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Sophocles, GEdipus, Trilogy.
Euripides, Medea.
Aristophanes, The Knights.


Xenophon, Anabasis.


Tacitus, Germania.


Gibbon, Decline and Pall.

Hume, England.

Grote, Greece.

Carlyle, French Revolution.

Green, Short History of England.

Bacon, Novum Orgamim.

Mill, Logic and Political Economy.

Darwin, Origin of Species.

Smith, Wealth of Nations (part of).

Berkeley, Human Knmvledge.

Descartes, Discours sur la Methode.

Locke, Conduct of the Understanding.

Lewes, History of Philosophy.

Cook, Voyages.

One Hundred Books. 243

Humboldt, Travels.

Darwin, Natttralisi in the Beagle.


Milton, Paradise Lost, and the shorter poems.

Dante, Divina Comniedia.

Spenser, Faerie Queen.

Dryden's Poems.

Chaucer, Morris's (or, if expurgated, Clarke's or Mrs.

Haweis's) edition.

Scott's Poems.

Wordsworth, Mr. Arnold's selection.
Sou they.

Goldsmith, Vicar oj Wakefield.

Swift, Gulliver's Travels.

Defoe, Robinson Crusoe.

The Arabian Nights.

Cervantes, Don Quixote.

Boswell, Johnson.

Burke, Select Works (Payne).

Essayists : Bacon, Addison, Hume, Montaigne,

Macaulay, Emerson.

244 How to Form a Library.

Voltaire, Zadig.
Carlyle, Past and Present*
Goethe, Faust, Wilhelm Meister.
White, Natural History of Selborne.
Smiles, Self Help.

Miss Austen, either Emma or Pride and Prejudice.
Thackeray, Vanity Fair and Pendennis.
Dickens, Pickwick and David Copperfield.
George Eliot, Adam Bede.
Kingsley, Westivard Ho !
Bulwer-Lytton, Last Days of Pompeii.
Scott's Novels.


Abbotsford Club, 187.

Advocates' Library, Edinburgh, Indecent books turned

out, 1 8.

yElfric Society, 195.
Arundel Society, 200.
Authors, Bibliographies of particular, 181.
Ballad Society, 206.
Bannatyne Club, 186.
Bibliographies (General), 141-159.

(Special), 160-183.

Bindings in Charles I.'s Cabinet, 29.

Book Collectors, 23.

Books, One Hundred, 227-244.

Booksellers, Use of, 58.

Bossange (Hector), Ma Bibliotheque Franchise, 7.

Burton's Book Hunter, 2, 53, 196.

Buy, How to, 57-72.

Calvin Translation Society, 197.

Camden Society, 190.

Catalogues of Public Libraries, 141.

Cavendish Society, 199.

Caxton Society, 198.

Chaucer Society, 28.

Chetham Society, 195.

246 Index.

Child's Library, 217-226.
Comte's Positivist Library, 131.
Dibdin's Library Companion, 2.
Dilettanti Society, 184.
Durie's Reformed Librarie Keeper, 13.
Early English Text Society, 203.
Ecclesiastical History Society, 199.
Ed wards (Ed ward), Report on Formation of Manchester
Free Library, 4.

Memoirs of Libraries, 5, 63.

Libraries and Founders of Libraries, 29, 44.

English Dialect Society, 212.

English Historical Society, 191.

Fiction in Public Libraries, 81.

Folk Lore Society, 210.

Franklin's foundation of the Philadelphia Library, 77.

George III.'s list of books, 14.

Goodhugh's Library Manual, 3.

Hakluyt Society, 200.

Handel Society, 198.

Hanserd Knollys Society, 198.

Harleian Society, 209.

Hellenic Studies, Society for the promotion of, 213

Hunterian Club, 210.

Index Society, 213.

lona Club, 189.

Johnson's (Dr.) List of Books, 15,

Libraries, How men have Formed them, 23-56.

(Cathedral), 75.

(Monastic), 25.

(Private), 89-140.

(Public), 73-88.

United States Report on, 20, 75, 220.

Louis XVI., his books during his captivity, 43.
Lubbock's (Sir John), List of Books, 227-244.

Index. 247

Maitland Club, 187.

Manx Society, 202.

Middlesex County Record Society, 215.

Motett Society, 194.

Musical Antiquarian Society, 194.

Napoleon's Libraries, 44.

Naude, Gilbert, 9.

Novels, One Hundred Good, 138.

in Public Libraries, 81.

Oriental Texts, Society for the Publication of, 194.

Oriental Translation Fund, 189.

Ossianic Society, 202.

Oxford Historical Society, 215.

Palasographical Society, 213.

Palseontographical Society, 200.

Parker Society, 192.

Percy Society, 193.

Perkins's Best Reading, 8.

Philobiblon Society, 201.

Pipe Roll Society, 215.

Positivist Library, 131.

Printers, Bibliographies of celebrated, 176.

Ray Society, 198.

Reference, Books of, 91-129.

Roxburghe Club, 185.

Roxburghe Library, 209.

Sales, How to Buy at, 63.

Shakespeare Society, 193.

Shakspere (New) Society, 21 1.

Societies (Publishing), 184-216.

Spalding Club, 191.

Spenser Society, 209.

Spottiswoode Society, 195.

Stevens (Henry), "My English Library," 6.

, his paper on Mr. James Lenox, 55, 64.




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Online LibraryHenry Benjamin WheatleyHow to form a library; → online text (page 12 of 12)