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Jane, Elizabethe, Marye, Roger, Rafe, Thomas, and Willyam Wyngate
£10 each, except to Mary £20, because she had no legacy from her
father. To sister in law Margaret Squire 20s. To said Jane Win-
gate my newe Table Carpett of Turkey worke that she made after
decease of her mother, and if she doe die without children, to her sis-
ter Mary Wingate. To said Jane a Ringe of gould which was M ris
Hyntons and to Elizabeth Wingate her sister a hoope of gould 1 had
of Mr. Francis Barlie, both in wief 's keeping, in place of which I give
her a hoope of golde which I weare. To Mary Wingate the hoope of
golde that was Katherine Wingate's. To Henrye Alwaye of Grayes
Ynne, Middlesex, gentleman, all debts John Earle of St. Albones
owes me. To sonne John Alway, after decease of wife, Siluer Boll,
and new siluer salte guilt with the couer whereon is my Cognizance,
silke Cusshions of Nedle worke, etc., and also my Broche of goulde,
my Ringe of goulde with Letters E and M at 21. To sonne Rafe
Alwaye at 21 rings, silver etc. Also to Rafe at 21, because his lands
is not as much yearly as his brother Richard's, £20. To sonne Rich-
ard Alwaye at 21 silver etc. If all sonues die, then one third to wief
Mary, one third to her three daughters, and one third to Henry Al-
waye. To said Henry Alwaye a ringe of goulde with a blewe stone.
To Mr. Savile a little hoope of golde. To little Rafe Wingate and
Margery his sister each a siluer spoone with a round knob at the ende
guilded to be delivered at wief's decretion. Henrye Alwaye to receive
for twentie years profits of house and land in Kimpton, Herts ("Stone-
hippes" etc.) except the standing Trees. Whereas I am seised in fee
of mannor of Canons alias Holmes in Shenley, Herts, with unexpired
lease to Edward Wingate and John Belfeilde, gent., made 21 October
1 st Elizabeth for sixty yeares, and whereas by Lawes of this Realme
I am enabled to devise by will my Two partes being holden in chief
of the Queene, my will therefore nowe is the thirde parte shalbe to
sonne John Alwaye and the other Two partes to wief Mary duringe
minoritieof John, and if John die during minoritie of next heire etc.,
remainder to sonnes Rafe and Richard, and then to said Henrye Al-
waye, then to heirs of wief Mary. Lands in fee in Ayott St. Law-
rence, and Ayott Mount Phichett, Herts, ditto Will to be proved
in Tharches in London in Archbishopps Courte and to be registered.


Waters' Gleanings


Rest to wife Mary, executrix. Overseers: Edward Wingate, gent,
Clerke of the clieckeof the Queen's garde, my Brother Belfeilde, and

George Wingate, gent. Whereas one Alice Conwey<\ wief of

Conweye of Kimpton. Herts, smytbe, pretends to have a lease of
" Stonehippes " to be begun after my death, I protest no such lease
ever made by me. Witnesses: Henry Alwaye, John Alway. Post-
scriptum 29 .June 1578. Revoke bequests to Nicholas Groome and
Johan Yonge nowc his wief, having acted like a master at their mar-
riage. To sonnes Rafe and Richard my interest in the Inne called
the "Crowue" in little Buckhill, Rucks, by reason of a Statute Staple
of £400 made unto me, revoking for this the £20 to Rafe, but if sonn
Richard do goe about to defeat lease of " Angell " at Dunstable to
Robert Barber als Grigge the gift to be whollv to Rafe. Sonne John
Alwaye to have for his exhibition at Cambridge 20 marks yearly, and
afterleaving Cambridge for his Exhibition at the Inns of Courte £'20
yearly till 21 ; sonnes Rafe and Richard to be kept at their Books till
tit to goe to Cambridge, then to have £12 yearly each, then 20 marks
each at Inns of Court till 21 etc., etc. Witnesses : Nicholas Groome,
Thomas Tayre, Henry Alwey. Bakon, 18.

Richard Alwey of Sharpeuhoe in the parish of Streatley in the
county of Bedford, gentleman. Will 19 February 1610/11 ; proved
19 June 1612. To be buried in the church of Streatley near the body
of my dear mother. To my well beloved niece Mary Burwell my
manor of Dameseares als Kensworth in the counties of Hertford and
Bedford and lands and tenements etc. in Kensworth, Dunstable
and Houghton Regis, to hold for life ; but if it shall happen that my
brother Raph Alwey should die without yssue male, then I give all my
lands, tenements, etc. above named unto my said niece Mary Burwell.
To my dear sister in law, the late wife of my brother Thomas Wingatt
all goods in Streatlie except in house. To ditto and to neece Mary
Burwell and to daughters of brother Raph Alway all lynnen plate etc.
in house. To said Sister Wingate half acre of woodes everie yeare out
of Barton wood for lvfe. To servant John Mathewe lease of house
called Braies in Barton in the Claye. To sister Mary wife of William
Whitebread £100. To Henrye Astrie Esq. £20. To Wm. Punter of
Westoninge, Beds, £14. To William Duncumbe of ditto £5. To Henry
Williams of Streatly £20. To John Tare, ditto, £10. To servant
Thomas Jhonson ditto. To William Annett£3. To John Spiggen£3. To
(uialtor Rickett £3. To Nicholas Smith 20s. To servant Elizabeth


Waters' Gleanings


Rickett £4. To Hellionour Sparke £3. To Robt. Norton gentleman
£4. To cozen Wm. Norton of Sharpenlioe £3 6s. 8d. To Agnes
Burr 10s. for ringe. To Elizabeth Meade wife of Richard Meade
20s. To Henry Williams and John Tare and assigns 20s. yearly out
of lands forever for poor of Streatlie and Sharpenhoe. To William
Cobb of Colman streete in London £20. To Cozen Edward Burwell
£40. To Jane Burwell £30. To neeces Faith and Hester Burwell
£10 each. To neece Dorothie Whitbread £20. To welbeloved frend
Francis Rollenson £10. To Brothers Roger and Raph Wingate and
wives. Cozen Dyonice Norton and Thomas Begg of Sondon rings.
To seven poore cottagers 10s. To my deare mother yearly for life
three score gallons of wine of her owne choice and ringe of 40s. To
my cousin Edward Wingatt and his wife rings. To Alice Hill the wife
of Richard Hill of Todington and Jane Hill his daughter 40s. each.
Rest to brother Raphe Alway executor. To John Fox vicar of Streatlie
40s. To William Hill, Thomas Allen of Barton in the Claie, William
Bigg brother to Thomas, Mr. Fulke Parson of Barton and his wife
and George Butler rings. Witnesses : Charles Pierse, Robert Morton.

Fenner, 55.

Ralph Alwey of Westerning, Bedfordshire, gent. Will 11) March
1611/2; proved 24 May 1622. Manor of Shenley, Herts, purchased
by brother Richard Alwey, deceased, of Henry Astrie, Esq., and
Raufe Astrey, to descend to my heirs. To wife Dorothy lands in
Westerning in occupation of Henry Punter and Maldon, Bedfordshire,

in occupation of Tilscock, and Inne "the Bell" in Ampthil in

occupation of Raufe Saye, also lands in Luton in occupation of Rob-
ert Lowe and in Whipsnade in occupation of William Doggett and
Jerome Huntley. To kynnesmen William Bryarks, Richard Sandey,
clerke, and father in lawe John Vvedall, in trust, the mannor of Shar-
penhowe, parish of Streatley, after decease of my wife for my throe
daughters Mary, Anne, and Dorothie, and their issue, and in default
one half to wife Dorothie and her sisters Elizabeth and Mary Vuedall,
and other half to my sister Mary wife of William Whitebread, etc.
Wife Dorothie executrix. Witnesses: William Whitbread, William
Robertes, Edmund Crooche, Richaixl Mathie. Codicil 18 March
1621/2. Revokes remainders in will and bequeaths Luton land to
daughter Marye and Sharpenlioe rent charge to daughter Dorothie.
Witnesses: William Lorkey, Mariah Gladman, Dennys Whitbread.

Savile, 45.


Waters' Gleanings


Richard Alwky, L689 (Lee, 183). See Waters' Gleanings, page


Richard Ai.wood, 164-1 (Rivers, 54). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 679.

Anna Amblkr of London, widow and executrix of William Ambler,
citizen and haberdasher. Will 11 July 1693; proved 26 July 1693.
To be buried in Common Burying Place in Bunhill fields by late
husband Mr. William Ambler. To sonne Broockhaven Ambler one
half of lands, etc., in Kingsthorpe or elsewhere in county Northamp-
ton, but if he die before 21 to daughter Phebe Ambler. Other half
to sonne Demere Ambler, but if he die before 21 to my daughters
Anna, Abigail, and Elizabeth. To sonnes William and Aquilla
Ambler tenements in St. Alphage, London, adjoining " Fox and
Goose " Inne neare London Wall, and if either of them die before
21 then his moiety to my daughter Priscilla Ambler. To daughter
Phebe tenement (formerly two) in or neare Covent Garden in
parrish of St. Buttolph Aldgate, late in occupation of widow Hanfan,
but if Phebe die before 21 unmarried then to sonne Aquilla and
daughter Priscilla. To daughter Anna Ambler Pearle Necklace.
To second daughter Abigaill Diamond Ring. To third daughter
Elizabeth Lockett of Diamonds. To eldest son Ebenezer Ambler
piece of gold commonly called a Guinea, having already ample.
Rest to children Anna, Abigail, Elizabeth, William, Aquilla, Pris-
cilla, Broockhaven, Demere, and Phebe. Executors: Daughter Anna
Ambler and cousin Mrs. Elizabeth Burton. Witnesses : Walter
Cooper, Joshua Amery, Mary Hill, William Surflet. Coker, 104.

Ambrose. 1554. See Clarke (Walter). Walter Ambrose and
Elizabeth his wife. More, 3.

William Ambrose, 1638 (Lee, 79). See Waters' Gleanings, page

Cicely Ambrose, 1639 (Com. London, register 28, folio 67).
See Waters' Gleanings, page 738.

Peter Ambrose, 1653 (Brent, 394). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 739.

Sir Henry Amcottes Knight [Alderman of London]. Will 28 May
1554 ; proved 27 September 1554. To be buried in the parish church


Waters' Gleanings


of St Michall next Croked Lane in the fishmongers chapel tit the
north side of the aulter. To the parsonne of the same church 10s.
etc. etc. To my son in law Thomas Hewet a black gown and to
his wife another. To my brother Hamonde Amcotts a gowne and
to his wife another and £5. To my cousin John Amcotts a gowne
and to his wife another. To my cosen Hamond Amcotts my godson
£13. 6s. 8d. To my cosyn Humfrey Amcotts £10. To my cousen
Frenche of Canterbery £10. To her sister Johane which is married
in Essex £10. To my brother Alexander Amcotts in Lincolnshire
40s. To my cosyn Mathew Amcotts £13. 6s. 8d. To my cosyn
Geffery bowden £20. To my cosyn Smythe's wife of Cambringham
20s. To my cosyn Lusbe of Ayscrop 20s. To the children of my
cosyn Atkynson of Aystrope 30s. To the children of my cosyn
Sheffeld of Croxbye in Lincolnshire £6. To Alexander Compton £10.
To my cosyn Vyncent Amcotts £20. and a gowne and to his wife
another. I bequeath to Vyncents daughter Johane Amcotts £4. To
Richard Granger and to his wife a gowne. To all the children of
the said Richard Granger and his wife £10. To the performance
of the last will and testament of nfy late sister Harding £10. To
William Hatfield £4. To Thomas Hubberte £4. To Henryck Vansten
of Flushing £5. To the children of John Goldfynch deceased viz.
Henry, Richard, Thomas and Dorathe Goldfynche £40. To Henry
Goldfynche 40s. all to be paid at their several ages. Several be-
quests to the poor in London. To -one Brydges wife in Yorkshire
£13. 6s. 8d. To the poor of bedlam 3s. 4d. every week. To Henry
Sutton my godson 40s. To the children of Thomas Darbye £3.
To the wife of Humfrey Knight deceased a gowne. To the wife of
my late brother Auncell of Feversham. To the children of Thomas
Farror £6. To Geoff ery Ferrer son to the said Thomas 40s. To
Bryan Strevey and his wife a gowne each. To Joan Sykelmore and
his wife a gowne each and to his son Henry my godson 20s. To m r
William Hewet alderman and to his wife gowns. To Sir Henry
Hublethorne Knight and alderman and to my lady, his wife, gowns.
To Mr. Coper fishmonger a gowne. To Christofer Sheffeld my servant
t'4. To Charles Garleke my servant 20s. To Hugh Coly my servant
20s. To Katharine Clyfford my mayden a black gowne. To Agues
Sheffeld my servant £5. and to Agnes Hawys my servant 20s. To
Agnes Walle 30s. To Polarde's Wiefe's daughter that is maryed 20s.
To vidua Morys 20s. To Joane Ingelbye 10s. To vidua Lambert 10s.
To Agues Tynley wief of Robert Tynley sometime my mayde 26s. 8d.


To manage of thirty poo re maydens in Citieof Lyncolne £10. To re-
paying high waye8 betwene Rye and London 620. To poor of St.
Michel! Croked Lane £8. ToGompanyeof Fish monger for Recreation
£10. To deputie pf my wards and my bedle black gownes. To willett
sherman 20s. To god daughters Katheryne Brooks and Katheryn
Slater 20s. each. To poore of Citie of Lyncolne £20 to be distributed
by M* Docter Frende if lyvinge or else by Mayor and his brethren.
To mending high waye called bishopbrig beside Borton coniynge from
Gayncsboroughe to Lyncoln £20, by D r Prende. To my brother
Alexannder one of my wearing gownes. Ditto to sonne Thomas Hewet,
brothers Hamond Amcottes and Vincent Amcottes. To John
Fyndall of Grenwiche£6. 13s. 8d. All my Skarlett gownes and skarlet
clokes to be sold for poore. All lands in Surrey and Sussex to wief
Dame Johane for life then manor of Sheremerke with parke called
Iffelde in tenure of John Wasshford and John Swane to Henrie
Hewett sonne and heire to Thomas Hewett and my daughter Julyan
his deceased wief ; also to Hamonde Hewett another son ditto Tene-
ment Robert Saunders holdeth of £6. 8s yearly value ; also to William
Hewett another son ditto my manor of Stook of yerly value of £4 with
tenements held by Henry Hengear, Roger Vpton and Willyam
Rowley. Residue to wief Dame Julyan executrix. Overseers : Thomas
Hewet. Witnesses : John Wiseman, Johan Swyngfelde, Thomas
Pawle senior, George Wall Memorandum. If Dame Johane die be-
fore Henry Hamonde and Julyan Hewet are of age then their sister
Dyonis Hewet to have all rents till they come of age. Witnesses :
Dame Johane, Thomas Hewett.

Stephen Amys of Stratforth. Will 20 August 1492 ; proved 2
May ''year within written." (1493.) Wife Jone. Children. Holdcst
son John yt was my first wife's son and mine.

Arch. Suffolk, book 3, folio 150.

John Amys of Hyntylsham. Will 5 February 1519/20; proved
28 February 1519/20. Wife Jelyon. Son Thomas house, lands and
tenements in Hyntylsham, Sprowton, and Wasbroke. William
Cardinall. Arch. Suffolk, book 8, folio 109.

Robert Amys of Eston Bavent, mariner. Will 16 January 1540/1 ;
proved 30 March 1541. Wife Agnes and her daughter Johan
Magnus. Daughter Dorothy. Thomas Thomson, my son in law, all
my mease called Baker. Arch. Suffolk, book 13, folio 322.


Waters' Gleanings


William Amys of Washbrook, Suffolk. Will 16 February 1563/4 ;
proved 15 June 1565. To Johan my wife one annuitie of 40
marks during her life, also £200 out of my farm of the manor
of Great Belstede and my moveable goods etc. To Christopher
my son £100. To William my son £100 both at 21. If they
both die, the same to remain to John Amys my son aud his heirs
forever. To daughter Elizabeth £100 at 21 or marriage to re-
main to son John in case of her death. To Richard Withe one
cow etc. To John Ranting one cow. To Henry Ponyarde, John
Belcham, Gyles Durraut, Thomas Wekes, little Thome, John Bewers
viz : to each one combe of barley. To the poor mens box of Washbrook
10s. To the mens box of Chakam 10. s. of Cobdock 3s. 4d. find of
Burstall 3s. 4d. To son John my tenement wherein Dering doth now
dwell with all other lands both free and copy lying in Washbrook,
Wenham, Chattesham, Hintelesham and Copdock in county Suffolk
on condition the said John pay the annuitie aforesaid to Johan my
wife. To my son John all that my lease of the manor of Great Bel-
stede wherein I now dwell. Executor : John Amys my son. Overseers :
Henry Raynolds of Belsted Esq. Edward Bacon and Robt Donne
and to each 5 marks To all my god children called William 6.s. 8.d.
Witnesses : Robert Bowmer, Robert Monning, Oliver Cowper.

Morrison, 20.

Ames, 1617. See Putnam (Margaret) of Slapton, Bucks. Four
children of William Ames. Arch. Bucks, file 1617, No. 181.

Thomas Amks of Dovercourt, Essex, yeoman. Will 3 November
1624; proved 30 May 1624. Son Thomas Ames houses and lands
in Wex and Much Ockley and Harwich, but if die before 21 then to
kinsmen and kinswomen Thomas, Robert, Elizabeth, and Anne
Kelloge, my sister's children. Wife Bridget, executor. To son
Thomas £60 at 21. To master Inhouse 20s. To poore of Dover-
court 20s. Witnesses: William Burge, Thomas Kelloge, Wenethret
Raylan. and others. Clarke, 40.

Ames, 1631. See Beswicke (Alice) of London, widow. Mr.
Ames, parson, Horsmonden. Audley, 9.

Ames, 1638. See Rand (Mary) of Oxsted, Surrey. Cosen Joane
Fletcher late wife of Mr. Dr. Amyes. Harvey, 45.

Amks, 1641. See Grosse (Edmond) of Framlingham, innholder.
Daughter Elizabeth wife of Samuel Amys.

Arch. Suffolk, fi J e 10+1, No 30.


John Ames, 1647 (Fines, 75). See Waters' Gleanings, page 46fi

William Ames, 1(589 (Consist. Norwich, 1689-90). See Wate
Gleanings, page 278.

Ammatte, 1611. See Audley als Luke (Thomas) of St. Saviours
Southwark. My kinswomen Agnes Ammatte, widow. Wood, 10-

Amos, 1621. See Townsend (Thomas) of Lyvermare Magna.
Daughter Dorothy Anion. Arch. Sudbury.

Rowland Ameky of Norwich. Will 19 November 1558; proved
6 February 1558/9. To be buried within Cathedral Church by the
sepulture of Mr. John Whittaker, clerk, my late master. After my
decease my father and mother have to their own use all my houses
and land, and pastures, meadowes, etc., in Staffordshire, Fosbrook,
Dylnon, Draykott, Carswell, during their natural lives, then to
Margaret Revell late daughter of John Revell the elder of Norwich
for life, then to John Wallet my sister's son. Remainder to
Johan his sister. Remainder to Thomas Amerye of Fosbroke, my
kinsman. Sundry prebendaries and canons in Cathedral church.
Margaret Wallet my sister. Margaret Amery my mother. Margaret
Revell of Norwich, single woman.

Consist. Nonoich, register Veysey, folio 90.

William Amery of Denham, Bucks, yoman. Will 23 October
1562 ; proved 14 October 1563. Aged. To be buried in church
yard of Denham. Parson of Denham for tithes forgotten 4d.
Youngest son Thomas Amery a cow. Daughter Frydeswyde Amery
a cow. Rest to wife Margaret, executrix. John Kyrton of Wox-
bridge and Robert Bedyll of Denham, overseers. Witnesses : John
Kyston, scr., John Edlyn, Richard Edlyn, Thomas Balye, and other.

Chayre, 33.

William Amory of South Moulton, Devon, husbandman. Will
27 April 1591 ; proved 17 June 1591. My body to be buried in the
church of South Molton. To the poor 10s. To my wife one feather
bed performed. To my daughter Johane one heaffer and to her two
children one apiece. To son in law Edward all the debt that he
oweth me. To my sons two children Richard and Elizabeth two
calves. To my sons youngest child a yowe. To every of my god-
children 6d. Residuary legatees, my wife and sou Robert Amerye.


Waters' Gleanings


Sole executor : son Robert Amerye. Overseers : friends George Clase
and Robert Allen. Witnesses : George Clase, Edward Clatworthie and
Stephen Dominiche. Sdinberbe, 48.

Richorde Amry, widowe, of Southmoulton, Devon. Will 24 June.
1593; proved 19 November 1593. To be buried in church of South-
moultou. To son Robert Amrye 10 bushels of Rye and 10 of otes.
Daughter in law Margaret wife of son Robert Amrye second best
gown and second best carcher. To Thomas Amyre. son of Robert, one
steere or bullocke of 3 year of age. Richord, daughter of Robert
Amrye, one yew and a silver pin. Elizabeth Amrye, daughter of
Robert Amrye one yew and my best square carchers. Thomasin,
daughter of Robert Amrye, one yew. William Clatworthie, son of
Edward Clatworthie, one bullock of 2 years of age and 5 yewes.
Mary Clatworthie, daughter of Edward Clatworthie, one bullock of
age of 2 years or thereabouts and 5 yewes. Poor of South Moulton
10s to be distributed at discretion of son Robert Amrye and Edward
Clatworthie, overseers. Rest to daughter Jone Clatworthie, wife of
Edward Clatworthie, executrix. Witnesses : Johane Dunninjre,
Robert Chapell, David Grifrye. Neville, 81.

Robert Amerie, St. Marie Mawdlen in Southwarke, Surrey. Will
4 March 1597/8; proved 15 March 1597/8. To sonne William tene-
ment, houses, and gardens in the Lynche in Vxbridge, Middlesex, in
occupation of one White, John Humfrye, Lawrence, and a shoe-
maker, and others. Have surrendered copyhold lands in Manor of
Eling, Middlesex, in occupation of John Barker, Richard Nashe,
Thomas Baker, Rafe Borowes, Thomas Kinge, Thomas Legge, and
widdowe Snibson, to use of Harmon Kipping and Elizabeth his wife,
one of my daughters, for life of Elizabeth, if Harmon assiue to Eliz-
abeth his land in Fulham. To Elisabeth's son Robert Rogers surren-
der of land in Elinge in occupation of John Wilson. To my daugh-
ter Suzanne, £100. If Harmon Kipping assine his said lands in
Fulham to Elisabeth, then to her £40. To George Gregorie £3 yearly
for life etc. To daughter Elizabeth's children £5 each at 21. To
William Heyfode of Ould Braynford and his wife 40s yearlie and to
their children at 21 20s each. To James Jenger of Ham 20s yearelie

and to his three daughters £3 each. To brother Thomas his children

20s. each ; to his wife ditto. To my elder brother's sonne William

Amdrie (sic) 20s and his wife 20s, and 10s yearelie. To Robert

Fawkener and his wife 20s. To Fryswithe her daughter 20s. To

Amerie Waters' Gleanings 1713

my elder sister's daughter dwelling aboute Ricelippe IGs, To euerie
of my tennaunts thai paie under 10s a balfe yearea rent. To Edward
Bedell and Henrie Williams of Vxbridge 10a apiece to be aideinge my
children in their busines. To poore of St. .Mary Maudlins LOs and
20 yearlie for ten years. To poore of Rislippe tOs and Ids yearlie
ditto. To poore of St. George bis parishe, of St. Saviours, and of
St. Olaves 20s each. Executor to receive only debts set down in my
hand in book of accompts, to be paid at reasonable times without sute
and at rate of ten in a hundred. To Edward Hanburie of Braynford,
John Kirkam of Stanes, William Flie the elder of Helingdon, and
William Mounsey of Helingdon £3 each. To Thomas Wikens of
London the elder, £3. To John Hill the elder late of Riekmans-
wortb. 40s. To Thomas Fouiitainelate of Aylesburie £10. To John
Hush thelder in the Wick nere Kingstone £.">. To Steven Palmer
of Mortlacke £3. To Robert Hitchmore of Craghton 40s. To wid-
dow Pennard of Cowlystreate £3. To Michaell Welles wife of
Vxbridge 40s. To William Fowler of Ham 40s. To Thomas Rayner
thelder of Cowlystreate £3. To Richard Saunders of Mersam, Bucks,
£3. To one Rocheforde of Bradstreat grocer 40s. To Richard
Sackvilde draper in Fridaie Streate 40s. To children or needfull kin-
red of Robert Nicholas thelder of Halloudein Riselippe £10. Rest
to sonne John, executor. Overseers : My friends William Penfolde
and Harmon Kippinges. Witnesses: William Penfolde, senior,
William Penfolde, junior, Jo: Amerie. Leicyn, 25.

George Amerie of Bishops Nimett, Devon, yeoman Will 28 June
1598 ; proved 6 November 1598. To be buried in church of Bishops
Nimett. To reparation of said church 13s 4d. To poor of parish
20s. Wife Margerie Amerie £10. Son Anthony Amorie £6 13s 4d
and a brasen pann. Son William Amorie two table boards, two cub-
ords and all my bedsteds. Daughter Alice Sander one cow or 40s.
for the same. Daughter Agnes Morse ditto. Godson John Amorie
£20 and every of rest of son John Amorie's children 20s. Son Will-
iam Amorie's children 20s. apiece. Godson George Sander 40s.
John and John Sander 10s. apiece. Rest of daughter Alice Sander's
children 20s. apiece. Daughter Alice Morse's children 20s. apiece.
If any children die before 21 or marriage etc. To every of my god-
children 12d. apece. To old servant Thomas Fooke 20s. To every
of household servants 6s. 8d. Rest to sou John Amerie, executor.
Witnesses: Richard Conningham Clarke vycar of Bishoppes Nimett,
W m Thomas thelder with others. Lewyn, 94.

1714 Waters' Gleanings Amerie

Robekte Ammert of Comb-rew, parish of South Molton, Devou,
joyner. Will 15 June 1598; proved 2 May 1604. Brothers John
Aramery and Robert Amuiery of Stone to settle debts, etc. surplus-
age or overplus for maintenance of youngest son Thomas Aminery
except such apparell as John and Robert think meete to be given vnto
Dorothie Berrie daughter of Richard Berrie late of Colrudge, Devon,
husbandman. To eldest son Robert Aminery at 21, lands at Combe
Rewe. Rest to son Robert, executor. Overseers : brothers afore-
said. No witnesses. Proved by John Price attorney for son
Robert. Harte, 100-

John Amerie of St. Marie's, Maiden, Essex, gent. Will 3 Octo-

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