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Elizabeth Goreing. Twenty shillings to Deborah Heale to dispose to the
AVomau's Meeting at Staines and Langford. The residue to my three
grandchildren, Richard, Thomas Bonner Ashfield and Mary Ashfield. To
their mother Mary, late wife to my son Richard Ashfield of New York de-
ceased fluty pounds New York money, to be paid there if she be then liv-
ing, and to Joseph Heale twenty pounds and to my cousin Mary Birdikin
five pounds. To my cousin Leonard Jackson five broad pieces of gold.
My nephew John Freame and his wife Priscilla Freame.

In the codicil a bequest to John Eccleston, son to Theodore Eccleston.
If all the grandchildren should depart this life before the age of eighteen
years or without lawful issue of their bodies then of the remainder of the
estate one third to be disposed of among poor Friends, that labor in the
word of God, of which John Haywood is to have ten pounds, one third to
the Women's Meetings of London, Enfield and Staines, Longford ami Ux-
brid<re, and the other third to "thyself" (Joseph Heale the executor) " to
dispose as thee shall see meete." Barrett, 278.


Joiin Whetcombe of Shirborne, Dorset, mercer, 2 May 1598, proved
22 September 1598. To the parish Church there for and towards the
reparations of the same. To Francis Scarlett, minister there. To the
Free Grammar School there. To the Alms house and to the poor of
Shirborne. My two hired servants and my apprentice Mellige. Elizabeth
my wife shall have my tenement and dwelling house &c. that I bought of
John Frye, with that parcel of land adjoining which I bought of Philip
Manfield, during her natural life. And she shall enjoy my lease that I
bought of Sir Walter Rawleighe, knight, for the term of thirty years &c.
&c. Other leases. To my son Robert Whetcombe my lands and tene-
ments in Trent, Somerset, he to allow out of said lands, to my son John,
his brother, six pounds a year for twenty one years. I give to Robert also
my dwelling house &c. in Shirborne. He shall have to apprentice my son
Joseph for seven years. To my son John my lands and tenements in
Ackerman Street, Shirborne. To son Samuel (after decease of my wife
Elizabeth) my lease which I bought of Sir Walter Raleighe, knight, &c.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Symon, immediately after the
decease of Elizabeth my wife, al' that my lease of Westcome and Spar-
grove, lying and being in the parish of Batcombe in the County of Somer-
set, and also the sum of fourscore pounds to be paid him at his age of

one and "twenty years. To my daughter Jane my lease of Beare mill in
the parish of Beere Haggat in the County of Dorset and one hundred
pounds at her day of marriage, if she shall marry with the consent and
good liking of her mother and my overseers. My brother Thomas Whet-
combe's children, which be four in number, shall have twenty shillings
apiece at the age of twenty one, i.e. Thomas, Edmond, Christian and John.
Provisions against death of any of the sons without issue male &c. Wife
Elizabeth to be sole executrix and M r William Mewe, my brother Hugh
Whetcombe, my brother Edmond Lane and John Stoite to be overseers.

Lewvn, 76.

Symon Whitcombe citizen and clothworker of London, inhabiting in
the parish of All Saints Staynings in the same City, 5 March 1630, proved
7 February 1637. My loving wife Mary to be my executrix, unto whom
(my debts being first paid and satisfied) I give and bequeath all the re-
mainder of estate, &c. &c. and all my lands, tenements &c. in Wymbourne
minster, Dorset. And because my estate consisting of merchandize in the
parts beyond the seas is casual and uncertain I do therefore forbear to give
any particular legacies to pious or charitable uses or to my kindred and
other friends, leaving it to the Godly care and wisdom of my executrix to
do according to the estate which God shall send to her bands, as may be
most for the glory of God, the credit and reputation of me her husband,
praying her to have a particular regard to Simon Whetcombe, son of my
brother Robert Whetcombe, and to my godson Symon Wilde, the sou of
my good friend John Wild of London merchant, as also to my servants
which are now with me, if they shall be abiding with us at my death.

Wit: Adoniram Byfield, Benjamin Pitt and Chris: Breres.

Lee, 19.

[Symon Whitcombe, the testator, who names merchandise beyond the seas,
was probably the person whose name is found hi the charter of the Colony of
Massachusetts Bay, and who was an Assistant of the Company. For an account
of him see Transactions and Collections of the American Antiquarian Society,
vol. 3, p. li.— Editor.]


Edmond Lane of Lyllington, Dorset, yeoman, 13 August 1604, proved
26 November 1604. To Robert Lane, sou of my brother Robert, all my
messuages &c. in Sherborne. George, another of my brother Robert's
sons, at twenty four. Timothy Lane, another (to be placed an apprentice
in London). Mary Lane, daughter of ray said brother Robert. Auue
Lane, another of his daughters. To Thomas Whetcomb, sou of my brother
in law Thomas Whetcomb, ten pounds, at his age of twenty and four years,
and if he happen to decease before he come to that age then to his brethren.
To Joseph Harris, son of Alice Harris ten pounds at four and twenty.
Edmond Whetcomb, another of the sons of the said Thomas Whetcomb.

To these preachers following, viz 1 Mr. Rowse, Mr. Crane, Mr. Wilkin-
son, Mr. Hanley and Mr. Forwoode, forty shillings to be divided amongst
them by even portions. I do freely forgive and remit unto John Yarde,
Alice Harris, Anne Cooke and Edmond Harris all such debts as they or
either of them do owe me. The residue to Alice my wife whom I ordain
and make my full and sole executrix. And my will aud desire is that
Hugh Whetcomb, Thomas Strowde, William Mewe, Richard Cowth, John
Stoyt and Robert Whetcombe shall be mine overseers.

Commission issued 30 October 1627 to Robert Lane, nephew by the
brother of the said deceased, to administer the goods &c. not fully adminis-
tered by Alice lately relict and executrix, now also deceased.

Harte, 84.

[Edward Lane, the testator, was a hrother-in-law of John Whetcombe, whose
will and that of his son Simon precede this (ante, p. 916). The will of the
former names him as an overseer. — Editor.]

Barnard Randolph of London Esq. and Common Sergeant of the
same city, 14 December 1580, with Codicils dated 29 December 1582, 24
May 1583, 17 June 1583, 1 August 1583 and 5 August 1583, proved 24
February 1583. My earnest desire is to be buried at Tysherst where I
was born and where my father aud mother and first wife be buried, in the
Chapel where my pew standeth or in some convenient place in the high
Chancel there, " as shall seeme most meetest to my Executors, desiringe
theme and namely my son Batherst to cause some convenient & comely
monument to be made there as one Mr. Carewe of London hath made at
Stone in Kent for his wife's ffather (or better)," with some " Epitath " and
my arms to be set up within or upon the said monument. I have con-
veyed unto Agnes my wife certain lands &c. of the yearly value of forty
pounds, for term of her natural life, in lieu and for her jointure, which were
conveyed by me before to sundry other uses. In recompence thereof I
will that ray son John Randolphe shall pay yearly unto my said wife dur-
ing her natural life, out of all my manors, lands, tenements &c. which shall
come unto him by my death, a yearly sura or annual rent of forty pounds.
To my said wife one hundred pounds in lieu of such household stuff as I
meant to have given her, if she continue with me in house as a loving and
obedient wife until my decease and not otherwise. And as for her children,

Myhell and Thomas Smallpage I think them very well satisfied

and that they have good cause to say and think well of me. And to the
children of her daughter Haydock (alias Maries) which she had by the said
Haydocke I do give one hundred pounds. And if my said wife and her son
Myhell Smalpage had not shewed them very unquiet and unkind towards
me, as well by their often complainings and open misreporting of me, to my
great grief and infamy, their portions had been much better. Again he


says of the legacy to his wife '• I give her in discharge of ray conscience and
not for her deserving." Son in law Launcellot Batherst and his wife, my
only daughter, Judith. Her two daughters Elizabeth and Mary. My
sister Sabbes children. The daughter of my late brother Thomas Ran-
dolphe. My only son John. He is joined in marriage with a good gentle-
woman. A cup of my daughter's which was stolen out of my study in
London when I was robbed. My manors, lands, tenements &c. in Sussex
my son shall have after my decease. Judith, daughter of my son John.
The daughters of my daughter Fynues. My son Fynnes. My daughter
Villers. Sisters Sabb and Bingham. Brothers Sabb and Nepsham. My
daughter in law Barbara Vyllers, widow of William Vyllers deceased.
Brother in law Sir Roger Manwood, knight, Lord Chief Baron. My
brother Lunsford. My brother Borne and his wife. My sister Wood. I
give my seal ring of my arms that was made in " Andwarpp " to my son
John and my seal ring of the same arms made in London to my daughter

In the Codicil of 29 Dec. 1582 he prays his executors to have his body
buried in the parish church of Mary Magdalen where he now dwells, near
his pew, for the reason that the ways to Tysherst " are most tymes of the
yeare verye fowle." Mention made of cousin Nicholas Fuller. Son in
law Launcellot Batherst who before was one of my executors until he did
refuse to let me lye in his house. Butts, 27.

Isabkll Randolphs widow, late the wife of John Randolf gentleman
deceased, her will made 7 May 27 Eliz :, proved 7 October 1585. John
Skydmore Esq., John Fortescue Esq. and Thomas Pelham Esq. to be my
executors and to them I commit the tuition, custody and bringing up of my
children and of their parts and portions. The said Thomas Pelham and
William Gull of Gray's Inn stand bound for me for the wardship of the
body and land of Herbert Randolphe my son &c, My children Herbert,
Barnard and Judith. Robert Harrys, Launcelott Bathurste, William
Kempton and William Rowe executors of my late father in law Barnard
Randolphe deceased. My son Barnard at seventeen years of age. My
brother John Lunsford to be overseer of this will. My cousin Henry
Apsley. My uncle and aunt Dallender to whom I account myself very
much beholding. My cousins their children. My aunt Lunsford. My
god daughter Elizabeth Finys. Brudenell, 45.

John Browne of Horton Kirkeby, Kent, gen 1 , 3 February 1595, proved
21 May 1590. If wife be with a child then &c. My brother Thomas
Browne. My brother Edward Browne. My four sisters Susanne, Marye,
Anne and Elizabeth. My wife Elizabeth. My mother Mrs Mary Lum-
barde. I will and bequeath and my mind is that all the portions which
are due to my brothers and sisters by my father's last will or otherwise and
yet unpaid, that is to say, fifty pounds to my sister Susan, fifty pounds to
my brother Edward, forty pounds to my brother Thomas and forty pounds
apiece to the rest of my sisters, which is yet unpaid &c. shall be paid unto
them. Some not yet of years to receive it. They to be paid at twenty
one or day of marriage. My sister Susan Browne. My father in law Mr.
Lumbarde and ray mother his wife. To both ray mothers Mrs Bathurst
and Mrs Lumbard five pounds apiece. My father in law Mi - . Launceloit
Batherste. My uncle Charles Browne gen'. My cousin Edinond Ran-
dolfe, gentleman. My uncle Robert Batherst. My cousin Mrs. Burred.


Mr Edinond Peershall. My brother in law Randall Batherst. My sisters
in law and brother in law Mary, Susan and Rauffe Batherste. Uncle
Charles Browne and cousin Edniond Randolfe to be overseers. Wife
Elizabeth to be executrix.

Edinond Randolphe was one of the witnesses. Drake, 38.

Harbkrt Randolphe of Wardes in the parish of Tyrehurst. Sussex,
Esq., 7 April 1604. proved 28 September 1604. To be buried in the
parish church of St. Mary Magdalen in old Fish Street, Loudon. If I die
without issue I bequeath uuto my loving brother in law Anthony Apsley
of the Inner Temple, gen 1 , and Judith Apsley his wife, my very loving
sister, my manors of Hamerden Morley and Cortesley in Sussex and my
manor of Filsham in Sussex, lately dimised and to farm letten to one
Robert Lunsforde of Hollington, Sussex, yeoman, for divers years yet to
come, and more lately assured and conveyed by me or intended to be assured
&c. unto Judith Randolphe, my dear ami well beloved wife, for her jointure.
Other lands to the said Anthony and Judith Apsley. They to have aud to
hold the manor of Filsham immediately from and after the estates of my
said wife and of the said Robert Lunsford shall be ended or expired.
Reference to limitations created by Barnarde Randolphe Esq. my grand-
father. The two hundred pounds which my father in law Anthony Sherley
Esq. oweth me for part, of the marriage money of my said wife his daughter,
yet unpaid, my executor shall also pay unto my wife as soou as he shall
receive or recover the same of my said father in law. To my aunt Mrs
Pelham, my aunt Lunsford, my cousin Judith Pelham, my cousin Thomas
Pelham. my cousin Thomas Lunsford, my cousin Cicely Lunsford and my
cousin Grace Stapley, to every of them five pounds. To my cousin Mary
Lunsford forty shillings. To my wife's brothers and sisters eighteen pounds
to be equally divided between them. To Mrs Margery Graunte my poor
kinswoman twenty nobles. To Mr. Davenporte sometimes my tutor in
Queen's College Cambridge, in thankful gratuity towards him for his kind-
ness shewed me when I was pupil there, ten pounds to buy him a gelding.
To Mr. Shepheard. my father in law's chaplin, ten pounds. The residue
to my brother in law Anthony Apsley who I do make sole executor. I
desire my very good uncles Thomas Pelham Esq. and John Lunsford Esq.
and my very good cousin Anthony Stapley Esq. to be overseers, and that
they will be pleased to take the small gift of ten pounds apiece.

A memorandum follows concerning certain interlineations. " I Nich.
Bestuey was present at his Bedsyde when the Testator upon Satturdaye
the seaventhe of Aprill One thowsand sixe hundred aud fower Jac. 2. abowte
sixe of y e clocke at nighte did publishe this as his last will and testament
in mv hearinfre."

Richard Sheppard was one of the witnesses. Harte. 77.

Siu Samukl Argall of London knight, " beinge now preste to seme
his Maiestie in a voyage intended by sea," 23 May 1G25, proved 21 March
1625. To my three loving sisters, viz' my sister the Lady Filmer, my
sister Batherst and my sister the Lady Fleetwood, to every of them twenty
pounds apiece to buy every of them a piece of plate of that value in re-
membrance of my love. To Anne Percivall the wife of Samuel Percivall
of London, chandler, one hundred pounds. To Sara Filmer my niece,
Samuel Batherst my nephew, Samuel Filmer, my nephew Sir Robert Fil-
ler's son and my niece Katheriue Barham's son, my godson, to every of


them ten pounds apiece, to be paid unto them or their parents. To the
Master and Fraternity of the Trinity House a piece of plate ten pounds
value with my name and arms thereupon for a remembrance of me, for I
am a brother of their Company. To my friend Nicholas Hawes gentleman
one hundred pounds and also my sword with the silver hilt gilded over,
which I promised him long agone. To my friend Richard Fowler one
hundred pounds. To Judith Buckhurst widow of Thomas Buckhurst, late
of Staplehurst Kent, gentleman, forty pounds a year to be paid out of my
capital messuage and lands called Lowhall in Walthamstowe, Essex, now
in the occupation of John Benfield by lease dated 5 March 1G15. I give
to her all the plate which I shall have at the time of my decease and all
bedding bed linen and table linen &c. I am to pay my sister the Lady
Argall five pounds yearly during her life out of my manor of Lowhall.
To Dorothy Buckhurst one of the daughters of Judith Buckhurst all my
lands, tenements &c. in Walthamstowe, being parcel of said manor, now in
tenure of Richard Hughes under a yearly rent of forty pounds. To Anne
Buckhurst, another of the daughters of the said Judith, all the lands, parcel
of the said manor, now in the occupation of Lyonell Arnolde, at twenty
pounds a year, and other lands; their mother to receive the rents &c. until
the said Dorothy and Anne come to their several ages of one and twenty years
or days of marriage. If they die without issue of their bodies lawfully
begotten I give the said lands &c. to Samuel Argall my godson and nephew,
the son of my brother John Argall Esq. To the said Samuel, my nephew,
my manor of Lawehall (sic.) &c, my brother John to receive the rents &c.
for and towards the education and bringing up of my said nephew until his
full age &c. I do further give to the abovenamed Anne Percivall all my
lands &c. in Virginia. To the poor of East Sutton, Kent, ten pounds, to
be distributed by my brother in law Sir Edward Fillmer, knight. To John
Carter my servant twenty pounds. To Josias Wroth, who now attendeth
upon me, thirty pounds.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my loving brother in law Edmond Ran-
dolf Esq. the sum of twenty pounds to be paid unto him within six months
next after my decease. I make my said brother John Argall and my good
friend Nicholas Hawes my sole and only executors. And if they do not
pay and perform this my last will &c. according to the true meaning &c.
then I make my aforesaid loving brother in law Edmonde Randolph and
Edward Batherst brother to Judith Bathurst aforesaid my executors.

Proved by Nicholas Hawes, power reserved for John Argall.

Hele, 69.

Barnard Randolph of Biddenden, Kent, gen'., 2 May 1628, proved
27 May 1628. My body to be buried near unto my well beloved wife in
the middle chancel of the parish church of Biddenden. And I do will
also and appoint a fair and firm tombstone to be laid over my body, with the
name of myself and my dear wife deceased and all my children to be inlaid
and engraven in brass. To the poor of the parish twenty shillings a year
on each Palm Sunday in the two next years after my decease. Four
pounds per annum to have four sermons quarterly to be made within the
parish church of Biddenden by some learned divine, to continue the three
next years &c, and at every lecture I do also appoint ten shillings to be
spent on their dinner. Five pounds to be bestowed on the highways
between my son William's dwelling house and Worchiuden Green. To


my brother's sou Robert Randolph, servant unto iny son William, five
pounds and to his brothers and sisters and my sister Meere's children
living ten shillings apiece. To Zephaniah Lapham, my son Herbert's
servant, three pounds. To John Newman and Francis Stedman ten
shillings apiece if dwelling with my sou Herbert at time of my death.
To John Randolph my son, having advanced him already with a sufficient
portion, which I pray (Jod bless him withall, twenty shillings and no
greater legacy. A similar bequest to son Herbert Randolph, with all
the movable goods &c. in or about the house I now dwell in except my
silver plate &c. To my son Edmoud Randolph one hundred pounds. To
William Randolph my eldest son (certain furniture) and all my books
whatsoever and wheresoever. To mv daughter Elizabeth, wife of Robert
Perry, having already advanced her at her marriage with a competent por-
tion, twenty shillings and no greater legacy. To Elizabeth, Jane and Mary
Randolph, the three daughters of my son William, four hundred pounds to
be divided between them, one hundred to Elizabeth, two hundred to Jane and
the other hundred to Mary, to be paid at their several ages of eighteen or
days of marriage &c. To my loving cousiu Edmond Randolph Esq. five
pounds as a token of my love to him. And I do make and iutreat him to
be supervisor of this my will. The residue to William my eldest son whom
I make executor. My sons William, John and Edmoud to release and
assure to their brother Herbert their estates and interest in my lands in
Hedcorne which were the inheritance of their dear mother deceased.

Barrington, 50.

John Randolph of London, merchant taylor, 24 March 1627, proved
27 March 1628. He "being sicke and weake did in the presentes of us
whose names are here underwritten declare his desire and request and did
giue and bequeath that land w ch . he hath and w ch . he did purchase w ch . lyes
in the couutie of Kent unto his now wife during her life and if she should be
w th . child and should haue a sonne then the laud to come to him after her
decease, but if she should haue noe sonne, Then the land to come unto his
daughter Sara. And for want of issue of the said Sara then he giues and
bequeaths unto his brother Edmund Randolph foreuer the aforesaid land."

Commission issued (as above) to Judith Randolph his relict to administer
according to the tenor of the will, no execcutor having been named.

Commission issued 27 June 1634 to Thomas Lewes, citizen and draper
of London, to administer the goods and credits of the said deceased (ac-
cording to the tenor and effect of the will) left unadministered by Judith
Lewes ah Randolph, lately relict and administratrix (now also deceased),
during the minority of Sara Randolph, natural and lawful daughter of the
deceased, &c. Barrington, 25.

William Randolph of Biddenden, Kent, clothier, 20 November 17 th
Charles, proved 26 November 1647. To be buried near uuto the bodies
of my loving father and mother in the middle chancel of the parish church
of Biddenden, and a fair and firm tombstone to be laid over my body, with
the names of myself and my loving wife and all m} T children to be inlaid
and ingraven in brass. To my kinsman Robert Randolph, now dwelling
with me, ten pounds. To Thomas Champs my servant fort}' shillings. To
my daughter Elizabeth Dyne forty shillings, and no greater legacy, having
preferred her in marriage and given a competent portion with her. To


my sou in law John Dyne thirty shillings to buy a ring- To my godchil
dren Herbert Randolph junior and Deborah Randolph junior and Elizabeth
Curtis and Martha Curtis, daughters of Nathaniel Curtis, twenty shillings
to every of them. To my three sisters in law Deborah Randolph, Martha
Curtis and Margaret Ginder, uuto each of them four nobles apiece to buy
each of them a ring. To Elizabeth Curtis my mother in law and James
Curtis her son, unto each of them five pounds. To my brothers Edmond
Randolph, Harbert Randolph and Samuel Curtis, unto each of them,
ten pounds. And I do appoint them to be overseers of my will, &c.
To William Randolph my younger son all my part, being a moiety or one
half, of the lease of the parsonage and other lands in Burham and Ailesford,
now in the occupation of Thomas Vaugham and Robert Everden : also
fifteen hundred pounds, to be held by the said three in trust for him (he
under thirteen years of age). To my said son William all my plate that is
now marked with the letters W and R ; and all my plate marked with the letters
B and R I give unto rny son Barnard Randolph. Provision made for dear
and loving wife. To my daughter Jane Randolph (to increase her portion
of two hundred pounds formerly given her by her grandfather, which she
hath already received) the sum of five hundred pounds. To my daughter
Mary Randolph (to increase her portion of one hundred pounds formerly
bequeathed to her by her grandfather in his will) five hundred pounds.
To my three youngest daughters, Sarah, Susan and Margaret Randolph,
five hundred pounds each (in trust &c). Certain lands to son Barnard
Randolph. Barnard to be executor when he shall accomplish the full age
of one and twenty years, and during his minority my wife to be executor;
but if she shall marry again during his minority she shall leave and sur-
render the power of executorship unto my three overseers &c.

Commission issued as above to Samuel Curtis, uncle on the mother's side
(avunculo) to Sara, Susanna, William and Margaret Randolph children of

the deceased, for the reason that Randolph, relict, and Barnard

Randolph, son, the executors named in the will, had died (ab hac luce
migrauerit) before taking upon themselves the burden of executorship.

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