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Sume of one Hundred and Twenty pounds to be disposed and
bestowed by my executors upon twenty poore Boyes and Girles to be
taken up out of the streets of London as vagrants, for the cloathing
and transporting of them either to Virginia, New England, or any
other of the Western Plantations there to be placed. Sister in law
Dame Rachell Cambell wife of Sir James Cambell, Knt. Sister in
law Mrs. Judith Abdy. Cosen James Meggs. Son Robert Abdy.
Son John Abdy. Son Nicholas Abdy. Son Roger Abdy. Daugh-
ter Sarah Abdy. Manor of Burnehall als. Brandon Hall. Messuage
in Loughton, Essex. It appeared that Roger and Nicholas Abdy

1650 Waters' Gleanings Abington

were in parts beyond the seas, 14 September 1640. Power given to
Nicholas, power reserved for Robert. Coventry, 120.

[This will may also be found in the Va. Historical Magazine for April,
1903, contributed by Mr. Withington In the series of gleanings relating es-
pecially to Virginia, now appearing in that magazine.— E. I\]

Abdy, 1642. See Cambell (Sir James). Sir Thomas Abdy, John
Abdy, Nicholas Abdy. Cambell, 1.

Nicholas Abdy of London, merchant. Will 29 Nov. 1642;
proved 9 March 1648/9. Sister Mrs. Alice Bramston, wife of John
Bramston, Esq., their son Anthony Bramston, and their three
daughters. Brother Sir Thomas Abdye and his lady, brother Mr.
Robert Abdye and his wife. Brother John Abdye. Brother in law
Mr. John Bramston and his wife. Rachell Abdy, daughter of
brother Sir Thomas Abdy, Mr. James Meggs, kinswoman M'ris Mary
Reeve, cosen Mr. Humphry Abdy, cosen Anthony Daniell at 21, to
his sisters at 20. Millicent Shawe, Dr. Ouldsworth. Friends Mr.
Roger Vivian and Mr. Richard Milward, Mr. Adam Bowen, Mr.
Francis Brampston, brother of said John. Late father Anthony
Abdy, alderman. Fairfax, 31.

James Abercrombie of Philadelphia, mariner. Will 11 December
1758; proved 23 July 1761. Executors: friends Charles Stedman,
Alexander Stedman, and Samuel McCall, junior, of the City of
Philadelphia. To wife Margaret Abercrombie £1000 money of
Pennsylvania. Rest to son James, and in case of his death, without
issue, then to brother David Abercrombie, sister Jannet Abercrombie ;
and John Stedman, the son of my friend Alexander Stedman.
Witnesses: Robert Harper, Johan George Waine. Cheslyn, 239.

Richard Abyngdon of Bristow, haberdasher. Will 17 July 1545;
proved 23 February 1545. St. Mary Port. Son Thomas, son
Roger, son John. Lands in Hylsdon, Somerset, and Hambroke,
Gloucester. Lands in Garthanger, Somerset. Compton Hay way,
Dorset. Wife Isabell. Alen, 5.

Isabell Abington of St. Mary Port in Bristol, widow. Will
2 September 1546; proved 2 July 1547. Daughter Joane Cioston.
Son William Croston. Son Roger Abington and Katherine his wife
and his sons Thomas and Richard. Alen, 42.

Akton Waters' Gleanings 1651

John Abington, 1694 (Box, 148). See Waters' Gleanings, page

Ablett, 1602. See Miller (Anne) of Holbrooke. Daughter
Thomaziu Ablett and her son Anthony Ablett.

Arch. Suffolk, book 39, folio 112.

Thomas Abraham, citizen and mercer of London. Will 10 April
1580; proved 22 March 1580/81. Parish church of Cole church in
West Cheape. Father John Abraham. Uncle Robert Abraham of
Stock Goldington. Brothers and sisters William, Edward, Abraham,
Johan Kinge, John, and Agnes. Children of brother Robert, deceased,
children of brother William, deceased, children of brother Edward,
deceased. My three sisters in law, and three brethern in law, hus-
bands of my sisters. Parish church of Stock Goldington, Bucks.
Aunt Agnes Stamer, widow. Wife's father John Jones and
Katharine his wife, and Hugh, John, Davye, and Katharine Jones
their children. Brother in law Hugh Jones. My brother in law St.
Johns' minister. Katherine Phillipps, my wife's sister, John,
William, Laurence, and Randoll Jones, my wife's brethern now in
London. Arch. London, book 4, folio 201.

Richard Abram of Tendring, 1588. Katharine Evered, my sis-
ter's daughter. Catharine Evered, my sister.

Com. Essex and Herts, filed will.

Anthony Abraham of Bridgtone pomay, Devon, yeoman. Will
29 March 1620; proved 3 July 1620. To William Frenche son of
Elizabeth White, 40s. To Wilmote Martyn, Grace Frenche, Robert
Frenche, and Agnes Frenche, children of William Frenche, chirurgion,
each 20s. To Jane Frenche, daughter of said William, 40s. To
Thomas, Peter, Johane, Margaret, Anne, and Luce Blackaller,
children of Thomas Blackaller the elder of Bampton. Soame, 75.

Aclye, 1597. See Gomersall (William) of Hillington, Middlesex.
Christopher Aclye. Cobham, 66.

John Akton of London, gent. Will 3 August 1508 ; proved 21
October 1508. To be buried near my fader and moder. Fader in
law, his daughter my wife. Suster Roger Mannys wif. Freere
John Thomson of the freer Austyns, seven nobles to pray for the soul
of Wm. Rede talow chandler. Executrix: my suster Cecile, Roger
Mannys wif. Bennett, 6.

1652 Waters' Qleanings Acton

Dorothy Acton, St. Towles church. Will 3 May 1556 ; proved
1557. Cousin Agnes Winthrop, Alys Winthrop. Aunt Sharp.

Wrastley, 8.

Susan Acton of St. Buttolph without Aldgate, London, widow.
Will 29 June 1619 ; proved 5 July 1619. Town of Sandwich, Kent.
My late husband, deceased. Abraham Rutten, gent., by his last will
and testament gave me one third part of his goods and chattels and
the other two thirds to Susan and Sara his two daughters, not know-
ing then that I was with child — now to Posthuma my daughter all
that one third other goods bequeathed to me by my late husband
William Acton, gent., equally between Susan, Sara, and Posthuma
my three daughters, except one bedsteadle of carved work in parlor
chamber at Sandwich which Abraham Rutten shall have, etc. My
son Abraham. My three daughters residuary legatees and executrices.
Supervisors : Robt. Lee of Sandwich, gent., Thomas Lake of Gowd-
hurst, gent., and Mr. Alexander Lake, cit. and haberdasher of
London. Friend Mrs. Anna Lee. To daughter Posthuma lands in
Yalding, Kent, given by husband to me, Posthuma having had no
portion from her father. Messuage, etc., late Barnard Lent's in
Sandwiche which fell to me by law and descent from my father.* My
three daughters Susan Rutten, Sarah Rutten, and Priscilla Rutten,
my only son Abraham Rutten. Parker, 76.

Acton, 1625. See Gooche (Nicholas) of St. Peters, South Elm-
ham. Elizabeth Acton. Arch. Suffolk, book 56, folio 216.

Acton 1638. See Harde (Robert) of Bayelham, miller. John
Acton, Esq. Arch. Suffolk, file 1638, No. 79.

John Acton, citizen and goldsmith of London. Will 15 February
1635/6 ; proved 1638. Daughter Blandina, wife of Reginald Forster,
and her two children. Four children unadvanced, viz. Thomas,
Edward, Jane, and Martha. Son in law Richard Boraston. Wife
Blandina. Brother Anthony Acton. Cousin Gilbert Rushall.
Cosen John Wray. Sister Alice Logins. Son John Acton, his
children. Daughter Boraston's children. Wife's sister Anne Pigott.
[Wife Blandina afterwards Lady Blandina Skipworth.] Lee, 109.

[For a pedigree of this family see Vis. of London (Harl. Soc.) p. 4.
Reginald Forster is there called Reinold Forster of Watling Street, Salop,
gent. The "unadvanced" children were by Blandina, a second wife, who
was daughter of John Penuen of Badgeworth, Somerset. Boraston or
Borowston was of Ribbesford, co. Worcester. This will adds to the Visi-
tation record. — E. P.]

Adams Waters' Gleanings 1653

Mabel Acton, widow and executrix of Thomas Acton of the
Parke, parish of Clevely, Salop, Esq. Will 1689. Son in law John
Whitmore, Esq., and daughter his wife. Her daughter Frances Whit
more. Will of late mother Dame Sara Acton. Ent, 57.

Henry Adam of Hadstock, Essex. Will 12 December 1555 ; proved
1 September 1559. To be buried in the church yard of Hadstock. To
wife Agnes all lands both free and copy in Hadstock for life. Sons
Robert, George, Symonde, William. My daughters Barbara and
Katharine. Anne Davene my daughter, her children Margaret, Janue,
Anne and Elizabeth Davene. Henry Davene my godson. Henry
Adam my godson. George Adam my son's son. Thomas Freeman
my godson. Consist. London, Home 168.

Adams, 1571. See King (Thomas). Brother in law John Adams
of Swanborne. Arch. Bucks, Reg. 1568-72, folio 222.

Adams, 1572. See Sigare (John) of Aldbury, Herts. Daughter
Joane Addam. To this Addams his children i. e. Henry, Thomas,
Nicholas, and John. Dean and Chapter of St. Paxil, B 153.

Symonde Addam of Much Parringdon, Essex. Will 15 March
1550/51 ; proved 1574. Son Harry Addam. Martyn, 21.

Richard Adames, clerk. Will 3 April 1577 and 2 May 1577;
proved 4 March 1577/8. To church of Persolde 6sh. 8d. To main-
tain the common well of Persold 6s. To Richard Browne 6 sh.8d. To
my kinswoman Elizabeth Norton of London, 20s. To the poor of
Winchester. Thomas Lauley (Lawley) of Eston, executor. Jerom
Ticborne my sealing ring of gold. William Waye and Harry Alwaye.
[Admon to Elizabeth Norton.] Layigley, 11.

R.Adams, 1595. See Albone (Richard) of Hausted, yeoman.
Philip Adams son of John Adams, thatcher. Anne Adams daughter
of John Adams. Arch. Sudbury, Blomefeilde, 43.

Adams, 1597. See Cuthbert (Alexander), Owndell, Northants.
Thomas Adams and my daughter. Lewyn, 41.

Henry Adams, 1601 (Woodhall, 80). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 1096.

John Adams of Luton Bedford. Will 18 of February 1601/2;
proved 7 May 1602. Sara Collin wife of Kellain Collin, citizen and

1654 Waters' Gleanings Adams

haberdasher of London. Cosen Kellam Collin. Nicholas Collin of
Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, Esq. Montague, 31.

[London Marriage Licenses. Kellam Collins, huberdasher of St. Bride's

Fleet Street, and Sara Crouche of same, daughter of Crouche, saddler,

25 February 1586/7. J

Adams, 1603. See Benskyn (Raphe) citizen and haberdasher of
London. Brother-in-law William Adams and Frances my sister and
their three children. Bolein, 69.

[See Waters' Gleanings, pp. 106, 517, for wills of members of the Benskin
family connected with Virginia. — E. P.]

John Adam of Widford, Herts., Diocese of London, yeoman.
Will 25 March 1607 ; proved 13 January 1607/8. Son Henry Adam.
Lease from Robert Abbott of Much Holland, Essex, husbandman, to
Robt. Crumpe of Brightlingsea, Essex, of messuage called Rodney.
To children of son Robert Adam £40, son Robert to have use till
children are 20. To children of Richard Wagstaffe and Joane my
daughter £20 at 21. To children of daughter Agnes £20, Agnes to
have the use, etc. To children of Robert Wright and Judith my
daughter £20, Robert to have use etc. To poor of parish where I
dwell 10s. Residue to son Henry Adam executor. Witnesses : John
Payton rector of Widford, Robert Jacob, and Anne Jacob.

Huddleston, 49.

Henky Adams of London, scrivenor, 1609. Born in Wallington,
Herts. Cosen John Pratt. Dorset, 90.

Adams, 1612. See Skinner (Richard) of Moulsham. Eldest
daughter Joane Adams. Com. Essex and Herts, filed will.

John Adams of Bromham. Will 1 September 1611 ; proved 19
February 1612/13. Henry Webb, born at Scol. William Webb of
Skole and his son Daniel Webb. Capell, 122.

Barnard Adams of St. Martins, Cornwall. Will 23 November
1615; proved 31 July 1616. To brother-in-law German Reed. To
daughter Jone when 21. To my father Barnard Adams. To my
sister Cate Adams. To my sister Eliz. Adams. Godson Reignold
Hoskins. To godchildren at Looe. To Margery Galley. Residuary
legatee and executrix : wife Jone. Overseers : my master Phillipp
Mayowe, my brother in law John Hoskyn, brother in law German

Adams Waters' Gleanings 1655

Reed, my cousiu William Mayowe. Witnesses : William Mayowe,
Roger Short. Cope, 75.

Henry Adams of St. Danstan's in the West, citizen and cutler of
London. Will 27 June 1618; proved 31 July 1618. Wife Alice,
deceased; wife Susan. Sister Susan Lawrence, widow, dwelling in
Hornchurch, Essex. Cosin Elizabeth Collins daughter of said sister

and wife of Collins, carpenter. Cosen Katherin Kynge, widow,

late wife of John Kyng an attorney of the Crown Office. Cosen
Dorothy Russell dwelling with said cosen Kynge. Cosens William
and James Shoemaker dwelling in Dartford, Kent. Parish of
Shorne, Kent, where I was born. Meade, 71.

John Adams of Totnes, Devon, merchant. Will 10 February
1622 ; proved 20 April 1623. Poor of Totnes 10s. etc. To Richard
Staplehill. wife of John Staplehill, £3. To my said sister Richard's
children which she had by John Page, 20s. apiece, and to her children
by John Staplehill 20s. apiece. My goddaughter Mary Staplehill 30s.
To Toby Martin 5s. and to each of his children 5s. To Dorothy
Staplehill children, to each 10s. Each of my godchildren 12d. To my
aunte Mistress Elizabeth Adams £3. To my cosen Lawrence Adams.
To Walter Leere. To Rebecca Leer £25. My sister Anstice
A.dams £50. My brother Thomas Adams £50. To brother William
Adams £50 if living. My uncle John Adams 40s. and to each of his
children 10s. Aunt Elinor Bickford's children 5s. My cosen Cath-
erine Goodall 10s. Richard Lee and Richard Leer of this town 5s.
Edward Thare 5s. Ewstace Wise the cloth my aunt Adams, gave
me, etc. To Francis my suite of melly cloth. To Kath Wise one
pair of stockins. To Elizabeth Wise. To cosen Mary Brockinge.
Residuary legatee and executor : brother Thomas Adams. Overseers :
uncle Mr. Lawrence Adams, Richard Lee, and Richard Leer the
younger. Witnesses: Lawrence Adams, etc. Sivann, 28.

Richard Adams of Litlington, Cambridge, yeoman. Will proved
24 May 1623. Third son Henry £30, etc. To be buried in church-
yard of Litlington. Richard my eldest son and his son Edward.
Thomas, my youngest son, all the debt of £14 of Richard Mathewes.
My daughter Anne, now wife of Mr. Andrew Willet, my land, etc.,
called broad meades, the land of Thomas Parker lying in the west
part and the land late of John Pigott, Esq., and Edward Ratliffe,
Esq. A legacy of £10 given to Edward the son of Richard Addams,
to be paid into the hands of his father, and the legacy of £30 given

1656 Waters' Gleanings Adamson

to Henry Adams to be in one year. Residuary legatee and execu-
trix : wife Mary Addams. Sivann,46.

Adams, 1626. See Gould (William) of Walter Lambeth, Surrey.
Cozen Elizabeth Adams, widow, of Queenhith, London, being
daughter of uncle and master William Hawthorne. Hele, 7.

Adams, 1626. See Padnall (Thomas). Elizabeth Adams my
wife's mother. Dean and Chapter of St. Paul, D 314.

Adams, 1627. See Ealdo (Edmund) of North My'mes, Herts,
gent. Henry Adams and William Adams my wife's sons.

Skinner, 34.

Adams, 1634. See Folkes (Elizabeth) of Mountnesing, Essex,
widow. Sister Adams (Sister Dorothy Adams). S eager, 90.

Elizabeth Adams, 1660 (Nabbs, 260). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 238.

Elizabeth Adams late of London, now of East Greenwich, widow.
Will 3 August 1663; proved 25 February 1667/8. Son Thomas
Adams. Son Robert Adams. Daughter Margaret Bridges. Grand-
son William Bridges. Grandson Richard Bridges. Granddaughters
Elizabeth and Anne Bridges. Daughter Elizabeth Nicholas.
Nephew Gerard Gore. Niece Mary Bridges. (Others). Hene, 15.

Robert Adams late of Pennsylvania, deceased. Administration
13 November 1700 to his son William Adams.

Admon. Act Book 1700, folio 225.

Joseph Adams, 1722 (Marlboro, 188). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 1105.

Thomas Addamson, citizen and clothworker of London. Will
30 January 1597/8; proved 24 February 1597/8. Dwelling in St.
Nicholas Aeon. Aunt Alice Arrogamer. Wife's brother James
Spencer. Wife Mary. Uncle Manningham. Aunt Joane Manning-
ham. Kinsman Thomas Crompton, clothworker. Kinswoman Kath-
erine Crompton. Cosen John Kinge, clothworker. Brother Richard
Addamson. Reference to uncle Raphe Addamson. Lewyn, 19.

James Adamson of London, musicioner, 1616. Brother-in-law
Sampson Collens. Cope, 101.

Agas Waters' Gleanings 1657

Elizabeth Adcocke of Hingham, widow. Will 11 July 1586;
proved 21 May 1589. Son in law John Lincoln all my houses in
Hingham. Daughter Thomasin Cockerell, wife of John Cockerell.
Daughter P^lizabeth Childerus. Daughter Magdalen Jubye. Daugh-
ter Edith Lyncoln. Corisist. Norwich, Flack, 43.

Stephen Adcocke als. Cole of Ketton als. Keddington, Suffolk,
yeoman, 1614. Son-in-law William Plume of Ketton, daughter Alice
Plume. Daughter Elizabeth [apparently wife of Gregory Cole].

Lawe, 6.

Richard Adderley of Romsey, 1630 (Scroope, 6). See Waters'
Gleanings, page 294.

Addington, 1598. See Howper (James) of Merryat, Somerset.
Sister Addington. Edward, Fardinando, Alice, and Ann Addington.

Lewyn, 13.

Adyn, 1585. See Browne (John) of Frampton, Dorset, Esq.
Cosen Robert Adyn. Brudenell, 21

Alice Aden, widow of Luke Aden and of Thomas Smith, 1662.
Calls Simon Digby brother. Laud, 123.

Edward Adlam of Dewell Longbridge, 1610. Mentions brother
Stephen Long (his father-in-law had been probably a Stephen Long).

Wingfield, 40.

Adye, 1560. See King (William). Alice Adye. Mellershe, 22.

John Adkins, 1636 (Pile, 100). Printed Virginia Historical Mag-
azine, Vol. x., folio 294.

Thomas Agas, Clerk, parson of Sudborne. Will 9 April 1591 ;
proved 23 October 1599. Wife Agnes. Son Raphe under age,
tenements, etc., in Stoke and Polsted. Mother Alice Spencer.
Daughter Frances Agas. Brother Raffe Agas and his heirs. " The
Butts " on road from Stoke to Boxford.

Consist. Norwich, Pecke, 166.

Benjamin Agas of London, St. Andrew's Clerk, Holborn. Will
21 May 1689 ; proved 4 Sept. 1689. Cosen Anne Byfield. Cosen
White. Daughter Philipp Agas. Ent, 118.

1658 Waters' Gleanings Aggs

[Agas — Thomas Agas, whose will was printed in our last issue, names
his brother "Uaffe Agas," undoubtedly Ralph Agas (born about 1540), who
died 26 Nov., 1621. He was a land surveyor and rose to eminence in the
reign of Elizabeth by making maps of London, Oxford, and Cambridge.
The map of London was probably published the year Thomas Agas' will was
dated, 1591.

Ralph Agas was born and died at Stoke by Nayland. He married the
widow of John Payne.

Edward Aggas of this same family, born at Stoke in 1564, said to be son
of Robert, was a bookseller and printer in London. He died in 1601, leaving
a son Elmore. See Diet. National Biog. E. P.]

Agborowe, 1613. See Browne (William) of Horndon, Essex
gent. William Agborowe and daughter Mary his wife.

Arch. Essex, file 1613, No. 87.

John Ager of Stoke next Clare, Suffolk. Will 5 July 1599 ;

proved 1 August 1605. Wife Dorithye Ager lands, free and copy

and the lease of Stoke Hill purchased of John Pottall, during nonage

of my three sons. Thomas Ager my eldest son, John Ager my second

son, at 21, Tobias Ager my third son. My three daughters Hester,

Suzan, and Judith Ager at marriage or 21. Dorothie Nash my sister.

Samuel Ager my godson. Thomas Serie, John Baron, and Sara

Steven, my godchildren. Residuary legatees and executrixes : wife

and daughters. Overseers : Mr. Thomas Fitche, my brother-in-law,

and Clement Ager, clerk, my brother. Witnesses : Clement Ager,

Thomas Ager, etc. Hayes, 60.

Ager, 1617. See Wakering (Gilbert) of Rickmersworth, knight.
Uncle William Ager deceased. Weldon, 6.

Ager, 1645. See Pissey (Edmund) of Nedham Market. Cousin
Menabell Ager of Nedham Market, widow.

Arch. Suffolk, file 1645, No. 92.

Grace Aggs of the Tower, widow. Will 25 August 1658 ; proved
14 November 1660. The two daughters of my deceased nephew
Stephen Goodier, now or lately unmarried, which he had by his first
wife. Their brother Stephen Goodier. Cosen William Locke.
Cosen John Aggs and his brother Nicholas. Cosen John Barnes and
his aunt Dorothy. Cosen Widow White of Salisbury. Cosen John
Partridge. To widow Browne ringe with deaths head, the guift of
sister Partridge. Niece Katherine Palmer. Grace Feilder.

Nabbs, 200.

Ailmer Waters' Gleanings 1659

Aolionby, 1037. See Davers (Alice) of London, widow.
Grandson George Aglionby and {Catherine Aglionby his sister.

Goare, 119.

Aglionby, 1638. See King (John), rector of Islip, Oxon.
Cczen George Aglionbie, D.D. Lee, 101.

John Agmondesham of Rowbarne, Surrey, Esq. Will 13 March
1571/2; proved 25 February 1572/3. Aged about 62 years. To be
buried in East-horsley Chauncell. Wife Margaret to enjoy Mannor
of Breche in Ewerst. Youngest sonne Henry. Sonne and heire
John. Daughter Mary Mustian and godson Agmondesham Mustian.
To sister Turner and goddaughter Rose at her marriage. To Wil-
liam Hawlye. "Item : I giue to Thomas Amere iiijs-iiijd in consid-
eration of a cowe and certeyn shepe I had of Edward Hoker and one
gatton in Sussex and other considerations me moving mynding not
to haue any thing staied or the younge man hyndered albeit he hath
yet no stay or consideration of hymself . Also . . . said Thomas
shall haue . . . advantage of one obligation that the said Edward
hoker late of Pagham standeth bounden in . . . will of Alice
hoker late the said Edwardes wife and sometyme the wife of one
Thomas Gatton of Pagham." To kynswomen Margaret and Mary
Snelling. To good Mistress Polstede of Albery. Brother Thomas
Brodhurste, vicar of Chobham. To William at Wood. To sister
Hamonde ringe I had of Mr. Polstede. To daughter Elizabeth wife
of sonne John. To Maister John Stydolphe of Myclam ( PMitcham)
and Mr. Pigotte one of the queenes gentlemen vsshers dwelling in
hertfordshire if lyuing. Rest to eldest sonne John Agmondesham,
executor. Mr. barron Byrche and brother William Hamonde, over-
seers. Peter, 7.

Christofer Agnes als. Smith of Bumpsted at Tower. AVill
proved 1568. Com. Essex and Herts, filed will.

Judith Ailmer of Much Hadden, widow. Will 20 June 1618;
proved 4 February 1618/9. Son Theophilus, D.D. Son Samuel,
daughter Linche, grandchild Judith Stopers. Sonne Edmonde Ail-
mer. Grandchildren John Ailmer, Jane, Cicilie, and Elizabeth,
children of my son Doctor. My daughter Ladie Folliat. Sonne
Zachary Ailmer. Grandchild .lohn Lynch. Wydow Spencer. Peter
Scott's wife. Ann Grave, servant to sonne Doctor. Cosen Sara
Stracey. Old goodwife Brett. Goodwife Stronge. Ursely, wife of

1660 Waters' Gleanings Alabaster

Thomas Younge. Witnesses : George Brett, Thomas Gardiner,
John Girdler, and Jasper Harte. Parker, 14.

Aird, 1662. See Bartholomew (William). Sister Anne Ayrde.

Laud, 05.

Akrrod, 1691. See Hall (John) of London, goldsmith. Cozen
Mary Akerod. Vere, 81.

Alice Aishley of Ashberton, Devon. Will 25 March 1626;
proved 13 April 1627. To daughter Dewnes Aishley. To brother
Thomas Griffing. To sister in law Barbara Jesop. To cosens
Nicholas G rifling and Alice Aller. To children of Richard Lang
of Aisliberton. To servants Johane Lang and Mary Dover. To
Christopher Lang son of John Lang. To godson John Horsham.
To godson Thomas Harris son of Thomas Harris of Ashberton. To
goddaughter Willmott Goodridge. Executor : Edward Goodridge of
Staverton during minority of daughter. Overseers : Robert Rndley
of Exeter, Thomas Harris of Ashberton and Hugh Horsham the
elder of Stauerton. Skynner, 86.

Thomas Alabaster the elder of Hadley, Suffolk, clothier. Will
16 June 1591 ; proved 10 June 1592. To sonne Thomas Alabaster
copyholde Landes in Caisey. held of John Martin of Bilston, cloth-
ier, of Mr. Sansom and of Kinges College in Cambridge, also lands
in Hadley purchased of Edmund Clerk, Esq. To sonne John Ala-
baster lands granted by George Stoddard of London deceased. To
daughter Anne Still wyfe of Dr. Still lands in Hadley purchased of
Stephen Upehar of Dedhum, Essex, clothier. To children of
daughter 1'riscilla Lawrence deceased (late wife of Thomas Law-
rence) £10 each at 21. To Arthur Dorington sonne to daughter
Margaret novve wyfe of John Dorington of London £20 at 21. To
brother Roger Alabaster t'100 and to his children €10 each. Also
to Roger foure tenementes in Hadley occupied by John Smith, eur-
ryer in Ducke lane, and John Litle, .John Newton, and John Gedge
by Hadley bridge. Also to Roger the '-Little pightle" paying twoe
shillings every sondaye to be distributed by churchwardens to twelve
impotent poore men and women of the saide tonne ymediately after
evening prayer within the sowthe chappell, 2d to each. To grand-
children Sara Still, Nathaniell Still, Anne Still, Elizabeth Still, Mary
Still and John Still £10 each at 21, etc. To Elizabeth Shaxton,
nowe wife of Robert Mockett of Throwley, Kent, £5. To Mary
Shaxton, nowe wife of Robert Carre of London, grocer, £5. To ser-

Albrede Waters' Gleanings 1661

vant John Halman and his sister Margaret Halman at 21. To Alice
Browne servant to souue John. To John Clefford, wever. To
William Birde sherman. To sonne John's wife Marye and children
John, Anne, and Marye at 21. To Adam Wiutropp a ring. Exec-
utors: Dr. Still, sons Thomas and John, and brother Roger. Wit-

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