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grandmother's decease, my sister Bridget Harrison shall have all the above
named tenements, with the lauds and meadow, paying the yearly rent of
five pounds a year after her entrance into the said tenements, to have the
said houses and tenements until such time as my son Michael cometh to
one and twenty years, if my sister live so long, keeping all the said tene-
ments in good reparations. Sundry gifts of linen &c. to sons Michael and
John. Certain household stuff to daughter Elizabeth, also the best gown
being colour London brown laid with billament lace, one petticoat of Stam-
mell laid with three billament laces of velvet. My father in law Michael
Ireland shall be my sole executor to take up my debts and pay my debts
and to see my body honestly buried. Hudleston, 20.

Roger Elliot of the hamlet of Upshere in the parish of Waltham Holy
Cross, Essex, yeoman, 31 March 1608, proved 12 April 1608. To wife
Katherine four pounds yearly, to be paid unto her out of my lands during
the time of her widowhood at the usual feasts of the year, viz* the feast of
St. Michael the Archangel and the Annunciation of our Lady St. Mary the
Virgin by equal and even portions. All the rest of my moveable goods &c.
I give unto Katherine my wife whom I make full and whole executrix &c.

Register 21 Com. of Loudon (1607-1611), fo. 31.

Memorandum that George Elyot of St. Margarets in Lothbury, Lon-
don, upon the second day of September A.D. 1611, being sick in body but
of perfect mind and memory, made and declared his last will and testament
nuncupative &c. He gave to his brother Edward Elyott four acres of
arable land in the parish of "Weston, Herts, which said land is holden of
the manor of Argentines. And he did give and bequeath to his said brother
Edward forty shillings which his brother Thomas Elyott owed him, and all
the rest of his goods, chatties and debts whatsoever. And he did make,
constitute and appoint his said brother Edward his sole executor &c. in the
presence and hearing of Raphe Houghe, Dorothie Wilkinson and Margaret
Jenkins. Fenner, 8.

John Eliote of Weston, Herts., yeoman, 9 September 1612, proved
19 February 1612. My body to be buried in the churchyard of Weston.
I devise and bequeath the custody, government and education of my two
daughters unto Elizabeth my loving wife until their several ages of sixteen
years. To the said Elizabeth my wife all my freehold messuages, lands,
tenements and hereditaments &c. in Weston or elsewhere, to hold the
moiety or half of said messuages &c. during the nonage or minority of
Amies my eldest daughter, and until the said Annes shall accomplish the
full age of one and twenty years, for and towards her education, maintenance
and preferment, the remainder of the said moiety to the said Annes and
the heirs of her body lawfully begotten, and for default of issue, the remain-
der to Elizaheth my younger daughter <&c. and next to my said wife and
her heirs forever. The other moiety to be held for the younger daughter


Elizabeth (in the same mauner &c). To the poor of Weston twenty shil-
lings. The residue to wife Elizabeth whom I appoint sole executrix.

Capell, 15.

Hewgh Eylleot of Waltham Holy Cross Essex, yeoman, 2 June
1613, proved 16 June 1613. To be buried in the parish churchyard of
Waltham. To Thomas Parnell of Widford a parcel of land called Stocke-
ing, with a hedge grove thereunto belonging, containing by estimation five
acres &c. now in the tenure and occupation of the said Thomas Parnell,
for the term of twelve years, in lieu and recompence of a debt that I owe
unto him. I give all my lands and tenement, both free and copyhold, in
Widford to John Wood als Lyllye of Widford on condition he pay all
legacies, gifts, debts &c. To my father's sister's children fifty pounds. To
my cousin Ferdenando Eylleot of Epping twenty pounds. To Edward
Eylleot of Widford ten pounds. To Edward Noone five pounds. To the
poor of Waltham Holy Cross twenty shillings. To the poor of Widford
forty shillings. And I appoint, ordain and make Edward Eilleott and Johu
Wood als Lyllye executors &c. and Thomas Parnell and Ferdenandoe
Eylleot overseers.

Register 22 Com. C'. of London (1611-1616) fo. 173.

Nicholas Elliott als Aylett of Albury, Herts., brickmaker, 18
February 1617, proved 2 May 1618. " Being at this present aged and
sick." To the poor of Albury ten shillings, to be distributed amongst them
at my burial. To Elizabeth, my daughter, wife of Rowland Field; ten
pounds. To the five children of my said daughter Elizabeth six pounds.
To Francis Elliott son of my late son Richard Elliott twenty pounds on
the feast day of St. Michael the Archangel which shall be in the year of
Our Lord God one thousand six hundred twenty and five, at or in the
church porch of Albury aforesaid. To my son William Elliott and to his
wife and to the longer liver of them, for term of their natural lives, all my
pasture and wood ground called parish grove, containing by estimation
twelve acres more or less, and after their decease to Nicholas and William,
sons of said William Ellyott &c, in consideration that the legacies given in
my will shall be paid and that thirty pounds shall be paid to my daughter
Ann or to her husband according to a certain covenant and agreement here-
tofore by me made &c. To Mary Elliott, daughter of my late son Richard
Elliott, forty shillings in six years &c. To my daughter Feild and my son
William Ellyott all my household stuff within my houses to be equally
divided amongst them by four indifferent men'. To my daughter Feild one
cow. To my son William all my freehold land lying in Chisdell als Chisley
field, containing eight acres more or less, with "y e kell " barn and other
houses to it belonging. The residue to William my sou, he paying my debts,
legacies and funeral charges. And I make him my only executor.

Register D. Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, fo. 143.

Bennett Elliott of Nasinge, Essex, yeoman, 5 November 1621,
proved 28 March 1622. My body to buried in decent and Christian man-
ner. I give and bequeath all the rents and profits of all my copy and
customary lands and tenements &c. in the several parishes of Ware, Wid-
ford, Hunsdon and Estweeke in the Co. of " Harford" unto my trusty and
well beloved friends William Curtis, my son in law, Nicholas Camp the
younger and John Keyes, all of the said parish of Nasinge, for the space of


eight years from the time of my decease quarterly to pay unto my son John
Elliott the sum of eight pouuds a year of lawful money of England for and
towards his maintenance in the University of Cambridge, where he is now
scholar, and the residue of the rents and profits I give and bequeath for
and towards the bringing up of my youngest children, that is to say, Fran-
cis, Jacob. Mary and Lydia. And the inheritance of all my said lauds lyiug
in the said parishes I give and bequeath as followed]. First, to Francis,
mv youngest son, and to his heirs forever, one parcel of land called Crott-
well Croft, containing two acres more or less, and one other parcel of land
called Coles Croft, containing one acre more or less, and one parcel of land
called Dameter in Great Hyfield and one other parcel of land lying in Little
Westney, by estimation one acre and a half more or less, and one parcel of
land lying in Sowters Common Meade, containing half an acre, with all the
rents and profits after the end of the said eight years have expired ; and I give
and bequeath unto my sou Jacob and to his heirs forever all that my messuage
or tenement in the said parish of Widford, with all the lands thereunto belong-
ing lying in the said several parishes of Widford, Ware, Hunsdon, and Estwick,
with all other the appurtenances other than those lands before given to my
son Francis, with all the rents and profits of the same from aud after the
said eight years. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Lydia the sum of
fifty pounds of lawful mouey, to be paid unto her at the age of eighteen years
or day of marriage, which shall first happen. I give uuto my daughter
Mary the sum of twenty pounds of like lawful mouey, to be paid unto her
in like manner and I give unto ray goddaughter Mary Curtis the sum of
three pounds of like money, payable to her as to the others; and my will
and mind is that if either of my said two daughters die before their said age or
marriage that then the survivor to have her part or legacy as aforesaid aud
that if they both happen to die before the said time that then the sum of
forty pounds thereof be paid to my son John and the residue to and
amongst my younger children.

Item, my will and mind is that so soon as may be after my decease my
executors make sale of all my stock of cattle, corn and all other goods and
chatties that be " a broade " out of my house and of so much of my move-
able goods within the house as in their discretions cannot well be kept in
their own property till my said children be of age to use the same, to such
persons as will give most money for the same, and the money rising thereof
to employ for the use, behoof and maintenance of my said children to the
best advantage they lawfully may or can; and further my will and mind is
that my daughter Mary and my daughter Lidia shall have the chest in the
yellow chamber and all that is in the same, over and above their parts in
the rest of my goods, and my will and mind is that my sou Phillip shall
have so much of my household implements as cannot well be removed with-
out loss, for his part of my said goods if it rise to be so much; if his part
come not to the value then that he may have them at a reasonable price if
he will before any other; and I give unto my son Francis four silver spoons
which were given him at his Christening, over and above his my part of
goods, and my will is that my daughter Mary Curtis have the keeping of
them till he be of age, aud for that my said daughter Mary Curtis hath
heretofore had a good and competent part of my goods for her portion and
preferment in marriage, whereby she is already provided for, I give unto
her only the sum of five shillings to make her a small ring to wear in re-
membrance of my love to her and because my estate in goods and chatties
will hardly be sufficient for the education of my young childreu, Francis,


Jacob, Mary and Lydia therefore I more give unto my said friends William
Curtis, Nicholas Camp and John Keyes, whom I trust for their bringing
up, the sum of ten pounds a year yearly for the space of eighteen years
after my decease out of my messuage and customary lands in the parish of
Nasinge, or out of any part thereof, for the better maintenance of my said
children; and the inheritance of my 'said messuage, lands and tenements
with their appurtenances, with all the rents and profits thereof other than
the said ten pounds a year out of the same for the time aforesaid, I give
and bequeath unto my son Phillip Elliott and to his heirs forever; and my
will and mind is that my said friends pay all such fine or fines as shall be
due to the lord or lords for their said lands when they shall be thereunto
admitted, and the rest of my estate in goods, rents, money, debts or chat-
tels, with the profits thereof if any be, to deliver to my said children by
even and equal portions at the end and expiration of the said eighteen
years; and for that cause I do hereby ordain and appoint my said beloved
friends William Curtis, Nicholas Campe the younger and John Keyes my
full and sole executors &c. and I give to either of them for their pains
herein taken forty shillings apiece, and my earnest request is that Mr John
Tey of the said parish of Nasinge Esq. would be aiding and helping to my
said executors by his good counsel and advice for the better execution
thereof, and my will and mind is that if any question or doubt do arise
between my executors concerning this my said will that they submit them-
selves to be ordered and ruled by him without any further trouble or con-

Wit: Robert Wonnam, Parnell Borum, John Tey, John Campe, William

Proved by the oaths of William Curtis, Nicholas Camp junior and John
Keyes, executors &c.

Register 24 Com. C l . of London (1621-1626) fo. 85.

James Eliot of Rayleigh, Essex, clerk, 19 May 1623, proved 14 July
1623. To the poor of Rayleigh forty shillings. To Anne Howlet, my
maidservant, three pounds in two years. To Judith Eliott, my daughter
the advowson donative and presentation of the rectory and parsonage of
Rayleigh, and I appoint Edward Hetham of Hunsdon, my brother in law,
to be her guardian. To my daughters Susanna and Mary my tenement
wherein Stephen Couch dwelleth, with all the land thereunto belonging,
lying and being within the parishes of Hockley and Rayleigh. To my
daughter Susanna Eliott the house wherein Mr. Rawlins sometime dwelled,
with the meadow on the backside and all tenements next adjoining to
the said mansion house &c To Mary Eliott, my daughter, those four
houses wherein Robert Man, Richard Merrifall, John Sutton and Richard
Wood now dwelleth, together with the land called Sandpit Corner now in
my own occupation. All my first wife's apparell and wearing things to he
divided equally amongst my three daughters. To my son Phillipp Eliott
the remainder of my lease called Olives in Hunsdon. To my son James
Eliott the land called Ilowletts and Barringtons Meade and Tarrpott
which I purchased of Serg'. Athow and his son, to have the same at his
age of one and twenty years. To James, my son, that part of the house
wherein Henry Barnes now dwelleth and the land he occupieth, together
with Coggers Acre, to enter upon at the age of one and twenty. To Eliza-
beth my wife the messuage called the George, with the hinds belonging,
now in the possession of Henry Broadwater (and other lands), also the


house called BarringtOD wherein I now dwell, with the orchard &c. After
her decease Philip to have the George &c. and James to have Barrington.
My wife to have the rent of my children's lands till they are seventeen or
married, and to well educate and bring them up; and further my mind and
will is that my two sons James and Philip should be brought up in learning
both in the Grammar School and also in the University, and this trust I
commit unto my said wife. If my wife depart before the children come to
their ages aforesaid then I will my daughter Judith, if she be married, shall
take the care upon her for her brethren and sisters, and if she die &c. then
my brother in law Edward Iietham and Effe his wife. The rest to my
wife whom I appoint sole executrix and I do appoint Mr Symme and Mr
John Wilson overseers.

Bellamy (Cousistory C l . of London) fo. 121.

John Campe the elder of Nasing Essex, yeoman, '21 May 1630, proved
11 June 1030. To my son John three pounds at the decease of Mary my
wife or within a month after her decease. To my son George four pounds
within four years after my decease. To my sou Nicholas three pounds
within six months &c. To my son Thomas eight pounds at his age of one
and twenty. To my daughter Mary five pounds in six years &c. To my
daughter Sarah three pounds in three years &c. To my grandchild Eliza-
beth Campe three pounds at one and twenty. To my grandchild John
Campe twenty shillings at eighteen.

Item I give to John Elott my grandchild twenty shillings to be paid unto
her (sic) at his age of eighteen years. The rest I leave to Mary my wife
whom I make my full and sole executrix. And I desire my good friends
Richard Campe and William Campe to be overseers, they to have twelve
pence apiece for their pains to be taken.

Register 26, Com. CK of London (1629-1634) fo. 42.

[I venture to send the foregoing Eliott notes, even though it is an incomplete
collection, and my researches have not been exhaustive. They relate, as will be
easily seen, chiefly to the family of which a pedigree is given in the Visitations
of Essex, published by the Harleian Society, forit is to that family that, I feel
convincsd, our beloved Apostle to the Indians belonged, and I hope that some day
it will be our good fortune to see this fully and clearly proved. In the mean time
it may be as w r ell to put in print and so save for future use these notes, as well
as some extracts from parish registers, which a descendant of the holy man
has succeeded in obtaining. These notes and extracts show plainly how closely
connected the family of the Apostle were with the places with which the family
w T hose pedigree is given were also connected. One fortunate discovery in the
shape of a will may settle the whole matter for us. Let us hope such good
fortune will come to us.

It may be well to refer to some of the points given us in some of these wills.
That of Thomas Grene of Stanford Rivers (1534-1537), for instance, shows
that he was connected also with "Cotred" in Herts. And he seems to have
been a proprietor of the manor of Belhouse. in Stanford Rivers. His wife
Elizabeth seems also to have been the widow of an Eliott. Now, if we examine
the pedigree of Wilson of Willion as given in the Visitation of Herts (pub. by
the llarl. Soc), page 121, we shall find there that Thomas Wilson of " Codreth,"
Herts, had (among other children) a daughter .... wife to .... Greene and
after to ... . Eliott of Stanford Rivers, another daughter Alice wife to Con-
niswell, a son Rafe and a son Edward. Thomas Grene in his will speaks of
"William Cammeswcll which married my wife's suster." This was doubtless
that " Alice wife to Conniswell." And Cammeswcll is probably the true read-
ing. Again, Grene speaks of " lands in Cotred that I bought of Raufe Wilson."
This Raufe Wilson was doubtless the Rafe Wilson of the pedigree, one of the
brothers of Alice " Conniswell," and of Mrs. Greene als. EliottT Now examine
the pedigree of Eliott in the Visitation of Essex and we find that Thomas


Eliott of Cottered, Herts, the common ancestor of those embraced in the pedi-
grees of Eliott, married .... daughter of Thomas Wilson of Cottered, Herts,
gent'., a sister of Edward Wilson. Undoubtedly it was she who afterwards
became the wife of Thomas Grene of Stanford Kivers. So it appears that
we can correct the pedigree of Wilson by changing the order of marriage of
that daughter of Thomas Wilson with her respective husbands and giving them
all baptismal names. She was Elizabeth Wilson, and was wife to Thomas Eliott
and after to Thomas Greene.

George Ellyot of Stertford (Bishops Stortford) Herts, Esq., whose will (1548-
1554) I give, was, without doubt, one of the sons of that Thomas Eliott by
Elizabeth Wilson. He mentions an eldest brother John, a yoimgest brother
John, a brother Robert, a brother Thomas and a sister Johan Heynes. His own
children were evidently Magnus Eliott, George Eliott and Katherine, wife of . . .
Sparoke, or Sparke. And he brings into the line of succession of his landed
estate, after decease of his children, and failing their male issue, John Eliott of
London, mercer, and Henry Eliott of Lanocke (probably an estate near Hit-
chin) . These two I believe to have been sons, the one of that eldest brother
John and the other of that youngest brother John mentioned in the will. The
printed pedigree shows the one but not the other. In fact, incomplete, like so
many Visitation pedigrees, it does not give that youngest brother John Eliott at
all ; and it was from this younger John or his brother Thomas that I suspect
our John Eliott of Roxbury was descended. Finally the testator describes his
brother Robert Eliott as of Hunsdon, and the will is witnessed by John Eliott of
Wickham Hall, John Eliott of London, Richard Fletcher, curate, and Richard
Pilston. John Eliott of Wickham Hall was the eldest brother John of the will
and father of John Eliott of London. Richard Pilston was nephew of the
testator by marriage with Winifred, one of the half sisters of John Eliott of

Now we come to the will of Thomas Elyot of Wydford (1551-1554) whom I
believe to have been the brother Thomas mentioned in the preceding will. He
mentions sons Thomas, John and Simon, and speaks of lands in Widford and
Ware, names of places very significant when we come, later on, to read the will
of the father of our John Eliott. Let us also recall that his brother George
owned a house occupied by Simon Eliott (this probably in Little Hadham).

Next I furnish will of John Haynes of Much Hadham (1551 — ?). He
mentions (among others) wife Joanne (perhaps the sister of George Eliott),
son George, daughter Agnes, late the wife of John Grave, and daughter Cathe-
rine wife of Simon Eliott. Following this is the will of George Haynes of
Much Hadham (1584) who was perhaps the son of the preceding testator and
possibly husband, by a first match, of Blythe a daughter of John Eliott of
Wickham Hall. These two wills are also interesting to us as relating to the
family of our Governor Haynes, of Massachusetts and Connecticut, who was
the son Of John Haynes of Coddicut Herts and Old Holt Essex (buried at Much
Hadham Herts), who was perhaps the son of this very George Haynes whose
will I give. It is well also to note that John Haynes in his will (1551) provides
for two "Sarmondes" to be preached at Widford.

Next comes the will of Thomas Ellyott of London (1557)- who makes a be-
quest to the church at Widford, and by his mention of his " uucle John Ellyott
of Stratford " (Stortford), Herts, and John Elliott, his son, of London, mercer,
binds himself to this family. By naming his father and mother, John and Johan
Ellyott, then living in Widford, he enables us to place him exactly. His father
was John Elliott, that youngest brother mentioned in will of George Eliott
already given. And now we have two of the sons of Thomas and Elizabeth
(Wilson) Eliott, of the pedigree, placed in Widford, a place so important in the
history of our Indian Apostle, since it was there he was born and baptized. It
will be noted that we have found also the probable parentage of Henry Eliott',
named in George Eliott's will, for this Thomas mentions a brother Henry.
Besides this Henry there is an eldest brother of the testator, named John,
whose son John Eliott comes just in the -line of entail of the testator's landed
estate in Widford. And one, or both, of them seems to have been then living
in Waltlum, Essex (quite near Nasing). Unfortunately the testator did not
name his other nephews and nieces.

Following the above comes the will of John Elyott of Stortford parsonage,
evidently the eldest brother John of George Eliott's will and certainly the John
Eliott of the pedigree, father (among others) of John of London and Edward


of Newland, father also of Blythe Haynes and of Winifred the wife of Richard
Pilston. already referred to. Besides these he names sons George and Rowland
and daughters Tabett (/rabitha) , Alice and Agnes, the last named wife of another

Edward Eliott of Newland, Essex, Esq., whose will (1595-1506) is nest given,
is the one on whose account the pedigree was given in the Visitation of
Essex. It was through his wife Jane, a daughter and co-heir of James Gedge,
that he became connected with Newland. The printed pedigree is very defec-
tive in regard to his family. He names sons Thomas (afterwards knighted),
Edward and John, daughters Hannati, Jane and Elizabeth, and a daughter Colleu.
This last mntioned daughter, I have found, was Dorothy, wife, probably, of
John Collen. Hannah became the wife of John Pinchon (see my notes on the
Pinchon familv), Jane was probably married to John Butler, and Elizabeth was
the wife of John Yonge of Roxwell. Besides these I am confident we must
give him Mary, married, first to Edward Bogas of Ardley Essex, gen'., and
secondly to Mr. Matthew Davis, clerk, vicar of Writtle. (See Marriage
Licenses, Bishop of London, Edward Boosy and Jane Bogas, and the will of
Dorothv Davis printed among my Pinchon notes.) Mr. Matthew Davis in his
will (1616-1625) mentions wife 'Mary, son John, daughter Dorothy, and also
refers to his wife's children which she had by Mr. Bogas. (P. C C. Clarke 46.)
Of course there is the chance that when Dorothy Davies referred to Mrs. Mary
Davies as mother she meant stepmother. At any rate there can be little ques-
tion that Dorothv herself was a granddaughter of Edward Eliott of Newland,
since she names ( 1634) her uncle Sir Thomas Eliott, her uncle John Eliott, his wife

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