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Check-list or brief catalogue of the English books, 1475-1640, in the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery : additions and corrections, July, 1919-June 1920 online

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ENGLISH BOOKS, 1475-1640














Pbxtaioey Note.

This supplementary list of Additions and Corroctions includes all such material
previously issued in the supplement to the main list, in July, 1919, as well as that
added or noted since that date. This combination of the two supplements results in
but two alphabets of entries and references, and one alphabet of corrections; the
former supplement may, therefore, be entirely disregarded by users of the Chock-list.

The present list includes many references to entries in the main list not found
in the supplement, additional to the references printed in the main list, besides those
referring to entries in the supplement itself. It does not include, however, references
already made in the main list, when the names or titles concerned are repeated here
in newly acquired editions or for other reasons.

This second supplement is sent to those who have checked the instalments of the
main list sent them heretofore, and to a few other collectors and libraries who have
manifested an interest in the list. Those to whom it is sent are requested to check it in
the same manner as the instalments of the main Clieck-list, and to return a checked
copy. Notes of any length made in the original list of Additions and Corroctions
need not be repeated, unless the author of such notes finds their repetition desirable
and convenient.

July, 1920. Gborgb Watson Colb,



[New titles and new references]

Abridgment des touts les Cases reportez alarge per
Monsieur Plowden. See [Ashe, Thomas] (fl. 1600-

Abridgment or Snmmarie of the Scots Chronicles. See
[Monipenny, John].

The Actes and Life of Robert Bruce. See [Barbour,
John] (1316 M395).

An Addition Declaratorie to the Bulles [of 14 Aug. 1567
and 25 Feb. 1570]. See [Norton, Thomas] (1532-


Adlington, William, trans, of Apuleius or Appuleius
(fl. ea. 150 A. D.). The Golden Asse. London, by
William How, for Abraham Veale, 1571. sm. 4to.
2d Ed.

Sig.: A-7J; Aa-Ii'; Kk-. (Perry).

■ London, by Valentine Symmes, 1596. sm.

4to. 4th Ed.

Sig.: A-Z^; Aa-Dd*. (Malone-Perry).

The Admirable Life of Saint Wenefride. See Robert of
Shrewsbury (d. 1167), trans, by [Niceols, Richard]

Aelfredi Regis Res Gesta?. See [Asser, bishop of Sher-
borne] (d. 909?).

Ainsworth, Henry (1571-1622 or 1623). Annotations
vpon the Book of Psalmes. [Part I] [Amsterdam?],
1617. 4to. 2d Ed.
Sig. : A-Z^ ; Aa-Oo*.

Annotations vpon the Fifth Book of Moses called

Deuteronomie. [Amsterdam?], 1619. 4to. 1st Ed.
Sig. : A-Z* ; Aa-Nn* ; Oo-.

Airay, Henry (1560?-] 616). Lectures vpon the Whole
Epistle to the Philippians. London, by Edw : Grif-
fin for William Bladen, 1618. sm. 4to in 8s. 1st Ed.

Sig.: V, A-Z«; Aa-Zz«; Aaa-Hhh«; Iii=; Aaa-Ooo";

Ppp* (last, prob. blank, lacking).

Alba. The Months Minde of a Melancholj- Loner. See
[Tofte, Robert] (d. 1620).


Alday, John (fl. 1570), trans, of Boistuau de Launai,
Pierre (16th century). Theatrum Mundi. The
Theatre or Rule of the Worlde. London, by Henry
Bynneman for Thomas Hacket, 1574. sm. 8vo. 2d

Sig.: 1[.«; *.^ A.-T.«. (Perry).

Alessio Piemontese (pseud, of Girolamo Ruseelli?).
The Secretes of Maister Alexis of Piemount. See
Ward or Warde, William (1534-1604), translator.

Alexis of Piemount. See Alessio Piemontese (pseud, of
Girolamo Ruseelli?).

An Aluearie or Quadruple Dictionarie. See [Baret or
Barrett, John] (d. 1580?).

Amner, John (d. 1641). Sacred Hymnes of 3, 4. 5. and
6. parts for Vo^'ces & Vyols, [Bassus only]. London,
by Edw : Allde, 1615. sm. 4to.
Sig.: [A]^B-D*; E^.

Amorum Troili et Cressidae. See [Chaucer, Geoffrey]
(1340?-1400) and [Kynaston or Kiuaston, Sir Fran-
cis] (1587-1642).

An Anatomy of the World. See [Donne, John] (1573-

[Andrewes, Lancelot] (1555-1626). Opuseula Quae-
dam Posthuma. Londini, excudebat Felix Kyngston
pro R. B. [Richard Badger] & Andraea Hebb, 1629.
sm. 4to. 1st Ed.

Sig.: [A]* (1st, prob. blank, lacking); a*; B-Z*;

Aa-Cc*; Dd^ (last blank and genuine); (a)-(l)*;

(m)2 (last blank and genuine).

The Copie of the Sermon preached on Good-Friday

before the Kings Maiestie. VI. April 1604. London,
by Robert Barker [1604] . sm. 4to.
Sig.: A-E*; F^.

London, by Robert Barker [1604]. sm. 4to.

3d (?) Ed.
Sig. : A-E*.

— XCVI Sermons. London, by Richard Badger,
1635. folio in 6s. 3d Ed.

Sig.: 1 1. without sig. -mark; A®; B-Z^; Aa-Ee^
Ff-Kk*; Ll-Zz«; Aaa-Fff«; Ggg*' (4th blank)
Hhh-Xxx«; Yyy« (3d blank); Zzz^ Aaaa-Sfff°
Aaaaa«; (bbbbb)* (last blank); Ccccc-Hhhhh«
liiii-Kkkkk^ Lllll-Ooooo^ Ppppp*; Qqqqq' (1st
blank) ; Rrrrr« (last blank) ; Sffff-Ttttt*.

— A Sermon at Hampton Court, Sept. 28, 1606.
London, by Robert Barker [1606?]. sm. 4to. 2d
(?) Ed.

Sig. : *A*-*G*, each 4 leaves.

Andrewes, Lancelot (1555-1626). A Sermon Preached
at Whitehall, on Easter Day, 1614. London, by
Robert Barker, 1614. sm. 4to, 1st Ed.
Sig. : A^ (1st, prob. blank, lacking) ; B-F".

[ ] A Sermon Preached at Whitehall the fift of No-

uember la.st, 1(517. London, by John Bill, 1618. sm.
4to. 1st Ed.

Sig.: A-G* (la.st blank and genuine).

[ ] A Sermon Preached on Easter day last, 1618.

London, bv John Bill, 1618, sm. 4to. 1st Ed.
Sig. : A^'; Bb-Gg*.

[ ] A Sermon Preached on Munday the 25. of Decem-
ber, being Christmas day, 1609. London, by Robert
Barker [1610?]. sm. 4to. 1st Ed.
Sig. : A-E*.

[ ] A Sermon Preached on Sunday the fifth of

August last, at Holdenbie. Loudon, by Robert Bark-
er, 1610. sm. 4to. Isl Ed.

Sig.: A-K* (last blank and genuine).

[ ] A Sermon Preached on Tuesday the 25. of De-
cember, being Christmas day, 1610. London, by
Robert Barker [1611?]. sm. 4to. 1st Ed.
Sig. : A-E* ; F-.

[ ] A Sermon Preached on the 24. of March, being

Easter Day. London, by Robert Barker, 1611. sm.
4to. 1st Ed.

Sig.: A' (1st, prob. blank, lacking); B-F* (last,
prob. blank, lacking).

[ ] London, by Robert Barker, 1611. sm. 4to.

2d (?) Ed.
Sig. : A-E'.

[ ] Tortura Torti. Londini, excudobat Robertus

Barkerus, 1609. sm. 4to. 2d? or "iudicare" Ed.
Sig.: as in 1st? or "dicare" Ed. (page 7 of main
list). See also this item in the "Corrections"

Anghiera, Pietro Martire (1455-1526). De Orbe Nouo.
See Hakluyt, Richard (ca. 1552-1616), translator.

An Answere to a Letter of a Jesuited Gentleman. See
[Copley, Anthony] (1567-1607?), supposed author.

An Answer to the Profession made bj'^ James Hamilton,
See Scotland. General Assembl3\

An Answere to the Question: Whether the Emperour

that now is, can bee Judge in the Bohemian Con-

trouersie or no? [Prague?], 1620. sm. 4to. 1st Ed.

Sig.: A* (1st, prob. blank, lacking); B-C*; D^

(last blank and lacking).

An Aunswere to the Treatise of the Crosse. See [Calf-
hill or Calfield, James] (1530?-1570).

Anthony, Francis (1550-1623). The Apologie, or De-
fence of Aurum Potabile. London, by John Legatt,
1616. sm. 4to. 1st Ed.

Sig-. : II* (1st, prob. blank, lacking); A-Q* (last,

prob. blank, lacking).

The Apocalyps, or Reuelation of S. John (Junius).
See [Barbar, Thomas] (fl. 1587), supposed transla-

Ar., A. The Practise of Princes, no place, 1630. sm.

4to. 1st Ed.

Sig.: A-C* (last, prob. blank, lacking).

The Arraignment of John van Olden Barneuelt. See
Oldenbarneveldt, Jan van (1547 M619).

The Araignment of Lewd, Idle, Froward and Vncon-
stant Women. See [Swetnam, Joseph] (fl. 1617).

The Arte of Limmiug. London, by Richard Tottill,
1573. sm. 4to. 1st Ed.
Sig.: A-C^ (Holden).

London, by Thomas Purfoot, 1596, sm. 4to. 5th

Sig.: A-C^ (Perry).

Articles of Agreement made betweene the French King
and those of Rochell, vpon the Rendition of the
Towne, the 24. of October last. See France. Crown
(Louis XIII, 1610-1643) and La Rochelle, France.
Articles of Agreement [etc.] 1628.

Articles of Peace, Entercourse, and Commerce, con-
cluded in a Treatie the 18. day of August 1604. See
Great Britain. Treaties, etc.

Arundell, Peter. See Erondelle or Arundell, Peter (fl.

Ascham, Roger (1515-1568), and Sturm, Johann

(1507-1589). Epistolffi dute, De Nobilitate Angli-

cana. 1551. (In Heresbach, Conrad (ca. 1502-

, 1576). De Laudibus Graecarum Literarum Oratio.

ff. 33-51).

[Ashe, Thomas] (fl. 1600-1618). Abridgment des touts
les Cases re]5ortez alarge per Monsieur Plowden.
Londini, in redibus Janae Yetsweirt [1600?]. sm. 8vo.
1st Ed.

Sig.: [A-Y (1st blank and genuine) ; B-M^; N*.

AorTpo\oyo/i,avta. See [Carleton, George] (1559-1628).

Aurelius, Abraham (1575-1632). In Nuptias Frederici
V. et Elizabethae Epithalamium. Londini, apud
Gulielraum Stansby, 1613. sm. 4to. 1st Ed.
Sig.: A-B^

Aurelius Antoninus, Marcus (121-180). His Medita-
tions concerning Himselfe. See Casaubon, Meric
(1599-1671), translator.


Aurelius Antoninus, Marcus, called The Philosopher,
Emperor of Rome, pseud. The Golden Boke of Mar-
cus Aurelius. See Bourchier, John, 2d baron Ber-
ners (1467-1533), trans, of Guevara, Antonio do (ca.
1490-ca. 1545).

Avity, Pierre d' (1573-1635). The Estates, Empires
and Priueipallities of the World. 8ee Grimston,
Edward, translator.

Awdelay or Awdeley, John (fl. 1559-1577). The Cruel
Assault of Gods Fort. London, by John Awdeley,
n. d. [ca. 1570?]. folio broadside. (Britwell).

Ecelesi. XX. Remember Death, and thou shalt

neuer sinne. London, by John Awdeley, 1569. folio
broadside. (Britwell ) .

An Epitaphe vpon the Death of Mayster John

Viron Preacher. London, by John Awdely, n. d.
[ca. 1570?]. folio broadside. (Britwell).

B., G. A Free Admonition Avithout any Fees. To
warne the Papistes to beware of three Trees. Londo,
by John Awdely, for Henry Kirkham, 1571. folio
broadside. ( Britwell ) .

B., H. See Burton, Henry (1578-1648).

B., H., trans, of Vermigli, Pietro Martire (1500-1562).
Most Learned and Fruitfull Commentaries vpon the
Epistle of S. Paul to the Romanes. London, by John
Daye [colophon 1568]. folio in 6s. 1st Ed.

Sig.: A.-Y.«; Aa.-Yy."; AA.-YY.«; AAa.-MMm.«;

NNn.*. (Avery).

[B., I.] Certaine Letters declaring in Part the Passage
of Aifaires in the Palatinate. Ampsterdam, 1621.
sm. 4to.

Sig.: A-B*; C^

B., R., trans, of Bunting, Heinrich (1545-1606). Itin-
erarium Totius Sacrae Seriptura?. London, by Adam
Islip, 1619. 4to in 8s. 1st Ed.

Sig.: ^* (1st, prob. blank, lacking); A-Z^; Aa-

Mm8; Nn-Oo*.

The Baiting of the Popes Bull. See [Burton, Henry]

Bale, John (1495-1563). A Brefe Chronycle concerning
the Examination and Death of Sir John Oldecastell.
London, by Anthony Scoloker, and "Wyllva Seres
[1548]. sm. 8vo. 2d Ed.
Sig.: A-G«. (Pembroke).

Scriptorum Illustriii Maioris Brytannie.

Basilea« apud Joannem Oporinum [eolophons
1557-1559]. folio in 4s. 2d Ed.

Sig. : vol. I : a' ; yS* ; y\- a-Z* ; A-Z* ; aa-ZZ* ; Aa-Zz* ;
Aaa*; vol. 11: a'; /3*; a-z* ; A-T*.

Ball, John (1585-1640). A Treatise of Faith. London,
by George Miller for Edward Brewster, 1632. sm.
4to in 8s. 2d Ed.

Sig.: *«; A«; a-; B-Z« ; Aa-Dd«; Ee^ Ff-Hh«; li*
(last, prob. blank, lacking).

A Ballad of King Henry II. and the Miller of Mansfield.
(first part only, without place or date), folio broad-
side. (Britwell).

[Barbar, Thomas] (fl. 1587), supposed trans, of Junius,
or Du Jon, Francois (1545-1602). The Apocalyps,
or Reuelation of S. John. [Cambridge], by John
Legat, 1596. sm. 4to. 3d(?) Ed.

Sig. : ^*; A-Z*; Aa-Nn* (last blank and genuine).

[Barbour, John] (1316?-1395). The Actes and Life of
Robert Bruce. Edinburgh, by Andro Hart, 1616.
sm. 8vo. 2d Ed.

Sig.: Tin'; A-Z«; Aa-Cc«; Dd2.

[Baret or Barrett, John] (d. 1580?). An Aluearie or

Quadruple Dictionarie. Colophon : Londini, excude-

bat Henricus Denhamus typographus, Guilielmi

Seresij vnicus assignatus, 1580. folio in 6s. 2d Ed.

Sig.: A« (1st, prob. blank, lacking); B.-Y.«; Aa.-

Yy.«; Aaa.-Nnn.«; Ooo.*; Aaaa.-Sfff.^ Tttt.« (last,

prob. blank, lacking). (Perry).

Barker, John. Of the Horyble and Woful Destruccion
of Jerusalem. London, by Thomas Colwell, n. d.
folio broadside. (Britwell).

Barlow, William (d. 1613). The Summe and Substance
of the Conference. London, by John Norton, and are
to bee sold by Joshua Kirton, and Thomas Warren,
1638. sm. 4to. 5th Ed.
Sig.: A-P*.

Barrett, John (d. 1580?). See Baret or Barrett, John

(d. 1580?).

Barrow, or Barrough, Philip (fl. 1590). The Method of
Physick. London, by George Miller, 1639. sm. 4to
in 8s. 8th Ed.

Sig.: A-Z«; Aa-Hh8;Ii2.

Bartholomaeus Anglicus, de Glanvilla. See Glanville,
Bartholomaius Anglicus, called de (fl. 1230-1250).

Barthram Priest. See Ratramnus, monachus Corbiensis
(d. ca. 868).

Basse or Bas, William (d. 1653?). Three Pastoral
Elegies; of Anander, Anetor, and Muridella. [Lon-
don], by V. S. [Valentine Simmes] for J. B. [Joseph
Barnes], 1602. sm. 4to. 1st Ed.

Sig.: A* (1st blank and genuine); B-F*. (Brit-


Bastwick, John (159:1 1654 ) , and others. A Brief e Rela-
tion of (!ertaine Speeiall Speeches in tlie Starre-
Chiimber. [London?], 16:58. sm. 4to. 2d Ed.
Sig.: A-D*. (Avery).

Beacon, Richard. See Beeon or Beacon, Richard (fl.

Bede de la Gormandiere, Jean (tl. 17th century). The
Masse Disphiyed. Sec fChaloner, Edward] (1590'/-
1625), supposed translator.

[Bedford, Thomas]. A Treatise, wherein is declared
the SutTiciencie of Enj^lish Medicines. London, by
II. L. [Hnmphrev Lownes] for Tho. Man, 1615. sm.
8vo. 2d Ed.

Sig. : A^ (1st and last, prob. blank, lacking) ; B-P.

[Bedingfield, Thomas] (d. 1618), trans, of Cardano,
Girolamo (1501-1576). Cardanus Comforte. Lon-
don, by Thomas Marsh, 1576. sm. 4to in 8s. 2d Ed.
Sig. : A" (1st, prob. blank, lacking) ; A(repeated)-
M«; N«. (Perry).

Bell, James (fl. 1551-1596), translator. Against Jerome
Osorius and against his slaunderous Inuectiues.
1581. See Haddon, Walter (1516-1572).

[Belloy, Pierre de] (b. ca. 1540). A Catholicke Apolo-
gie. London, for Edward Aggas [1590?]. sm. 8vo.
1st Ed.

Sig. : A-T«; V*.

Benison, Francis. An Epitaph, of Maister Fraunces
Benison. London, by John Awdely, 1570. folio
broadside. (Britwell).

Benvenuto, pseud. The Passenger. London, by T. S.
[Thomas Snodham] for Richard Redmer. 1612. sm.
4to. 1st Ed., with Redmer Imprint.

Sig. : A= ; ^^ A^ B-Z^ ; Aa-Zz* ; Aaa-Zzz* ; Aaaa-
Kkkk* ; LIU-.

Berners, John Bourchier, 2d Baron. See- Bourchier,
John, 2d Baron Berners (1467-1533).

Bertram Priest. Scr Ratramnus. monachus Corbiensis
(d. ca. 868).

Beza, Theodore (1519-1605), editor. See Bible. New
Testament. Latin. 1582.

Bible. Numbers in Darlow and Moule's Historical Cata-
logue of Printed Bihlcs are here given, to be added
to the entries on the pages indicated.

page 31, nos. 7, 17, 24; page 32, nos. 34, 48, 49, 55,
72, 85, 86, S?.; page :i3, nos. 107. 151, 167, 193, 206,
208, 222, 225, 232, 238 ; page 34, nos. 240, 242, 292,

385, 407, 407, 403. , 9587; page 35, no. 231 (the

first entrv only) ; page 36 (beginning Avith the New
Testament), nos. 6162, 19, 20, 50, 58; page 37, nos.

74. 83. 134, 132, 198. 202. 254, , ;U4 or 288, ,

406 or 398A ; page 38. no. 9580, , 1430 (the first

and third entries only).


Bible. English. 1560. The Bible and Holy Scriptures

eontej'ned in the Okie and Newe Testament. Geneua,

bv Ronland Hall, 1560. 4to.

'Sig.:*%*; a.-z.^ A.-Z.*; Aa.-Zz.*; &.«; Aaa.-Zzz.*;

Aaaa.-Zzzz." ; Aaaaa.^ Bbbbb.«; AA.-ZZ.*; AAa.-

LLl.*. (Dariow & Moide 77).

1586. The Bible. Translated according to the

Ebrew and Greeke. London, by Christopher Barker,
1586. sm. 4to in 8s.

Sig. : 2 11. without sig.-marks; A.-Z.**; Aa.-Zz.«;
Aaa.-Hhh.^ lii.^ *.*; Kkk.-YjT«; Zzz.". (Dar-
low &Moule 146).

-^— 1613-14. The Holy Bible, containing the Old
Testament, and the New. London, by Robert Bar-
ker, 1613-14. sm. 4to in 8s.
Sig.: A-Z«; Aa-Zz^; Aaa-Sff«.

1615. The Holy Bible, containing the Okie Testa-
ment, and the Neuu. London, by Robert Barker,
1615. 8vo.

Sig.: A-Z*^; Aa-Zz^; Aaa-Kkk^ (Darlow & Moule

1615. The Bible: translated according to the

Hebrew and Greeke. London, by Robert Barker,
1615. sm. 4to in 8s.

Sig.: V (1st and last, prob. blank, lacking) ; A-Z«;

Aa-Zz^ Aaa-Hhh^ lii^; **; Kkk-Yyy^ Zzz^".

(Darlow & Moule 268).
— — 1625-27. The Holy Bible, containing the Old
Testament, and the New. London, by Bonham Nor-
ton, and John Bill, 1625 (Ncav Testament 1627, its
colophon 1626). sm. 8vo.

Sig.: A-Z«; Aa-Zz^ Aaa-Kkk^

1632. The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testa-
ment and the Neuu. London, by Robert Barker, and
by the Assignes of John Bill, 1632. sm. 4to in 8s.

Sig.: A^ A ( repeated )-Z^ Aa-Zz^; Aaa-Rrr^
(Darlow & Moule 354).

1634. The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testa-
ment and the Neuu. London, by Robert Barker, and
by the Assignes of John Bill, 1634. sm. 4to in 8s.

Sig.: A^ A ( repeated )-Z^,f Aa-Zz^ Aaa-Kkk«; Lll^
(Darlow & Moule 377?).

New Testament. English. 1534. The Newe Testa-
ment, djdygently corrected and compared with the
Greke by'Willyam Tindale. [Antwerp, by Marten
Empereur?], 1534. 8vo.

Sig.: *.^ **.-•; A-Z"^; a-z^ Aa-Ee^ (Huth).
(Darlow & Moule 5).

1549. The Newe Testament translated by M. Wil.

Tvndall. no place, 1549. sm. 8vo.
'Sig.: ^^ *'"; A-Z^ a-z«; Aa-Bb^ Cc". (Huth).
(Darlow & Moule 51).

Bible. New Testament. English. 1552-0.3. The Newe
Testament. Colopiion : (London], imprynted hy
Rycharde Jugge 1 1552-53 J. .sm. 4to in 8s.

Sig.: 1[.«; }^.'"; A.-Y.^ z.«; Aa.-Qq.^; Rr.*.
( Huth ) . ( Darlow & Monle 6'J ) .

1557. The Newe Testament. Geneua, by Conrad

Badius, 1557. 8vo.

Sig.: *.«; ♦*.*; a.-z.« ; A.-Z.« ; Aa.-Ll.«. (Hiith).
(Darlow & Moule 76).

1589. The Text of the New Testament of Jesus

Christ. London, by the Deputies of Christopher
Barker, 1589. folio in 6s.

Sig.: •*; A-Y«; Aa-Yy« ; Aaa-Yyy"; Aaaa-Vvvv''' ;
Xxxx\ (Darlow & Moule 156).

— 1G33. The New Testament. London, by Robert

Barker and the Assignes of John Bill, 1633. 12mo.

Sig.: A-Y^'. (Huth). (Darlow & Moule 373).

— 1640. The New Testament. London, by Robert
Barker and the Assignes of John Bill, 1640. 12mo.

Sig. :A-Yi-. (Huth). (Darlow & Moule 427).

— Greek. 1632. 'H Kaiv^ Aia6r}Kr). Nouum Testa-
mentum. Cantabrigi*, apud Tho : Buck, 1632. 8vo.

Sig.: 1 1. without sig.-mark; A-Z«; Aa-SP (last
blank and genuine). (Darlow & Moule 4678).

— Latin and English. 1548. The Newe Testament in
Englishe and in Latin. Colophon: [London], by
Willyam Powell, 1548. sm. 4t.o in 8s.

Sig.: A.-Z.«; AA.-00.«; PP.''. (Huth).

— Spanivsh. 1596. El Testamento Nueuo de Nuestro
Sefior Jesu Chri.sto. En casa de Ricardo del Campo
[i. e. London, by Richard Field], 1596. sm. 8vo.

Sig. : * •* (1st, prob. blank, lacking) ; A-Z** ; Aa-Zz** ;
Aaa* (last, prob. blank, lacking). (Huth; Bridge-
Avater). (Darlow & Moule 8473).

Gospels. English. 1571. The Gospels of the

fower Euangelistes translated in the old Saxons tymo
out of Latin into the vulgare toung of the Saxons.
London, bv John Dave, 1571. sm. 4to.

Sig.: A>; If 2; 'b.-Y."; Aa.-Yy.^ AA.-HH.-.

(Huth). (Darlow & Moule 95).

Bible. New Testamoit. Selections. English. The
Epistles and Gospelles. [1545?]. See [Taverner.
Richard] (1505-1575), editor.

Bibliander, Theodorus (in German Buchmann, Theo-
dor) (1504-1564). A Godly Consultation vnto the
Brethren and Companyons of the Christen Religyon.
Colnphon : Basil! hv Rndulphe Bonifante, 1542. sm.
8vo. 1st Ed.
Sig.: A-V«.


Bilson, Thomas (1546 or 7-1616). The True Difference
betweene Christian Subiection and Vnchristiau Re-
bellion. Oxford, by Joseph Barnes, 1585. sm. 4to
in 8s. 1st Ed.

Sig. : A« ; a* (last blank and genuine) ; B-C* ; D-Z« ;

Aa-Zz"; Aaa-Ggg*; Hhh*; 1 1. without sig.-mark.

Birch, William. The Complaint of a Sinner, vexed with
Paine. London, by Alexander Lacy, for Richard
Applow, n. d. folio broadside, (Britwell).

A New Balade of the Worthy Seruice of late doen

by Maister Strangwige in Fraunce. London, by
Alexander Lacy for William Owen, n. d. folio broad-
side. (Britwell).

A Warnyng to England. London, by Alexander

Lacie, n. d. folio broadside. (Britwell)

Birckbek, Simon (1584-1656). The Protestants Eui-
dence, taken out of Good Records. London, for
Robert Milbourne, 1635. sm. 4to in 8s. 2d Ed.

Sig.: a« (1st, prob. blank, lacking) ; b^; c*; A-P^;

Q* ; Aa-Nn«.

Blundeville, Thomas (fl. 1561). Mr. Blundevil his Ex-
ercises. London, by Richard Bishop, and are to be
sold by Beniamin Allen, 1636. sm. 4to in 8s. 7th Ed.

Sig.: A^ (1st blank and genuine); B-Z® ; Aa-Zz^;


[ ] A New Booke containing the Arte of Ryding.

Colophon: London, by Willvam Seres [1575?]. sm.
8vo. lst(?) Ed.

Sig.: A.«; B.*; A.-M.^; A.-E.«; F.*; A-C« ; D^

Boaistuau, Pierre, called Launay. ^ce Boistuau de
Launai, Pierre (16th century).

Bocc^cftio, Giovanni (1313-1375). [The Decameron.]
The Modell of Witt, Mirth, Eloquence, and Conuer-
sation. [London], by Isaac Jaggard, for Matliew
Lownes, 1625 (vol. 2 : London, by Isaac Jaggard
1620). sm. folio. 2d Ed. of vol. 1," 1st Ed. of vol. 2
Sig.: vol. I; A^ (1st blank and genuine) ; B-V
Aa*; Bb-Nn*' (last, prob. blank, lacking) ; vol. IT
4 11. without sig.-mark (1st, prob. blank, lacking) ;
V; W; ^W; B-Z"; Aa-Zz*; Aaa". (Wallace).

Bohemia. Crown (1619-1620). Frederick L The Dec-
laration and Information against the Vniust Man-
dates published in the Name of the Emperour. no
place, 1620. sm. 4to. 1st Ed.
Sig.: A-C*.

Boistuau de Launai, Pierre (16th centurvO. Theatnun
Mundi. The Theatre or Rule of the" Worlde. See
AJday, John (fl. 1570), translator.


[Bolton or Boulton, Edmund] (1575 7-1633?). Nero
Ccesar or Moiiarchie depraued. London, 1G27. sm.
folio in 4s. 2d Ed.

Sig. : A^; 1 1. without sig.-mark; A (cont'd)';

A (repeated)"; 1 1. without sig.-mark; B-Z*; Aa-

Bolton, Robert (1572-1631). A Cordiall for Chi-istiaus
in the Time of iVffliction. London, by deorge Miller,
1040. sm. 4to. 1st Ed.

Sig.: A-D*; E^

A Discourse about the State of True Ilappinewse.

London, by John Lcgat, for Edmund Weauer, 1636.
sm. 4to in 8s. (ith Ed. — 2(1 Issue.

Sig.: A-P«; Q^

London, by John Legatt, for Edmund

Weauer, 1638. sni.'4to in 8s. 7th Ed.
Sig.: A-0«;P^Q-R^

Helps to Humiliation. London, by John Okes, for

Michael Spark, 1637. sm. 4to. 4th Ed.

Sig.: A* (1st blank and genuine) ; B-H*.

Instructions for a Right Comforting Afflicted Con-
sciences. London, by T. H. [Thomas Harper] for
Thomas Weauer, 1635. sm. 4to in 8s. 2d Ed.

Sig.: ^« (1st, prob. blank, lacking) ; A-Z«; Aa-Pp^
Qq* (last blank and genuine) ; Rr*.

London, by Tho. Badger, for Tho. Weauer,

1640. sm. 4to in 8s. 3d Ed.

Sig. : ^^ (1st 2 blank and genuine) ; A^ (last blank
and genuine); A ( repeated )-Z^; Aa-Oo^; PP-Qq^

Last and Learned Worke of the Foure last Things.

London, by George Miller, 1639. sm. 4to. 4th Ed.

Sig. : 2 11. without sig.-marks ; a-c« ; d'' ; B-R« ; S-T* ;
A-N*; A-I*; A-C*.

The Saints Soule-exalting Humiliation. London,

by John Hauiland, for Rapha Harford, 1634. sm.
4to in 8s. 1st Ed.

Sig.: aa*; Aa-Ll-; Mm-; ^* (last, prob. blank,

The Saints Sure and Perpetuall Guide. London,

by E. Purslow, for Rapha Harford, 1634. sm. 4tx) in
8s. 1st Ed.

Sig.: 1 1. without sig.-mark; (b)-(q)«; (r)^

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