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Biographical catalog of the matriculates of Haverford College, together with lists of the members of the college faculty and the managers, officers and recipients of honorary degrees, 1833-1922 online

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Board of Ordnance Department; Reed & Hoffman, New York
City, to date.

b. Roselle, N. J., April 10, 1890. s. Schuyler Van Vechten


Hoffman and Mary Winthrop Sargent, m. New York City, May
15, 1917, Dorothy Fuller, c. Schuyler Van Vechten, III, 1918.
Address, 122 Edgewood Avenue, Larchmont, N. Y.

Kwan, Van Cho.

Entered 1908 ; left Sophomore year.

b. Canton, China, October 2, 1889. s. Loy Kwan and Leung
See. Address, Canton Christian College, Honglok, Canton, China.

Lowry, John Blanchard.

Entered 1908; left during Freshman year.

Wholesale Grocer. Member, Union League.

b. Camden, N. J., February 9, 1889. s. Isaac S. Lowry and
Kate Blanchard. m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 22, 1913, Constance
MacDonell Crittenden. Address, Dove Lake Farm, Ardmore, Pa.

Raub, William Webster. (A.B., DePauw Univ., 1911.)

Entered 1908; left during Freshman year.

Associated with Joseph M. Hobbs Company, Brokers, Canned
Foods and Dried Fruits. Member, Food Products Club of Chi-
cago; Phi Delta Theta. Haverford Club of Chicago.

b. Chicago, 111., April 7, 1887. s. William Wallace Raub and
Mary J. Allen, m. Chrisman, III, March 31, 1913, Ethel Janette
Johnston, c. Margery Ellen, 1914; Nancy Claire, 1917. Address,
6534 Kenwood Street, Chicago, 111.

Robuck, Pearl Franz. (B.S., Wilmington, O., 1911.)

Entered 1911 from Wilmington College.

b. Westboro, Ohio, July 5, 1884. s. Albert W. Robuck and
Elizabeth Garner. Address, Rawlins, Wyo.

Sturgis, Samuel Booth. (M.D., 1914., Univ. of Pa.)

Entered 1908 ; left at close of Sophomore year.

Student of Medicine, 1910-14; Interne at Easton Hospital,
1914-15; Surgeon-in-Chief, Foot Hills Sanatorium, Lenoir, N. C,
1915-17; also Lecturer on Hygiene at Davenport College, Lenoir,
N. C. ; Captain, Medical Corps, United States Army, 1917-19; 1
year's service in A. E. F. as Neuro-Surgeon on Base Hospital
No. 65. Practice of Medicine and Assistant Instructor in Surgery
at University of Pennsylvania to date.

b. Montgomery County, Pa., May 2, 1891. s. Samuel Sturgis
and Julia Vautier. m. Goldsboro, N. C, July 6, 1916, Margaret
Castex Jones, M. D. Address, 119 Coulter Avenue, Ardmore, Pa.


Tunis, Richard.

Entered 1907; left in June, 1910.

Member, Beta Rho Sigma. Civil Engineer, Railroad Mainte-
nance; Civil Engineer, Construction Corporation; Assistant Gen-
eral Superintendent, with W. W. Lindsay & Co., Inc., Engineers
and Contractors, to date. Member, University Club.

b. Chestnut Hill, Pa., August 8, 1890. s. Thomas R. Tunis and
Mary V. Wurts. m. Lewistown, Pa., September 15, 1916, Clara
Teats, c. Dorothea R., 1917; R. Martyn, 1921. Address, 5927
Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Votaw, George Joseph.

Entered 1911 from Friends' University.

b. Oskaloosa, Iowa, August 1, 1887. s. Oscar E, Votaw and
Elizabeth Allseys. Address, Eudora, Kan.

Wetzel, Charles Howard. (M.E., Cornell, 1913.)
Entered 1908 ; left at close of Sophomore year.
Assistant Yard Master, New Jersey Zinc Company, Palmerton,
Pa., 1913-14; Street Clerk, United Gas Improvement Company,
Philadelphia, 1914-15; Mechanical Engineer, Wayne Iron Works,
Philadelphia, 1915-17; Officer Candidate, First Officers' Training
Corps, Fort Niagara, N. Y., 1917; Second Lieutenant, Officers'
Reserve Corps, 154th Depot Brigade, Camp Meade, Md., 1917;
First Lieutenant, National Army, 1917-18; Captain, United States
Army, 1918-19. 154th Depot Brigade and 32d Machine Gun
Battalion, 11th Division. 1919 to date, Treasurer, Wayne Iron
Works, Philadelphia. Member, Union League, Philadelphia; The
American Legion.

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 29, 1892. s. Charles M. Wetzel
and Jennie E. Smith, m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 1, 1918, Mar-
jorie Suplee. c. Barbara, 1918; Charles M. 1921. Address, 818
Commercial Trust Building, Philadelphia, Pa.


Baker, Paul Gay, A.B.

Entered Freshman year from Nute High School, Milton, N. H.

Electrical Work with the Westinghouse Electric and Manufac-
turing Company, East Pittsburgh, Pa., 1913-17; First Class Pri-
vate, Field Hospital, 1917-19; Electrical Work with the Stanley
Worker, New Britain, Conn., 1919 to date.

b. West Charleston, Va., March 26, 1890. s. Orrin Gay Baker
and Aleda M. Barnes, m. Kensington, Conn., Emily Hart Porter.
c. Harrison Porter, 1918 ; Lawrence Porter, 1920. Address, Perci-
val Avenue, Kensington, Conn,


Beatty, Joseph Moorhead, Jr., A.B. (A.M., Harvard, 1914;
Ph.D., Harvard, 1917.)

Entered Freshman year from Lower Merion High.

Editor-in-Chief of Haverfordian (H, HI) ; Phi Beta Kappa
(HI). Instructor in Latin and French, Pomfret School, Pom-
fret, Conn. ; Assistant Professor of English, Goucher College,
Baltimore, Md. Founder of the Founders' Club of Haverford
College, 1914. Author: "The Letters of Judge Henry Wynkoop,"
1914; "Charles Churchill's Treatment of the Couplet," 1919;
"Johannes de Chause, Hauberger," 1919; "The Political Satires
of Charles Churchill," 1919; "Sir Robert de Assheton, Treasurer
of England," 1919; "The Redman Family of Philadelphia," 1919;
"The Battle of the Players and the Poets," 1919; "Letters of the
Four Beatty Brothers of the Continental Army (1774-96)," 1920;
"Garrick, Colman, and the Clandestine Marriage," 1921 ; "Asshe-
ton of Salford and Penn of Pennsylvania," 1921 ; "Milton and
the Milburns," 1921; "Doctor Johnson and the Occult," 1922.
Member, Founders' Club (Board of Governors) ; Historical So-
ciety of Pennsylvania; Modern Language Association of America;
Vice-President, The Haverford Society of Maryland.

b. Villa Nova, Pa., January 23, 1891. s. Joseph Moorhead
Beatty and Laura Milburn Schaefer. Address, Toughkenamon,

Brown, Paul Howard, B.S. (B.S., Earlham College, 1912.)

Entered Senior year from Earlham College.

Track "H" (IV). Office Manager, Comstock-Bolton Company.
Secretary of Central Board on Officials of Intercollegiate Football
Rules Committee, 1913. Instructor, Earlham College, 1913-16.
Purchasing Agent, Earlham College, 1916-17. Business Manager
of same, 1916-20. Office Manager, Comstock-Bolton Company,
1920 to date. Member, Kansas City Accountants' and Auditors'

b. Cleveland, Ohio, July 12, 1889. s. Alfred Brown and Effie
Afton Newbern. m. Greenfield, Ind., August 22, 1913, Mary
Alice Elliott, c. Howard William, 1914; Martha Alice, 1919;
Alfred Clarkson, 1921. Address, 3735 Belief ontaine Avenue,
Kansas City, Mo.

Crosman, Charles Henry, A.B.

Entered Freshman year from Haverford School.

Manager, Football (IV). Investment Banker. Standard Sup-
ply and Equipment Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1913-14; The
Pathescope Company of Philadelphia, 1914-15; The Hershey


Chocolate Company, Hershey, Pa. ; with Chicago Herald; firm of
F. W. Atkin and C. H. Crosman, Business Organization and Pub-
Hcity ; Emergency Fleet Corporation, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Repre-
sentative, Cincinnati Office, The Tillotson & Wolcott Company,
Investment Bankers. Member, Miami Valley Golf Club.

b. Haverford, Pa., November 18, 1890. s. Charles Sumner
Crosman (1878) and Sarah Elizabeth Fuller, m. Dayton, Ohio,
June 8, 1916, Dorothy Pierce Craven, c. William Sumner, 1920.
Address, 550 Superior Avenue, Dayton, Ohio.

Crowder, William Samuel, A.B.

Entered Freshman year from Chestnut Hill Academy.

Track "H" (II); Manager, Gymnasium Team (IV). Clerk,
Girard Trust Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 2 years. American
Friends' Service Committee, France, and Signal Corps, United
States Army, 9 months, France. Director, Imperial Type Metal
Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Member, Philadelphia Cricket Club,
St. Martins, Philadelphia.

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., April 27, 1892. s. Walter J,
Crowder and Alice Betty Scatchard. Address, 205 West Upsal
Street, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.

Curtis, Frederick Augustus, A.B.

Entered Freshman year from Wilmington Friends' School.

Chemist. Chemist and Tester in Paper Laboratories, Wilming-
ton, Del., Holyoke, Mass., and Dayton, Ohio; Corporal, Field
Artillery ; Sergeant, First Class, Ordnance Corps ; Technologist,
in charge Paper Section, United States Bureau of Standards
Washington, D. C. Member of American Chemical Society; Tech-
nical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry; Engineers
Club, Dayton, Ohio.

b. Wilmington, Del., June 2, 1891. s. Charles M. Curtis and
Phoebe George Bradford, m. Dayton, Ohio, February 12, 1919,
Janet Hults Nevius. Address, 23 Chevy Chase Apartments,
Washington, D. C.

Diament, Francis Harrar, A.B.

Entered Freshman year from Haverford School.

Retail and Wholesale Furniture and Decorators, Philadelphia,
Pa. F, W. V. R. C. in France. Member of Merion Cricket Club.

b. Devon, Pa., August 31, 1892. s. Albert L. Diament and
Ida Harrar. Address, Devon, Pa.

Froelicher, Francis Mitchell, A.B. (M.A., Johns Hopkins Univ.)
Entered Freshman year from Baltimore City College.
Football "H" (II, III, IV) ; Captain (IV) ; Track "H" (I, II,


III, IV); Captain (IV). Holder of College Records in Shot
Put and Broad Jump. Leader of Glee Club (IV). Senior Presi-
dent. Teacher. Head of Modem Language Department, Park
School, Baltimore, Md., 1913-21. Head Master, Oak Lane Coun-
try Day School, Oak Lane, Pa., at present time. U. S. B. W. R.,
Director of Camps for Maryland. Author: "Swiss Stories and
Legends" ; "Speaking vs. Reading" ; Modern Language Associa-
tion Journal. Member, Modern Language Association; National
Educational Association; Educational Society of Baltimore; Drama
League ; Beta Rho Sigma.

b. Baltimore, Md., September 8, 1892. s. Hans Froelicher and
Frances H. Mitchell, m. Philadelphia, Pa., September 5, 1914,
Elizabeth Collins Lowry. c. Elizabeth L., 1915; Francis M., Jr.,
1919; Deborah P., 1921. Address, Oak Lane Country Day School,
Oak Lane, Philadelphia, Pa.

Gifford, Philip Collins, A.B.; MA.

Entered Freshman year from Moses Brown School.

Business Manager of Haverford Nezvs (II, III) ; Editor-in-
Chief (IV); Gymnasium Captain (IV); Track "H" (IV).
Teacher, Moses Brown School, 1914-19. Director, Moses Brown
Centennial Fund Campaign, 1919-20. Manager, Providence
Branch, Moors & Cabot, Investment Bankers, Boston, Mass.
Member, Harvard Business School Alumni Association.

b. Haverford, Pa., September 22, 1891. s. Seth K. Gifford
(1876) and Mary Amy Collins, m. Providence, R. I., June 17,
1916, Helen Sarah Thomas, c. Philip ColHns, Jr., 1919; Seth
Kelley, II, 1921. Address, 324 Hospital Trust Building, Provi-
dence, R. I.

Goddard, Arthur Herbert, A.B.

Entered Freshman year from Fairhaven High School, Mass.

Architect. Draftsman, Vermont Marble Company, 1914-15.
Examiner in Physics, United States Civil Service Committee,
1915-16. Captain, Infantry, 1916-19. Architectural Draftsman,
1919-20. Member, American Association of Engineers; American
Legion; Atelier Wynkoop.

b. Durham, Me., August 8, 1890. s. Alvano C. Goddard and
Ida M. Howes. Address, 24 Larch Avenue, Fairhaven, Mass.

tGregory, Raymond, A.B. , (A.B., Wilmington, O., 1912; A.M.,
Harvard, 1914; Ph.D., Ohio State Univ., 1917.)
Entered Senior year from Wilmington College, Ohio.
b. New Antioch, Ohio, October 1, 1879. s. John Wistar Gregory


and Alia Elizabeth Moon. d. New Vienna, Ohio, December 6,

Hadley, Lawrence Nathan, A.B. (A.B., Friends' Univ., 1912.)
Entered Senior year from Friends' University, Kansas.
Farmer and Stock Raiser. Director, School Board. Vice-
President of the Alumni Association of Friends' University, 1918-
19. Member of Sedgwick County War Work Association.

b. Coldwater, Kan., December 27, 1888. s. James Hadley and
Mary Anna Lindley. m. Wichita, Kan., June 17, 1913, Daisy B.
Zaring. c. Mary Helen, 1914; Lawrence Nathan, Jr., 1916. Ad-
dress, R. D., No. 3, Valley Center, Kan.

Hall, Norris Folger, A.B., A.M., 1913. (A.M., Harvard, 1915;
Ph.D., Harvard, 1917.)

Entered Freshman year from Moses Brown School.

Vice-President of Cap and Bells Club (IV) ; President of Stu-
dent Council (IV). Editor-in-Chief of Class Record (IV).
Graduate Student, Harvard University, 1913-17. Captain,
Chemical Warfare, 1917-19. Instructor in Chemistry, Harvard
University, 1919 to date. Author: "An Attempt to Separate the
Isotopic Forms of Lead by Fractional Crystallization"; "The
Drainage of Crystals"; "On Periodicity Among the Radioactive
Elements" ; "The Melting Points and Thermoelectric Behavior of
Lead Isotopes." Member, American Chemical Society; Alpha
Chi Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Colonial Club of Cambridge, Mass.;
Founders' Club.

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 7, 1891. s. Lyman Beecher Hall and
Carolyn Coffin Ladd. Address, 3-C Boylston Hall, Cambridge,

Hare, William Yarnall, B.S.

Entered Freshman year from West Chester High School.

With Greenleaf & Crosby Company, Jacksonville and Palm
Beach, Fla., Jewelers, 1913-15 and 1919-20. Reconstruction and
F. W. V. R. C, 1917-18. Chase National Bank, New York City,
to date. Member of Beta Rho Sigma.

b. West Chester, Pa., November 24, 1889. s. Jonathan C. Hare
and Lydia T. Yarnall. Address, 3401 North Twenty-first Street.
Philadelphia, Pa., and 60 West Ninety-third Street, New York

Hires, Charles Elmer, Jr., B.S.

Entered Freshman year from Haverford School.
Charter Member of Cap and Bells Club (II). Treasurer,
Charles E. Hires Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Treasurer and


Vice-President of Hires Sugar Company of Cuba. Member of
Triangle Society.

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 27, 1891. s. Charles E. Hires and
Clara K. Smith, m. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., June 12,
1918, Else M. Keppelmann. c. Charles Elmer, 3d, 1919. Ad-
dress, 6642 McCallum Street, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.

Howson, Richard, B.S.

Entered Freshman year from Haverford School.

Southwark Foundry and Machine Company; Philadelphia Elec-
tric Company; Howson & Howson, Attorneys and Solicitors of
Patents, Philadelphia, Pa. Member, Franklin Institute of Phila-
delphia; Engineers' Club of Philadelphia; Phi Delta Theta Fra-
ternity; Triangle Society.

b. Wayne, Pa., April 20, 1891. s. Charles Howson and
Augustine Ware. m. Wayne, Pa., December 24, 1917, Mary
Hurd Holmes, c. Mary Holmes, 1919. Address, 36 Mansion
Avenue, Haddonfield, N. J.

Longstreth, William Church, A.B.

Entered Freshman year from Chestnut Hill Academy.

Football "H" (II); Soccer "H" (IV); President of Athletic
Association (IV). Salesman. James A, Biddle Company, Phila-
delphia, Pa. ; Assistant Foreman, Westinghouse Electric and Manu-
facturing Company, Newark, N. J. ; Carnegie Institute of Tech-
nology, Assistant Dean. United States Army. Salesman, Atwater
Kent Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Partner in firm
of Longstreth & Van Dyke, Electrical Instruments, Philadel-
phia, Pa.

b. Germantown, Pa., December 16, 1891. s. William Morris
Longstreth (1872) and Elizabeth Inskeep Church. Address,
400 S. 15th Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Ludlam, Jesse Diverty, A.B.

Entered Freshman year from Cape May Court House High

Title Examiner. Law Student and Title Examiner, Cape Ma}
Court House, N. J. Private, Infantry, 1918.

b. Cape May Court House, N. J., January 17, 1892. s. Leslie
S. Ludham and Lida Adams, m. Stone Harbor, N. J., June 8,
1918, Patience Marshall Richter. c. John Marshall, 1920. Ad-
dress, Cape May Court House, N. J.

Maule, Edmund Richardson, A.B.

Entered Sophomore year from Class of 1912.

Cricket "H" (IV). With Whitall, Tatum Company, Glass


Manufacturers, Philadelphia, Pa., 1913 to date. Medical Corps,
1918. Member, Moorestown Field Club.

b. Moorestown, N. J., May 30, 1890. s. Edmund Weyman
Maule and Isabelle Murray Richardson. Address, 654 Chester
Avenue, Moorestown, N. J.

Meader, Stephen Warren, A.B.

Entered Freshman year from Moses Brown School.

Agent, Children's Aid Society, Newark, N. J. ; General Secre-
tary, Big Brother Movement, Newark, N. J.; Publicity Manager,
Reilly and Britton Publishing Company, Chicago, 111. ; with Curtis
PubHshing Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1916-21 ; Associate Editor,
The Country Gentleman, 1920-21 ; Advertising Department, The
Holmes Press, Philadelphia, Pa., 1921 to date. Author of "The
Black Buccaneer," Harcourt, Brace & Co., 1920, and several short
stories in Farm and Fireside, Boys' Life, and other magazines.

b. Providence, R. I., May 2, 1892. s. Walter Sidney Meader
and Lucy Jones Hawkes. m. Montclair, N. J., December 16,
1916, Elizabeth Hoyt. c. Stephen Warren, Jr., 1918, Jane Annes-
ley, 1919; John Hoyt, 1921. Address, 119 E. 2nd Street, Moores-
town, N. J.

Mendenhall, Lloyd Hadley,B.S. (B.S., 1912; A.M., Penn College,

Entered Senior year from Penn College, Iowa.

Professor of Chemistry and Physics, Pacific College, 1913-14;
Student, Kennedy School of Missions, Hartford, Conn., 1914-15;
Missionary in Cuba under the American Friends' Board of For-
eign Missions, 1915-19; Missionary Work in Victoria, Mex., 1919
20; Farming and Stock Raising, Earlham, Iowa, 1920 to date.

b. Earlham, Iowa, February 9, 1888. s. John J. Mendenhall
and Mira R. Hadley. m. Le Grand, Iowa, August 28, 1913,
Bertha Louise Hammond, c. Lewis Herschel, 1915; John Or-
ville, 1917 (d. 1920). Address, R. D. No. 3, Earlham, Iowa.

Montgomery, George, A.B. (A.M., Harvard, 1914.)

Entered Freshman year from Central High School, Philadelphia,

Winner of Everett Medal (II) ; Clementine Cope Fellowship
(IV) ; Phi Beta Kappa (IV) ; Final Honors in Latin and History
(IV). Head of Department of English, Guilford College, 1914-
15. Instructor in English, West Philadelphia High School for
Boys, 1915 to date. Head of the Department of English in Drexel
Institute Evening School.

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 7, 1890. s. John Montgomery and


Margaret Russell, m. Norristown, Pa., June 28, 1916, Pearl H.
Daub. Address, 1638 North Fifty-seventh Street, Philadelphia,

Nicholson, Herbert Victor, B.S.

Entered Freshman year from Westtown Boarding School.

Football "H" (IV) ; Manager, Soccer (IV) ; President of Y.
M. C. A. (IV) ; Track "H" (II). Teacher, Westtown Boarding
School, 1913-15. Missionary under Foreign Missionary Associa-
tion of Friends of Philadelphia, in Japan, 1915 to date.

b. Rochester, N. Y., January 30, 1892. s. Arthur Lees Nichol-
son and Margaret Fox Bentley. m. Doshisha, Kyoto, Japan,
March 31, 1920, Madeline C. Waterhouse. Address, R. D. No. 1,
Westville, N. J.

Offermann, Harry Carl, A.B. (A.M., Princeton, 1914; B.D., Mt.
Airy Theological Seminary, 1917.)

Entered Senior year from the Class of 1914.

Phi Beta Kappa (IV). Student, Princeton University, 1913-14;
Mt. Airy Theological Seminary, 1914-17. Holy Lutheran Church,
Philadelphia, Pa., 1918-20. Pastor, St. John's Lutheran Church,
Milton Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1920 to date.

b. Camden, N. J., December 4, 1892. s. Henry F. Ofiferman and
Emily Saalman. Address, St. John's Lutheran Church, Milton
Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Pickett, Samuel Caleb, A.B. (A.B., Whittier, 1911.)

Entered Senior year from Whittier College.

Insurance Clerk, Mutual Life Insurance Company, Hartford,
Conn. Machine Gun Company, 1st Connecticut Infantry, Nogales,
Ariz., 1916; First Lieutenant, Company F, 102d Infantry, 1917-
18; Captain, Company F, 102d Infantry, 1918-19; Overseas Serv-
ice, 1917-19; wounded in action, September 14, 1918.

b. Escondido, Cal., April 10, 1890. s. David Pickett and Elmina
Stanley. Address, 1508 East Seventh Street, Long Beach, Cal.

Porter, Oliver Moore, B.S., M.A. (M.F., Yale, 1915.)

Entered Freshman year from William Penn Charter School.
Football "H" (I, IV) ; Track "H" (I, HI, IV) ; Leader, Man-
dolin Club (III) ; Winner, Everett Medal (I) ; Winner, Alumni
Oratorical Contest (IV); Phi Beta Kappa (IV). Forester.
United States Forest Service, 1915-17. Captain, Engineers, with
A. E. F. in France, 1917-19. Chief, Quartermaster Fuelwood
Production, S. O. S. With American Paper and Pulp Association,
New York, 1919 to date. Member, American Forestry Associa-


tion; Society of American Foresters; Founders' Club; Society of
American Military Engineers ; Canadian Society of Forest Engi-
neers; Connecticut Forestry Association; Massachusetts Forestry
Association; Maine Forestry Association.

b. Kensington, Conn., February 23, 1892. s. Isaac Porter and
Alice I. Bauer, m. Oak Bluffs, Mass., July 15, 1917, Margaret
Claflin. Address, care of American Paper and Pulp Association,
18 East Forty-first Street, New York, N. Y.

Tatnall, Joseph, A.B.

Entered Freshman year from Wilmington High School.

Football "H" (IV) ; Soccer "H" (IV) ; Cheer Leader (IV) ;
Manager, Track (IV) ; Senior President; President, College As-
sociation (IV) ; Spoon Man (IV). Salesman, Brown & Bailey
Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1913-17; Chief Cost Clerk of same,
1917-18. Senior Instructor, Training Department of New York
Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, N. J., 1918-21 ; Salesman,
The Charles E. Hires Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1921 ; Ac-
tuarial Department, The Provident Life and Trust Company of
Philadelphia, 1921-22; Agent for same, 1922 to date. Member,
Founders' Club, and Cap and Bells Club.

b. Wilmington, Del., May 30, 1891. s. Ashton Richardson
Tatnall and Mary Reybold. m. Gardiner, N. Y., September 25,
1917, Rosalyn Christine Smith, c. Joseph Birdsall, 1918; Phillip
Reybold, 1921. Address, 329 Cypress Avenue, Woodlynne, Cam-
den, N. J.

Taylor, Norman Henry, A.B. (A.M., Harvard, 1914; M.D., Har-
vard, 1918.)

Entered Freshman year from Haverford School.

Manager, Cricket Team (IV). Physician. Harvard Medical
School, 1914-18. Interne, Pennsylvania Hospital, 1918-19. First
Lieutenant, Marine Reserve Corps. Assistant Director Public
Health, Philadelphia, Pa., 1920 to date. Member, Philadelphia
County Medical Society ; Philadelphia Pediatric Society ; American
Medical Association; Harvard Club of New York; Founders'

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 18, 1892. s. Frank H. Taylor
(1876) and Rebecca M. Nicholson. Address, 33 East Springfield
Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa,

Thomas, Lester Ralston. B.S.

Entered Freshman year from Westtown School.
Football "H" (III, IV) ; Soccer "H" (IV) ; Captain, Soccer
(IV); Track "H" (II, III, IV); Captain, Track (HI). In-


structor, Westtown School, 1913-17. With Friends' Reconstruc-
tion Unit and American Red Cross, 1917-19. Teacher of Chem-
istry and Physical Director, Moses Brown School, Providence,
R. I., 1919-1922. Head Master, Friends' Central School, Phila-
delphia, Pa., to date.

b. Avondale, Pa., January 19, 1890. s. Joshua Thomas and
Annie Jane Meloney. m. Pottsville, Pa., September 1, 1916, Alice
Stanton Bennett. Address, Friends' Central School, 15th and
Race Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

VanSickle, John Valentine, A.B.

Entered Freshman year from Baltimore City College.

Track "H" (IV) ; Captain and Manager of Tennis Team (IV) ;
Final Honors in Economics (IV); Phi Beta Kappa (IV). As-
sistant in Economics, Harvard University, 1915-17. First Lieu-
tenant, Air Service, 1917-19. Assistant in American Embassy,
Paris, 1919 to date.

b. Denver, Col, April 30, 1892. s. James H. Van Sickle and
Caroline Valentine. Address, 16 Buckingham Street, Springfield,

Webb, William, A.B.; A.M., 1914. (Bach, of Library Science,

N. Y. State Library School, 1916.)

Entered Freshman year from Cedarcroft School, Kennett
Square, Pa,

Librarian. Assistant, Legislative Reference Section, New
York State Library, 1915-16; Sub-Librarian of same, 1916-17.
With American Friends' Service Committee in France and Ger-
many, 1917-20; Chief of Extension Department, Detroit Public
Library, 1920 to date.

b. Williamsport, Pa., January 4, 1893. s. William E. Webb
and Emma Grace Evans. Address, Detroit Public Library, De-
troit, Mich.

Winslow, Edwards Fayssoux, A.B. (Phar. D., Univ. of Md.,
Entered Senior year from Class of 1905.

Pharmacist. With Pennsylvania Steel Company, Steelton, Pa. ;
Bell Telephone Company, Bryn Mawr, Pa. ; Manager of Hypo-
dermic Tablet Manufacturing Department, H. K. Mulford Com-
pany, Philadelphia, Pa.

b. Baltimore, Md., November 23, 1883. s. Randolph Winslow
(1871) and Rebecca Fayssoux Leiper. m. Haverford, Pa., June
6, 1905, Emma White Garrigues. c. Randolph, 2d, Sarah Garri-
gues, 1911. Address, Bryn Mawr, Pa.



Winslow, George Leiper, B.S. (A.B., St. John's College, 1912;
B.S. in Engr., Johns Hopkins Univ., 1916.)

Entered Senior year from St. John's College, Md.

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