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1864 until his father's death, in 1882, he was the latter's partner in the
spool manufactory at Belgrade Mills. He was three years one of the
firm of Colder Brothers, and since 1885 has owned and run the busi-


ness alone. Mr. Golder was selectman one year, and postmaster four
years. He married Elvira F., daughter of Joseph Chandler, and their
only child is Maude E. David Golder formerly owned a .saw mill in
Augusta, on the east side of the river, at what was then called Riggs'
brook. He was for several years in the lumber business, on both ends
of the Kennebec dam.

Simon Guptill, born in 1838, is one of three surviving sons of Nat
and Sally (Yeaton) Guptill, and grandson of Nathaniel and Mary
(Libby) Guptill, who came to Belgrade in 1806, and bought of Paul
Yeaton the farm where he had settled twelve years before. Mr. Guptill
now owns and occupies his grandfather's farm, and owns in all 260

Charles H. Hallett, born in 1843, is the only son of Franklin and
Betsey (Damren; Hallett, grandson of Josiah M., and great-grandson
of Solomon Hallett, who came from Cape Cod, Mass., to Waterville
about 1790. Mr. Hallett is a farmer on the place where his grand-
father settled about 1820; and it is on this farm that the Second Ad-
vent camp ground and the Lakeside mineral springs are located. He
married Josephine T., daughter of David Lowe, and she died leaving
one son, Bertrand D.

Abner Hammond, born in Sidney in 1819, a son of Paul and Cath-
erine (Mason) Hammond, and grandson of Paul Hammond, was a
farmer in Sidney until 1867, when he came to Belgrade Depot, and
the following January began mercantile business, which he still con-
tinues. His first wife, Rebecca L. Nash, died leaving two sons: Paul
and A. Elliott. His present wife was Mrs. Mary A. Yeaton, daughter
of Richard Yeaton. She had two sons by her former marriage: How-
ard L. and George Yeaton.

William H. Hersum, farmer and stone mason, born in 1834, is a
son of James and Tamesen (Blaisdell) Hersum. James came to Bel-
grade in 1821 from Lebanon, Me. William H. married Cynthia,
daughter of Reuben Wentworth, and their children are: James R.,
Charles S., Alice V., William O., Ernest L., Arthur L., Cyrena W. and
Tabor G.

Joseph Hersum, born 1836, died 1889, was a brother of William H.
He was a farmer on the place where his father settled in 1821, and
died in 1850, and the family burying lot is on the farm, near the resi-
dence. Mr. Hersum married Excey, daughter of Reuben Wentworth.
Their children were: Andrew J., born in 1864; Reuben W. and Efiie
L. Andrew J. has run the farm since his father's death.

Harrison Hill, born in 1836, one of six children of Daniel, and
grandson of Joseph Hill, is a farmer on a part of his father's home-
stead. He married Hannah, daughter of Elias Sherburne. She died
leaving one daughter, Etta, who married James Hewett.


Daniel L. Jones, son of Daniel L. Jones, sen., was born in 1840. He
went to California in 1858. and was engaged in mining there five years,
and three years in Montana. After working five years in a wire shop
in Worcester, Mass., he came to Belgrade, where he has been a farmer.
He married Ella L. Blackmer, of Ma.ssachusetts, who died in 1891.
His present wife was Edith Worthington. Mr. Jones' father was a
native of Leeds, and later removed to Brighton, where he was a trader.
He held various town offices, and was representative to the legislature.

Samuel E. Judkins, born in 1819, is the only son of Elisha and
Sally (Whittier) Judkins. His grandfather was among the early set-
tlers of Readfield. Mr. Judkins came to Belgrade with his parents in
1827. In 1863 he bought the Samuel Taylor farm of one hundred
acres, where he now lives. He has one sister. Nancy Judkins Axtell,
now of Wisconsin. He married Margaret K. Coy, who died leaving
seven children: Amanda, Susia, Viola, Leonia, Frank H., Manley M.
and Stanley L. Only the three last named are living. In 1866 Mr.
Judkins married his present wife, who was Belle Severance. Their
children are: Lizzie A. (deceased), Clara E. and Nettie B.

Frank H. Judkins, son of Samuel E., was born in 1853. He was
in the freight office of the Maine Central railroad at Waterville two
years, and in 1879 became to North Belgrade, where he has since been
the company's agent. Since October 28, 1891, he has been postmaster
of the Lakeside office. He married Ella, daughter of Charles Rich-
ardson, and their children are: Lester F., Nina A. and Forest C.

Charles H. Kelley, born in Rome in 1846, is a son of William and
Eunice (Varnum) Kelley, and grandson of Seth Kelley, who came to
Belgrade from Cape Cod, Mass. Charles H. was clerk in stores at
Belgrade Mills and New Sharon several years, then started a small
store at Belgrade Mills, and in November, 1890, bought of Thomas S.
Colder the store which he has since conducted. He has been post-
master since January 1, 1891, succeeding Thomas S. Colder. He mar-
ried Sylvina, daughter of George Brann.

William E. Lord, born in 1831. was the only child of John and
Susan (Bradbury) Lord, and grandson of William Lord, who died in
New Hampshire. His widow married Wentworth Hayes, and came
to Belgrade in 1790, and bought of a Mr. Hodgden the farm where
Mr. Lord now lives. John Lord's first wife was Hannah Austin, and
they had two sons, John and Nathaniel, both deceased. William E.
is a farmer, butcher and cattle broker. He married Abbie, sister of
George W. Cottle. Their children are: Mary, Susan E., J. Frank,
Laura, William E., jun., Sadie, Alice and Fred.

George E. Minot.— This family is traced to Thomas Minot', sec-
retary to the Abbot of Walden, by whom he was advanced to great
possessions. His son, George', was born August 4, 1594, in vSafron,
Walden, Essex, England. He came to New England among the first



settlers of Dorchester, where he was for thirty years a ruling elder in
the church. His sons were: James, John, Stephen and Samuel.

Jamas', the eldest son of John", born September 14, 1653, was grad-
uated at Harvard College in 1675, and located at Concord, Mass., about
1680. He was a minister of the Gospel as well as a physician, and the
epitaph upon his tombstone records at length his many virtues and
great usefulness. Hon. James Minot"", his fifth child, was one of the
most distinguished men of his time and a member of the king's council.
He married Martha Lane in 1716. His eldest son, John", had a son
John', and he a .son, James', who settled in Belgrade, Me., in 1804.

James Minot" located on the place now occupied by George E.
Minot, purchasing the land of Chase Page, and engaged in farming
until his death in 1859, serving meantime as a captain in the state
militia. He married Elizabeth Rogers, of Groton, Mass., and had a
family of ten children, of whom seven attained years of maturity.



John S. Minot" was born on the old place in Belgrade July 5, 1805,
and passed his entire life there, engaged in tilling the soil and in the
performance of the public duties that were thrust upon him. He re-
ceived an excellent academic education at Bloomfield and at Kents
Hill, and filled many offices of trust and responsibility during his life,
including all the town offices of Belgrade, and represented this dis-
trict in the legislature of 1866. He married in 1835, Olive, daughter




of Holmes Tillson, of Sidney, her mother being a member of the well
known Packard family, of Bridgewater, Mass. They had four chil-
dren: George E.'°, Edwin G.'°, and two daughters who died in infancy.
John S. Minot" died January 21, 1890. His widow is still living. Ed-
win G. Minot, born January 17, 1839, enlisted in Company M, 1st
Maine Heavy Artillery, during the late war, was wounded at Peters-
burg, Va., June 18, 1864, and died in hospital September 17, 1864.

George E. Minot'", born October 22, 1836, on the family homestead
in Belgrade, received his academic education at Belgrade Academy
and the Maine Wesleyan Seminary, and has continued to reside
where, in 1804. his grandfather first settled. He has devoted his at-
tention to farming, and has been prominently identified with the
political interests of the republican party in his locality, serving upon
the town and county committees and occupying several positions of
importance. Besides serving as town clerk of Belgrade, as a member
of the school board and selectman, he was a member of the state senate
in 1870 and 1871. In 1876, 1877 and 1878 he served as chief clerk in
the office of the secretary of state, at Augusta, and in 1881, 1882, 1883
and 1884 acted as assistant secretary of the senate. He also filled the
position of messenger in the national house of representatives, 51st
Congress. He was for eight years one of the trustees of the old Ken-
nebec Agricultural Society, the last two years serving as president.
He is a member of Belgrade Grange and of Relief Lodge, A. F. &
A. M., of Belgrade. Mr. Minot married, in*1866, Effie C, daughter of
Daniel and Clara Parcher, of North Leeds. Their children (the elev-
enth generation here traceable) are: George L., engaged in farming
with his father; J. Clair, who is fitting himself for a professional
career, and Blanch S., who resides with her parents.

James C. Mosher, born in 1837, was the only son of James and
Sarah H. (Wellman) Mosher, and grandson of Elisha Mosher, who
came to Belgrade from Dartmouth, Mass. Mr. Mosher began work on
the railroad in Belgrade in 1853, and continued on track work until
1871, when he was made agent for the company at Belgrade, which
position he held until his death, August 2, 1892. He was a charter
member and past master of Relief Lodge, F. & A. M. He married
Mary J., daughter of Edward Merchant. Their children are: Cora A.
(Mrs. A. E. Hammond), Edward H., Lilla M., Eva E., J. Irving,
living at home, and Lindley H., deceased.

David L. Page, born 1816 and died 1885, was a son of Lewis and
Hannah (Churchill) Page, grandson of Abraham and great-grandson
of James Page. Abraham came to Belgrade from Augusta in about
1788, and from New Hampshire in about 1784. David L. married
Aurelia, daughter of Daniel and Sally (Andrews) Parcher. Their
only child is Ellen A., wife of Freeman G. Yeaton.

Gilman J. Page, born in 1828, is the next to the youngest of nine


children of Ezekiel (1786-1864), and grandson of Amos Page. His
mother was Sarah Richardson. Mr. Page is a farmer on the place
where his father settled about one hundred 3'ears ago. He has taught
school several winters. He married Alvira G., daughter of Andrew
Yeaton. Their children are : Laura A.. Frank A., Henry J., Edwin
L., Delia E. (deceased), Carrie M., Charles O., Mmella E., Alia R. and
Andrew E.

Frank A. Page, son of Oilman J. Page, was born in 1860. In 1885
he bought the Joseph Taylor farm, near his father, and is a farmer and
orchardist, and also carries on a meat business at Oakland. He mar-
ried Hannah, daughter of Jefferson Hersom, and their children are:
Harold H. and Mabel E.

John Partridge, born in 1821, was a son of Moses and Ruth (Rock-
wood) Partridge. He came to Belgrade in 1851 and was a farmer and
dealer in produce, until his death in 1890. He served about one year
in the 5th Maine Battery, until the war closed. He married Susan R.,
daughter of John and Thankful C. (Moshier) Page, and granddaughter
of Abraham Page, who came to Belgrade in 1801. Their children are:
Frederick E. and Florence I. (Mrs. George W. Colby).

J. Newton Penney is one of six children of John W. and Hannah
(Williams) Penney, grandson of John and Betsey (Taylor) Penney,
and great-grandson of George Penney, who came to Belgrade in 1789
from Wells, Me. Mr. Penjaey is a farmer on the farm of his father
and grandfather, where the family have lived since 1816. He mar-
ried Celia E. White, of Fort P" airfield, Me., and has five children :
John W., Eva E., Harry N., Justin M. and Jessie M.

Joel Richardson, born in 1826, is a son of vStephen and Eliza (Stuart)
Richardson, and grandson of Joel and Elizabeth (Wyman) Richard-
son. Joel, born in 1750 in Attleboro, Mass., came to Belgrade early
and settled on the farm where his grandson, Joel, now lives. The
latter married Mrs. Nellie L. Foster, daughter of Jefferson Blaisdell.
She had one son by her former marriage, William J. Foster.

John Dennis Richardson, born in 1827, is one of ten children of
John and Martha (Adams) Richardson, grandson of Joel' (John', Wil-
liam', Stephen' and Samuel Richard.son'). Mr. Richardson is a farmer
on a part of his grandfather's farm. He married Mary C. Moore.
She died, leaving two sons, Frank M. and Melvin J., two daughters
having died. His present wife was Mrs. Dolly Howe, a daughter of
Lyman Linnell.

Charles Richardson, brother of Joel, was born in 1825, and has
been a merchant at North Belgrade depot since January 1, 1850, hav-
ing built a store there the previous year. He was postmaster at Lake-
side several years. He married Aurinda K. Palmer, who died leaving
eight daughters— Flora (Mrs. A. J. Butterfield), Ella (Mrs. Frank H.
Judkins), Rosie (Mrs. Fred Williams), Clara (Mrs. Ira Otis), Eliza (Mrs.


Ernest Laselle), Mable (Mrs. E. C. Colbath), Cora (Mrs. J. W. Grant),
Isabell (Mrs. Frank Tilton)— and one son, Charles L. (deceased).

Albion Rockwood, a farmer, born in 1826, is a son of Esquire John
and Esther (Rowe) Rockwood. John came from Worcester county,
Mass., in 1800, and .settled where Mr. Rockwood now lives. He mar-
ried Sarah Jane, an adopted daughter of David Rockwood. Their
children, Wendall D. and Rose E., live in Boston.

Alpheus M. Spaulding, born in 1848, is a son of Joel and Mary A.
(Trask) Spaulding, and grandson of Rev. Joel Spaulding, who came to
Belgrade from Ohio. Mr. Spaulding was a farmer until 1872, then a
merchant here one year, then two years in Richmond, jNIe., and in
1875 he came back to Belgrade, and since that time has been manufac-
turer here, first in company with his brother, and since 1887 with Mar-
tin Bickford. He married Almeda W., daughter of Seth and Adaline
(Higgins) Bickford. They have one son, Dexter H.

Jesse Spaulding, born in 1842, is the youngest of four children of
Parker and Elizabeth (Danforth) Spaulding and grand.son of Jesse
vSpaulding, who died in Massachusetts in 1807. Parker Spaulding (1800-
1862) was a machinist. He came to Belgrade in about ISS.') and bought
the farm where Jesse now lives, and was a farmer from that time until
his death. Jesse Spaulding was in the late war eleven months, in Com-
pany K, 28th Maine. He married Lucretia A., daughter of John G.
Dunn. His second marriage was with Sarah B., daughter of William
O. Day. They have two sons: George and William J.

The Stevens Homeste.\d. — This farm originally contained one
hundred acres or more; other lots adjoining have been added, so that
it now contains about two hundred acres. At one time it produced an
abundance of apples of the best variety of natural fruit, walnuts, chest-
nuts, pears, cherries, damsons and other varieties of small fruit.
Some of the huge old trees, chestnut and walnut reminders of past
generations, are still standing and producing their annual crop.

William Stevens, the grandfather, and Daniel Stevens, the father
of George R., came from Lebanon, Me., and settled on this farm about
the year 1796. William erected his house on the westerly side of the
road about eight rods north of where the barn now stands. The two
extremities of the chimney were made of brick; the balance was built
of sticks or small poles wrapped with straw and plastered inside and
out with clay. Major G. T. Stevens, of Augusta, a grandson of Wil-
liam, says that the first lesson he ever took in gymna-stics was by spin-
ning tip the corner of that old cob-house chimney to the underside of
the roof. The barn seen in the engraving was built in 1807 and re-
modeled in 1849, and the house was built by Daniel Stevens in 1834-5,
and recently modernized by George R., the present occupant.

The Stevens family were among the first settlers in the town of
Lebanon. William was born there and died in Belgrade in 1836, aged


eighty-three years. His wife, Molly Ricker, an estimable woman, who
came with him, died in Belgrade in 1825, aged seventy-five years.
They had two sons — Daniel and William — and three daughters —
Dolly, Eunice and Mary. Dolly married Robert Wills; Eunice, Jona-
than Rollins; and Mary, Joshua Yeaton. William, jun., married Susan
Fillebrown, and lived and died in Augusta.

Daniel was born in Lebanon April 30, 1784, and died in Belgrade
August 18, 1867. He married Mahala Smith, a devoted wife and
mother, and daughter of Captain Samuel Smith, of Belgrade, who re-
sided on what is now the Dunlap farm, in a twostory house that stood
upon the easterly side of the road, opposite where the Baptist meeting
house now stands. She was born in Washington Plantation, n( w
Belgrade, on June 14, 1790, married November 12, 1812, and died May
3, 1880, at the age of nearly ninety years. Daniel had, previous to his
marriage, built for himself a house on the homestead some eight rods
south of where the barn now stands. Here he and his young wife, Ma-
hala, commenced their married life. Daniel was a man of excellent
physique (standing six feet and one inch), a good mathematician and
penman. In 1813 he was sergeant and clerk of Captain Joseph Syl-
vester's company of Massachusetts militia. He was not an aspirant
for public favors or political honors, but had served his town in the
capacity of treasurer. Seven children were the offspring of their
marriage: Daniel S., born November 3, 1813, died July 28, 1818; Mary
and Maria, born July 27, 1816 (Mary died August 4, 1816; Maria died
March 1, 1853); Love S., born April 30, 1819, now the wife of Rufus K.
Stuart, of Belgrade; Julia Ann, born May 7, 1821, died May 12, 1840;
George R., born August 31, 1826, and married Dorcas Yeaton, daugh-
ter of Richard Yeaton, 2d; Greenlief T., born August 20, 1831. He
married Mary Ann Yeaton, a sister to his brother's wife, two indus-
trious and economical women. He now resides in Augusta. His per-
sonal history and portrait appear at page 92.

George R., the present owner of the old homestead, is a hard work-
ing, model farmer. In 1864, at the time of our country's greatest
need, he left his family, flocks and herds and enlisted in the 5th Bat-
tery Mounted Artillery, Maine Volunteers, and served one year, until
the close of the war, acting the larger portion of the time as ordnance
sergeant. Artillery Brigade 6th Army Corps. In 1866 he was ap-
pointed a deputy sheriff for Kennebec county, which office he held for
fifteen years, until 1881, when he was elected sheriff of the county, a
position he held four years, during which time he resided at Augusta.
At the close of his official term of service he returned to the old home-
stead in Belgrade.

During the negotiation for the purchase of this farm from Boston
parties, William Stevens, sen., rode on hor.seback twice from Belgrade


to Boston and return. In those early days this was the best, most
convenient and rapid mode of locomotion.

Rufus K. Stuart, born in 1815, is a son of Wentworth and Nancy
A. (Page) Stuart, and grandson of Samuel Stuart, of Scarboro, Me.
His father came to Belgrade in 1801, and was a farmer. Rufus K.
was a farmer until 1861, and since 1862 has been a merchant at Bel-
grade Depot. He has been justice of the peace and trial justice for
thirty-six years, and has done a considerable probate business. He
married Love S., daughter of Daniel Stevens. They have one daugh-
ter, Mae (Mrs. Bertrand P. Stuart), and one who died, Flora.

Charles W. Stuart, born in 1825, is a son of Wentworth Stuart and
half-brother to Rufus K. Stuart. He is a farmer, and since his father's
death in 1841 has owned and occupied the homestead farm, where his
father settled in 1810. He was fifteen years in mercantile trade with
his brother-in-law, W. V. Leonard. He represented his district in the
legislature in 1872. He married Miranda Parcher, of Leeds, and they
have one son, Bertrand P., who is also a farmer.

Joseph Taylor. — Among the old families of Kennebec county that
have been closely identified with its development is the Taylor family,
of Belgrade hill. It is presumed, as in the case of many of the early set-
tlers of the county, that this family came from Cape Cod. The represent-
ative of the family in the third generation back of Joseph Taylor was
named Elias. He married Maryjohnson. and one of their numerous fam-
ily, Samuel Taylor, born August 22, 1769, settled at Belgrade hill at an
early day, taking up a large tract of land, and here he passed his days
in agricultural pursuits. His wife, Elizabeth, a daughter of Samuel
and Elizabeth Crowell, was born October 7, 1772, and died September
8, 1855. Her husband survived her but eight months. Regarding
this worthy couple, their son Joseph made the following note in his
family Bible: " Having lived in harmony together in wedlock, and in
good esteem among men, sixty-three years, eleven months and twenty-
three days."

This son, Joseph Taylor, was born November 25, 1804. He was
educated in the schools of Belgrade and at Bloomfield Academy, and
in early life located in his native town, on the farm now owned by
Frank Page. On October 22, 1829, he married Phebe, a daughter of
Benjamin and Phebe (Shepard) Bowman, who came from Cape Cod to
Fairfield, Me. She was born March 27, 1805, and died April 16, 1888.
Their children were: Benjamin B., of Fairfield, Me., born November
26, 1830; John C, of Westport, Mass., born July 24, 1832; Joseph
S., of Fairfield, born October 5, 1834; Olney, of Park City, Montana,
born December 14, 1886; Charles H., of Belgrade, born August 5, 1839;
Phebe E. (Mrs. Charles Kimball), of Belgrade, born June 5, 1842, and


Lydia Louise, born June 26, 1850, who, since her father's death, June
28, 1882, has been the owner of the homestead.

Here, at North Belgrade, in the summer of 1857, Mr. Taylor erected
the substantial stone dwelling which was his home the remainder of
his life. Besides being a successful farmer, he took great delight in
the cultivation of fruit trees, and with his own hands set out the mag-
nificent orchard now owned by his daughter, who inherits to a large
extent his executive ability and force of character. She has taken up
his work, and, like him, is known far and wide as an extensive and
successful orchardist.

Joseph Taylor was one of the best known, most influential and
highly respected men of his county. He took great interest in the
cause of educatio'n, served as supervisor of schools forty years, and
taught school forty-three terms. In politics he was a believer in the
old-time democratic principles, and was a recognized leader in the
democratic party throughout his life. He did much by his strength
of character and consistent life toward drawing supporters to that
party. He represented his district in the state legislature in 1847 and
in 1853. He was a consistent member of the Society of Friends, and
was always clad in the humble garments of that sect, uniformly wear-
ing his hat when attending meeting or when present at other public
gatherings. A man of strong religious convictions, a constant reader
of the Bible, of great force of character and of fixed determination, he
was known as a man who never swerved from what he believed to be
the path of duty.

John C. Taylor, born in 1832, is a son of Joseph Taylor. He was a
farmer in Belgrade several years, and now has a corn and fruit can-
ning factory at Belgrade Depot, that he and his son, Edwin C, oper-
ated as J. C. Taylor & Son until the son's death in 1892. Mr. Taylor
now resides at Westport, Mass. He married Celia C, daughter of
Thomas Eldred. She died leaving three children; Edwin C, Frank
E. and Mary. His present wife was Elizabeth A. Slade, of Westport.

Charles H. Taylor, son of Joseph Taylor, was born in 1839. He
was stone workman for the Maine Central Railroad Company for about
twenty years, and since 1876 has been a farmer. He married Lillian
G., daughter of William and Fannie (Mills) Eldred, granddaughter of
Thomas, and great-granddaughter of William Eldred, of Falmouth,
Mass. Their children are: William E. and Fannie L.

James Tibbetts, born in 1854, is the only son of Joseph and Olive

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