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Mrs. Bridgett Sauage ringe of £20. To Mr. Anthony Hawles the
Divine £10. To Mr. Robert Mossam ditto £60. To the Lady Spencer
ringe of 20s. To uncles Mr. Richard Spencer and Sir Edward Spen-
cer ditto each. To cosen Margaret Spencer, daughter to my Lady
Spencer, ditto. To cosen Mr. Thomas Bowyer of the Old Jewry
ditto. To brother Dr. Croydon £40. To followinge 5 deuines, the
Bisshopp of Kilmore, Doctor Brough Deane of Glocester, Doctor
Dowe, Mr. Goddard, and Master Maxwell, Divines, £25. To poore
of Old Jewry £5. To poore of Tring and Abury what brother Sir
Henry Anderson owes for plate which my Lady Spencer gave at my
christeninge. Executor : George Croydon, M. A. Witnesses : An-
thony Hinton, Dorothy Johnson, John Tabor. Bowyer, 200.

Sir Henry Anderson of Pendly, Herts. Will (undated) proved
12 August 1653. To be buried in parish of Tring without Pompe.
Loving wife Dame Gertrude Anderson sole executrix. To dear
mother Dame Mary Anderson £10 for Ring. To sisters Paten,
Warren, and Bridgett Anderson and brothers Robert Anderson and
John Anderson £5 each ditto. To wife coach and coach horses,
plate, furniture of two Roomes, and half the linen she lately marked
with her owne mark. To cosen John Bowyer £10 for mourning and
best Nagg or gelding. To Mr. Moses Lee £20. To Mrs. Lydia
Ry craft £100, and Anne Price and Elizabeth Bettam £20 each. To
Sir Brockett Spencer of Ofley, Baronet, William Bowyer of Denham,
Esq. and Henry Seser of Beuington, Esq. £10 each. To cosen
Thomas Bowyer of Old Jewry and cosen Richard Hall £5 each. Son
Richard Anderson charged upon my Blessing to make choice of Said
Sir Brockett Spencer, Mr. William Bowyer, and Mr. Henry Seser,
and my deare wife as his guardians. If he refuse, then to daughter
Elizabeth £2000 more out of Manor of Norton wife to have refusal

Anderson Waters' Gleanings 1725

of lands during son's minority now used with Pendley. Friends .Mr.
Thomas Bowyer, Mr. David .lames, and Mr. Richard Hall to see
that (laughter Elizabeth has the profitts when the £2000 shallhe paid
etc. To Mr. David James £10. To Walter Church £5. To Willis
Gardner £30. To Will Grey and Francis Dunckley £10 each. To
poore of Tring £3, of Wiggenton and Abury 40s. each. To servants
half years wage. Rest to son and daughter to be divided by execu-
trix. To Mr. Thomas King, Phisition, £5. Witnesses : Thomas
Kinge. Elizabeth Cocks, and Mary Fowler. Brent, 378.

The Honorable Dame Mary Anderson, widow of Richmond
Surrey. Will (nuncupative) 2 June 1658; proved 1 July 1658. Mr.
Robert Anderson, Mr. John Anderson, Mrs. Peynton, Mrs. Warren, the
Lady Seymoure, Mr. Edward Seymoure, her grandchild, and Mr. Mar-
riott and his wife each rings. Mr. Thomas Seymoure and Mrs. Mary
Seymoure, son and daughter of Mr. Thomas Seymoure £100 each out
of money in Mr. Robert Anderson's hands. Rest to grandchild Mrs.
Dorothy Seymoure, daughter of said Mr. Thomas Seymoure, execu-
trix. Debt due from Mr. Henry Durham £160. To be buried by
her husband. To executrix a Truncke of linnen in Mr. Sadler's
hands at Salsbury. Witnesses : Reginald Marriott, Jone Hall,
Barbara Marriott. Codicil 30 June 1658. Dame Mary Anderson
did declare debt owing to Mr. Hardwicke and Mr. Stokes for dyett
for said Mr. Thomas Seymoure and said Mrs. Mary Seymoure to be
paid out of legacies. Wootton, 386.

Henry Anderson, 1676 (Bence, 10). See Waters' Gleanings, page

John Anderson, 1678 (Reeve, 10). See Waters' Gleanings, page

David Anderson lately of Boston in New England, administration
granted 9 January 1677/8 to Robert Thomson, Esq. principal cred-
itor. [These letters were brought in and renounced. Administra-
tion as if intestate granted in month of February following.] David
Anderson lately of Boston in New England, but upon the high seas
deceased. Administration granted 29 January 1677 to Robert
Thomson, Esq., principal creditor. David Anderson late of Charles-
town in North America. Administration granted 20 February 1677
to John Phillipps, attorney for Catherine Anderson, now in parts be-
yond the seas, relict. Admon. Act Book, 1678, folios 4, 7, and 10.


Waters' Gleanings


Andrews, 1580. See Sawer (Roger) one of portmen of Town and
Borough of Orford. John Andrews of Great Yernemouth, Norfolk,
and sister Mary his wife. Arch. Suffolk, Book 28, folio 21.

Andrews, 1583. See Kinge (John) of Week St. Lawrence.
Richard son of William Androwes husband of daughter Margaret.

Butt 8, 13.

Andrews, 1585. See Gun (Joan) , of Olnye, Bucks, widow. Alice
Androwe daughter of Richard Androwe at day of marriage.

Arch. Bucks, register 1584-9, folio 25

Andrews, 1585. See Kinge (William). Margaret Andros my
wife's kinswoman. Ditto, folio 64.

Andrews, 1587. See Ashe (John), gent. Elizabeth Andrewes.

Ditto, register 1587.

Johane Andrews, 1593 (Levyn, 5). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 603.

Andrews, 1597. See Cuthbert (Alexander), Owndell, Northamp-
ton. Cozen William Audroe and his wife. Lewyn, 14.

Robert Andrew of Harleston, Northampton, gent. Will 21 Jan-
uary 1603/4; proved 10 February 1603/4. To be buried in North
lie of Harleston church by late wife Elizabeth. To repairing of bells
of Harleston church and frames and ropes 20s. To poore of Harles-
ton and vicinity 30s. To poore of Marshalsea etc. 40s. To daugh-
ter Anne Andrew £160-13-4 about the £500 for fines of tenants in
Creke als Cricke whereof she hath received part etc. To son Richard
Andrew 400 marks and £10 a year. To second son William £100
which brother Gent and cosen Robert Shortgrave owe. To said coseu
Gent and Mary his wife plate. To cosin Maister Richard Cortes a
ringe. To friend Maister Flamsted of Rushton plate. To uncle
Mr. George Andrew of Northampton 20s. To son in law Francis
Duffield and daughter Alice, his wife, plate of £8. To their eldest
daughter Elizabeth Duffield at 21 or marriage £20. To their other
daughter rings. To son in law Mr. Edward Symonds and daughter
Elizabeth, his wife, plate etc. and their other children one ring of 20s
between them. To servants one half year's wages. Son William to
devise the "Homes" etc. in Harleston to his elder brother Thomas
Andrew, my son. As servant Nicholas Priest owes £43-6-8 as paid
by £10 yearly, to be lent by executor and friend Mr. Flamsted to

Andrewes Waters' Gleanings. 1727

tenants etc. and Nicholas Priest to be forgiven other debt of 20 nobles
if he pay etc. Forgive to tenants one half of quarters rent. To
brothers George and William 20s. each. Residue (debts and Column's
wife of Spratten being paid) to eldest son Thomas Andrew executor.
Overseers : my Lorde and friend Sir Robert Spencer, Kt. Lord Spec
cer, Francis Morgan Esq. cosens Mr. Thomas Thornton and Mr.
Robert Shortgiave and friend Mr. Flamsted of Rushtou. Witnesses:
John Flamsted, Lewis Atterbury, Richard Wales.

Harte, 23.

Ann Androwes of Cardiff, Glamorgan, widow. Will 28 .July
1608; proved 7 February 160H/9. To S* Mary's church in Cardiff
£3. To vicar of Cardiff 6s. and Thomas the Clerk 2s. To S l Jone's
church in Cardiff 10s. To poor 40s. To reparation of bridge of
Cardiff 20s. To my son Richard French messuage in West street
Cardiff bought by late husband John Andre we of John Davyes Doc-
tor of Phisck, also messuage I lately purchased of Edmund Mathew
Esquire late in occupation of Thomas Button deceased and also store-
house etc. by Bluntes gate purchased by late husband John Andrewe
of John White to hold in tayle male as by statute of 22 Henry VIII
with remainder to his sons John, Edward, Richard, and Robert French
and then to Walter Nichols and Richard Nichols, sons of my daugh-
ter Katherine Hore, then to my heirs. To said Walter Nichols
messuage purchased of Edmund Mathewe Esq. in West Street in oc-
cupation of Harry Smith, also £20 for building, and house by East
gate in tenure of one John Garvase want catcher. To Edward French
messuage lately purchased of Sir William Harbart K l by the Towne
Milles. To Richard Nichols house by East gate of Johan Hengod
widow. To Henry Hore and Katherine his wife all debts due. Ex-
ecutor : Sonne Richard French. To my sonne Toby all Tything hay
belonging to the Tything barne of Cardiff, saving to son Richard etc.,
etc., rent of said Tything to Richard Nichols. To Walter Nichols
and Richard Nichols my newe house in Crokerton in hands of John
Rees. Rest to executor. Witnesses : Cradock Sherry Clarke, Henry
Ball, John David, David lloyd, Henry Hoore, John Yeard, Toby
French. Dorset, 18.

Richard Andrkwes of London, shoemaker. Will 18 January
1610/1 ; proved 10 February 1611/2. To Mother Margaret Andrewes
£35 part of £40 legacy which my brother Raphe Farmer did give to
be received of Mr. John Farmer of London, grocer, executor, of
Raphe Farmer. To cos-n Elizabeth Brett of Darford 40s. Rest to


Waters' Gleanings.


John Brett, husband of cosen Elizabeth executor. Witnesses : Robert
Brett, William Hartley, Thomas Bedle. Fenuer, 17.

Daniel Androwes, citizen and draper of London. Will 10 Sep-
tember 1612 ; proved 10 November 1621. Have by indenture 3 Maye
1606 sould to Henry Smyth, citizen and draper, three messuages in
Edelmeton als Edmunton, Middlesex, one barn and five acres and
said Henry Smyth by indenture 6 May did convey said premises to
nephew John Clotterbock. To brother Giles Clotterbock all personal
state paying my brother Israeli equal my brother Henry Androwes
etc. To cozen John Wilkin 40s. To Mary Clotterbook daughter of
John Clotterbock 20s. To my sister Clotterbook my gymnal ringe.

Brother Giles Clotterbook, executor. Witnesses : Daniell Clotter-
book, Michaell Boyle. Fenner, 94.

Andrews, 1613. See Wilmer (Robert) of Everton, Northampton-

Thomas Andrewe of Harleston, gent, my daughter Dorothy his
wife and Robert, William, and Elizabeth their children. C'ajwll, 2.

Edmund Androwes, citizen and Fishmonger of London. Will 2
August 1616; proved 19 August 1616. To be buried in Fishmongers
He in St. Michaell next Crooked lane, being parish where I dwell.
To poore of St. Michaell 20 dozen of pennie wheaten bread. To comp-
nie of Fishmongers £10 for a Cupp. To brother Phillip Androwes
citizen and fishmonger 50s. To Governor and Masters of hospitall of
Bridgewell £5 to be spent at a drinking at their pleasures. To elder
sonne Richard Androwes lease of Ligars Wharf next the Bridgehouse

in Southwarke, Surrey, held of Wydow Pynson and John her

sonne. Forgive said Richard Androwes debt of £100 etc. etc. To
sonne George Androwes £100 at 21. To sonne Stephen Andrewes
lease from Fishmongers Companie of the Whyte lyon in Bridgstreete
als Newfishstreete where Isaacke Heminge Fishmonger inhabiteth
and lease of 11 acres from Mr. Wyndam in Stepney als Stebeuheath,
Middlesex, and also £50 at 21.

To daughter Barbara Gates wife of Thomas Gates, Citizen and
Fishmonger £70, making £250 with £60 already paid, etc. To grand-
child Elizabeth Gates daughter of Barbara £10. To my daughter
Elizabeth Greene wife of John Greene £250. Any debts of Thomas
Gates and John Greene to be deducted etc. To two daughters Vrsula
Androwes and Abigail Androwes £500, i. e. £250 at 21 or marriage.

Andrew Watkks' ( rLE ammis 1729

Children charged on my blessing not to sue for child's pari as by
custom of London. Whereas I Edmund Androwes and (i corgi' White
of Loudon, Joyner, one of my overseers are joyntlie possessed of
certayne leases in Shadwell in parish of Stepney als Stebenheath
aforesaid from Dean and Chapter of St. Paules and have erected ten-
ements at great cost etc. etc. my moitie I devise to my executrix.
To loving wife Elizabeth Androwes executrix freeholds at or Deere
Blackwall in Stepney purchased of Mr. Leuet lately deceased, to
hold for her life, theu to my youngest sonne Stephen Androwes. To
eldest sonne Richard Androwes all freehold and inherited coppie holds
in couutie of Hertford, and also coppie holds in ditto purchased of
Philip Androwes ("East Parke") of one Whitehead, and of Francis
Androwes, also house in bleue mayde alley in Southwarke, Surrey,
lately mortgaged by one Thomas Cheyney etc. To sonne George
Androwes lands in Lewisham, Kent, held of Mannor of Eastgreenwich
bought of Mr. Laneer servant to the Kinges Majestic To sonne
Stephen Androwes £250 lent unto Monton Jennynges gent vpon
mortgage of messuage called by signe of the Mearemayde in Newfish-
streete London wherein Nicholas Haughton Fishmonger inhabiteth.
Residue to welbeloved wife Elizabeth Androwes Executrix. Overseers :
George White abouenamed and Steven Streete Citizen and grocer.
Witnesses : Robert North, Tobias Dalton. Cope, 78.

[Same folio. Nuncupative will of Robert Andrews, St. Gregorie
Scrivenor. Will 29 Julie 1616; proved 3 August 1616. All to wife Ann
executrix. Witnesses: Mr. Roderick Powell, Reymond Robotham,
Scrivenor, Elizabeth Jones, servant to said Robert Andrewes.
— L. W.

John Andrew of Ringshall. Will 19 February 1615/16; proved
14 March 1615/16. Son Robert and his son John. Daughters Marg-
aret and Abigail. Arch. Suffolk, book 48, folio 229.

Em Andrkw of Stratford, Suffolk, widow. Will 13 November
1616; proved 23 January 1616/7. To brother George Hudson the
£40 he is bound to pay. To his daughter Margery Reeve £10 and
to her children 40s. each. To Thomazine Wyseman and her children
ditto. To Martha Burton, daughter of said George Hudson. £7 and
to her three children 10s. each. To two sons of George Hudson the
younger 40s. each. To kinsman Christopher Hudson £40 he hath.
To his son Christopher Hudson £20 his two daughters Sarah and
Margarett £10 each. To kinswoman Elizabeth Grigson £3 and to


Waters' Gleanings


her sister Ann Willowes £3 and their brother William Willowes 40s.
To daughter of kinsman Thomas Hudson £5. To kinsmen Thomas
Homes, Richard Homes, John Homes, and George Homes 40s. each.
To kinswoman Gary Thurston 40s. and to her child 5s. To servant
Katherine Davie 20s. To Mr. Rogers preacher of Dedham in Essex
40s. To poore of Stratford £4. Rest to brother George Hudson,
executor. Kinsman Christopher Hudson, overseer. Witnesses: Ed-
mond Adams and John Keepe. Weldon, 5.

Sir Eusebt Andkewe, Churwelton, Northampton, knighte. Will
17 July 1619 ; proved 19 October 1619. To poore of towne of Bi-
feilde and Westroppe, of Churwelton, of Prestons Magna and Parva,
of Woodford, and Hinton, and of Heledon each use of £20, or £100
in all. To daughter Frances Andrew £1000 at 17 for her preferment
in marriage. To son John Andrew at 21 £500. To son Thomas
Andrew ditto. To daughter Margarett 1000 marks at 16. To daugh-
ters Elizabeth Andrew and Semer Andrew at 17 ditto. Household
stuff e, plate, etc. to remain in Manor house of Churwelton for use of
wife while a widdowe and also to wiffe Jewelle and Ornaments she
vseth for adorning and apparellinge of her person, also my Darye
and milche kyne, to see children brought uppe in feare of God etc.
To brother Nathaniell Andrew £100. To servant Euseby Barbon
£100. To servant Thomas Webber £100 he assigning interest in
" Parsons Ferme ; " to executors. Money due, for lands sold, by Mr.
Thomas Crewe of Steane. Northamptonshire, Esq. to be used for
debts, etc. etc. Lease made to Mr. Robert Raynsforde, John An-
drewe, and Edmund Farmer to be assigned to my sonne and heire
when of age, etc. Executors : Wife, Robert Rainsforde of Steuerton
Northants and my brother John Andrewe. Overseers : Sir William
Spencer, Knight, John Wiiley of Darford, Esq., Laurence Bolton of
Graneborowe and brother Thomas Andrewe. Witnesses : Thomas
Trist, William Cliff orde, John Pudsey, Thomas Ladd. Codicil 25
July 1619. For a monument in North He, neire my Fathers monu-
ment 100 marks. To servante Joane Forde for faythfull service £10.
To sister Elizabeth Watson 20 lambes to be indifferently runne out of
the parke. To sister Susan Purefoy ditto. To the deaffe fellowe
Roger Teder £10. To Jane Tuke 20 lambes. Parker, 91.

Alice Androwes of St. Martin in the Vintrey. Will 26 March
1621 ; proved 31 October 1621. To sisters Elizabeth Androwes and
Agnes Androwes £10 each. To poore of St. Martins in the Vintrey
20s. Rest to my maister Michaell Handcorne, executor. To said


Andrew Waters' Gleanings 1731

sisters Elizabeth and Agnes Androwes and sister in law Helline
Penne pewter, etc. etc. Witnesses : Richard Rochdale, scrivenor,
Robte Rochdale his servant. Dale, 79.

Andkewes, 1626. See Gould (William) of Water Lambeth, Surrey
Cozen Thomas Andrewes draper in London. Hele, 7.

Lancelot Andrewes, 1626 (Rele, 109). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 600.

Fkancis Andrew the elder of Hadleigh, Suffolk. Will 31 October
1625 ; proved 21 November 1626. To sister Ann Cole widow bond
to Mr. John Britten for £280 for purchase of messuage occupied by
Lemond Tompson and two closes formerly mortgaged by Thomas
Facon and Elizabeth Facon and after conveyed by said Elizabeth
Faucon and Thomas Faucon etc. To sister Ann Coll messuage where
Edward Tompson dwelleth etc. Mr. John Britten, Mr. Phillip Eldred,
and Mr. Peter Alston to deal kindly with my sister and sonn in matter
of fines and all to come out of estate of ever true, kind and loving
wife who has assurance for life at dwelling house and lands at Copp-
dock which were her father's to bring upp children etc. etc., Sister
and brother Edward Andrew to sell messuage in Benton in Hadleigh
iate in occupation of Henry Smith, cotage in occupation of John Rush,
two cottages on Hadleigh bridge, one in occupation of Edmund
Groldesborow, the other in Angell street wherein Brockill lately dwelled
and cotage wherein Elias Stowe thelder did lately dwell, proceeds to
four daughters Elizabeth, Ann, Jane, and Sara. To sonne Frauncis
Andrew house where I dwell at decease of wife. To sonne Edward
Andrew tenement wherein Baker the Knacker dwells. To said daugh-
ters Elizabeth, Ann, Jane, and Sara lands in Coppdike purchased
of St. John Brewse and Mr. Christofer Foster to hold till sonn Francis

paie etc. etc. For money payable to Mrs. cousin Fuller wife

with Mr. John Britten, Mr. Phillip Eldred, and Mr. Peter Alston to
sell soe much of land and wherever I have fee simple, viz : house
wherein Thomas Bennett dwelleth with close lying towards Fyrmer,
lands called Fyrmer, overhouse feild and Hallawaie in Coppdicke and
little Belsted in Suffolk, paying to said Thomas Fuller, and any over-
plus to sonne Francis, if Francis is able to pay residue etc. wife to
presently let him have lands had by exchange from Sir Clippesby
Gawdye, Francis behaving dutifully and loveingly upon my blessing
etc. Sister Cole to be helpful to my children, especially daughters,


Waters' Gleanings


my estate (thanked be God for what it is) not being able to doe what
I wold. To incorporacion of Towne of Hadleigh £3, wishing to spare
more, desiring Mr. Maior the Alderman and Burgesses to doe my
sonn Francis that kindness in their power and accept him for their
Town Clarke etc. To poore of Hadleigh 40s. To Mr. Britten, Mr.
Alston, and Mr. Eldred, and brother Edward Andrew, Mrs. Francis
Alston, and sister Cole rings of 40s each. Household stuff is part
Sonne Francis's from his grandfather. Residue wife's before mar-
riage. Rest to wife. Executors : wife and son Francis. No wit-
nesses. Hele, 120.

Andrews, 1626. See Herrick (Elizabeth), Leicester, widow. Son
in law Mr. James Andrewe. Hele, 141.

John Andrewes, libertie of the Tower of London, gent. Will 12
October 1625; proved 19 October 1626. To daughters Elizabeth
Andrewes and Ann Andrewes £40 each at 21 or marriage. To son
Thomas £40 at 21. Executor: Friend Mr. John Duff eild, now of
late mayor of Rochester. Overseers : Henry Rowland of libertie or
Tower and Richard Greene of All Hallows, Barking. Rest to son
John Andrewes now at sea. Witnesses : Richard Greene, scriv-
euor, Henry Rowland, Christopher Fell, Thomas Rowland.

Hele, 142-

Robert Andrewes Cittizen and merchantailor of London. Will
26 September 1626 ; proved 10 November 1626. To be buried in
churchyard of St. Mary Wollhurch. To son Nathaniel Andrewes now
in the Summer Island £10 out of £20 his brother John Andrewes my
son doth owe and other £10 to John. To son John 2s, son Thomas
£10. To daughter Elizabeth Collyns £10, and to said Thomas An-
drewes and Elizabeth Collyns lease of house at Enfeilde after death
of wife. Rest to wife Anne, executrix. Witnesses : Thomas Cate-
ward, scrivenor, John Shawe, Thomas Andrewe.
Commissary Court of London (Town), register 25 (1626-9 folio),

James Andrew of Borowe of Lester, county Lester, mercer. Will
8 May 1622; proved 14 September 1627. To be buried by over-
seers : Mr. Thomas Sacheverell, Mr. Toby Herycke, William Davy
and Richard Inge, to whom 40s. each. To Kinfolk as follows: cosen
John Souttou 20s., cosen George Soutton, cosen Essabell Souton,


Watkus' Gleanings


cosen Jane Sotton 40s. each, cosen Margaret Sotton 20s., cosen
Anyes Wyggen £40. To cosen Margaret Wyggnes 20s., cousins
William 20s. and James Chapman 10s., cousins Elinor, 40s. and Sara
Yorke 20s. My mother Mrs. Elizabeth Herycke 20s. Godson Jo-
seph Secheverell 10s. St. Martins parish 40s., St. Maries 20s., St.
Margaret 20s., All Saints 20s., St. Nicholas 10s. To old Hospitall
poore £3. To new Hospitall 20s. To poore of Loughborowe 30s.
Rest to son James, my heir and executor, with my gold ringe and his
mother's gold ring, jette Ring and two taffety hatts one wrought the other
plane Hatt with sipers bands, one more taffety hatt bordered with vel-
uett and siper band, siluer and gold purse paire of fine white gloves layd
with gold lace, pin pillow wrought with gold and siluer, two long
ditto wrought with cruell, fine holland smocke with gold lace at the
necke, bearing sheete of lawne with other fine linnens belonging to
small children, oue,gowne of Morrado wrought and one petticote of
redd durrance with velvet lace about it &c.

If son James die, then after £100 to the poor all my own kinsfolk
in number eleven of them shall have the rest of my substance that
is ungiven and my cosen Anyes Wygenes to have all my whole house
&c. and my other house that John Swane dwelleth in that house I
give to William Harthorne wyf , my cosen Ellen Yorke by ttiat name,
paying to the town theis rent this I give to her and her heirs forever
never to be sold away from her children. Skymier, 90.

Philip Andrewes of Norwich, merchant. Will 1 September 1627;
proved 1 January 1627/8. To children of brother in law Mr. John
Forth clerk and Susan his wife £10 each to bee paid by executors
of Katherine Andrews widow his mother after her decease. To
children of brother in law John Manning and Hester his wife and
child shee is now bigg with ditto. To two children of brother
Samuel Andrewes ditto. To two children of brother Thomas Dickerson
10s. each. To godchildren 5s. each. Rest to mother Katherine
Andrewes, executrix, for life then to brother Nathaniel. Witnesses :
Hester Frummenteall, Susannah Foorth, Esther Mannyng, Rebecca
Bentley. Barrington, 4.

Oliver Andrews of Foxhearth, Essex, woollen draper. Will 31
March 1629; proved 16 October 1629. To wife Alice tenement in
St. Peters, Sudbury, Suffolk, purchased of Richard Bland in occu-
pation of Richard Sheldon. To wife £210 not to claim dower and


Waters' Gleanings

And row es

all goods. To sonnes John Andrewes and Oliuer Andrewes six acres
of freehold meadow in Sudbury parte in the North meadowe neere
the usuall gate and rest towards the Towne Watermill and also two
acres leasehold purchased of Avice Doggett widowe. Also two
Butchers' Stalls with sollers in Markett place Sudbury purchased of
John Curd in occupation of Charles Bull of Melford. To sonne
in Law Thomas Polly and Alice his wife my daughter five acres
in Windmill Field in Sudbury purchased of John Crud (sic)
Butcher &c. To sonne in law John Meade and Bridget! his
wife butchers stall purchased of John Curd between stall of said
John Meade and one William Smith of Melford wherein Thomas
Gibson standeth and occupied by George Tungate of Lavenham,
Butcher &c. To sonne William Hewett and Francis his wife my
daughter Butcher's stall in Sudbury purchased of William Bowen
between stalls of John Curd and Thomas Godfrye in occupa-
tion of William Curd, son of William Curd thelder &c. To sister
Margery Pennyfather widow £5 To daughters and daughters in law
20s. each. To grandchildren, viz. : John Andrewes (eldest son of
John), Oliver Andrewes (eldest son of Oliver), Oliver Polly (son of
Thomas Polly), Oliver Meade and Oliver Hewett 40s. each To Mr.

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