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Supervisors : friends Vincent Cocke, Anthony Grome of Sudbury,
clothiers. Witnesses: Vincent Cocke and William Magrant. Mr.
Jacob Allin did 21 March 1635 freely give to Elizabeth his daughter
one whole book of Martyrs and Peter Martyrs Comon places and
Mr. Calvin's institution and his study bible, etc., and to Rebecca his
daughter two books containing the book of Martyrs and Babington's
works and Ursmus Catichisme and one bible, etc. Witnesses : Vin-
cent Cocke and William Magrant. Pile, 5.7.

Martha Allen, one of the daughters of Edward Allen late of
London, alderman, deceased. Will 12 May 1637; proved 13 July
1637. To be buried in the parish church of St. Mary Bowe, London,
near the body of my father. To my father in law Baron Trevor £50.
To my most dear mother the Lady Trevor £300. To my sister
Probie all my rings, etc. To my cousin Thomas Proby £300 and to
Elizabeth Proby £200. To my brother Thomas Allen, Esq., £100
and to my sister his wife £10. To my sister Elizabeth £50 and to
my sister Marie Lumley £50. To my goddaughter Martha Pointell
£50 and to the rest of my cousins children of my late uncle Edmund
Pointell deceased 40 marks apiece. To my aunt Pointell £5. To
my aunt Bridgett Shetterden £10 and to her children my cousins £150
amongst them. To my uncle Shetterden £5. To my cousin John
Wardall £50 and to my cousin his wife £5. To my brother Thomas
Trevor £10 and to my sister his wife £5. To my aunt Pye, my uncle
Williams, my uncle Lanckton, and to every one of their several
children, my cousins, 40s. apiece. To my cousin Jane Delavall and
Barbara Parsons £3 apiece. Unto these my friends I give £3 apiece :
ray cousin Anthony Barber, M ris Jackson, M ris Barwick, M ris Wigge,
my cousin Wheeler, M lis Whitinge, M ris Coppes, my cousin Robinson,
and M ris Margetts. To my nurse Coates 40s. To Dr. Roberts £5.

1694 Waters' Gleanings Allen

To my cousin Mary Hicks 40s. To Mr. Leech, parson of Bowe,
Mr. Palmer, parson of St. Bride's, and Mr. Page, curate of Enfield,
£5 apiece. Money to the poor and to my servants. To my brother
in law Henneage Proby, Esq., £100. Residuary legatee and execu-
trix : my said sister Ellen Proby, and if she survive her husband,
then £800 of the £1000 shall be to her own use, but if she die before
her husband, then the said £800 to go to her children and I desire my
brother Henneage Proby to perform the same. Witnesses : Elnor
Wheeler, Katharine Whiting, Richard Halfhide. Goare, 109.

Sir Edward Aletn, 1638 (Lee, 125). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 1423.

Allen, 1642. See Jeggles (Daniel), Southold, merchant. Nich-
olas Allen. Arch. Suffolk, file 1642, No. 129.

Allen, 1646. See Cole (Edward) of Bentley, yeoman. Grand-
child Edward Allen. Son in law Edward Allen and Elizabeth his
wife. Arch. Suffolk, file 1645, No. 41.

Thomas Allen, 1647 (Fines, 30). See Waters' Gleanings, page

Allen, 1647. See Barton (John). Sister Anne Allen's children.

Fines, 200.

William Allen, 1648 (Essex, 63). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 601.

Elizabeth Aleyne, 1652 (Bowyer, 52). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 1425.

Richard Alltn, 1652 (Bowyer, 108). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 1212.

Allen, 1653. See Lee (Richard) of Kent. Frances Allein. John
Allein. Brent, 116.

James Allen, 1057 (Wootton, 36). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 600.

Richard Alltn, 1662 (Laud, 78). See Waters' Gleanings, page

Allen, 1663. See Williams (Amy) of London, widow. Cozen
Mathew Allen. Bruce, 9.

James Allen of Barnstable, Devon. Will 15 April 1670 ; proved
4 October 1673. To Mother Mary Allen of Barnstable all lands and

Alye Waters' Gleanings 1695

goods for life, then to my sister Rebeccah Allen. To be buried by
Mr. Thomas Greene of Newrv and Mr. Ralph Truman, overseers.
To servants of Mr. Smith's home. To John Bambers' servant. To
Jeremiah Greene. Witnesses : Richard Orson and William
Woolier. Pye, 119.

Thomas Allen late of City of Norwich, widower. Administra-
tion 27 October 1673 to son Thomas Allen.

Admon. Act Book, 1673.

John Allen, 1674 (Dycer, 2) See Virginia Historical Magazine,
Vol. 10, page 407.

Allen, 1674. See Sharpey (Joshuah) of Marden, Kent. Wife's
children William Allen and James Allen. Dycer, 131.

Thomas Allen, S. T. P., late Rector of Stanford le Hope in
county Essex, deceased. Administration 27 March 1677/8 to relict
Joanna Allen. Admon. Act. Book, 1678, folio 31.

Josiah Alleine, late in New England, bachelor, deceased. Ad-
ministration 26 June 1678 to his brother Jonathan Allen.

Admon. Act Book, 1618.

Allen, 1684. See Sheafe (Mary) of Stepney, Middlesex, widow
Cozen Mary Allen daughter of Cousin AnneBorman. Hare, 105.

Christopher Alley of Fenny Stratford, yeoman. Will 7 April
1561 ; proved 6 June 1561. To be buried in churchyard of Blache-
ley. Eldest son Thomas Alley, son Richard at 21, youngest son
Arthur. Daughter Sysley Alley and daughter Dorothy Alley. Sister
Parke. Wife Joan. Christopher Palmer, lands in great Wicombe.

Arch. Bucks, register, 1561-63, folio 60.

John Alye of Gussage St. Andrew, diocese of Bristoll. Will 29
November 1579 ; proved 5 March 1579/80. To chappells of Gussage
St. Andrew and Henley. To daughter Margaret Manne. To servante
Alice Orcharde. To daughter's son William Fauntleroy, Henry
Fauntleroy, and John Fauntleroy. To Edith Crowche and Roger her
son at 16. To cozen Edmond Weare. To my sister's children. To
servant John Ashley and my son's servants. To cozen John Ryves
of Blandford. Rest to son Henry, executor. Witnesses: George
Squibb, Richard Cherriott, William Gilberte. Arundell, 9.

Waters' Gleanings Almonde

Allistree, 1628. See Dutton (Joane) of Isleworth, widow. Son

in law Richard Allistree and his wife my daughter Joane.

Swann, 31.

Allott, 1610. See Broughton (Thomas), Son in law Thomas
Allat. Wingiield, 104.

Dame Anne Allott of London, widow. Will 7 March 1615/6 ;
proved 10 January 1617/8. Daughter Thomazen wife of Mr.
William Quarles of London, mercer. Late husband Sir John
Allott. Daughter Martha Barret, widow. Her two sons Robert and
John Barret and her two daughters Martha and Thomazen (minors).
Daughter Margaret, wife of William Albany (late) of London, mer-
chant taylor. Son Edward Quarles of London, haberdasher. Daughter
Alice his wife, her six daughters. Her six sons John, Edward, Paul,
Henry, George, and William, junior. Daughter Lady Anne Gibson,
wife of Sir John Gibson, Knt. Sons John Allott and Richard Allott,
Daughter Anne wife of Nicholas Cotson. Daughter Mary Fountain,
widow. Cozen Thomazen Field's son. Son Robert Mellish, execu-
tor. Codicils 6 December 1616, 23 September 1617, and 8 July 1617.

Meade, 3.

Allott, 1626. See Mellish (Robert), Sandersted, Surrey. Mother
Lady Anne Allott, deceased. Brother John Allott. Skynner, 27.

Allott, 1654. See Ball (Anne). Daughter Margaret Allott.

Alchin, 46.

Almert, 1699. See Woulde (Edward), Waltham Holy Cross,
gent. Katharine Almery. Kidd, 32.

Anne Almon of Woodham Mortimer, Essex, widow. Will 9
February 1609/10. Daughter Margaret Smythe. Raphe Smyth,
son of John Smythe, deceased. My cousin Raphe Coker. Said
Raphe Smythe at 18. John Howbson of Maldou, smith.

Com. London, Essex and Herts, 1610.

Alice Almonde of City of Oxon, widow. Will 29 August 1605 ;
proved 25 October 1610. To be buried iu St. Mary's church. To
Daughter Ursula, her two children Zacharie and Richard Johnson. To
son Thomas's four children. To sonne James' child. To daughter
Alice's children. To Johan Almonde an Iresh pyed Rugge, etc.
To sonne Thomas lease of house and also of garden held of Exeter
Colledge. To Princypall and Schollers of Brassenose colledge for
dynuer at funeral 40s. Sonne Richard Almonde executor. Over-

Allsop Waters' Gleanings


seers: Cozen Roger Almoude and Mr. William Potter. Witnesses:
Mr. William Potter and Samuell Cockran. Wingfield, 86.

Christopher Allmet of South Killworth, Leicester, gent. Will
2 October 1624 ; proved 29 October 1624. Daughter Mary Allmey.
Edward Hodin of Rugby and William Almey of Bitwell, my breth-
ren. Son William Allmey (only son). John Paule of Little Ashbv,
my son in law, and his children, William, Christopher, and Richard
Paule. Daughter Joane Paule. Bt/rcle, 89.

Ai.mv, 1628. See Muston (Thomas) of Wigston, Leicestershire.
Cozen Christopher Almy. Barrington, 48.

William Almey of Odson, Leicestershire. Will 20 July 1660;
proved 6 October 1660. Sous William and Thomas. My four
brothers and two sisters. To daughter Anne Allmye 60 at 21. To
sonne Thomas Almye, daughter Susanne Almye, and son William
Almye ditto. If all the children die, then to my four brethren and
two sisters. Debts due from Richard Bell of Dunton-basset, Baker,
Thomas Chapman, Richard Thorne, Moses Hare, and Samuel
Browne. Executor : Robert Aldredge. Witnesses : Peter Simkin,
Ralph Jacke, Christopher Clarke. Nabbs, 174.

Thomas Alsopp, citizen and goldsmith of London. Will 27 March
1607; proved 13 May 1607. To be buried in St. Michaells in the
Querne. To wife Anne, executrix, freelands etc. ; then to daughter
Ann Jellibrande. Cozen William Alsopp of Berrie. Cosen .John
Mellers, Son in law Henry Jellibrand. Cosen John Melleis. To
cosen Robert Johnson tenement in occupation of John Cox. Cosens
Edith Ellis and Christopher Wayte. To Ann Draper. To Mr.
William Arundell, goldsmith, and his wife. Mrs.- Leedham, Mrs.
Hawley. To the company of Goldsmiths. Servants John Thorpe
and William Bence. Joane Kyllparke, Marke Ungham. Witness:
Christopher Wayte. Hudlenton, 46.

Alsop, 1609. See Cliff e (John). Daughter's child Anne Alsop.
Son Alsop. Daughter Helen Alsop. Dorset, 83.

Adam Allsop of St. Martins Ludgate, citizen and vintner. Will
12 November 1637 ; proved 27 April 1638. Sister Amey Allsopp
at day of marriage. Wife Menseire Allsopp. Brother John All-
sopp. Uncle John Allsopp. Sister Margaret Waterfall. Brother
Robert Gill's son Thomas. Brother Robert Gill's other son Robert.


Waters' Gleanings


Servant John Lee. Mother in law Mrs. Mandevill. Uncles Mr.
Robert Hickes and Mr. Thomas Hicks. Brother Edward -Lee and
my sister Lee. Sister Elizabeth Graves. Brother Gibbons. John
Leigh, a witness. Sentence follows, 27 April 1638. Menseir All-
sopp, widow. Lee, 48.

John Allsopp, 1646 (Fines, 34). See Waters' Gleanings, page

Timothy Alsop, 1664 (Bruce, 94). See Waters' Gleanings, page

Josias Alsop, 1666 (Mico 139). See Waters' Gleanings, page 126.

Edward Alston, Newton, Suffolk, yeoman. Will 10 January
1591/2 ; proved 26 May 1593. To be buried in Newton. Eldest
sonne William Alston to pay to my now wife Christian rent charge of
£5 oute of my manner of Sayham Hall as by marriage settlement in
place of dower. To youngest sonne Thomas Alston parcell of
Marche Crofte, Cottage occupied by Emme Harkewood widowe my
mansion House Burchetts and other lands in Newton, owners of "Bur-
chetts" to pay 10s yearly to poore for ever. To sonne Thomas also
Inne called the "Crowne" and other messuages in Sudburye in ten-
ure sof Thomas Foxe and John Godfrye, and Thomas, to have unmo-
lested by William all lands in Suffolk and Essex conveyed to him.
To sd son William Alstone "Startoppes" close in Boxforde Suffolk,
paying to four of children of sonne Thomas Alstone borne of bodye
of his first wyfe £60 viz Alice Alstone £20, and Thomas, Edward,
and Elizabeth Alstone £10 each paid at 18 years of age etc. etc. etc.
etc. To sonne Thomas Alstone residue of lands not limited to sonne
William. To my daughter Alice Kinge 40s and to her Daughter
Elizabeth Skott 5s. To some time servante William Cockerell 6
busshelles of Rye or mislyn of measure commonly called Sudburye
measure. To servants a seame of barlye ditto. To poore of County
of Suffolk 20 Busshells of rye or mystlyu To poore of Newton Ed-
wardstone, S l Peter in Sudburye, S l Gregoryes Sudburye 20s each and
Assington, greate Horkesley, Boxforde, greateWaldingfeild and Little
waldingfeild 10s each. Executor: youngest sonne Thomas Alstone.
All plate jewels debts and residue of estate to executor. Witnesses :
Edmond Waldegrave, John Skynuer, Thomas Gosse, Richard Skyn-
ner, Thomas Alstone Jun. Newell, 44.

Edwaho Alston. Citizen and Iremonger, Christs Churche neare

Alston Waters' Gleanings 1699

Newgate, London. Will 19 December 1601 ; proved 9 February
1G01/2. According to custom of cittie of London goods in three parts,
one to wief Elenor, one to daughter Joyce and such child as wief
goeth with, each at 21, and third part for legacies viz To father
Richard Alstone £22 he oweth he paying £20 to my systers children
at his discretion. To brother Robert Alston debt he oweth. To
Cosen James Alston and his wief Joyce gould ringes of 20s. To
Coseu William Alston ditto of 10s. To uncle Thomas Mydletou and
Auute his wief, vncle Frauncis Pember and his wief, Father in lawe
Walter Wordell and his wief ditto of 20s. To vncle Devereux Pem-
ber ditto 10s. To Leonard Crosse Dyer best suite (being silck gro-
graine) to his wiffe 5s for a ringe and his two daughters £10 each at
21 or marriage. To neighbour William Compton Apothecary a good
paire of newe worsted stockinges. To my vncle Wade and my Aunte
his wief ringes of 10s. Rest to wief executrix. Overseers : Frances
Pember, James Alston, Thomas Middleton. Witnesses: James Aws-
tell, Thomas Midleton, Edmunde Perkins, Roger Harris notarye pub-
lique. Montague, 22.

Samuel Alston, Newton, Suffolk, gent. Will 22 April 1631 ;
proved 19 May 1631. To wife Rose capitall messuage called
Deanes, etc. and four acres adjoining to brother Edmondes orchard
and the Walke lately fenced in leading towards Newton church, ex-
cept great Barne, chaufehouse, and stable next to Chafehouse and
Doges kennell yard to be enjoyed by Edmund, etc. Also to wife
Rose best bedstead in messuage called Rogers in Newton, field bed-
stead, silver plate, etc. etc. Also £100 annuities in lieu of dower
out of freehold and copiehold in Newton, great Cornard, little Cor-
nard, and Sudburie, and "Groomes" and ''Turrells" in Edwardston,
Suffolk, in occupation of Thomas Martyn and Alexander Rowlett etc.
etc. To brother William Alston of Water Belchamp, Essex, lease of
Rectorie, parsonage, or priory of Edwardston, Suffolk, also Rectorie
of Little Waldingfield, Suffolk, fermeholds in Great Waldingfield,
Milden etc. till death of wife Rose or my sister Susan Witherell,
paying rents to the King and Bishop of Ely, etc., said brother Will-
iam to give bond or else to brother Edmund. To sister Dorothy
Edwards £100. To sister Witherell piece of gold. To brother Ed-
mund Alston and Margarett his wife 20s. each. To Dr. Alston his
sonne 40s. and his sonne Thomas Alston £10. To his son Abraham
Alston £5, and to Penning Alston, Joseph Alston, and Elizabeth Al-


Waters' Gleanings Alston

ston, three other children of said Edmund Alston, 40s each. To kins-
man Thomas Alston eldest sonne of my eldest brother Thomas Alston
who died at Edwardston £10 annuitie during lease of Edwardston
etc., and to his brother John Alston £3 and to daughters of said
brother Thomas Alston 40s. each. To my father in law Thomas
Gardiner of Shimpling £5 to buy a nagge to ride on. To Robert
Gardiner his sonne and Elizabeth Gardiner his daughter 40s. each
for rings. To my brother Henry Harrington and Marie his wife and
Mary Harrington my kinswoman ditto. To Susan Alston daughter
of brother William Alston aforesaid 40s., and William's other chil-
dren 20s each. To children of sister Manns 20s. each. To children
of brother Edmund Alston 40s. each. To my very good friend Mr.
Quarles minister of Newton £5. To kinsman Richard Skynner of
Sudburie gent. £3, and to his wife Margarett 40s and to their son
Richard Skynner my godson a piece of plate of £3. To servants
John White, Alice Godfrey, Dorothy White, John Lamb, William
Crane, Nicholas Galleon, Samuell Upcher, and Robert Janninges
various sums. To poore of Newton 40s, of Little Waldingfield 20s.
To my brother and executor Edmund Alston "Grooms" and "Tur-
rells" during lease and freeholds in Newton, Greate Cornard, Little
Cornard, and Sudburie, except "Deanes" to godson Samuel Alston
one of sonnes of Edmond to hold in as ample manner as my late
brother Abraham Alston held it by virtue of will of my late father
Thomas Alston if said Samuel behave in dutifull manner to said
Edward (sic) Alston his father and his mother, or else to remain to
his eldest brother Edmund Alston. To brother Edmund Alston also
two tenements, croft of land, and peice of wood called Lyes Grove,
some tyme Robert Cookes in Newton for life, then to Samuel. Also
to brother Edmond all ready money, corne, goods, and debts ow-
ing in my own right or as executor of wills of Thomas Alston and
Susan Alston my father and mother and Isaack Alston and Abraham
Alston my brothers, to pay legacies etc. etc. Executor to allow £5
yearly for schooling of Thomas Curd son of my sister Amy Curd,
and at 15 to apprentice him with consent of my wife his father and
mother and my executor for which £20, and at end of term or at 24
£10 to set him up in trade etc. To sister Susan Mann wife of
Thomas Mann annuitie of £10 etc. To sister Amy Curd ditto. To
nephew Thomas Alston of Cambridge, son of Thomas Alston of
Assington my brother of the whole blood deceased £10 yearly dur-
ing lease of Edwardston. Legacies of £20 per annum left by will

Alston WATERS' Gleanings 1701

of brother Isaac Alston to brother Edmund Alston to issue out of

Edwardston to be released by Edmund to brother William Alston,

Edmund having been dealt with so liberally by me etc. To Abraham

Alston mv godsonne sonne of Abraham Alston of Sudburie gent £5

at 21. Executor: brother Edmund Alston. Supervisor: Richard

Skynner, gent. Witnesses: Joseph Mann, Thomas Alston, Richard

Skynner, Robert Salmon. St. John, 48.

[Compare with Talcot and Skinner wills, Waters' Gleanings, pp. 1125,
1205.— E. P.]

William Alston, the elder, Seymehall, parish of Newton, Suffolk,
gentleman. Will 14 July 1632 ; proved 17*February 1633/4. To
poore of Newton 40s. To sonne Tobias Alston messuage called
"Mounkyns" and other lands sometime in occupation of John Smith
the younger in Newton and great Cornard, with remainder to my
sonnes Beniamin, Jonas, and Joseph Alston. Having settled my
Manor capitall Messuage or Tenement and Ferme "Seymehall" other-
wise Saynehall with all messuages, dovehouse barnes, stables, or-
chards etc in Newton Seyme, Boxford Edwardston, Groten. Assing-
ton, Chilton and little Cornard upon sonne Joseph Alston with free
likeing and love of Anne nowe my wife, leaving Anne her right of
dower etc., etc. Also settled on Joseph messuage where Henry
Otley dwelleth in Edwardston ; also cottage and watermill in Boxford

and Edwardston in occupation of Mott widoweetc. etc. To pay

debts and legacies to my sons Jonas, Jacob and Tobias, son Beniamin
being provided for, now said messuage "Harriotts" and watermill
lands in lieu of legacies to Joseph in will of my father William Alston
gent, deceased. Having also granted to Joseph close called Pynck-
ney or Pynckey Corner in Bullmer and 25 of June last enfeoffed two
messuages in Bullmer and cottage late Elizabeth Swifts in Bulmer,
I ratify same etc. To sonne Jonas Alston £300 at 24. To sonne
Jacob Alston ditto. To sonne Tobias Alston £100 ditto. All to
give acquittance of legacies in will of their grandfather William Als-
ton to themselves or their brothers and sisters. To sonne Beniamin
£5. To daughter Margery wife of Francis Coleman gent, ditto. To
daughter Elizabeth Chaplin ditto. To sonne Joseph bed etc. Rest
of household stuff, plate, etc. to wife Anne for life, then to Joseph,
Jonas, Jacob and Tobias. Residue of estate to sonne Joseph Alston.
To sonnes William, Raphe, Edward and Thomas (by my first wife;
all sufficiently advanced 10s each for rings. To Daughters Anne,

1702 Waters' Gleanings Altham

Tracye, ditto. Codicil 3 December 1632. If I and wife Anne his
mother die before sonne Tobias is 24 then executor to pay £6 a year
for maintenance. Seayer, 13.

Ann Alston of Moulton, Suffolk, widow. Will 16 May 1645;
proved 30 April 1661. To be buried in Gasely near father and
mother. To eldest son Joseph Alston my Bible and 20s. To son
Jonas messuage etc. with remainder to grandchildren Paul Tracy,
James Tracy, and Sarah Tracy. Daughter Anne Tracy now wife
of John Tracy the younger gent, apparel etc. Brother Philip Newce-
Brother Robert Newce. Sister Johan Sims. Sister Elizabeth Miller.
Anne Beadle, my sister's daughter. Niece Mary Hayward, wife of
John Hayward. Sister's son William Lewin. Philip, son of brother
Robert Newce. To sonne Jonas messuage in Boxsted in tenure of
Thomas Butcher, executor, son Jonas. If Jonas refuse then brother
Robert Newce and son in law John Tracy. Witnesses : Thomas
Wates. Philip Morse. May, 54.

Alston, 1697. See Crewe (Thomas), Baron of Steane. Daugh-
ter Temperance, wife of Sir Rowland Alston. Grandson Thomas
Alston. Pyne, 279.

Elizaueth Altham, widow, Latton, Essex. Will 20 September
; proved 10 January 1621/2. To sonn Emanuell Altham £100

etc. To Daughter Hawtrey dyamonds etc. Son John Hawtrey 40s.
To daughter Ladie Altham of Oates silver casting hottell that hang-
eth in my Chamber, and to my [grand] daughter Jone her daughter
my wedding ring. To daughter Ladie Altham of Markhall table
Diamond. To sister Robertes piece of old gold. To neice Ladie
Glover ringes that were my grandmother's. To Aunt Woolley silver
Magdalen Cupp. To daughter Banckes and her husband rings. To
M ris Marie Leventhorpp my god daughter my ring that was my
nephew Franklins gift to me. To daughter Altham of Markhall and
daughter Hawtrey all that is in mycabonett etc. To M v Donne min-
ister of Latton 40. s. To Seth Haggar my servant £3. To Edward
Stoles my servant 40s. To the poorof Latton. 40s; of Harlow ditto.
My executor to bestow mourning on the following: mv daughter
Hawtrey and her husband and women, my son Bancks and his wife,
my son John Hawtrey, my sister Roberts and one man, my aunt
Woolley, my executor and his wife etc., my son Emanuell Altham
and M ris Avis Beckingham if she be my servant and to so many of

Alven Waters' Gleanings 1703

my executor's children as are with me. Residuary legatee and exe
cutor: my son Sir Edward Altham Knight. Witnesses not named.

S 'civile, 5.

Emanukll Altham, bound to East Indies. Will 23 November
1630; proved 20 November 1638. No witnesses named. To
Cosen Raphe Hawtrey, wollen Draper £40. To Emanuell Altham
and John Altham, sons of brother Sir Edward Altham, executor, all
estate " but first I would have fortie shillinges bee paied to one M ,is
Thomson in Newe Englande which I doe of conscience owe to her
although she knoweth it not." Administration to brother's son John
Altham, executor, Sir Edward Altham being deceased. Lee, 164.

Thomas Alvkn of Pitmister, Somerset, yeoman. Will 14 October
1608; proved 7 January 1608/9. To poore of Pitmister 10s; of
Mochelney 6s. 8d. To daughter Mary Alven £80 at 21. To sons
Henry Alven and John Alven £200 each at 21. To Richard Scadden'
Robert Booby, Johane Buncombe and Mary Frye 3s 4d each. To
sonue Thomas Alven best feather bed with best Bedstead and the
performe belonging vnto yt and the wringe the great vates and the
stoneinge troughe. To sonnes Richard nnd Thomas all plough stuff
etc. To Richard bedding at Mochelney etc. To sister Johane Balch
one Spurre Royal conteyninge 15s. To Peter Hole, William Deacon,
Hughe Thorne and two brothers in law George Balch and Richard
Babb 2s. each Executrix: wife Ellianor. Witnesses: William
Deacon, George Balche, Peter Hole, Hughe Thorne, Richard Babb.

Dorset, 5.

Alvy, 1638. See Archdale (Richard). Brother inlaw Mr. Arthur
Alvy. Lee, 120.

Alwey, 1577. See Adames (Richard) clerk. Harry Alwaye.

Langley, 11.

John Alwaye, Sharpenhoe, parish of Stretly, Bedfordshire, gentle-
man. Will 26 May 1576 ; proved 12 May 1579. To be buried in
Stretly church. To reparation of church, and for my being there 20s.
To Mr. Eame, vicar, for a Sermon at buriall 10s. To the poore of
Stretley, Barton, Sundon, Harlington, and Pulloxhill. To godchil-
dren. To Robert Meade of Sharpenhoe, Ellen of Barton, John

Hide, Nicholas Grindall, Margaret Hurste, and Olyver Markebyn
6s 8d each. To former maydes Margarett Jefferye and Elizabeth

1704 Waters' Gleanings Alwaye

Manbye. To servants Thomas Tayer, Nicholas Groome, and Jerome
Corbye. To my boy John Squire. To sometime servante Roberte
Parker. To maydes Johan Younge, Elizabeth Louedaye, and Eliza-
beth Parsons. To my boy Thomas Hide. To wife's children, viz.

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