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Brother Nathan Aldus. Kinsman Eliazer Duncken. Kinswoman
Elizabeth Duiikon. Kinswoman Mary Aldus, one of daughters of
brother Nathan Aldus. Sister Cannon and her children (named).
Codicil 18 December 1639. To John Fiske my wife's brother now
inhabiting with me. Arch. Suffolk, 2d file 1639, No. 1.

[Nathan Aldus or Aldis was of Dedham in 1638. He had wife Mary who
with son John had adm. on his estate in lfi7fi. He also had a daughter
Mary.— E. P.]

John Aldus, one of the Portmenof theTowue of Ipswich, Suffolk,
gent. Will 8 February 1663/4; proved 28 November 1664. To
wife Elizabeth Aldus in lieu of dower for life Capitall Messuage in
St. Peters, aud household stuff e (except what belonged to deceased
son Richard) apparel, rings, Jewells, etc., also messuage in occupa-
tion of my son Robert Aldus, and ditto late in occupation of son
Edward Aldus, also all free money of my shipping to Newcastle and


Waters' Gleanings


one half of profitt of all my shipping for her life. After wife's
death Capitall messuage in St. Peter's to son Samuel Aldus, then
to his wife Frances, then to his second son William Aldus, third son
John Aldus, and fourth son Henry Aldus. Also to Samuel messu-
age in Felixstowe, Suffolk, bought of Mr. John Hawyes, late in oc-
cupation of Anthony Payne, now in occupation of Michael Marsh.
Also to Samuel messuage in St. Margarets where son Robert Aldus
did inhabit with Bakehouse and peece of ground behind given me
by Aunt Martyn deceased, and peece purchased of Mr. Thomas Steff
wherevpon a Stable is lately built. To grandchild Thomas Aldus,
son of son Edward Aldus, copyhold in Walton, Suffolk, purchased
of John Burton sometime occupied by Mr. Greene, and if Thomas
die before 21, to his brother Edward Aldus. To said grandchild
Kdward Aldus marsh grounds in Falkinghani, Suffolk, purchased of
Mr. Peming in occupation of John Browne. Also to Edward messu-
age in St. Margarets wherein his father dwelled, bought of Thomas
Marriott, Edmund Shepheard of Ipswich, gent, to take rents till
grandchild Edward is 21, maintaining his education, etc. To
daughter in law Mary Aldus, widdow, "Rounde Close" in St. Marg-
arets for life, also £100 etc., then to grandchild Edward at 21. To
son in law Richard Gooding of Whersted and said Edward Shepheard
£500 in trust for grandchildren John, Richard, Peter, Elizabeth,
and Jane Aldus, children of son Robert Aldus deceased, at 21, etc.
To grandchildren John Aldus and Edmund Aldus, children of son
Richard Aldus deceased, £500. To daughter Anne Gooding £100
and ditto to her children to be paid to Richard Gooding their father.
To daughter Puplett and children ditto, ditto, paid to son in law
Thomas Puplett. To Susan Garrett, wife of Robert Garrett,
Butcher, £5 and ditto to her son John Garrett. To Joiin Aldus,
son of Edward Aldus of Needhammaiket, £5. To Henry Mixter of
Boxted, Suffolk, weaver, 40s. To poore of St. - Margarets £5, and
ditto of St. Peters where 1 live. To other poor as executor thinks
fit. To servants 40s. each and old servant Elizabeth White 40s.
Mourning for wife Elizabeth, sons in law Mr. Richard Gooding, Mr.
Thomas Puplett, daughter in law Mary Aldus and her sons John and
Edmund. To buy stockings, shoes, etc. for poore men and women in
the Foundation at Ipswich, £20. Grandchild John Aldus son of my
said son Richard Aldus to give a release before lie is paid legacy of
L'.'iOO. To old servant Mr. Thomas Carter and late servant
Alexander Withers £5 each for mourning. Son Samuel Aldus,
executor. Sons in law Richard Gooding, and Edward Sheppard

Aldworth Waters' Gleanings 1673

supervisors. Executor to give bond of £'3000. To executor till
shipping etc. Witnesses: John Baton, William Spurting, John
Walford. Codicil 9 September 1664. Revokes £5 to Alexander
Withers. To son Samuel copyholds in Whittou aud Bramford,
Suffolk. Witnesses: William Sparling and John Watford.

Bruce, 117.

Aldeworthe, 1583. See Kelk (Thomas), Bristowe. Mr. Thomas

Aldeworthe, overseer. Witness Thomas Aldeworthe, maior.

Butts, 1.

Thomas Aldworth, 1598 (Kidd, 25). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 632.

Margerie Aldworth, 1602 (Montague, 47). See Waters'
Gleanings, page 632.

Thomas Aldworth, citizen aud grocer of London. Will 18
July 1603; proved 8 September 1603. St. Nicholas Aeon in St.
Nicholas Lane. Funerall being done for good neighbors a dinner or
Supper £5. Rest to children of beloved frende in Christ overseer
and performer of this will Thomas Fettiplace of Ferneham, Berkes,
Esq., viz. Alexander. John, Margarett, Elizabeth and Eleanor Fetti-
place. To M r . Alexander Fettiplace the eldest son a peece of plate
with Amies of the Fettiplaces and the grocers engraven and theise
wordes " The gift of Thomas Aldworthe of London Grocer." To
M' Richard Lake a ring. To Prudence Adlington whom I loved my
Ringe with the Diamond with this chardge to Keep it during her
life. To my Servant Anne Torner 40s. Bolein, 65.

John Aldworth, 1616 (Cope, 19). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 633.

Aldworth, 1616. See Knight (Francis) of Bristol, alderman.
Brother Robert Aldworth. Sister Martha Aldworth. Francis
Aldworth, son of John Aldworth deceased. Cope, 112.

Aldworth, 1620. See Challoner (W 7 illiam) of Bristol, merchant.
Son Robert, his uncle Robert Aldworth. Uncle Mr. Robert Aldworth.

Sot 1 1 in\ US.

1674 Waters' Gleanings Aldworth

Katherine Aldworth of Portsmouth, Southampton, widow.
Will 28 June 1620; proved 4 May 1621. Salisbury Cathedral. Son
Richard Swayne. Daughters Agnes Bayley and Alice Bayley.
Brother Richard Sawyer. Kinsman Thomas Sayer, son of Richard
Sayer. Son Francis Swayne, Executor. Overseers : Mr. William
Habberley, gent., John Burstoe, Thomas Newbery and John Parrat.
all of Portsmouth. Witnesses : Thomas Silvester, James Lawe,
Robert Shuttover, John Newlen. Dale, 39.

Francis Aldworth, 1623 (Byrde, 3). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 634.

Richard Aldworth, citizen and merchant taylor of London. Will
20 November 1624; proved 10 March 1633/4. Born in St. Giles,
Reading. Wife Margaret. My five children, Richard, Susan,
Elizabeth, Margaret, and Francis [a daughter] Aldworth. My
daughters and my son. Sister Avis Haughton. Her former husband
Christopher Jackman. Sister-in-law Mrs. Susan Coulson. Brother
in-law Mr. Christopher Coulson. Wife's kinswoman Dennys Johnson.
Uncle Sir Richard Sutton, knight. [Administration de bonis non,
June 1652.] Seager, 22.

Robert Aldworth, 1635 (Sadler, 3). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 734.

Aldworth, 1645. See Noel (Elizabeth), Dowager Viscountess
Campden. Cozen Richard Aldworth, eldest son of late nephew
Richard Aldworth deceased. Other children of Richard Aldworth.

Rivers, 109.

Aldworth, 1647. See Bovey (Ursula) of London. Brother Mr.
Richard Aldworth. Fines, 63.

Aldworth, 1647. See Pindar (Michael) of London, citizen and
fishmonger. Father-in-law Richard Aldworth of Bristol, alderman.
Brother Robert Aldworth of Lincoln's Inn, Esq. Fines, 100.

Aldworth, 1657. See Lee (Lt. John), Barbados, gent. Gabriel
Aldworth a witness. Barbados Records, Vol. 1, page 218.

Aldworth, 1660. See Hooke (Cecily) of Bristol. Grandchild
Dorothy Aldworth. Nabbs, 187.

Alefounder Waters' Gleanings 1675

Aldworth, 1677. See Hooke (Sir Thomas, Bart.)- Sister
Dorothy Aldworth. Nephew Thomas Aldworth. Reeve, 4.

Thomas Aldworth of Bristol, gent. Will 27 October 1696;
proved 24 December 1696. To be buried in All Saints Church.
Have conveyed to Edward Freeman of Bristoll, gent, and Thomas
Richardson of Redland in parish of Westbury upon Trym, merchant,
one half of estate of sonne in law Joseph Bullock, deceased, in right
of my wife Anne, his mother, and also messuage in King street in
St Nicholas parish, said trustees and executors to pay residue to sis-
ter Dorothy Aldworth and youngest sister Cicelia Aldworth.

Bond, 131.

John ALDwyN, 1681 (North, 85). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 1067.

Aldte, 1584. See Frenche (Barnard). Uncle Aldye.

Watson, 42.

Anne Alefounder, 1622 (Com. Essex and Herts, Act Book
1622-1623, folio 18). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1145.

Mary Alefounder, 1627 (Com. Essex and Herts, file 1627/8,
No. 126). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1145.

John Alefounder, 1627 (Skynner, 108). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 1146.

Matthew Alefounder, 1629 (Com. Essex and Herts, file 1628/9,
No. 98). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1146.

Robert Alefounder, 1630 (Scroope, 49). See Waters' Glean-
ings, page 1147.

Robert Alefounder, 1630 (Scroope, 58). See Waters' Glean-
ings, page 1148.

Alefounder, 1635. See Barker (Marrion). Grandchild Mary
Alefounder. Sadler, 106.

Robert Alefounder, 1639 (Harvey, 98). See Waters' Glean-
ings, page 1148.

1676 Waters' Gleanings


Alefounder, 1645. See Barker (Thomas). Son-in-law Robert
Alefounder, gent. Rivers, 59 and 61.

John Alefounder, 1647 (Fines, 182). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 1149.

Alefounder, 1677. See Barker (Sir Edmund). Sister Alefounder.

Hale, 12.

Alexander, 1557. See Fyske (Thomas) of Northalls. William
Alexandre. Arch. Suffolk, book 18, folio 38.

Alexander, 1563. See King (Richard). Friend Robert Alex-
ander. Arch. Bucks, register 1564/5, folio 51.

Robert Alexander of London, mercer, but free of the company
of Dyers. Will 7 February 1634/5 ; proved 20 March 1634/5. To
be buried in church of St. Michael att Querne. To wife Elizabeth
Alexander, plate, Jewells, etc. which she brought and £150 at ending
of co-partnership with my sonne in lawe Alexander Orpwood, also
profitts of my stock (£1300) for the four years remaining, shee to
dyett said sonne in law Orpwood and his wife, my sonne in law
Besney Mason and his wife, and my two daughters unmarried,
etc. To sonne Robert Alexander (if he returns from beyond the
seas), my land in Ireland in the proportion of the Wor" Company of
Skynners, he having allready his portion, and soe have my two
daughters Margarett and Gartrude. If Robert does not return, the
land in Ireland to my sonne Richard, to whome my greate seale and
ring, when he has served his time with his Master. Also to Richard
lease in St. Mathewes Coorte nere Cheapside. To daughter Elizabeth

wares she hath lately in hands of Johnson. To sonne in law

Orpwood my Globe Ringe. To four daughters and sonne Richard all
bookes. To sonne Robert's wife £10 and to her eldest daughter £10
at 24 or marriage. To cosen George Alexander £10, and £5 to each
of his children. To mayd servant Elizabeth Bathe £10. To ap-
prentice Charles Brokett I remitt last yeare of his time, if he obedi-
ently serve first seaven yeares. To St. Thomas' Hospitall in South-
warke £3. To poore children of Christ's Hospitall 40s. To sonne
Richard for his child's portion £150. To daughters Elizabeth and
Martha for ditto £200 each, £100 at 30 yeares of age or marriage,
and £100 at end of co-partnership. Also as portions not equal to
married children or as I intended, stock of £1300 at end of co-part-
nership in four parts, one to Richard and three to Elizabeth and

Alford Waters' Gleanings 1677

Martha. To sonne Robert Alexander lease of Hatfeild Wood after
death of wife, if lie return from beyond the Seas, also (if he shall
soe returne and become a newe man and reformed in life and conver-
sation and shall live soberly and religously) i'50, viz : £10 a year for
five years. To all six children lease of house wherein 1 dwell, house
adioyning wherein Mr. Childe dwelleth, and tenements in Blackman
streete in Southwarke. To sonne in law Besney Mason £150 to be
paid as by bond. To child or children Daughter Orpwood now
goeth with £10. Residue two thirds to wife, one third to son in law
Alexander Orpwood, executors, they relieving wants of my sonne
Robert and rest of my children. Overseers: the worshipful my
cosen Brokett of Whethamstead, Esquire, and friend Mr. John
Harvey. Witnesses : John Hayne, scrivenor, John Palmer, servant
to said scrivenor. Sadler, 29.

Alexander, 1655. See Yardley (Ralph), citizen and apothecary
of London). Cousin Richard Alexander. Berkley, 18.

Alexander, 1661. See Sherman (John) of Norwich, clerk. Half
sister Mary Alexander.

Consist. Norwich, register 1660-61, folio 451.

John Alexander, 1700 (Noel, 94). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 601.

John Alforde of Faltenham. Will 7 February 1540/1 ; proved 17
May 1541. Wife Alice and son Robert, executors. Son John. Each
of my daughters. Arch. Suffolk, book 14, folio 44.

Alford, 1585. See Davye (Gilbert) of Crediton, Devonshire,
gent. Robert Alford and Thomasin his wife, my sister.

Brudenell, 49.

Philip Alford of White Chapel, Middlesex, alebrewer. Will 10
November 1612 ; proved 23 October 1613. Daughter Constance Al-
ford. Sister Alice Alford. Kinswoman Anne Goodwyn. Aunt
Constance Onyon. Aunt Johan Harrison, widow. Wife Margaret,
executrix. My father and mother. Apprentice Richard Cleare.
John Laughln my Brewer. Brother's daughter Ruthe. Hugh Rich-
ardes (my sealed ringe with the Brewers' Arms). George Smith
(myHalbertl had of him). Anne Bartrome. Overseers: Uncle James
Onyon and John Greene. Witnesses: George Blyner, scr., Richard
Yardley. Capell, 88.

1678 Waters' Gleanings Alger

Elizabeth Alford of New Sarum, Wilts, widow. Will 4 March
1635/6; proved 11 June 1637. Thomas Alford the elder. Son
William Alford the elder. Son William Alford the younger. Daugh-
ter Anne Fox. Grandchildren William, John, Stephen and Anne
Fox. Daughter Sara Noyes. Daughter Elizabeth Cooke. Daughter
Mary Carter. Son William Cooke. M rs Margaret Wilmot. Children
of Sarah Noyes. My two [servants] Mary and Anne Bee. Daughter
Alford, wife of Thomas Alford. Residue to my daughters M rs
Wilmott, M rs Fox, daughters Carter, Cooke, and Noyes, save 20 s to
Thomas Rands, executor. Witnesses : Tymothie Dutson, Margarett
Aubrey, William Aubrey. Administration granted to John Fox,
clerk, and Anne his wife, sister, etc. Goare, 88.

Benjamin Alford of Andover, Southampton, chaundler. Will 21
March, 1639 ; proved 20 October 1640. Daughter Joane, wife of
Richard Kent and their three children. Son John Alford. Wife Avis
Alforde, executrix. Daughters Avis and Katherine. Overseers :
Kinsmen Thomas Barwicke and Thomas Game. Witnesses : over-
seers and Nicholas Game. Coventry, 128.

Alford, 1677. See Hooke (Sir Thomas, bart.). Sister Alford and
Colonel Alford her husband. Reeve, 4.

Alger, 1541. See Calf (Thomas) of Bungey Mary. William Al-
ger. Arch. Suffolk, book 14, folio 6.

Johan Algor of Waybred, widow of Thomas Algor. Will 15 June
1531 ; proved 10 December 1543. Three of children of Henry Algor,
my godchildren. Daughter Katharine Puntyng. Son in law Robert
Puntyng. Goddaughter Blythe Meene. Henry, Thomas, and Rob-
ert, sons of Robert Meene. My three children. Son Henry Algor.
Grandchild Thomas Mene of Waybred, son of Robert Mene of Way-
bred. Arch. Suffolk, book 14, folio 388.

William Alger of Shalford, yeoman. Will 31 July 1575 ; proved
14 December 1575. Four daughters, Anne, Elizabeth, Mary, and
Bridget at day of marriage or 21. Son John. Wife Margaret. Son
William. Com. Essex and Herts, file 1575.

Alger, 1583. See Kinge (John) of Blackforde, parish of Wed-
more, Deanery of Wells. Margery Alger's three children.

Butts, 10.

Thomas Alger of Waibred, laboring man. Will 16 March 1615/6 ;
proved 3 April 1616. Wife Elizabeth. Sons William and Thomas.
Daughters Frances, Ann, Elizabeth, and Mary Alger.

Arch. Suffolk, book 49, folio 1.

Aliston Waters' Gleanings 1679

Edward Alger of Wingfield, yeoman. Will 10 November 1<*>30 ;
proved 8 April 1635. Wife Cicely. Sons Edward, Anthony, John,
Henry, Robert, Thomas. Brother in law William Beten, supervisor.

Arch. Suffolk, file 1635, No. 119.
Alger, 1676. See Dickerson (John) of Wingfield, yeoman. Mary
Alger, wife of Thomas Alger of Waybread, my sister. Thomas Al-
ger, son of Thomas and Mary aforesaid.

Arch. Suffolk, Fauconberge, 239.

Dame Margaket Alington, widow of Sir Miles Alington of Hors-
heathe, Cambridge. Will 8 December 1591 (signed Saturday 11 De-
cember) ; proved 30 September 1592. Buried in St. Faith's under
Bowles, late called Jesus Chapel, in tomb whereas my late husband
Thomas Argall Esq. lyeth buried. Daughter Anne Steward. Son
Augustine Steward (her husband). Son John Argall and his wife.
Son Rowland Argall and his wife. Son Filmer. Daughter Elizabeth
Filmer and her son and heir apparent. Margaret Argall her sister.
Mary and Katharine Argall her sisters. Son and daughter Bledger.
Son Richard Argall deceased. Son Lawrence Argall's widow. Rich-
ard, sou of Lawrence Argall, and Northe Argall his sister. Cosen
Southwell and his wife. Cosen Hubberd. Harrington, 72.

Thomas Allington, St. Mildred's Poultry, London, merchant?
1669 (Coke, 131). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1379.

Alison, 1556. See Kynge (Thomas). William Alison of Ailes-
bury, glover. Arch. Bucks, register 1556-60, folio 162.

Elizabeth Allison, St. Clement Danes, Middlesex, 1665 (Hyde,
135). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1270.

George Aliston, citizen and clothworker of London. Will 4 July
1573; proved 11 August 1573. Buried in St. Jones Walbroke neare
late wiffe Margery. Son Henry Aliston. To Thomas Kinge and
Jeromimy his wife, my daughter, 40s. and my great kettle. William
Jensonne my son inlaw shall have the occupying of my shop, sheirs,
and tools. Wife Dowce, executrix. To Feter Lawson, my sattin
sleeves. To daughter Cecily 20s. Overseers : Sonne Henry Alison
(sic) and neighbours Thomas Jakson and Jhon Browne. Witnesses :
Hugh Lewes parson of S l Jones, James Jvet, Robert Snellinge.

Arch. London, register 4 (1571-1582), folio 31.

Aliston, 1610. See Springe (Christian) of Bury St. Edmund,
widow. Cosen Mary Aliston wife of John Aliston of Heveningham,
John, Mary, Anne, and Susan, children of said John Aliston.

Wingfield, 57.

1680 Waters' Gleanings Alenson

Alker, 1597. See Cuthbert (Alexander), Owndell, Northampton.
Brother Edward Alker. Leivyn, 14.

Stephen Allam of London, yeoman. Will 8 February 1646/7 ;
proved 27 January 1648/9. To kinswoman Joane Barcoatt £12. To
children of kinsman Thomas Fabian £6 whereof 40s. to bind
eldest son apprentice. To Samuel Saltiugstone 20s. To Marie
Bucker 10s. To Elizabeth Bucker 10s. To kinsman Andrew Hall
10s. To John Allam of Coaley in S' Cuthberts in Wells, county
Somersett, best Coate. To Nathaniel Harvy of Weeke in ditto best
cloake. Rest to kinswoman Margery Goldinge, executrix. Wit-
nesses : Thomas White, William Ballett. Fairfax, 13.

Christopher Alenson, London, Gent. Will 1 November 1631 ;
proved 5 January 1631/2. To my mother's kynswoman livinge in
the Low Countries 20 nobles. To cosyn John Alenson 40s. To
John Clerke 20s. To godson Edmond Porter £10. To cosyn
Sara Porter £15. To Poore of St. George in Southwarke £5 at dis-
cretion of Mr. Hobson and Mr. Maisters of ditto. To Poore of
Clarken Well by West Smithfield £5 and ditto where I shall be
buried. To my sister Hopkins. To goodwief Goade, my late serv-
ant, 26s. per annum for life and noe longer. Ditto to goodwief
Foord. To servant William Leeson £3. To vncle Robert Alenson
20s. per annum for life and noe longer as specified in annuitie of £3
left in my father's will. All annuities to yssue out of my two tene-
ments in Romford, Essex, in occupacion of William Bridges and
Thomas Royston. To Mary Barnes, cosyn Marye Baugh, and god-
daughter Sara Baugh linen (except given to Sarah Porter by note),
etc. To Mary Bories, daughter of sister Joane deceased, messuage
in Hairstreete, parish of Hornchurch, Essex, and 10 acres of Mead-
owe and Pasture in Hornchurch bought by my father Mr. Richard
Allanson deceased from Sir Edward Cooke, knight. To Mary
Baugh, daughter of sister Judith deceased, "Lodge Lan" in Horne-
church in occupation of Thomas Royston of Romford ; paying to
John Clarke's two children John and Frances £10 legacy left by their
Vncle Symon, etc. To sister Judith's Sonne Richard Baugh £20.
To Judith's daughter Elizabeth Baugh messuage in Romford wherein
Barnaty Grigge dwelleth abuttinge on South of Kinges highwaye
from London to Brentwood, etc. To Judith's sonne Edward Baugh
my freehold the aforesaid new buylte tenements in Romford, parish
of Hornechurch, occupied by Royston and Bridges, abutting South


on my freehold, Nortbe vppon Orcharde and Garden of Mr. John
Morse, vicar of Romford, and West vppon freehold of Sir Robert
Cocke. Also to Edward Baugh £50 at 22 ; or if he die, to two young-
est daughters of sister Judith, Sara and Anne, at 18. To Sara £150
at 18 or marriage. To Anne £100 ditto, etc. etc. To brother
Eleazer Barnes messuage in Bloxam, Oxon, in occupacion of William
Browne, in trust, to sell same and with money sattisfy debts and
legacies, viz. to Mrs. Jane Pone of Easte Smithfield debt of £120 by
bond, to Mr. Rowland Baugh of Inner Temple, Esq., £100 owed him.
To churchwardens of St. George Southwark and theire successors
foreuer £13 to paye to the parislie clerke of the sayd parishe and
his successors 10s. yearelie foreuer for reading or dictatinge the
Singinge Psalmes vuto the Congregation assembled, rest of the in-
crease of the £13 to be distributed in Bread to the poore. To uowe
mayde servant Joane 50s. To Mr. Burrage my apothecarye what
is due him. To cozen Edmond Porter five marks for a ringe. To
Mr. Kinge chirurgeon his dues. To executor Rowland Baugh resi-
due of money for sale of said messuage etc. to be paid him by said
Eleazer Barnes at 21, and also one half the profitt, meanwhile the
other half to be paid to Mary Barnes daughter of said Eleazer and of
my sister Joane deceased. To said Eleazer for his payns £15. To
my brother Rowland Baugh £5 etc. etc. Residue of freeholds in
counties Oxon and Essex to Rowland Baugh second son of sister
Judith with remainder to his brother Edward and sisters Mary, Eliz-
abeth, Sara, and Ann, etc. etc. Executor: said Rowland Baugh.
Overseer : Mr. Eleazer Barnes. Witnesses : Edmonde Porter, Will-
iam Leeson, Francis Wiseman, scrivenor. Administration to Row-
land Baugh, father of Rowland Baugh, executor, during minority.

Audley, 7.

Richard Allarde, 1593 (Nevell, 55). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 1292.

Francis Allard, son of Richard Allard, late of Rochester, de-
ceased. Will 9 February 1595/6; proved 4 February 1606/7. To
Elizabeth Allard, daughter of brother Henry Allard, piece of plate £5.
Elizabeth Allard daughter of brother Richard. To brothers and
sisters gold rings. Rest to brother in law Richard Maplesden,
citizen and grocer, executor, and also lands in Biddenham and
Brooke, county Kent. Brother in law Peter Maplesden, overseer.

Hudleston, 11.

1682 Waters' Gleanings Aleyn

John Alkyn, citizen of London and lately servant of Duke of
Gloucester. Will 4 August 14G3; proved 25 August 1463. St.
Sepulchre's. Son John. Son Philip and wife Isabel, executors.
Supervisors : John Kyry, S.T.D. and sonn John Allen noviciate of
friars minor. Witnesses : John Machen not. pub., Robert Frauncys.

Goclyn, 2.

William Aleyn, citizen and mercer of London. Will 15 Novem-
ber 1519; proved 21 January 1519/20. To be buried in church of
Saint Martyn in the Vyntre of London vnder my grauntffader Stone
in the west Ende late called John Aleyn as apperith vpon the same
Stone if departe in this citie. If yt happen me to Distresse oute of
the same Citee, my obiit to be kept in Church of St. Clementes next
Candilwykstrete where I am parishioner. To high Aulter of Saint
Clements for tithes and oblacons forgoten 20d. To St. Martyns
ditto. To St. Clements for making an ornament by executor as shall
pleas the parisshens there 20 marks. To church of St. Martyne seven
and one half yardis of violett clothe of gold nowe in my house for a
cope. And I will my said executure shall cause an orfres of braw-
dry worke of the passion of our lorde to be prouided and bought in
the parties of beyonde the see of the valowe of vii 11 Flemysshe, w l a
Scripture to be sett behynd vpen the cape of the same as ensuyeth :
"Praye for the soule of William Aleyn late m'cer of London". To
fyve score poore householders of the two parishes and in Candlewick
street 12d each or £5. To praye for my Soule, the Soule of Robert
Grene, our Fader's and moder's soules, our Frendes soules and all
Christian soules 20s. each to the Charterhouse on this side Seint
Johnes in Westsmythfilde, the Greye Friers w'in Newgate, the black
Friers within Ludgate, the Frier Augustynes, the White Friers in
fletestrete, the Crossed Friers of London, and the Friers of Grene-
wich, or £7, etc. To poore prisoners of Ludgate, Newgate, Kinges
Bench, and the Marshalsee in Southwarke 20s. each prison. To hos-

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