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kendste . . . Nederduitsche Boeken . . . 1600 tot 1761.
Nu overzien en tot het jaar 1787 vermeerderd door
R. Arrenberg. Rotterdam, 1788. 4to.

Alphabetische Naamlijst van Boeken 1790

tot 1832, Amsterdam, 1835. 4to. 1833-1875. Amster-
dam, 1858-78. 3 vols. 4to.

Wetenschappelijk Register behoorende bij

Brinkman's Alphabetische Naamlijsten van Boeken
. . . 1850-75 . . . bewerkt door R. van der Meulen.
Amsterdam, 1878. 4to.

3 Bibliographic de Belgique. Journal Officiel de
la Librairie. Annee I. Bruxelles, 1876. 8vo.

4 GAMBA (B.). Serie del testi di Lingua Italiana
e di altri opere important! nella Italiana letteratura
del Secolo XV al XIX. Quarta edizione. Venezia,
1839. 8vo.

6 BERTOCCI (D. G.). Repertorio bibliografico delle
opere stampate in Italia nel Secolo XIX. Vol. I.
Roma, 1876. 8vo.

General Bibliographies. 157

a public office publishes the Bibliografia

Spain is fortunate in possessing a splendid
piece of bibliography in the great works of
Antonio. 2 Some years ago, when I was
occupied in cataloguing one of the chief
collections of Spanish books in this country,
I was in the daily habit of consulting these
Bibliothecas, and while comparing the books
themselves with the printed titles, I seldom
found a mistake. Hidalgo's 3 work and the
Boletin 4 show that at the present time

1 Bibliografia Italiana: Giornale compilato sui docu-
ment! communicati dal Ministero dell' Istruzione Pub-
blica. Anno 1-14. 1867-80. Fir enze, 1 868-81. 8vo.
In progress.

2 ANTONIO (N.). Bibliotheca Hispana Vetus sive
Hispani Scriptores ... ad annum Christi 1500
floruerunt. Matriti, 1788. 2. vols. Folia.

Bibliotheca Hispana Nova sive Hispanorum

Script orum qui ab anno 1500 ad 1684 floruere notitia.
Matriti, 1783-1788. 2 vols. Folio.

3 HIDALGO (D.). Diccionario general de Biblio-
grafia Espanola. Madrid, 1862-79. 6 vols. Svo.

4 Boletin de la Libreria. Ano I. 1873. Madrid,
1874. Svo. In progress.

158 How to Form a Library.

bibliography is not neglected in that

The works of Barbosa Machado l and
Silva 2 show that Portugal is not behind
the sister kingdom in the love for biblio-

Bibliographies of other countries might
be mentioned here, but space will not
permit. There is one branch of general
bibliography to which special attention
has been paid for a long period of years.
O. Placcius published his Theatrum Anony-
morum et Pseudonymorum at Hamburgh in
1674 (znd ed. 1708). Villani continued the
record of pseudonymous literature by pub-
lishing at Parma, in 1689, a small volume
entitled La Visiera alzata. J C. Mylius
published his Bibliotheca Anonymorum et
Pseudonymorum at Hamburgh in 1 740.

1 BARBOSA MACHADO (D.). Bibliotheca Lusitana,
historica, critica e cronologica. Na qual se compre-
hende a noticia dos authores Portuguezes, e das obras
que compuserao. Lisboa, 1741-59. 4 vols. Folio.

2 SILVA (J. F. DA). Diccionario bibliographico
Portuguez. Lisboa, 1858-70. Tom. 1-9. 8vo.

General Bibliographies. 159

Barbier's great work on the Anonymous
in French Literature was first published in
1 806-8, the second edition appeared in 1822-
27, and the third in 1872-78, as a continua-
tion to the second edition of Querard's
Les Supercheries Lit I drains. Querard's work
is more curious than useful, because the
author has entered into minute questions
of authorship which do not really belong
to the domain of bibliography. Manne's
volume (1834) is not of much value.
Lancetti published an octavo volume on
Pseudonyms in Italian (1836), but Barbier's
work was not worthily imitated in any other
country until Mr. Paterson commenced the
publication of the very valuable work of the
late Mr. Halkett. 1

1 A Dictionary of the Anonymous and Pseudonym-
ous Literature of Great Britain, including the works
of Foreigners written in or translated into the English
Language. By the late Samuel Halkett, and the late
Rev. John Laing. Edinburgh (William Paterson),
1882-85. Vols. I, 2, 3 (to Tis).


IIBLIOGRAPHIES of special sub-
jects are more useful than any
other books in the formation of a
library. The articles in the new edition of
the Encyclopedia Brilannica will be found
valuable for this purpose, but those who
wish for fuller information must refer to
Dr. Julius Petzholdt's elaborate Bibliotheca
Bibliographica (Leipzig, 1866), or to the
Bibliographic des Bibliographies of M. Leon
Vall6e (Paris, 1885). The late Mr. Cornelius
Walford contributed a paper " On Special
Collections of Books " to the Transactions
of the Conference of Librarians, 1877
(pp. 45-49), in which he specially referred
to the subject of Insurance.

Special Bibliographies. 1 6 1

In the present chapter I propose to refer
to some of the most useful bibliographies,
but to save space the full titles will not be
given, and this is the less necessary as
they can mostly be found in the above
books or in that useful little volume we owe
to the authorities of the British Museum
" Hand-list of Bibliographies, Classified
Catalogues, and Indexes placed in the
Reading-room," 1881.

Agriculture. Western's Tracts on Practical Agricul-
ture and Gardening (1773), contains a Chronological
Catalogue of English Authors, and Donaldson's
Agricultural Biography (1854) brings the subject down
to a later date. Victor Donatien de Musset-Pathay
published a Bibliographic Agronotnique in 1810, and
Louclon's Encyclopedia of Agriculture contains the
Literature and Bibliography of Agriculture, British,
French, German, and American.

Ana. In Peignot's Repertoire de Bibliographies
Spcciales (1810) will be found at pp. 211-268, a list of
books of Ana, and Gabriel Antoine Joseph Hecart
published at Valenciennes, 1821, under the name
of J. G. Phitakaer, a bibliography entitled "Ana-
grapheana." Namur's Bibliographic dcs Ouvrages
publics sous le nom d 1 Ana was published at Bruxelles
in 1839. The late Sir William Stirling Maxwell


1 62 How to Form a Library.

made a collection of books of Ana. a privately printed
catalogue of which he issued in 1860.

Angling. Sir Henry Ellis printed privately in 181 1
a small octavo pamphlet of 21 pages which he entitled
"A Catalogue of Books on Angling, with some brief
notices of several of their authors," which was an
extract from the British Bibliographer. In 1836,
Pickering printed a Bibliotheca Piscatoria, which was
formed upon Sir Henry Ellis's corrected copy of the
above Catalogue. Mr. J. Russell Smith published in
1856 "A Bibliographical Catalogue of English writers
on Angling and Ichthyology," which was soon super-
ceded by the following work by Mr. T. Westwood.
*' A new Bibliotheca Piscatoria, or a general Catalogue
of Angling and Fishing Literature." London, 1861
(another edition, edited conjointly with T. Satchell,
1883). Mr. R. Blakey published in 1855, "Angling
Literature of all Nations." London, 1855. I2mo.
Mr. J. J. Manley, M.A., published in 1883,
" Literature of Sea and River Fishing," as one of the
Handbooks of the International Fisheries Exhibition.

Architecture. LACROIX (E.). Bibliographic des
Ingenieurs, des Architectes, des Chefs d'Usines
industrielles, des Eleves des Ecoles polytechniques
et professionnelles et des Agriculteurs. Premiere
( Troisieme) Serie. Paris, 1864-67. 4to.

Assurance (Life). Lewis Pocock published "A
Chronological List of Books and Single Papers"
relating to this subject in 1836, a second edition of
which was published in 1842.

Special Bibliographies. 163

Astronomy. Lalande published his valuable "Bib-
liographic Astronomique " at Paris, 1803. Otto
Struve's Catalogue of the Library of the Pulkova
Observatory, published at St. Petersburg in 1860, is
highly esteemed by astronomers. The first part of
the Catalogue of the United States Naval Observatory
at Washington, by Prof. E. S. Holden, is devoted to
Astronomical Bibliography.


Bibliographic generale de 1'Astronomie. Bruxelles,
1880. 8vo. In progress.

Mr. E. B. Knobel, Secretary of the Royal

Astronomical Society, printed in the Monthly Notices
of that Society for November, 1876 (pp. 365-392),
a very useful short Reference Catalogue of Astro-
nomical Papers and Researches, referring more
especially to (i) Double Stars; (2) Variable Stars;
(3) Red Stars ; (4) Nebulae and Clusters ; (5) Proper
Motions of Stars ; (6) Parallax and Distance of Stars ;
(7) Star Spectra. Mr. E. S. Holden's " Index Cata-
logue of Books and Memoirs relating to Nebulae and
Clusters of Stars" was printed in the Smithsonian
Miscellaneous Collections in 1877.

Bible. The famous Le Long published at Paris,
in 1713, his "Discours historiques sur les principales
editions des Bibles polyglottes," and in 1723, in two
volumes, folio, his great work " Bibliotheca Sacra."
This was edited and continued by A. G. Masch, and
published at Halse Magd. in five volumes, quarto.

164 How to Form a Library.

I774-97- T. Llewelyn published in 1768 " Historical
Account of the British or Welsh Versions and editions
of the Bible." A privately printed "List of various
editions of the Bible" was issued in 1778, which has been
attributed to Dr. Ducarel. John Lewis's "Complete
History of the several Translations of the Holy Bible
and New Testament into English" was published
in 1818, and Dr. Henry Cotton's "List of Editions"
(Oxford, 1821, 2nd edition, 1852) was intended as
an Appendix to that work. Orme's Bibliotheca
Biblica was published at Edinburgh in 1824, and
Hartwell Home's Manual of Biblical Bibliography
at London in 1839. Bagster's Bible in Every Land
(1848), although not strictly bibliographical, must
be mentioned here, because it gives under each
language a notice of all versions published in that
language. Lowndes' British Librarian or Book Col-
lector's Guide. Class I. Religion and its History.
London, 1839. 8vo. Parts I, 2, 3 are devoted to
Holy Scriptures, Biblical Commentaries, Biblical
Disquisitions, Scripture Biography, Scripture Geo-
graphy, etc. The work itself was left incomplete
Dr. H. Cotton published at Oxford, in 1855,
a work entitled " Rhemes and Doway. An
Attempt to show what has been done by Roman
Catholics for the diffusion of the Holy Scriptures in
English." In 1859 J. G. Shea published at New
York a "Bibliographical Account of Catholic Bibles,
Testaments, and other portions of Scripture translated

Special Bibliographies. 165

from the Latin Vulgate, and printed in the United
States," and in 1861 E. B. O'Callaghan published at
Albany a "List of editions of the Holy Scriptures
and parts thereof, printed in America previous to
1860." E. Reuss published at Brunswick, in 1872,
a Bibliography of the Greek New Testament. Dr.
Isaac Hall printed a Critical Bibliography of
American Greek Testaments at Philadelphia in
1883. Mr. Henry Stevens, the eminent biblio-
grapher, is a special authority on Bibles, and his
work, entitled "The Bibles in the Caxton Exhibition,
1877, or a bibliographical description of nearly one
thousand representative Bibles in various languages,
chronologically arranged" (London, 1878), contains
some of the information he possesses.

Biography, Oettinger's Bibliographie Biographique
Universelle (1854) is a most useful work, although it
is now unfortunately somewhat out of date.

Book-keeping. B. F. Foster's Origin and Progress
of Book-keeping (1852) contains an account of books
published on this subject from 1543 to 1852.

Botany. Pritzel's Thesaurus Literatures Botanies
(1851, another edition 1872-77) is the Bibliography of
the subject, and this work is supplemented by Mr.
Daydon Jackson's Index of Botany, published by the
Index Society. Trimen's Botanical Bibliography of
the British counties, London, 1874. 8vo.

Chemistry. R. Ruprecht, Bibliotheca Chemica et
rharmaceutica, 1858-70. Gottingen, 1872.

1 66 How to Form a Library.

Classics. Dr. Edward Harwood published his
"View of the various editions of the Greek and
Roman Classics" in 1790. He was followed in 1802
by Thomas Frognall Dibdin, whose work was much
enlarged, and reappeared in several editions ; the fourth
and best being published in 1827 (2 vols. 8vo.). J.
W. Moss published his "Manual of Classical Biblio-
graphy 1 ' in 1825, 2 vols. 8vo. Henry G. Bonn's
General Catalogue, Part II. Section I. 1850, contains
a valuable list of Greek and Latin Classics.
Engelmann's Bibliotheca Scriptorum Classicorum et
Grsecorum et Latinorum (1858) is an elaborate work
on the subject, and Professor John E. B. Mayor's
translation and adaptation of Dr. Hiibner's Biblio-
graphical Clue to Latin Literature will be found to
be a very useful handbook.
Commerce. See Trade.

Dialects. Mr. J. Russell Smith published, in 1839,
a useful "Bibliographical List of the Works that
have been published towards illustrating the Pro-
vincial Dialects of England " (24 pages). When the
Rev. Professor Skeat started the English Dialect
Society, he at once laid the foundation of an extensive
Bibliographical List to include MSS. as well as printed
works. This Bibliography is being published by the
Society in parts.

Dictionaries. William Marsden printed privately,
in 1796, a valuable "Catalogue of Dictionaries,
Vocabularies, Grammars, and Alphabets."

Special Bibliographies. 167

Dictionaries. Triibner's Catalogue of Dictionaries
and Grammars (1872, second edition .882) is a very
useful work. H. B. Wheatley's account of English
Dictionaries was published in the Transactions of the
Philological Society for 1865.

Drama. A notice of some books in the English
Drama will be found in Chapter IV. The Bibliolhtqiie
Dramatique de Mons, de Sohinne (1843-44, 5 vols.)
with its continuation to 1 86 1, is a splendid Catalogue,
in which the books are fully described, with valuable
notes and preface.

Earthquakes. Mr. Robert Mallet's Bibliography of
Earthquakes will be found in the British Association
Report for 1858, and Mons. Alexis Perrey's Biblio-
graphic Seismique in the Dijon Memoires for 1855,
1856, and 1861.

Electricity, Sir Francis Ronalds' Catalogue of
Books and Papers relating to Electricity, Magnetism,
and the Electric Telegraph (1880) contains a large
number of titles O. Salle's Bibliography of Electricity
and Magnetism, 1860 to 1883, was published in

Entomology Dr. Hagen's Bibliotheca Entomo-
logica (Leipzig. 1862-63) is a carefully compiled and
useful book

Epigrams, There is a list of books connected with
Epigrammatic Literature appended to The Epigram-
matists, by the Rev. Philip Dodd. Svo. London,

1 68 How to Form a Library.

Fine Art. The First Proofs of the Universal Cata-
logue of Books in Art, compiled for the use of the
National Art Library and the Schools of Art in the
United Kingdom. London, 1870. 2 vols. Sm. 410.
Supplement. London, 1877.

Essai d'une Bibliographic de 1'Histoire

speciale de la Peinture et de la Gravure en Hollande
et en Belgique (1500-1875), par J. F. van Someren,
Amsterdam, 1882. 8vo.

Freemasonry. GOWANS (W.). Catalogue of Books
on Freemasonry and kindred subjects. New York,
1858. 8vo.

HEMSWORTH (H. W.). Catalogue of Books

in the Library at Freemasons' Hall, London. Privately

There is a list of books on Freemasonry in Petz-
holdt's Bibliotheca Bibliographica, pp. 468-474.
Mr. Folkard printed privately a Catalogue of Works
on Freemasonry in the Wigan Free Library in
1882, and in the Annals of the Grand Lodge of
Iowa, Vol. IX. Part I. (1883) is a Catalogue of Works
on this subject in the Library of the Grand Lodge of

Future Life. Catalogue of Works relating to the
Nature, Origin, and Destiny of the Soul, by Ezra
Abbot. Appended to W. R. Alger's Critical History
of the Doctrine of a Future Life. Philadelphia, 1864.
8vo. Reprinted, New York, 1871.

Geography. See Voyages and Travels.

Special Bibliographies. 1 69

Exhibition Library. Division I. Health. Division
II. Education. London, 1884. 8vo.

Heraldry. Thomas Moule's valuable Bibliotheca
Heraldica Magnce Britannia was published in 1822.
There is a "List of the principal English and
Foreign Text-Books on Heraldry " at the end of
The Handbook of Heraldry, by J. E. Cussans,
London, 1869.

History (General}. BRUNET (J. C.). Table
Methodique en forme de Catalogue raisonne, Histoire.
Paris, 1865. 8vo.

OETTINGER (E. M.). Historisches Archiv.

Archives Llstodques, contenant une classification de
17,000 ouvrages pour servir a 1'etude de 1'histoire
de tous les siecles et de toutes les nations. Carlsruhe,
1841. 4to.

(Great Britain and Ireland?) Bishop Nicholson's
English, Scotch, and Irish Historical Libraries, 1776,
will still be found useful. Mr. Mullinger's portion
of the Introduction to the Study of English History
(1881) gives the latest information on the subject. Sir
Duffus Hardy's "Descriptive Catalogue of Materials
relating to the History of Great Britain and Ireland
to the end of the reign of Henry VIII." is an in-
valuable book, but is unfortunately incomplete.

(France.) LELONG (J.). Bibliotheque Historique
(1768-78, 5 vols. folio). "Les Sources de 1'Histoire
cle France," by A. Franklin, was published in 1877.

170 How to Form a Library.

History (Germany.} Bibliographical Essay on the
Scriptores Rerum Germanicarum, by A Asher, was
published in 1843.

(Holland.} NIJHOFF, Bibliotheca Historico-Neer-
landica. La Haye, 1871.

(Italy.} LICHTENTHAL (P.). Manuale Biblio-
grafico del Viaggiatore in Italia. Milano, 1844. A
Catalogue of Sir Richard Colt Hoare's Collection of
Books relating to the Histoi'y and Topography of
Italy was printed in 1812. The Collection was pre-
sented to the British Museum by Hoare in 1825.

(Portugal.} FlGANlERE. Bibliographia Historica
Portugueza, Lisboa, 1850.

(Spain.} MUNOZ Y ROMERO. Diccionario biblio-
grafico-historico . de Espana. Madrid, 1858,

Language. See Dictionaries, Philology.

Law. Mr. Stephen R. Griswold contributed an
article on Law Libraries to the U.S. Report on
Libraries (pp. 161-170). He writes, "Law books
may be classified generally as follows ? Reports,
Treatises, Statute Law. The practice of reporting
the decisions of the Judges began in the reign of
Edward I., and from that time we have a series of
judicial reports of those decisions In the time of
Lord Bacon, these reports extended to fifty or sixty
volumes. During the two hundred and fifty years
that have passed since then, nothing has been done
by way of revision or expurgation ; but these publica-
tions have been constantly increasing, so that at the

Special Bibliographies. 171

close of the year 1874 the published volumes of
reports were as follows : English, 1350 volumes ;
Irish, 175 volumes , Scotch, 225 volumes ; Canadian,
135 volumes ; American, 2400 volumes. With
respect to treatises (including law periodicals and
digests), and without including more than one edition
of the same work, it is safe to say that a fair collection
would embrace at least 2000 volumes. The statute
law of the United States, if confined to the general or
revised statutes and codes, may be brought within 100
volumes. If, however, the sessional acts be included,
the collection would amount to over 150x3 volumes. It
is thus seen that a fairly complete law library would
embrace more than 7o volumes, which could not
be placed upon its shelves for less than 5 O > OO '"

Law. There is a useful list of legal bibliographies
in the " Hand-list of Bibliographies in the Reading-
room of the British Museum." (pp. 40-44). Clarke's
Bibliotheca Legurn, which was compiled by Hartwell
Home (1819), is a valuable work. Marvin's Legal
Bibliography, which was published at Philadelphia in
1847, contains 800 pages. The Catalogue of the Law
Library in the New York State Library (1856), forms
a useful guide to the subject, and Herbert G. Sweet's
" Complete Catalogue of Modern Law Books " is one
of the latest catalogues of authority.

Mathematics. A really good bibliography of Mathe-
matics is still wanting. The following books, however,
all from Germany, are useful.

172 How to Form a Library.

Mathematics. MURHARD (F. W. A.). Bibliotheca
Mathematica. Lipsise, 1797-1804. 4 vols.

ROGG (J.). Handbuch der Mathematischen

Literatur. Tubingen, 1830.

SOHNCKE (L. A.). Bibliotheca Mathe-
matica. 1830-54. Leipsic, 1854.

ERLECKE (A.). Bibliotheca Mathematica.

Halle-a.-S., 1873.

Professor De Morgan's Arithmetical Books

(1847) is a model of what a good bibliography ought
to be.

Medical. Dr. Billings contributed a chapter on
"Medical Libraries in the United States" to the
U.S. Report on Public Libraries (pp. 171-182), in
which he wrote" The record of the researches, ex-
periences, and speculations relating to Medical Science
during the last four hundred years is contained in
between two and three hundred thousand volumes and
pamphlets ; and while the immense majority of these
have little or nothing of what we call ' practical value,'
yet there is no one of them which would not be called
for by some inquirer if he knew of its existence."
The writer added a list of works of reference which
should be in every Medical Library.

There have been a specially large number of
Medical Bibliographies, from Haller's works down-
wards. James Atkinson's Medical Bibliography
(1834, A and B only), is an amusing book, but of little
or no utility. The most useful books are Dr. Billings's

Special, Bibliographies. 173

Index Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-
General's Office ("Washington, 1880) and the Catalogue
of the Library of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical
Society (3 vols. 1879), by B. R. Wheatley. Neale's
Medical Digest (1877) forms a convenient guide to
the medical periodicals. The two great French
dictionaries Raige-Delorme and A. Dechambre,
Dictionnaire Encyclopedique des Sciences Medicales
(4 series, commenced in 1854, and still in progress) ;
Jaccoud, Nouveau Dictionnaire de Medecine et de
Chirurgie Pratiques (1864, and still in progress)
contain very valuable references to the literature of
the various subjects. Of special subjects may be
mentioned H. Haeser's Bibliotheca Epidemiographica
(1843), John S. Billings's Bibliography of Cholera
in the Report of the Cholera Epidemic of 1873 in the
United States (1875, pp. 707-1025), Beer's Bibliotheca
Ophthalmica (1799), Dr. E. J. Waring's Bibliotheca
Therapeutica (1878-79, 2 vols. Svo.), and Biblio-
graphy of Embryology, in Balfour's Embryology, vol.ii.

Meteorology. A full bibliography of books and
papers upon Meteorology is being prepared at the
United States Signal Office, and it is reported that
48,000 titles are now in the office. There have been
several articles on this subject in Sytnons's Meteoro-
logical Magazine^ the last being in the number for
December, 1885.

Mineralogy. DANA (J. D.). Bibliography of
Mineralogy. iSSi. Svo.

174 How to Form a Library.

Mining, "Wigan Free Public Library Index Cata-
logue of Books and Papers relating to Mining,
Metallurgy, and Manufactures. By Henry Tennyson
Folkard, Librarian. Southport, 1880. Roy. 8vo.

Motion (Perpetual). Perpetuum Mobile; or, search
for Self-Motive Power during the I7th, i8th, and igth
centuries, illustrated from various authentic sources
in papers, essays, letters, paragraphs, and numerous
Patent Specifications, with an Introductory Essay.
By Henry Dircks, C.E. London, 1861. Sm. 8vo.
Second Series. London, 1870. Sm. Svo,

Music. ENGEL.(C.). The Literature of National
Music. London, 1879- 8vo.

Catalogue of the Library of the Sacred

Harmonic Society. A new edition [by W. H. Husk].
London, 1872. 8vo.

RIMBAULT (F.). Bibliotheca Madrigaliana,

a Bibliographical Account of the Musical and Poetical
Works published in England during the i6th and
1 7th centuries, under the titles of Madrigals, Ballets,
Ayres, Canzonets, etc. London, 1847. 8vo.

There are bibliographies of the subject in F. L.
Ritter's History of Music, London, 1876, and F.
Clement, Histoire generale de la Musique Religieuse.
Paris, 1 86 1.

Natural History. Dryander's Catalogue of Sir
Joseph Banks's Library, now in the British Museum,
is the most famous bibliography of this subject,
although made so many years ago. It consists of

Special Bibliographies. 175

5 vols. 8vo. (1798-1800). Vol. I, General Writers ;
Vol. 2, Zoology ; Vol. 3, Botany; Vol. 4, Mineralogy ;
Vol. 5, Supplement.

Natural History. ENGELMANN (W.). Bibliotheca
Historico-Naturalis. Leipzig, 1846.

ZUCKOLD (E. A.). Bibliotheca Historico-
Naturalis, Physico-Chemica et Mathematica. Got-
tingen, 1852.

See Zoology.

Philology. MARSDEN (W. ) Bibliotheca Marsdenia,
Philologica et Orientalis. London, 1827, 410.

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