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Handbook of Contemporary Biography.

By Frederick Martin. London, 1870. Sm. 8vo.

Men of the Time : a Dictionary of Con-
temporaries. Eleventh edition. Revised by Thompson
Cooper. London, 1884. Sm. 8vo. A volume of
1168 pages should contain a fair representation of the
men of the day, and yet it is ludicrously incomplete.
The literary side is as much overdone as the scientific
side is neglected. This is not the place to make a list
of shortcomings, but it will probably astonish most
of our readers to learn that such eminent Men of the
Time as Sir Frederick Abel, Sir Frederick Bramwell,
and the late Dr. W. B Carpenter are not mentioned.
As this book has as a high reputation, the editor
should thoroughly revise it for a new edition.

Men of the Reign. A Biographical Dic-
tionary of Eminent Characters of both Sexes, who
have died during the reign of Queen Victoria. Edited
by T. Humphry Ward. (Uniform with " Men of the
Time.") London, 1885.

96 How to Form a Library.

Biography. Dictionnaire Universel des Contem-
porains. . . . Par G. Vapereau. Cinquieme edition.
Paris, 1880. 8vo.

Supplement. Oct. 1881.

Biographic Nationale des Contemporains,

redigee par une Societe de Gens de Lettres sous la
direction de M. Ernest Glaeser. Paris, 1878. Royal

Dictionnaire General de Biographie Con-

temporaine Frangaise et Etrangere. Par Ad. Bitard.
Paris, 1878. Svo.

To this list of Contemporary Biography

may be added the Indexes of Obituary Notices
published by the Index Society.

(Bishops.) Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanas, or a Calendar
of the principal Ecclesiastical Dignitaries in England
and Wales, and of the chief officers in the Universities
of Oxford and Cambridge, from the earliest time to
the year 1715. Compiled by John Le Neve. Cor-
rected and continued from 1715 to the present time
by T. Duffus Hardy. Oxford, 1854. 3 vols. Svo.

Fasti Ecclesise Hibernicse. The Succession

of the Prelates and Members of Cathedral Bodies in
Ireland. By Henry Cotton, D.C.L. Dublin,
1847-60. 5 vols. Svo.

(Lawyers.) Lives of the Chief Justices of England.
By John Lord Campbell. Second edition. London,
1858. 3 vols. Svo.

Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers

Private Libraries. 97

of the Great Seal of England. By John Lord Campbell.
Fourth edition. London, 1856. 10 vols. Sm. 8vo.
(Scientific Men. ) Poggendorff (J. C). Biogra-
phisch-Literarisches Handwb'rterbuch zur Geschichte
der exacten Wissenschaften, enthaltend Nachweis-
ungen iiber Lebensverhaltnisse und Leistungen von
Mathematikern, Astronomen, Physikern, Chemikern,
Mineralogen, Geologen u. s. \v. aller Volker und
Zeiten. Leipzig, 1863. Roy. 8vo.

(Cambridge.'] Athene Cantabrigienses. By Charles
Henry Cooper, F.S.A., and Thompson Cooper.
Cambridge, 1858-61. Vol. I. 1500-1585. Vol. II.
1586-1609. 8vo.

Graduati Cantabrigienses, 1760-1856. Cura

Joseph! Romilly, A.M. Cantabrigise, 1856.

Graduati Cantabrigienses, 1800-1884. Cura

Henrici Richardo Luard, S.T.P. Cantabrigian, 1884.

(Oxford.} Athenae and Fasti Oxonienses. By Ant.
a Wood. New edition, with Notes, Additions, and
Continuation by the Rev. Dr. P. Bliss. 4 vols. 410.

Catalogue of all Graduates in the University

of Oxford, 1659-1850. Oxford, 1851. 8vo.

(Dublin.} A Catalogue of Graduates who have
proceeded to degrees in the University of Dublin from
the earliest recorded Commencements to July, 1866,
with Supplement to December 16, 1868. Dublin,
1869. 8vo. Vol. II. 1868-1883. Dublin, 1884. Svo.

98 How to Form a Library.

(Eton.'] Alumni Etoner.ses, or a Catalogue of the
Provosts and Fellows of Eton College and King's
College, Cambridge, from the Foundation in 1443 to
the Year 1797. By Thomas Harwood. Birmingham,
1797. 4to.

(Westminster.') The List of the Queen's Scholars
of St. Peter's College, Westminster, admitted on that
Foundation since 1663, and of such as have been
thence elected to Christ Church, Oxford, and Trinity
College, Cambridge, from the Foundation by Queen
Elizabeth, 1561, to the present time. Collected by
Joseph Welch. A new edition . . . by an old King's
Scholar. London, 1852. Roy. 8vo.

Botany. An Encyclopcedia of Trees and Shrubs ;
being the Arboretum et Fruticetum Britannicum
abridged . . . By J. C. Loudon. London, 1842. 8vo.

. Loudon's Encyclopaedia of Plants . . . New

edition corrected to the present time. Edited by Mrs.
Loudon. London, 1855. 8vo.

The Vegetable Kingdom ; or the structure,

classification and uses of plants, illustrated upon the
natural system. By John Lindley, Ph.D., F.R.S.
Third edition. London, 1853. Svo.

International Dictionary of Plants in Latin,

German, English and French, for Botanists, and
especially Horticulturists, Agriculturists, Students of
Forestry and Pharmaceutists, by Dr. William Ulrich.
Leipzig, 1872. Svo.

Private Libraries. 99

Botany. Topographical Botany : being Local and
Personal Records towards shewing the distribution
of British Plants traced through 112 counties and
vice-counties of England, Wales and Scotland. By
Hewett Cottrell Watson. Second edition, corrected
and enlarged. London, 1883. Svo.

The need of an authoritative list of Botanical
names must be frequently felt by a large number of
writers, those who have but little knowledge of the
science even more than Botanists themselves. The
following work will be found useful for this purpose,
but there is reason to hope that a much larger and
more exhaustive list will shortly be published, as Mr.
Daydon Jackson, Secretary of the Linnean Society, is,
we believe, now engaged upon such a work. ' ' No-
menclator Botanicus seu Synonymia Plantarum
Universalis .... Autore Ernesto Theoph. Steudel ;
editio secunda, Stuttgartiae et Tubingae, 1841." Royal

Cards. Facts and Speculations on the Origin and
History of Playing Cards. By William Andrew
Chatto. London, 1848. Svo.

A Descriptive Catalogue of Playing and

other Cards in the British Museum, accompanied
by a Concise General History of the Subject, and
Remarks on Cards of Divination and of a Politico-
Historical Character. By William Hughes Willshire,
M.D. Printed by order of the Trustees, 1876.
Royal Svo.

loo How to Form a Library.

Chemistry. A Dictionary of Chemistry and the
allied Branches of other Sciences, founded on that
of the late Dr. Ure. By Henry Watts. 1863-68.
5 vols. 8vo. Supplement, 1872. Second Supple-
ment, 1879. Third Supplement, 1879-81. 2 vols.

Handbook of Modern Chemistry, Inorganic

and Organic, for the use of Students. By Charles
MeymottTidy, M.B., F.C.S. London, 1878. 8vo.

Handbook of Chemistry. By L. Gmelin.

Trans, by H. Watts. London, 1848-67. 17 vols. 8vo.

Industrial Chemistry, based upon the German

edition of Payen's "Precis de Chimie Industrielle,"
edited by B. H. Paul. London, 1878.

A Treatise on Chemistry. By [Sir] H. E.

Roscoe and C. Schorlemmer. London. 8vo.

Coins. A Numismatic Manual. By John Yonge
Akerman, F.S.A. London, 1840. 8vo.

The Silver Coins of England arranged and

described by E. Hawkins. London, 1841. 8vo.

The Gold Coins of England arranged and

described, being a sequel to Mr. Hawkins's Silver
Coins of England, by his grandson, Robert Lloyd
Kenyon. London, 1880. 8vo.

Commerce. A Dictionary, Practical, Theoretical,
and Historical, of Commerce and Commercial Naviga-
tion. By the late J. R. McCulloch. Latest edition
by A. J. Wilson. London, 1882. 8vo.

History of British Commerce, 1763-1870.

By Leone Levi. London, 1872. 8vo.

Private Libraries. 101


Aristophanes. A Complete Concordance to the
Comedies and Fragments of Aristophanes. By Henry
Dunbar, M.D. Oxford, 1883. 4to.

Bible. A complete Concordance to the Holy
Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. By
Alexander Cruden, M.A. London, 1737. 4to.
Second edition 1761, third edition 1769; this is the
last corrected by the author. Most of the Concord-
ances published since are founded upon Cruden.

An Analytical Concordance to the Holy

Scriptures, or the Bible presented under distinct and
classified heads of topics. Edited by John Eadie,
D.D., LL.D. London and Glasgow, 1856. 8vo.

Homer. A Complete Concordance to the Iliad of
Homer. By Guy Lushington Prendergast. London,
1875. 4to.

A Complete Concordance to the Odyssey

and Hymns of Homer, to which is added a Concord-
ance to the parallel passages in the Iliad, Odyssey
and Hymns. By Henry Dunbar, M.D. Oxford,
1880. 410.

Milton. A Complete Concordance to the Poetical
Works of- Milton. By Guy Lushington Prendergast,
Madras Civil Service. Madras, 1857. 410. Originally
published in 12 parts.

A Complete Concordance to the Poetical

Works of John Milton. By Charles Dexter Cleveland,
LL.D. London, 1867. Sm. 8vo.

IO2 How to Form a Library.

The Rev. H. J. Todd compiled a verbal Index
to the whole of Milton's Poetry, which was ap-
pended to the second edition of his life of the Poet

Pope.k. Concordance to the Works of Alexander
Pope. By Edwin Abbott, with an Introduction
by Edwin A. Abbott, D.D. London, 1875. Royal

Shakespeare. The Complete Concordance to
Shakspere : being a verbal Index to all the passages
in the dramatic works of the Poet. By Mrs. Cowden
Clarke. London, 1845. Royal 8vo.

Shakespeare-Lexicon : a Complete Dic-
tionary of all the English words, phrases and con-
structions in the works of the poet. By Dr. Alexander
Schmidt. (Berlin and London), 1874. 2 vols. royal

A Concordance to Shakespeare's Poems :

an Index to every word therein contained. By Mrs.
Horace Howard Furness. Philadelphia, 1874.

A Handbook Index to the Works of

Shakespeare, including references to the phrases,
manners, customs, proverbs, songs, particles, etc.,
which are used or alluded to by the great Dramatist.
By J.O. Halliwell, Esq., F.R.S. London, 1866. 8vo.
Only fifty copies printed.

Tennyson. A Concordance of the entire works of
Alfred Tennyson, P.L., D.C.L., F.R.S. By D.
Barron Brightwell. London, 1869. Svo.

Private Libraries. 103

Tennyson. Concordance to the works of Alfred
Tennyson, Poet Laureate. London, 1870. "The
Holy Grail," etc., is indexed separately.

AnIndexto"InMemoriam." London,i862.

Costume. A Cyclopcedia of Costume or Dictionary
of Dress, including Notices of Contemporaneous
Fashions on the Continent. ... By James Robinson
Planche, Somerset Herald. London, 1876-79. 2
vols. 4to. Vol. I. Dictionary. Vol. II. General
History of Costume in Europe.

Councils. Councils and Ecclesiastical Documents
relating to Great Britain and Ireland. Edited after
Spelman and Wilkins, by Arthur West Haddan,
B.D., and William Stubbs, M.A. Oxford, 1869.
Vol. II. Part I. 1873. Vol. III. 1871. 8vo.

England's Sacred Synods. A Constitu-
tional History of the Convocations of the Clergy from
the earliest Records of Christianity in Britain to the
date of the promulgation of the present Book of
Common Prayer, including a List of all Councils,
Ecclesiastical as well as Civil, held in England in
which the Clergy have been concerned. By James
Wayland Joyce, M.A. London, 1855. 8vo.

Dates. See History.


(English.) One of the most useful English
Dictionaries is the "Imperial Dictionary" by Ogilvie,

IO4 How to Form a Library.

which has been edited with great care by Charles
Annandale. 1 The vocabulary is very full, the ety-
mology is trustworthy, and the definitions are clear
and satisfactory. The engravings which are inter-
spersed with the text are excellent, and greatly add to
the utility of the Dictionary.

For years preparations have been made for a
Standard English Dictionary, and at last the work
has been commenced under the able editorship of Dr.
James A. H. Murray. In 1857, on the suggestion of
Archbishop Trench, the Philological Society undertook
the preparation of a Dictionary, " which by the com-
pleteness of its vocabulary, and by the application of
the historical method to the life and use of words,
might be worthy of the English language and ot
English scholarship." The late Mr. Herbert Coleridge
and Dr. Furnivall undertook the editorship, and a
large number of volunteers came forward to read
books and extract quotations. Mr. Coleridge died
in the midst of his work, and upon Dr. Furnivall
devolved the entire editorship in addition to his
other onerous duties as Secretary of the Philological
Society. He projected the admirable system of sub-
editing, which proved so successful. As the work
proceeded several of the most energetic and most

1 The Imperial Dictionary of the English Language: a
Complete Encyclopaedic Lexicon, Literary, Scientific, and
Technological. By John Ogilvie, LL.D. New edition.
Carefully revised and greatly augmented, edited by Charles
Annandale, M.A. London, 1882-83. 4 vols. Imp. 8vo.

Private Libraries. 105

competent workers undertook to sub-edit the materials
already collected, each one taking a separate letter of the
alphabet. Some two million quotations were amassed,
but still the man was wanting who would devote his
life to forming the Dictionary from these materials.
In course of time Dr. Murray came forward, and in
1878 he prepared some specimens for submission to
the Delegates of the Clarendon Press, who agreed to
publish the Dictionary The first part was published
in 1884, and the second in 1885. l It is hoped that in
future it will be possible to issue a part every six
months. At present the alphabet is carried down to
Batten. This is one of the most magnificent pieces of
work that has ever been produced in any country, and
it is an honour to every one concerned. To the
Philological Society who conceived it, to Dr. Murray
and his staff who have devoted so much labour and
intellect to its production, and to the Clarendon
Press who have published it to the world. It is,
moreover, an honour to the country which now pos-
sesses a well-grounded hope of having, at no distant
day, the finest Historical Dictionary ever produced.

In this connection the Encyclopedic Dictionary^
now in course of publication by Messrs. Cassell,
should be mentioned as a valuable work.

1 A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles,
founded mainly on the materials collected by the Philological
Society. Edited by Tames A. H. Murray, LL.U., with the
assistance of many Scholars and Men of Science. Oxford.
Clarendon Press. Royal 410.

io6 How to Form a Library.

Up to a few years ago it was impossible to
obtain any satisfactory etymological information on
English words from our Dictionaries. Mr. Hensleigh
Wedgwood partly removed this reproach by the
publication of his very valuable " Dictionary of
English Etymology" in I859, 1 but in this work Mr.
Wedgwood only dealt with a portion of the vocabulary.
Professor Skeat commenced the publication of
his indispensable "Etymological Dictionary of the
English Language" (Clarendon Press) in 1879, and
in 1884 he produced a second edition. In 1882 Pro-
fessor Skeat published "A Concise Etymological
Dictionary," which is something more than an abridg-
ment, and a book which should find a place in all
libraries of reference.

A Glossarial Index to the Printed English Litera-
ture of the Thirteenth Century. By H. Coleridge.
London, 1859. 8vo. This was one of the earliest
publications which grew out of the preparations for
the great Philological Society's Dictionary. Strat-
mann's Dictionary of the Old English Language
(third edition, Krefeld, 1878) is an indispensable
work. A new edition, prepared by Mr. H. Bradley,
is about to be issued by the Clarendon Press.

Of single volume Dictionaries, Mr. Hyde Clarke's

"New and Comprehensive Dictionary of the

English Language as spoken and written " in Weale's

Educational Series (price 3^. 6d.} is one of the most

1 A second edition appeared in 1871-72.

Private Libraries. 107

valuable. I have time after time found words there
which I have searched for in vain in more important
looking Dictionaries. Mr. Clarke claims that he was
the first to raise the number of words registered in an
English Dictionary to 100,000.

The Rev. James Stormonth's ' * Dictionary of the
English Language, Pronouncing, Etymological, and
Explanatory,'' is a work of great value. It is so
well arranged and printed that it becomes a pleasure
to consult it.

Those who are interested in Dialects will require
all the special Dictionaries which have been pub-
lished, and these may be found in the Bibliography
now being compiled by the English Dialect Society,
but those who do not make this a special study will
be contented with "A Dictionary of Archaic and
Provincial Words, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, and
Ancient Customs, from the Fourteenth Century, by
J. O. Halliwell" (fifth edition, London, 1865, 2 vols.
8vo.), which is well-nigh indispensable to all. Nares's
Glossary (1822-46, new edition, by J. O. Halliwell
and T. Wright, 2 vols. 8vo. 1859) is also required
by those who make a study of Old English Literature.

The following is a short indication of some
of the most useful working Dictionaries :

Arabic. Lane.

Greek. Liddell & Scott's Greek-English Lexicon,
both in 4to. and in abridged form in square I2mo.

loS How to Form a Library.

Latin. The Clarendon Press publish a Latin
Dictionary founded on Andrews's edition of Freund,
and edited by C. T. Lewis and C. Short, which is of
great value. Smith's Dictionary, both the large
edition and the smaller one, and that of Riddle are good.

French. The Dictionaries of Fleming and Tibbins,
and Spiers, keep up their character, but for idioms the
International French and English Dictionary of
Hamilton and Legros is the best. For smaller
Dictionaries Cassell's is both cheap and good.
Bellows's Pocket Dictionary has obtained consider-
able fame, but those who use it need a good eyesight
on account of the smallness of the type. It is, how-
ever, beautifully printed. The Standard French
Dictionaries of that language alone are the noble
work of Littre and the excellent Dictionary of
Poitevin (2 vols. 4to.). For early French Godefroy's
elaborate work, which is now in progress, must be

German. Fluegel'sGerman and English Dictionary
still holds its own, but Koehler's Dictionary is also
excellent. Hilpert's and Lucas's Dictionaries, both
good ones, are now out of print. Of Standard German
Dictionaries Grimm's great work is still in progress.
Sanders's Dictionary is also of great value.

Danish and Norwegian. The Dictionary by Ferrall,
Repp, Rosing and Larsen is good.

Dutch. Calisch (2 vols. Svo. 1875).

Hebrew. Fuerst, Gesenius.

Private Libraries. 109

Icelandic. Vigfusson.

Italian. Baretti's Dictionary still keeps up its
character, but Millhouse's work is also good.
Portuguese. Vieyra.
Russian. Alexandrow.

Sanscrit. Monier Williams. Boehtlingk and Roth.
Pali. Child ers.

Spanish. Neumann and Baretti, and also Velasquez.
Swedish. Oman.

Drama. Biographia Dramatica ; or a Companion
to the Playhouse . . . originally compiled in the year
1764 by David Erskine Baker, continued thence to
1782 by Isaac Reed, and brought down to the end
of November, 1811 ... by Stephen Jones. London,
1812. 3 vols. 8vo.

A Dictionary of Old English Plays existing

either in print or in manuscript, from the earliest times
to the close of the seventeenth century ; by James O.
Halliwell, Esq., F.R.S. London, 1860. 8vo.

Drugs. Pharmacographia : a History of the Prin-
cipal Drugs of Vegetable Origin met with in Great
Britain and British India. By Friedrich A. Fliickiger,
Ph.D., and Daniel Hanbury, F.R.S. Second edition.
London, 1879. 8vo.

Ecclesiology. Dictionary of Doctrinal and Historical
Theology. Edited by the Rev. J. H. Blunt, M.A.
Second edition. London, 1872. Imp. 8vo.

1 10 How to Form a Library.

Ecclesiology. Dictionary of Christian Antiquities.
EyWilliam Smith, LL.D., and Professor S. Cheatham.
London, 1876-80. 2 vols. royal 8vo.

Dictionary of Sects, Heresies, Ecclesiastical

Parties, and Schools of Religious Thought. Edited
by the Rev. John Henry Blunt, M.A. London, 1874.
Imp. 8vo.

Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and

Costume, compiled from Ancient Authorities and
Examples. By A. Welby Pugin, Architect. . . .
Enlarged and revised by the Rev. Bernard Smith, M.A.
Third edition. London, 1868. 4to.

A Glossary of Liturgical and Ecclesiastical

Terms. Compiled and arranged by the Rev. Frederick
George Lee, D.C.L. London, 1877. Sq. 8vo.

See Ritual.

Encyclopedias. The Encyclopedia Britannica, or
a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and General Literature.
Ninth edition. Edinburgh, 1875. 4to. Now in course
of publication.

Encyclopaedia Metropolitana, or Universal

Dictionary of Knowledge. . . . London, 1815-41.
26 vols. 4to.

Chambers's Encyclopaedia. 10 vols. royal


Dictionary of Science, Literature, and Art.

By W. T. Brande. 1842. New edition, edited by
the Rev. J. W. Cox. London, 1 866 67. 3 vols.

Private Libraries. 1 1 1

Encyclopedias. Rees's Cyclopaedia (39 vols., plates
6 vols. 1820, 4to. ) can be bought excessively cheap, and
is well worth a place in a library where room can be
found for it, as many of its articles have never been

Grand Dictionnaire Universel du XIX s

Siecle Fran9ais, Historique, Geographique, Mytho-
logique, Bibliographique, Litteraire, Artistique,
Scientifique, etc. . . . Par Pierre Larousse. Paris,
1866-76. 15 vols. 4to. Supplement, tome 16, 1878.

Dictionnaire Universel des Sciences, des

Lettres et des Arts . . . redige avec la collaboration
d'Auteurs speciauxpar M. N. Bouillet . . . douzieme
edition. Paris, 1877. 8vo.

Geography. A General Dictionary of Geography,
descriptive, physical, statistical, historical, forming
a complete Gazetteer of the World. By A. Keith
Johnston. New edition. London, 1877. 8vo.

The Library Cyclopaedia of Geography, de-
scriptive, physical, political and historical, forming a
New Gazetteer of the World. By James Bryce, M. A.
and Keith Johnston. London, iSSo. Royal 8vo.

Index Geographicus, being a List alpha-
betically arranged of the principal places on the
Globe, with the countries and sub-divisions of the
countries in which they are situated and their latitudes
and longitudes. Compiled specially with reference to
Keith Johnston's Royal Atlas, but applicable to all
modern atlases and maps. Edinburgh, 1864. Roy. 8vo.

112 How to Form a L ibrary.

Geography. Etymologisch-GeographischesLexikon.
Separat-Ausgabe des iexikalischen Theils der Nomina
Geographica von Dr. J J. Egli. Leipzig, 1880.
Royal 8vo.

Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography,

by various writers, edited by Dr. W. Smith. London,
1852. 2 vols. 8vo.

(Scotland.) Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland. A
Survey of Scottish Topography, statistical, bio-
graphical and historical. Edited by Francis H.
Groome. Edinburgh, 1884. Vol. I, roy. 8vo.

(France.} Santini. Dictionnaire General . . des
Communes de France et des Colonies. Paris, 8vo.

Dictionnaire des Postes de la Republique

Franchise. 6 e edition. Rennes, 1881. Roy. 8vo.

(Italy.} II Libro de Comuni del Regno d' Italia.
Compilato sopra element! official! da Achille Moltedo.
Napoli, 1873. Roy. 8vo.

(United States.) The National Gazetteer, a Geo-
graphical Dictionary of the United States . . . By L.
de Colange, LL.D. London, 1884. Roy. Svo.

(India.) Cyclopaedia of India and of Eastern and
Southern Asia, Commercial, Industrial, and Scientific.
. . . Edited by Edward Balfour. . . . Second edition.
Madras, 1871-73. 5 vols. Roy. Svo. Third edition.
London, 1885. 3 vols. The first edition was published
in 1858, and two Supplements in 1862.

Geology. A Catalogue of British Fossils : com-
prising the Genera and Species hiiherto described,

Private Libraries. 113

with references to their geological distribution. . . .
By John Morris, F.G.S. Second edition. London,
1854. 8vo.

Geology. Principles of Geology. By Sir Charles
Lyell. loth edition. London, 1867-8. 2 vols. 8vo.

Manual of Elementary Geology. By Sir

Charles Lyell. London, 1865. 8vo.

History. Blair's Chronological and Historical
Tables from the Creation to the present times. . . .
[Edited by Sir Henry Ellis.] Imp. 8vo. London,

Atlas Universel d'Histoire et de Geographie

contenant i e la Chronologic. . . . 2 e la Geneologie
. . . 3 e la Geographie. . . . Par M. N. Bouillet.
Deuxieme e'dition. Paris, 1872. 8vo.

Dictionnaire Universel d'Histoire et de

Geographie contenant i e 1'Histoire proprement dite.
. . . 2 e la Biographic Universelle. ... 3 la Mytho-
logie. . . . 4 e la Geographie ancienne et moderne.
Par M. N. Bouillet . . . ouvrage revu et continue
par A Chassang. Nouvelle edition (vingt-cinquieme),
avec un Supplement. Paris, 1876. 8vo.

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