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nesses : Henry Adkinson, Josua Speede.

Further acknowledgment 5 January 1591/2. Witnesses: John
Still, Roger Alabaster, John Bethune, John Alabaster.

Harrington, 51.

Albany, 1618. See Allott (Dame Ann), widow. Daughter
Margaret wife of William Albany, late of London, merchant taylor.

Mead, 3.

Albany, 1626. See Mellish (Robert), Sandersted, Surrey.
Sister Mrs. Margeret Albaney. Skynner, 27.

Henry Albery of Gravesend. Will (undated) proved 7 March
1591. Wife Joane. Cosen John Albery and Richard Albery.
Brother Matthew Collins. My mother Byfield. Cosen Samuel Hyed.
— Widow Man and her two daughters.

Consist. Rochester, Vol. XVIII (1591-1605) folio 112.

Richard Albone of Hansted, yeoman. Will 2 November 1591 ;
proved 18 July 1595. Poor of Hartofte. Wife Anne. Nephew
Peter Albone, son of Thomas Albone deceased. Nephew John
Albone, his brother. Nephew Richard Albone. John Everard, son
of sister Alice Everard. Philip Adams, son of John Adams,
thatcher. Anne Adams, daughter of John Adams, thatcher. Sisters
Agnes Browne, Alice Everard, and Elizabeth Everarde. Henry
Browne, son of sister Agnes. Other Albones.

Arch. Sudbury, Blomefeilde, 43.

Albone, 1632. See Barker (Elizabeth). Grandchildren Richard,
James, and Robert Albone. Audley, 62.

[Thomas Albone of Linsey, yeoman. Will dated 24 Aug. 1633; proved
1649. Son Richard. Wife Anne. Intended wife of son Richard, Thomas-
ine Abbott. Son John. Daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Anne.

Buff. Wills, Begister 1649, folio 269. —E.P.]

John Albrede of Woodbridge. Latin will dated 24 April 1448.
Proved 27 July 1450. Body to be buried in church yard of Wood-
bridge. Bequests : To the High Altar of said church 40 shillings ;
to repairs of church, etc. : to the burial ground of said church 24
shillings. Arch. Suffolk, book 1, folio 52.

1662 Waters' Gleanings Alden

Elizabeth Albyn of London, widow. Will 5 May 1699 ; proved
28 June 1700. To be buried in church of Great St. Helens. Son
in law Peter Noyes of Trunckwell, parish Shinfield, county Berks.
Daughter Mary wife of said Peter Noyes. Granddaughter Eliza-
beth Noyes. Brother Mr. Israel Mayo. Son Benjamin Albyn of
London, merchant, executor. Daughter Bashua Barton of Kensing-
ton, Middlesex, widow, and granddaughter Abigail Glover, daughter
of late daughter Abigail Glover. To brother in law Mr. Richard
Fleetwood nothing called guineas (sic). To my sister Mrs. Anne
Fleetwood his wife. To my sister Mrs. Mary Slatter. To Mrs.
Elizabeth Empson, Mrs. Juedith Freeman, and Mary King.

Noel, 190.

Thomas Alcocke of Whetbeck, in Salop, yeoman. Will 8
November 1627; proved 29 February 1628. I leave to be paid
to John Phillips the son £3, to Sir Basell Brooke £4, Robt. Chesher
6d., Thomas Higgones 3s., Sam'l Lewes 4s., Thomas Gittines
8d., John Sands 4s., etc. My wife ten kine for satisfaction of
£30 for part of her daughter's portion, her daughter Margaret Coupper
and her children. Brother William Alcocks 52s. a year for life, then
to his son John Alcocks till his age of 12. Mary Alcocks, daughter
of John Alcocks. Ellinor Alcoeks, daughter of John Alcocks.
Jane Alcocks, daughter of William Alcocks. Mary Alcocks, sister
to the said Jane. John Alcocks, son of William. To Edward
Alcocks' four children 20s. apiece. To Robert Alcocks' son 20s.
Thomas Guinnet's three children, Elizabeth, Martha and John.
Clement Coupper. Thomas, son of William Alcocks, etc.

Barrington, 10.

George Alcocke, 1676 (Hale 28). See Waters' Gleanings, page

Alden, 1519. See Reade (Agnes), widow, St. Romwalde,
Colchester. Son Harry Aldyn. Consist. London, Palmer, 42.

Robert Alden of King's Langley, Herts. Will 13 August 1581 ;
proved 10 October 1582. Daughter Agnes Este. Son Robert Alden
the elder. Daughter Elizabeth Alden. Sons Edward Alden, and
John Alden the younger. Wife Elizabeth, executrix. Sonne Rich-
ard Alden, supervisor. Witnesses : Thos Ewer, John Buckmaster
the elder, John Alden, John Carter of Jefferey, Thomas Carter of the
Arch. Hunts (Hitching Division), register 3 (1579-1614), folio 30.

Alden Waters' Gleanings 1663

A i ,den, 1587. See Russell (William) of Harwich, Essex. Son-
in-law John Alden. John Alden, his eldest son, my godson. His sister
Josyau. John Alden, the younger, my daughter's sou ; his brethren
Peter, William, Thomas, and sister Ellen. Spencer, 38.

Thomas Alden of New Windsor, Berks, gent. Will 12 May
1607 ; proved 17 June 1607. To be buried in church of New Wind-
sor by my father and mother. To poore to be distributed by the
Maior, Mr. Harris, and executor. To mending timber work of the
bells. To every one in Chapped of St. George in the Castell, the
Governor of the Knights etc., for drinking at funeral. To eldest
sonne Thomas Alden. To sonne John Alden, fellow of King's
College, Cambridge. To daughter Rachell Thurstone. To sonne in
lawe Edward Thurstone. Grandchildren William, Marie, and Hellen
Thurstone. To Christian Cock and Widowe Warner for paines taken
with the poore in time of the infection. To daughter Elizabeth Maslin,
wife of Thomas Maslin and her three children Richard, John, and Ra-
chell Maslin. To John Alden aud Rachell Alden, children of sonne
Thomas. To Morris Arnold. Kinsman Richard Nash my servante.
Cosin Alice Nash. To Daniell Byddle five barrels of stronge beere.
To friends Robert Cawkett the elder, Roger Stackhouse, brother in
law William Reeve, and Robert Keyne of Eaton. Lands in Clewer
etc. to son Thomas, executor. Friends Sir Henry Nevell, Sir Henrie
Savill and Dr. Goade, Provost of King's College, Cambridge.

Huddleston, 55.

Thomas Alden of New Windsor, Berks, brewer. Will 8 March
1610/11 ; proved 16 April 1611. Son John (a minor). Wife Isabell
Alden, executrix. Daughter Rachel Alden (under 18). Cosen
William Stephenson. Brother Mr. John Alden. Uncle Marchodeus
Alden (my four apostle spoons). Friends Mr. Dr. Field and Dr.
Wilson, overse Wood, 32.

Robert Alden of Ascot in parish of Winge, Bucks. Will 17
March 1612/3; proved 16 April 1613. To sonne Christopher at six
years old, etc. To Katharine, my sister Isabell's daughter, if my
wife bring her upp. To brother Christopher Alden's daughter
Agnes. To brother John Alden's sonne Christopher. To Robert
Finchers' four children. To my brothers and sisters unmarried.
Wife Ellenor, executrix. My father to have dyet and washinge, etc.
Overseers: brother John Alden and wife's brother Thomas Wood-
ward. Codicil 20 March. To Uncle Christopher Britnell. To


1664 Waters' Gleanings Alderman

brother Thomas. To sisters Susan, Elizabeth, and Charitie. Wit-
nesses : John Taylor, Edmund Shillburne, William Bishopp.

Arch. Bucks, register 1613/14, folio 91.

Anthony Alden of Stradbrooke, yeoman. Will 26 November
1625; proved 18 January 1625/6. Son Anthony. Daughter Mary
Goodersham. Son John Alden. Son Edmond Alden. Wife Mar-
garet. Son Marty n Alden. Suffolk, book 56, folio 319.

[Garnon Alden. Will dated 12 Apr. 1649 ; proved 1649. To grand-
mother Ratchell Garnon lands in Backton. Sister Mary Alden. Lands in
Denton, co. Norf. Three brothers in law when twenty four. Sister in law
Martha Churchman when twenty one.

Suff. Wills, Register 1649, folio 173— E. P.]

Alden. 1687. See Andrewes (Benjamin) of Market Street, Herts.,
gent. Daughter Ann Alden, widow. Foot, 112.

Alderman, 1487. See Dwyghte (Thomas) of Belstede. William
Alderman of Belstede. Arch. Suffolk, book 3, folio 76.

Peter Alderman of Capell. Will 3 September 1526 ; proved 22
January 1531/2. Wife Johan, executrix. Thomas Blythe of Capell,
supervisor. Eldest son Thomas. Younger son Thomas. Son
Gilbert. Son William. Daughter Emme Alderman at day of
marriage. Daughter Rose and daughter Alice at day of marriage.

Arch. Suffolk, book 11, folio 28.

John Alderman the elder, of Little Belsted, clothier. Will 28 July
1600 ; proved 9 January 1603/4. Grandchild James Fen messuage
in Est Berholt at 21. Daughter Margery. Grandchildren John
Crowne and Margaret at 21 . Their father-in-law. Grandchild Henry
Gages. His father Henry Gages. Anthony Grymwade. My four
children, John, Margery, Margaret, and Johan. Son John, executor.
If he fail, then sons-in-law Anthony Grymwade and Henry Gages to
be executors. Arch. Suffolk, book 39, folio 359.

Christopher Alderman of'St. Nicholas, Ipswich. Will 4 Septem-
ber 1 624 ; proved 1 3 August 1 631 . Wife Sara (with child) . Daugh-
ter Sara at 21. Brother John Alderman. Uncle Thomas Haile.

Arch. Suffolk Wills, book 60.

Sara Alderman of Ipswich, widow. Will 10 July 1633; proved
17 August 1633. Reference to will of late husband Christopher
Alderman. His children and mine (under 21). Brother-in-law John


AUlersey Waters' Gleanings 1665

Alderman of Ipswich, clothier. Mother Judith Sendall, executrix
and to bring up my children. Parish of St. Nicholas.

Arch. Suffolk, book 62, folio 46.

Robert Alderman of St. Margaret's, Ipswich, clothworker. Will
21 July 1039 ; proved 23 September 1039. To son William all that
my shop stuff which he, the said William, now has in his possession,
which I formerly bought of John Alderman of Belstead. To son
Thomas Alderman shopstuff I have in my own possession, as sheers,
handles, press, tenters, with all the rest of the implements, etc. Son
Robert Alderman, £5. Daughter Thomasin Alderman. My three
daughters Thomasin, Anne and Elizabeth Alderman.

Arch. Suffolk, 1st file 1630, No. 3.

[John Alderman, of Salem, 1636, will 1657, very probably belonged to this
family. Thomas Gage of Yarmouth named a son Henry, a somewhat un-
common name at that date in New England. Samuel Sendall was early in
Newbury. Cf. Mr. Waters' notes in his Gleanings under Kimball, Alefounder,
and other Bergholt and Belsted families. — E. P.]

Thomas Alderne, 1657 (Ruthin, 218). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 462.

Thomas Aldersey, citizen and haberdasher of London. Will 20
February 1595/6 ; proved 23 February 1598/9. To Habberdashers
Company £20 for a dynner at the hall at buriall, having already given
the company the tithes of Bunbury, Cheshire, for maintenance of a
Preacher and Minister with y e Schoolemaster and Vssher there. To
Christs Hospitall £100 having already given £50. To maintenance
of worckes in Bridewell for setting the poore in worcke there £100
to be paid to Treasurers and Governors of said houses. Have given
to Haberdashers for school at Bunbury £300 etc. To poore of Marye
Magdalen in Mylkestreet, Lawrence in the Jury, Michell Bassishaw.
Have given to Albin in Woodstreete. To poore of Putney e, Surrey,
and Berking, Essex. To poore of Bunburye, Cheshire, to be distri-
buted by Randall Aldersey and his sonne John. To poore of Chester
Cittie at discretion of my good cozen Mr. William Aldersey, AUder-
man there, and Mr. Christian Goodman, preacher. To John Alder-
sey, sonne of nephew Randall Aldersey, to furnish his house, etc.,
£300. To Francis Aldersey his sister for preferment in marriage,
£200. To cozen William Babyngton and his wife Ellvonor to prefer
their children, £100. To Francis their daughter, wife to Master John
Smyth, £10. To Rebecca Molson, daughter of my nese Alis, for
marriage with consent of her vncles Randall and John Aldersey, £40.


1666 Waters' Gleanings Aldersey

To her sons John Molson and Thomas Molson, £20 each. To sister
in lawe Anne Aldersey and her daughter Elizabeth Egerton. To
nephew Syraon Pyke, £50, having given his brother Willyam, £100.
To their sister Anne Hawes and their cozen Anne Pallmer. To my
cozen Rachell Key. To Mary Fox. To Susan Repington. To
Thomas Brodfeyld and Bartholomew Dod. To Thomas Goodman in
St. Sepulchres. To Peter Varnon in Berden. To my poorest sorte
of kyndred in Cheshire at discretyon of Randall Aldersey and John
his sonne, £40. To Mr. Christopher Harveye preacher at Bunbrey
the £27-17-8 he oweth for bookes sent him " if he shall contynue in
Bunburye Seven yeares more (God sparing him life further to plant
the true knowledge of God there which is graciously begonne by his
ministery) ." To servants David Harper and George Witten and Rob-
ert Buscat. To Lawrence Aldersey £5 and forgive him debts and
dy vers ways he hath bin offensive vnto me and doo discharge William
Parker who is bond for him. Bond of Thomas Tutton and Henry
Bronker forgiven. To the following not having Blackes at my bur-
iell rings of 50s. viz. my brothers Bartholomew Calthropp, John
Kemp, my cozens Anthony Key and Richard Faxe and their wyues,
Anthony Calthrop's widdowe, ( if she paye £10 she oweth), Mr. Al-
dorman ( ? Aldermen) Lowe, John Dale and William Beecher, Robert
Offley, and his father, and cosens John Jarmy, William Pitchford,
and Richard Smith and his wife. Anuitiee from Sir William Bron-
cker to executor. Nephew John Alldersey of Berden to prefer his
children, also rest of estate. Witnesses : John Smithe, Robert Shell-
ford. Codicil 14 February 1596/7. Legacies to Christs Hospital
and Bridewell having been paid are revoked. Witnesses : John
Smithe, Robert Shellford, Robert Ruscat. Kidd, 10.

[See Waters' Gleanings, pp. 658, 659, for "wills of Sir Thomas and Dame
Anne Monlson. The latter was daughter of Anthony Ratclifte and for her
Radcliffe College was named. A pedigree of the family is printed on page
913. Thomas Monlston of Hargrave, father of Sir Thomas, married Alicia
daughter of John Aldersey of Spursto"we. The will of Sir Robert Park-
hnrst, printed on p. 1391 Waters' Gleanings, should be read in connection
with the following will. — E. P.]

Samuel Alokksey, citizen and haberdasher of London. Will 1 1
July 1633; proved 13 July 1633. Sonne in law Robert Crane and

onely sonne John Aldersey, executors. To wife Margaret my coaches D

and horses and lease of dwelling house at Endfeild. Brother Francis Ti

Webb and sister his wife. Mrs. Judith Flliott my wife's daughter §

and Ellion 1- Whitledg. To my dearest mother £50. To my beloved Q ri


Aired Waters' Gleanings 1667

brother, faithful] friend and partner John Ken rick £50. To my
brothers in lawe Didrich and Johst Van Oyre dwellinge beyonde the
sens. To Mr. Da venporte the minister. To Mr. Foxley, Mr. Holmes,
Mr. Page and Mr. Doctor Roberts, my brother Offspringe, my two
apprentices, and antient servants, my maide Elizabeth, to Phillip and
William my coachman, to my Lord Maior and his lady. To Mr.
Alderman Monlson and wife. To Mr.Alderman Parkhurst and wife.
To Mr. Rayny. To Mr. Smarte, Mr. Goodwin the minister. Wit-
nesses : Elizabeth Coventrey, Dorothy Capell, Margaret Aldersey,
John Kendricke. Da: Kendricke Russell, 61.

[Axdersay— Robert Shaweof Edelmeton, Mid., yeoman, in will of 31 March
34 th Eliz b , proved 17 April 1592, names children of brother in law Edward
Aldersay by my sister. Nicholas son of Edward Aldersay. Three children
of sister Parnell Bull. Wife Ann, with child, dwelling house in Barnes,
stables, brewhouse in Edelmeton and Tottenham. Daughter, Agnes Shawe.
My four sisters and their children, viz. Isable, Parnell, Ellen and Margaret.
Susan Sayre my sister's daughter. Wife's sister Margaret Loude. Wife
Anue, executrix. Overseers: Robert Partridge, Robert Atkinson, Anthony
Dale. John Bull is a witness. Com. London. Vol. 17, 432. — E. P. |

John Alderton of Stepney, Middlesex, mariner. Will 8 January
1660/61 ; proved 7 July 1662. All to father Thomas Alderton of
same parish, victualler, executor. Witnesses: George Carpenter,
James Smith. Laud, 94.

Aldham, 1631. See Holloway (Mary) of Estbergholt. Mary
Aldham. Arch. Suffolk, book 60.

Aldowes, 1571. See Goodwyn (John) of Fressingfield, yeoman.
Brother-in-law James Alldowes. Arch. Suffolk, book 23, folio 365.

Aldowes, 1577. See Owles (Robert) of Fressingfield. Richard
Aldowes. Arch. Suffolk, book 26, folio 305.

Aldred, 1544. See Cryspe (John) of the Rooks of Laxfeld.
Edmund Alrede. Francis Alrede. My child-in-law Edmund Aired.

Arch. Suffolk, book 15, folio 52.

Joyce Alred of London, widow of William Aired, citizen and skin-
ner. Will 7 December 1621 ; proved 12 January 1621/2. To be
buried neare husband in St. Catherine Cree church. To sister Anne
Dogget and her children Anne Warbushe and Henry Warbushe at 21.
To cozens Margerie Griffin and Peter Warmen. Cozen Martin
Simpson and his brothers. To my brother Aldred. To Edward
Green. To Elizabeth Key. To my man Richard. Residue included


Waters' Gleanings


dues from Samuel Aired, brother aud executor of deceased husband,
to Mr. William Smith, citizen and skynner of London, executor.
Overseers : John Hand of White Chappell, glover, and John Armyn
citizen and merchant taylor. Witnesses: Jonn Grimston, John
Eaton, W. Fayrfax, scrivenor. Savile, 5.

Alured, 1643. See Sampson (Francis) of Cheddeston, yeoman.
Ann Aldred. Arch. Suffolk, file 1643, No. 73.

John Alurych of Kenton. Will (nuncupative) 5 April 1538 ;
proved 4 May 1538. Children. Brother Robert Aldrych and his
children. To John Elyott of Wynston, £3-6-8. To William Ed-
mundys four Hefkers. To Roger Sherman, the same. Peter
Aldrych, his brother's son. Anne Aldrych, daughter of said Robert.
Johan Aldrych another daughter of said Robert. Executors: Rob-
ert Aldrych (his brother), Thomas Wode, and John Aldrych (his
nevye). Arch. Suffolk, book 13, folio 7.

Aldrich, 1539. See Elyott (William) of Soham Moch. Peter
Aldrych. Robert Aldrych the elder.

Arch. Suffolk, book 13, folio 128.

Robert Aldryche of Beccles. Will 13 December 1540 ; proved
19 January 1510/1. Wife Katherine. Nephew Richard. Brother
Richard. Robert Aldryche. Arch. Suffolk, book 13, folio 321.

Aldrich, 1571. See Axtell (William) of Beconsfield, Bucks.
Robert Aldredge of Woodland my supervisor.

Arch. Bucks, register 1568-1572, folio 209.

Austen Aldrich of Norwich, gent. Will 1 April 1599; proved
18 April 1599. To poore of St. Pauls, St. Clementes, St. Austens,
and St. Edmundes and prisoners in the Castle. To poore of Swarde-
ton. To wife Mary and Thomas Norgate her sonne by late husband
Thomas Norgate deceased. To godsonn Austin Aldrich, son of
brother Richard Aldrich. To brother's daughters Mary Aldrich and
Anne Aldrich. Brother's son Richard Aldrich. To godson Austin
Hall son of cosen Thomas Hall. To Alexander Chappman, Phillip
Chapman and Henry Chapman, children of sister Chapman. To John
Wood, Elizabeth Woode, and Cicilie Wood, children of sister Wood.
Brother in law Mr. John Smith. Sister Raye. Brother Mr. Richard
Sadler. To brother Silvester Forse. To godson Allen Thurton. To
Mary Edgley my wife's goddaughter. To Elizabeth Throckmerton
(laughter of Bassingborne Throckmerton. To neighbors William

Alderidge Waters' Gleanings 1669

Ketheringham, Thomas Seaman, and Thomas K I wood Barber. To
godson Jolm Dany. To nephew Thomas Spooner. Coscn Thomas
Hall executor. To Mr. William Parry, minister of St. Clementes,
Mr. Eache, minister of St. Saviours, and Mr. John Perke. Cosen
Michel Aldrich. To lazer houses about the City. Witnesses: Ed-
ward Nuttinge, Henry Chapman. h'idd, 28.

Aldrich, 1599. See Chase (John) ofllundrych. Daughter Mary
Aldredge. Arch. Bucks, file 1599.

Aldrich, 1603. See Whitman (Thomas) of Lee als. Leye, yeoman.
Children of Matthew Aldridge (of whome Isaacke eldest son). Wil-
liam Aldridge a supervisor. Arch. Bucks, register 1603-4, folio 33.

Aldrich, 1607. See Whitman (Ellen) of the Lee, widow. An
Aldridge. Richard Aldridge. Matthew Aldredge, son of Matthew
Aldridge. Arch. Bucks, file 1607 , No. 132.

Bridget Aldriche als. Glover, wife of Roger Aldriche, citizen
and draper of London and widow of William Glover, citizen and
founder of London. Will 6 July 1619; proved 9 July 1621.
Brothers Henry and Ralfe Osbaston. Son-in-law Francis Curwen.
Daughters Mary Curwen, Elizabeth Cooke, and Margaret Colt. To
grandchild Bridget Leucas, daughter of my daughter Winifred Leucas,
vessels in house at Puddle Wharfe. Sons John Glover and William
Glover executors. Lease of Blewe Boore in Maidenhead street
als Distaff e Lane in parish of St. Augustine neere Paules Gate to
strengthen little estate of sonne Henry Glover. Sons in law Henry
Leucas, Henry Cooke, Richard Benet, and Francis Curwen. To my
sonne Bewper. Sister Skynner. Witnesses : Greagory Baker, Lewis
Rie. Dale, 67.

Thomas Alderidge, citizen and sadler of London. Will 15
March 1635/6; proved 20 April 1636. Brother Edward Alderidge
of Clownish, Ireland, gent. Sister Anne Scarlott of Ipsidge, Suf-
folk, widow. Her eldest daughters Margaret Scarlott and Anne
Scarlott ; her sons Robert, Thomas, John Scarlott. Edmond Alder-
idge, citizen and draper of London, sole executor. John Gooffe of
Whitechapel overseer. My nurse Alice Penniston widow. " My house
in St. Telleus within Bishopsgate." Witnesses : W m Simouds scr.
James Boseville, Chirugion.
Dean and Cliapter of St. Paul's, register E (1633-1642), folio 60.

1670 Waters' Gleanings Aldus

[The widow Anne Scarlet of Salem, 1636, had, in 1639, children Mary,
Margaret and Joseph. Robert and John Scarlet were in New England in 1640
and 1635 respectively. These similarities in name, while perhaps only coinci-
dences, are suggestive. See Waters' Gleanings, p. 1105-6, and compare with
will of Samuel Scarlet of Boston, 1675, printed in Rope's Pioneers of Mass.,
p. 403.— E. P.]

Katherine Aldrich, widow of James Aldrich the elder, of Monk-

soham, yeoman, deceased. Will 30 August 1642; proved .

Reference to a deed from William Owles, late of Wingfield,
yeoman, son and heir apparent of Thomas Owles, late of Wingfield,
deceased, and Margery wife of said William Owles, to Katherine and
the said James Aldrich, late deceased, of messuage, etc., by the
name of Hides and Lovells in Bedfield. Son-in-law Daniel Smith of
Creasingham, and his sons Daniel, John, and William Smith. His
daughters Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Heron, clerk, and Mary, Susan,
and Sarah Smith. George Fishe of Framlingham. My son Francis
Aldrich, and his son Daniel Aldrich at 21. Son-in-law Francis
Baker, and his wife Anne my daughter, and grand children Eliza-
beth, John, and James Baker. Son-in-law Robert Sparrow, and my
grandchild Elizabeth Sparrow, one of his daughters. Son John
Aldrich. His daughter Sarah Aldrich and her sisters. Daughter
Katherine Jessopp, wife of William Jessopp. Daughter Margaret,
wife of Robert Sparrowe. Grandchildren William Jessopp, John
Jessopp, James Jessopp, at 21. Grandchild-in-law the said George
Fishe, and his sons, George, Francis, John, and James Fishe, and
daughters Elizabeth and Mary Fishe. The widow Warne of South,
would. [Unfinished, leaf lacking.] Arch. Suffolk, file 1642, No. 4.

John Aldredge, mariner, now bound for Barbodes beyond the
seas in the good ship called the Yenuitie. Will 29 November 1693 ;
proved 27 August 1694. Sole legatee and executrix : wife Elizabeth
Aldredge. Witnesses : Mary Morton, George Morton. Box, 187.

Aldus, 1578. See Fyske (William) of -St. Michael's, South

Elraham. Daughter Gelyon Aldus.

Arch. Suffolk, book 27, folio 129.

John Aldus of Ramsey, Essex. Will 4 August 1589; proved 6
September 1589. To wife Joane lands in Oakley parva. To Eliza-
beth Dauson house in ditto. To John Streight ditto. To cozen
John Aldus, Thomas Aldus, Elizabeth Heard, Alice More and Francis
Aldus. Elizabeth Bridge, daughter of brother-in-law John Bridge of
Dovercourt. John Bridge, son of Thomas Bridge of Ramsey.

Leicester, 72.

Aldus Waters' Gleanings 1671

A-ldus, 1603. See Fyske (Jeffery) of Fressingfield. Francis
Aldhowseof Fressingfield. Friend Richard Aidouse.

Arch. Suffolk, book 39, folio 294.

John Aldus of Fressingfield, yeoman. Will 12 April 1610;
proved 22 April 1610. Robert Aldus my good and natural father.
Sister Elizabeth. Brother Robert, and his daughters Grace and
Alice Aldus. To Thomas Fiske, son of Thomas Fiske, 10s. in one
month, etc. Thomas Fiske a witness.

Arch. Suffolk, book 43, folio 302.

[John Aldows buried April XVIth. (Fressingfield Parish Register.)
-II. F. W.]

Ursula Aldus of Tydd St. Mary, Lincolnshire, and late of Strad-
brook, Suffolk, widow. Will 22 January 1630/1 ; proved 2 July
1631. To grandchild Ursula Swane, daughter of Philippe Swane
of Tydd. sheets. To grandchild Ursula Selfe, daughter of John
Selfe of Eye, Suffolk, ditto. To grandchild Ursula Girlinge, daugh-
ter of Robert Girlinge. of Tydd, ditto. To daughter Meriall Selfe,
wife of John Selfe, apparel in house of Thomas Fost at Stradbrook.
Rest oflyniugs to sons Thomas and John Aldus. To son Thomas
Aldus, biasse, etc. Rest to son John Aldus, executor.

St. John, 85.

John Aldus of Mendham, yeoman. Will 29 December 1639;
proved 15 February 1639/40. Wife Margaret. Nephew John Fiske
and Elizabeth his wife. Ann Aldus, sister of said Elizabeth.

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