. M. file 610, No. 6.

WILL of GEORGE STRATTON of Kirketon alias Shotleye co.

Suffolk gentilman dated 24 August 1 Edward VI. (1547.)

Abstract. (P. C. C. Populwell 9.)
To be buried within the church of Shotley. John Stratton my
son and his heirs males all my lands in Kirkton alias Shotley and
other towns adjoining except a tenement at the church gate of
Shotley sometime Richard Strangman's which I do give unto Eliz-
abeth Hawys my sister. Anthony Stratton my son £20. Robert
Stratton my son £20 to be paid in the year 1550. Margaret Strat-
ton my daughter £30 to be paid in the year 1552. Philip Stratton
my son £20 to be paid in the year 1554. John Stratton my son to
pay all these sums. Agnes Sakes £3. Katherine Harman my
daughter ij mylch kyen. Elizabeth Hewes aa fetherbedd. William
my servant. I will that John my son perform all such covenants
as are between me and John Southwell and Ciselye Sampson
widow. I will that John my son shall have all my cattails plate
corn etc. together with such sums as be due to me from John South-
well; he putting in bonds to my executor for the payment of my
debts funeral charges etc. I will have bestowed at my bury all
such charges with dedes of charitie as shall be thought necessarie;
and an honest herce with myn armys so that it be done without
pompe or pride. I will have a grave stone with myn armys uppon
it. Executor Robert Caldwell. My cosin Thomas Yaxleye to be
an helper to myn executor. My son John shall not demand any
gift that I have given and not rehersyd herein. I give to Thomas
Bayman for his paynes to come to Shotleye to see the bondys layed
and delivered by my son John vs. Witnesses: John Strat-
ton, Thomas Yaxley, John Davers, Francis Harman. Codicil
(undated): If John my son do refuse to perform my will then

54 A Book of Strattons

my executor and such as I do put in trust shall enjoy the profits
of my Manor of Kirketon for four years towards the performance
of this my will. Witnesses: Thomas Yaxleye, WiUiam Rich-
ards, John Stratton, John Davers. 13 June 1548 Robert Caldwell
the executor renounced and commission issued to John Stratton
the son to administer.

WILL of JOHN STRATTON of Kyrketon alias Shotlie co.
Suffolk gentellmanne, dated 8 December 1559. (C. C. Nor-
I leave my bodye to be buryede in the Churche of Kyketon
neyghe unto the Sepulture of my father. Mary and Elizabeth my
daughters and their heirs my tenements called Guiles and Mondes
in Kyrketon sometyme James Biscoo's with the lands to them be-
longing as contained in a deed of feoffment to me made by John
Barlye deceased. Robert, Richard, Cicelie and Elizabeth children
of my brother in law Francis Harman £3-6s-8d. each at 21 out of
my Manor lands. Philip Stratton my brother xx marks. Margaret
Stratton my sister £30 at marriage. Anthony Stratton my brother
"if he be on live," £3-6-8; but if he be departed from this life,
then to his wife 26s. 8d. Cycelie Forgonn my god daughter 13s.
4d. Executrix, Cicelie my wife. Supervisor, Richard Cornwalyes
Esq, to whom for his paynes a graye mare of iij yeres olde. Ann
Bingelowe widow of London 26s. 8d.
Proved 16 June 1561 by the executrix.

SUFF. INQUISITION taken at Bury in the county aforesaid the

23rd day of September [sic], 2 Eliz. post mortem John

Stratton Esq. : —

The Jurors say on oath that George Stratton father of the said

John Stratton was seised in his demesne as of fee of and in the

Manors of Thurkelton and Kyrkton 260 acres of land 30 acres of

meadow 100 acres of pasture 100 acres of marsh and 12s. rent with

appurtenances in Thurkelton Kyrkton Shotley Arwarton and

Chemyngton in the aforesaid county and of and in one cottage

called Mimes one other cottage called Strangmans and another

cottage late James Bastowes and being so seised did by Indenture

dated 24 August 25 Henry 8. made between one Cicily Sampson

then relict of Nicholas Sampson Esq deceased and before relict of

The Shotley Line 55

Thomas Felton Esq. deceased and one John Southwell gent
executor of the last will of the said Thomas Felton on the one part
and the aforesaid George and the said John Stratton then son and
heir apparent of the said George on the other part covenant with
the said Cicily Sampson and John Southwell in consideration of a
marriage between the said John Stratton and Cicily Felton one
of the daughters of the said Thomas Felton to be celebrated and
solemnized that the said George should recognize by Fine in the
Court of King's Bench at Westminster the said Manor of Thur-
kelton to be the right of one Humphrey Wingfield Knt as that
which the said Humphrey Thomas Seckford Esq. John Fletewood
George Christmas John Southwell and John Soone gents had of
the gift of the said George and that said Humphrey Thomas John
etc. and their heirs after the said Fine suffered should stand seised
of and in the said Manor to the sole use and behoof of the said John
Stratton and Cicily Felton and of the heirs males of the said John
of the body of the said Cicily lawfully begotten and for default of
such to the use of the said John and the heirs males of his body
and for default of such to the use of Anthony Stratton another son
of said George Stratton and their heirs males of said Anthony and
for default of such to the use of Robert Stratton another son of
said George and the heirs males of said Robert and for default of
such to the use of Philip Stratton another son of said Goerge and
the heirs males of said Philip and for default of such to the right
heirs of said George for ever and the said George Stratton by
the said Indenture did further covenant with the said Cicily
Sampson and John Southwell that within three years next follow-
ing the date of said Indenture he the said George should make a
good and sufficient estate in fee simple of and in the said Manor
of Kyrkton [sic] and of and in divers lands to the said Manor be-
longing and of and in all other the lands of the said George except
the three cottages aforesaid unto the aforesaid feoffees and unto
Francis Harman and John Stevens alias Frelove to have and to
hold to the said feoffees and their heirs to the sole use and behoof
of the said George and of so much of them as he the said George
should assign for the term of their lives to such wife or wives as he
should marry and if it happened the said George not to marry
them after the decease of the said George to the sole use of the
executors of the said George for the performance of his last will

56 A Book of Strattons

during four years next following his decease and after the said
four years ended to the sole use and behoof of the said John Strat-
ton and his heirs males of the body of the said Cicily Felton law-
fully begotten with contingent remainders as before limited and
expressed in default of such issue And the Jurors say that the
said John Stratton afterwards took to wife the said Cicily Felton
and that the said Fine was suffered in the said Court in the 25th
year of King Henry the Eighth By virtue of which Fine the said
John Stratton and Cicily his wife were seised of the said Manor of
Thurkelton in their demesne viz. the said John as of fee tail and
the said Cicily as of freehold with remainders as in the said In-
denture expressed and limited And of the said Manor of Kyrkton
and all other the lands and tenements which the said George
Stratton had in co. Suffolk except those excepted And afterwards
the said George Stratton died and the said John outlived him and
was seised of the said Manor of Kyrton and of all other the prem-
ises above recited in his demesne as of fee tail and of and in the
said cottages in his demesne as fee and being so seised did die the
16th day of December [sic] 2 Ehz. And Cicily wife of the said John
outlived him and is now living at Shotley aforesaid And the said
Manor of Thurkelton at the time of the death of said John was
holden of Thomas Felton Esq. as of his Manor of Shotley and is of
the clear annual value of £13 And the said Manor of Kyrkton
was then holden of the Queen as of her Honor of Clare by knight
service viz. by the quarter part of one knight's fee for all services
and is of the clear annual value of £10 And the said cottages are
holden as parcel of the Manor of Kyrkton and are of the annual
value of 20s. And that Thomas Stratton is son and heir of the
said John Stratton and was of the age of 14 years at the time of
his father's death.

Wards and Liveries, Vol. S~N. 117.

WILL of THOMAS STRATTON of Karketon alias Shotley co.

Suffolk gent now lyving in Dedham co. Essex dated 15 April

1596. Abstract. (P. C. C. Drake 84.)
Dorothy my wife shall during her life enjoy these demense
lands parcell of my Manor of Kyrketon alreaddie assured for her
jointure (all which lands are situate in Shotley and towns ad-
joining) and shall vertuouslie carefullie and motherlie bring up my

I I ^

z — ^

The Shotley Line 57

children in good educacon. To her I give likewise all my house-
hold stuff in my house in Dedham where I now remayne together
with a silver pott that was her father's. My farm or Manor of
Thurkoulton alias Shurkelton and all my lands in the tenure of
Thomas Crickman and Robert Hunting in Shotley and certain
lands in the occupation of John Sparke (which I had of Sir PhiUp
Parker Knt in Shotley) I give unto John Morgan of St. Clem-
ents in Ipswich gent until John my son and heir shall accomplish
his age of one and twenty years the said John Morgan in the
meantime performing this my will with the issues and profits
thereof. If my wife decease before my son John accomplish his
said age then I will all the lands unto her devised to John Morgan
until my said son attain his full age. Benjamin my son a life
annuity of £10 out of the said lands after my son John shall
enjoy them. Mary my (eldest) daughter £50 at marriage and £5
yearly until that time. Elizabeth my daughter £50 at one and
twenty. Sarah Beriff my daughter's child £30 at 21. My son
Joseph £100 at 21 and £5 yearly after his age of 14 years for his
maintenance.* Sarah Beriff my daughter. My sister Elizabeth
Hankyn 20s. to buy her a ring; also £10. Roger, Thomas, and
John Tankyn children of my said daughter 40s. apiece at 21. My
servants Elizabeth Squire and Katherine Sallowes. Poor of Shot-
ley £5; poor of Dedham 20s. Executors, my wife Dorothie and
John Morgan. The rest of my lands and tenements in co. Suffolk,
I will to John Morgan until my eldest son attain his full age. To
my cosyn John Morgan £10 and the pasturing of two geldings in
certain marshes before to him devised. My cosyn John Collett a
black coulte now going upon Dedham Heathe. Ann Morgan my
cosyn John Morgan's wife 20s. to buy her a ring as a gentle token
of my remembrance. Mr Doctor Chapman 40s. Thomas Bate my
servant the end of the house wherein he now dwelleth during his
Witnesses :

John Cullet, William Debnam
Proved 4 November 1596 by Thomas Ashwood proctor for John

Morgan the executor, power being reserved to Dorothie the


* This is the Joseph Stratton who came to James City, Va., in 1628 and was
member of the House of Burgesses the following year.

58 A Book of Strattons

SUFFOLK INQUISITION Taken at Stowmarket co. Suffolk
19 January 39 Elizabeth before John Battysforde Esqr. the