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pitals of St. Bartilmewe in West Smythfeld, Saint Mary Spitall, St.
Thomas Spitall in Southwarke, the beedhouse of our Lady Rouncy-
valle besidis Charyng Crosse 12 paire shetis which is the thyng they
have most nede of for poore people to vallue of £5. To poore men
and women in Bethlem w'oute Bishoppisgate 6d. weekly for a
yere, 26s. To church of Hymly, county Stafford, an honest vest-
ment of silke for aulter 53s 4d. For masses at St. Clements etc.
etc. etc. five half pound tapers of wax, etc. etc. To John Grene,


Aleyu Waters' Gleanings 1683

soune and heire to Robert Grene, my predecessor, three Chassed
Cuppes etc. etc. etc. at 21, or if be die to bis mother. To my sister
Margaret Rogers and her busbande three Goblettes etc. etc.
To Wife's daughter, the wife of Thomas Perpoynt, Draper, £5. To
William perpoynt their sonue, my god'sonn, silver salte, etc. To
children of said Thomas viz. Margaret, Alexauudre, John, Barbara,
Anne, and Johaiie, 40s. each at 21 or marriages. To newe buylding
of churche of St. Audrewe besides Estchepe that parisshens recom-
mend my soule in their devoute prayers £10. To Margaret Baker
to hir marriage £6 13s 4d and all her arrey ensuying honestly to be
made, That is to saye two gownes, two kirtulles and smokkes, ker-
chieffys, as well thredon and Lawnes as Cotton and also bokeram
and velvet for the same gownes if they shalbe lyned. To apprent-
esse John Baker weres in Shopp at his choyse bought fore in Flan-
ders to sume of twenty marks Flemmysshe, if he stay rest of his
tyme with my wife etc. etc. To godman tailour and his wife 40s.
To my gossipe olyuer 20s. and 20s. I lent her. To said Margaret
Baker gold Ryng hugh Colstonsoke gave me for his weddyng Ryng
which Remayneth in a paper in the gold balance vpon my counter-
bord. Executors to have made two gold Ryngs of 26s 8d. each
graved "oluno" (sic) in black amell for Olyuer Claymon Sherman
and Thomas Draper to pray for my soule. Executors to cause a
dynner or Repaste vnto the Maister, Wardens, and certeine of the
feloushipp of mercers. I forgyve John Grene, my wife's sonn all
trespasses openly or prively so he continue with his moder during
apprentishod. To wif Barbara my great tenement with Shoppes,
Celers, Solers, warehouses, etc. in St. Martyne in the Warde of
Vyntre, causeing yearly obit in St. Martynes that is to saye placebo
and Dirige by note and on the morowe Masse of Requiem by note, for
her life, then to my Suster Margaret Rogers. Forgive John Stubbes
and wife all duties and to said Stubbes wife 6s 8d. Forgive Richard
Ongle, mercer, all dues. Forgive Willm Seiles, mercer, 40s. if he
pay the rest. If Richard Hebder pay 40s. to have his chest and
bale of woode. Residue to wife Barbara, executrix. Overseers:
Thomas perpoynt, Draper, and brother Richard Rogers, Fuller.
Witnesses : Maister John Cristmas parson of St. Clementes, Thomas
Draper, citizen and mercer, and Johni Deu'eux, Notarie.

Ayloffe, 24.

Barbara. Aleyn, London, widowe. Will 5 September 1524 ; proved


Waters' Gleanings Alyne

17 September 1524. To be buried in Churche of Saint Clement next
Candilwykstrete vnder stone of husband Robert Grene in West ende
of said church. To highe awlter of St. Clement for tiths and obla-
tions forgotten. Executor to provide an liable, vertuous, and
honest seculer prest to pray for my soule iu St. Clement thre yeres,
And for his yerely salory or wages of £6 13s 4d, £20. To fyve
score pour householders to pray for my soule and my husbands 12d
each, or £5. To the Crossed Freres, the Freres Augustynes, the
White freres, and the blak freres to synge a solempne Dirge and
masse of Requiem 20s each, or £4. To the gray freres w'thin New-
gate to doo two dirges 40s. To freres of Grenwiche, the Freres of
Richmond, the Charterhouse of Shene and the Charterhouse of Lon-
don 13s 4d. each or 53s. To the Nonnes of the Mynores without
Algate for a dirge 26s 8d. To the pour prisoners of Ludgate, New-
gate, Kinges Benche and the Marchelsye in Sowthwarke 20s in bred.
To these hospitalls, saint Bartilmewe in Smythfeld, saint Mary Spit-
all, saint Thomas Spitall in Southwark, Elsyned Spitall, and the Bed-
house of our lady in Rounsevall besides Charyng Crosse 20s each
in shetes. To poor men and women lying in Bethelem without
Bishopesgate of london 20s. To my sonne John Grene, mercer of
London £68 13s 4d in plate and money. To Sonne's wife Jane
gownes, etc. To Thomas perpoynt Draper £5 in plate and money.
To his children and my daughters, viz. Alysaunder parpount, John,
William, Barbara, and Ann Perpount £13 6s 8d in plate and money,
at 21 or marriage of daughters. To my cosyn Margaret Perpount
Nonne at the Minoris £6 13s 4d. To Richard Rogers and wife and
Richard Ongly and wife blak gowneries. To Maister Docter Higons
a Rynge of 20s. To Edward my doughter's brother 20s. To ser-
vant John Baker in ware as it cost me £3 6s 8d. To my mayd Jane
Cornish at marriage £5. To servants John Johnson and John Mig-
hell 20s each. To John Stubbs and wife 26s 8d. To Agnes Samp-
ton widowe 20s. To mother Olyver 20s. To Edward Bruer and
wife 20s. Forgive debts of sometime servant William Series. Res-
idue to sonn John Grene, mercer, executor. Overseer : Maister
Doctor Cutler, Warden of the graye Freres. Witnesses : Doctor
Cutler, Sir John Cristmas, parson of St. Clements. Bodfeld, 24.

Sir John Alen, 1545 (Alen, 1). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1417

Thomas Alyne ©f Thebeston. Will 13 March 1545/6 ; proved 16
April 1546. Daughter Thomas all my lands, tenements, in Thebes-

Aleyn Waters' Gleanings 1fifi .

ou for life, then to my godson John Alyne. Margaret Dykenson.
Johaue Nyckolsou. Thomas Brvtwell and his wife.

Arch. Suffolk, book 15, folio 222.
John Alen of Norwich, draper. Will 18 September 1545 ; proved
12 August 1547. Buried in churchyard of St. Peter Mancroft by
wife Margaret. To church of St. Stephen. To church of Aylsham
Burgh for prayers for father's and mother's souls. To wife Alys my
tenement in St. Peter, which I lately purchased of John Norman, for
life, then to be sold. Every of my brother's children. To prisoners
in Castle of Blanch Flower in Norwich and in the Guylde Hall.
Executors : wife Alice and Harry Alen, clerk, p'son of Aylesham.
Barnabe Whityn, clerk (among witnesses).

Consist. Norwich, Wymer, 67.
Allen, 1553. See Burton (Benett) of London, citizen and cloth-
worker. Mr. Richard Allen, my father-in-law.

Arch. London, register 2(1549— 1560), folio 114.

John Allen, Stanforth, county Lincoln, mercer. Will 11 July
1551 ; proved 12 November 1554. To wife Susian, bedding, etc. etc.
etc. To daughter Annes Allen, ditto. To daughter Alice Wyldes
house in St. Jones parishe in occupation of John Mather, with re-
mainder to my sonn Bartilmew Allen. To daughters Ann Allen, my
daughter Elizabeth, daughter Jone Allen, and daughter Dorothie Allen
each at 21 or marriage, household goods etc. To sonn Barthilmew
Allen £16 at 21. To cosyn John Butterell of Walsingham best geld-
ing, saddle, and bridell, etc. To sonne John Allen £16 at 21. To
John Mather's children by Alice his wife, my natural suster, 40s.
To John Topleg, my prentesses, 20s. To Henry . . . my other pren-
tysse 20s. To poore of Stamforthe 300 faggotts. To Thomas Dam-
forthe my third gowne. To neighbor William Campinet best bowl.
Residue to wief Susyan, sons John and Bartilmew, and daughters
Agnes, Alice, Anne, Elizabeth, Jone, and Dorathe, equally. Exec-
utors : Kinsmen John Butterell of Walsingham, and Thomas Trygge,
gentleman. Overseers: Henry Dykly, gentleman, and William Cam-
pinet of Stamforthe, Draper. Lands in Tykill, Carelton, Avodsetts ?
Gelderwell, Latwell, and Langolde, countie York, to sonn John,
Lands in Stamforthe to Bartholmew etc. etc. Witnesses : Thomas
Trygy, William Campinet. More, 11.

Richard Aleyn, citizen and haberdasher of London. Will 8 Feb-
ruary 1558; proved 3 July 1559. To be buried in church of St.

1686 Waters' Gleanings Alline

Brigette where I am a parishioner. For four godly sermons at St.
Brydes. To wife Sibill Alleyne lands, etc., in Fleet Street, St. Bry-
gittes and at Westminster. To Thomas Bate and his brother Andrew
Bate at 24, and Rachel Bate, their sister at 21 . Brother George James,
haberdasher. Brother William James, haberdasher. Cosen Agnes
Mellowe towards her preferment in marriage with William Brewster
£3 ; and if she doe not marrye him, onlie 4ps and a silver spoone. To
William, if he marrye Agnes, a spoone. Cosen Margaret Nicolson
als. Downes at 21 towards her marriage. To frende John Holbearne
my crymosyn satten doblet and new Jerkyn spanysshe lether. To
Richard Hey ward my workeday gowne garded with velvet. Rest to
wife, executi'ix. Overseers : Edmond Bragge, haberdassher, and Bar-
tholmew Brokesby, Scrivenor. Witnesses : George Crymble, Anthony
Snodon. Chaynay, 32.

Allen, 1574. See Shottenham (Thomas), citizen and merchant
tailor of London. Anne, Margaret, Bridget, and Humphrey daugh-
ters and son of my son-in-law Thomas Allen, pewterer. Martyn, 15.

Thomas Alleint, citizen and sadler of London. Will 17 May 1574 ;
proved 21 July 1574. Dwelling in St. Dunstan in West in suburb
of London. Brothers George, Robert Allen, Sister Ursula Proctour
and her husband. Sister Mary Harte. To company of Sadlers 13s.
4d. To Domenyck Jaxson, curat of St. Dunstone, 10s. To serv-
awntes Robert Symkynson, Richard Waren, Annes Sadler, and Annes
Burger. Overseers : John Wytton, ymbroderer and brother George
Allen. Rest to executrix, wife Anne, and seven children(not named).
Witnesses : Domenick Jaxson, curat, Henry Dynne, John Marshall.

Martyn, 31.

Allen, 1578. See Awgar (John) dark of the Queen's Coffer,
dwelling in Stoke Newington. Daughter Margaret (now wife of
Thomas Allin). Langley, 44.

John Allen of Little Bursted. Will proved 1587. Daughter
Margaret Prentis. Com. Essex and Herts, file 1587 {old number 6).

Allen, 1587. See Ashe (John), gent. John Allen.

Arch. Bucks, file 1587.

Joane Alline of Little Bursteed, widow. Will 27 March 1591 ;
proved 10 May 1591. Son Thomas Alline. Son William Alline.
Daughter Margaret wife of Thomas Prentise. Daughter Elline
Alline. Com. Essex and Herts, file 1591 (old number 36).

Allen Waters' Gleanings 1687

Allkn, 1595. See Frenche (John) of Cropredy, Oxou. Anne
Allvn daughter of John Allyn of Gryndon, Northampton.

Scott, 56.

Thomas Allen of Betlowe in Tring, Herts, yeoman. Will 24
December 1598 ; proved 28 February 1598/9. Wife Elizabeth.
Sons John, William, Josias, Francis, Richard. Daughters Suzan
Elizabeth, Anne, Agnes. To sons Robert and John, executors, all
lands and residue of goods. Overseers : Thomas Wigge and son-in-
law John Baldwin. Trustees : Thomas Wigge thelder of Mentmore,
son in lawe John Baldwin, John Coxe of Naldwicke, Nicholas Stevens
of Cheddington, and Henry Seare of Betlowe. Witnesses : Ed. Bols-
worth, Robert Allen, John Coxe, Thomas Ball.

Arch. Hunts {HitchinDivision) , register 4 (1593-1600) , folio 54.

Allen, 1602. See Fisher (Robert) of Redrith, Surrey, gent.
Sister Allen and her children. Montague, 25.

John Allen of Heybridge, Essex, wheelwright. Will 7 March
1602 ; proved 20 January 1603/4. To wiffe Joan messuage inWitham,
Essex, purchased of Edmonde Swanson. To saide Joan alson
for life copyholds in Heybridge, then to Henry Badcocke, Bartholo-
mewe Samuell and Thomas Smyth in trust to sell for benefit of Wil-
liam, Marye, Agnes, and Susan Kinge, children of daughter Mary,
deceased, late wife of Willm. Kinge of Heybridge, etc. To wife
Joan, executrix, all goods. To Beniamin Allen, son of Brother John
Allen, of Witham, deceased 6s 8d Overseer : Henry Badcocke. Wit-
nesses : Bartholomew Samuell, Nicholas Lyndsey, Thomas Chese.
Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, register C (1593 -1608), folio 192.

Allen, 1607. See Ball (John). Samuel Allene of Hasleigh,
Essex, gent. Cozen John Alleine. Cozen Giles Aleyue's chil-
dren. Aunt Aleyne of Haseleigh. Uncle Giles Aleyne of Hasleigh.
Cozens Samuel and Isaac Allen. Hudleston, 76.

Allen, 1608. See Newman (Joane) of Heybridge. Mary
Butcher als. Allin.
Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, register C (1593-1608) , folio 241.

Allen, 1609. See Knapp (Edmond) of Washbrook, Suffolk.
Daughter Elizabeth wife of John Allen of Bentlie. Wingfield, 20.

Allen, 1610. See Elliot (Oliver), St. Mary Aldermary, London.
Servant to Timothy Allen of St. Mary Aldermary, London. Admin-
istration to Timothy Allen. Wood, 7.

1538 Waters' Gleanings Allen

Jane Alleyne of London, widow. Will 25 September 1611;
proved 23 October 1611. To my two grandchildren Nicholas Alleyn
and Thomas Alleyn each a silver beaker and seluer cuppe and
£5 at 21 . To sonne Henrye Alleyn £10 etc. To sister Anne Fletcher
two petticoates, one Durance and the other Cloatlie, and a gowne of
pennystone. Toneece Anne Newman a stichti felt hatt, etc. To sis-
ter Barnes a carpet and silke cupboard clothe she hathe. To sister
Glover a ring. To daughter Margaret Alleyn my wedding ringe. To
sonne Henry Alleyn 3 ells of Holland. Residue to sonne Thomas
Alleyn, executor. Witnesses : Edward Hunt, Nich : Harte, Anne
Fletcher. Memorandum 28 September : The thing is given to Sisters
otherwise disposed of in lifetime of testatrix. Wood, 79.

Thomas Allkn of Inworth, county Essex, yeoman. Will 1 April
1614; proved 25 April 1616. Tenements in Heybridge. To son
William. To sisters Joane Roberts and Margaret Pollard. Cosyn
Edward Curley at 21. Brother in law Richard Todd and his wyfe.
Godchildren Francis Cowper and Thomas Greve. To Agnes Hilles.
Brother in lawe Robert Roberts. Cosyn John Austin. Executors :
Cosyn John Sammee of Much Waltham, county Essex, gent., and
cosyn William Sammes of Much Tottham, yeoman, to bring up my
said child till 21. Wives of John and William Sammes. Schedule
annexed 4 April 1614 releases divers debts owing. Witnesses:
Robert Roberts, Ralph Wharton, and Barnard Wharton. Proved by
John Sammes, power reserved etc. Cope, 34.

Edmund Allyn, 1616 (Cope, 87). See Waters' Gleanings, page

Allen, 1617. See Ellis (Thomas) of Framsden, yeoman.

Arch. Suffolk, book 50, folio 172.

James Allyne, 1621 (Savile, 5). See Waters' Gleanings, page

Allen, 1625. See Crane (Agnis), St. Botolph's Aldgate. Son
John Allin and his wife Jane. Former husband William Allen.
Brother in law Edward Allen. Hele, 46.

Sara Aleyn, 1626 (Com. Essex and Herts, file 1625/6, no 161).
See Waters' Gleanings, page 1420.

Allen Waters' Gleanings 1689

Edward Allen of London, alderman. Will 16 August 1624;
proved 12 April 1626. To be buried in St. Mary Bow. Wife
Ellen. Son in law Richard Lee, Esq., son and heir of Sir Ilnmfry
Lee, Ivnt. and Bart., and my daughter Elizabeth his wife. My
daughter Mary Allen. Son Thomas Allen. Brother Thomas Allen.
Brothers in law Mr. John Williams, Mr. Edmund Poyntell, Mr.
Edmund Pye, Mr. Thomas Langton, Mr. William Willaston, Mr.
John Wardell, Mr. Thomas Edge, and Mr. Harper. Children by
former wife. Mother iu lawe Mrs. Timothy Poyntell and sister Pye,
Sister Edge, Sister Judith Pointell, Sister Elizabeth Poyntell, Sister
Moffat and her daughter Marie Hicks. Anne Williams. Brother Mr.
Robert Ducy Alderman Fishmongers Company, friends Mr. Hughes
Mr. Waterhouse, Mr. Richard Bull, Mr. Alexander Brett, Mr. John
Whitcombe, Mr. William Leman, and John Abbott. Clerks of
St. Marie Bow and St. Hellens. Thomas Langton of Maudlin College,
( >xford. Nephew William Thomas, Sister Bracy, Mr. Trott. Mr.
Muns. Amye Pierce. William Poulet and Roger Taverner, Stephen
Ducye, Mr. Jonathan Browne and Mr. Browne minister of St. Helens.
To poore of Finchley. Mr. Welde Town clerke. Mr. Jhones Comon
Sarient. Hele, 40.

Allen, 1626. See Hogge (Thomas) of Bednall Green. Cozen
Bridgett Allen, widow. Hele, 135.

Allen. 1628. See Wake (Richard) of Hartnell. Northampton,
gent. Cozen Charles Allen. Barrington, 84.

Thomas Allen of London, gent. Will 20 October 1630 ; proved
•") November 1630. To be buried in parish church of St. Martins
within Ludgate. To my nephew Thomas Allen, the only son of
my late brother Edward Allen, late alderman of London, deceased
and to his heirs forever, all my lands, tenements, etc , in the city
of London and elsewhere (except my moiety of my houses in Creed
Lane in London), all which said lands are mentioned in a d<-ed bear-
ing date with these presents. To Martha Pie, my only sister now
living, and to her heirs forever, all that my moiety of my houses in
Creed Lane in the City of London, to the intent that she shall give out
of the rent ol the said houses unto Martha Dallaville my niece £6
138 4d yearly for life. I aci<nowledge myself to be indebted unto my
nephew Thomas Allen of Finchley, county Middlesex, Esq., the only

1690 Waters' Gleanings Allen

son of my brother Edward Allen, deceased, £300 due to him be-
cause I have received the same out of his father's personal estate as
part of his child's part, now I give to my sister Martha Pie £100, to
my cousin Edmond Pie £40, to my brother Williams his children 20
marks apiece, to my nieces Elizabeth Lee, Marie Lumley, Ellen
Proby, and Martha Allen, £20 apiece. To my sister Bracy £10,
also £4 a year; to Bridgett her daughter £10, and to her £10.
To my cousin Samuel Bracy £10. My brother Pie to have a lease
of his now dwelling house during the lives of himself and his wife.
To my good friends Mr. Dormer and his wife £100 apiece. To Bar-
nard Dormer and William Dormer £40 apiece, and unto William Dor-
mer I give my gray gelding. To Mrs. Gill and Mrs. Hudson £20,
apiece and to little Robert and Anne Gill his sister £20 apiece. To
Thomas Chatfield my godson 20 nobles. To my good friend Mr.
Dry wood my best diamond ring. To Mr. Robert and Mr. Henry
Duhurst £20 apiece. To friend Mr. Millward £30, and to Joseph
Millward his son £20. To Robert Chipp £5. To my servant
Thomas Wiltsheire 20 marks. To Thomas Dudley 40s, to Peter
20s, to John 20s, to Jane 40s, to Sence 20s, to old William 20s, be-
ing Mr. Dormer's household servants. To'Mr Baxter and his wife,
to Mr. Steele, Mr. Robsonne, 40s apiece. To Mr. Traford £5.
To Mr. Edward How 20 nobles. To my godson Eountaine 20
nobles. To my niece Marie Allen £20. To the poore of Finchley
and St. Martins 20 nobles apiece. To my aunt Painter £10. Resid-
uary legatee and executor: my nephew Thomas Allen. Witnesses :
Ro : Dewhurst, Matthias Milward,'Hy : Dewhurst, William Dormer
Richard Steele, Mat. Hitchmough. Scroope, 107.

Thomas Allen of Dulwich, county Surrey, Esq. Will 25 March
1631 ; proved 1 April 1631. To be buried in the chapel of Dulwich
To my wife Elizabeth Alleyn £120 and all the household stuff, plate,
and furniture of my chamber in Dulwich, also threescore pounds a
year to be issuing out of my lands in Yorkshire according to deeds
made for that purpose, charging my son- Edward Alleyn to deal
faithfully with her. To my said son Edward Alleyn and his heirs
all my said lands in Wenesladale, county York and elsewhere in that
county. To my daughter Anne £10 and to my daughter Joane Red-
dinge £20. To my sister Margarett Hamerston £5. Residuary lega-
tee and executor: my said son Edward Alleyn. To my godson
Thomas Hummerston, the son of my said sister, my acre of land at

Allen Waters' Gleaninos 1691

Waltham Abby. Witnesses : Charles Faldo, John Viell, George
Brome, scrivenor. St. John, 45.

John Allen of the City of Norwich, dyer. Will 2 August 1630;
proved 16 October 1631. To my son Thomas Allen and his heirs
all those my houses and grounds wherein Thomas Browne now
dwelleth in Norwich with all the warehouse lately built upon the
ground I purchased of Edmund Shipdem, and £200 to pay himself,
being joint executor with my son Robert Allen. To my son Robert
Allen and his heirs my messuage, etc. now used by myself wherein
I now dwell, with the corner tenement in the parish of St. Martin's,
at the Pallace in Norwich, at 21, he paying out £200 by £20 a year,
viz. £100 to my daughter Elizabeth Alleu, £20 a year into the
hands of my supervisor, with the consent of my son Thomas, to be
put out for her advantage till she be 20, and the other £100 likewise
for my daughter Elizabeth. To my son John Allen at 22 and his
heir9 all my messuage, etc., which was late Edmund Shipdem's, ex-
cepting only the warehouse in the occupation of Thomas Browne, ly-
ing at St. Martin's at the Pallace. To my son Isaack Allen and his
heirs all my messuage, etc., in Heveringham or any other town in
county Norfolk at 21, if my wife shall be deceased; otherwise im-
mediately after the decease of my wife. To Rebecca Davy £200
which I am bound to pay unto William Davy for the said Rebecca.
To Jane my daughter, the now wife unto John Knight, £100.
Whereas my wife is to enjoy all my lands in Heveringham for life,
she keeping them in good repair, so it is that if she dislike so to en-
joy her joynture, then she shall have £200. My wife Mary to have
a chamber full furnished. To the poore, etc. To my cousin
Mary foods 20s. To my cousin Mathew Dextre 4€s. Supervisors:
John Newcome, John Allen, atturney, and Thomas Lowge, worsted
weaver. Witnesses : John Alien, Richard Akers, Edward White-
head. St. John, 105.

Edmund Allen of Ipswich, Suffolk, haberdasher. Will 20 May
1631; proved 5 October 1631. To wife Anne messuage I dwell in
with appurtenances for life if she dwell there so long. Remainder
to son John Allen and his heirs. To said wife all her apparell, etc.,
all my plate, etc., all my wares and goods not disposed of to be sold
for payment of debts. To daughters Anne and Elizabeth £500 each
when 18. If one die, then to the other. If both die, then £50 to

1692 Waters' Gleanings Aleyn

Pedencannell Allen my brother, £50 to Samuell Allen and his heirs,
and to Barierell Allen, Jude Allen, and Nehemiah Allen, my brothers,
and Anne Hudson my sister, £50 each within three years after death
of said two daughters and remainder to wife. Wife to hold for life
all my lands in Booking and elsewhere in Essex and in Baelsam,
county Suffolk, and remainder after her death to said son John I
have divers part of Shippinge and dyvers somes of money owing to
me, my executors and overseers within two years to lay out £2900
in purchasing lands for wife for life and after to son John. In de-
fault to daughters equally, in default to Edmund Allen my brother
Samuell Allen's son. Wife to bring up my son at school and then
at the universitie and allow him maintenance till 21. If wife with
child, £500 when 21. George Raymond owes me by bond £50.

To Israel Exton p monies due in partnership while I was

partner with Mr. Algate. To Mr. John Burrell, Mr. Thomas Scott,

clarke, Mr. Samuell Warde, Mr. K minister of the Tower

parish. Books to the parish library in Ipswich. £5-10 for com-
munion cupp for parish I dwell in. Executors : wife and Mr. John
Hawys, and to Mr. John Hawys 20 marks and gowne which I made
when I was chamberlaine. Residue to wife, to enter into bond to Mr.
Thomas Scott for said £2000 ; if not, then Mr. Humfrey Foxe to be
executor. To his wife 20s. for a ring. To Thomas Hopkins, Mr.
William Cage, cipres desk which was my wives uncle's. Appren-
tice Jacob Coley to be made free of London and Ipswich. Over-
seers : Thomas Scott and Robert Hamby of Ipswich, gent. Ser-
vants, etc. Witnesses : Thomas Hopkins, Robert Hamby, Henry
Buckingham, Nehemiah Allen. St. John, 111.

Alice Allen, 1634 (Seager, 19). See Waters' Gleanings, page

Thomas Aleyn, 1635 (Sadler, 42). See Waters' Gleanings, page
1422. air


Jane Aleyn, of Birchanger, Essex, widow, late wife of Thomas
Aleyn in Braughin, county Herts, gent. Will 18 March 1634/35 ;
proved 11 November, 1635. To be buried in Braughin chauncell by
my late husband. To my grandchild Aleyn Reade £20 at 18. To
grandchildren Anne Reade, Jane Reade, and Elizabeth Read £40 at
18 or marriage. All and singular which said household stuff, plate,
and Jewells before bequeathed, my will is that my daughter Anne

Allen Waters' Gleanings 1693

Hondo shall have tho use thereof till the said times, dayes, or ages of
mj T said grandchildren. To my said daughter Anno Reade all my
wearing apparell, etc. To my nephew Francis Alleyn of Hameltes
40s. To the poor of Birchanger 40s. Residuary legatee: my
daughter Anne Reade. Executor : my uephew Mr. Robert Bro-
grave. Witnesses: Richard Payne, Mathew Graye. Sadler, III.

.Tames Allen of Sudbury, county Suffolk, clerk. Will 20 March
1635/6; proved 24 May 1636. To my two daughters Elizabeth
Allen and Rebecca Allen £20 apiece and a feather bed at 18 or day
of marriage. Residuary legatee and executrix : Rebecca my wife.

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