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ber 1612; proved 2 December 1612. To wife Dorothy twenty one
tenements of manor of Paris Garden with one Shedd and if wife
decease without issue to my two sisters, Elizabeth now wife of Har-
mau Kippinge, and Susan Jackson widow and then to my sisters'
children, viz. Elizabeth Jackson daughter of Susan Jackson and
Mary, Margaret, and Dorothy Rogers the children of said Elizabeth
my sister by her late husband Walter Rogers deceased, and Elizabeth
Kippinge and all other children of said sister Elizabeth now living by
aforesaid Harmon Kippinge. Tenements in Uxbridge als Waxbridge,
county Middlesex, ditto. Tenements etc. called Leylandes and
Syrardes in Pen in Bucks, in occupation of Richard Gosnell gent .,
to wife Dorothy paying at dwelling house of my father in law
Christopher Hanworthe in Maldon £5 yearly each to my sisters Eliza-
beth and Suson. Also to wife Letteram Mershe and two sheepe,
houses or colts with the mersh without the wall in Cooliuge, Kent, in
occupation of Robert Barham gent. To sister Elizabeth Kippinge
£40, and to her children now living at 21 or marriage £5 each. To
Sister Suzan Jackson £20 to be paid £5 yearly for four years at said
house of father in law Christopher Hanworthe, and if Susan die*
balance to her daughter Elizabeth Jackson at 21 or marriage. To
said Elizabeth £10 ditto. To children of said father in law Christo-
pher Hanworthe 40s. each and to his kinsman Thomas Hanworth?
gent. £5. To sisters in law Alice now wife of Eliza Garington, gent.,
Annastace now wife of Christopher Steele, Ursula now wife of John
Edwardes, and Margaret Brewer, widow, rings, etc., and to sister in
law Anne wife of Robert Pope and her children £5 for apparell and
other necessaries. To right loving friendes Mr. Anthony Wotton?
Preacher of Godes worde in London and to Mr. Raph Hawdon

Ainorie Watkks" GlbaningB 1715

Preacher in Maldon £5 each. To Mr. Roberl Smith of London,
Clarke, Mr. Weight, Clarke, Mr. Harrington at Layerdc La Hay, Mr.
Henry Greenewood, Clarke, -John Benson, Clarke, Mr. Symmes,
Preacher in Lee, Mr. Wilson, Preacher in Rochford 4()s. each. To
Mr. Prost the Dutch Preacher at Colchester 40s. and to his wife 20s.
To said Mr. Prost all my Musicke Bookes as well printed as written.
To poore of each of throe Maldon parishes 40s. To M rl8 Walker
wife of Thomas Walker of Purleigh, gent, M rls Gyfford of Maldon,
widdowe, M rls Pyke wyfe of Mr. Edward Pyke, Mr. Peter Hutton and
Thomas Chese of Maldon, scrivenor, 20s. each. To cozen Richarde
Peter of Uxbridge 20s. yearly for life, he to collect rents for wife
Dorothy &c. To two daughters of cozen Peter 20s. each at 21. To wife
of — Gynger of Ham, Surrey, if living, 20s. Rest to wife Dorothie,
executrix. Overseers : father in law Christopher Ilanworthe, Ed-
warde Lukyn, gent, vncle George Kinge of Cold Norton and brother
in law Christopher Hauworth the younger. Wife not to be molested
in freeholds &c. by sisters &c. Witnesses: Thomas Wells, William
Dodd, Thomas Chese. the writer. Fenner, 112.

John Amokik of Bisshopp Nimett, Devon, gent. Will 20 January
1613/4 ; proved 4 February 1614/5. To be buried in the chauncell
of Bisshopp Nimett aforesaid by my wyfe. To Mr. Coningham to
be buried by my wyfe 10s. To the poor of the same parish 20s. To
the poor of Northmolton, Twitchin and Luccomb 10s. each. To Jo-
hane Butler my daughter wife of Samuel Butler scholemaster of Tiver-
ton my messuage called Est yeo in Bisshopp Nimett in occupation of
Roger Werrer' except always reserved to my heir all lumber, etc. for
her life, paying yearly to my heir 8s. To John Butler son of said
Samuel Butler and Johane all the said messuage for his life after the
death of the said Johane his mother. Whereas John Thomas of Bish-
opp Nimett, yeoman, deceased, grandfather to the said Johane Butler,
did by his last will give to said Johane Butler, £40, in consideration
of the same I do give her all my messuage called West Yeo in Bissh-
opp Nimett in occupation of James Hurford for her life, always ex-
cepted to my heire all tymber Trees viz. Okes, Asshes, Elmes, and
gribbles, now growing she paying yearly 4s. and after her death to
Amery Butler son of said Samuel and Johane. To my daughter
Ellyn 20s. to buy her a cloke to begge withall and to her husband
George Patridge 4d. to buy him a halter. To daughter Alice Amorie
£100 at 22, and £60 she is to have by the will of John Thomas her


Waters' Gleanings


grandfather, bedding etc. in westcott bouse and Lanwells House,
paire of Iron bound Truceles, butt. Iron excill, cart, slyde etc. To
Samuel Butler the younger £20 which his father owes me. To every
god child 12d. To every household servant 6s 8d. To John Study
his wife and children 10s. each. To Christian Stodden 13s. 4d. To
John Chibbett his wife and children 10s. The rest of all my leases
which I have of Sir Ames Bainpfield knight called Whilcott, etc., and
the lease, etc., which I have of Christofer Saverie, Esq., etc. I give
to John Amorie my son whom I make sole executor. Overseers : Mr.
Robert Berrie, vicar of Knowston, my brother Mr. Anthony Amorie,
person of Ashollt, Mr. Christian Raishleighe, and my brother Mr.
William Amorie. Witnesses: William Amory, Christopher Rash-
leighe, John Amorye. Rudd, 12.

Amory, 1616. See Cogan (Robert the elder), Stretham, Surrey
Daughter Faith wife of George Amerye and her three children,
Elizabeth, Thomasine, and Faith. Robert Amery, son of daughter
Faith, his grandmother's gift. Cope, 77.

Henry Ameky, the elder of Abotisham, Devon, mariner. Will 10
June 1623; proved 17 February 1623/4. To wife Marie lease of
Little Weare in parish of Weare Gifford, Devon, for life, then to my
three sons Henrie Amerie, Gabriel Amerie and Salathiell Amerie. my
interest in lease of messuage orchard and Burage or close in or neere
High streete, Towne of Bediford, Devon, after decease of my father
in law John Lendon, to my three daughters Philipp Amerie, Grace
Amerie and Hannah Amerie. My estate in Radeford and Buckpool
in Abbotesham to my daughters Hannah Amerie and Hester Amerie.
To daughter Phillip Amery £15 at 21 or marriage. To daughter
Grace Amery £18 ditto. To daughter Hannah Amery £20 ditto.
To daughter IJ ester Amery £25 ditto. To three sons Henry Amery,
Gabriel Amery, and Salathiell Amery, all my part of the Ship named
Senobia. Residue to sons Henry Amery, and Gabriel Amery execu-
tors. Overseers: Thomas Leach and Roger Garde of Bediford.
Witnesses : William Phillips, Thomas Leach, Roger Garde, Richard
Shere. Proved by Gabriel Amery, with power reserved to son
Henry. Byrde, 13.

William Amory of Swaynbridge, Devon. Will 20 January
1623/4; proved 14 February 1624/5. To poor of Swaynbridge,
£10. To my wife £4 yearly for life etc. and after her decease to

Amery Waters' Gli. \mnos 1717

remain to her son William and to him I give two table bonis, etc.,
and forgive him £5. To my daughter Alice Joyce all my house-
hold goods remaining at Whitton. To all my children, sons or
daughters, 10s apiece. To George Saunder my kinsman 20s. To
all my servants remaining with me one year 10s. apiece. Residuary
legatee and executor : my son Bartholomew Joyce. Overseers : my
brother in law William Joyce and my gossip Edward Bowde. Wit-
nesses : Edward Bowden, William Andrewe. Clarke, 19.

Edward Amerie of March, Isle of Elie, county Cambridge, yeo-
man. Will 5 September 1625 ; proved 18 October 1625. To be buried
in St. Windred's church in March. To sonn Robert Amerye "All my
Landes that houldeth of the Ganuick hold both coppie and free and
one Acre and a halfe lyiuge at Broadgate, and is of the Ducheshold,
more I give him all my Truncks and vessells lyeinge in Berry St. Ed-
monds." To daughter Margarett her three eldest sonnes £10 at 21.
To Edward Amery, Anne Amery, Elizabeth Amery, Robert Amery,
and John Amerye, children of sonn Robert Amerye £6 between them at
21 . To sonn William Emery nineteen acres of free Land in Sutton St.
James and nineteen acres of coppyhold adjoining and two acres in St.
Marie Tidd, but if he die before 21, then nineteen acres to my two,
daughters Elizabeth Amery and Ann Amery and rest to son Edward
Amery in fee simple. To wife Elizabeth Amerye for life or widowhood
all houses and Lands unbequeathed lying in March, but at decease or
marriage, freeholds to son Edward Amerye, but if he die before 21,
to two daughters Elizabeth Amery and Annis Amerye, and copihold
ditto to son William Amerye. To daughter Elizabeth at marriage or
21 £60. To daughter Anne Amerye ditto. Rest to wife Elizabeth
Amerye executrix. Supervisors : John Sheppard, and sonn Robert
Amery. Have made surrender of coppiholds to John Neale senior
and Thomas Ward in presence >of John Sheppard, Robert Conny, ten-
ants of mannor of . Witnesses: Thomas Ward, John Neale,

John Sheppard, Robert Conny, Robert Ambry. Clarke, 116.

A.moky, 1626. See Rogers (Richard) of Aldenham, Herts. Will-
iam Amery, eldest son of daughter Grace. Her other children John,
Anne, and Johanna. Hele, 8.

Robert Amery of South Molton, Devon. Will 2 August, 1626;
proved 27 November 1626. To poor of South Molton 20s. To brother


Waters' Gleanings


Thomas Amery's son Robert Amery 40s and to his dafter Mary
20s. To Thomas Gonne's four daughters £4. To Robert Amery
son of Comre and to his three daughters £3. To sister Tamsoing
Amery £5. To brother Thomas Amery £5 to be paid him after decease
of my mother. To Mackling Locke one lame. To sister in law Mar-
garet Amery one Ewe sheep. To my three sisters Richard, Elizabeth,
and Tamsoing all my interest in a tenement called Forde Downe after
decease of my mother. Executor : mother Margaret Amery. Over-
seers and witnesses : Thomas Amery and Thomas Gonne. To Mar-
garet Gorde, Robert Gorde 12d. each and Henery Games 2s Gd.

Hele, 119.

Amory, 1627. See Mellish (Robert), Sandersted, Surrey. Faith
Amex-y wife of George Amery, salter. Robert Amery son of George
Amery of London, salter, whose grandfather was Robert Cogan
deceased. Robert Cogan gave to Robert, Elizabeth, Tliomazine,
and Faith Amerye, children of his daughter Faith Amery wife of
George Amery my niece, etc. Skynner, 27.

Amory, 1654. See Lisle (Amye) S l Mary le Strand als Savoy,
widow. Grandchildren Thomas, Edward, Charles, Benjamin, Wil-
liam, Anne and Hester Amerye sons of Edward Amerye and Hester
his wife. Alchin, 21.

Thomas Amory of Southmolton, Devon, yeoman. Will 26 Jan-
uary 1655/6; proved 5 June 1656. To cousin Margarett Amory
daughter of sister Elizabeth Amory £12. To cousins Margarett,
Honour, and Elizabeth Gunn, daughters of sister Richoured Gunn, 40s
each. To cousin John Shaxton, son of sister Thomasin Shaxton, 10s.
To cousin Robert Clotworthy 10s. To late servant Michael Breyley
30s. To godson Robert Tapp 5s, and other godchildren 2s 6d each,
etc. To poor of Southmolton 12d. weekly in bread for 15 years on
Sonday at end of divine service by sonne of Robert Amory. To
cousin Elizabeth Amory now wife of William Lake 20s, and to her
daughter Johane Lake 20s. To son Robert Amory and his wife
Mary jointly goods, but if Robert die without child to cousin Robert
Amory son of sister Elizabeth Amory. Codicil same day. To
grandchild Robert Amory £60. All goods to sonne Robert without
condition. Witnesses: John Hobbs of Southmolton, Bald. Wiles,
Robert Amory. Second codicil 12 February 1G55/6. Revoke 20s. to

Anderson Waters' Gleanings 1719

Robert Clotworlhy and 2s 6d to godchildren and adds 5 years to bread
of poor. Witness: Bald. Wiles. Berkeley, 'J OS.

Thomas Amory, of Galy, Co. Kerry, Esq. Will 3 August 1666 ;
proved 3 April 1668. To wife Elizabeth two-sixths of personall estate
and one third of read estate during natural life. To daughters Eliza-
beth and Lucy another two sixths of personal estate betwixt them
at 16 or day of marriage. As personall estate in Ireland is " subject
to Casualties of Warr or Rebellion, laughters to enjoy one-third of
reall estate till marriage portions are as above etc., the said one-third
to sonue Thomas. As wife Elizabeth may be now with child, said
child to have equal share etc. To brothers John, Robert, Henry,
and Jonathan and sisters Anne, Mary, Elizabeth, one sixth of
personal estate, brothers at 21, sisters at 21 or day of marriage.
To Sonne Thomas one-sixth of personall estate etc. Executors : my
three children, but guardians during minority my good friends
[Michael Boyle] the Lord Chancellor of Ireland that now is and the
now Lord Bishop of Corke [Edward Synge] for managing estate and
breeding children in Protestant Religion. Witnesses : Tho : Sher-
ley, Ric. Huyshe, James Yard. Codicill to my will at Dublin in hands
of Mr. Richard Huyshe at Dublin in my sicke Bed, 16 May 1667.
Provide for maintenance of Father, Mother, sisters Mary and Anne,
and brothers Henry and Jonathan. To uncle Robert Elliatt, £20.
To Captain Crispin £50. Witnesses : Ant. Mulshenoge, Da. Fz :
Harrie. If I have any more children, then is my will in Dublin to
share alike. Witnesses: ditto. Administration to Raymond Fitz
Morris, Esq. guardians of minor children Thomas, Elizabeth and Lucy
Amery. Proved again 13 July 1686, by son Thomas.

Hene 30, and Lloyd, 91.

Isaac Amyand, 1739 (Henchman, 250). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 602.

Anderson, 1598. See Garwaye (Katherine), late of London,
widow. Son Henry Anderson and his daughter Katherine and sou
Richard Anderson. Kidd, 18.

Sir Henry Anderson, Knight and Alderman of London. Will
1604 ; proved 23 May 1605. To be buried in St. Ollives in the

Ould Jury in vault made for wief. Executor to pay legacies in
schedule aunexed. To company of Grocers to make a dynner on

1720 Waters' Gleanings Anderson

day of buriall £26 13s 4d. To said company £100 to be employed
for two yonge men, one a merchant the other a retayler, from two
years to two years forever. To Katherine Febridge als Hill,
daughter of John Febridge deceased, one of the sister's daughters of
William Hopton deceased, £50 at 21 or marriage, and £5 yerelie
to her bringing up. The childes parte coming to my daughter
Katherine wife of Thomas Dereham already advanced to be im-
ployed in landes to remaine to Katherine for life, then to their sonne
Henry Dereham, but if sonn Dereham goe about to outhrowe this de-
vice, then to be left to get it by lawe, which I accompt he can not.
"Backhous" in Norffolck to be part of lande for daughter Katherine
at rate of £600 I paid for same. Remainder to my six children, the
£1000 advanced at marriage to two daughters Katherine and Elizabeth
to be deducted. Executor: onllie son and heir apparent Richard, to
whom one third of land, and other two thirds (" Backhouse " in
West Dereham, county Norfolk, excepted) for three years to pay debts
and legacies, then without condition. To executor also best basen and
ewer, chayne of gould, best Dyamond, my sealeof Armes and pearles
bought of Sir Frauncis Sherry, also small iewell with dyamonds, best
Tapestry carpet, one longe cushen with two shorte cushens whereon
my Armes are set. To my four daughters, Elizabeth, Fraunces, Sara,
and Marie, my mannor of Corningham, Essex, for lives, then to their
heirs male. To daughter Katherine, as before mentioned. Goods
in two partes, as by laudable custom of London, one for selfe, one
for five daughters. Schedule annexed. To sixty poore men for
gownes, and thereof four of the auncient Saunder beaters. To
church of Christes Hospitall £50. To poore of St. Bartliolomewes
hospitall in Smithfield £10. To poore of the Compters in the Poul-
try and Woodstreate £10. To poore of Warde of Colmanstrete £5.
To poore of Bitterly, Salop, 40s., of Chiswick, Middlesex, £5, of
Warde of Aldersgate £5. To my aunte Sprat, widow, 40s. To
cosen Bringborne her daughter 40s. To poore schollers in Oxford
and Cambridge £13 6s 8d. To poore of French and Dutch church
£3 6s 8d. To Frauncis Kidd, scrivenor, 40s. To cosen Garlandes
wife in Southwark 40s. To goodman Browne of Chiswick 40s. To
Anne Tomson, servaunte with M lis Turfett £6 13s 4d. To mother
Bowyer for a ringe and gowne €10. To Sir AVilliam Spencer and
Lady for gownes £'10. To Sir William Bowyer and Lady ditto. To
my brother Trott and wife ditto. To brother Robert Bowyer and
wife ditto. To brother Fraunces Bowyer and wife ditto. To sonne
and daughter Dereham ditto. To sonne and daughter Cowley ditto

Anderson Waters' GLBANJNG8 1721

To Jeffery Massey, William Kellet, and servaunte Richard Dick
gownes of £5 v;due. To Phillip Dairkins and Reddith Jones and
wives for gownes £10 each. To servaunte Thomas Jones a cloake
and £8. To servaunts Johu Tither and Thomas Jones cloaks and
£8 6s 8d each. To AnneTotye a gowne of 40s. and £8. To some
time servaunt Anne Rowe £3 6s 8d. To servaunts Dorothie and
Sisley gownes and £3 6s 8d each. To Richard the hoy a coate and
£8 6s 8d. To Mr. William Walker, Preacher, gowne of £3 6s 8d
and 33s 4d. To Mr. Heward and Mr. Travis, Preachers, gownes of
ditto. To cosen Bradford of Ludlowe £3 6s 8d. To widow Slack
gowne of 40s. To widow Booth of St. Bartholomewes gowne of 2()s
and 20s. To brother and sister Bressey and brother and sister
Fraunces Garway gowns of £10 each. To cosen Skinner and wief
for gowns £10. To Arnold Child a Cloke of 40s and to his wife a
gowne of £3. To cosens Arthur, Humfry, Robert, and Elizabeth
Robinson of Rowsam £5. To my friend Beniamine Decroe £4. To
M r . George Robinson of Rowsam £5. To Sir Stephen Soane, Knight,
gown of £5. To Sir Edmund Anderson, Lord chiefe Justice, and
Ladie £5 for ringes. Towards bringing water to warde of Aldersgate,
if done in seven years, £50. To Sir Henrie Mountague, Knight, and
his Ladie for gowns £10. To Mr. Nowell Sotherton and Mr. William
Gaylle, my deputies, gownes. To the Beadle a cloke. To children of
Henrie Farrington at age or marriage £20. To godsonns Henry
Garwey and Henry Robinson rings of 40s. Overseers : Sir Edmund
Anderson, Sir William Spencer, Sir Henry Montegue, and brethren
M r John Cavill Esq. and Mr. Thomas Garwey. Executor : Sonne
Richard. No witnesses. Hayes, 28.

Thomas Anderson of Earl's Colne, Essex, yeoman. Will proved
1610 ( ?) . Mrs. Margaret Harlakinden my mistress. Mrs. Mabell
Stoner wife of Clemence Stoner, Esq. Mrs. Jane Lawson. Mr. Thomas
Harlakinden and every one of his children. Mr. George Harlakinden
of Nether Yeldham and William Harlakinden his son. Richard,
Helen, Mary, Jane, Elizabeth, and Anne Harlakinden, son and daugh-
ters of Richard Harlakinden, my maister. Roger Harlakinden, the
son of my maister.

Arch. Colchester, bundle Jolly {1609-1612), No. 39.

Anderson, 1617. See Bressy (Edmond) of W^ootton, Bedford-
shire, gent. Kinsman Sir Richard Anderson, knight, executor.

Meade, 5.


Waters' Gleanings


Anderson, 1621. See Meene (Henry) of All Saints, South Elm-
ham, yeoman. Child which Nicholas Anderson had by my sister
Anne. Arch. Suffolk, file 1621, No. 14.

Dame Magdalene Anderson, Charterhouse churchyarde, London,
widow, late wife of Sir Edmund Anderson, Knight, late lord Cheife
Justice of the Common Pleas. Will 26 March 1617; proved 21 Janu-
ary 1622/3. To grandsonne Edmund Sheffeild, Esq., son of my sonne
in lawe Sir John Sheffield, Kt., 60 ounces of plate. To my daughter
Ladie Margarett Monnson, wife of Sir Tho : Monnson, Kt. and
Barronet, £100 in gold and one peece of guilte plate my said
daughter did like very well of, with a cover formerly the late Lord
Chancellors, alsoe the custodie of a white linnen quilt she vsed in
childebed to be left for an Earlome and one Diamond Ringe. To
grandchild the Ladie Bridgett Leedes wife of Sir John Leedes, Kt.
bedding, etc., for her maidens to lodge and my best chaine set with
pearle to wear for my sake. To my daughter Ladie Kathren Booth
wife of Sir George Booth, kt. and Barronet, my gould booke which
was the Ladie Stranges, alsoe one diamond Ringe. To daughter the
ladie Elizabeth Farmor, wife of Sir Hatton Farmor, knight, peece of
plate of 30 ounces. To sonns of Sir Edmund Bell, knight, by my
daughter in law Elizabeth Anderson his wife ditto. To grandchild
William Booth Esq., son and heir of Sir George Booth ditto of 20
ounces. To grandchild Anne Vernon daughter of my daughter ladie
Booth, a Carknett. To grandchild Ladie Booth's second daughter
my tablet of gould. To sonne William Andersonne Esq. featherbeds
and hangings at Redborne aud a suite of Damaske. To John Monn-
son Esq., son of my son in law Sir Thomas Monnson, £100 Sir
Thomas owes. To grandchildren Thomas Monnson, Ludovick Monnson,
and William Monnson, sons of Sir Thomas Monnson, a spurryall
each. To Edmund Anderson, son of my son William Anderson Esq.,
and to the daughter of William Anderson, each 20 ounces of plate.
To my sister the ladie Rawleigh my border of Gouldsmith worke min-
gled with black. To Sir John Rotheram, knight, a peece of plate of
30 ounces. To nephew Sir Edward Raleigh, knight, ditto of 20 ounces.
To goddaughter Magdalen Monnson, daughter to my daughter Ladie
Marge.ret Monnson, my third border of gouldsmith's worke set with
pearle and best bedsted at Ealinge given me by Mr. Vaughan, silk
quilt, testerne vallence, etc. To nephewe Cheyney Rotheram £10.
To cosen Ladie Mary Williamsonne 20 ounces of plate. To cozen
Roger Andersonn his wife ditto, and to his sister and brother Eliza-

Anderson Waters' GLEANINGS 1723

beth Andersonn and William Andersonn £10 t-ach. To Ladie Spill-
man wife of Sir Henry Spillman, knight, one deathes head and a ringe.
To cozen Robert Anderson his wife plate of 20 ounces. To children
of cozen Robert Davenport £10. To cozen Sampson and wife, bed.
ding etc. To cozen Suzan Tooley 20 ounces of plate. To Mr. Rich-
ard Gad bury and wife £40. To sister Smith's daughter plate of £10
or £10 in money. To Duglas Sheffeild, above the £100 my late hus-
band gave, £200 to be disposed by executor till she is 18 or marriage;
if she die, then to her sisters. To said Duglas Sheffeild second best
bed at Ealinge, chaiers, stooles, creepers, fyer pann, tongues and
other furniture in the chamber; also little basin and silver candle-
stick which I usually have in my chamber etc. ; also a silver tonne
and porringer, Cambriek sheetes, headsheet, pillowbeers, and things
belonging to child bed ; also one suite of Damaske and one of plaine
lynnen. To goddaughter Magdalene Leeds daughter of my grandson
Sir John Leedes, knt. one high standing potte guilte in my custodie
in panne (*. e., pawn), and if redeemed then 20 markes, also bed etc.
To Jane daughter of said Sir John Leedes all white plate of her
mother's I have in hand upon money lente. To grandchild Magdalene
Sheffeild and Ann Sheffeild, two of the daughters of sonne Sir John
Sheffeild, bed etc. To Ursula Sheffeild daughter of ditto 20 ounces
of plate. To Mr. William Gragg £5. To Mrs. Ann Symes ringe
with deathes head. To Ellen Gill wife of John Gyll £3. To William
Ranckocke and wife 40s. To Elizabeth Harrison deathes head ringe
or a jacobus peece. To Magdalen Sparke ditto. To Elizabeth Mars-
ton 20s. To servant Elizabeth Burd £10 etc. To servants Henry
Bragge, Robert More, and Doiathie Cockett wages due. To Alex-
ander Crackmore £10 he oweth me. To poore of St. Pulchers in
London £20. To poore of Eyworth £10. I devise blackes to my
children, grandchildren, servantes, and as many poore women as I
shalbe years of age at my death. Executors to sett a Tombe for their
father and me in Eyworth church. To servant John Smithe wages
and £10. If I die before His Majestie has granted wardshipp of
grandchild Edmond Anderson Esq. to Sir Stephen Soames, Knt, and
myselfe, I humble desire his Ma tie grantt wardship to Sir Stephen
and my son William Anderson, Esq. Rest to sonne William Ander-
son, Esq. and daughter Ladie Margarett Monnson, wife of Sir
Thomas Monnson, executors. Overseer: Sonn Sir Robert Booth,
Knt. and Baronet, and Raphe VVhitfeild, Esq. Witnesses : Raphe
Whitfeilde, William Blawe, Thomas Crawley, John Smith.

Swann, 3.


Waters' Gleanings


Sir Richard Anderson, 1632 (Audley, 86). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 363.

Anderson, 1641. See Sheppard (Thomas) of Maldon, Bedford-
shire, gent. Friend Henry Anderson of Pentley. Evelyn, 133.

Penelope Anderson, daughter of Sir Richard Anderson deceased.
Will 3 July 1652 ; proved 9 July 1652. To be buried in Old Jewry
by my sister and other friends. To most deare mother the Lady
Anderson ringe of £20. Three brothers, Sir Henry, Robert and
John, each ringes of 20s. To sister Peyton ditto. To sister Warren
ditto. To sister Bridget Anderson watch of £10. To deare friend

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